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  1. hahahaha…yeah rc!!…that’s the real problem i think….you’re too biased…that’s okay!…that shows you’re a very loyal to someone…besides TDC is just a game or a quiz just to test our knowledge in WTA tennis…and u already have that knowledge…u just unable to pass those emotional barrier towards some players..that’s all….i’m pretty sure once u ignore that emotional barrier…you’re going to be a forced that we’re afraid of all this time…I mean it rc!!

    • Yes, you are right Mira, “Kenin is gunnin” for top positions in the WTA Tour. She is very talented. Excited to see this bubblin girl….bubbling to the top!lol

      Mira, RC, Stan (may be an all-sports expert inclusive of Religion!lol) and other WTA experts, what are your picks for today’s WTA matches?

          • Hey ToMMo!My Bro!!…Urgh!…U R SOOOOO UNFAIR & MEAN ToMMo!!…Why??Because u left me here stranded,alone & lonely!!…What is it with u & rc hah??Can’t u guys come here everyday?…Okay!done rambling!!

            Oh!…Your pick same as mine bro??Can’t u pick anyone else ToMMo??Urgh!!I can’t get away from u it seems!!hehehehe….hey!good job on Quebec Open atm ToMMo!…Good luck for the rest of week okay Bro??

            P/S….Yo rc!!…Whatchu doin’ down there??Come on up!!…Give me your hands babe!!I lift u up!!

  2. Thanks for the grats. I did never expect an ATP gs bracket win. πŸ˜€
    But I still favor the WTA section. πŸ™‚ So I have a few words for this week’s tournaments.
    In Tokyo I expect Krunic into the semifinals against Nara or Cepelova. And Mertens vs Zhang in the other semifinal. If Mertens can go far she can win this tournament. She is a slow starter in the tournaments but after a few round she’s just getting better and better. A Krunic vs Mertens final would be nice.
    In Quebec I expect Lucie for the win. πŸ™‚ She can face Babos or Lepchenko in the semis and I think in the other side of the draw Tatjana Maria can be in the final. She is the most consistent from that side.

    MA! Kenin is a great talent. I’m watching her. πŸ˜‰

    • ToMMO, your winner picks looking good.

      I quebec, If safarova makes a lot of errors, then babos can upset safrarova in the SF who can then go on to beat T.Maria in the Finals.

      But I have a strong gut feeling saying that either Golubic/Vickery will beat T. Maria as their power can beat the baseline defensive game of backhand and slice game of Maria! With this gut feeling (need to do solid research), Golubic can meet either Safarova or Babos in the finals at Quebec…and one of these powerful girls will win it all (mostly safarova)!

      In the Tokyo Open, I am expecting Kurumi Nara to meet Shuai Zhang/Mertens in the SF. Maybe Shuai Zhang wins it all! If Zhang is healthy without injury scare like last week, she can be the champion here! Like Mertens allround game also!

    • Yeah ToMMo!…Now,everytime i see her name in any tournament,i will pick her…and she rarely disappoint me…but,i always picked her for 1 or 2 rounds only so far….but,i think it’s a matter of time before she make an impact in any tournament[if she can manage to stay injury free that is]…..

  3. Me & Sofia Kenin share the same birthmonth and almost the same birthday, please don’t get it twisted i am older than she is and younger than R. Nadal.
    She is a baby compared to me but Rafito is like a great great grandfather compared to us lol! He is too old lol! And should stop playing tennis b4 he breaks something lol!

    Sofia has a wicked drop shot, i haven’t seen her play but i heard she is good, she is playing Lucie Safarova and that’s not good cos Lucie is bad, a bad, bad girl, Lucie is a good tennis player and that’s good, she has the better experience and has an 8/2 record on indoor this year(8 wins, 2 loses) and overall she has 84 wins & 51 loses on indoors court.

    Prior to Quebec(canada) Lucie played in two indoors tournament(Taipei & Budapest), she reached the semis in Taipei(Taiwan or China, china say’s Taiwan belongs to them, Taiwan say’s it doesn’t, i agree with they taiwanese that settles the case period) and lost to the chinese player Shuai Peng(Peng needs to be arrested for negotiation just in case lol!).

    Lucie made it to the finals in Budapest(Hungary) but lost to the Hungarian(for some reason i am hungry but i don’t know why), she lost to the Hungarian “Hercules Timea Babos” 6(4)-7, 6-4, 6-3, i picked Hercules to win that finals that day, Timea Babos & L. Safarova were doubles partner in Budapest but they skipped their semifinal doubles match for obvious reasons.

    in 2009 Lucie reached the finals Quebec, in 2010 she reached the semis but in 2013 she won the title(Quebec), she hasn’t played in Quebec since 2013 so that makes her a FAKE defending champion lol!

