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    • Iโ€™ve been hawkeye, a tango lad (anagram for ___), Roger That, elina (โ€œyou guys!โ€) and too many others to mention lol!!!


  1. For some weird reason every so often my screen name appears as ed251137man. Can anyone explain how or why this happens. And better still how I can stop it. I’ve been to my profile page and everything is correct there.

  2. Hey rc…Where r u?Hope everything’s alright in your part of the world…I’m worried…Please say something,so i know you’re okay over there…Miss u!

    • Oh!…U too Al??Oh God!…I thought i’m the only one who’s in the dark like this…I regret now not to ask for her closest friend’s email or get in touch via FB with her…U know Al?I’ve already sent her a snail mail a couple of days ago..but the mail will only arrive in 2 weeks!Urgh!!….I guess we have to be patient like she went AWOL last January?U remember?

  3. In more depressing news, close US-ally Saudi Arabia has enforced a total blockade of ports in Yemen, which human rights organizations agree will make the cholera epidemic in Yemen -already the worst in history- even worse. At present, over 1 million people are suffering from cholera in Yemen.

    Saudi Arabia’s illegal and immoral attack on Yemen’s civilian population, which has killed thousands of children since it began in 2014, has targeted homes, schools, hospitals, petrol stations, and open markets. It is carried out with US-supplied military aircraft and weapons, including cluster bombs, and in many cases with the direct assistance of US military personnel.

    As we think of the 26 innocent victims of a madman in that Texas church, let’s spare a thought for the thousands of innocent Yemeni children killed by US-supplied weapons in US-approved attacks over the last few years.

    • Thanks for thoughts Joe!….As a fellow Muslim,i really feel ashamed of Saudi Arabia’s involvement once again in this conflict…in 1999,they’re the one who let’s George Bush Sr to launched an attack to Iraq & help destroyed one entire nation for the sake of more money?Revenge?Anger?

      IMO..all Arab countries are brother’s & sister’s…if something happen that they’re not feel right,they should sit around the table & discuss how to end the conflict…they’re all wealthy…there’s nothing they can’t achieve if they want it…But,sadly it’s not happen that way….

  4. I wanna share this wonderful song with my wonderful friends here…RC,Joe,Hawks,Eugene,Nny & other’s[who care to listen]…I know this songs especially for the Grenfell Tower’s victim..but the lyrics also suitable for the situations that we facing nowadays in this world lately…

    • Hey Al!…Great song by Peter Gabriel…great lyrics too!….Thanks Al!!…And Bing & Bowie are awesome too…Thanks Hawk…

      Wanna wish u guys a happy holiday and hope u will enjoy it to the fullest….

  5. Thanks Hawkeye, but you didnt offend me at all, just a difference of opinion at times, be a boring old world if we agreed on everything, actually i do enjoy reading your posts, Merry christmas Hawkeye, and happy new year, looking forward to the new tennis season ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Just visited my neighborโ€™s house for Christmas Eve. I love all the depictions of the blue-eyed Aryan Christ and the Virgin Mary. Because Semitic peasants in the Middle East really looked like that.

    Happy Kwanzaa stanley!

  7. Also wanna wish a very special happy holidays to rc wherever u r…Hope u will come here soon rc…Life r not the same without u friend…

  8. Merry Christmas for everyone,have a great and magical holliday!
    God bless you,your family and your friends ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…

  9. If Jesus came back today, his main concern would be the shitty way we treat poor people & immigrants, not whether we say โ€œMerry Christmas.โ€

    Kyrgios was right.


  10. Hey hey hey!!…It’s 31st Dec already in my kingdom!…So,i would like to wish u guys a Happy New Year to ALL my amazing friends here especially my dear beloved friends RC,Nny,Amy,Alison,Hawks,Lucky,Joe,Eugene,Big Al,ToMMo,Gaviria & many more!…Sorry for the names that i missed…Hope we will have another chance to wish each other Happy New Year next year..Insyaallah!

  11. I’m posting this here on the non-tennis threat because it has only marginally to do with tennis. How do you think the media and Sandgren handled the bruhaha re: Tennys’ (now erased) tweets? I became aware of this only a few hours ago. While I somewhat sympathize with Sandgren who is still young and has never before been exposed to public scrutiny, I was nevertheless disgusted by quite a few of his tweets, which are of course still in the public domain. I was especially appalled by his homophobic slurs and him comparing Hitler in a positive way to Karl Marx. Young people need to learn that you can never completely erase what you have put out on a public platform like twitter or facebook. I’m inclined to accept the deleting of all these tweets as way of distancing himself from these opinions. But he could’ve done a much better job than just blaming the media for putting him in a box. He could’ve specifically addressed some of his most hair raising tweets and said “Look, I was young and changed my mind”. Or he could’ve said:”Listen, you might not like my opinions, but I’m entitled to my point of view. It’s a free country”. Just deleting everything and then attacking the media has the whiff of getting the controversial stuff out of the way, because maybe he doesn’t want to lose potential sponsors. As it is, I highly doubt that Nike will call Tennys anytime soon or that he will receive many wild cards.
    That said, he had a terrific run at the AO, and I wish him all the best for his further career. If he stays healthy he certanly has what it takes to stay in the top 100 or maybe even in the top 50.

    • I should add that of course athlets are entitled to privately believe or support whatever they want. It has nothing to do with their performance. But if you distribute your opinions on a public platform it isn’t private anymore, and it is legit to discuss it openly. Otherwise, why put it out on Twitter in the first place?

