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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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    • Hahaha Al!…Now,that’s a GOOOOOOD idea!..hehehe…wanna go there & tightened skeeze & MM underpants by asking..”Hey guys!Rafa got an undying luurrvee from a 92 years old special fan…err…Roger got that too?”….Ohohohohoho!…Weeee!..Off we go!

    • Alison Hodge AT 5:27 PM,

      Fedfans become furious if someone posts facts about Rafa (on different websites), because it prevents them from creating fake stories about Rafa.

  1. So true augusta008, they become furious with positive news, Rafa saves a bunch of children from a burning building, and its meh who cares ?, time violations, doping etc, oh god 300 or more posts with people that cant wait to get their pound of flesh ….

    • Alison Hodge AT 1:08 PM,

      I have always had a feeling that the continuous online anti-Rafa campaign is orchestrated by (marketing ?) professionals. Commentators repeat the same crap over and over again (on different websites)…

      • That sounds plausible, Augusta. There’s so much money to be made in denigrating a tennis star.

        Perhaps one reason you read the same stories is that there’s some truth to them. Do you think this is a “fake” news story?


        As you know, many other players have made similar complaints about Nadal.

        Suppose, as seems plausible, that he has OCD. Do you think that is an acceptable reason to exempt him from a rule in professional sport?

        • Joe Smith AT 7:39 PM,

          The only thing I believe in the Brett Phillips’s story is that Cilic was given a time violation.
          As for similar complaints about Rafa, I’m aware that Fed has accused Rafa of SELECTIVE grunting.
          Sports World News on Jan 25, 2014: ¤¤ Multiple media sites reported that Federer complained TWICE to umpire Jake Garner about Nadal’s grunting during the second set [at the 2014 AO].
          Asked whether Nadal’s grunting bothered him, Federer said, “Not when he does it every point, but it goes in phases — one point he DOES and one point he DOESN’T; that’s what I was complaining about.”¤¤ LOL
          The story that Rafa has OCD was made up by Fedfans’ propaganda machine a long time ago.

          • But doesnt Rafa have OCD? I used to think it was just the bottles, until someone on here told me it was much worse.Anyway, don’t see the harm in it.
            But, I do agree about the selective grunting. Loud grunting on important points , I can see how it could be distracting.

          • The last thing Cilic should be doing is complaining about Rafa taking too much time on court.

            Just seeing that video on the link posted, where Cilic was celebrating after Rafa had to withdraw due to injury, made my blood boil again.

            Cilic should learn good sportsmanship before he goes criticizing other players!

          • I agree that that website is pretty sensationalist, but those are direct quotes attributed to Cilic. It would be pretty risky, legally, for the paper simply to make up direct quotes. Why is Cilic’s time violation the only thing about Phillips’s story that you believe?

            About the OCD, that is not merely the invention of some Federer fans; there are a number of Rafa fans on this site who think Rafa has OCD, and (perhaps) that it is unfair to criticize him for his time violations when they stem from a genuine mental illness. I was being charitable in suggesting that he had OCD, but if you deny that he has it, that makes it harder not easier to defend his time violations.

            I didn’t mean to call attention to the grunting, which is a much more subjective thing. Same with NNY’s point about sportsmanship.

            Cilic’s complaint about Nadal’s persistent time violations, however, is serious, and widely shared by other players. Insofar as Cilic and other players are correct that Rafa is given special treatment regarding the rule, it gives him an unfair advantage.

            That’s one reason a shot clock in tennis makes so much sense.

            • How does that square with Cilic’s “always a pleasure to share the court with you, Rafa”?

              Roger only complains about Rafa when Fed loses. Roger can get a little snarky immediately after an important loss.

            • Nope, Cilic didn’t complain about Rafa’s time violation this time, he was unhappy the umpire gave him a TV but not to Rafa. There’s no way Cilic would know Rafa exceeded the time limit or not, whilst he wasn’t even aware that he himself exceeded the time limit.

