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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. Okay…today is THE DAY. πŸ™‚
    I bet for Kerber and Pliskova for sure.
    Wozniacki can beat Keys. She is really on fire now.
    I think Sveta will beat Garcia there won’t be another upset by the french.
    Svitolina can beat Muguruza as she did it twice last year. And she wasn’t as good as now.
    And there are two toss up matches but I think Peng can beat Venus. The american wasn’t as good last night. Lucie was very bad.
    And I go with Nastia over Cibulkova in the last one. But it can be a great match.

    • Today is the day, Round of 16 (I won’t be able to watch the afternoon matches)
      Appreciate all match comments!

      Oh no, ToMMo…I must part with you again about the Frenchies πŸ˜‰

      Garcia over Kuznetsova (odds do favor Sveta)
      Mladenovic over Davis
      Kerber over Vesnina
      Wozniacki over Keys
      Pliskova over Bacsinszky
      Svitolina over Muguruza (could be closer than I think)

      also have to pick different from you on the one of the toss up matches*
      Cibulkova over Nastia*

      Peng over Venus (But Venus may think she can win IW by now, seriously πŸ˜€

      • I think Svitolina/Mugu will be a close one. I not sure about that one.

        Woz should win. Kerber to win her match. Pliskova should win.

        Mladenovic over Davis.

        Not sure about Kuznetsova/Garcia.

        I am going with Cibulkova.

  2. So ratcliff…report of the first match. πŸ™‚

    Kuznetsova completely annihilated Garcia. She just couldn’t do anything with Sveta’s high bouncing balls. But for the record…it wasn’t Garcia’s day. She didn’t play well and sometimes she was unlucky too.

    • I don’t know why I was so unsure about Kuznetsova/Garcia. I guess because I picked Konta over Garcia and she lost. It was no contest.

      I am recording the tennis because I have a doctor’s appointment. Rafa should be up next now that Kuznetsova won. I don’t want to miss Rafa!

        • Pavlyuchenkova actually played better than Cibulkova. I thought that about Domi’s previous matches. It wasn’t enough today. Nastia had much more winners.
          Rafa was great against Verdasco btw. πŸ™‚
          And the Peng – Williams match is really a toss up.

  3. Wozniacki played awesome. Just like Federer in the old times. Get the break and get it done.
    Mladenovic was good too btw.
    Svitolina’s loss is a little surprise for me but I think it’s because she played a lot lately and she’s condition isn’t as good. As it seemed in her first match. But she needed those tournaments to get into the top10 so it’s reasonable.
    Kerber is an absolutely dissapointment…AGAIN…Vesnina played a lot better than a day before but still Kerber…Woz would win this match easily. She just can’t handle this #1 thing when everybody wants to defeat him and playing better than usually.

    • ToMMo,

      Thanks for filling me in. Working a later shift this week until Thursday so I missed all of it. What a mess. And you were right about Nastia over Cibby. Anyway, I can’t believe that Venus and all her bandages is still in. I’m really beginning to think she could win — I’m done picking against her this IW!! Nice to hear Mladenovic and Woz are playing well.

      Only two matches today
      Pliskova over Muguruza (I’m staying with Karolina – but Garbine has gone a lot farther than I thought she would in IW. Last year she said she didn’t want to be there)

      Kuznetsova over Pavlyuchenkova (lol, and I though Kuznetsova was injured)

      Andi Mira will win the Bracket if Pliskova wins…she called it right with Kuznetsova and Woz making the SF. Then there’s the clever Woz pickers πŸ˜‰

      But I shouldn’t project or assume …Venus, Kuznetsova, Woz, Mugu, Kiki…highly doubt Vesnina, but gosh, anything can happen.

      Very disappointed with Kerber and Svitolina.

  4. Two Quarterfinals today

    Wozniacki over Mladenovic (that’s my pick but I won’t get to watch it and it should be a good one)

    Venus Williams over Elena Vesnina (not picking against Venus again πŸ˜€

    Cheers everyone — Go Wozzie!

  5. I just can’t find the words…I know it is a WTA section but OMG Rafa vs Roger… I really just can’t find the words… πŸ˜€
    When Rafa was a young boy he had nothing to lose and he could surprise the world number one. Now it seems like the opposite. πŸ˜€ Rafa still has time to be the best again but Roger won’t be younger and he plays like this way. Now he has nothing to lose and it was an excellent game. He almost missed nothing… That was unbelievable performance from Federer. It’s a pleasure to see both of them on court. πŸ™‚

  6. Roger must be the GOAT at this moment in time .He always had a mental block against Nadal , now he seems much more relaxed and enjoying it.

