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  1. Karolina Pliskova is my #1 in WTA but I don’t see her winning the title, if she wins it that would be awesome but I posted here- http://tenngrand.com/daily-picks-2017-5/comment-page-135/#comment-285225

    that E. Svitolina or Caroline Garcia are my pick for the title, this two ladies are amazing and they are a joy watch.
    C. Garcia is my baby and her performance here might force me to make her my number 1.

    This 8 ladies are incredible and may the best lady( C. Garcia)πŸ˜‚ lol! win.

    I watched Karolina’s match and I will download or watch the replay of G. Muguruza Vs J. Ostapenko.
    E. Svitolina & C. Garcia’s performance in there next match will help me decide who is HOTπŸ”₯ and who will win the title.

    D. Cibulkova didn’t start well last year but she won it, boy!

    • Stan, I like your analysis and point of view.

      What are your final bets (and how much $$$, but I know no one will tell except me. I also post my winnings and no one can steal my money or information! If anyone steals my friend Stan will help me, right?) in ATP and WTA?

      Stan, I have strong reservations about some official picks. Like…

      1) Lorenzi over Chung in 3 Wow!

      I think Chung can upset Lorenzi who is not playing well. Lost in both singles & doubles in last tournament quickly. Looks like the old man Lorenzi has lost his endurance and is getting tired as year end approaches. Right?

      2) Simon over Gulbis in 2

      Simon is just getting into form. So, I don’t think he will win in 2 sets. Gulbis being a tough opponent can take it to the decider, right?

      3) Kohlschreiber over Isner in 3

      Kohl is also not in good form. He lost badly to Andreas Seppi in the last tournament when he was the big fav and many expected him to win in 2.

      So, beating Isner in 3 may be tough because Kohl is getting older like Lorenzi. He gassed in the 2nd set though he was winning and lost it badly in the 3rd set as he had nothing(energy) left to fight Seppi.

      Isner being the younger gun with more power and endurance can win in 3(maybe 2 sets also)!

      4) Herbert over Tomic in 2

      Possible. But an inspired Tomic can also beat Herbert in 2!

      Have a feeling that Tomic will fight (being rested for so long) and take it to the decider.

      Experts Ben, Stan, Todd, Flash, Big Al’s, All Original and FAKE experts(lol) etc. what you think of the above troublesome picks/MU’s? What are your final ATP and WTA bets?

      • Hey ToMMo!…Hehe…You’re most welcome Bro!..How r u btw?Hope you’re healthy & happy no matter where u r k?Err…u will watch your darling Caro play against Svito tonight ToMMo?I wish u & Caro all the best k?

        • I’m fine thanks. πŸ™‚ But where’s rc? :O
          I watched Simona. She smashed Garcia as I expected. Easy money. πŸ™‚
          And now I only have to sit back in my couch and watch Wozie-darling and sweetie-Svito’s great match. πŸ™‚

          • Oh!yeah ToMMo…Bout rc…1st of all,she’s working early shift this week…and it’s impossible for her to blogging when she had to get up so early in the morning to go to work…

            2nd….Her laptop decided that of all week,’she’ choose this time to sulking & tanking!…hahaha…just kidding ToMMo!….Her laptop got a little problem atm…and with a few hugs & kisses i’m sure ‘she’will be back to normal soon!Hehehe….

            Miss u RC!!…Come back soon okay??WTA thread not the same without u!!

  2. ToMMo, congrats for strongly sticking with Halep and winning the bet.

    I was strongly rooting for Garcia and thought of betting garcia in live bet. But after seeing her struggled with her returns, I changed direction and bet on Halep and made some profits!

    06:53 AM [ # 338532525 ] HALEP, S vs. GARCIA, C ( Risking: 200.00 – To Win: 240 ) WIN
    10/23/2017 @ 06:53 AM RBL Player to win set 1 ? HALEP, S

    07:53 AM [ # 338563501 ] HALEP, S vs. GARCIA, C ( Risking: 300.00 – To Win: 39 ) WIN
    10/23/2017 @ 07:53 AM RBL Player to win set 2 ?HALEP, S WIN

    Garcia was doing too many unforced errors. Probably overeat the french foods and enjoyed and became overconfident after her 1st win. Whatever.

