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Current tournament: Montreal

Next tournament: Cincinnati

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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. Hawkeye and Vamosrafa

    Two of my most loved and best posters here:

    hope both of you had memorable and happy birthdays!

    No corny Birthday song from me this year …your welcome 😀 But almost posted one lol

    • Ditto about you and vr, rc!

      Great birthday for me. Lots of fantastic sushi! Yum! And amazing birthday cake. Nice pressies to top it all off.

      Thanks for the wishes! ?????

      Fight the good fight and be well!

    • always a pleasure to have you here, RC. Such a great addition to tenngrand you have been! Many thanks for the wishes.

      Hawkeye, hope you stick around during the USO!

      Cheers guys and VAMOS RAFA!

  2. On Tuesday, Rafa visited the Cosentino City located in Manhattan. It’s a showroom of Cosentino, a manufacturer of architectural surfaces, which have been used for various facilities of Rafa’s academy in Mallorca and his restaurants TATEL & ZELA in Madrid, Miami and Ibiza. He also visited the Cosentino City last year.
    Rafa (officially his academy) has a sponsorship deal with Cosentino.
    The Cosentino website: ¤¤ Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture.
    Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands to more than 80 countries, directly controlling and managing its facilities in over 20 countries from its headquarters in Almería, (Spain), and owns more than 20 of these facilities. ¤¤

    Rafa looks gorgeous 🙂 :



    • MA,

      Thanks for this link! I know that vr especially would approve of it! He’s been talking about Rafa’s improved second serve all season!

      Really good analysis!


  3. Hehe…You’re welcome Nny!…Interesting read right?..and yeah..we all know that VR & Lucky would love to read this…Hope Rafa can continue with this trend in USO…

    • MA,

      Did you check out the video vr posted below? It looked like Rafa had a problem with his knees while practicing. But he was okay!

      Phew! Now I can breathe!

      Please Rafa stay healthy!

      • Yeah Nny!…I already saw the vid earlier…hope his knees can hold up for the next 2 gruelling weeks..tho,to be honest..his knees are not the only problem that i’m worry about atm Nny…So nervous to see his perfomance at USO…

      • You’re most welcome VR…When i read that article..u & Lucky came to my mind…i knew you’re very interested with that article…

    • okay, so I found a longer clip of the set he played against Verdasco! He looked fine after a few seconds of limping and grimacing. Pheww!

        • vr,

          You nearly gave me a heart attack with that original video! Scary!

          But the longer video seems to show that Rafa was okay. It’s like Rafa fans can never relax!

          • lol sorry NNY! I was also scared but then found the longer video. He seemed to be fine and was hitting well! The camera angle captured the spin on his shots and the second serve so well.

            • vr,

              No need to be sorry! We should know what’s going on with Rafa! It’s always our biggest fear.

              I appreciated that you found the longer video showing him continuing with his practice. That was reassuring. Maybe it was just a little niggle. We know how hard Rafa practices!

              I hope he can play himself into good form here. Fingers crossed that he is healthy and all is well!

  4. Nny!!….Oh My God!!….Rafa’s possibly 2nd Rd opponent is Tommy Paul…the young & hot 20 year old American who’s gave Kei a very very tough match last month in Washington!!…I really really like this kid…he’s not afraid at all and just bam! and whack that ball fearlessly!..And not only that..The Fog is waiting for him in 4th!..[deja vu??]…Urgh!!

    • MA,

      You sound very worried and stressed! I knew nothing about that young guy Tommy Paul, onecthing to keep in mind is that this is a Bof5 match. That should give Rafa the advantage. Also, Kei is not Rafa!

      As for Fog, I am not worried about him. He hasn’t beaten Rafa since he came out of his slump.

      Rafa can’t avoid all challenges in a slam. He will have some tough matches. But if we are going to worry about the likes of Fog, then we are really in trouble. What about Dimi? It all depends on Rafa being able to get back to playing aggressive tennis.

    • Rafa did withdraw from Wimbleton in 2009. I read recently that his withdrawal was after the draw too, something I’d forgotten. True?