    Oceane Dodin is the current defending champion(she won it last year by defeating Lauren Davis in 2 sets, this was her first time playing in this tournament and she won it WOW!, Mira & Ratcliff what are you ladies doing? It’s time to ball lol!)
    O. Dodin might defeat Caroline Dolehide in 2 sets or just win the match cos C. Dolehide did well in Qua. Matches.

    L. Safarova’s odd is too low and i don’t like low odd’s cos it’s not worth the risk, but she is the favourite to win and might win but an upset is possible i doubt it but it’s possible.
    I haven’t seen Sofia Kenin play but i hear she is good so over 19. 5 games is likely or over 8.5 games in the 1st set.

    This is interesting, in Lucie’s 1st indoors tournament this year she reached the semifinal(Taipei), in her 2nd she made it to the final(Budapest), this is her 3rd indoors tournament where will she finish?

    She better not lose to Sofia cos sofia is surfing 4 an upset, Sofia Kenin has only played 2 matches on indoors in her career and both matches were played this year(2017), 1 win, 1 lose.

    Take care! Love U! Lol!!!

    • I think Lucie can win this tournament. πŸ™‚
      I watched her live in Budapest…actually I let her in front of me at the doors. πŸ˜€ I think she only lost in the finals because she had a little injury. Btw. I was so dissapointed when they made walkover in the doubles semis. It was fun to watch Safarova and Babos together…live! πŸ™‚ They are both great doubles players.
      So as you said Stanley…she is great this year on indoor tournaments. And I think se has the confidence now to win this trophy. But the oddses won’t be so good for us on her. πŸ™‚

  4. Interesting analysis, I don’t usually follow the smaller tournaments of the WTA this closely!
    But,I see Osaka is already out,my Tokyo winner ?I thought she was playing well.
    I also have Lucie in Canada.

  5. Varvara Lepchenko is the favourite but i think Francoise Abanda can win a set i.e plus 1.5 set.

    F. Abanda is canadian and she reached the R16 last year, so F. Abanda might not win but i think she can win a set or push the match over.

    V. Lepchenko is the better player & the favourite to win but…lol!! I might avoid this match or give F. Abanda a set, Lepchenko could win this match but canadian’s know how to shout and could shout Abanda to win a set.

    If F. Abanda loses this match it could be in 3 sets or 2 tight sets, she better not lose this match in a blowout.

    One more thing, the last time V, Lepchenko played in this tournament was in 2011 and now in 2017.

    If you picked V, Lepchenko don’t be discouraged, she could win.

  6. Francoise Abanda won a set as predicted, the over games went over lol! F. Abanda won the match 5-7, 7-5, 6-4, she was the underdog and i knew that canadians would shout her to win a set but they shouted her to VICTORY.


    • Stan, I also expected abanda to win and had a 2-page solid analysis but could not post any for the Quebec games as I was busy outside home.

      In Summary-Besides the home court adv., abanda was 11 years younger and was bound to have advantage in a long 3-setter match besides having nearly the same skills as lepchenko. Stats very close also.

      Only drawback was that abanda did not have the big name of lepchecko and the bookies took advantage of that, made her the fav and raked in a few million dollars!

  7. WTA Experts,

    Stan, you may be right. The giant killer (but a dwarf herself!lol) Kurumi Nara can beat the bigger and stronger player Qiang Wang. Kurumi is in better form and has the home crowd support.

    Shuai Zhang should want,tang…..and bang Zarina Diyas and win!lol Diyas may be tired. She has a big tape on her knee and maybe injured and hamper her movements in the later stages of the match.

    Diyas is in good form (won 4 matches @Tokyo) but the Giant killer Zhang is in a better form having scalped big names like Lisciki, Kavitova and nearly defeated the Former World No.1 Karolina Pliskova in 3 hard fought sets!

    The Kazakh girl has one H2H match advantage winning 2-0 over Zhang on hard in 02/2015 (old but gold), that will give her some confidence to fight hard against the higher ranked Zhang!

    Either can win but leaning on Zhang to pull it thru being the far more experienced, higher ranked and the players in good form this season!

    Over should hit here.

    Jana Fett vs Jana Cepelova Who wins? Lean Fett Better form Cepelova the higher ranked player is the fav here and can win also.

    Fett has the better form, winning 4 matches here @ Tokyo. That should gives her a lot of confidence especially after taking out the French beauty Queen Mladenovic (tho not in form) yesterday in 2 sets!

    Sara Sorribes Tormo vs Christina Mchale Who wins? Lean Mchale

    Both matches seem to be close as both are not good hard court players.