              The time taken between points flashed over the television screen indicated that both of them took ave 25 Sec between points, ie within the limit allowed; so Rafa didn’t exceed the time limit. Perhaps Cilic at that particular service point had exceeded the time limit and perhaps he had persistently exceeded the 25 Sec limit more than Rafa, at his service games but the average time was still 25 Sec as he had served more aces to balance the time between points.

              I don’t see why Cilic should make a fuss out of it when he himself was also known to have exceeded the time limit allowed. The same thing happened during their AO match in 2011 or 2010, Cilic complained to the umpire about Rafa taking too long but the umpire replied to him that Cilic himself was taking a long time to serve too! (TV rule not implemented at that time).

              Rafa has already improved by a country mile and has hardly taken more than 25 secs between points but these people – the anti Rafa brigade, the commentators and the players – are still harping the same old tune, for one reason or another. The players perhaps weren’t happy they couldn’t beat Rafa, and wanted to rush Rafa thinking that they could rush him into errors!

            • Shot clock or no shot clock, Rafa won’t have an issue! I bet it’s the other players who would have an issue! Rafa is well trained now and he keeps within the 25 secs more often than not!

              Imagine Cilic serving aces so no problem, next moment he takes 30 secs and the shot clock would sound off!

            • Joe Smith says AT 10:05 PM: “…but those are direct quotes attributed to Cilic. It would be pretty risky, legally, for the paper simply to make up direct quotes. ”

              I didn’t find any Cilic’s quotes in the article you posted. There are ONLY quotes of Australian radio presenter Brett Phillips in the article!

              Btw, I wonder what’s the reason he (Brett Philips) calls himself a Rafa fan while trash-talking him. He is not the first Rafa basher who calls himself his fan. Is it one of rules of anti-Rafa propaganda ?

              au.sports: ¤¤An Australian tennis expert and radio presenter has taken a massive swipe at Rafael Nadal, claiming the Spaniard is getting away with murder over his controversial approach.
              Melbourne-based SEN radio presenter Brett Phillips unloaded on Nadal on Wednesday, following the the 16-time grand slam winner’s sad exit from the Australian Open….
              Phillips, while admitting he was a big fan of the Spaniard’s, says Nadal has been allowed to bend the rules around time-wasting to his heart’s desire.
              “Grunting is one thing but there’s a bigger issue with Nadal and that’s the amount of time it takes him to play a tennis match,” Australian Open TV presenter Phillips said on the radio segment. …¤¤


            • Joe Smith says AT 10:05 PM: “About the OCD, that is not merely the invention of some Federer fans; there are a number of Rafa fans on this site who think Rafa has OCD…”

              Unfortunately, some people who call themselves a Rafa fan let themselves be influenced by Fedfans’ anti-Rafa propaganda.

            • Many players (Cilic, Isner, Dimitrov, Delpo, Fognini to name just a few) frequently exceed the 25 second rule.

              Rafa is singled out because he threatens the propaganda.

            • WTF are “Seven statisticians” LOL.

              By how much time were both players over and when does the clock start is up to the umpire after the score is called.

              Critical thinking and objectivity is sorely lacking replaced by subjective bias everywhere.

              However a closed roof is a closed roof.

            • Joe Smith AT 6:42 PM,

              – Your main point AT 7:39 & 10:05 PM was that Cilic bashed Rafa. There is no evidence that he did it.

              Under this video, you can read what Cilic actually said when he got angry after receiving a warning for exceeding the time limit. He speaks in his native language, someone translated his words into English (scroll down and click on SHOW MORE):


              – In the article you posted AT 6:42 PM , the Australian radio presenter, who is bashing Rafa, tells yet another FAKE/IMAGINARY story about Rafa! The Rafa basher says that Rafa HATES a shot clock. Rafa has never played a match where a shot clock has been used!

            • That article is crap. Anyway, Cilic might have taken more time between points than Rafa even though he did that 40% of the time vs Rafa’s 45%.

              As I’ve mentioned, Cilic served many aces (at least 20), so might take lesser time to serve after an ace, but his ave time between points was 25 Sec, the same as Rafa’s, so that means he took a hell lot of times before his serve for the rest of his serves, perhaps 30 secs or more!

