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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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    • The surface is HC. And I notice many few of them play next week in Stanford, CA. So maybe explains the early exodus of a few like, Pliskova, Bertens, Shuai Zhang, Q.Wang, Sai Sai Peng, ect. I see Shuai Peng on the entry list for Stanford….but someone has to stay and win Nanchang! πŸ™‚

      (I didn’t think that far ahead when picking)

        • Hello dear MA,

          Yeah it’s 2 10 dollars per month. I cancelled part of my useless direct tv subscription to free up the money for streaming wta. Money is tight. But I wish I could buy it for you —-I know there’s complications with such things though. I miss u.

          I’m watching Siniakova vs Sevastova in Bastad!

  1. Hey rc my sweet!…Hehe..we’re two of a kind!!haha…when you’re struggled without a decent laptop a while ago..i wish i have a rich relatives somewhere who will kindly put my name in their will just so i can buy u a new laptop…and now u wish the same thing for me!…and what’s funny…WE’RE BOTH POOR!!Hahahaha….But thank u thank u thank u for your thoughts rc!…To me,your good thoughts about me are more precious than money…U don’t know how much i miss u rc!!…

    Btw…hey..i’m laughing non stop when i look at the Brackets rc!!….You’re the last women alive in Bastad!…and i the last women alive in Nanchang!….Hahahahahaha!…Oh My God!!…

    • yeah…I’m off my game for 2 weeks now! lol…also in ATP – a sucking streak!

      Let’s see if we can do better next week. I don’t get discouraged easy on these brackets. At least I’m better than the time I got a total of 7 points in one of these 250 brackets.

      I’ve been awake since 4 am watching this live WTA — now I need to get outta bed and get to work! I have an idea to send you a little something in the snail mail. Is that possible? always thinking about you way down there on the other side of the planet ?

      • rc!!…You’re awake at 4am and then will go to work??..I thought you have an off day today!…R u going to be okay??Not sleepy or something?

        Send me something rc??Ohohoho!!…wow!!…What is it??i can’t wait!!…But,we have to connect on FB or get in touch via email first!…Yeah!…i’m also thinking bout u rc!…can’t help it!Hehehe..

        • Yeah I want to show you some options I can send — all to be done on FB. MA I’ve been working 3 days this week! I took time off for my arm and my arm is still black and blue but I’m wearing a compression sleeve on it at work (mostly to spare myself from people asking questions)! LOL……
          Get some sleep MA. Time for me to go – I like to get there early but yeah….I’ll be tired when I get home. I drink lots of coffee πŸ˜€ Sevastova vs Siniakova is in the decider and it’s been a great match …they are fighting tooth and nail in a long 3 sets but I’ll be late if I don’t leave….go Anastasia!

  2. c!!….I think you’re busy when you’re not come here for 2 days now…i just want to give u BIG BIG CONGRATS[dam dam dum!<<<fireworks!Hehe] for took 1st place in Atlanta!…Now,who says you're losing touch??hah??

    Good luck for this week Bracket rc!!…and ToMMo,manwerty,Big Al,eugene,kpuppy,Sonal Aga too!!….Cheerz guyz!!

      • Roger!…first of all..what’s the meaning of ‘bai’?…And yeah,my picks for today…’rolling drums please’!…

        1]Kayla Day/N.Vikhlyantseva,A.Konjuh,M.Keys,N.Osaka,M.Sharapova,L.Tsurenko,C.Vandeweghe,N.Gibbs,A.Riske,C.Bellis,V.Cepede Royg,F.Schiavone


        Roger…I don’t know much bout logic these last couple of days…seems logic turned to illogic really fast for me…but,mostly i picked them based on their form currently except a few of them like Jelena Jankovic/Oceane Dodin are hard to pick..jelena maybe still tired from long journey from Nanchang…Nao Hibino too..even tho she’s a finalist in Nanchang…Louisa Chirico maybe got inspired playing in front of her home crowd and maybe she can steal a win from M.Puig…But Puig also has a big chance to win too…There Roger!

        • Mira, whenever I see/hear your name Mira, I remember of the great Mirabai who is a famous Indian Poet, Saint and a great devotee of Lord Krishna!

          So, you have greatness attached to your name! Great name Mira!

          Thanks for quickly sending us your WTA picks!

          You are right, sometimes some logical picks seem illogical at 1st glance. But if you study deep (like I studies my past losses) I see some point or fact that I missed and lost!

          SPORTS/TENNIS=PURE SCIENCE and I have proved it a 100+ times with scientific matchup analysis and won! I lost because, I missed some scientific fact or lack of enough scientific info or not have sufficient time to analyze scientifically (like the tiredness of Y.Hanfmann leading to a loss in the final and won by fading Feliciano Lopez-coming back from injury and long rusted summer vacation against Y.Hanfmann)!

          For example, my pick of Venus Williams should have won against Garbarine Mugurza @ the 2017 FO-RG! It is the CORRECT PICK but not at that time of final!