        • No not hypocritical, do remember that Rafa was still testing his knees at Hurlingham when the draw was made. It’s unfortunate the timing for the draw couldn’t be later, after he finished his exho match there. He withdrew from Wimbledon after testing his knees at the exho.

          Also, Rafa was the defending champion, so he certainly won’t want to withdraw without first trying out on grass (at Hurlingham). Note that after he lost at RG, he was nursing his injured knees and didn’t practice and skipped Queens, and FO to Wimbledon there’s short turn around time, so he didn’t have enough time to test his knees on grass.

          Murray OTOH had more time to heal and then tried practicing and testing his body playing on the HCs; he was in NY prior to the draw trying to be fit to play. It’s strange that he waited until after the draw, spent the night thinking, and then decided next morning to withdraw.

          The timing for the withdrawal was unfortunate, I don’t think after one more night of rest, he could be miraculously healed. To me, he seemed undecided whether to try to play when still injured, or withdrew before actual play commenced. Perhaps actually seeing the draw had made him come to terms with reality and finally realized he couldn’t go through match after match of BO5 with his physical conditions.

          • It’s not unusual for someone with an injury to wake up feeling worse the next day after a workout/practise. But Rafa just said Murray’s withdrawal was “strange”, which is certainly true. He didn’t criticize Murray and said the important thing was for him to get healthy again asap.

    • As if Murray didn’t withdraw from tournaments? Whatever they said, Murray’s timing for withdrawal this USO was strange.

      As I said in my the other post, Rafa’s 2009 Wimbledon withdrawal was a bit different, moreover he’s the defending champion, certainly won’t want to withdraw unless he couldn’t help it.

  5. Rafa’s tough draw is starting to crack and open up.

    Tommy Paul is out for 2R, Fognini and Berdych are out for 4R, Rafa should easily make quarters. Dimitrov down a set too.

    Hope Rafa takes advantage!

    Hoping for at least Semi run!

  6. http://www.ubitennis.net/blog/2017/09/12/madrid-rome-set-become-mini-grand-slams-new-atp-schedule/
    Madrid, Rome Set To Become ‘Mini-Grand Slams’ In New ATP Schedule

    Adam Addicott12/09/2017 12:010
    Madrid, Rome Set To Become ‘Mini-Grand Slams’ In New ATP Schedule
    The president of the Italian Tennis Federation has confirmed that two Masters 1000 events in Madrid and Rome will be expanded when the ATP releases their new calendar later this year.

    Angelo Binaghi confirmed during an interview with SuperTennis that he has seen the ATP’s proposed plans for their new calendar, which will start from 2019 onwards. Under their proposal, the two European Masters 1000 tournaments will have the size of their main draw expanded to 96 players and will be played over a 10-day period.

    “I have seen the report which the ATP is carrying out the 2019 calendar revision project: Rome and Madrid will take place over ten days with 96-player draws.” Said Binaghi.

    It is understood that the exact dates of the tournaments are yet to be finalised. In the current calendar Madrid takes place a week before the start of Rome. In a similar format to that of Indian Wells and Miami. According to the chief of Italian tennis, there is a ‘three-week gap’ for the tournaments to fall into without providing any further comment.

    The Madrid Open takes place at the Caja Magica and has been played on clay since 2008. Owned by former player, Iron Tiriac, it has been a combined event since 2009. Meanwhile, the Italian Open is steep in history with it first being held in 1930. It is located at the Faro Italico and plans are underway to build a roof over their main court. In recent years rain has caused havoc in Rome.

    In recent months other tournaments have reportedly gone into negotiations about upgrading their status. Indian Wells have previously proposed the introduction of a ‘super Masters’ category as well as Shanghai. This would allow an increase in both prize money and ranking points available.

    Roger Brennwald, the president of the Swiss Indoors Open, said last November that he has created a plan for a ‘750 series.’ A category that would place his tournament just below the Masters tournaments in terms of superiority on the court. Other rumoured tournaments interested in this concept are Dubai, Rotterdam and Beijing.

    The ATP is yet to comment about the launch of their 2019 calendar. According to Binaghi, a formal announcement will be made in November during the ATP Finals in London.

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