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Genie 7
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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. For today I’m just be a 100% fanboy… ๐Ÿ˜€ I won’t bet on anything but I want Wozie to win sooo badly. ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is already a really emotional day. There was the last match of THE BEST LADY I’VE EVER SEEN ON WTA TOUR…This is a sad day about it. Thanks Martina for everything. She was the #1 for me in both singles and doubles. Amazing career. And how strange feeling is that my fellow hungarian girl Babos made her out here. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just happy for Timi she deserved this final.

    • Thnx ToMMo, I also think Makaorva/Vesnina will win. They are the defending Champions and have 100% gas in their tank! They are fresh with 100% energy. So, it is difficult for their opponents to beat them! But this match can be close.

        • ToMMo, as I did not get your reply to the above post and question, I backtracked and went with Bertens and Larsson to win as they are the better doubles players and are in form. They recently won the Linz Doubles tournament also. The bookie posted the winning result in my account just now! That was a close call!Wow!

  2. Why winners of each group play each other? I thought 1st place plays 2nd place. I was expecting Wozniacki- Venus and Pliskova – Garcia.

    • Not sure but maybe it’s because C. Garcia defeated C. Wozniacki.
      The both have 2 wins but C. Garcia won their group stage match.

      Wow Karolina Pliskova came back from 1-6 to tie it 6-6 in the tiebreak of the 1 set.

  3. I wanted to go big & bold but at the final minute, I went big but not bold enough.

    I picked a handicap, I picked one of the ladies( I won’t mention her name lol!) to win a set i.e +1.5 sets.

    I also backed Karolina Pliskova to win, the 1 set was really tight 6-6 tiebreak time.
    Karolina was serving for the 1 set ( 5-4)but her serve was broken again.

    Wozniacki is leading in the tiebreak 4-1.

  4. Stan, how is my pick of Venus +1.5 sets, +1.5 games a super bet besides a Venus Win and over games!

    All the 4 above bets hit! Hope you bet the same big and made huuuuuuge money! Donald Trump would be happy with your Huuuuuuge profits!Ha,ha,ha…

  5. I predicted that Venus Williams will win this title when it looked impossible, I picked her to win this title during the group stage above my #1 in WTA that’s a beauty, she will make her family, friends & fans proud tomorrow.

    Even if she doesn’t win, I respect her game & contribution to tennis.


    C. Wozniacki is not a bad player and I am beginning to like her, may the best lady( V. W) win.

  6. Oh wow… I had no idea that Woz is 0-7 against Venus! That is shocking to me. I guess I would expect Woz to be a good match-up for Venus because she is a very passive, defensive player while Venus has a big game. I just am really surprised that it’s gen THAT one-sided. In fact, in those 7 matches, Woz has only even won ONE SET! That one-sided head to head will really favor Venus. On the other hand, they have not faced each other since 2015, and Woz has been playing really well, so obviously anything can happen here. Also, Venus has shown some mental fragility in the absolute biggest moments this season, so Woz will surely keep that in mind. Another however, though- In 2017, Venus has unquestionably played the best tennis she has played since about 2010. So this match could really go either way! Either way, it’s been a great season for both of them!

    • It is absolutely has to be Wozie’s match. I’m tired about everybody says that she is a “defensive player”…she was…truly. But nowadays she is more attacking than before and that’s why she is winning so many mathces. I know that she lost 8 times against Venus but this will be the breaktrough. This Caroline must win. I’m sad about Serena because her best friend and her sister has to clash in the finals. ๐Ÿ˜€
      It is the day. Wozie deserves it and she’s gonna make it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. And my fellow hungarian Babos is the champion of the woooooorld in doubles. ๐Ÿ™‚ So the only thing is what I need…that Woziebaby HAS TO BE THE CHAMPION in singles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ToMMo!!….YEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!Your Darling Wozzie won!!!…WOOOOHOOOO!!..Many congrats to u ToMMo!!….Now!Don’t wait too long!…Propose to her now!!…I heard the prize money is 50 Million this year!…Urgh!!