    Garcia won only 49 points to 67 for Halep. Garcia committed too many errors and didn’t convert her chances. Garcia needs to go back to her drawing board, think hard and change her game.

    How much did you bet on Halep and how much did you win?

    I will do the same in the 2nd match.

    Watch Svitolina and Woz and live bet. Though leaned on Svitolina, will root for both as I like both.

    • I don’t play with big moneys…Maybe it was something like 40 dollars If I made the currency change right. πŸ˜€
      And yess 1st easily went to Wozzie! πŸ™‚ I hope she can keep it up.

  3. Great Tommo,

    I went big again on Wozzie and win in 1st set. Yeeeh.

    Will observe 2nd set a bit and go on woz again if she continues to dominate.

  4. Hey ToMMo!….Wooohooo!….Your Caro darling looks on fire atm ToMMo!!…ohohohoho!!…But half of me expect this actually…Player’s talked about how slow the court’s are..and the rallier player’s like Simona & Caro surely would love the court condition when the ball will slow down considerably..and we could see how the big hitter’s like Garcia & ostapenko struggled with their game yesterday & tonight…Hope Caro & Simona will win this tourney…Yesss!!

    • Yess yesss yessss!! πŸ™‚ That was great. She served so well…if she can keep this server up…anything is possible. πŸ™‚ I am really happy now. πŸ˜€

  5. WOOOOOOO!!…..Oh My God ToMMo!!…I just see the scores now!!…..WHAT???Queen Elina got bagel in 2nd sets???Ohohohohohoho!!…..Go Caro!!….And congrats to u too ToMMo!!…This is sooooo interesting!…Can’t wait to see more from both of them this week!….Yaaayyyyyy!!

  6. For tomorrow…I won’t bet on the matches…I just can’t feel who will win. Before the tournament I would have say on Muguruza – Pliskova match that Mugu will win…But Pliskova was so good in her first match. So I leave it. πŸ˜€
    And on the other match…two poor performances on their first…Neither of them likes this slow court. Venus has the experience but Ostapenko can win any time…so I leave this too. πŸ˜€
    Let’s just watch them. πŸ™‚

    • Deciding to not bet and just watch-n-enjoy is fair enough ToMMo!

      I am leaning towards Pliskova (if she continues from where she left off in the 1st rd against Venus) and Venus to win VS Ostapenko. Venus is so experienced that she wil learn from her 1st rd mistakes,adjust and win against Ostapenko against whom she has already won in 2017 Wimbeldon in straight sets.

      But I will watch and only live bet mostly. These WTA Singapore matches between killers (top players) don’t follow stats (like my stats for yesterday’s matches were busted. Suspecting that, I just LB and won!)!

      Stan and other WTA experts, what are your bets in today’s WTA and ATP?

      Mira who are you picking to win? Where is RC? I miss her. C’mmon let’s go to her house and get her!lol

      • Hey Rog!….Sorry,late to reply…Ermm..it’s hard to choose between Venus & Jelena…but i think i’ll go with Jelena…Venus seems cannot put her foot in Asia yet…She crashed out early in Hong Kong..and that is her only tourney in Asia compared to Jelena right?So,yeah..i’ll go with Jelena Rog…

        In a match between Mugu & Pliskova…I’ll pick Mugu…She’s definitely more consistent than Pliskova & her mental strength also much more impressive…But..hehe sorry if my picking lost today okay Rog?

        Oh!…Bout RC…she’s working Rog & last week took a little vacation to Timbuktu she said where there’s no internet,TG..let alone tennis!!Hehehe….

        • Thnx mira for your picks with detailed analysis.

          This is a unique tournament(kinda round robin) and the one with more experience and smartness will win.

          Ostapenko has the better form in Asia (as you rightly said above) and should win theoretically. But this tournament needs high level of consistency and patience(slower courts calling for patience in long rallies) which Halep and Woz can produce and win!

          …and there are lots of factors beyond our understanding/knowledge. Like the recent training of Pliskova with Novak to improve her court movement & returns. The same improvements is being done by her new coach also. These changes were reflected in her last game with venus. Is she continues in the same vein…Pliskova has a good chance to win match and probably the whole singapore thing.

