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        • I posted Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, first to show George Michael’s incredible vocals and also just for the sheer joy of this video. When he first started out and he was loving the moment.

          I know that this song wasn’t considered more than just fluff at the time, but I always loved it. I loved the energy and the uplifting feeling. But most of all it showed that this guy had real talent and a voice for the ages.

          We know that he went on to develop into a true R&B artist with a passion for his music and creativity and genius. But this was how it started and the enthusiasm is just infectious.

          George Michael said that coming out as gay did not make his life easier. I have been reading about some of what he went through, the deaths of his Mother and significant other only a few years apart, that sent him spiraling into depression and drugs. The backlash when he came out and his own discomfort with fame.

          I also didn’t know that he almost died of pneumonia while on tour in 2011. He had health problems, some accidents and things were tough for him.

          That’s why I think it’s so appropriate to just post the youtube videos and remember the man’s music. That is the legacy that he left us.

  1. I never saw this one. George Michael singing the great Freddie Mercury’s signature song, Somebody to Love. It takes something to be able to sing Freddie Mercury, but George Michael did for sure!

    This is a worthy tribute to a dying Freddie, by a man who had the voice to do justice to this great song.

    • Alison,

      Yes, another great video. I almost posted that one myself!

      This really takes me back to the 80’s and the height of disco. When I could dance and look good going it!

      George Michael left us too soon at only 53, but we will always have the music and the memories. I tried to follow his career throughout the years. I know he had his troubles, but his incomparable talent shines through in all these videos. I had almost forgotten just how brilliant he was as a singer. That voice! He made it look easy!

  2. Here’s my favorite song that George Micheal ever sang…..he did a great job – put his entire soul in it for reasons of his own at the time…of course Stevie Wonder did this song on a seriously great album recorded right after Nixon was impeached called, The Fullingness’ First Finale. Leave it to me to adore the darkest of pieces.

    George Micheal singing, They won’t go when I go.

    • wow rc! haven’t heard that song before. that gave me gooseflesh – george’s voice was unbelievable in it, so raw and exposed. frigging unbelievable stuff and thank you for posting it..

    • ^ Yes to this! I do admit that George Michael was my guilty crush, too! Along with that amazing voice, he was just a gorgeous man!

  3. Amy
    The lyrics are on the screen…Stevie Wonder telling it in 1974. Dark times sure can inspire artists to create masterpieces.

    • rc i just listened to this!! but thanks for the kind thought. great minds think alike hey?? i have just been looking up the album you mention. must give it a listen.
      why are our great artists dying this year when we most need them…? remember cohen: there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in….
      thanks rc…

      • amy,
        Yes…I worry about Chomsky, Atwood, and Bernie…may they live long.
        From that now rather obscure album…I’m listening to the whole thing because I never have. I remember some songs. But I don’t remember this song I’ll post. It’s my duty to dig up and dust some of this off.
        On a different note. We have to keep loving in the time of Trump

        • thanks loads rc. not sure i can take listening to something else which is so beautiful. i cried bucketfulls over that last song.
          yes we have to keep loving when it’s hardest. that will be how we fight. that’s also how people make their greatest art.

          • by atwood i presume you mean margaret atwood? i read a ton of novels by her summer before last…i have the blind assassin next to me right now to reread for the 3rd time.

            • Oh gosh, really? Kidding me. Blind Assassin is on my bedside table lol, right now….was going to reread it because I’m too lazy to order a new book and there’s so many I want…..last time I read Blind Assassin was long enough ago that it will do exactly fine for what I want right now. But my car is frozen and covered with snow and better go see if it will start before I have to go to work tomorrow!

              I read Handmaid’s Tale again last week — had to order it used. Every time I have a copy, I end up giving it away.

              You probably read her trilogy — Oryx and Crake was my favorite….I’m a little twisted. I have yet to read her two most recent ones.

            • there’s a cohincidence rc! great novel and so detailed and precise and lyrical you can read it countless times and find new things in it. i don’t know oryx and crake so will aim to read it soon. have you read alias grace? that’s another amazing novel although very dark at the same time…..

    • I think that artists give us a tremendous gift. They help us get through difficult times. I am still struggling mightily to see the light amidst the darkness right now. I do not want to become bitter and angry, because then Trump and his supporters will win.