  7. So, I think Sveta can beat Vesnina. Last time when Elena had to play in the afternoon she struggled with the heat against Babos. It can be another tough one for her. And Kuznetsova is more experienced on this level.
    The bracket challenge was nice. πŸ™‚ Ratcliff and Nny we are pretty close to each other. πŸ˜€ And Farah Diba owned.
    Looking forward to Miami.

  8. Hey ToMMo!…I heard someone miss me pretty bad!Hmm…i wonder who it is??But it’s AWESOME to be missed!!..hehehe..hey…btw,it’s a surprise contestant in the final yes?although i’m always knew Kuz have an ability to sneak at anytime…she’s that good!…who do u think will win ToMMo?My choice is Sveta…

    • Hey Mira Andi! I thought maybe you got bored with the bracket challenge because it’s too easy for you πŸ˜€ Happy you are back and I hope you are in for Miami.

      ToMMo, Clearly I didn’t know how to pick Miami ATP or WTA. It’s a surprise final and I’m leaning toward the underdog…Elina Vesnina. ESPN is actually showing the match now.

      • Hey rc….i have to congratulate u as well for take 2nd place behind Amit…and thanks for the congrats u gave on the other site…Ermm..about Miami,i’m not sure yet…maybe going to pull out..citing fatigue,fingers injury or lack of motivation or self belief…not sure which one yet…

        • Mira Andi ??
          Aw…seriously? You are the Angel here? It’s not the same without you, you know. You’ve been bossing the WTA brackets. Actually I think manwerty took second in the ATP bracket. I should hope so — he picked Federer!
          The WTA draw should be commencing soon in Miami.

          Sorry about Andy and Nole both with elbow injuries

          • Yeah,you’re right rc!manwerty took 2nd..so,congrats manwerty!..but for a while you’re also bossing ATP,until Amit made his last surge!..clearly Amit is over the moon at the mo…he won bracket and Rog won IW…and yeah..sorry to hear about Novak,rc…but i guess,as a player,nobody can escape from getting injured,it’s just a matter of time…Hope they’re both will recover in time for MC…

  9. Vesnina is making a match of it – or…she’s trying to. I thought this was over when Sveta was up a set and had a 4-1 lead in the second.

    Bah…Vesnina was up 5-4 and choked serving for the second set. I think she blew her chance to get the set. 5 all now. Sveta has more experience in these big matches.

  10. Miami Open‏Verified account @MiamiOpen Mar 16
    emoji unicode: 26a0 Draw announcements emoji unicode: 26a0

    Women’s draw will be announced Sunday evening.

    Men’s draw will be announced Monday afternoon.

    Miami Eastern Standard Time (Sunday Evening for WTA)

    • ^^ meant – US Eastern Daylight time, rather.

      Vesnina got the second set. apparently it’s like over 40C on the court out there – miserable heat. But if I had the shot at a IW title…

  11. Such a sweet winner’s speech from Elena Vesnina ? Congrats to Elina on her biggest singles win. She says thirty is the new twenty!! πŸ˜€

    I think these big tournaments where Serena, Vika, Petra, (and have to admit, Maria S.) are unable to play, the field is wide open!

    Already wondering who to choose for Miami — ?

    • It was a nice match for Vesnina. But I don’t know how was Kuznetsova more tired than her. The match was in Sveta’s hand. But congrats to Elena. She is such a nice player on the tour. πŸ™‚
      I think Miami will be better to choose. The two finalists won’t go far so we can pull out two big names. πŸ˜€ And Pliskova, Svitolina, Muguruza, so the young ones, and Wozie, Kerber, Aga, Halep now even more hungry for a title. πŸ™‚
      I believe that another great tournament coming.

  12. Hey ToMMo…U didn’t participate in Bracket Challenge?Aww…I am looking forward to race with u again ToMMo!It’s no fun when u and Nny also missing…

  13. I started to fill the bracket a few minutes before 16:00 CET…And I thought I can do it until 16:30 because that was the time when the first match started…I filled the bracket then it “told me” I’m out of time :/ πŸ™ I forgot to fill it in the morning… I am pissed of myself.

    • I really wanted to win arghghrgh πŸ˜€ How could I forget to fill the bracket in time…anyway good luck for everybody. We can talk about the mathces here that is good too. πŸ™‚

      • That’s alright ToMMo!Don’t be upser okay?There’ll be many bracket challenge after this…i’ll be waiting with a red carpet embroiled especially with your name on it k?