    Mchale should edge it becaus eof better form on hard besides better court movement. But McHale is inconsistent and has mental issues and loses games suddenly while winning. Enjoy this roller coaster match with any drink you like. Go for the hard ones as it will be hard to swallow the poor level/game of both players making stupid mistakes!lol

    Like the over here and going with it.

    What do you think experts? Who you got?

    • One of my new fav babies (Fett who is kinda fat/chubby and extremely cute also!lol) won and the other lost (Zhang). Probably she is still carrying the injury to her arm suffered in the US Open. These players they never tell their Injury situations (which must be made mandatory) to the world/media…making we bettors lose our money!

      Stan after seeing that you have lots of grown up babies (Pliskova, Sloane,Venus etc. etc.) I decided to adopt some of the leftover babies and made them mine! Now don’t dare to steal my newly adopted babies stan!ha,ha,ha…

  8. And there goes my Lepchenko, Zhang & Pliskova Brackets!!hahaha….And who the heck is Jana fett???…This is the 1st time i heard her name!..And her win over Cepelova was impressive!…Is there any shocker hiding somewhere??Oh God!!hehehe…

    • Mira, Jana FAT(Fett) is my newly adopted chubby baby! I am competing with stan to have as many babies as possible!Ha,ha,ha…

      FAT the qualifier has wonderful shot making skills to compensate her dwarfy stature. Her WTA ranking should improve soon!

      Sara Sorribes Tormo vs Christina Mchale Who wins? Leaning Mchale

      Both matches seem to be close as both are not good hard court players.

      Mchale should edge it becaus eof better form on hard besides better court movement. But McHale is inconsistent and has mental issues and loses games suddenly while winning. Enjoy this roller coaster match with any drink you like. Go for the hard ones as it will be hard to swallow the poor level/game of both players making stupid mistakes!lol

      Like the over here and going with it.

      Who you got, Mira?

  9. Someone is copying my signature in this page and that might get you arrested, instead of using “FOR” they use “4”, “today” has become “2day” to them hmm…OK, we will see.

    I wasn’t expecting Samantha stosur, Kristina Mladenovic and Kristyna Pliskova( surprised about Kristyna) to go far in this tournament(Tokyo WTA 2017) but lose so early to the players they lost to is disappointing.

    Kristina Mladenovic has lost in the 1st round of her last 5 tournaments and that’s not good, After French Open she has been playing bad, real bad.

    A few days ago i read on twitter that she is dating Dominic Thiem, i refuse to believe it because if it is true then i am coming after D. Thiem Big time and he won’t like.
    Kiki posted a picture of them training a few months ago
    but that doesn’t mean anything right? It’s just training, it’s not a big deal.

    Kristyna Pliskova the twin sister of my #1 WTA player Karolina Pliskova is not a bad player but she needs to start winning more matches like her sister.
    I watched her match(on TV & some downloads) in Prague and she is a good server and a good tennis player, the way she beat Jelena Ostapenko in the semis was beautiful but she lost to Mona barthel in the finals 2-6, 7-5, 6-2 after winning the first set, Ouch that’s painful but the match was interesting.
    She defeated some good players in that tournament and the Czechs were roaring her to victory but she couldn’t make it at the end.

    Kristyna Pliskova is a peaceful person & shy too, you can tell just by looking at her.

    I wish her the BEST!

  10. WTAExperts,

    Who you got for today?

    I got for japan Open-> Wang, Krunic, Mertens & Diyas

    For Quebec Open->Safarova, Andreescu, Hickory Vickery & Van Uytvanck

    Worried abt the Andreescu, Hickory Vickery & Van Uytvanck matches. Just 60% sure.

    QUICK Picks with some deep analysis will be appreciated!LOL

    • Krunic is my favourite tip for today. πŸ™‚ She is pretty consistent since spring. And she was covincing in her first two matches. Kato played nicely but this has to be the end for her. She can put all the balls back, and she has the better technique to do that.
      And of course Mertens is my favourite for the tournament. It can be a tough one, but mentally she is much stronger than McHale. And if you look at Mertens’ tournaments you can see that when she struggled a little bit in the 1st round or rounds on a tournament she went far then. She is playing better and better in each round. And there’s a nice odds on her.
      The other two matches are gambling so I don’t bet on those. πŸ™‚
      In Quebec Hradecka vs Andreescu is 50-50 for me. And I don’t like betting on Van Uytvanck. She isn’t consistent. But my hungarian fellow lady Babos can win this. Maybe in 3 sets but I think she has the power and even the mental strength now to beat the rising star Abanda. And of course Lucie…Lucie for the win here. πŸ™‚

      • Very good analysis ToMMo!