          Because of the uncertain nature of this tournament (happens when top killers play, I will be doing mostly LB the whole singapore event after watching how they play each match like the last 2 days. Pre-bets can fail.

          Like the above changes of pliskova, we need to know what every other player has changes or improved to win here.

          Thnx for the RC update. I think we all also need a vacation. Let’s all go to Timbaktu for a vacation…we can see our RC also besides playing some tennis in Timbaktu. My Tennis rackets are ready…!lol

          Love your links Mira. Keep posting more of them!

          • Hey back Rog!…Oh yeah!…I very much agree with your analysis too!….Maybe Venus can outlast Jelena due to her experience & patients on court..but what i admire so much about Jelena[not only her go for broke tennis] is that…this kid don’t have an ounce of fear in her mere body!And that is a very dangerous thing for Venus..

            As for Pliskova,i think she’s in the phase of adjusting herself with her new coach Rennae Stubbs…Sure,she can win this match & the whole thing Rog..she’s got the power game to do that…but,somehow i don’t think she will win this tourney Rog…she’s proven many times to us that she always melt when things got a little tight…But,let’s see what happen for the rest of the tourney Rog…

  7. To ToMMO & other WTA lover’s who want to watch the match between Venus vs Ostapenko…this is the link guys!….The match will start in 2 Hrs…Enjoy!!

  8. So about the 4th day of WTA Finals. I’m trying to be objective again but I have a strong opinion.
    Halep – Wozniacki
    It can be a great match as usual. But I think Wozniacki can win this one and there’s good value in it. Their style is pretty similar but there are some differences. Halep has better forehand but Wozzie has better backhand. Wozzie has better serve now than Halep and she is the faster player on court. Both can fight well but I think backhand will be the key just like against Svitolina. And If Wozniacki can server as well as against Svitolina then I think she’s just win this game. Maybe even in 2 sets.
    About Svitolina – Garcia…It’s tough…I would have take Svitolina but don’t know. I thought that she will play better even if wozzie played like a champ. So maybe I leave this match but If I have to say something then I thinkg It can be Svitolina’s match. And then there’s gonna be a decider between her and Halep in the end with Halep win. πŸ˜€ But I went too far. πŸ™‚
    So Wozzie is my pick for tomorrow. And maybe Svitolina…I have to sleep on that. πŸ˜€

  9. Hello everyone!

    Whaaaaa boo hoo. Dang it.

    Ostapenko nearly did beat Venus. It’s cool Venus keeps winning but I really wanted Bosstapenko to advance πŸ™ I always want Jelena to win these days!

    I can’t decide for a winner in the next matches. Halep v Woz and Cargar v Svitolina.

    But I’m suspecting it’s going to be a Pliskova vs Wozzie final. With Karolina winning, just because I like Pliskova to win.

    Mira…..I think this was the article you posted?


    And it’s why I’m so attached to Jelena these days πŸ˜€ I just hope she doesn’t change as she gets older and loses more matches. Hope she’ll be one that is going for every point and remain as exciting as she is now.

    Gosh I did some bad ATP picking from my phone last weekend!! I picked Rublev over Thiem, for example. Rookie picking lol….

    • Yeeaaah rc is back! πŸ˜€
      I expect something similar btw… Red group #1 Woz #2 Halep or a little chance to Svitolina and in the white #1 Pliskova #2 Muguruza…then in the semis Woz eat Mugu and Pliskova can beat Halep or Svito. πŸ˜€ And there’s our final…but I hope Caro win in the end…even if I know that…about these 7 opponents Pliskova is the most difficult for her…almost a nemesis. πŸ˜€

      • ToMMO, great predictions for the whole Singapore thing!

        What are your bets for tomorrow?

        I expect both the below matches to be tight and might go to 3 sets.

        Simona Halep vs Caroline Wozniacki in 3 sets
        Elina Svitolina vs Caroline Garcia in 3 sets

        As usual I learnt the hard way now to observe (in live bet) a women/life partner carefully ha,ha…no a tennis match before selecting a women/life partner ha,ha…no…before selecting/betting on the winner! I hope the joke came out well? Worried face! 😱

    • Welcome back RC! We already laid a red carpet for you! Tread carefully as many here (Mira etc.) call you the queen etc.

