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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. Rafa is going to travel to Paris on Wednesday:


    Rafa said: “I think I’m ready to play well in Roland Garros. A little bit of rest will be good for me. It’s been a long time without spending 4 days in a row at home. For sure, it’ll be good for me. I have been under pressure for too many weeks. I feel like being with my family and friends. I want to disconnect, to do my own thing. I hope to be ready for Paris with what I’ve done for the past weeks…I’ve been working well for many months and now comes the time to make a last push.” [Translated by GSS]

  2. Laver reiterates there is no single GOAT in his view:

    Asked if he would win more games against Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, Laver replied: ‘Maybe none. They play differently. On clay no one will be stronger than Nadal. Roger can do everything, he knows how to play on hard, grass and nowadays you are good if you can play on all surfaces. Who is the grratest player of all time? I think no one. When you look at these players, you can put them in only an Era, you can be World No. 1 in your own era.’


    • Well I just hope that you not comparing “reiterate” with “changing his tune” VT. Don’t you? Or do you.

      Laver claimed Fed was GOAT in 2012 and reiterated it in 2013, then updated his opinion that Fed and Nole were co-GOATs.

      Looks like he’s changing his tune again.

      2012: “Roger Federer certainly is my claim to be the best of all time if there is such a thing,” said the 73-year-old Australian.

      2013: “When I look at Federer, with what he’s accomplished, against the competition that he’s accomplished it with, I’d have to say I would think that Roger is the greatest player.”

      2016: “I don’t think you put one of those two above the other when you look at their performances,” the 77-year-old Australian told ESPN.com. “You know what Roger’s record is. But the way that Djokovic has been playing over the last year or so, I would say that Djokovic and Federer are equals.

      “When you look at Djokovic’s performances and his results, you just have to say, ‘Hey, this guy’s unbelievable, and how can you look past him when discussing who is the best ever?'”

        • Well I bet if Rafa wins the FO and another slam this year and becomes YE no.1, the Goat may be Rafa again, esp if he can beat both Djoko and Fed a few times and the other top tens too!

          So, the Goat does switch from one player to the next, and so it’s meaningless declaring who’s the Goat when it can change so quickly year after year.

          • Yes, but it would be nice to have Rafa declared the GOAT, if only temporarily. I think McEnroe had declared Rafa as the GOAT in 2010. Let us hope the pundits find another opportunity to declare our Rafa as the “undisputed” GOAT!

            • Yup, only MacEnroe showed enough objectivity to argue Rafa as GOAT even after he went into his slump.

              GOAT is opinion and anyone that doesn’t realize this baffles me.

              I think Rafa is GOAT again if he can win RG this year – but that is just one opinion.

            • Because I want RG so bad for Rafa, I am so nervous. I wonder how it is affecting Rafa. Hope it makes him give his best…..

            • Yeah, I’ll be nervous too.

              I found it very hard to even watch Rafa’s matches when he was deep into his slump.

              It wasn’t good tennis to watch, and seeing Rafa make so many UEs and playing so short and tentative was too frustrating.

              While I’ll still be nervous, I am happy he’s put himself into position to win and am optimistic. I just don;t want to see him go out injured again or to beat himself, but I don’t think he will.

  3. Zverev thinks Rafa’s definitely the favourite:

    “No, the favourite is still definitely Rafael Nadal. Strong favourite,” said German star Zverev.

    “And the others, the rest, it’s going to be quite open. I think Novak is playing quite great again. Dominic (Thiem) has been showing he’s been playing very, very well.

    “I just won here. So I’ve got to put me on that list even though, you know, I don’t want to sound like I want to say that I’m the favourite myself or something like this.”

    • As far as betting favourites, Rafa is the favourite. He is also the odds-on favourite for the first time since I last checked.

      Nole is a distant second at 4:1 and Thiem is suddenly third favourite at 10:1.

      They are followed by Murray, CryBaby and Zverev are the next three and only ones left at less than 20:1.

      Delpo, Nishi, Goffin, Raonic and Kyrgios round out the rest at 50:1.

      • RT: (James) Blake says Thiem is future French champion but he may have to wait until Rafa has done winning.

        The force is strong within you young Thiem, but you are not a jedi yet….

    • Zverev shows signs of becoming cocky. He definitely will not be a humble champion like our Rafa. More in the mould of Djokovic, I think.

    • Yet whenever it comes up, you are one of the first to respond about how much you don’t care about it.


    • Alison,

      I agree with you! No GOAT! It’s nice to see a list of the greatest of all time! That is more appropriate to acknowledge those who have been a cut above everyone else!

    • Frankly I find the discussion of GOAT entertaining. The problem is, some people make it personal. That is when it becomes painful. Otherwise, the discussion is an opportunity to examine the components of their greatness and debate about which factors are more important. Unfortunately some people get personally invested in their opinions and any attempt to debate that opinion is seen as an attack on them. That is why the goat discussion descends to low levels.
      Of course we all know that there is no real goat. Time is endless and who knows the future champions? In any case changing technology makes comparisons moot even with champions of the past.. But we can definitely have fun debating who is the best in this era. Some knotty points: when does this era start and end?

      • Also we must not forget PEDs, not necessarily those which are banned or restricted but those which enhance performance but are yet to be in the banned list. The doping research is proactive, the anti doping is reactive and always several paces ( several years) behind. Till recently there was no good method of detecting blood doping and HGH. Even now the tests are of limited use despite the bio passport ( for blood). We already know about the oxygen chamber, elevation training…. Sharapova case has revealed that there’s a whole industry devoted to finding new PEDs still unknown to the authorities. Merely because they are unknown and therefore not banned, doesn’t make their use unfair as not everyone has the money or resources to stay several steps ahead of anti doping. In addition, the elite players have top doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, coaches, training facilities not available to the lesser players. So GOAT involves a lot of factors.

