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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. I did not like Sharapova at all till she came back from doping suspension. I cannot say I like her now but I feel really upset with all the insults and humiliations she is being subjected to. The hypocritical moral outrage…disgusting. Everybody takes some supplements or vitamins. Tomorrow if any of these supplements are banned do these athletes become cheaters and all their records worthless? That was the sum of what Bouchard was claiming. Then the French tennis federation take a fake moral high ground but they had no hesitation in giving a wild card to a guy returning from match fixing ban.

  2. Thanks Mira Andi that you reminded me to participate in the ATP Brackets too. πŸ˜€ I am not as bad in it as I thought before. πŸ™‚
    About Sharapova. I really don’t understand that decision…Tipical French…sorry for the french people but this attitude…She proved that she is still good…probably without any drugs too, so she is needed on tournaments like Roland Garros. Now Even more when we have to miss players like Serena and Azarenka and when the #1 is “rubbish”. There are plenty of good players why I really like WTA and now there isn’t any of them who is much better than the others. I think this is good…the tournaments are more competitive but there is a place for Sharapova too in these players list.
    About Halep. This is her big chance I think. I really don’t see now who could stop her on the French Open. Of course there are several players who can beat her on a good day, but on a Grand Slam, two weeks…She is the most stable women on clay now there is no doubt about that. Svitolina, Mladenovic and maybe Bertens can be the biggest challenge and I have a feeling about Pliskova too that she could surprise everybody. Muguruza could win as a big hitter, so It isn’t impossible that Pliskova can make it too with a good draw while Serena is away. Anyway I really think that Halep can win her first GS in France, or a surprising win from Pliskova is on the board for me too. πŸ™‚

    • Hey ToMMo!!..It’s great to hear from u buddy!!…I’ll say CONGRATS!!!!..U ROCK on ATP atm ToMMo!!!hahahahaha….Although still premature to congratulate u but i don’t care….If Rafa win…u’re going to win this ToMMo!!…It feels good right??hahaha….And your WTA also in a good place…you still got Venus,Simona and Svitolina also still kicking and breathing Tommo!…Can’t wait to see how far you’re going to end up!!I’ll be ready with another present for u if u win ToMMo!!

      About Maria…i am really really sad to see how people can easily make a judge of someone…clearly,human beings that existed nowadays lack of humility and forgiveness in them…and what’s more,they’re thrived and enjoyed to see someone have a misfortune like Maria…what is done is done..what’s important now is that she won’t do it again…how about give her some support and trust…we have plenty of it in ourselves…Oopps!!…gonna stop rumbling now Tommo!!hehe….hey,good luck for the rest of the Bracket Tommo!!…Hip! hip! hooray!!…hehe..

      • Thanks MA! I do my best. πŸ˜€
        manwerty rocks the WTA btw. He/She is really good in the brackets.
        Btw. I haven’t tried that ATP teams and WTA teams what is that? πŸ˜€
        I miss ratcliff. It was nice to predict the matches with her day by day. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey back ToMMo!!…Yeah,manwerty is the beast!!haha…She/he always ROCK!! with his/her Bracket…It’s a shame he/she rarely posting here,otherwise i want to learn the secret recipe from her/him…
    Bout rc…yeah..u have no idea how much i miss her too but i guess she still can’t overcome her problem with her gadgets…
    Oh!I also don’t have any idea about ATP and WTA teams ToMMo…i guess we should ask rc when she come here…

  4. Hey ToMMo!!…Yay!!U ROCK on WTA!!!hahaha!….2 finalist from your Bracket!….although i want Simona to win so bad but for your Bracket sake,i’ okay with Svitolina too!!….

    rc also ROCK on ATP!..And u too ToMMo!!…Good job u guys!!Woohoo!!

  5. Well, my bracket was going really well until quarterfinals or something. Had a feeling that Simona will get tired earlier and my another mistake was not believing in Muguruza and Svitolina at all actually.
    I’m male btw.

    And how did you ToMMo predict Svitolina’s win? I mean she was great in the beginning of the season but she has cooled down a lot since February. I know she captured Istanbul title, but that was just due to lack of competition. And she lost her first match in Madrid to Saisai Zheng lol. Mastermind prediction anyway, congrats.

    • I still admire you manverty. Most of the brackets YOU ARE THE MAN. πŸ™‚ About Svitolina… When I thought she’s gonna be one of the bests, it was in 2015…on clay. So I thought when she has such a good year like this 2017…I thought that she could win this…I had a feeling…but Halep would wiin the French Open…She is really stable. Like Rafa…just in the girl way. πŸ˜€
      Anyway thanks for answering me. You are really good at these brackets. I really take your picks seriously. I won with those several money so thanks mate. πŸ™‚

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