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  1. Hey back My WTA Queen!!….Very very glad Your Highness willing to graced us with your presence!…

    Oh!…bout article…it’s just about her rudeness and manner on court with her coach when she got thumped 60 60 by Alize Cornet last week that got the attention…If i were her coach,i’ll dump her in second after she talk like that with me…I mean,if u talk in private like that is okay…but in public??

    • That is why I don’t like Putintseva…and Ostapenko is the same for me.

      Btw. brackets are coming soon. πŸ™‚ rc could you link here the tourneytopia group when it’s ready? πŸ™‚

      • Oh really ToMMo??U mean she shown her rudeness in public before?And Ostapenko too??…Oh!…i didn’t know!…I think some WTA player’s got an attitude on them…i mean just take a look at when they lost..and their manner when they shake hands with each other…very cold and unfriendly…I don’t understand this attitude…lost or win,it’s not hard to smile…but,yeah…

        Yeah ToMMo!….Brackets r coming soon!…can’t wait to fill it!!..I think the underdogs will shown their colours in this event..i just don’t know who!..hehe..

    • We are here MA!! We never let you down. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for the articles. OMG Petra’s hand…that’s horrible. It’s really a miracle that she can play tennis again. But I’m affraid it won’t be 100% ever. :/ It’s really sad.
      I will read the other article later. πŸ™‚
      I just can’t wait the US Open omg.. πŸ˜€

      • Hey ToMMo,my Bro!!..At last!!…I’ve been waiting for u since forever!!hehe….Yeah!…Poor Petra!…but,i still have hope that she will return to her full level soon..not only she can play tennis again but this soon??Urgh!….Yeah!That’s miracle ToMMo!…

        Hey ToMMo,rc,Big Al and Eugene..here’s another article that i think can really help us to make a pick later….

        Tho,i think this article forgot to mention other Americans like D.Young,S.Johnson,T.Paul,R.Harrison etc…oh!rc!…don’t forget about T.Paul okay?Although he went out in 2nd Rd in Cincy but he also reach QF in Washington..tho this is a Slam and not 500’s event…

          • Hehehe..You’re welcome Big Al!…and yeah,at least this year we don’t have to mess our head by thinking how far Nole,Milos,Stan and Kei will go…And the best of luck for u Big Al!!

      • In our precious jalep_wildguess group in tennisdrawchallenge the grand slams are 2/2 in WTA since I joined…I wanna make it 3 muhahahhaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ But the competition is tougher and tougher! And of course there’s the Queen rc. πŸ™‚ It’s almost like Game Of Thrones, the Queen wants her throne back! πŸ˜€
        Good luck for everybody btw. I think it’s gonna be a great grand slam again. πŸ˜‰

        • Hehe…Yeah ToMMo!!…You’re sooooo spot on bout our Queen!!…She maybe injured her arm but her mind…Oh God!…still AMAZING & AWESOME as always!!…Although i would say EVERBODY in our Group really really amazing always with their pick…RC,U,Big AL,Eugene,Welshwitch,Kpuppy,Manwerty…Urgh!every each one of can sneak at the Top any moment…that’s how AWESOME u guys everytime!…

    • Hey MA! I just got home and will be up late doing brackets, I left messages for you on FB. I really don’t know who to pick!

  2. I got my picks in,changed them a few times! On the Tourneytopia one,it seems to have created a new set of picks each time I edited.Hope it’s OK!

        • That was the hardest bracket to me in this year… I picked Wozniacki over Pliskova in the final. πŸ˜€
          But it’s really tough now…There’s Svitolina, Muguruza…I think Halep has a chance again too…and maybe Venus. It’s hard so I went with Woziebaby. πŸ˜€

          • Thanks ToMMo, and best of luck to you and Wozniacki!

            In the TDC bracket I picked Mugs over QueenElina. But yeah, I though picking was really tough too this year. Both ATP and WTA!