          1) If Venus didn’t have that accident/homicide, she would have been in a better mental peace of mind for the finals.

          2) Venus was very tired from playing 6 or 7 matches in that week b4 the finals, winning all of them. A young, 25 yr old kid, Y. hanfmann after playing only 6 matches, gassed out in his 7th match against fognini yesterday, then why will a 37 yr old lady not become tired after 6/7 matches?! As she is 37 (with many injuries and surgeries on her body), she gassed out in the finals.

          I forgot to factor in this 2nd point in my calculation and lost big on Venus. Else, I would have bet Mugurza! If a rested venus without any accident distraction etc. plays NOW VS Mugurza, she will win 1000% for sure. I can bet a billion dollars (if I have it!lol) on it!

          Thnx for your WTA picks Mira. Shoot more of the logic as you keep analyzing. I will try to do the same!

          Mira, don’t worry what the world feels or will think. We only need to fear Allah or Lord Jesus or any other god that we pray! Right or wrong, I tell the world what is in my mind!lol This will make the every match-up more clearer and you can pick a winner easily in 100% of the matches!

    • Mira Andi – I left a message for you on Non-tennis forum explaining my re-injury. sorry…I missed posting but it was too hard.

      Anyway yes…..congrats to winners last week!
      I did my ATP draw but I’m confused that I didn’t have a WTA bracket filled out, dang it.

      Ah but I’m so happy Aga darling has won a couple matches! Next she’ll face her BFF Caro Woz…Which is usually a good match but Aga is my favorite of all favorites and she absolutely toasted Coco Vandeweghe and Babos today!!

      yeah and Cici Bellis — wow. very psyched about her win today.

      You are leading the ATP bracket with Sonal_Aga.
      But ToMMo is the King of WTA — he knows his girls πŸ˜€

      Venus is looking good. Pliskova the elegant one — I watched part of her match and her serve was rusty but she did very well to knock out Pavlyuchenkova. I think Petra isn’t in the best shape yet — Sloane Stephens is healthy and looking strong. But I’m settling in to watch Vekic vs Kerber.

  3. ToMMo!!…Sorry,caro lost again k?Don’t know what to say about her anymore…just wish she will find that extra something when she reached the late stages in any tourney…clearly she needs a serious look on her mental toughness…she had no trouble in reaching the latter stages in tourney[even tho always with a hard fought matches]…but the finishing is very hard to find…But i’m sure as soon as she can break those wall,everything will become easier for her…Let’s hope!!

    • I really thought that She can take IT now… I just hope all of these lost finals this year leads to a US OPEN win. πŸ™‚ That is her Best GS. Maybe this is her faithh. A really good year without winning the finals and then suddenly her dream comes true. πŸ˜€ I hope this. Anyway I won’t participate in the brackets this week. I’m on holiday and I can’t focus on the tournaments. πŸ˜€ Congratulations for the two winners last week. Nice brackets. πŸ™‚ Two second places for me isn’t bad. Next Time I Will strike back πŸ˜€

      • Nny & Al!…it’s a little bit weird to think that rc would missed WTA Bracket…but,strangely she joined the ATP!…i mean she LOVES WTA..and now she disappeared from TG as well…Urgh!…i don’t know what to think guys!…my guess,she’s too frustrated Novak’s season end up early…we’re felt the same thing when Rafa shut down his season early last year right?

        I too hope she will come here as soon as possible…WTA thread feel like a ‘ghost town’ without her!

        • Mira Andi says AT 7:19 AM:”…we’re felt the same thing when Rafa shut down his season early last year…”
          I posted a lot about Rafa between Oct.20 and the end of the year. I did it because Fedfans (on several websites) have a habit of making up stories about Rafa hiding himself in secret places when he is not competing. πŸ™‚

          • augusta…Yeah!..we Rafans have a lotttt of experience with the hater’s since forever…that’s okay augusta…what they said or did..doesn’t matter…what Rafa do/did DOES matter to us…to h@#$ with the hater’s..they’re not worth it one bit!

        • MA,

          I am concerned by her absence. It’s not like her, especially when it comes to the WTA.

          I hope she shows up soon. It’s not the same without her.

        • It’s okay, you guys and gals πŸ˜€ I’m back now. I can’t miss Cincinati and US Open! Total fluke that I didn’t do a WTA bracket this week – and I was so tired of Aga losing. Sorry to all the Wozzie fans but–Dawaj Aga (i think that means go in Polish – my spelling might be wrong.


      • Hello Everybody! Sorry to be gone so long. But I left an explanation on the non-tennis forum. My injured upper right arm is now in a cast and it’s hard to type! But don’t worry. I think finally a got a smart doctor and will really be on the mend finally.

        • rc!!…i also left u a msg on non tennis..and honestly,really missed u in WTA Bracket…but,that’s okay..don’t forget to join next week’s Bracket k?I promise i’m not going to kick your tired arse this week or next week…i’m not a monster rc!!…You’re sick and i will wait until u get better before i do that again!..hehehawhaw!!

