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  1. Simona! Simona! Simona! πŸ˜€
    Great performance again. And Pliskova fought like a champ too. I’m sure she will win big trophies in the future. But now…It’s Halep’s turn. It’s in her hand, she has the game against Ostapenko…not like Wozniacki or Bacsinszky. Halep has the firepower, the speed, and technique. If she could beat the biggest hitter in the WTA she has the skill to beat another big hitter with less experience.
    But of course we’ve seen many things over the years. Bad days and good days can come. But I really hope everything will be okay with Simona. She deserves the Roland Garros trophy. πŸ™‚
    Come oooon! πŸ™‚

    • It’s a rare opportunity for her – and she must grab it. Ostapenko may be tired…she really had to work and fight to beat Bacsinszky. She beat Caroline Wozniacki easier than Timea B!

      But yeah…Go Simona!!

    • I’d be surprised if she doesn’t win multiple GS’s. Very few people were picking Karolina to go to the SF on clay. But Karolina is a force everywhere, if she brings a little less “effortless elegance”, I think. She is completely calm but I do think she would have beat Simona if she played the first set to win it. But …that’s KP’s style. I think she needs to light a competitive fire more consistently in matches, lol…what do I know. It’s only what it appears to me.

      • I picked Pliskova to the semis here!! πŸ™‚ I’m one of the few people hehe. πŸ™‚
        I also think that she’s going to win multiple GS’s. And we will watch her. πŸ˜‰

        • I think that I picked Pliskova to get to the semifinals and then final, losing to Mladenovic.

          I wasn’t sure when I made my bracket picks if Simona would be okay with the ankle. I had her gettIng to the semifinals, losing to Pliskova. But I am happy to be wrong!

          I never do well with the women’s bracket challenges. But I will be very happy if Simona gets her first slam! No disrespect to Ostapenko. But she will have her chances. I like to think that this is Simone’s time.

          • Absolutely agreed Nny! πŸ™‚
            I had faith in Halep because I didn’t see the Rome final unfortunately. I saw only the scores and she didn’t retire the match so I thought that she had more than a week to recover. Maybe I was lucky because of I didn’t see the Rome final. πŸ˜€ I didn’t think about that ankle injury can be so bad. πŸ™‚
            In the bracket challenge I am opposite of you. πŸ˜€ I do sometimes ATP brackets just for fun but I don’t know as much of men’s tennis…my priority is WTA. πŸ˜€ But of course I always watch the TOP men’s tennis too. πŸ™‚
            I don’t know who picked who…I just hope nobody picked Ostapenko to win then it can be my first grand slam win too in the bracket challenge. πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚
            I joined here after WTA Budapest so this is my first GS…I wasn’t here when the Aussie Open was on the table. So it would be nice to get this “GS trophy” for the first try hehe. πŸ˜€ I like these bracket challenges…It’s fun, and I’m glad I joined here. This forum is nice with you all. πŸ™‚

  2. Whoa….#RESPECT

    Rafael Plaza‏Verified account @Rafael_Plaza 22m22 minutes ago

    Ostapenko en 6 partidos: 245 winners

    Murray en 5: 174
    Wawrinka en 5: 166
    Nadal en 5: 118
    Thiem en 5: 181

      • Maybe Halep too.

        Like Caro, would really like to see Halep finally take one.

        She lost her lone slam final (also at the French) to Cheaterpova 6–4, 6–7(5–7), 6–4.

        Probably would have won if Cheaterpova wasn’t using PEDs. Should have her titles stripped IMHO and given to her final opponents.

    • Yay! I came hope to see that Simona win! I hope to see the replay. I watched it until I had to leave and saw her win the first set.

      Go Simona! Get your first slam!

  3. This is just a nice story…It would be really elegant to take the first Grand Slam Trophy and the world number #1. πŸ™‚
    Btw…Ostapenko just getting better. I remember maybe a year ago she was histerical in her first WTA final…her game improved. Still works instinctly that she hit as she can, as she learned…and 50-50 it’s IN or OUT. Maybe nowadays 60-40 IN. πŸ˜€ But she is smarter now…and she will be better in the future…She was pretty silly before…but learning. πŸ™‚
    Anyway it has to be Halep’s crown in every way. πŸ˜€

  4. Both Simona and Jelena were superb in their matches, both were worthy winners, both semis were high quality tennis matches, the final should be a cracker, really hope it is, the court coverage from Simona especially was insane ….

  5. I’m just shocked…that was a great tournament but this ending…I mean I’m very dissapointed…it was in Halep’s hand in the 2nd set…so poor her…but the problem is…A girl without ball controlling can win a gs…that’s sad for WTA. Okay She is powerfull but she can not control it. And this is enough to win a grand slam? That is really sad.
    I am so dissapointed that I don’t care about the drawchallenge winning and on tourneytopia too…
    Anyway here comes the grass season…but I am really affraid in the speedy court about this powerfull girl. It will be really interesting. Kvitova will be better and Azarenka is coming back, and Sharapova will be there too. I think Kerber will be better too. Looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

    • I confess to also being disappointed to see Simona in control of the match, only to let it get away from her. There was that key game which went back and forth with Ostapenko breaking back in the second set. From that point on Ostapenko seemed to catch fire and play more aggressively. Simona wasn’t able to keep up and seemed to not have the answers.