            Also in the tourneytopia bracket you can make up to 3 brackets, remember? I did two brackets there, one with Halep winning and one with Mugs winning!

            There’s about 30 minutes left to pick, I think!

            • Yeah I knew that we can make 3 brackets on tourneytopia first thinks are the bests. πŸ˜€ So I only made one bracket there too. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey hey!!…Look!the Queen Of WTA is back!!….Wooohooo!!…now!it’s my turn to vanish okay??Serves u right rc for disappearing on me last week hah!!..

      • RC babe!!…U also ROCK in ATP!!…Woohoo!!…U stay there okay??Even Big Al,WW,ToMMotry to pull u down,just kick their a@#es very hard u hear??hahahaha!…Sorry guys!!…just joking!!…

        Oh!..bout leaving..not yet babe!!…tomorrow nite..how about we do live blogging and joking and laughing bout stupid things tonite for the last time before i leave??…It’s fun to do that with u rc!!…Oh!…i’m going to miss u too babe!!

  4. I only do one bracket.
    A bit hard to work out who’s who with all the aliases!
    Glad to see someone else has Elina going far,I was really tempted to put her out to Keys!
    Halep is a good pick to go far but big if,she can beat the not – so Sharp one.
    So after a busy couple of days entering all the brackets Inc the official US open one,it’s time to sit back and watch it all unfold.

    • Big Al,

      I know…with all the aliases it’s confusing but I did it for Tourneytopia.

      On TDC you have to set up a totally new account to do more than one — I can’t wrap my mind around it. Maybe someday πŸ˜€

      Good luck Everybody!

  5. I just woke up and…and…and to find KONTA LOST?????….I mean..REALLY???..And i picked her go as far as the 4th!!…and DAVID FERRER TOO??…Urgh!!!

    • I really don’t know what she did on that match…Okay Krunic had nice months behind her but still…She isn’t on that level yet. Konta played like 2-3 years ago when you couldn’t know If she’s gonna play awesome or rubbish. It was the biggest surprise for me from yesterday. And of course Ferrer…Who saw that’s coming? :O :/

      • ToMMo!…I read an article bout a week ago suggested that Konta maybe still feeling drained mentally from her deep run at Wimby…she gave everything in that match..and she maybe still suffered from it…i guess,the article was right…if not,how on earth the World No 7 was bundled out by the World 78 and in straight sets?…and in the 1st round?

  6. It’s not often for me with professional athletes, but I genuinely feel sorry for Simmons Halep. I know that she obviously has shown fragility recently in those big moments to reach number one, but she has worked so damn hard to get TO those moments! And it seems like the world is just out to keep her from ever getting to #1! Maria Sharapova, 5-time major champion, getting drawn to play the #2 ranked player?? That’s just harsh… I had a feeling that she would take out Halep, just because of the bad match-up. I really just feel sad for Simona… That’s all I can say.

  7. Yes,I also had the feeling Sharapova would win ,but thought (or hoped) ,surely Halep had had a lot more match practise,she can’t lose this time as no.2 in the world.Cruel .
    I think her recent struggles highlight the fact she doesn’t have a big weapon,the big hitters are winning .

  8. Halep doesn’t have a big weapon; she’s playing a baseline game, rarely moving up to the net; she’s not going to beat the hard hitters playing from the baseline. The FO final was one good example, she’s not going to outhit Ostapenko from the baseline, she should at least change up like slicing the ball, threw in some drop shots to bring Ostapenko to the net and then passed her there at the net. She did none of those, playing a one dimensional game but not able to match the hard hitting of her opponent.

    She should pick up some tips from Radwanska, and tries to improve her serves too. I also feel that she has mental fragility, manifested during crucial moments in her matches.