          P/S….Yeah!…ToMMo as usual start to show his ‘meaness’!…Hurry,get better rc!…Go and kick his arse next week!

          • Well, I probably won’t be the star of the brackets — but I love doing them. My mind — I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer at the moment. lol…

            I don’t think I can stay awake… whaaaaa…my picks are losing. You know I love Goffin and Nishikori. And I see
            my pick Raonic is losing to Mannarino…since when has that little bugger been so good? And Go Tsonga allez!! Please beat Queery..

            Sascha hurt his ankle while playing Gasquet. He has to play Kyrios tomorrow and Nick is really hot suddenly. I picked Sascha to win, lol. I was so impressed he won over Anderson in the final in Washington DC.

        • rc,

          It’s great to hear from you. I had a gut feeling that you may have reinsurer your arm. Don’t ask me how or why! I get these kind of psychic premonitions at times.

          It’s not fun to be on pain meds. Sorry to know that your arm is now in a cast. Please take care and get better. It’s tough to have to be off work for a month when you don’t have vacation time. But you need time to heal.

          It’s good to know that you will be here enjoying the tennis with us!

            • Nny,

              Thank you for your kind words — i miss and think of everyone here — the weekly bracket pickers all of them…but you I think about everyday because I know you suffer just as I do because Trump and his Con-men are running the show. I wish the the Senate and Congress would do the right thing and get rid of him! Impeach him! It can’t come soon enough…I tell ya.
              Sorry for the rant…but I know you relate.

  4. Thursday Toronto:

    Tough matches to pick
    I watched Naomi Osaka today — her serve is a real bomb and her kick serve really kicks high. But Karolina is tall enough and will handle that serve better than Sevastova could – it won’t be easy though — i’d say in 3 sets.

    Garcia over Bellis (hope it’s the other way around!) Go Cici!

    Radwanska over Wozniacki πŸ˜€ probably not but I can hope! Should be a fun match!

    Safarova over Makarova. I’m tired of Makarova I saw enough of her winning already. Lucie is a favorite πŸ™‚

    Halep over Strycova in 3 — I’ll be home in time from my Dr. visit to watch the late matches. This should be a good one.

    Kerber and Stephens is too tough to call. Had I done a bracket I would have picked Kerber and I’m fairly confident she’ll win; but Stephens is in good shape and playing well. Actually I was surprised she beat Kvitova today.

    Venus over Svitolina – i just can’t pick against Vee. Vee in 3 sets.

    • When rc is back the forum is getting alive again. πŸ™‚ Please take care yourself mam. I hope you will be healthier than ever soon. πŸ˜‰

      About the matches…I actually love and hate the Wozzie – Aga matches at the same time. Love both of them and that’s why I hate to pick one of them. But of course I love a little bit more Caro. πŸ˜€ I hope they will entertain us with a great match anyway.
      I don’t think Osaka can handle the #1 girl yet, so It’s Pliskova for me.
      I would love to see if Cici can win another round. πŸ™‚
      Safarova can beat Makarova but It’s going to be a tough one.
      Halep is really good since a while so I expect a win from her now.
      Kerber was really good yesterday. Since she isn’t #1 maybe there isn’t so much pressure and she reminded me for the Kerber we loved before. tephens wasn’t as good…Unfortunately Kvitova played quite bad. :/
      I can’t make a pick on Venus – Svitolina. πŸ˜€ But in my bracket I picked Venus too.

      For MA! Yeah I made a pretty good start in this weeks bracket challenge but we are still far from the tournaments ending so anything can happen. πŸ˜€

      • ToMMo!…yeah..you’re very spot on bro!…rc here..and suddenly this thread is shining bright like a newlyweds!..hehe…

        Btw ToMMo!…i’m very honoured to be able to ‘fight’ lovingly with u guys WTA titans on TDC…u all r awesome!!…and u seems in a good place atm ToMMo!…as usual i only can wish u and other’s a very good luck for this week and forward k?

        • Thanks MA! πŸ™‚ I love to play with this community on TDC every week when I don’t forget it and I have time. πŸ™‚ And of course this forum is the best.
          Btw I hope Rafa will reach #1 this week! πŸ˜‰

    • Dear rc,

      You almost made me cry with your words about Trump! I am heartbroken I over what he is doing to this country. The way he is handling this North Korean crisis is a perfect example. He is just out of his mind! This is what I was afraid of if there was some international crisis. He goes off the beam and opens up his big, stupid mouth! Such a dangerous man! Maxine Waters says that he was a deplorable person! Right on!

      I Andi wish that the Congress would fobthr right thing and impeach this monster. Do it now before it’s too late!

      I want this country to be a good and decent place to live. I want a president who will bring people together and show integrity and act in a way that makes us proud. Trump is a criminal. He should be impeached and locked up!

      I am trying to have hope because I truly believe that the truth will prevail. I do think Trump will be brought down. I just hope we can put this country back together.