      Once it went to a third set, I had a bad feeling. Simona got the break and then was broken back. From that point on in the third set, it was all Ostapenko.

      Simona was trying to win her first slam and be # 1. So there was a lot on the line for her.

      Congratulations to Ostapenko, but I feel for Simona. I really wanted this for her.

    • ToMMo,

      I left you congratulations on the tourneytopia bracket. But I know you have to be feeling sad right now as I am. This was the perfect chance for Simona — she said she would be back to try again. Hoping she can get over the loss quickly and keep fighting.
      Go Simona we love you!

      • Thanks rc I just checked the congrats. πŸ˜€ I wasn’t bad in the main contest either. πŸ˜€
        In the tennisdrawchallenge.com moo’s tennis blog group I could only be 2nd arghgrrh…maybe in Wimbledon. πŸ˜€
        I think Simona have a chance in Wimbledon too. Even on grass. πŸ™‚ Hope she can get over this loss soon.

    • Nny

      You never know, wasn’t Ana Ivanovic only 19 or 20 when she won the French Open? Sha had a good career and was a joy to watch but she never won another GS. Look at Monica Puig, Olympic Gold Medalist. She hasn’t made to many waves since. I don’t know why but I do know that Puerto Rican has been really suffering an economic depression.

      • rc,

        You are reading my mind! Because that is exactly what I was thinking as I watched Ostapenko win the final. I remembered others who won a slam at a young age and then flamed out. Ana Ivanovic is a great example. I think she was just too young when she won the French Open and then became number one. She just couldn’t handle it and fell apart. It was painful to watch. She never really was able to get back up to the top. It’s a lesson and a warning that it’s not easy to get there so young and then stay there.

        You make an excellent point! We don’t know how Ostapenko will follow up on this surprise win and how she will do moving forward.

        Still disappointed for Simona!

  6. Am I the only one who could watch it? That was terribly sad for Simona and I really thought she’d win it after winning the first set but Jelena just kept fighting and fighting – looked like Simona might win the second set too. It wasn’t until the last set that I knew Jelena would make it.

    I hope Simona can fully recover her spirit and keep playing so well. She was very brave and graceful in accepting the loss and runner-up trophy. I’m proud of her and I love dear Simona. Sorry to all other Simona fans – ToMMo, everyone. It’s hard.

    Congratulations to 20 year old Jelena Ostapenko, of course the first Latvian to win a GS in tennis. (sorry EG and AS) Maybe this will inspire you, come on! It’s hard to believe…but she did it. Wishing her many more, Jelena Ostapenko. πŸ™‚

    • The best thing is that Halep is in a good form right now…so who knows maybe she can win her first GS in Wimbledon. πŸ˜€ With her ‘A’ game it can be on option. πŸ™‚

  7. I was at RG on Tuesday (getting cold, drenched and fed up by endless rain delays) The only tennis we got to see before play was abandoned for the day was 40 minutes of Ostapenko bullying Caroline. Am not keen on her bang-wallop brand of tennnis but her mental strength is formidable. Her fight back in the 2nd set to steal the title from under Simona’s nose was pretty awesome. Poor Halep was understandably gutted. The commies, as usual, have jumped on the bandwagon and are already hyping this young girl as a future multi-Slam winner.

    • Oh, that’s right, you were there on the worst weather day, ed. shoot.

      I like Ostapenko. But I was surprised she beat Caroline …then she kept on bullying right up to take the trophy from Simona.

      who knows if she’s a multi-slam winner. That’s what I thought of Ana Ivanovic. You never know. But I do like her current ability to hit a real Blooper, brush it off, and move on. I do hope she keeps improving. I like what I see of her team. We’ll see how she performs on grass. She says grass is her favorite surface.

  8. Congrats to Ostapenko on winning the FO, what a superb player, and an amazing fortnight she had, terrific final, feel a bit gutted for Halep though, i really thought she had this after going a set and a break up, hope she takes it forward to the rest of the year ….

    • Okay the first day was crazy…so many upsets…but we can say that is usual on grass… πŸ˜€
      Nice picks btw. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, I don’t know, ToMMo. It’s pretty tough to pick. Interesting to see who does well in the next weeks

        Very excited for Wimbledon! I’ve been staring at this schedule …looking to guess who has the most ambitions on grass πŸ˜€

        I’m thinking Karolina Pliskova and Johanna Konta so far.
        Also Venus — she’s not scheduled for any warm-up tournaments but I can’t count her out on grass.