          • Hey ToMMo,buddy!…make sure you’re complete your pick for ATP in time k?It’s only a couple of hours left!Hope we’re not get kicked too hard this time ToMMo!hehehe…good luck to u and rc as well!Woooohooooo!!Bring it on!!

    • I’ve totally messed up this week. I wanted to fill it after lunch then I had to go to a meeting at work…But I didn’t think that it will take so much time. Just arrived home. So I completely missed Miami………
      Even If I am not a factor in the ATP bracket. I’m much more pissed of because I missed the WTA bracket.
      Sorry mates.
      But we can still talk about the matches here I hope. And your brackets confirmed my betting tips today on Parmentier and Puig. πŸ™‚

      • hello ToMMo…I miss your bracket picks, matie! I’ve used to do the ATP 1000 when the ATP offered a masters 1000 bracket challenge contest way back in 2009-2011, or 2012 when they stopped doing it. I don’t remember ever doing well during IW/Miami! Almost skipped this week…because I knew I’d suck,lol.

        • Miss Nny’s picks this week too πŸ™

          I love having a look at how everyone picks.

          Meanwhile, wow Donna Vekic is smashing poor Qiang Wang. I think maybe it’s time to take Vekic seriously?? maybe??

            • Vekic? I’ve always thought she could be very good if she got serious. And Bouchard we know has the talent and is capable since 2014 but I’m just waiting for her to put it all together again before I start picking for more than one round. I knew Ashleigh Barty would be possibly too much for her. But the score appears like Genie is doing better than I expected!!

            • Bouchard is one of the hottest tennis players on court. And when she realized it that she can earn money and fame with this I don’t see the fire of the champions in her eyes. She has good days sometimes but I don’t know If she will be in the top10 ever again.
              As a man I have to tell that this set of clothes what she’s wearing at the moment is extremely hot. πŸ˜€ As the weather is hot too. πŸ˜€

            • hahhaha….Bouchard is blessed or cursed…however on looks at it but …yeah, as a female…she is certainly is hot, I can see it. And it must make it hard to prioritize all her time on tennis when she can easily earn money with a lot less physical effort!

          • rc,

            I did reveal a few days ago that I was hospitalized with a medical emergency. Hence, not being able to do the bracket challenge this time.

            I will be back for the clay season.

      • Hey ToMMo…You’re right on betting with Parmentier but Puig?..hehe..sorry about that..but i think a few names that shouldn’t lose but they did..such as Kristina Pliskova[considering she’s in form player this last month],Alize Cornet,M.Doi,J.Ostapenko…but..yeah,this is tennis i guess..always unpredictable…

          • Wasn’t Kontaveit a qualifier?

            And I rarely pick Cirstea because of her ongoing shoulder trouble. However, she’s still very good even if not quite as powerful on serve and forehand as she used to be.

            • Yeah Kontaveit was a qualifier. And she was very good in the qualies here, and she was also good in Indian Wells too. And it was a lucky draw because her opponent Nara was a qualifier too. πŸ˜€

        • rc,

          It’s okay! I am out of the hospital and doing much better.

          But I didn’t want you to think that I just skipped the bracket challenges. I am going to be here commenting on the matches and making regular predictions as the matches come up.

          I honestly don’t know who I would have picked among the women to win Miami. Things are in flux and upsets seem to be the order of the day. Look at the finalists for IW! Who would have thought!

          • Well Kuznetsova isn’t too much of a shocker but certainly Vesnina was!! It’s hard to know. I’m having a sick day today and was able to catch a glimpse of Aga Radwanska, whom I picked to the final because I’ve been anxiously waiting to turn on the magic. But she appears weak and even thinner than her usual. Maybe it’s wedding jitters or second thoughts…she doesn’t appear herself. πŸ™

  14. Steffi and Monica were two beauties with huge games, and certainly had hearts of champions, they had the talent and the dedication to back it up, there in lies the difference JMO though ….

  15. Thursday Picks…..NOT necessarily my bracket picks!

    Lucic-Baroni over Bondarenko
    Pliskova over Brengle (but I’m worried about Karoline)
    Flipkens over Konjuh
    Safarova over Gavrilova
    Cibulkova over Cepede
    Errani over Zhang
    Whitthoeft over Putintseva
    Pavlyuchenkova over Shvedova
    Radwanska over Wang
    Vandeweghe over Cepelova (go Cepelova!)
    Svitolina over Mattek-Sands
    Strycova over Larsson
    Vesnina over Tomljanovic
    Wozniacki over Lepchenko
    Cirstea over Sevastova (Cirstea got an impressive win over Puig yesterday)
    Muguruza over McHale

    • Almost the same for me again. πŸ™‚
      But I think Zhang will beat Errani, and as you said Cepelova can take that win against Vandeweghe. And I also have some worries about Cibulkova against Cepede.