      • Dear Nny,

        It’s an inescapable nightmare every single day the man manages to make everything in the world about himself — he’s not emotionally or mentally fit to be POTUS. We’ve known this. But it is amazing how many Trump supporters that live here in Boise — I had to call a taxi to take me to my appointment and the woman driver was singing his praises…I kept my mouth shut. Then the guys I love at the tire shop here…All Trumpeteers. They have to all be oblivious and think MSNBC and free speech TV is evil and they are glued to Trump TV. Watch out for the local news stations being bought out by Sinclair Corporation…they are Trump TV. He’s determined to destroy all vestiges of Democracy. He wants to be like Putin, run this country like Putin runs Russia. He has no clue about checks and balances — the way a Democracy runs is something he can’t be bothered to grasp. He wants to be King or at least autocrat and dictator because nothing else makes sense to him. He’s a mob-boss wanna-be. Soon privately paid Blackwater forces will be going to rob Afghanistan of it’s minerals – Seriously. Private forces, hired mercenary minions of the King Donald. Leave Afghanistan alone already!!! Greedy people have no conscience. Rolling back environmental protections…a desire to see beautiful weapons of destruction in action…

        sigh…I shouldn’t post on pain meds — sorry.

        I should be watching Kerber vs Sloane or Federer struggling to get past Ferrer. But sometimes nothing, not even tennis can distract me from the reality our country is going — all wrong.

        Sloane Stephens is looking fast – pounding the ball too – out-hitting Kerber. Kerber is going down. ATP …so many matches are boring like this Anderson v Querrey one.

        Looking forward to Rafa v Shapovalov, Kyrgios v Sascha and the last two WTA matches.

        • rc,

          Yes we can talk about Trump on the non-tennis forum when we feel the need to vent.

          Back to tennis! Fed looked vulnerable in his match with Ferrer. I want to see Sascha sbd Kyrgios! Then there’s Rafa and Shapovalov!

          • Sorry, I got carried away. Next time I rant and I know I will lol….it will be on the non-tennis forum.

            Shoot. Kyrgios and Sascha match starting now…but I wonder if Tennis Channel will remain on Querrey / Anderson…of course. Bah!

      • Thanks Big Al! Now I’m feeling really loved πŸ™‚ And your kindness is good for my poor arm!

        When I don’t post for a week, you know something happened to me! I love Tennis!

    • Yeah, Ali….whaaaaaaaaaa I’m so sad she had to lose to Wozzie again. Aga got my hopes up when she put the beatdown on Coco Vandaweghe and Babos, winning two matches. Ah I love Aga and like Caro. ToMMo will be happy – and had I done a bracket, I’d have picked Caro over Aga. I didn’t get home in time to watch it live.

      Petra was pretty rusty. She got our hopes up during grass season but she’s not where she needs to be yet.

      bNice to see you here posting, Alison! Hope all is going well for you πŸ™‚

      I’m streaming another favorite — Simona and I do like Barbora Strycova. Strycova can be fun to watch – little fighter. But right now it’s all Seemonaaaa!

  5. Thanks RC yeah good here, been a funny year for me personally, and my heads been all over the place lately, ill e.mail you at some point and explain why sometime lol, just been on a lovely camp last weekend called Lammas meaning the start of harvesting ….

    Missed you too my dear, i hope your arm will get better soon, injuries like that can be pretty painful, and sorry Novaks had to call time on the year too, no Stan either, Andy a ? , leaving Federer and Nadal, both womens and mens tennis going through a transition period ATM, i think it will probably take Petra a while to get back to form, Azarenka too, hopefully Mugaruza will take it forward time will tell, lots to look forward to, and thats why we tune in πŸ™‚ ….

    • Come on and join the TDC group, Alison. Errr, I think you had trouble with the website? Welshwitch picked Ostapenko to win Montreal!! hahahaha sounds like my kind of pick. Ostapenko just fell apart, sadly — she should have won in straight sets. She a rare 20 year old to be so strong that she just blew through the French Open draw. I hope she isn’t mentally freaking out. What I saw is that suddenly she lost her serve. And that’s not like the feisty, confident Bosstapenko-girl I watched win FO. Come back Boss!

      • I saw Aga lose to Woz. That was tough. Maybe Ostapenko’s early success is taking its toll. It can happen as we saw with Ana Ivanovic. That is something I was concerned about. Winning a slam at such a young age out of nowhere can be great, but can also be a tough act to follow.

  6. lastwordontennis.com: “Report: Azarenka Could Miss US Open Due to Custody Battle Over Son.
    According to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Acharonot (translated as YNET News in English), Victoria Azarenka has enlisted the services of an Israeli family court lawyer in the custody battle over her seven-month-old son, Leo.
    According to the report, Azarenka and boyfriend Billy McKeague, Leo’s father, split in July but have kept their separation quiet from the media so far. The report claims that Azarenka currently is not allowed to sleep with her son and that he is being kept in Los Angeles while the custody issue is resolved. …

    There has been no real coverage or corroboration of this report from the English-speaking press yet, so we will have to see if or where it can be confirmed. …”


  7. Elina Svitolina beat Queen Vee! in straight confident sets 62 61. She ran circles around the Vee. Made it look too easy. Maybe in part just bad day at the office for Venus.