        • Hmm. nice schedules.
          Yeah Pliskova can be definitely good here.
          The grass season is tricky. I love when they’re playing on grass but I couldn’t pick well here. I prefer the clay.
          Next weeks will show us maybe who can be a real contender in Wimbledon. But I am affraid of that drawchallenge…that will be really tough. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

          • This week was nearly impossible ToMMo. I would never have picked Arantxa Rus to get so far πŸ˜€ Bertens, Cibulkova lost early – vaguely remember Kiki B. doesn’t play well at home.

            My good picks in the Netherlands were Konjuh, Kontaveit, and Kiki M.

            Surprises for me in Nottingham: Sakkari, Vekic, and Rybarikova….and Kristie Ahn (I don’t know who she is!)

            We’ll see what happens – two more weeks of tournaments pre-Wimbledon.

            So I have no way of watching WTA until Wimby when it’s televised here. Pleas help if you can πŸ˜€ Are you able to watch any matches?? Cheers ToMMo!

            • I thought that Rybarikova can be good here, and Hogenkamp too…unfortunately she missed her chance she was 3-0 up against Konjuh in the final set.
              Here in Hungary the sports channels are compete for the Tennis Tournaments, so most of them are televised on one of the sport channels. πŸ˜€
              And I am betting on tennis too, so I registered on bet365, where you can watch almost all the tennis main draws in ATP or WTA sometimes ITF too in a smaller window, and mostly without commentator. A little money has to be on the bet365 account but that’s all, and you can watch everything if you have time. πŸ˜€

  9. Birmingham and Mallorca draw opens June, 17. Try again, try harder, fail better LOL…

    Who will we have in Mallorca (Wish we were all there!)
    Pavlyuchenkova will be there and: Sevastova (she lost in her first match this week to Mchale), Caroline Garcia, Kiki Bertens again, Carla Suarez Navarro, Ana Konjuh again, Roberta Vinci, Timea Babos again, Cici Bellis, Kristyna Pliskova, Kontaveit again, Barthel, Niculescu, Goerges, Bouchard, Mertens, Arruaberrena, Jankovic, and Rogers.

    Can’t remember who won the trophy last year…it was no one I picked. I think I got 3 picks right at the most lol

    Birmingham Power Draw:
    Kerber, Halep, Karolina Pliskova, Svitolina, Cibby again, Konta again, Radwanska (yay), Mladenovic again, Muguruza, Vesnina, Keys, Gavrilova, Strycova, Lucic-Baroni, Davis, Kasatkina, Coco V. again, Zhang, Riske again, Putintseva, Siniakova.

    The following week (6/26) is Eastbourne and some will be playing their third warm-up: Konta and Mladenovic. Some playing their only warm-up: Ostapenko, Wozniacki, Stosur, and Makarova.

    I’m obsessed. We could have another new winner like, I don’t know.

    • Timea Bacsinszky will only play Eastbourne. She’s someone to watch out for on any surface. Speaking of Swiss players, I wonder what’s happened to Belinda Bencic? She’s been gone again for too long.

      Just noticed that Sloane Stephens and Sabine Lisicki are returning for Wimbledon.

      • I think that she has some injury again. Maybe her back…that was her main problem. Maybe it’s a bigger thing that is why she can’t play constantly and that’s why she can not play on that level where she belongs. :/

  10. The schedule is not reliable!

    Karolina Pliskova is taking time to rest her elbow ahead of Wimbledon. (AP)

    Karolina Pliskova has withdrawn from next week’s event in Birmingham to rest her injured elbow, joining some other top names in deciding not to play the tournament.

    “The elbow has been bothering me for a few weeks already,” the world No. 3 told the Czech News Agency. β€œIt needs some good rest. The top (thing), of course, is Wimbledon which I need to prepare for the most.”

    A number of other players have withdrawn in the last week or so. Former world No. 1 Maria Sharapova pulled out of the entire grass season because of a thigh injury. French Open finalist Simona Halep will not play, nor will No. 10 Agnieszka Radwanska, No. 14 Madison Keys, No. 16 Elena Vesnina and No. 24 Daria Kasatkina.

    But the event still has several Top 20 players, with world No. 1 Angelique Kerber, Garbine Muguruza, Petra Kvitova, Johanna Konta, Elina Svitolina, Kristina Mladenovic and Dominika Cibulkova in the field.


    I think we all knew Maria Sharapova had pulled out of Wimbledon.
    But it’s too bad Pliskova and the others: Aga, Simona, Keys, Kasatkina, and Vesnina have had to pull out of Birmingham. Makes it harder to guess how prepared any of them will be. Wimbledon is sounding more and more wide open for a surprise winner. Happy Petra Kvitova feels good enough to enter Birmingham.

    There’s a rumor on tennis-x about Azarenka and Kerber going to Mallorca, I noticed – but the poster didn’t cite a source. It’s exciting to hear Azarenka will play Mallorca if it’s true. Guess we’ll see who goes where – seems odd that Kerber would pull out of Birmingham to go Mallorca

    • Chaos on the grass tournaments. πŸ˜€
      I’m sad about Pliskova and many of those girls. I hope most of them can play in Wimbledon. But yeah it will be hard to predict there…and everywhere on grass this year.
      I am really excited about Kvitova and Azarenka btw. πŸ™‚

  11. rc!!…I’m really really bad in Nottingham!!Hehehehehawhawhaw!!..and Stuttgart too!!…And you’re always AWESOME rc!!…

      • Hehehehehawhawhaw!!…Very funny ToMMo!!..Yeah ToMMo!…rafa’s resurgence really makes me fired up on ATP..D@#$ Rafa!!Hehehe…

        Btw ToMMo…sorry about simona loss the other day…at the same time congrats for your FO Bracket…You’re AWESOME!!!