              Rafa was usually in the 20+ Sec range most of the time; so he might be +/- one or two seconds from the time limit, but his ave time was 25 Sec.

              The umpire had her reason (and a rightful one) for giving Cilic the tv warning, imo. The timing for the warning was regrettable, just like when they gave Rafa his tv warnings (many times when Rafa was facing BP and as a result he lost the point after the tv warning).

        • “Do you think that is an acceptable reason to exempt him from a rule in professional sport?”

          Same for any tennis draw – like closing the roof for Federer at Wimbledon and AO finals for example.

          Or silent warnings to players like Agassi and other current day headliners for example.

          It’s purely a business decision.

          (That said, I’d contend that Cilic exceeded the limit more than Rafa and that Rafa has dramatically improved in that department and exceeds the limit much less than many players who aren’t a threat to a certain legacy).

  2. Cilic is a fine one to talk about taking time between points, and Rafa is far from been the only player that grunts on court too, you could lose count about the amount of players guilty of that, male and female ….

      • What selective grunting? Do notice that Rafa only grunts when he’s exerting himself physically in the point, he didn’t grunt when he hit a slice!

        Next time when you watch his matches, look out for this; don’t just assume that he’s applying gamesmanship or whatever!

        • Agree with Lucky!…If Rafa hit a very hard FH or BH,we can hear that he grunted harder than his previous shots…also sometimes Rafa knows if his balls were out when he didn’t finish his grunting..

          Honestly,i don’t think Rafa did that on purpose..same with Fed who grunted sometimes when he hit the balls hard…It just came out naturally..

    • Alison Hodge AT 9:47 PM,

      I haven’t seen any evidence that any player other than Fed has complained about Rafa’s grunting (F.complained that it’s selective).
      I have noticed that after Fed’s complaining about someone/something, his supporters launch a campaign to support their Maestro’s whining and they keep it alive 24/7 for years (on different websites and in the media).

    • Lol u guys!…I would never watch Rafa hit THE TENNIS BALLS with an innocent thought anymore after this!…Urgh!!…Thanks so much guys!

  3. People who criticize grunting/telling when hitting shots often don’t understand that in today’s game, the physicality is so intense, especially with the longer baseline exchanges, that you often NEED to grunt in order to power through mid-rally fatigue. Almost all players make some sort of grunting sound these days when rallies get going, even Federer! Some players’ sound is just louder than others. When your adrenaline is going, and you’re trying to stay powerful when your body is tired, it’s often not even possible to NOT make some sort of grunting sound. And you often here the players grunt/yell harder and harder as the point by goes on, giving the biggest yell with the point-ending winner. Djokovic has always done this, where he practically screams when he hits the long-point-ending shot. My favorite player, Agassi, he used to sound like he was orgasming when he ran to pick up a drop shot haha! When my partner hears me watching tennis, she often laughs because she thinks I could be watching porn!! 🙂

    • God Kevin!…I rarely watching Maria & Aza even tho i want to do that so much coz i was soooo embbarrased of their grunting that i thought really sounds like those ‘noise’ that u mentioned….Urgh!!

      • Yes, Mira, don’t get me wrong- I believe that it can be excessive. The way that Azarenka does it, for example, it’s almost like it’s more of a strange noise that doesn’t actually help a player get more power through their shot. Her sound reminds of the sound a person makes when they are pretending to be a ghost or ghoul or something…. “Ooooooooohoohoohoo!” Like seriously, how does that help you swing through? It’s not a natural “grunt”, but more like singing. I mean, whatever floats her boat! But I’ve just always wondered how going out of her way to make a sound like that wouldn’t actually hinder or distract her ability to swing through the ball…

        But hey- whatever it is, it obviously works haha! She is a 2-time major champ and former world #1! Maybe more players should try the Ghost noise?? 🙂

  4. Rafa grunts with exertion on his shots. I remember him hitting some insane winners and ge would let out this intense sound at the end. Some of his magnificent winners had that guttural sound at the end as he just let it go. That is competition.