  9. from wtatennis:
    – Wins over Top 10 opposition this year, posting a 14-6 record.
    – Wins over a reigning No.1 in 2017, beating Karolina Pliskova (Toronto), Garbiรฑe Muguruza (Tokyo), and Simona Halep (Singapore).

    She’s just really deserved it…she is the best on the WTA tour so far since she implemented some aggressivity into her game. (sorry if it’s not correct in English) ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ToMMo, Mira and other WTA experts,

      Hohooooooo…..Woz and Babos (with Hlavackova) won! Bet big on these 2 babies or mothers of Tennis (Mother=highly skilled player/s).

      In fact, Woz is the mother of all other Tennis players like Venus, Pliskova, Halep etc.!lol So, you canโ€™t bet against a 2017 (new later half Woz) Woz and comparing it to a 2015 Woz (was weak and not so skilled then) and predict that Venus will win! You also have to consider that Venus is an old woman, older by 2 more years since that 2015 last H2H win (37 years old now with old creaky bones!lol) and becomes tired after playing 3 or 4 continuous matchesโ€ฆ.just like she lost in the 2017 Wimbeldon Finals! Also need to consider that Woz is the mother/queen OK โ€œQueen motherโ€ of slow/medium fast surface just like Nadal is the โ€œFather or King of the slow or clay surfaceโ€!lol

      Just repeating for example that “Delpo or Venus or Jack Sock will win” a 1000+ times will not make “Delpo or Venus or Jack Sockโ€ win.

      Before one bets on a player (Venus or Delpo) we need to do a detailed style, skills and momentum (on the current surface being played) analysis, and post the analysis here showing great advantage for your fighter/player/team and then say that Delpo,Sock, Venus or Mars or Pluto will win a 1000+ times (many times). Then it is ok.

      Without the above said analysis (which can help others fade a player also), claiming that Delpo or Venus or Sock will win a 1000+ times can only cause TWO things:-

      1) Loss for you as your non-analyzed (or partially analyzed) bet will lead you to big loss, anger, depression, feeling of failure etc.

      2) Lot of wrong posting (without the above logical analysis) will cause the other readers to bet the wrong person and suffer big loss….

      NOTE:- This advice applies to me and every bettor in this world. I am not singling any one bettor!

      I applied (and try to apply) the above logical analysis to many matches in mma and won. For example:- My researched pick of Colby Covington won over Damian Maia (Maia was promoted big by the bookies, most most Internet experts even the top mma experts) the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Bely and Legend!

      My un-researched (did partially and not fully due to shortage of time) pick of Rob Font (Font was promoted big by the bookies, most Internet experts even the top mma experts) lost to Pedro Munoz and I lost big. My heart was saying Munoz a 1000 times but all experts were pushing Rob Font and I got confused, couldn’t analyze (this 12th fight in my book,) with a cool mind due to time shortage and bet the wrong guy(font) and lost!

      • Good analysis/research fail many times and no one can get it right all time, even if you know all the stats & info upsets happen, good players fail, that’s sports.

        Venus has defeated many good/top players younger than she is by a decade or more, it’s not fair to….

        It’s not easy to defeat a good player 8 times in a roll.

        To/might be continued, i am kinda busy.

  10. I want to give A BIG BIG CONGRATS to RC,Big Al & manwerty for their outstanding pickings on TDC ATP Paris this week…Even tho the tuorney isn’t over yet but it’s clear who’s the winner’s are…

    And to all other Picker’s,ToMMo,Eugene,KPuppy.WelshWitch..it’s very honoured to ‘fight’ with u guys on TDC this year guys!…It’s sooo fun & i hope we can continue our joyful fighting again next year..Insyaallah!…So long guys!!

    P/S…To rc[wherever u r]…don’t hide too long…You’re killing me…

  11. WTA & ATP Experts,

    With the season shifting from IH to carpetโ€ฆ.

    How does the speed of a CARPET surface compare to that of a HARD or INDOOR HARD surface? Any website links giving details about this?

    Will a HARD court player have more advantage playing on a CARPET surface or will a INDOOR HARD court player have more advantage playing on a CARPET surface?