    • The only match I feel somewhat confident about in the quarterfinals is:

      Halep over Garcia. Their only encounter was in 2016 and Halep won — not much to go on. Garcia does appear to be improving with each match but so does Halpe — she’s flying around the court.

      I think Caroline could upset Karolina but it’s a small feeling – not sure about it.

      Also I’ve been impressed with Sloane Stephens but I lean, (probably a bias because Lucie is a long-time favorite), toward Safarova.

      Muguruza vs Svitolina should be a nice battle to watch is all I can say. I’m not at all sure – Both are playing amazing right now.

      • Good predictions RC.

        Think Karolina and Svitolina will win as they have more firepower and more to their game.

        carolina should win on clay but on hard, Karolina should have the edge because of her power serve and power groundstrokes which will be too hot to handle for Caro.

        Svitolina is more well rounded than Mugurza and can seamlessly transition from defense to attack and vice-versa! Hard is Svito’s FAV surface while Clay is Mugurza’s FAV surface. Look how Svtolina shut down a well-rounded top player like Venus Williams yesterday!

        • Thanks Roger.

          But you have to admit my picks are also mostly lame – except the Halep pick. I try to think which one(s) I’d put my hard-earned money on. I could only come up with Halep for WTA, anyway…

          About your picks: I also lean toward Svitolina beating Mugs because this isn’t a GS — Svitolina is the more solid competitor week in/ week out. Garbine gets up for the biggest trophies. Svitolina in 3.

          You are right about Karolina having the edge. Caroline has a more all court / anywhere kind of game. But she likes to play power players, has more endurance than Pliskova and can run like crazy. Crazy good returner is Wozzie but if Pliskova is cracking aces and nonreturnables, which this court favors, the match should be on Pliskova’s racquet.

    • Nice takeover Eugene on me in the brackets with Wozzie pick. πŸ˜€
      I didn’t pick Caro against Pliskova because I thought that I only think that she can win this because of my emotions. πŸ™‚
      But if you will be right and Wozniacki can win this I will be the first one to congratulate to you because of your prediction. πŸ˜‰

      • Thank you Tommo. At the beginning I picked Pliskova to be honest, but then I changed my mind. I felt like Wozniacki will do at least semis. I don’t know if she is gonna win; Halep and Svitolina are very strong too. And who knows what Stephens is up to… Your bracket looks good. One can conclude you are a ‘tennis specialist’ just seeing yur bracket. I like to pick upsets very often:)

  8. Woohoooooooo ToMMO!

    Caroline got it! She really is so strong, keeps herself ready to compete for hours. Pliskova got tired. Caroline had the lungs to run, run run πŸ˜€

    Who is next for her??

      • Me too about Wozzie and Halep….dont laugh at me but Agnieszka Radwanska would make me so happy and I might even stop ranting about Trump for uhhhh two days. You and ToMMo our the WTA superstars this week but the question is: Will Wozzie beat Stephens?

        Stephens looks strong and she’s definitely over her injury and healthy but does she train like Wozzie? Does she put in the hard yards and have the lungs to run with our Caro? Sloane definitely is striking the hell out of the ball and Caro has to take an aggressive stance and not get pushed back — Caro must stay on the baseline an BOSS it!

        I’m sure she knows all that LOL. Sloane is speedier than Karolina with a less accurate serve. It should be a close 3 set match, I think. Go Caro get this titile! Wozzie is the most consistent winner on the tour – she just has had bad luck in Finals.

        Woz leads their h2h 5-1. Sloane beat her in their last match: 2016 in Auckland 62 76.
        Caro Woz over Sloane is my pick in 3.
        Halep over Garcia. Halep is short but she makes up for it with being simply an outstanding Romanian athlete — the kind like Nadia Comeneche (spelling?) She loves power like Garcia has and makes the most of it. She is in good health and emotionally positive right now…she’s just a
        better tennis player and singles competitor than Caroline Garcia is at this point!
        Muguruza vs Svitolina is still too hard to call. Mugu can definitely beat anyone on the right day…we just don’t know how she’ll be up for this title. A bit like Stan Wawrinka.