      Gosh I did some bad ATP picking from my phone last weekend!! I picked Rublev over Thiem, for example. Rookie picking lol…….that is why you are human (like all of us)!lol

      A motivated Rublev can beat Thiem. Today Rublev was not motivated to win!

  10. YAAAYYYY RC THE WTA QUEEN IS BACK!!Wooohooo!!…Hahaha…and seems it’s not only me who missed u so much RC!….ToMMo & Roger as well!!…I told u you’re very famous here rc!!Hehehe….Oh!Hope you’re enjoy your little vacation Boss!..and of coz ready to kick someone a@#es in the Bracket!!Hahaha….Btw….Welcome back My Queen!!

  11. I’m glad theres no bracket for Singapore,just enjoy the tennis for once!
    But , still haven’t seen any of the WTA finals, too busy!
    Yeah, Rublev d Thiem wasn’t such a rookie pick. Thiem was nervous in front of home crowd, and Rublev gave a good account .

  12. Big Al…I agree whoever picked Rublev are very wise actually…He can exploit Thiem’s nervousness in front of his home crowd…but,maybe lack of experience & consistency still hampered his game..that’s why he lost…

    But oh boy!…Thiem’s sure got one h@#$ of a fight today against Gasquet…He’s no Rublev…Let’s see how well Thiem’s handle the pressure today….

  13. Yeah,Rublev is brilliant on his day,but still too young and inexperienced .
    But,Gasquet might beat Thiem..battle of the backhands,should be a cracker.

  14. I can’t believe Caro bageled Simona today!!…And WHAT??Sim only got 2 games in a WHOLE MATCH???URGH!!!!…UNBELIEVABLE!!

    ToMMo!…What’s wrong with your Caro??Oh My God!!She bageled Svito too the other day right??Ohohohohoho!!…..THIS IS AWESOME ToMMo!!!…Hope she can win this!!…Wooohooooo!!

    • Ohohohohoho!! Woz won as predicted (posted on the ATP page).

      I hope Garcia wins but just betting on +1.5 Garcia and a small amt on the over! Mostly LBing!lol

        • That score looks like a freaking Serena style trouncing! Poor darling Simona…

          ToMMo is really King of WTA …he knows his girls πŸ˜€ Especially the European tournaments = Singapore all Euro + Venus

          I don’t know why Mira calls me queen of anything…
          probably she likes making me laugh at how absurd it sounds! hehe

          I’m missing a WTA bracket! WTA website used to to one for the Finals.

  15. Hey guys!…An interesting article for u all….


    As for calling rc a Queen[WTA Queen that is..and NOT the Queen of England okay?]..ermm..do u guys know that because of her love so so much for WTA that she successfully persuaded Ricky to actualized WTA thread last year[right rc??]..If not for her hardwork,we won’t have WTA thread atm where we all can discuss,analyze matches..and in ToMMo’s case salivating over Caro[Urgh!Roll eyezzzzz!hehe]…and in Roger’s case & several other’s…make themselves a billionaire based on the information that we discuss here…And all of that happen coz of 1 person—>rc!

    Oh!…One other thing,our rc also work very hard on TDC or Tourneytopia for the sake of tennis especially WTA…So…what with everything that she’s already done…isn’t she deserves to be called QUEEN?…If u guys don’t agree..it’s fine by me…I’ll just make her MY PERSONAL QUEEN then!!Hah!!

      • Yeaaahhh!!…Me too ToMMo!!….And i’m sure rc too!!…U really one of our precious poster’s here ToMMo!…So so glad u came here & sharing your knowledge about WTA with us!!….Hope u will keep blogging here for a hundred years to come ToMMo!!…I mean it!!Don’t laugh!!