    What about the chance of a CLAY COURT player on a CARPET surface?

    Will great court movers have an advantage over a CARPET surface than others?

    Will big servers have an advantage over a CARPET surface than others?

  12. Why is the WTA Department of http://tenngrand.com so GHOSTLY silent for quite some time? Is it because of the HALLOWEEN EFECT?

    Big Al, ToMMo, Mira, RC and other WTA experts, where are you? Already taken a (WTA) winter vacation?lol

    Show your errie Halloween selves for few more days before you start your hibernation! ha,ha,ha…

    Hooooooo….it sounds very errie in the WTA Department now. I am scared!lol

    There are so many WTA matches going on and there is no discussion about any WTA matches? Making a killing on many WTA matches. Rus is making me good money with Bencic. Both will play the finals tomorrow @OEC, Taiwan, I am predicting that. Rus is already in the finals.

    What are your picks for today doubles in the Taiwan event?

    I think Rodionova Ar./Stojanovic N and Rus A. / Wacanno E might win the SF’s. They have the slight edge.. But they are so close to their flakey opponents to make a big, daring bet.

    What you got you errie WTA experts?lol

    • Hey Rog!….Sorry,can’t give u tips for any WTA matches atm…I stopped following WTA as soon as the Final in Singapore & Zhuhai ended…

      I didn’t even know that there’s still matches are still playing atm…RC is an expert about the doubles…but,unfortunately she’s nowhere to be seen atm…Use your magic & humour to summon her here Rog…I don’t have the so called magic to do that…so,u have to do it k?Good luck Rog!!

      • Thnx Mira for your quick response. No Problem Mira.

        Also Thnx. for your confidence in me that I can summon RC to http://tenngrand.com.

        I am doing in-depth research in both WTA, ATP, Soccer, basketball,mma etc. But I always need to discuss with other experts to ensure that I don’t miss any angles! That’s all! I am no expert, but just a deep lover and player of many sports!lol

        As predicted Rus and Bencic are in the Finals ! Whohoo…Thnx you 2 girls for your love and profits!lol

        If I knew her address, I would go personally there, go down on my knees and bring the QUEEN RC to http://tenngrand.com!Ha,ha,ha…Yeah, I can do that for the QUEEN RC.

        We need QUEEN RC at http://tenngrand.com.

        We want QUEEN RC! We want QUEEN RC!We want QUEEN RC!We want QUEEN RC!….lol

        • Hahahahahaha!…..YEAAAHHHH!!Like that Rog!!…Hehehehe…If u successfully bring her here when i, Alison & amy[her closest buddies u can get on this earth!]clearly failed to do that,i will salute u till the day i die Rog!!hehe….

            • Hey Eugene!!…Nice to hear from u!!…How are u btw?Oh God Eugene!WTA is just finished only a couple of weeks ago..but i’m bored like CRAZY!!…And i miss to ‘fight’ & got kicked by u guys on TDC!hahaha!!…

              AO is still 2 months ahead Eugene…Urgh!It feels like a milleniums away!…Oh!bout rc..i don’t know Eugene…Last i chat with her about 3 weeks ago,she said she’s a little busy with her work..i wish to God that nothings happen to her..That’s all i can hope Eugene..

  13. Gosh…I miss the bests of the tennis already…I relaxed enough for the next season so I’m just waiting for it so badly. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Nice articles MA thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
    The new season is coming soon. I can’t wait…in the holiday I will read everything…every tweet and even check the instagrams to get all the informations what I can for the new season! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Hey ToMMo!…Long time no chat!!…Hope you’re okay & happy ‘over there’ buddy!Yeah!…me too can’t wait for the new season to start!…

    And you’re most welcome ToMMo!…But..URGH!…You’re already kicked my a@# pretty hard when you’re not so full of info in your head this season!…Brrrr!!…i’m dreaded to think how hard your kick would be when i read your holiday resolution!!..Better go prepare myself!!…zoooommm!!

  16. Yes, some of the draws are already out. I have Woz winning in Auckland and Caroline Garcia in Brisbane. I’m going with the Carolines to start 2018.

