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Genie 7
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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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      • Hey ToMMo!You’re already filled your’s?Ermm…ToMMo,I’m not sure to join u guys this week…urgh!I feel so letdown Rafa losses yesterday that I don’t have any desire to participate in Bracket Challenge this week ToMMo…sorry okay? and thank u thank u thank u for reminding me about this buddy!..I hope u kick some backside out there ToMMo and I don’t mean rc or our friends in Jalep WG….Good luck ToMMo,rc and all our friends in JWG…C’mon!!

        • It’s okay. πŸ™‚ I was sad about Rafa too πŸ™
          About the challenge…When I filled it there was Konta and changed to Gavrilova so half of that is messed up in Charleston. πŸ˜€

          • Hey ToMMo!…About Konta..yeah,I just knew it this morning…I don’t understand this player…they’re must be feel something earlier and they should pull out much sooner from any event just so they don’t troubled those who’s already plan to see them play…or in our case messed up with our pick!!Hope your bracket not suffer much ToMMo!

            Btw…Are u a rafa fans as well ToMMo?I never see u post a comment on TG except WTA…

            • Of course. I am 100% Rafa fan. πŸ™‚ But I respect Federer too very much. And some others too. I love the bests of ATP but I don’t know much about the lower ranked players.
              I know a lot about WTA because I write tips and blogging a little bit on a hungarian betting site. That’s why I prefer this WTA section. πŸ™‚

            • Oh ToMMo!I can’t believe you’re a Rafa fans like me!!hahaha!..I wish you contribute on ATP as well..the more the merrier…but I respect your knowledge on WTA just like I respect rc’s…

            • ToMMo!hahaha..thanks buddy for the compliment!..But hey…Bracket’s is just pure luck ToMMo…we predict and if we’re lucky..we’re right..and if not…then we’re doomed!!hehe….When I wrote this,i still didn’t check out your’s but I will later…hope your Bracket’s will doing better and better ToMMo!VAMOS ToMMo!!!Wooohoooo!!

  1. Hey ToMMo!…Congrats to u,caro still alive…hope she win this but Mirjana also looks dangerous…Ostapenko also can give a threat if she’s in the mood…

  2. Watching the Charleston final…thinking maybe the only one I know that’s more excited about Ostapenko vs Kasatkina is Mary Carrillo lol

    Ostapenko is the 2014 Wimbledon junior champion and Kasatkina is the 2014 French Open champion. You can see it in their styles: Ostapenko with the bigger better serve and aggressive mindset and Kasatkina with the better footwork, movement and defense. Ostapenko has about a three inch height advantage.

    Kasatkina says her idol is Rafa. I’m not sure Ostapenko has one…hope it’s not Gulbis πŸ˜€

    Nerves are a pretty big problem for both right now… and I think the one who can stay focused and keep the coolest head…my guess is the Russian. Gosh I love these two!

  3. This title is a huge deal for both!! Ostapenko needs the ranking points the most ranked at #66 (she was ranked in the low thirties at one point last year)

    Kasatkina gets the first set; too many errors for Jelena Ostapenko.

  4. Filled out my brackets πŸ™‚ Bogota and Biel for WTA and Houston and Marrakesh ATP. Picked Verdasco to win Houston! (I could use some helpful hints lol)

    Oh… not a good performance from Ostapenko – too many nerves to serve like yesterday vs Lucic-Baroni.

    • I was so happy about Dasha’s win. She really deserved it and played like a real champion. She had good tactics. She played like an adult. She is not a little girl anymore. πŸ™‚ I hope she will win many other titles soon.

  5. Petra Kvitova on April 17: “Hello everyone! I wanted to provide a quick (and hopefully positive) update for you. My name will appear on the entry list for Roland Garros tomorrow because, as the entry deadline approached, I had made good progress in my recovery process and I want to give myself every last opportunity to be able to compete at one of my favourite events. This unfortunately does not mean necessarily that I will be ready to play in Paris, but that I’m doing everything possible to give myself the chance and keep a positive mindset. There remains a long road ahead but I wanted to share this update with you. Thanks for your continued support and I hope to see you soon.”


  6. Danielle Rossingh‏ @DRossingh 7m7 minutes ago
    As we are now in week 16 of 2017, this means Serena Williams won her 23rd slam in Australia in early pregnancy. #doublewow


  7. Maria Shriekapova turns 30 today!

    Looks like she might have a nice birthday present…

    “A Russian state medical agency says it has found new and improved alternatives to meldonium, the banned substance for which tennis star Maria Sharapova tested positive.

    Federal Medical-Biological Agency head Vladimir Uiba says Russia has found “several drugs which are not banned and work significantly better than meldonium,” in comments carried by Russian news agencies.”