        Even I am very hesitant about Van Uytvanck because of her consistency problem. Alison ranked 98 nearly lost to a an unknown low level player Carol Zhao ranked 241.

        But my gut says that Alison will win another tough match with marina Erakovic (who is also very inconsistent). In a match between 2 inconsistent players here I am leaning towards the victory of the bigger and stronger player(Alison) with the bigger serve and reach(this will help in tiebreakers, tough situations etc.). Alison also has a good h2H win over Erakovic on Grass(another fast surface like hard/IH).

        My new baby Hickory Vickery won! I was worried abt this match as Golubic (a player who is super talented) had the powers to upset Vickery and many other top players also. Luckily Vickery won (had the better form) this roller coaster, break-counter-break match and I am greatly relieved to win the bet.

        I luv Bianca (just hear the beautiful sounding name Bianca!lol) to win because she is younger by 15 years. We faded Venus VS a young Mugs. The same should apply here. Besides Hradecka is injured and is playing doubles also. So she must be tired. I expect my newly adopted 17 year young baby Bianca to win this game in either an easy or tough 2 sets/3sets! Tough because Hradecka is far more experienced than my Bianca on all surfaces. Bianca baby also the 1000% support of the raucous Canadian home crowd. Keeping my fingers crossed until this match and all the other matches and bets are won(as usual)!Ha,ha,ha…

        ToMMo, thnx for your good analysis.

        ToMMo and other WTA experts, Keep posting more analysis here as it develops in your wonderful tennis brain and well before the match starts!

        Where is my sweet and clever stan boy? We Miss your colorful analysis and picks for today’s matches!

        Where is RC, Mira, Big Al and other WTA experts? Explode your genius tennis brain here!lol

        Stan come out of hiding from the closet. Don’t fear. We all luv u! Ha,ha,ha…

      • ToMMo, as discussed above, Alison van Uytvanuck won in 2 sets but it was not pretty as I said. But the win and $$$ is pretty fresh and aromatic!lol

        Even the over on Alison hit!

        Even I think Mertens will win but do you think Mertens will win in 2 easy sets or in 3 sets pushing the over? Leaning on it until some help from the WTA experts here!

        • Hello Roger,

          Sorry, but I can’t post everyday right now. I have a part-time job – actually working more hours than usual this week. Other times I do get time to post most every day. But no matter what, even if there’s a protest march, I get here on the week-ends. And fill out brackets weekly for fun and trying to keep up, sort of.

          Goodness me….I have not been able to watch any matches this week but I’m impressed with how well Zarina Diyas – other surprises are Fett and Kato.

          I like Elise Mertens over McHale but it’s close — 3 sets maybe.
          ‘Obviously’, (shouldn’t use that word, obviously), Diyas over Putintseva.
          Krunic over Kato
          Q.Wang is a favorite – I pick her over someone I don’t know!! (Fett)Have to look at Quebec/

            • Safarova over Kenin
              I picked Hradecka in my bracket but today I don’t know… I have not seen the young Canadian Andreescu play before.

              WTA only covering Tokyo. Shoot! I can’t watch Safarova, dang it.

          • RC, it is absolutely no problem that you could not post your picks/analysis.

            Your work or family and other things are more important than these tennis postings.

            RC, as WTA TV is not covering the Tokyo matches, I have got you a FREE link to watch the safarova match. Please turn on all your pop-up blockers and then click on this link to watch the safarova match for free.

            Let me know if you are able to watch the same.


            I wish I had your phone to call you to check my posting and watch this match now.

            Hope you are online.

            • Roger…rc just gone to sleep a while ago…she totally forgot about Lucie’s match…and we too caught with chatting to each other & we didn’t check here until now…urgh!!…it’s a shame!!..she thought she can’t watch Lucie!!…I wish i could come here sooner!!…

            • Hey Rog!…U don’t want to join our group in jalep wildguess & have the fun in doing TDC every week??Come,join us Rog!!…It’s fun!!Really!!

  11. I didn’t know that Martina Hingis holds the record as the youngest major champion of all time.
    I watched her interview a few minutes ago and she was asked what she has learnt from R. Federer she said “Roger Federer is younger than me and he learnt from me not me from him”lol! she is really funny and sweet too.

    She also hoped that she will play with him in a mixed doubles match, she said playing tennis is a lot cooler than going to school lol!
    She and her partners Jamie Murray and Yung Jan Chan won the US OPEN doubles title and mixed doubles title.

    I wish her more success!

    I also watched Maria Sharapova’s interview and she means business.


    Q: Why did Kristina Mladenovic and Caroline Garcia stop being doubles partner, they used to be good, what happened?