        • And now back to WTA!!…I like Penko ToMMo,she’s cute but…if only she’s not noisy so much!..urgh!..i’m so embarrassed when i see them played…but,i guess we have to contend with that…

          • I like Ostapenko’s fighting spirit really.
            My main problem with her and the players like her that I don’t see that she is thinking. And tennis is mostly mental and brain game for me. Ostapenko’s game is about her power and what she learned about hitting. Maybe some instincts there too. Every shot of her is 50-50…She will hit the ball as strong as she can as she practiced but she can not control it. And she doesn’t think about the game…she will hit and that’s all.
            There are several powerfull players like her. Pliskova, Serena, Azarenka, Kvitova, etc… But somehow they can play the ball, not just hit as strong as they can. Maybe in their early carreer they were the same. I don’t know but I don’t think so. We will see if Jelena can improve in the game. She is strong enough both mentally and phisically that’s what we know. And she will be always a dangerous opponent because on those days when there are more INs than OUTs she can beat anybody or almost anybody. But unlike many opinions I don’t think she will be a multiple GS winner by all means.
            And which is sad for me there are many talented, smart, and techniquely good women players who maybe never win one grand slam…like Halep, Wozzie, Kasatkina, Radwanska etc.
            Maybe this is only my thing but I prefer their style, work, and mentality than Ostapenkos. πŸ™‚ But who knows…maybe in a few years I will like Ostapenko’s game because she can definitely improve her game. πŸ™‚

            • Agree with you in every point, ToMMo. We’ll have to wait and see with Ostapenko — she’s easy to like so far…her personality πŸ™‚

            • ToMMo!…Honestly,i didn’t watch her match much to analyse her game…but from what i read everywhere..many have a same opinion like u…but,i think considering she’s still young..very young that she maybe still not develope her game much..to add much more variety like senior player’s…i’m pretty sure,she will improve her game as she matured in the future…but,to me…if she can win a slam with her one dimensional game[for now]..who cares right?To win a slam is that’s all that matter’s…

              As for other senior’s who still didn’t win a slam like Woz or Simona no matter how many times they get to the final..they should learn one or two things from the rookie…the most important things for them to do is..fix the mental toughness..they have no choice if they want to win a slam..must do something radical in several department…i wish very much for both of them to win a slam..but,for Woz very unlikely imo..at least atm…while Simona,has a big chance but like i said,must develope a more offensive game along with her defense…WTA littered with big hitter’s..i don’t think her game will stand for long especially her body also a little fragile…must find new tools to encountered those big hitter’s…I like Simona very much,along with pliskova,Angie and Lisicki too!

            • True words MA. The most important thing is to win Grand Slams. That’s everybody’s goal.
              And she did it and she deserves respect for this. Yeah our beloved girls needs some changes. But I don’t give up on them. They’re just showed this year again that we have to count with them, and who knows. Somewhen maybe they can win a big one. πŸ™‚

            • Yeah ToMMo!…let’s hope for it!…But,they have to do it now ToMMo while the big girls are still a long way from their best like Petra,Aza,Maria and Serena still on leave…i’m scared to think their chances once the big girls r ready to play the real games…Hate to say this but those big girls will eat them alive if they’re still not make any changes to their game…

      • Yeah rc!!..I’ve noticed now!!Hahaha!!!…It’s funny!!…This is the 1st time it happened i think!…

        Btw,u’re rockkkk!! in Stuttgart and hertogenbosch!!..wooohooo!!

        rc!…i plan to send u a ready made chicken curry that was already packed..i know it’s not fresh but it taste good too..what do u think?

  12. Im really excited for SW19 on the womens side, no Williams or Sharapova, the tournament is like the FO wide open for a new champion, although i have a feeling Kvitova will play alot better with it been grass, on the mens i might sound boring, but i would love Rafa, Murray or even Stan winning it to complete a career GS ….

    • Yeah It’s wide open…maybe there will be a big surprise who wins Wimbledon in the women’s race. But I don’t think it’s about Sharapova won’t be there. I don’t think that she would have more chance than Pliskova or anybody in the top10 or maybe top20. It was a long time ago when she won GS and the last two were French Open. πŸ˜€

  13. I Like this Pliskova chick, a statuesque beauty, with an elegant and effortless game of gliding around the court, i also like Azarenka and the way she isnt intimidated by Serena and relishes the challenge of playing her, aside from that horrible noise she makes during points, plenty of players i enjoy watching now on the WTA ….