    Azarenka and Sharapova are entirely different. They never change the type of noise made each time they hit a shot. It’s the save and it’s all the time. I think it should be a hindrance because it is constant and can easily distract a s throw off an opponent.

    They are both great champions and should not need this type of gamesmanship. It’s also ear splitting and hard to listen to as a viewer.

    • NNY, none of it is good, even Vesninas amusing ‘hiya’ or Petkovics ‘Oeuf’
      But, at least you expect it all the time. Selective loud grunting could be more offputting when it happens, often seems to be on important points. Serena does it as well.
      Yeah , it must sound like a porn movie at times! Then again, I wouldn’t know

  5. Before tonight’s UEFA Champions League 1/8 final between Real Madrid and PSG (a French football club based in Paris) at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Real Madrid fans didplayed a giant banner in the stands with the words “Vamos Real!” and an image of Rafa (in the centre) on it. Rafa is a huge Real Madrid fan and his 10 FO titles won in Paris should inspire his favourite football team tonight. 🙂


    A short video:

    Rafa probably watches the match on TV.

    • Augusta, do you have any idea why Rafa is a Real Madrid fan? Shouldn’t someone who is from Majorca back FC Barcelona? Indeed, I thought Toni played for them at one point.

      • Joe Smith AT 10:22 PM,

        The extended Nadal family is divided in their support for football teams.
        – Rafa, his father and sister are Real Madrid fans probably because they followed in Rafa’s fraternal grandpa (dead) footsteps.
        – Rafa’s uncle Miguel Angel Nadal (his father’s brother) played for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.
        – Toni Nadal is a Barcelona fan. He says he started to support FC Barcelona when his brother (Miguel Angel) played for it.

        Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia) and Mallorca belong to different autonomous communities of Spain.

      • Joe Smith AT 10:22 PM,

        The extended Nadal family is divided in their support for football teams.
        – Rafa, his father and sister are Real Madrid fans probably because they followed in Rafa’s fraternal grandpa (dead) footsteps.
        – Rafa’s uncle Miguel Angel Nadal (his father’s brother) played for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.
        – Toni Nadal is a Barcelona fan. He said he started to support FC Barcelona when his brother (Miguel Angel) played for it.

        Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia) and Mallorca belong to different autonomous communities of Spain.

          • Indeed, interesting to read something about football on this forum. I am much more knowledgeable in football than in tennis, but I started loving tennis more in more in the last decade. Didn’t know Rafa is a Real fan neither. I know Mallorca is not part of Catalonia, but still somehow was expecting Rafa to support Barca.

            • Urgh Eugene!…You’re my buddy!!…I love football too!Which team are u support Eugene?I can’t say which one i support tho..coz Alison will chopped my head in a second if i do that!Hahaha….She can’t stand my team!!Hehehe..

      • According to Rafa’s book he’s a Real Madrid fan because his father is. When his uncle Miguel Angel played for Barcelona the family often went to the games and supported him, of course. A big day from Rafa’s childhood was when his uncle took him to practice with some of the other Barcelona players after their regular practice. He had to wear a Barca shirt that day and got teased about it for some time.

        When Rafa was around 7 or 8 Toni would make up stories about having been a pro soccer player in Milan but when Rafa got a bit older he saw Toni playing soccer with Miguel Angel and some friends and realized that Toni wasn’t a very good soccer player at all!

  6. Joe Smith because people are funny when it comes to sport, im from Yorkshire in England, yet im a Liverpool FC supporter, and been a Brit Rafa Nadal is my favorite player, although Murray is my second favorite, go figure 🙂

  7. Get highly irritated with the term current world number 1 when it comes to Rafa, they the commies and Fed fan worshippers dont believe hes going to stay there, or doesnt think he deserves to stay there grr 🙁

    • Al…Calm down sis!…Not only fed fans who got that thought Al…i too have the same thought u know..oh!..not about he deserves to stay there or not…of coz he deserve it!…but ‘how long’ he’s going to stay there..that’s always in the back of my mind..