    • Stan, Kristina Mladenovic and Caroline Garcia stopped playing as they divorced!ha,ha,ha…

      Where are your picks for today? Where have you been?

  12. Mira, I don’t know the time zone of RC. I thought that she was awake.

    Mira, thnx for inviting me to join the Jalep_Wildguess TDC. Even RC invited me to the same few weeks ago. I am not good at predicting the day-to-day matches and predicting for the whole tournament is beyond my capacity. I don’t have the knowledge also. I really suck in this prediction game. I Have just like 8 months of experience in tennis and still don’t know many players fully. That’s why I seek help here. I am also very busy with my family business/work and taking care of a sick relative. I get just a few minutes everyday when I come and post here and then run off to taking care of above said works. I will definitely join Jalep_Wildguess TDC when I can free myself from my work and family responsibilities! Until then I will 100% support/cheer/motivate Jalep_Wildguess TDC group members.

    • Oh!…That’s okay Rog!!…If u feel u wanna join us,then feel free to do that anytime k?As for don’t have any knowledge on tennis..hey!that’s what i’m here for!…I will help u as much as i can…i myself don’t have much knowledge in WTA …didn’t even like it at first…but thanks to rc who persuaded me day & nite,get down on her knees & crying all over the place[heh heh heh!…now!that’s OTT!!hehe] for me to join WTA…and oh boy!..i’m very glad she did it!…joined TDC & having a brotherly & sisterly fight every week R AWESOME!!..It’s really fun Rog!!

      Oh!…I’m sorry to hear about your family k?And they’re very lucky to have u Rog!!…So,congrats from me for being a good son,uncle @ nephew to them Rog!

      • Thnx Mira for your wishes. I always try to be a good person, colleague, friend, family member, citizen etc.

        Mira you are also a good person with a great heart to understand people!

        • Hehehe..Thank u Rog!…But,i don’t consider myself that good Rog…coz,if we feel good about ourselves,that means we will stop improving…and as a human being,there’s always something for us to improve every single minute of the day..coz we’re not perfect…but,thank u for your words anyway Rog!!…Really really appreciate it!!..hehe..

  13. Hey rc,Big Al,ToMMo!!…Tokyo Bracket is a joke!!…It’s officially DONE for all of us!!..None of us guess right this week!!Hehehehe…And now,all we have to do is..u look at me,i look at u back!…that’s it!!

    • Mira and other WTA experts what are your picks for today especially for the Tokyo Dynamite (Open) which is full of upsets from babies like my fat(fett) baby!lol!?

      • Lol, Roger I had to look both Fett and Kato up.
        My pick would be:
        McHale over Diyas
        And I have not idea who Baby Fett is or Kato but baby Fett is 6 feet tall, I read, as has a big power game. Kato is tiny 5’2″ but it’s her home court.
        I’d pick Fett over Kato πŸ˜€
        Time to get to know the new kids!

        • Quebec City picks
          Maria over Vickery (though Vickery had a great run there)
          Safarova over Fed Cup teammate, Hradecka
          Babos vs Abanda — probably Babos wins but could be an upset. I’m impressed with young Francois Abanda

        • RC, that is right, you need to know your babies well, else what kind of mother (bettor) are you?Ha,ha,ha…

          I got the same on initial research.

          Kato maybe tiny 5’2β€³ but she is a giant killer like Fett! I like the over here to win. Either can win in a clase 3 sets! kato really raised her lvl to beat krunic yesterday!

          For Quebec Open I have:-

          T.Maria (in a blow out in 2 sets) over Hickory Vickory

          VAN UYTVANCK, A VS. DOLEHIDE, C -over . Dolehide +3.5

          SAFAROVA, L VS. HRADECKA, L -over, Safarova ML and Hradeka +5.5

          BABOS vs ABANDA – Over and Babos to win in a tight 3 setter. Abanda can win with full support from the partisan canadian home crowd!

          What you got WTA experts?

          • Dolehide inspite of the H2H adv. for Alison, she can upset Alison as she has the better form and is the fresher player.

            But hitting the over here. Fingers crossed! Worried face always until the $$$ comes in!ha,ha,ha…

            I have officially adopted Miya Kato in the”Dwarf series” of babies! The “Dwarf series” also includes Jana Fett, Slaon stephens, will squeeze in Mchale, Diyas (upper end of the dwarf series) etc. Ha,ha,ha…

            Miya Kato besides pushing the over against Fett can also win in a suspense thriller in 3 sets!lol

            Hradecks +5.5 looks good to me. If “I Love Lucy” Safarova makes a lot of double fault errors and mishits a lot then Hradecka will be ready to exploit the same and upset the NO.1 seed “I Love Lucy” Safarova and avenge the 4 h2h defeats!!lol

            • Even though Dolehide is ‘Uber talented” she can’t upset VAN UYTVANCK as she is very erratic and error prone. She needs to control her energy, enthusiasm and be focused for the entire match…which she is not.