    • Yay! Hubby likes a bit of WTA! Mr. Ratcliff does too.

      That was the loudest i’ve ever heard Simona — that FO final. And Ostapenko does that ninja sound but never heard her that loud, sheesh. Shocking to hear Simona sound like Sharapova πŸ˜€

    • Mr. Ratcliff’s forever GOAT is Sampras lol …he doesn’t pay any attention to ATP since Sampras retired.

      His thing is Formula 1.

      Have to get to work – i’ll have to catch up later…

      • I loved F1…but nowadays it’s so boring. It was a lot better in the past. They can’t give a good car to Alonso, he is my favourite. πŸ™‚

        • I used to love F1 too when Schumacher and Hakkinen used to be rivals. It was so exciting. It was still interesting a couple of years after Hakkinen quit but now it is so boring.

        • ToMMo!…I once like Hamilton but his case with his dad leaves me cold…

          Mary!…Yeah,me and my hubby also loved watching Michael and Hakkinen once upon a time but now…like u said..a little bit boring!..

          Hey u guys don’t watch MotoGP??..God!I’m crazy about it!!…Especially Valentino Rossi!!Woohoo!!

            • I’m not the hall monitor, MA! Maybe I sound like it sometimes tho gosh.

              When Tour de France is on — I’m wondering if RITB 3.O will still be around. Maybe the non-tennis forum turns into a cycling one πŸ™‚

            • Yeah!…Sometimes u sound like it…especially when it involves with stanley lol!!…But i like it!!Hehehehawhaw!!

            • All I can say is I’m sorry πŸ™
              Not sure when it was — let’s not talk it out here though okay?
              Wasn’t never intending to be mean — very sorry if I hurt you. I love you; and don’t want to hurt you!

            • That’s alright rc!…don’t worry,i’m not going to talk something personal here….This is not the place..I love u more!!

            • rc aka Ms Know All thinks she owns the site. She has reprimanded fans on this site ( including poor me who had to put up with the abuse for months before finally summoning up enough courage to protest).
              Of late I notice she hasn’t donned her hall monitor hat.
              It could be because
              (a) wisdom has finally dawned on her that what she is doing is offensive
              or (b) her current laptop doesn’t allow her to effectively monitor the site.
              We will know whether it is (a) or (b) once Ms High and Mighty’s new laptop arrives.

            • just been reading the wta page and saw this utterly pathetic trolling of rc.
              rc is class and mary is a troll as everyone knows. nothing new.

            • i reference the post above as an example of mary’s trolling of rc. utterly gratuitous as usual. she follows both of us around insulting us for no reason when we are having ordinary conversations with others.
              i was under the impression that harassment was against site rules.

            • Guess no one gives a shit but you and me when it comes to Mary’s harassment, amy.

              No one would even say anything if were not for you, Amy. There was a time when I was too afraid to stand up for you and I said I wouldn’t never do that again – I mean it. It was lame of me.

              In fact, just to make it clear You are Not Margot.
              I know it because of the Tournytopia Bracket. Do I have proof as an administrator there — better evidence than Mary’s collected so-called Proof.

              She should shut up about it. And if everyone insists on ignoring her BS – I’m happy to leave. I slept on it. And it’s not worth it: there’s a lot of spineless people here – the ones that know her and claim to be friends with Margot at the same time like (ed); or at least Ricky should have the evidence and care — stop the sock puppet nonsense that you are Margot. It’s very bad to just let a bully like Mary go on and on barking mad and post her lies here.

              I’ll still post links to the brackets — but I’m sick of Mary’s BS.

            • rc!…Wait a minute!…U don’t want to post here anymore??Oh c’mon rc!!..don’t do that!…I’m going crazy if i can’t connect with u here…Ignore Mary…she won’t change,believe me!…As for amy,she knows we love her..and we stand by her no matter what…

            • ratcliff….oh no!! i was afraid this would happen…please don’t go. if you stay i will come here more and support you.
              i love you and respect you you know….
              i was thinking yesterday that come wimby if you post the wimby tourneytopia i can come on there and do my bracket and talk with you, mira, alison and of course margot!!
              you’re right of course about the spinelessness of people on here. it’s quite shocking….mary only started to harass me because i called her out for bullying nny when practically no-one intervened….benny called her out for being a troll and she attacked him as well…
              love you rc….

            • Yeah rc!!Listen to amy!!…She won’t come here often because of me but she willing to come here and risk an attack from Mary just for u!!..See!!…I think Ricky should take an instant action as soon as Mary start her usual attack…things got out of hand because Ricky let her..IMO..

            • mira, you are right about ricky. he should have intervened to stop her years ago. she has been trolling incessantly on this site without ever being sanctioned and it’s completely wrong. she tried for years to force nny off the site and if it’s not one person it’s another. anyone who calls her our for her trolling is subjected to harassment and insults. benny called her out as being the only troll here and was met with the usual abuse. it’s impossible to have normal conversations with her around and i think she should be asked to leave.