    • Very agree with your analysis like usual Lucky!…Till this day i am very surprised that Cahill didn’t do anything of those things that u’ve just mentioned to improve Simona’s game…i’m also very surprised that Simona seems comfortable with her game even tho she knew that she can’t defeat her big hitter’s opponents with her current style…Cahill already with her for a year?…she should known better than to stay with him if she keep losing like this…I love Simona and it’s my dream too to see her win a slam one day…

      • I agree about Simona. It was frustrating watching that match. It was almost inevitable that she would lose. She can’t beat the power hitters. Her serve especially needs work. That was a real weakness in the match. She was always playing from behind in her service games. Giving up the early break in the third set pur her under pressure immediately.

        At this point, Simona can only go so far. She is losing the big matches, the French Open, the chance to be #1 against Mugu.

        I thought she stayed in the match mentally, but did not have the weapons to win the match.

        • Hey Nny!!…U didn’t join Brackets this time!…We miss u in there!…Btw,R U READY FOR RAFA???…WHAT??I CAN’T HEAR U??

          • MA,

            I decided to skip the brackets this time. The women are a disaster for me. But I usually do well with the men. I just decided to watch the tennis without having to worry about bracket picks.

            I am watching Rafa now!

            • Hey Nny!!…Yeah!..always happy to see u commenting so enthusiastically Milady!!..And your darling win comfortably now!!Yayyyy!!!

              Btw…Will miss your name in the Bracket but understood/respect your decision Nny!!…Hope we can have u back in the future Nny!!

    • I agree with almost everything. The only thing which I think differently is that this year’s Garros was her final. She was absolutely winning that match…then suddenly something just happened. Maybe that was all about that mental fragility. I still think that Simona lost that FO final and not Ostapenko won that if you know what I mean.
      But your words about her game are all true. She need more variety. Almost all the girls with this playing style are better in this. And the serves…Yeah she definetely needs to improve.

  9. Yes,at least on clay she has a better chance against the big hitters. Having a big weapon is a huge psychological advantage ,lack of it has to be compensated somehow.

      • Oh really Nny??…Urgh!…A few days ago,i read about how she said that she’s not feeling the pressure anymore…and i thought now she could play freely after lost her No 1…and at least can go far beyond the 1st round…oh well!…hope she can find herself back as soon as possible..She’s one of the most nicest player on Tour…and i like her very much….

  10. Coco snubbed the umpire today. Called the ump and indiot and then didn’t shake hands after the match. Really disappointing to see. I like coco but she needs an attitude adjustment if she’s ever going to make the best leap.

  11. Coco snubbed the umpire today. Called the ump and indiot and then didn’t shake hands after the match. Really disappointing to see. I like coco but she needs an attitude adjustment if she’s ever going to make the next leap.

  12. Am seriously pissed off that petra has to play garbine next.. Anyone else I reckon she could go through. But garbine is my favourite to win the whole thing…. Dammit!!

    • Yep. Terrible. Not much chance of Petra beating Garbine. Terrible was also Simona losing to Shriekapova first round. Uhg, And shrieker could win the title – I have to be realistic and accepting. Uhg

      Anyone but Shrieka or Coco.

      I’m watching Pliskova v Zhang. Shuai is energetic, a break up – and Karolina appears disinterested and slow.

      Following scores. My feeling is Mannarino over Thiem.

      • You think mannarino will win?!
        I reckon pliskova is going out soon…she’s really lost focus.. reckon the loss at Wimbledon to rybarikova really affected her badly.
        Shrieky won’t beat garbine.. Garbine is the better player..

    • According to C. Evert, there is an issue with Karolina’s arm. That could be why she has seemed blah about the match.

      Ostapenko vs Kasatkina coming up soon.

        • No idea which one will win. I like both of them but I lean toward the Boss, if she is bossing.

          I didn’t watch Dolgo this week or today. It could be an exciting match — I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous too!

          • I saw Pliskova win. That was a tough one for her. She did have an issue with her arm. They said she took some anti-inflammatories during the match. That Chinese girl played very well. But Pliskova kept it together and got the win.

