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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. Well, I certainly hope Rafa will skip Rome in future should this occur, in 2019. I’m all for Rafa to skip Rome, in order to be fresh for FO. He’s not that young anymore; playing four clay events before the FO is getting ridiculous, unless he’s willing to lose early in some of them. A ten days event will mean having to play at least six matches to win the title, all the more Rafa should skip one of the two events (most likely Rome).

    • Rafa’s clay season problem is that he loves Monte Carlo so he won’t skip that. Barcelona and Madrid are the two big Spanish tournaments so he won’t skip those. Rome has the most similar conditions to RG so…

      Besides there’s all those lovely clay court ranking points just waiting for Rafa to scoop them up.

    • Rafa is great enough that he could very well play only one clay tournament leading up to RG, and still blow the field out of the water! We know that Rafa plays his best tennis when he is full of confidence, and he has said many times that he gets confidence by winning/playing many matches at a high level, so he may remain forever-skeptical about skipping warm-ups before majors. However, there will obviously come a point, like it did with Fed, where Rafa’s age may require him eventually to not play all the pre-RG warm-ups. As you’ve pointed out before, Lucky, the fact that Rafa is playing more aggressively and seeking to end points quicker should only serve to help him avoid injury, thus hopefully extending his career as far as possible. If he were able to maintain his confidence, while also maintaining that aggressive style of play, AND go into RG super-fresh from not playing every single warm-up, dudes would be afraid to even step in the arena with Rafa at RG! 🙂 (As if they weren’t already afraid…)

    • I saw the pic somewhere, very nice couple! They looked so happy and relaxed; I have a feeling Rafa is inking some sponsor deals (selling yachts?). Or perhaps they’re on a mini honeymoon, getting engaged? I read that Rafa is going to make an announcement, yet to hear anything.

      • If I was a betting man, I would put my money on his announcement being a wedding announcement. 🙂 Have Rafa and Xisca never gotten officially engaged?? I think I had always just assumed that they were engaged because they’ve been together for so long, through so many ups and downs in Rafa’s life. They have always been one of my favorite “celebrity sports” couples. Not only have they stayed together for so long through thick and thin, but they’re also a ridiculously good-looking couple. 🙂

        • No, they’ve never done anything “official”. They always go to the Cannes yacht show. Rafa loves boats. He finally bought his dream boat but I expect there’s always new stuff to look at.

          He’s always said he won’t start a family while he’s still playing the pro tour and tennis players don’t seem to marry until there’s a baby on the way. Well, there’s a few exceptions…

  2. Rafa was involved with a campaign for Monte Carlo Yachts, so he was at the Cannes Yachts show (with his girlfriend) visiting the MC Yacht stand.

    I saw some pictures of him posing on his own yacht Beethoven, for the campaign.

    • MA,

      Things are pretty much back to normal now. I just feel really tired at times. It takes a lot out of you.
      I think it’s great that Rafa wants to win the WTF this year. He still has goals for himself. I hope he does it!

      • Nny!!…It so good to hear from u!!….Miss u lots!!…Yeah!…i understand perfectly what u have been through Nny!…Not only tired from physical but mental as well right?To experienced something so huge & terrifying like this certainly will sipped something from inner u…I hope when everythings is back to normal,please go somewhere nice for a vacation so u can rest and gathered your strength back k?And then don’t forget to come here like u always do okay Nny??U take care of yourself u hear??

    • Yes it was epic. Not only was Fedal doubles godly but team world was so hilarious. The bench was epic!! Boy gonna lie I wouldn’t have been too disappointed if world had won which they almost did in the end!! I felt really bad for Nick who was crying after losing what would’ve been a tying win that would’ve lead to a sudden death doubles set. Loved watching Roger Nick and Rafa the most. And how bout Isner getting his first win over NadaI? I know it was exhibition but damn did the big guy play well. It was a really clutch win he got and Nick almost topped it off too!! I really hope he takes advantage of the conditions this fall swing and thrives as he did last year in Bercy.

  3. Also loved the reactions of Roger and Rafa who got really pumped after their big wins throughout the event. Great stuff all around!! Had a lot more fun watching that than the actual ATP tournaments that weekend 🤷‍♂️🙈

  4. Tenngrand is Back! I have been trying to get on since Saturday.

    The Laver Cup was amazing. Both teams were really up for it and seeing players in each team bonding with each other was great. Especially Team Europe which was made up of players who don’t normally associate with each other.

  5. I really enjoyed watching the Laver Cup! Great tennis and lots of excitement! Seeing Rafa and Fed play doubles was the highlight for me! Wonderful to see the two greatest players of all time teaming up for a doubles win! They seemed to enjoy it, too.

    Rafa had a tough time with Isner. I always hate to see him give up a win to someone who has never beaten him, but if it had to happen then let it be in an exho match.

    Fed saved the day with the win over Kyrgios in what was a great match to watch. Loved Rafa’s reaction after he won!

    I am especially grateful to see this tournament created to honor the one and only Rod Laver! There can’t be enough honors bestowed on him. Really liked the reception for him from the crowd!

    This was better than any of the other tournaments!

  6. Just checked out the Beijing draw. Considering that it’s (traditionally) a fast hard court tournament, Rafa’s draw is actually very difficult. Nothing he can’t handle if he plays well, though. He’s got Pouille first round, then Khachanov, then Isner, then Dimitrov/DelPo, and then potentially Kyrgios/Zverev in the final. That kind of draw on a fast hard court, in best-of-three sets, is about as difficult as it gets for Rafa, imo. If the draw holds, he will have his work cut out for him. But like I said, it’s nothing he can’t handle if he can adjust to the conditions. Also, the odds of the draw holding all the way through are relatively low. Also, who knows how fast/slow the court will actually be this year.

  7. Tennis: Is Roger Federer up to the task of putting the Rafa genie back into the bottle?
    October 10, 2017 admin Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Shanghai Open

    Roger Federer is in Shanghai, and the world expects him to put Rafael Nadal, the genie, back in the bottle. However, the genie is out and cannot be contained by Roger, or anyone else, until the genie’s next extended injury timeout.


    • I loved hearing Rafa talk about that match with Zverev. I thought at the time that wining that match might put Rafa over the hump. He erased a lot of doubts and demons in that match. As stressful as it was to watch it, in some way I felt that it was always going to take a match like this for Rafa to stare down defeat and find a way to win.

      It’s good to know that Rafa looked at that match as a game changer.

      Just seeing the highlights again brought it all back.

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