            • Yeah amy…I remember about Benny..but with Nny..i’m still not here..so,i don’t know anything bout it..although like i said earlier,if Ricky honestly want this site to be a peaceful place,then he should tighten his grip on this matter…as soon as things got out of control..just delete it all comments…like he did to me a months back..i defended u at that time and things pretty much turned like this…and Ricky deleted our comments not long after that…

            • mira, she’s breaking site rules to do with harassment and personal insults constantly and has done from the beginning. she used to have a massive vendetta against nny, insulting and harassing her constantly as she now does to me and rc. if she is breaking site rules she should be moderated at the very least.
              margot wrote to ricky to complain about her you know? as have others.

            • Yeah,i know amy…but,looks like nothing has changed…i wish Ricky more sensitive about this…it’s not fun to see someones innocent got hurt over and over again…before it was u and now rc…

              amy..i want to ask for your forgiveness because when you’ve got attack by mary a while ago,i didn’t do anything about it…at that time,i’m new here and i thought it’s not right for me to intervened what happened back then…and i felt so so bad to see u hurting like that but i can’t do anything about it…but..not this time amy!..Insyaallah,i will be by your side everytime okay?

            • mira, there’s nothing to forgive. i quite understand. i’m feeling quite tired now and have some things to do so may not post until tomorrow. i really wanted to stick around here for a while to show my support for rc who i really care about….i feel quite guilty that you both have got dragged into this…didn’t want to post here during rg so that you wouldn’t get attacked by mary for defending me!!
              see you soon honey….

            • amy!…we’re a grown women..we can take care of ourselves believe me!…Don’t feel guilty amy..that’s what friends r for!….we stick together..whether in joy or sorrows and trouble…i’ll do anything for u,rc and Nny…i love u guys so much!…now,go rest or take a nap..we chat again tomorrow k?Love u amy!!

            • Amy, MA is right. I can take care of myself…but
              …but I do feel better when you pop in now and then and if you have the time, πŸ˜€

              Thanks for your love and support and know that you have mine as well, dear amy.

              I will post the tournytopia bracket link as soon as Wimbledon draw comes out! I’m sure Margot will be IN, too.

              It’s impossible for me to stay away from posting about tennis, so I’ll just have to deal with it as it comes.

            • very glad to see you here rc! i have been thinking about you a lot as has mira…
              we can talk a lot on wta over wimby and on tourneytopia…my picking will be awful though as i haven’t been watching much tennis so you will have to help me!
              i was really quite upset about simona just seeming to lose it in the rg final.
              found it hard to warm to ostapenko and her game tbh….
              do you think simona has a bit of a mental block when it comes to the final hurdle in slams? because that was a bit painful to see when she had points for 4-0 in the second….
              go petra!!!!!

            • Hi amy,

              Thank-you…reading your words of encouragement motivated me to get right back on this bucking bronco! no matter what, lol…

              Sure…I’ll share my entire Wimbledon bracket with you and give information, then you pick because you might have strong feelings – gut feelings in some matches that I don’t. It will be fun again!

              Ostapenko didn’t make it easier for Simona. Jalena was over the moon – as she should be but empathy for her vanquished and shocked opponent wasn’t on her mind. She just turned 20. God bless her I hope she keeps rising and getting better – her style is nearly one dimensional all out aggression — she reminds me of a bigger better Camila Giorgi.

              Simona, I’m anxious to see how she goes starting in Eastbourne this coming week. It’s a good sign she wanted to get some match practice in pre Wimbly. And yes, Petra, Pojd!

            • Woke up early to watch Kei Nishikori vs Karen Khachanov. But Kei had to retire the match. Always something, poor Kei.

              Might as well stay awake and watch a little Rublev vs Colonel Youzhny. πŸ˜€

            • thinking of picking petra for wimby rc!!
              there’s the wild romantic in me again…
              hope that simona rebounds well…i worry a bit for her after that loss….

            • Me too. Picking Petra — she’s into the QF in Birmingham and will play Mladenovic or Zhang tomorrow for a SF spot. Lot of people straight up picked Petra to win Birmingham and certainly she will if she’s feeling good. I had to wait and see first. and picked Svitolina to win Birmingham.

              Yeah…Simona can get down on herself. Hope not this time. She promised Darrin Cahill mo more moping and complaining. It’s a good sign she took a WC in Eastbourne, imo.

            • Don’t think Ricky has been moderating TG as consistently as he used to.

              Get the feeling he’s been quite busy in a good way.

              But, going forward, I take your message amy and rc. So thanks for that and sincerest apologies to you both.

          • rc, i have to go now i’m afraid…i have tons of commitments elsewhere…
            lovely to see you here today hon and i’ll be back to talk with you when i can…xxx

  14. It’s a shame I have no way to watch WTA Quarterfinals

    Really would like to see how Vikhlyantseva and others are coming along!

    • You know I have some personal experience with this, having been subjected to vitriolic personal attacks over an extended period of time. I tried to deal with it as well as possible. But the truth is that there is no good way to handle being bullied.