      Why?Because injury is his close friend Al..That’s the truth…Whether we like it or not…That’s who he is…He’s the kind of player who don’t have a luxury to stay healthy for long Al…His body is his own enemy…Everytime he play..or go to the final,i will aiways pray that he will finish that match without injury..Oh,speaking of injury..i read this article last nite..


      So,if he’s not careful & still not learned anything from his injury at WTF last year,well….[deep deep sigh]

      • Mira, I have no idea whether this report is true or not, but I thought a few weeks ago that it was very likely that his AO injury was not unrelated to the injury at end of last year. I had said before AO that he should not play and consider taking a longer break. I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks how healthy he really is.

        • Joe Smith says AT 2:08 AM:”…I thought a few weeks ago that it was very likely that his AO injury was not unrelated to the injury at end of last year.”

          Fedfans are always making up stories about Rafa.

        • Hey Joe!…Sorry for late reply k?I guess i missed it!..Oh!…First of all i want to give u,Eugene,Big Al,Benny & other’s here a BIG BIG CONGRATS for Fed’s No 1…He & u guys are truly deserve it!I’m really happy for u…Enjoy it k?

          Oh!…Bout Rafa..i have the same opinion like u Joe.. before he play WTF last year,i voiced my concern here that if he play WTF,he maybe jeopardise his health because he don’t have enough rest & match play before AO start…At that time,i already can see the fly on the wall about this…but yeah…what is done is done..tho,i still don’t have a good feeling about everything…but,like u said Joe..we have to wait & see in the coming weeks & months…Hope everythings will be okay…

    • It’s because he’s expected to lose it, even if only temporarily, at the end of the week. You don’t think that if it were the other way around, and all Rafa needed to do was beat 3 lesser-than players on his best surface in order to replace Fed at #1, they would refer to Fed as the “current #1”? I’ve heard that term used many, many times for many #1’s… I don’t deny Fed-fawning by tennis media, but using the term “current world #1” is not an example of it…

      • Agree with Alison.

        Not only that, not once have they referred to Djokovic as #14, he is referred to as the former #1 but when Rafa went down to #5 in 2013 and #9 in 2016 they couldn’t wait to call him the World #5 or #9 and immediately Ferrer was always referred to as the Spanish #1 in 2013. Similarly, Djoko was renamed the World #1, they hardly ever used his name when talking about him on or off the court but Rafa doesn’t get that.

        What also annoys me is how Murray is always the British #1 except when he is high in the world rankings. Many times I have tweeted the commies to point out that it’s confusing when they refer to two players referring to the British player by his National ranking and the other player by his World ranking…..i.e Edmund the British #2 will play Berdych the World 15 making it sound that Edmund was higher than Berdych in the world rankings.

  8. Kevin no its always been the case with Rafa, the other top players play and they are reffered to as the former number 1, especially when its Federer, when they are not which is more respectful, you never seem to hear that expression when Rafa isnt number 1 funnily enough, its like hes always been considered as an after thought, its only temporary anyway blah blah, maybe im reading too much into things ….

  9. Mira Andi you missed the point my friend, i dont care if he loses the number 1 ranking, the point is id like the commies and the rest of the world to give Rafa the same respect that they give to other players while he is world number 1 thats all 😉

    • Alison Hodge says AT 7:23 PM: “id like the commies and the rest of the world to give Rafa the same respect that they give to other players while he is world number 1…”


      He who plays the piper (aka ‘the commies’) calls the tune.

  10. I only wish Rafa to get well and injury free for at least the rest of the season..,it’s so hard for him to fight back from those numerous annoying injuries. I feel every time he gets back he suffers more to stay fit and healthy. But I so much admire his passion for tennis and his spirit! He will always be the No1 for me! He never enjoyed privilege for favoritism in scheduling, commies would always drag about his losses and each and every time would predict that Rafa would never come back mentally or physically but he proved those doubters wrong again and again! Rafa never profited from weak era! He deserves all he has accomplished without any assistance from the organizers in speeding up the courts or closing the roof just to serve someone’s needs…

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