    • Why anyone would think that they needed to be “allowed” to have an opinion baffles me….

      But yes, exactly, people obviously care about any subject when they repeatedly post on the subject any time it comes up, regardless of claims to the contrary. Otherwise, why would they even take the time to respond?

      Again, baffling.

    • Alison,

      Yes, I care too! Well said! There are a number of greats who deserve recognition for their unique contributions to this sport.

      It’s too bad that someone cannot let go of this nonsense about it being too personal! Like a broken record it just goes on and on!

      Caring and being passionate about this sport and the great players is a good thing!

  4. I rewatched the Rome 2012 final between Rafa and Djoko. Compared them to now, they looked so one dimensional back then. They were engaged in long rallies after long rallies, and neither broke away from that to at least try something different, until the last two games of the first set, when Rafa finally made a wise move to the net and won the crucial BP.

    Both have improved on their game, at least they’re more competent at the net now and more willing to move up there. I like the way Rafa is playing now, not so much of hard hitting or grinding, but uses more of his varieties, court craft and guile to win his matches.

    The trend now is back to hard hitting plus big serving and short point tennis; we saw how Zverev could win on clay playing that way; even Isner could make the SF of a clay court Masters. I hope Rafa knows how to handle such players on clay and is ready for their challenge.

    • I think the tennis channel is going to show one of the past RG finals tonight at 7:00 pm. They have Rafa and Novak listed, but not the specific match. I plan on recording it. I really enjoy seeing past great matches.

  5. After Rafa is done winning the FO, who’s more likely to be the next FO champion – Thiem or Zverev?

    Thiem and Zverev are like the younger versions of Stan and Delpo, so it looks like it’s Thiem the more likely candidate.

    • I think that Thiem may be more mature IW. He’s three years older than Zverev and has more experience. He may be the logical next choice, but I am not ruling out Zverev. He’s still very young, just turned twenty. But he has the mindset of a champion. He doesn’t give up in matches and has this uncanny ability to come up with brilliant shots that can change the dynamic of a match. He is very mentally tough and confident for one so young. I think he needs to work on fitness and movement.

      Thiem is the obvious choice to win at RG once Rafa is done. But Zverev could surprise us. He’s got something special that stands out to me.

      • I think Thiem is the likely candidate for FO and Zverev for Wimbledon, unless Kygrios wakes up and plays to his full potential, then maybe Kygrios for Wimbledon.

        The AO and USO can be anyone’s after the big four plus Stan are done; more difficult to make predictions for those two slams.

          • I will agree with Ricky about Zverev on grass. I don’t know that he’s ready to master that surface just yet.

            • NNY, Zverev beat Fed in the SF at Halle last year to reach the final but he lost to F Mayer in the final.

          • Zverev’s game suits the grass surface. He even beat Fed at Halle last year. The guy could play from way behind the baseline and also plays from inside the court. He’s also quick around the court, has a great serve and powerful penetrating ground strokes, I think he’ll do well on grass.

            • You can be sure Zverev won’t be in Fed’s Quarter. Fortunately he will be seeded, otherwise he would have been the first round opponent at Wimbly of Rafa or Djokovic. As it is Wimbly, Muzz may receive better treatment though even the local boy is not as special as the Fed.

            • I didn’t know that he beat Fed at Halle last year. I think he has the game to succeed on all surfaces, but am not sure about how he will do at Wimbledon. He’s very confident and poised for someone so young.

              I think his potential is great. Nothing he does would surprise me. But I do think he van get even better. I think he does need to work on his fitness, especially for best of five slam matches. He can get even better.

    • Zverev looks great and I am sure he will soon have millions of fans. Off hand I would say, Zverev’s height would make him prone to injuries. But with all legal and illegal peds now available and great advances in medical tech including gene therapy, Zverev may have quick recovery times. Somehow I do not find Thiem very exciting though he has a good chance of being the first of the nextgen to win a slam.

  6. Thanks NNY, in fact a had a conversation some years ago on TX, and Sean kindly opened a thread on the topic, a discussion on the none GS GOAT, who would be the greatest player to never have won a GS ?, i would be interested on yours and anybody elses take 😉 ….

    • Alison,

      Sorry I am late to reply. I just saw your post. I think that is a great topic for discussion! It’s got me thinking back through the years. I know there were players who never reached their considerable potential, like Safin. But he did win two slams. Fed came along and Safin did not have the temperament to be a great champion.

      Off the top of my head, Tim Herman comes to mind. The great British hope to end the slam drought. Philipoussis is another one who was a semifinalist and finalist. Miloslav Mecir was another finalist who I think got to all four semifinals without ever winning.

      But since this is Rafa’s fan forum I think I should stop here. But I do think it would be a great topic for discussion if Ricky would consider it.

      Thanks for the great idea!

    • MA,

      What a great way to start the day! Rafa sounds really good! He needed to get back home for a few days because that is where he seems to draw his strength.

      Vamos Rafa for RG!

      • Hey Nny!!…How r u this morning?Feel better from yesterday?I told u,rafa would always be able to bring the best in us!!haha…glad u liked the article Nny!…Can’t wait for FO to start!And certainly can’t wait to pick for Bracket Nny!!Haha..

    • MA,

      This is another good read, but I think they made a mistake or two. Rafa did not get to the semis at IW. He lost to Fed in the fourth round. Also, he did not take off the last six months of 2016.

      But I do agree with what was said about Rafa losing his mental strength and ficus and suffering from a kind of burnout and loss of confidence.


      • You’re very much welcome Nny!!…Although,i still didn’t get around to read the article…after i found it,i immediately sent it to u…That’s okay..just ignore the mistakes okay?

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