        P/S…Oh!…And me & rc will call u The King of WTA ToMMo!…It really suits u buddy!!Hehehe…

  16. I’m a little bit late about it…but about today’s matches.
    Muguruza – Venus
    I have to bet on this one because I trust Muguruza here. Pliskova was awesome against her and this is a match of pressure for the 2nd place of the group. If anyone else would be against Venus here maybe I won’t be so sure. But Muguruza is 2 times GS champion now so she can handle the pressure. Even it makes her better. She could handle Venus twice this year and I expect that she can do it again. Venus played over 3 hours against Ostapenko and that can be costly at her age. Their win against Ostapenko is a good point. Muguruza could be her pretty easily while Venus had a tough match which wasn’t a really quality one I think. So I think Muguruza can win this and I will bet on this. πŸ™‚

    About the other match. Pliskova is in great form but now surely #1 in the White Group. I think she can win this because you can get points for every win but I am a little bit worried about her attention in this match. Maybe her concentration won’t be 100% so that is why I won’t bet on this one. But of course I expect a win from Pliskova and 0-3 would be a good lesson for the youngster Bosstapenko that she isn’t a boss already. πŸ™‚

    • My #1 in WTA(Karolina Pliskova) lost to J. Ostapenko, I don’t think she lost because she was reserving her energy,she lost fairly.

      J.bosstapenko is no longer the boss, she tried but it wasn’t enough in this tournament, I saw the result but I didn’t watch her match with V. Williams, I know I missedπŸ˜‚ a lot, I heard that match was thunderous, I would have to download it or watch it on YouTube.

      No time, i initially said Elina Svitolina or Caroline Garcia might win the title in Singapore, the truth is this, I wasn’t the one who posted that comment, my phone was hacked by the C.I.A, MI6 & other foreign intelligence lolπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“!

      So why I like Garcia & Svitolina they are not my pick, my pick is not my number 1 Karo. Pliskova but V. Williams on one condition, that she defeats G. Muguruza.

      Venus Williams is on fireπŸ”₯ and if she wins this match watch out ladies, Venus will take this baby home, the score is 3-3(40-30 Muguruza is about to break but no problem) in the 1st set.

      If Venus doesn’t win this match then my baby( my #1) can win it.

      Talk 2 u guy’s later I gotta run.

  17. Muguruza’s performance shocked me…that was awful. But in the end of the day I am glad that Wozniacki will play against Venus in the semi-final. Even if it is 8-0 to Venus…I think this will be a good matchup for Caro. She can overrun her best friends sister. πŸ™‚

    • So be careful!

      I will back both player’s to win with other games.
      The odds will be juiced up so no matter who wins if other games are successful, the bet will be a success.

      If C. Garcia wins that will be sweet!

      • C. Wozniacki has beaten all her opponents comfortably but this match will be tough.

        Over 21.5 games is possible and MAYBE my baby( C. Garcia) MIGHT win.

  18. Hey guys!….This is the link for Caro Woz vs Caro Gar’s match…and please be noted..this is LIVE streaming..once the match is over….this link will not be effective anymore…I think the match will start in 1/2 an hour…Enjoy!!

  19. So about today…
    I don’t know what to expect from Wozibaby. πŸ˜€ I just hope that she won’t be as bad as Pliskova was. But the situation is the same. She is already #1 in her group. About the match…Halep’s win over Garcia was about to attack Garcia’s backhand…with cross hits. And it worked. Wozie’s dad watched it so they have the plan. And Wozniacki’s backhand is way better than Halep’s. One of the bests on the tour. So If Wozniacki will take this match seriously there’s no doubt about that she can win this one. πŸ™‚

    About Halep…I don’t know…but she can win this…I just don’t know…I have some strange feeling about this.

  20. Woooo!!….Caro Wozzy is on fire again today!!Oh my God!…Is she is going to bagel CaroGar in the 1st set??Maintaining her ‘bagel’ streak this week??She is very impressive so far!…Wow!!…With the way she’s playing atm..she can win this…

    • I am just so amazed MA that I can’t put in words…especially in English. πŸ˜€ This is what I was waiting for…for years…Wozie is amazing now no doubt about it. Anybody who loves tennis can tell this. πŸ™‚

      • Oh yeah ToMMo!!…Me too!!….I can’t believe what i saw from Caro this week…and i like very much what i saw ToMMo!!…Urgh!..I hope she can win this….but,i can’t deny that i’m a little bit disappointed that she can’t win this afternoon…She’s got a triple break point 40 0 at 5 5 in the 3rd sets…..oh well!…

  21. ToMMo and other WTA experts,

    I think Svitolina has a chance to beat Halep who is not in her right frame of mind after her thrashing by Woz besides her conflict isues with her coach cahill.

