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    • I’ve been hawkeye, a tango lad (anagram for ___), Roger That, elina (“you guys!”) and too many others to mention lol!!!


  1. For some weird reason every so often my screen name appears as ed251137man. Can anyone explain how or why this happens. And better still how I can stop it. I’ve been to my profile page and everything is correct there.

  2. Hey rc…Where r u?Hope everything’s alright in your part of the world…I’m worried…Please say something,so i know you’re okay over there…Miss u!

    • Oh!…U too Al??Oh God!…I thought i’m the only one who’s in the dark like this…I regret now not to ask for her closest friend’s email or get in touch via FB with her…U know Al?I’ve already sent her a snail mail a couple of days ago..but the mail will only arrive in 2 weeks!Urgh!!….I guess we have to be patient like she went AWOL last January?U remember?

  3. In more depressing news, close US-ally Saudi Arabia has enforced a total blockade of ports in Yemen, which human rights organizations agree will make the cholera epidemic in Yemen -already the worst in history- even worse. At present, over 1 million people are suffering from cholera in Yemen.

    Saudi Arabia’s illegal and immoral attack on Yemen’s civilian population, which has killed thousands of children since it began in 2014, has targeted homes, schools, hospitals, petrol stations, and open markets. It is carried out with US-supplied military aircraft and weapons, including cluster bombs, and in many cases with the direct assistance of US military personnel.

    As we think of the 26 innocent victims of a madman in that Texas church, let’s spare a thought for the thousands of innocent Yemeni children killed by US-supplied weapons in US-approved attacks over the last few years.

    • Thanks for thoughts Joe!….As a fellow Muslim,i really feel ashamed of Saudi Arabia’s involvement once again in this conflict…in 1999,they’re the one who let’s George Bush Sr to launched an attack to Iraq & help destroyed one entire nation for the sake of more money?Revenge?Anger?

      IMO..all Arab countries are brother’s & sister’s…if something happen that they’re not feel right,they should sit around the table & discuss how to end the conflict…they’re all wealthy…there’s nothing they can’t achieve if they want it…But,sadly it’s not happen that way….

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