    • I will soon re-post my comments elsewhere because understandably most aren’t all that interested in Tennys’ dubious tweets right now. But I think it’s a matter of interest, because it throws a light on which athlets we are inclined to support and why. Sandgren’s run at the AO is entirely admireable and he earned his success the hard way. Players like him are the backbone of modern pro tennis. Success didn’t come easily and he had to work the unglamorous challenger scene for years without reaping the rewards. And tennis’ journeymen are totally underpaid IMO. I admire his stamina. But his opinions voiced in his now deleted tweets are a deal breaker for me. I could never root for him. To be perfectly clear: It’s not because he’s a Trump supporter (I think Trump is dangerous, but I have many American friends who voted for him – although many regret it now) or because he dislikes Serena Williams (I’m not exactly a fan ,and many tennis fans don’t like her for various non-racist reasons). It’s also not because Tennys followed a very dubious bunch of public figures. I also try to keep up with figures and opinions which I don’t share because I think it’s important to stay informed. But Tennys was a so-called multiplicator when he re-tweeted their dubious opinions. That’s much more than just following. He also expressed via Twitter many of his own opinions. And some of them are hair raising, ludicrous and plain disgusting. Deleting them and blaming the big bad media isn’t good enough for me. He’s of course entitled to his opinions but if he voices them publicly he also has to face the consequences. He’s also entitled to change his mind about certain things. He’s still young after all. We all have things in our past we aren’t exactly proud of. But none of his more recent tweets hint at a genuine change of heart. Deleting everything has the very bad taste of opportunism. It’s more likely that he wants to keep the cake and eat it, too – meaning: he probably hoped that by clearing his Twitter account he could make himself more palatable for future sponsors.
      I will be following the development of this story with interest. That doesn’t mean I will root for Tennys anytime soon.

  12. Where’s NNY? Does anyone know? Is she okay? And what happened to the other non-forum page? Did Ricky delete it? (it wouldn’t surprise me!)

    Thanks for your love and wishes when I was gone. This weekend I will figure out how to get on FB — I promise! All I will say here is that I’ve missed everyone and missed tennis lots…happy to reconnect and I hope many of you got to watch this match last weekend:
    POJD!!!! can’t wait for Acapulco and Indian Wells….

    • Hey rc. nny has been posting along with most regulars like lucky and andy mira. Even vr posted a bit recently.

      With Rafa out and just minor tournaments, a few like nny taking a break is all I think.

      You going to post more often now?

      • Thanks for the reply Hawks…I wasn’t even able to watch AO or keep up while I was gone.

        But yes….posting WTA mostly for me….probably done making daily picks but I’m really looking forward to Indian wells. I’m still a tennis addict at heart ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Love the skiing and the luge. And the Japanese guy who won the figure skating was amazing. And the North Korean cheerleaders, of course.

      Plus, I’m from Minnesota, so can’t help watching a bit of the curling.

      • Hi Joe! Yes, I remember that you are from Minnesota. And I’m from mostly Idaho and Oregon. But curling isn’t as big a deal here as where you are – I know it takes skill! Not that I can’t help but laugh at all the sweeping — strange sport. I love all the alpine and Nordic skiing, biathlon, snowboarding, luge, skeleton and think that Japanese skater is just magical the way he made it look so easy while all others are falling down, which makes me cringe and cover my eyes. It looks awkward, lonely and painful to be a singles figure skater!

        • Hi RC,

          Yes, curling is just about the weirdest sport out there. I’ve actually played it, and it is much harder than it looks, as you can imagine. But I think your laughter is pretty much the norm amongst those who’ve never seen it before.

          I love watching the snowboarding too. I grew up skiing, but there were no snowboards back then. When I gave it a try for the first time, about 15 years ago, I literally couldn’t stand up for more than a few seconds. I tried for a couple hours, and then gave up and put my skis back on! But I wish I could do it, because it looks like such fun.

    • I’ve been watching – and sleeping through – a LOT of Winter Olympics. Got a bit of a crush on Aksel Lund Svendal. Alas, he’s pretty much at the end of his career. Was fascinated to discover there’s a very good (as in bronze medal!) Spanish male figure skater. I didn’t know Spain had ANY winter olympians. Also a Nigerian women’s bobsled team, to go with the Jamaican women’s bobsled team. For some weird reason I actually like biathlon. Curling, no, not so much! It’s a mixed bag, but so is summer olympics for me.

      • Oh yes Svindal, Ramara ๐Ÿ˜€ The attacking Vikings are killing it in every event.

        I liked that snowboarder girl from the Czech Republic who came outta nowhere and won the gold in Super G over the Austrian and Lindsey Vonn, too

      • That Spanish skater was awesome too. I was simply mesmerized by the otherworldly performance of the Japanese guy. I completely missed the Sochi Olympics, so I’d never seen him before.

        Watching Delpo right now – but I better check if the Alpine events are on. I follow World Cup winter skiing so I know many of the skiiers, male and female. Mikeala Schiffrin skiing Slalom is awesome and I’ve followed Marcel Hirscher, Ted Ligitey, Alexis Pinterault. Once every four years I get to marvel at the Dutch distance and speed skaters ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Great pic, thanks! Javier seems to be a great guy, too. Does a lot of work with children and is well liked by other skaters. There was an amusing bit when the segment they did on him said that Spanish kids were “supposed” to play soccer and tennis – and showed a pic of 5 soccer players and – you guessed it – Rafa!

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