    • Yeeeehaaaaaa! πŸ˜€
      It was a quality match I think. Pliskova started really well and went to 5-1 but after the rain delays Caro was awesome. Of course it was Pliskova’s fault that she let her came back but it was still a nice effort. Then in the 2nd set Wozzie has all the chances to smash Karolina and win this in straight sets but Pliskova could save a lot of breakpoints. And as always…If you can’t take your chances somewhen it will turn around. So it was a really up and down match for both girls but in the end Caroline was strong enough mentally to take the match. I really enjoyed it. πŸ˜€
      And I have to say…of course Caro’s style will be more defending than Pliskova…but this time…and alson in this tournament Wozniacki is playing more aggressive than before. I haven’t seen her for a long time to go up to the net so many times, or maybe never seen her playing like this. Her forehand is also better than before. She’s hitting more winners now even if it costs that she has more unforced errors too. Something changed in her game. Maybe it is because Sascha Bajin’s trainings or maybe just because her private life is good now like it was when she was #1. I hope she can keep improving and btw the US Open Series courts fits her game…she played 2 finals here before and hey…anybody can lose against Clijsters and Serena so it isn’t a shame that she couldn’t win. But maybe this time she can rock the USA! πŸ˜€

      • ToMMo,

        You are right about the Pliskova vs Wozniaki game.

        We all expected the same old weak Wozniaki to come to play the QF’s. Woz proved us all wrong with her power game and matched or exceeded it! besides being super aggressive, she hit many aces also! Woz served 8 aces compared to 5 of Pliskova!!! This is highly unbelieavable! Pliskova did not expect this amount of change and resistance from Woz.

        I expected this upset to happen and put in multiple bet slips(as I do in most matches). Slip 1=Pliskova ML win(LOST) Slip 2=OVER as I expected this match to go to 3 sets considering how well Woz was playing!

        I thought that Pliskova will improve her court movement, but she is doing no improvement. Pliskova is standing tall in one place like the statue of Liberty!lol as a result the whole court is open for Woz to hit the returns for winners!

        Looks like Woz has worked on her Strength & Conditioning(and Pliskova did nothing but just rolled off the bed!lol). Hence her serves as well as returns have become powerful.

        Inspite of all these improvements, I think in the FINALS, Elena Svitolina will beat Wozniaki as Svitolina has the power of Pliskova and the great court movement of Halep, which makes her unbeatable! Svitolina is good in both offense and defense and can transition into either more seemlessly than Woz!

        I expect Woz to dispose of Sloane (sorry her great run has to end here).

        ToMMo, If halep plays smart and does not lose her head, then she can win in 3 sets else Garcia can win in 3 sets. Garcia has got the power in both her serves and returns esp. her forehand to match that of Halep and win. Halep will always have the court movement advantage to return more balls in! My bet here would be on the Over games.

        If it is OK, can you tell what is the significance of your Avatar/Nick Name “ToMMo”? I hope it is not ToMBoy which my 2 sisters are proud to be! So, I am not worried when they go out alone!lol

        ToMMo, what are your picks for today? And what is your logic for the picks?

        I think Svitolina wil beat Mugurza in 3 sets (or in 2 also if she is in the same killer mood like when she destroyed Venus Williams in Sweet 16 stage!). Slip 1 = Svitolina ML win, Slip 2 = Over (21) games(small)

        Svitolina is the more well rounded player of the two and her game is more suited to the hard surface than Mugurza who is more suited to clay. But she surprised everyone by winning the 2017 Wimbly which is on a fast surface, Grass! This gives her good momentum coming into Rogers Cup! Therfore the Slip No.2 on the Over(21) games!

        Svito has the H2H adv winning 3 of the 4 matches played on Hard! 1 win was by walkover. Still a win is a win! Svito has more hard court experience and is in a better form overall than Mugs in 2017(41/10 for Svito vs 34/14 for Mugs)!

        In Garcia vs Halep Slip 1 = Over games (big) Slip 2 = No Slip 2/bet so far!lol But might slip in Halep in Slip 2!lol Worried that Garcia will overpower (being the bigger girl with greater power. Infact Garcia is built like a strong TomBoy just like my sisters!lol)…And Halep can suddenly play stupidly making lots of errors. I hope Halep doesn’t slip (or lose) as I plan to put her in slip2!lol

        What you (and other WTA Experts) got ToMMO in today’s WTA?

        • I’m with Halep over Stephens
          and…as I wrote about above!
          Woz over Sloane!

          I still can’t pick Mugu vs Svitolina.


          Your sense of humor always makes me laugh! But I can’t talk about my arm and accident — only on non-tennis forum. That post having me bouncing on a mattress made me LMAO !!

          • RC, I understand your difficulty in picking these matches as they are so closely matched. Same with me.

            Yes, Mugu vs Svitolina is a close one. This match already started and Mugs won the 1st set. Now the match is suspended due to rain, I believe!

            I picked up minor differences/advantages which add up as the match goes on like Woz’s endurance and tactical sharpness in rallies etc.

            RC, just because you laughed after reading my humorous post(with you bouncing on a mattress with your local girlfriends…I couldn’t stop laughing for many minutes, imagining it!), I am happy that you laughed and made my day! One of my objectives in life is to make people happy with humor/jokes etc. besides giving them profits with good winning tennis picks!