    • Guest, proly Simona Halep might be the official fav…being the official World No.1.

      But some dark horse like Elina Svitolina or Julia Goerges and a couple more can win it all as they are the MOST improved players in 2017/18!

  17. Sorry guys the start of this year was pretty busy. So I couldn’t even fill my brackets this week. And only one about the last week. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But now AO is almost here. And nobody would miss this. It’s going to be awesome so let’s rock this forum again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hey ToMMo!…Yeah!…u missed this week’s Bracket bro!..but i think u just wanna spare your energy for AO,so u can kick our a@# much harder than before lol!..haha..

      Hey..i heard they wanna do the draw on Thursday this year..and qualies already will play tomorrow..can’t wait!…but still sad..RC is still missing from here..

        • ToMMo, Mira Andi and other WTA experts, what are your picks for today’s matches @Brisbane and Hobart?

          Mira, if you…

          “…but i think u just wanna spare your energy for AO,so u can kick our a@# much harder than before lol!..haha..”

          …you may have to go to hospital for treatment of sore a@#…which is a big medical problem! ha,ha,ha…

          • Roger..Yeah!!hahaha…but,i already got used to it!…last season,they’re all very relentless did that!And i bet,this new season too!hehe..oh!bout my pick…it’s Sydney & Hobart this week Rog…

            Sydney..It’s Mugu,Petra,Radwanska
            Hobart..A.Riske just got a walkover from Flipkens and i picked A.Sabalenka over Zhang..i maybe wrong in this[u should see my Hobart Bracket Rog!..theme this week is strawberry colour!hahaha..Fourlis vs Watson..it’s hard to tell coz my pick already out!hehe..i think maybe Watson..

            • Hey Mira how are you?

              Missed you, our queen RC and others in the WTA Department.

              Wish you all Champions of Women Tennis a VERY VERY HAPPY & PROFITABLE(most important!lol) NEW YEAR.

              Like all your picks.

              Myself and my friends have a strong hunch that Camila Giorgi can upset Kvitova in hard fought 3 set match being the player in great form currently.

              Kvitova may be a bit rusted. It takes quite a while for big bodies like Kvitova to become free and strat moving and playing well. Giogi is already in good form and suspect will start strong and try to dominate Kvitova especially if Kvitova’s shots are all over the place like Konta’s was.

              Do you know how Kvitova worked out during her off-season?

              Bellis has a good chance to upset AdvancedKA!lol Konta threw away her match by trying to hit all balls hard for winners like sabalenkha and Ostapenko does. Like the over on the Bellis match. AdvancedKA with more talent & defensive skills can win.

              What you think Mira, ToMMO and other WTA experts?

            • Hey back Rog!..Happy New & Happy Collecting Money Year to u too Rog!Hehe…Yeah!..I missed u guys too especially our Queen RC..Hope she will have a pity on us and come back here talking tennis with us again..WTA thread is not the same without her…

              Btw,enough sappy thingy..bout Petra,i didn’t now how she worked out in the off season Rog..if RC is here,i think she can enlighten u bout Petra coz she loves Petra so much and know everything about her..but alas!…

              I agree with u bout Camila can upset Petra…She still didn’t fully comeback in every department..still not fully fit and maybe has a doubt over her wrist..but,i cling to the fact that she’s a champion and champion will always find a way to win..they got a very different mentality compared to the mere player’s and Camila also got beaten in 1st Rd in Shenzhen last week by Ana Bogdan 64 62 but,let’s see whether i’m right or wrong okay?Make a prediction bout tennis is really impossible coz we didn’t know their form & how much they want to win that day..

              Bout Konta..isn’t she just got injured last week & retired when she played Svitolina in Brisbane?She maybe still feel something in her thigh..that means we’re also have to be cautious bout her when we pick for AO Bracket soon..

              Bout Bellis…yeah!she can upsets Aga too..but Aga reached 3rd in Brisbane last week..but Bellis got beaten by Karolina in 2nd 61 61..judging by the score Bellis is not that good Rog..but we’ll see..

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