      I would not throw around words like “spineless” carelessly. I took a break from this site last year because I became invited loved in the Presidential campaign, working for Hillary Clinton. Rafa had pulled the plug on his season and tennis took a back seat to politics.

      I had to decide if I wanted to come back to the site and participate in the new year. I ultimately did come back, but I promised myself that I would come here to talk tennis a and make a renewed effort to stay out of any infighting. For the most part I have kept that promise to myself. I am not perfect and there have been a few lapses. But it has nothing to do with being spineless in any way, shape or form. I have picked my battles carefully and selectively, choosing to ignore a good deal of the petty nonsense.

      Nobody had to read worse that what I read about myself for a year or two on this site. I did contact Ricky and state my concerns in the past. That’s all I can do. I realized at some point that I did not want to feed the frenzy by responding. So I tried to stick to tennis.

      I also had my own recent health crisis that made it necessary for me to focus on that. I did not have the luxury of gettIng into these kinds of battles.

      We all have to make a decision on how best to handle these situations when they arise. It’s an individual decision. But I take exception to characterizations of others as “spineless”.

      I have also publicly expressed my personal distaste for the endless and absurd accusations about anyone posing as someone else or pretending to be a fan of another player. It’s utter and complete nonsense. It has nothing to do with any tennis discussion. It should not be permitted to continue because it creates a toxic atmosphere.

      That’s where I stand. I just thought it was time for me to state my point of view just this one time. I will not have anything more to say.

      I am going to go my best to move forward and try to stay on topic and contribute to quality tennis discussions.

      Finally, I did want to say that leaving is not the answer. Although it’s up to each one of us, I think if you leave then you deprive yourself of the joy and fun of engaging in great chats about players, matches and the drama and excitement of watching this sport.

      • Nny!…I am so sorry to hear what u have been through…i promise,i will be by your side from now on..for amy and for rc too…u guys means so much to me…we stick together k?

        • MA,

          You don’t have to be there for me in that sense. You have been there for me when it counted the most. When I was recovering.

          You weren’t even here then. You should not have to defend me or anyone else. It should not be allowed on the site. As soon as these comments are posted, they need to be deleted. This needs to stop. No one should have to fear and kind of bullying if they post here.

          • i don’t care Nny!…U know me…i have too much caring in myself…i just can’t ignore it if someone i cared got bullied in front of my eyes..just like i cared when you’re sick,this time is no different…i hate to hurt people,even they’re a mean people…so,i’ll do it my way…If Ricky wants to delete it..so be it..

      • Nny,

        Thank-you for explaining all of that to me. I’ve not considered you spineless but I’ll take your advice. It was Ricky and a couple others I had in mind. But using the word won’t help the situation, indeed.

        But I’m not naturally nice when trolled. Mira Andi sets the bar high. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt or offended you Nny. You have been patient with me on more than many occasions, I’m sure… thanks for putting up with me. Your input in anything on any topic is respected and appreciated.

        • rc & Nny!!….YAYYYYYY!!!!….Oh!How glad i am u guys once again in happy mood!…I knew from the start that rc not included Nny when she said “spineless” in her comment up there..and i knew Nny will always forgive us everytime we made a mistake or acted out of line once in a while…Nny,rc,amy!!..U guys r AWESOME!!!…Now,i feel like a very heavy weight just lifted from my shoulder!!…Oh God!!This is heaven!!..THANK U FOR BEING A GREAT HUMAN BEINGS GUYS!!…LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!!…LET’S HUG!!!!!…WOOOOHOOOOO!!!

        • rc,

          Thanks for your reply. I think you know that I like and respect you. There should be not doubt about that.

          I made my point about effective and prompt moderation. In the past I have tried my best to have people’s backs. But the only way to stop this is to delete these kinds of posts and nip it in the bud. If there are consequences then that should stop this behavior.

          I did want people to know that I tried to take action on my own by contacting Ricky. So at least I did make the effort.

          This has been an ongoing problem. I tried to get through to this person without any success. You need to do what feels right for you. I just wanted to put out there what I have done in the past and how I tried to handle it. I have had people’s backs, too. Others have had my back.

          It’s just a shame that this has to keep happening. Amy came here and was just talking about tennis and Rafa’s great win T RG. Then there was a totally unwarranted attack on her. We know the source of the problem. But there is only so much we can do.

          My message at the end was meant especially for you. I did not want you to leave. You have helped create this WTA forum. It’s a good thing! Let’s try to enjoy it.

          I am not as generous as MA. I don’t know that I could respond with kindness to someone who was attacking in that way. But I think the best thing we can do is to try and have some great discussions about women’s tennis here. Also men’s tennis on the rest of the forum.

          We should support each other. You have a fierce heart and a good soul.

  15. Hey rc,ToMMo!…Do u guys know that Angie pulled out from Birmingham because of hamstring?Thank God,Angie has the sense to pulled before she play…

    • Mira,

      Not even sure I want to pick either Birmingham or Mallorca. I remember this happening last year — too many last minute changes — it’s just impossible.
      My Birmingham bracket is already submitted – and I didn’t start a Mallorca one.