    This might be a 3-setter as Svitolina will fight to death and qualify for the SF’s! But she has to fix the mistakes of her last 2 defeats. Might take the over here in LB or whatever winning option is available in LB.

    Elina Svitolina gave a severe beating to Simona Halep 6-1, 6-1 just 2 months ago.

    Halep can win if she can dust off yesterday’s loss and comes in mentally strong and play aggressive, accurate tennis.

    ToMMo, do you have any idea of who will win the below doubles match?

    Gabriela Dabrowski/Yifan Xu vs Ekaterina Makarova/Elena Vesnina

    All fake experts are pushing Gabriela Dabrowski/Yifan Xu to win because of their lucky single H2H win.

    But I think Ekaterina Makarova/Elena Vesnina will win as they are the experienced pair and both are fully rested. They will win and take revenge for their last loss, I think.

    What you and other experts think about the Halep vs Svitolina match and the above doubles match?

  22. Kyle Edmund is winning.

    Looks like Struff gassed out after beating ARV in 3 sets today! He looked fine yesterday after beating ARV. man, why don’t these players tell in the post interviews etc. how they are feeling and about their injuries openly so that bettors can either fade or bet them? Stupid Tennis players!lol

    LB Edmunds heavily to compensate for the Struff pre-bet of over(loss, I think).

    Looks like the queen’s genes are stronger in Kyle Edmund!lol

    Long live the Queen!Ha,ha,ha…

    • WTA experts,

      Close your eyes and don’t read the above post regarding Kyle and Struff!lol

      It was meant to be posted under the ATP Page! Ha,ha,ha…

  23. Let’s go Venus!! I so badly want her to get the biggest non-slam title, as I believe she would be so deserving of it. It was really tough to see her finally, after all her trials and tribulations, make 2 major finals but not win either of them. It was expected with the AO final against Serena, but I really believed she could have won Wimby, but Garbine was just too much for her in the end. In all honesty, I would be pretty surprised if Venus won this title because the surface is supposedly playing extremely slow. In her older age, Venus can really use a faster surface that favors her game style. However, any of these women are capable of beating any of the other 3 remaining women on any given day, so who really knows how it will play out! I would also love to see Halep win it, as that would certainly make her slamless #1 issue better. If she can at least win the biggest tour event, that would be great for her.

  24. Whoops, Looks like I spoke too soon about Halep! Anyone know what the current status is for World #1? Can Halep still end as #1? Can Venus get to #1?

    • Karolina Pliskova will defeat Caroline Wozniacki.

      Wozniacki has a 5-3 H2H lead, a win is a win but C. Wozniacki hasn’t defeated Karolina in straight sets.
      Karo. Pliskova’s 3 victories have all been straight sets victories.

      Karolina will win this match but the line is hard to predict “22.5 games”, I like the under games because it’s a little high but this risky, a safer pick might be Karolina Pliskova to win or to win 1 set & match.

      C. Wozniacki has what it takes to win and has caused Karo. Pliskova lots of problems but I see pliskova winning this one.

      The match will soon start, if u were to pick between the over or under which one will you pick?

      I like the under 22.5 & K. Pliskova to win or to win first set and match.

      V. Williams Vs C. Garcia is hard for me, I don’t know who to pick.
      V. Williams is the top underdog to win this title but I see her winning it, I know that’s crazy, I see her defeating my #1 in wta Karolina Pliskova.

      I like the over 21.5 games between V. Williams & C. Garcia and I like Garcia, she is in form and is the better player, i might pick her to win.

      What do you think?
      V. Williams or C. Garcia, who will win?

      I might have made some errors while typing, I am not reading my comments because of time.

      I need a quick answer, especially on Venus & Garcia, I want to combine this matches b4 the 1st one start’s.

      No analysis, just answers.

      • Garcia will win. I think there’s gonna be a rematch in the finals between Garcia and Wozie. And the french can’t beat twice Wozie in a week. πŸ˜‰

      • Stan, I think Venus wins. Experience wins! Will be a 3 setter. Venus can blast Gracia in 2 sets also as garcia makes a lot of mistakes and takes time to get into form(mostly in the 2nd or 3rd set). Venus’s pressure will not allow Garcia to settle down. So Venus to win even tho I am on earth!

        Took Pliskova +1.5 sets.

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