  8. jalep_wildguess Stuttgart and Istanbul brackets ready for picking πŸ™‚


    Stuttgart: I’m stubbornly staying with Kerber FTW. She has to win sometime!
    Aga’s draw is unlucky — she has Sharapova.
    Halep is my runner-up.

    Istanbul: Svitolina should make it through for the win — that’s my guess. ?

    • As usually we are almost on the same page again dear ratcliff. πŸ™‚

      Svitolina for the win in Istanbul, and Begu is my runner-up, but Mertens, Babos, Cepelova can be good too.

      In Stuttgart: I picked Halep for the win and Kasatkina is my runner-up. πŸ™‚
      I think this is the tournament where Halep can win again, and she was very good in the FED Cup weekend on clay. Of course Kerber and Sharapova can be good here too…and we can not underestimate Pliskova, Kuznetsova or Cibulkova. I think it will be a great tournament this year.
      I am sorry about Aga, but I don’t see that she could go far here.

      • Oh nice picks for Stuttgart ToMMo! Yes, I was happy to see Simona did well in Fed Cup clay. Kasatkina, I love her too and she’s capable of beating Kerber! ( and there’s still time to change my picks for Stuttgart).

        The qualifiers in Stuttgart could cause some upsets or they might be worn out, by the looks of the three setter played: Ostapenko, Osaki, Kontaveit, (I don’t know Korpatsch)

        Yeah…bad draw for Aga. I try hard to be realistic sometimes haha…

  9. Nice tournaments this week. πŸ™‚
    I think Mlado can beat Sharapova, but it will be an interesting match.
    Just saw that I have pretty good chances to win the Istanbul bracket in jalep_wildguess. πŸ˜€ But in Stuttgart kpuppy is quite far away. πŸ˜€ Maybe if Halep can win the whole tournament as I thought it in the beginning.
    Nice semi-finals btw in both tournaments. I couldn’t even pick a winner of the Mertens – Begu match…In the bracket I picked Begu, but she doesn’t play well so Mertens has a chance to get into the finals. πŸ™‚

    • Would have liked to see it! But I have no way of watching WTA right now.

      Congas Elina Svitolina in Istanbul.

      And Laura Siegemund edges out Kiki Mladenovic in Stuttgart!

      It’s a little crazy. Siegemund barely makes a blip all year but she shines the last two years in Stuttgart. Can she win a clay tournament other Tha in Stuttgart? Do I start picking her deep ?

    • Thanks Mira Andi! πŸ™‚ GL for everybody. I already filled my Madrid bracket.
      I had a tough week so I couldn’t participate in Prague and Rabat… but I am here again. And after I could win the Istanbul bracket I’ve become hungry so I want to win Madrid too muhahahaha πŸ˜€
      Btw It’s hard when you don’t even know who comes up to the main bracket from qualies.
      Good Luck for everybody! I am really curious about how will the things go in Madrid. The French Open is coming soon and some of the girls are still in bad form on clay. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey ToMMo!!It’s really really good to be able to chat with u again!..oh wait,wait!…check this out ToMMo!…It’s for u coz u’ve won Istanbul…


    Hey..rc also doing good in ATP..she’s really really kick my backside real hard in Barca and MC!..Man,i didn’t know she can kick that hard!!..Ouch!I can’t sit for days!!..hahaha!….Hey,ToMMo…good luck to u once again buddy!..I hope u will repeat your excellency like in Istanbul,k?…Race u to the top ToMMo!!!hahaha…

    • Thanks for the present MA! πŸ˜€
      Yeah RC can kick ass in WTA and ATP brackets too. πŸ˜€
      I always forget about ATP brackets… But I’ll make a try in Madrid I think. πŸ™‚

  11. You’re most welcome ToMMo!!..about ATP..oh,please do ToMMo!..The more the merrier…can’t wait to see u there ToMMo!


    (aside: why is WTA section relegated under Social section on TG. Just sayin’. discuss…)

    • The handshake was simply deliciously divine BTW. Exquisite.

      It was the best handshake you’ve ever seen. Believe me.

      • Genie’s post match interview: she commented about the loads of support messages and how it inspired her to fight πŸ™‚
        GO GENIE!

        Who is next?

        • No. I did not see the match. I mean the confidence she started out with…when she was winning big and had her Genie Army cheering her on (2014-15). She has been mentally side-tracked for a long time, imo. There’s never been a question about her athletic ability and talent. The question was more about her emotional maturity and choices.

          I listened to her post match interview and saw highlights …I loved her energy!