      ATP brackets are fine. Andy for London and …I don’t know about Federer. I went with Sascha again…for the time being. Cheers, AM. BOL everybody!

      • rc!!…What??what??What??….The QUEEN OF WTA don’t want to participate in Mallorca??oh no!!!…C’mon rc!!..Just pick!!…About the changes we can’t control about that rc…all we have to do is always check for the changes and hope for the best…I’m done in both Bracket…and i can feel that my sexy @ss will get kick once again by u or ToMMo!!hehehehe….

        • hahahaha I’m not the queen of WTA and most the time you kick my ass!!

          Both are picked but I still don’t know where Mladenovic, Cibulkoba, and Safarova, and of course there’s other problems. But I did it!! Have to check back and see if they fixed the draw but you know I’ll be asleep when they do it LOL

          It doesn’t matter. Mallorca I picked Azarenka, cos I’m so glad she’s back! And Birmingham…I won’t say because it will change in the next minute, hour or… No one stands out to me.

          • Yes!U r the Queen of WTA rc!!…And ToMMo is the King of WTA…Aaaaoooo!!…There’s one time when you’re not here..this site was sooooo lonely..only ToMMo came once in a while…and my new found interest in WTA plummeted down badly after that…maybe that’s why ToMMo said i’m not active here for a while…

            Btw,i picked Svitolina for Birmingham but at the same time wanna pick Petra as well…while for mallorca i picked kontaveit…But,i think i still want to change it…Bout Aza..yeah,very interested to see where her game is atm…

    • Vika looks fantastic! Not sure she’ll get the win over Konjuh tho, that match will be a good test for Vika on grass.

  16. And Congratulations to surprise winner in Nottingham, Donna Vekic, and the Ricoh Open winner, Anett Kontaveit.

    I’m calling it the Ostapenko Effect.

    • What??Konta lost rc???Oh my God!!…What a lost an opportunity for Konta to win in front of her home crowd…Then she must want to do well again in Birmingham…but,she have to face Mugu and Svitolina and petra and mladenovic en route to the championships…i don’t think she can do it…But,who knows…i have to edit back my Bracket…

      • Yes Konta lost in a tight one (I only tracked the score). Donna Vekic has transformed into a dangerous player! Ostapenko Effect = Donna saw how Ostapenko won FO and said, damn, I should be winning, I can beat her!

        • Yeah rc!!…You’re theory is soooo spot on!!….And watch out all the big gals…the underdog will start rampaging after this…

  17. Congrats rc for the Hertegenbosch’s trophy in the draw challenge. And for kpuppy in Nottingham. I couldn’t catch her/him in the end. πŸ˜€
    This week I take a little rest like Rafa! ahahahah πŸ˜€
    But next week I’ll participate again, and Wimbledon is coming soon…I can’t wait.
    Btw I was so happy about Kontaveit. Not so much about Vekic because I don’t like her so much yet but congrats to her too of course.
    I can’t wait Wimbledon!!

    • Thanka ToMMo. The probability of me guessing the winner outright like that again is very small! I’ll probably love Lucas Pouille for a long time now hahahaha

      Yes, get the rest you need and get ready for the big ONE, Wimbledon!
      I think it’s really heating up for great battle maybe between Azarenka and Kvitova but there’s lots of dark horses…figuratively πŸ˜€

      • Yeah it will be really hard to predict in Wimbledon…or on any grass court tournament.
        I don’t think that Azarenka can go really far in her first tournaments or in Wimbledon. But maybe she will prove that I’m wrong. πŸ™‚
        But I would be really glad for Kvitova. πŸ™‚
        Btw my instinct tells me that there is going to be another new Grand Slam Champion in Wimbledon.

  18. rc!…Our backside is about to get kick by Welshwitch & kpuppy on Birmingham Bracket!…If Petra win,then we’re doomed rc!!…Prepare to hide behind your couch okay???

  19. OMG…
    Have you seen Safarova vs Gavrilova…that was awesome. I mean…it was a quality match…maybe the match of the year but surely the match of the grass season so far. Ahh…there was a tremendous point…both girl deserved to go on but unfortunately somebody had to lose. Two of the most likeable persons in the WTA put a big fight on the table. If you can watch it back then do it. I couldn’t even bet on this match because I thought it can be a tough match but it’s been better.
    Btw I would be so glad if Gavrilova could be good in the whole year…I always loved the short blonde girls and I love her swag/style so I could easily fall in love with gavrilova if she will be a top player. πŸ˜€ She is capable of that I think. πŸ™‚

    • Oh God ToMMo!..You’re got it bad!!hahahahaha!!…I like Gavri as well…i love to see her chase the ball like a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ around the court…but i think her main obstacles to reach a latter stage in any competition or win anything is her height and her small stature…IMO,it’s hard to encounter the big hitter’s in Pliskova,Ostapenko,Petra,Serena and many more..This gals will toy her around with their hard balls and she will find it very hard to cover the courts with her small physique…same with simona,i think…

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