      Listening to George Michael reminded me of what is beautiful in life and what speaks to me and nourishes my soul – music! It’s been my passion ever since I can remember, I felt joy again as I took a trip down memory lane listening to his music yesterday after I heard about his death.

      Stevie Wonder is a true genius who thankfully, is still with us. Love has to triumph in this world. We have to stay strong even in the face of something terrible.

        • Dear Amy,

          Thanks so much for your kind words, I not surprised that you would understand.

          I am just trying to cope in the best way I can with the reality of everything post-election in the states. I have expressed my feelings and vented at length. But I do think it is important to keep the faith, stay true to one’s beliefs and keep love and hope alive.

          • think i do understand nny. i was thinking the other day of auden’s poem written at the beginning of the second world war – ‘we must love one another or die’. great poem. meant to write more but am too shattered having just spend over an hour on the dell help line. an experience which is not to be recommended. xxxxx

            • Oooh, BTDT Amy.

              Got fed up and told them to replace my new laptop after hours of frustration.

              Should have done that from the start.

              Still, Dell is one of the few that actually have call in support.

            • kind of insane with frustration hawks. on there over an hour yesterday and over an hour today. don’t know what to do!!
              does btdt mean been there done that?
              the laptop is still under warranty.

            • Been there done that.

              All else fails, ship it back for repair/replacement.

              They are usually pretty fast. Probably 2 week turnaround.

        • i dont think they can blame me if the problem was there from day 1. i should have complained before really. don’t want to be without my computer for 2 weeks!

          • I had to send mine back for a refund and went with a different model.

            My wireless card kept randomly disconnecting. Bad design from what I read.

            • one of the many problems i have is that all of a sudden it will stop working ie freeze and i will restart it and it has a red cross over the wifi signal. this is clearly nothing normally to do with my wifi and i looked it up and it says that windows 10 has this problem in that it randomly switches off wireless network adaptor. is that similar to your problem? also it keeps also jamming and when you restart coming up with the age old ‘your ac adapter is not connected’ when it is. you can’t run dellsupport to diagnose as that jams in the same place every time as well. really does my head in.
              any advice gratefully received!!

            • Not quite. It wouldn’t lock up. Just the wireless card would lose the wifi connection which is a common problem for certain wireless cards used by Dell.

              If it’s less than 6-8 weeks old, I’d send it back and insist on a refund.

            • ok thanks for the advice hawks. it’s later than that now so can’t ask for a refund. my own stupid fault for not complaining straightaway as the problems have been there since day 1. wish i’d talked to you sooner and acted!! SIGH. dell are driving me insane atm.

  4. amy dec 26th 7:39 pm “actually that summed up something about this entire year. incredible.”
    It was indeed an incredible year for you as Murray won Wimbledon, Olympics and WTF AND made that amazing run to the year end #1 .
    I hope 2017 brings cheer to Rafa fans and makes it an incredible year for us.

    • Amy,

      I was just reading about the problem you are having and I am having the exact same problem with Wifi going out and losing the internet connection with that little red mark. It just started happening in the last week. Is it Windows 10?

  5. Nny,

    Sound and music, listening or playing an instrument can be very powerful, can’t it. The pure sound of Tibetan metal bowls, undiluted with background sounds or chanting, is good medicine for me. This is what I’m talking about. To many it might drive them nuts – I don’t know. I shared this with alison on tx, eons ago.

    • PS I’m not Buddhist or any religion and the video isn’t what I’m going for – my eyes are closed. It’s to feel a calm from the sound of singing metal bowls.

      And I keep playing Alberto Balsam, by Aphex Twin, for a reason I haven’t figured out. I don’t even especially like anything else from Aphex Twin. Just this — is useful. Maybe it’s the scissors or the dragging sound of the chair, who knows. It just works to reset my thoughts in general:

      • just listening to the singing sound of the metal bowls. works straightaway for me..! like the sound of emptiness…
        really like it…thanks rc..

      • rc,

        Thanks for posting that. I think anything that is soothing and promotes a sense of peace and relaxation is a good thing!

  6. I know we have done our tribute videos to George Michael, but I was going through his songs on iTunes and found a gem of a song. I checked it out on youtube. It’s a cover of an old Isley Brothers song they did on a 1973 album.

    When you find a gem like this, it makes you want to tear up all over again at the loss of such a great talent. I like George Michael’s version better than the Isley Brothers.