            I am worried about Dolgo because he’s got a funky game and doesn’t give his opponent rhythm. When he gets hot then he can be dangerous. I know he smoked Troicki, but Rafa is not Troicki!

            The only reason I am concerned about Rafa meeting Dolgo in the next match. Is because Rafa isn’t playing well now. He’s not confident. So that one could be tricky.

            First Rafa has to beat Mayer.

            • Nny I am worried because Rafa’s game is too erratic atm.. And when dolgo is on he can really rip the ball from anywhere..
              Glad Moya is there and hoping that makes the difference if he does get nervous…

    • And 19 year old Rublev won the first two sets and is again gassed. Too gassed to win the third and finish off Dzumher. Now it’s raining. And it’s Rafa time!

      My WTA favorites lost on the day except for Pliskova and Svitolina. At least I picked Coco in my bracket so I get the points. Would much rather Aga had won!

    • Amy,

      Yes I am with you regarding Dolgo. Normally I would not be concerned about Dolgo, but he is so unorthodox and funky that he could throw off a Rafa who is nervous still or not that confident. He’s unpredictable.

      But I am hoping that Rafa will have settled down after coming from behind to win his previous match.

      Already in this match Rafa is standing much closer to the baseline to return serve.

      • Mayer blasted a 107 mph second serve, so Rafa has backed up when returning serve now.

        I just don’t like it when Rafa can’t take advantage of break chances.

        • Nny,
          I’m cooking my dinner…listening to the match but have not started watching it.

          Perhaps I’m too confident about Rafa winning…vamos Rafa!

          • Oh No! I broke my entire platter of roasted veggies on the kitchen floor! And then come to see Rafa lost the first set.
            Well…this sucks!

            • rc,

              Sorry about you breaking your platter of veggies. Rafa is playing like crap. Yet again. I just don’t know what is going on with him. Even in his box everyone looks worried.

            • Nny, I’m sorry that Rafa is playing like crap.

              Had to throw most of dinner in the trash but still have a Greek salad. But I don’t feel like watching Rafa lose to Leo Mayer any more than watching Aga lose to Coco!

              I’ll keep watching but if Rafa doesn’t win this set. Uhg. Vamos…..come on Rafa. Terrible.

    • Aren’t you delighted for petra rc!! But I will so not be happy if she loses in the next round after taking out garbine who could have won the whole thing!!

      • Hello Amy!

        Yes, I’m excited, happy, thrilled! I like Garbine and she seemed like the right winner pick. But Yay Petra! Petra played fantastic — her forehand, backhand, court coverage, serve…she looked like the old Petra Champion! And I hope she wins the whole thing but I don’t know if she can replicate that performance vs Venus. After all Petra has endured this year, it was just wonderful to see her happy and playing so great πŸ˜€ My bracket can go to heck LOL

          • Couldn’t get on site because of the hackers rc!and computer still not working so I can’t see any tennis!!
            Utterly delighted for petra but a bit sad for garbine…
            Very nervous about this match with dolgo as you know..
            Go petra!!
            Oh and I am really pleased karolina won.. Hope she picks her game up now…

            • Well, I’m a bit cheesed off because I can’t watch Goffin v. Rublev. But I guess I’ll settle for Rafa v Dolgo hahahaha

              Sorry you can’t see any tennis and you are not here with me to watch!

              Petra, Simona, and Aga before all else for me. There’s only 2 WTA players I don’t like and only one is still playing thanks to brilliant Sevastova πŸ˜€

            • Yes sorry we can’t watch together rc!! Wouldn’t that be fun!
              Yeah I knew you would be overjoyed that shrieky lost! Hope coco goes out ASAP!
              Vamos petra! Buzz off coco!

            • Yes it would….would like to have you and my entire bracket groups right here watching and partying with me!! Special guest: the Queen Mira Andi!!!

              OH yeah…I’m pleading for Lucie to beat Coco right now!

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