              VAN UYTVANCK ML,-2,-3,-4 looks good. Over may or may not hit due to the above issue!

            • WTA experts,

              As predicted above VAN UYTVANCK ML,-2,-3,-4 and Sr. Lucie (Hradecka) +5.5 and over 19 or something hits! Lucie Jr.(Safarova) ML,-2.-4 hits!

              Lost on Dolehide +3.5. This girl has power and skills but needs a nice high lvl coach to teach her control and when to use what shot. She is a mess right now…with all that talent loosely messed up in her brain!lol

              Dolehide…don’t hide in a closet after your loss to the Giraffe (Alison)! I am FREE. You can hire me and I can train and transform you into a Qiang/Sr. Pliskova and you can wang everybody!lol

              The abundantly talented Francois Abanda can upset the the big BOOZE Babos!lol Hence , going with the over to hit. Taking max points of Abundant and a medium bet on BOOZE.

              Like the below bets:-

              MU T Babos vrs F Abanda over 21.5 -110

              MU T Babos ML

              MU J Fett(FAT) vrs M Kato over 21-115

              MU C McHale (C McHale vrs Z Diyas) ML -165

              MU C McHale -3

              What you got experts?

    • Mira Andi,
      About Tokyo (1)
      Yes it is! Certainly a low scoring tournament for the group – all of us low scoring.

      But never fear, Tokyo (2) draw will be out soon and should have some bigger names maybe like: Wozniacki and Radwanska?? I haven’t looked yet.

      • Heyheyhey rc!!..My beloved & smart giant!!Hehe…Tokyo 2 draw will be out??What’s difference between T1 & 2?Why the need to make a separate tournament for women in 1 place?I mean, can’t they just put everyone in it & just make 1 tourney??Don’t understand!!…But,i’ll participate anyway!!…hehehe..

        • Hey hey back to you MA!

          Without looking it up or confirming, I think Tokyo 2 is a bigger draw and worth more points and money. I remember there being 2 WTA Tokyo’s last year. Maybe they are the same, but I’d be surprised.

          There are 3 WTA brackets this week and 2 ATP!

          I’m ready to pick this week – ready to crush it! lol

          • YEEEAAAHHHH!!….That’s my Giant!!hehehe…Btw…hey do u already read that Roger provided a link to u last nite to watch Lucie’s match?After u went to sleep,i came here and found that….It’s a shame we can’t know that earlier,right??

  14. Guys I think Lucie Sr/(Hradecka) can upset Lucie Jr.(Safarova) today. Hinted it in my above post.

    Lucie Jr.’s(safa)’s 1st 2 wins were against low lvl players and made her look good. But her game was shaly. But she can pull out with her experience.

    Let’s see how it materializes.

      • Stan, Yup it ain’t over @3-1. We have to wait until the 2 sets is completed.lol

        Lucie Jr. has picked up her lvl after 3 games and reduced her initial errors. So she can win now as the fav of this match. She won the 1st set finally.

        Let’s see how both handle the 2nd crucial set!

  15. On September 13, 2017 at 12:16 PM, i discussed about Lucie Safarova and her chances of winning the title in Quebec.
    This is her 3rd indoors tournament this year, she reached the semis in Taipei WTA(Taiwan) but lost to Shuai Peng 6-4, 6-2, in her 2nd indoors tournament she reached the finals but lost to Timea Babos, Lucie will win this one(Quebec) lol! i know it doesn’t work that way but i wish her the best.

    I backed T. Babos to win the finals in Budapest(Hungary) and she won in 3 sets- 6(4)-7, 6-4, 6-3, this time “SAFORISTA” will moonwalk over T. BABOS and i wish i could take someone 2 the PARTY cos the court in Quebec will be on fire with all kinds of dance moves.

    Oceane Dodin is the current defending champion but she withdrew from her round of 16 match with Caroline Dolehide(Caroline was lucky),.
    L. Safarova won Quebec in 2013 and she hasn’t played In Quebec since then, so in her mind she is still the champion and she wants to take this baby home.

    L. SAFORISTA to win.
    Over 21.5 games- is not a bad pick cos T. Babos is no pushover even though she can’t dance, she might off the music from time to time out of jealousy but i will put it on again so that we can rock it.
    With over 21.5 games you stay neutral, you are not affected by the winner, U root 4 both to hold serve or break dance when one breaks.
    You can also combine the two options for higher value but it is risky, Lucie to win & over games.