      • Indeed same worries about Cibby vs the Paraguayan, Cepede.
        Also worried about Aga, as usual!!
        And Bondarenko over Lucic-Baroni — Lucic-Baroni is a dodgy pick.

      • One of the problem’s picking Miami was I had no clue where the qualifiers would go for this WTA main draw bracket. Sometimes there’s some very good qualifiers!

        For the ATP bracket there was plenty of time to get the qualifiers placed in the main draw beforehand.

      • And Errani…She’s simply a favorite of mine, as is Roberta Vinci and the unpredictable Camila Giorgi. Errani barely has a serve or a weapon other than her speed (if healthy) and her wits.

        Wow, Lucic-Baroni made it!

          • I really don’t know how Errani was ever in top5… Even if when she was younger and faster, healthier, maybe stronger too. Her spin was tricky and she can still surprise some young ones, but usually she has no weapon nowadays.

            • Wozzie looks very good in the red and white tennis dress. And she’s crushing Lepchenko.

              Phew!! Aga made it through her match. Ahh I can relax now until she faces Lucic-Baroni next match ?

  16. Yes, I just saw the score and Mattek-Sands is winning easily over Svitolina. Even Mary Carrillo was surprised when she saw that one!

    It’s like nobody is dominating right now.

    • Nny,

      “It’s like nobody is dominating right now.”

      Yes….there’s no one dominating. And I do like it very much…it does make it nearly impossible to pick the QF, SF, and Final, though!!

  17. Who ya got for Friday?

    Halep over Osaka (fingers crossed for Simona! Osaka could blow her off the court if she’s on her mark)

    Babos over Parmentier (Going against my bracket pick choosing Timea; not sure why I went with parmentier. Maybe a close match, anyway)

    Vinci over Townsend
    Muguruza over McHale? (Mugu lost the first set to Christine 6-0! But the match was rained out. Maybe Mugu can come out a more inspired player.)

    Cirstea over Sevastova (also affected by the rain. They are in a first set tiebreaker – It’s an even match.

    Strycova over Larsson
    Tomljanovic over Vesnina (the last leftover match from yesterday’s rain delay. Tomljanovic was in the third set, serving for the match at 5-3.

    Kuznetsova over Minella
    Begu over Arruabarrena
    Keys over Golubic
    Kontaveit over Makarova
    Peng over Garcia
    Konta over Sasnovich
    Goerges over Suarez-Navarro
    Barty over Stosur
    Mladenovic over Tig

    Kasatkina over Roger ( but this could go either way)
    Kerber over Duan
    Bertens over Ozaki
    Venus over Haddad Maia*

    * In case you are like me and are wondering who is Beatrice Haddad Maia?:

  18. Hey rc…u watch Mugu vs mchale?What’s up with her?She played a very bad game?If so,why?And does McHale played a very good game?I picked her twice before rc,and twice she disappoint me..and now,when i didn’t pick her..suddenly she knows how to play tennis!!Urgh!!…she knew i picked Mugu over her or what?

    • I watched some of it. Mugu isn’t reliable — neither is McHale. You just have to take a wild guess and go for one of them! lol, seriously. That’s why I named the group, jalep_wildguess! Especially right now were in a period of who knows…There’s very little skill involved …knowing a player in general helps, but not always. Cheers MA…You have the magic right now — enjoy it while it lasts πŸ˜€

    • A note about Tomljanovic…her serve looked good – so I don’t know if it’s her shoulder still bothering her or she’s probably being cautious with it. Her right thigh had heavy taping on it but she won in straight sets over Vesnina 3-6, 6-4, 7-5. The only reason I picked a possibly tired Vesnina over AliTom was because I thought her serve would be a problem. I love AliTom!

      Little Simona escaped in 3 sets vs Naomi Osaka, Yay!

      Oh, McHale and Muguruza are on Tennis Channel now. McHale is serving for the match right now but Mugu saved match points and broke back. It’s 5-5 in the 2nd set. McHale won the first set last night 6-0, oddly.

  19. Hey rc!What’s wrong with underdogs today?They’re seems on fire!Heck my picked champions here was taken out by one bulldog named Maria Tig!!Urgh!i told u my bracket will not last for long!!hehehe….Good luck to u sis!