            • Thanks Roger οΏ½?οΏ½ you had me laughing so hard that I temporarily could post! And there’s many reasons that I won’t mention here that goes along with that…hahahahhaha

              Woz over Sloane
              Halep over Garcia
              I lean toward Svitolina waking up on the right side of the bed. Then again Mugu might be in the mood too…and has the fight….it will be a fight.

          • Roger is making it hard for me to type and think at the same time…lol

            Edit: Woz over Sloane. And Halep over Garcia…..sheesh!

    • Stephens. It won’t be easy but maybe Caro can take her down. πŸ™‚
      A Wozniacki – Halep final will be nice here. That’s a win-win for us. πŸ˜€

  9. WTA experts,

    Who wins in the 2nd Semi-finals?

    Elina Svitolina OR Simona Halep?

    I am leaning towards Svitolina as she is the better hard court player. Svito has 16/5 W/L Rec compared to 10/5 for halep.

    Besides Halep got a very easy draw (Magdalena, Strycovs and Garcia) so far. So her three 2-0 win makes her look good.

    But Svito has gotten thru a killer draw of Kasatkina, Venus Williams and Mugurza. Only a strong player can beat these killers!

    Svito has good court movement herself to negate Halep’s movement advantage.

    Finally Svitolina has the physical advantage to hit thru Halep or outserve her etc.

    I may be biased hence need your logical opinions.

    This match starts at 6.05 PM EST.

    Awaiting your quick picks not tooth picks!lol

    • Hey Roger, I have yet to watch the qf’s but I will and then post my picks

      I’m also trying to figure out my ATP and WTA Bracket picks. I like to wait unitl all qualifiers are placed but sometimes that’s impossible.

      My straight up opinion about Rybarikova — her best surface is grass but she also does well on fast hard courts. She’s not an easy out. Strycova is tricky anywhere and Garcia, well, Halep loves a power player she uses thei speed.

      You might me underestimating Halep. I might be biased! LOL…I love Simona, love watching her amazing abilities — her balance, her speed, her competitive tennis nous. But yeah for me it’s a toss up. I’d pick Halep if I had disposable income enough to bet. But go with Svitolina if your study has led you there!

      BOL, buddy ol pal!

      • PS, Muguruza …she can be an easier out than you think. She’s a moody one. She can also win Grand Slams. But week in week out she’s proven to be unreliable. It’s always tempting to pick her but…I don’t necessarily consider her the toughest opponent in a 1000 tournament like this and Kasatkina was rusty, and Vee is a bit like Mugu in her old age. She could win the whole thing or not be in the mood. I’ll certainly pick her deep at the USO – Muguruza too.

      • You were right — Well done, Roger. It’s my problem – I’m a Simona Halep fan and I should have known. I did get to watch a couple of Svitolina’s matches this week and she was the best of the week.

        But Woz is also a favorite, so I abstain from claiming objectivity in picking her LOL……..

        Congratulations Roger, Chapeau – tipping my Novak Djokovic visor to you πŸ˜€

  10. Finally I can sit in front of the computer to write. πŸ™‚
    Roger I like your “slips”. Nice picks. We can discuss the betting tips every day. πŸ˜€
    My nickname has come from my real name. πŸ˜€ Here in Hungary It’s “TamΓ‘s” but it’s the same as Thomas or Tom. πŸ™‚ I’m a 100% straight man and huge fan of Wozniacki that’s why my avatar is the pretty danish girl. πŸ™‚
    Hmm maybe that’s why I like WTA so much…I love the talented and pretty women tennis players. πŸ˜€

    Anyway I hope Wozziebaby can win this trophy but I’m afraid Svitolina has more chance now. It’s not a problem if Caro will win the US Open then. πŸ˜€

    Today I bet on Rybarikova, Vekic and Lepchenko but I think Sasnovich and Puig can win too. I think Cincinnati will be great. πŸ˜‰

  11. rc!…Morning to u babe!!…Hey..i’m like u too rc!…my head swamped with stars just a while ago…make us crazy to make a pick…i picked Sascha just to 3rd round rc…i think there’s a possibility that he may pulled out or lost early…and i picked T.Paul to go deep…don’t know whether this is a good move or not…and i picked Isner to go deep in another account…as for Rafa,i took him out in 3rd rd to Muller..and to Anderson in MJME…

    So far.i picked Roger for both Bracket…maybe change one Bracket later…and qualies like Dolgo sure will win but we don’t know who’s got him…and RBA & Monfils also make me felt dizzy!…Urgh!..so many very close call rc!!