          • It was all down hill mentally after her loss in the Wimbledon final. Plus she lost a lot of weight under sponsorship pressure. Then she mentally collapsed.

            A lot of that in tennis.

  13. I hope Simona will win this tournament. Crazy week btw. πŸ™‚
    Manwerty was awesome in the bracket challenge. It will be a well deserved win on a crazy week for him. πŸ™‚

  14. Hey ToMMo!….or should i say..”Hey stranger!”..hehehe…Where did u go ‘all these years’?Btw…3rd place is not so bad ToMMo…i think u have the chance to move to 2nd if Simona win…Let’s hope so k?

    Oh…Btw,do u recognize that crezzy women that taking the 5th place?Urgh!!Kick her backside harder ToMMo!This is your chance!!hehehehawhaw…

    • I was lost in space. πŸ˜€ Anyway I’m glad I found this section on this site. I like all the comments here. And of course that bracket challenge is fun. Of course I realized that. πŸ™‚
      Rome is coming btw!!
      And I can’t wait to see Rafa against Nole again today. It’s a nice weekend. πŸ™‚

      • Hey ToMMo!Finally!!hahaha…Yeah,i’m glad you’re here too…but,it’s kinda empty without the Queen of WTA[psstt!it’s rc!who else ToMMo!]…WTA section seems dead nowadays..oh well!

        I can’t wait to see the result between Simona and kiki….i wish Simona win..her stand over Bouchard/Maria saga makes me respect her very very much ToMMo…She’s pretty inside out!

        Oh!You’re already pick for Rome ToMMo?And u didn’t pick for Madrid ATP…do it for Rome okay?U hear me??

        • Okay m8 I try the ATP too again. πŸ˜€
          Of course rc is the Queen but where is she?
          Btw Simona got a huge win yesterday. I’m happy for her. πŸ™‚

          • Great ToMMo!..I hope when i wrote u this you’re already done with your pick,because from where i live it shows 1 hour left…

            Btw….Many congrats t u ToMMo for the 2nd place!And for Simona too!Yay!!!!…As for rc,i heard she can’t access the WTA section on her phone..and her laptop still trouble…I hope she can come here soon…

  15. Poor Kasatkina… πŸ™ She was absolutely winning that match…Strycova was a mess…and then this injury… I hope she won’t miss the whole clay season because of this. :/

  16. Maria Sharapova: French Open decides against giving former champion a wildcard

    Maria Sharapova will not play at the French Open after tournament officials decided not to give the two-time champion a wildcard.

    The Russian, 30, was ranked too low to gain direct entry as she continues her return from a 15-month drugs ban.

    “If there can be a wildcard for the return from injuries, there cannot be a wildcard for the return from doping,” said French tennis chief Bernard Giudicelli Ferrandini.

    The French Open begins on 28 May.

    Sharapova had been hoping to receive a wildcard either into the main draw or the qualifying tournament.

    The former world number one has not played a Grand slam tournament since she tested positive for heart disease drug meldonium at the 2016 Australian Open.

    That brought an initial two-year ban, later reduced to 15 months as the Court of Arbitration for Sport found she was not an “intentional doper”.

    Sharapova returned to action without a ranking last month and has since risen to 211 in the world after receiving wildcards in Stuttgart, Madrid and Rome.

    That will be enough to at least earn a qualifying spot at Wimbledon next month, but her presence at Roland Garros was in the hands of the French Tennis Federation (FFT).

    “I’m very sorry for Maria, very sorry for her fans,” added Giudicelli Ferrandini, president of the French Tennis Federation.

    “They might be very disappointed, she might be very disappointed, but it’s my responsibility, my mission, to protect the high standards of the game played without any doubt on the result.”


    • Oh, piffle. If Maria was French she’d get a wild card into the main draw. But if and when she beat a Frenchwoman or three there’d be hell to pay.

      • How is the high standard of the French Open protected by not giving Sharpie a wild card? I dislike this pretence of moral high standards. More outrageous is the claim that his mission is to “to protect the high standards of the game played without any doubt on the result.” So how will he do that next year when she is in all probability ranked top 4? He will have to let her play. So what happens then to the doubt? He is a pompous hypocrite. So why did he let Gasquet play who was doping on cocaine?

    • This is why I am not doing the women’s bracket. It’s been so crazy with the women and you never know what is going to happen from one tournament to the next.

      Kerber is struggling, so is Mugu, Radwansk, Keys is injured, Sharpova injured. No one is stepping up consistently.

      • Agree Nny!!hahaha…but Angie,like Andy is struggling for quite sometime now..incidentally,both of them are No 1…hope they’re both will rise from this slumping form immediately…it pains me to see them struggling like this….especially Andy…

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