    • Oh yes, MA! Maria Tig is another dangerous Romanian – she can get hot… we’ll see

      Also had to put Mladenovic on the watch list to pick with caution! She didn’t do too bad in Indian Wells but she was very poor in Miami.

      • rc!if only u told me this BEFORE i picked her!..But hey…this is the time u have the chance to kick my ass!hehehe…Kick it harder rc!woohooo!!It’s too bad ToMMo missed his chance this time around…hehehe..

        • You are hilarious, MA! I like to remain behind you…so I can keep my eye on you..hehehe

          Adding to the list of inconsistent or gone cold, pick with caution:
          Bertens, Kasatkina, Suarez-Navarro, and Caroline Garcia.

  20. Going to keep a list of those who went out early in Miami (as a reminder note):
    Siegemund, Kristyna Pliskova, Pironkova, Niculescu, Bencic, Kovinic. Tsurenko, Gibbs, Doi, Beck, Jankovic, Wickmayer, Ostapenko, Petkovic, Watson, Bouchard, Vekic, Chirico, Davis, Linette, Cornet, Erakovic, Dodin, Riske, Nara, Puig

    Inconsistent and choose with caution list: Brengle, Konjuh, Gavrilova, Errani, Shvedova, Svitolina, Vandeweghe, Vinci, Sevastova, Begu, Mladenovic, Barty.

    More to come…

    • Qualies who are winning and making waves in Miami:

      1) Anett Kontaveit qualified and beat Karumi Nara and Ekaterina Makarova!

      2) Patricia Maria Tig qualified and took out Heather Watson and Kiki Mladenovic!

      3) Jana Cepelova qualified and beat Petkovic and Vandeweghe!

      4) Aliaksandra Sasnovich qualifier who beat Alize Cornet and pushed Johanna Konta to the brink!

      5) Taylor Townsend qualifier who beat wild card Anisimova and Roberta Vinci.

    • rc…when MC come,you’re also have to make a list who’s got the best game on the red dirt…i don’t know a thing which player who’s got the speciality on the red dirt and who’s not rc!I make a pick like i am a blind women right now rc,let alone for clay!..Arghhh!!..i don’t know who’s to choose!

      • Okay boss. πŸ˜€ Let’s get ready for Clay Season. Scrap this Indian Well/Miami hot, funky weather, hard court BS and get to the dirt!

        The reigning Queen of Roland Garros is Garbine Muguruza…(yikes) – off the top of my head Shelby Rogers and Kiki Bertens come to mind – Lucie Safarova and Svetlana Kuznetsova, have done well…Serena and Sharapova, of course. I’ll have to think about it more…later this weekend. And I’m up for suggestions!

          • Tooth is bad but we won’t get into it here, okay? I’ll get it fixed during normal business hours. Meanwhile, I’m on pain meds…fixed to watch tennis! Gives me a good excuse to stay in bed πŸ˜‰ I’ll post on non-tennis…..

            It’s the daily picking time!!

      • How many Clay Court Tournaments on the WTA yearly? That’s a question I don’t know: but I’ll check. I know that the Charleston tournament follows directly after Miami and is a 470 point one on green clay; which they say plays quicker than red clay. Here’s a link to all the clay court tournaments per year.
        The first one of the season (winter was Rio) for 280
        Spring Clay tournaments upcoming:
        Charleston 470
        Bogota 280
        Stuttgart 470
        Marrakech 280
        Prague 280
        Madrid 100
        Rome 900
        Strasbourg 280
        Nurembourg 280
        French Open 2000

        And there’s a few summer clay tournaments after Wimbledon.

        This is the WTA page for the ranking points/tournament.

        This link tells you how many points the tournaments are

  21. Saturday Picks —
    who you got???

    Pavlyuchenkova over Mattek-Sands
    Safarova over Tomljanovic
    Muguruza over Zhang
    Radwanska over Lucic-Baroni errrrrrgh ??
    Strycova over Cepelova ( or the other way around!)
    Cibulkova over Flipkens
    Pliskova over Putintseva
    Wozniacki over Cirtea

  22. rc…Mattek-Sands suddenly on fire!Man!…WTA sure unpredictable!One day they’re cool like cucumber and the next..boom!..there goes my bracket!!Sheeshh!!….Argh!stress!!…and you’re still behind me rc!!!hehehe…run!!..catch me now rc!!

    • Qualifiers…are still alive …Risa Ozaki…remember the name! πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I didn’t even do daily picks for fear of qualifier Taylor Townsend beating Kuznetsova. Now worried about Kerber losing to Shelby Rogers!

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