    George Michael had an insane falsetto! Just beautiful!

    Here it is – If You Were There

  7. RT @robreiner: No press access,no ethics committee. Most powerful country on earth being governed by tweets of a mentally unstable liar. Goodbye Democracy

  8. trump already working on plans to gut the security agencies. is anyone going to stop him?!
    he’s asked for lists of people who favour climate change, civil rights, women issues….what next?
    #kleptocracy and kakistocray

    • Yes…spot on alison. That’s a good pick. Works well with my dystopian reading list for 2017 and what’s outside my window: talking about some ‘minor’ flooding after a 30 year historical snowstorm last week. Thank goodness I moved my car to the 6th floor of a parking garage downtown. Given a choice I’d rather shovel snow than worry about the car floating away! Congrats to me for some quick thinking.

    • Love that episode….Jimmy…classic ?
      You know who is famous for referring to himself in the third person and tho it’s not hilarious at the moment (nothing hilarious about him being POTUS) he’s always touting himself that way.

  9. RC OMG Please make sure you stay safe, thankfully no snow here in Norfolk although 4 inches is forecast eek, pretty mild here for the time of year, which can be a bad sign sometimes, and living by the seaside i do panic when it rains too much in case we get flooding, pleased you liked the song BTW ….

    • I’m okay. It’s still rough out there…right now there’s a lot of snow melting fast and the city isn’t good a snow removal or equipped to clear streets like say Buffalo, NY. But yeah we got hammered. And It was beautiful when the snow was soft and fluffy…now it’s all kinds of bad. Roofs collapsing, street level flooding, homes and buildings plumbing breaking and water damage inside buildings. It was a big deal. It’s not over …a cold front is moving in and all the piles and pools of slush are gonna turn to blocks of ICE! Again… It’s wonderful in the mountains though. Skiing hasn’t been this good in years 🙂

  10. Inauguration day. Home from work and I’m not even interested in tennis. Radwanska is out, Simona is gone, Nole gone. My picks are all losing. What else? I guess this:

    • rc,

      Thanks for posting that! It’s been in cable tv news all day!

      Trump had his press guy come out to accuse the media of lying about the size of the crowd st his inauguration. Then they challenged the size of the women’s protest in D.C. today!

      Someone is feeling threatened and quite out of sorts today! LOL!

      In France they were demonstrating with signs that said – we hate Trump!

      • Nny

        Glad you enjoyed it. My thoughts are with you way over there in Florida! Yesterday I watched the DC march then went out in a cold wind and icy rain – over 5,000 people, which is a great turn-out for the capital city of Red State, Idaho. I was very surprised and inspired! It’s wonderful. Today I’m nursing a sore throat and a fever but I’m much encouraged to keep fighting on. #notmypresident

        Music and poetry for a Sunday evening:

        • rc,

          I was thinking of you! It was a magical day all across the country. No violence! Great speeches at the women’s march in DC! Inspirational!

          I think that sometimes good can come out if something bad. The challenge now is to keep this movement going! We have to turn it into action that combat trump’s fascist and regressive agenda. People are getting involved and finding their voices.

          Trump is going after the media. This us a classic fascist tactic used to try to ” gaslight” people into believing only what the government wants them to think. It’s George Orwell’s 1984!

          The media must follow get back against trump’s attacks and hold him accountable for his lies. Today they showed pictures that prove that trump’s crowd was far smaller than Ibsna’s inauguration crowd in 2012.

          Think about an idiot president who has nothing better to do than argue about having a bigger crowd! This is the man who has the nuclear codes!

          Also, I read today that Trump will never release his tax returns! Another lie! He. Sn’t release them because they will prove that he is getting money from the Russians.

          Intelligence experts already believe that Trump had been recruited by Putin. That would make Trump a traitor on top of everything else!

          Power to the people!

          • Nny
            Yes indeed well said … We stand in solidarity on all issues and matters and will not rest. We must hold this phony deceitful POTUS and his cabinet of Wayward Wall Street billionaires accountable — and we keep moving forward stronger together 🙂 #PowertothePeople!

            During the Goffin vs Thiem match I paused everything and closed my eyes and connected to you and all my internet sisters (plus a few select internet brothers) in strength and peace for 15 minutes listening to this powerful ❤? energy:

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