    Can T. Babos win?
    Can the match go under games?
    Yes she can & the match can go under games, this is sports it is possible but i don’t think Babos can win this one.
    There last 3 meetings have gone over 21.5 games but stats fail sometimes so…
    Lucie is leading in the H2H 3-1 oops 2-1 i got U.

    Tatiana Maria should also win.
    Over games is likely.
    H2H 1-1 both meetings on indoors courts.
    Tatiana Maria hasn’t lost a match on indoors this year 8-0, Alison Van Uyyy(i can’t pronounce her other name) also has an unbeaten record on indoors this yr 3-0.

    I haven’t watched a single match or highlight on Quebec, sometimes when the are showing the highlights, replays or match i am not at home and even when i am, i am busy with other things so analyze carefully you might see something i didn’t see.

    Q1: If Lucie Safarova had played R. Nadal in the USO finals, will she win?

    Q2: if she wins, in what set will she win in the BO5?

    I love saturday and i hope U have a Lovely weekend.

    • During the French Open i watched Alison Van Uytvanck’s match vs Agnieszka Radwanska and she almost defeated Radwanska.
      A. Radwanska was really nervous in that match but she later won in 3 sets.

      Alison is not a bad player and both players are really good on indoors court, their overall record on indoors is not bad.
      Their only two meetings have required a tiebreak in each match, this doesn’t mean there will be a tiebreak in this one.

      When Alison won in 2012 she won in 2 sets 7-6(4), 6-3.
      When Maria won in 2016 the result was 2-6, 7-5, 7-6(3).

      This might fail but the over games is the better pick, if i picked a winner it will be Tatiana Maria.

      I play multiple slips and i contradict my original pick in my last slip but today i am not contradicting any pick, just 2 slips with a small amount.

      Atp will soon start.

    • Stan good picks man. Keep up the colorful commentary!

      Maria is a flake. No overs with her ever! Just bet her opponents!lol

      Talk to you soon…

  16. Miyu kato is a resilient tennis player, she lost the 1st set 6-4 and was down in the 2nd set 4-1 but she came back and won the match 4-6, 7-6(1), 6-4, what a player!

    She faces another good player Zarina Diyas in the finals, this match will be tough cos both players have been Incredible in this tournament and have defeated some good players to get to this point.

    Miyu Kato(Japan) has been they underdog in has last 4 matches in this tournament.

    To be continued later today or tomorrow.
    Something came up.

  17. I was terrible at picking Tokyo (1) !!

    But brackets are still alive in Quebec City

    Alison Van Uytvanck is on fire! She is going to wax the German Tatjana Maria.

    Still believing in my pick Lucie Safarova to get the win over Timea Babos. Timea won their last meeting in Budapest – it was a 3 set match. How was it ToMMo? A good match? So all their 3 meetings have been close but Budapest was the first win that went Timea’s way. I’m going with Lucie in 3 sets πŸ˜€

    Forget Tokyo (1) it was a disaster but there are some sames we might well remember:
    Jana Fett new teenager to watch
    Christina McHale is doing well
    Zarina Diyas and darling Miyu Kato are the finalists — I’ve never watched Kato but it’s good to see Diyas in a final and playing well.

    Brackets are open for picking
    More will open up. There should be 2 for ATP and 3 for WTA

    Lots of big names and favorites are playing Tokyo (2)!

    • Good picks RC. Keep it up!

      Ali already waxed maria!lol

      Can “I love Lucie” Safarova wax Booze also? Liking the over here but “I love Lucie” Safarova to win? BOOZE this is not Budapest for 100% crowd support. No one will root for you Booze after taking out their FAV local player Abanda yesterday! Lucie was injured @ Budapest but not right now! “I love Lucie” Safarova….the beautiful leapord is looking for revenge and drink the Booze(babos) today!lol

        • RC,

          Even tho my beautiful leopard β€œI love Lucie” Safarova did not win the SF’s VS Booze, she fought hard enough to make my over bet win! That is what finally counts…win of your bets. Thnx Leopard for that!lol

          I did not do any research on the Tokyo Finale match. But based on watching both the matches for a few minutes, I think Kato will win the Tokyo Open today as she is the better defensive fighter! My Kato baby has the better movement and can convert a defensive position into an offensive position in the blink of an eye! With Diyas immobilized by the knee brace, Kato will make Diyas run extra lot and make her zapped out and hit winners all over the court at her own will and wish! Just hope kato is not too tired from today’s 3 setter and from plating 7 matches in 7 days like Diyas has!