    • Good even to you dear MA.
      Oh hahahaha, I’m so glad you showed up now. I cannot pick Sascha, Federer, and to me Rafa needs more match play – I have him winning Cincy. Federer just doesn’t feel right winning back to back Montreal and Cincy and then the main goal of US Open. I have Roger going out to Khackanov, seriously and Sascha going out to Isner. I don’t know Tommy Paul all that well lol
      This bracket just stinks already! I can’t be bothered. I’m going to focus on the WTA one now. See you soon with some rather bad WTA picks πŸ˜€

      • rc!!…God women!!…If u can’t be bothered by ATP then why in God’s name u ask my opinion earlier?????…And i’ve already splashed 2 bucket’s of my spit just to give u tips!!….Urgh!!….thee he he…

        Btw rc…i’m still not make a pick for WTA..i want to see the qualies showed up in Bracket’s first…

        • MA….I appreciate your tips. Frustration settled in when I went for RBA to the final………Taking Benoit Paire deep and maybe Fognini
          You are definitely better than me that’s why I want your opinion!

          You are right I have wake up very early and wait for qualies to be known for the WTA Bracket to look right. There’s Vekic, Barty, Rybarikova, all kinds of good picks in the WTA qualies.

          Really not that many good ones – or rather we don’t even know yet if Dolgo will win his qualie match before picking.

          • rc!…Hey,i’m just joking with u!…and u might be right with your picks rc!…This things are crazy most of the time…tho’ i’m not sure bout Fognini babe!…i mean,this is his 1st tourney on HC right?..i doubt he will go far..he maybe in adjusting mood next week but then i could be wrong too!hehe..

            Oh!…thank u for your good wish up there rc!…tho don’t know about doing better…i feel weak everyday now…

            • Okay, that’s it. I’m going to try to get on FB. This is a new device I had trouble already but going to give it another go right now.

            • rc!!..hey calm down!!…it’s not immediate effect…years from now actually..and you’re already know half of it already…just a new development from what you’re already knew…that’s okay!…I think i still have 10,20 years to live!..hahaha…

    • And exactly about the ATP Qualies. There’s certainly a couple good ones. I’ll just pick a random qualie number in place of ARV on it. Hoping that Gulbis or Dolgo get it. LOL….I don’t care anymore. But I’m staying with Rafa ftw.

    • hahaha that’s right. I’d be very cranky if I was trying to do 2 serious ATP brackets right now… without knowing anything.
      I have a Rafa v RBA final!!

      • Oh really rc??Hohohohohhoo!!…You’re so brave rc!!…I picked Anderson to go deep…both Brackets!!hahaha…maybe will change it one Bracket later…whether i’m insane or stupid…u pick rc!!hahahaha….

  12. Btw rc….from the scores,it looks like Ash Barty have a very dominant perfomance against Flipkens…i sure wanna pick her over someone in my Bracket rc…

    • rc!!…didn’t u know that i came from an owl species??Hehe…of coz i’m still awake….no need to thank me rc!…it was nothing!…and anything for u babe!!hehe…

  13. mira I wasn’t going to post here today as my computer isn’t working and I hate posting on my phone but I read this thread for the first time and saw your post saying you were feeling bad emotionally so I have to write and send you my love and support
    am sorry mira if I offended you in any way yesterday by seeming to be in a hurry I just hate posting on my phone..
    also I didn’t look at this thread yesterday so didn’t see your post or I would have written a lot more.
    Mira I really hope you are okay..
    sending you love and support and thinking of you..
    If there’s anything I can do then please let me know..
    God I hate writing on this bloody phone!!
    take good care of yourself honxxxx

    • Hey amy!!…Good evening/nite to u!…and u didn’t offended me amy!….NEVER!…I love u!…it’s impossible to be offended by the people we love and care right?

      And thank u thank u thank u for your wonderful words amy…it means so much to me…and don’t worry..i’m okay..just need to watch what i eat very carefully..that’s all…

      Hey..i too hate writing on the phone…hate it with all my heart amy!!…i rarely use it unless i don’t have a choice…and i lurveeee using my pc[we;re the same!hehe]….Amy..u don’t want to join TDC?C’mon!..join me and rc on TDC amy!..it’s fun!!

      • oh that’s a relief darling!! was worried for you!!
        I have never posted here on my phone before and I hate it!!
        What’s tdc?!
        Mira I don’t post here regularly but if you need me I can come here
        more often?? Please tell me if you want me to.. xxx

        • Amy!…of coz i want u to come here often!…i’m sure rc and Nny too…we’re all clicked together and i love your presence here very much amy but..i also understand that sometimes u cannot come here because of the things that you’re involved in your everyday’s life….so,if u wanna come here…just come okay?Me,rc and Nny will welcome u with an open heart everytime amy!!…

        • Oh!amy!..bout TDC,i let rc explain to u k?She’s our leader in jalep wildguess…i’m just her slave!..hehe…so,over to u rc!!

  14. I know how RV feels about the brackets it’s frustrating .I can’t be bothered either but somehow get mine in at the last minute. I nearly didn’t do the Cincinnati ATP one as it’s ridiculous trying to pick the winner of next week’s final before this week’s one has been played. But I’m glad someone else (Mira )has gone with Nadal and Zverev out early.I went with a Roger win yet again,what else could I do?

  15. Wozzie is keeping up with Elina, sort of…there must be some kind of mental block about winning a title at this point. Poor Caro

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