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Current tournament: Montreal

Next tournament: Cincinnati

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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. Congrats to Kyrgios, he deserves the win!

    Rafa doesn’t deserve the win here, he’s simply atrociously bad!! Not even given a lifeline by Kygrios could help him! He only won 30% of his second serve! That’s how bad he is! Perhaps an old man like him just couldn’t play two matches on the same day, even the younger but not very fit guy Kygrios seems fitter and more energetic than Rafa.

  2. As I expected Kyrgios pumped up playing his best tennis just because Rafa is on the other side of the net! Rafa OTOH in self-destructive mode easy to be beaten….

    By blowing the chance in Montreal Rafa did not really have much perspective in Cincy…I must say I did not expect him to win here!

    Have some physical and mental rest Rafa! You need it…

  3. Well at least Rafa is out of this rain delay mess here! Rafa’s NAHC season is looking more and more like his 2015!

    I think the Cincy organizers here are doing Rafa and themselves a disfavor, messing up Rafa’s match time; they don’t deserve any top four guys in the draw now. They’ll hope for Kygrios to produce some magic, or Isner/Dimi to produce some brilliant stuff, if not they are heading for some anticlimactic finishes to the tournament.

    • No, there’s one guy called David Ferrer still in the draw, he may end up winning this whole thing; he did reach the final here one year and lost to Fed.

      David won Paris Masters in 2012! I hope David can win here, that’ll be great for his comeback and may be his last chance at a Masters before his swan song (which I expect won’t be far away).

        • Jerzy Janowicz. I like that guy, 6’8″ but moving like a dream, rushed the net, hit tons of drop shots. Fiery temper though and plagued with injuries, worse than Rafa’s I feel. Poor soul, I thought he could have a great career, but injuries set him back. Thankfully Rafa isn’t like him.

      • I agree with ya, Lucky, it would be great to see Ferrer get another Masters title. In my opinion, he deserves it more than almost anyone on tour… And what a turnaround it would be for him to go from where he was at the start of the season to even just being in a Masters final again! If I remember correctly, didn’t he actually put up a good fight in that Cinci final in 2014 against Fed?

      • Why should Rafa refuse to play in Brisbane?

        The Courier-Mail, June 11, 2017: “Rafael Nadal the number one target for Brisbane International organisers.”

    • I said it before, it’s better for Rafa to just concentrate on clay; he can no longer win title on the HCs, reaching finals is the best he could do on the HCs. I’m afraid, he has already missed the boat, spending his most precious heydays being injured so often. His 2014 was his best chances on the HCs after his highly successful 2013, but injuries really did him in that year; he’s not the same ever since.

      His 2017 early HC season may just be a mirage, we know with the absences of peak form Djoko, things get a bit easier for the field including Fed and Rafa.

      I may sound harsh on Rafa, but Rafa playing a full schedule on clay means he may be compromised on other surfaces. It’s either this or that, he can’t have the best of both world. If he really wants to win something off clay, then he has to reduce his clay court events, but plays as aggressively as he did on clay this season, when playing on other surfaces. On other surfaces especially, he can’t afford to be tentative or defensive.

      • luckystar (AT 3:47 AM),

        ‘Concentrating on clay’ means that he would play only 2 months per year (from Monte Carlo through Roland Garros)…

        • … plus the clay season after Wimbledon, or the clay golden swing in South America. He’ll most likely play at the slams, so one warm up before a slam should be ok. He should skip some HC masters like IW/Miami and maybe either Canada or Cincy; alternate Paris with Shanghai; just my opinion.

  4. I laughed when I read what the ATP website often wrote : so and so set up a blockbuster QF or SF, whatever, but many times they turned out to be damp squibs! Meh!

  5. Nick not playing great, and Rafa lose in a lame match.
    Unable to built big point gaps with Roger given his absence.
    Got to hope Roger taking a break until year end to see Rafa keep this number 1 position.

    This loss cemented his status as King of Clay where he is really marvellous there.

    • I doubt both Fed and Rafa will go far at the USO. Rafa may or may not hang on to his no.1 ranking, maybe he can but barely. I really don’t think that Fedal will do much for the rest of the season, given that Rafa may have fatigue setting in and Fed his back injury worries. I doubt Fed will go all out to win anything unless he doesn’t mind breaking his back again.

      I’m hoping for Dimi to win the USO if Rafa can’t; it’s time he moves to take his chances before AZverev and the others beat him to it. With so many top guys gone this season, and Fedal may be too tired/injured to push further to dominate, why not take these chances being on offer? Right Dimi?

      • Agree with you about Rafa, but for Fed it all depends on how bad his injury really is. My guess is not so bad, and that he didn’t go all out in Montreal, particularly in the final once he failed to break in the second set. I think he will prioritize winning USO. If he does, he will be the favourite for year end #1, which I think is his second priority after USO.

        I see Zverev and Kyrgios as favourites at USO after Roger. Maybe even Ferrer, who is playing extremely well.

        • We’ll see Joe, I’m not as positive as you where Fed is concerned. BO5 matches won’t be easy on the body. He wasn’t playing well at Montreal, with a bad back, I doubt he can do better at the USO, priority or not.

          If priority does matter, then I can also say the same thing about Rafa!

  6. From what I see, it is young generation Nick & Zverev would be the two top contenders in the near future.

    Dimi has been there for many years, he is contender but never at the very top level judging from his h2h against any top 4.

    Nick has a very good h2h against top 3 5-3. Only Murray can handle him well so far.
    Zverev would make his way to positive h2h against top 4 in near future

  7. So, all the more Dimi should make full use of the opportunity now before AZverev and/or anyone of the young guns start making their moves.

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