          I know the bookies want us to put money on Diyas (and not on Kato who will win finally!) and make big profits, therefore made Diyas the FAV to misguide the public/bettors! Common strategy of the bookies. But Diyas will fight hard being a game fighter and try to make the fight as close as possible! Over 20.5 can hit. But liking Kato +4. Kato ML should hit.

          Experts show some extra luv for my Dwarf baby Miyu Kato! Just look at her baby face. Ha,ha,ha…

          RC and other experts, who do you think wins the Quebec Open finale between Booze (Babos) and Alison Van Uytvanck?

          Uytvanck leads Booze in the H2H 1:0 but it was won in 03/2015 on Hard. Being old data, the same can be disregarded. Booze has improved a lot in rankings and most importantly skill wise since that 03/2015.

          Booze having the better W/L record/performance on both Hard and I. Hard in 2017, should win today! Booze has also come into the finals by going thru a far tougher draw than Uytvanck.

          So, Booze ML should win. Over may hit if Booze drops her level or if Alison decides to go for the title not losing her power serves.

          Waiting for your WTA and ATP (Davis Cup) picks and analysis, experts.

          As Ricky predicted, Belgium may win the Davis Cup SF’s vs Australia. Today’s reverse singles will be crucial. Kyrgios and Millman need to play big and win.

          Let’s go Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!…else I will jump on you like a Kangaroo (from USA) and attack you guys!lol

  18. Actually not sure that like above will work because it’s from WTA TV

    here Jana Fett and Miyo Kato are on Youtube – Highlights. Six foot tall Fett felled my Kato!

  19. Tokyo winner Pick

    Who you got? Kato or Diyas?
    I was most impressed with Kato – after watching them. But…Diyas is the odds favorite, has more experience, (and a big brace on her knee). Undoubtedly Diyas had the tougher opponent in Christina Mchale. Both SF’s went 3 sets, Kato over Fett the most competitive. So…Diyas or Kato? Not sure. Just cheering for Kato to win in Tokyo!

    • Congrats Diyas! Nice to see her win a trophy (Tokyo 1)

      The battle is on for Quebec City. Will it be Babos?

      If so….MJME aka Mira Andi will win TDC – top of the entire standings. Actually she so far ahead she might win even if Alison Van Uytvanck wins

  20. It will be exciting to see who gets hot during this last leg of the season and if there are any surprise changes – The Race to Singapore is ON!!

    #1 Garbine Muguruza is the only one who has enough points to qualify – so there’s still lots of ground to cover for the rest!
    (5150 is the points needed)
    #2 Simona Halep is only 150 points from Qualifying! Go Simona!
    #3 Elina Svitolina – 4815
    #4 Karolina Pliskova -4797 (playing Tokyo 2 tourney!)
    #5 Venus Williams 4692
    #6 Caroline Wozniacki 4210 (playing Tokyo 2)
    #7 Johanna Konta 3655 (playing Tokyo 2)
    #8 Jelena Ostapenko 3493 (playing in Seoul this week)

    #9 Kiki Mladenovic 2876 (playing Tokyo 2)
    #10 Svetlana Kuznetsova 2846

    #11 – #14 are not playing this week: Vandeweghe, Stephens, Sevastova, Keys, and Vesnina

    #15 – #20 are ALL playing Tokyo 2 this week: Garcia, Pavlyuchenkova, Kerber, Rybarikova, and the great Dominika Cibulkova last years’ Shanghai Champion.

    I expect all these players just outside the top 20 to be in the tournaments to win plus some stragglers that desperately need points and are playing this week in either Tokyo 2 or Seoul: Daria Gavrilova, Kiki Bertens, Barbora Strycova, Agnieszka Radwanska, Daria Kasatkina, and trusty old Carla Suarez-Navarro!

    • rc!…It’s amazing to see Cibby the champion of last year is outside the Top Ten atm…I don’t think she will make it this year based on her current form…How drastically things can change in tennis,right?I’m so excited to see who’s going to win in Singapore…I would love for Simona to win…Elina & Kuzzy too…

  21. All three WTA brackets are ready to pick (except qualifiers are not in place)

    Tokyo 2 is the big one, then there’s also Seoul and Guangzhou.

    Can Ostapenko come out of her slump and win Seoul? She’s the top seed!
    Can Wozniacki or Radwanska go deep or win Tokyo 2?
    Guangzhou top seed is Peng followed buy Zhang. But there’s some dangerous competition in Kontaveit, Mertens, ect.

    • rc!!…IMO,i don’t think Ostapenko can go deep in Seoul,let alone win it…be a Top Seed will put a pressure more to her..i think the underdogs will once again rule the world!!Wooho!!..

      I predict the same in Tokyo…If i’m wrong,u can kick my backside rc!!Ohohohohoho!!…

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