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Current tournament: Montreal

Next tournament: Cincinnati

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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. No need to worry so much, Rafa has to beat tough opponents if he wants to have confidence to win the FO. I rather have him facing them here, beat them and becomes more confident; if not at least knows where he should improve on to be ready to face any of them at the FO.

    I have faith in Rafa, if he carries on playing the way he plays at MC and Barcelona. Maybe it’s because it’s on home soil, Rafa tends to play well at Madrid – won in 2010/2013/2014; final in 2009/2011/2015; SF in 2016 where he lost to Murray. He only did poorly in 2012 on slippery blue clay. Even in his worst year of 2015, he still managed to reach the final (lost to Murray there).

  2. RT: Rafa says he had never had any otitis before. He discovers the joys since Friday when he woke up at 3am with this pain.

  3. Rafa is currently at his pre-tournament press conference. He’ll play his first match on Wednesday.


    José Morgado (Journalist): ¤¤Nadal “On Friday I woke up at 3am in pain. I never had this ear pain but it’s something that bothers me. I visited the doctor & it’s nothing imporant.”¤¤

  4. In his interview in Spanish with TenisTVE, Rafa said that:
    ¤ his ear is still bothering him but he feels better than yesterday (Sunday) and hopes he’ll be fully recovered for his debut;
    ¤ he is training well; he is still adjusting to the Madrid conditions, which are very different from that in Monte Carlo and Barcelona (faster court & ball flies more in Madrid);
    ¤ he is happy and motivated to play in Madrid again. [Translated from Spanish by GSS]


  5. Rafael Nadal’s debut at the Madrid Open has been pushed back a day because of an ear infection.

    Organizers say Nadal will play his opening match on Wednesday because of the ailment that has been bothering him since Friday

  6. Too much football? 🙂
    Reem Abulleil‏ (Sports Journalist) 7 hours ago: “We’ve just been instructed not to ask Rafa any football questions.”

  7. There is a lot of things named after Rafa. 🙂
    The left humerus of a young man from 1 million years ago, which was found at the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca in Spain, has been named after Rafa. The director of communication of the Museum of Human Evolution (Antonio Jose Mencia), showed Rafa a replica of it at the KIA event last week:


    The Archaeological Site of Atapuerca is located near Burgos, a city in northern Spain:

    • It’s good to hear from Rafa’s doctor that he’s doing well. I was a bit nervous when he said that he was a bit dizzy the other day. Ear infections can affect equilibrium and balance.

      Reassuring words from Rafa’s doctor!

  8. I came here to post the same interview and emphasize most on one point:

    Rafa has now said himself he has been focusing a lot on his second serves this year and it has improved for him. THANK YOU RAFA. I have been talking about his second serves throughout the year, quoting his increased speed , more kick (even in tight moments in matches ) and the fact that he goes for bigger ones in practice sessions that I have watched. It is great to hear from the man himself!

    If rafa is focusing more and more on his second serves and volleys, he will become more and more offensive as he keeps winning matches. Barring injury, the guy will be extremely difficult to stop if he wins RG.

    We could be in some more epic Fed-Nadal matches 😉

  9. The Rome draw is out:
    Wawrinka/ Cilic
    Djokovic/Nishikori (WO) 😉

    Djokovic’s quarter is packed with his favourite opponents such as B-Agut, Simon, Kyrgios and Delpo.

  10. I’m assuming Rafa is in Nole’s half in a masters for the seventh straight time?

    Try flipping heads seven times in a row.

    • I also believe that the draws are often (but not always) rigged to a certain degree. But I really don’t believe that the players figured out a specific trick of how to do this – unless they pay hefty bribes. I believe that the tournament organizers are doing it – with or without the consent of certain players, in order to advance their commercial interests. But as far as tomorrows semis are concerned specifically, it might not have been rigged, it might be a genuine coincidence. I can’t see, that anyone profits from Novak and Rafa meeting already in the semis: it’s not in Novak’s interest, it’s not in Rafa’s interest, and it’s not in the tournament’s interest. The only top player who could’ve profitted – but didn’t – is of course Murray, lol! And I don’t think that the organizers would’ve been inclined to accomodate Murray.

        • I think it is definitely in the tournaments interest. If one of both are not at their best recently then it maximizes the chances that they will play each other.

      • littlefoot, as per hawks, this is the seventh consecutive time they are in the same half. You think it is only a coincidence? We may not know the reason but chances are high that the draws are rigged. And why shouldn’t they be? Why would we expect tennis to be clean when it is also a sport and lots of money is involved for the players, the organizers and those involved in betting. We have seen blatant favoritism in scheduling of matches and allotment of courts. Why would the draws be free from bias? We know there was rigging before the players objected and now except for Wimbly, all other grand slams and ATP tournaments go by ranking. But human beings are prone to misuse their powers and smart enough to find a way to rig the draws.

        • Did I say that tennis is clean and that rigging doesn’t occur? No,I do believe that rigging does occur if it suits the tournaments interest and that the organizers are doing it at least occasionally. I also believe that Rafa wasn’t always just by chance in Nole’s half – especially when Federer was in the mix, too. But since Fed isn’t playing right now, I doubt that there’s a commercial interest in arranging a semi final match with Nole and Rafa in Madrid. But maybe Hawkeye is right and the organizers figured that Nole would never make it to the final and therefore opted for arranging a potential semifinal meeting. Who knows… tennis definitely isn’t squeeky clean 🙁

  11. At least the Fedfawns can’t say that we are finding this odd stat after the fact. Obviously the draws are rigged. But this particular rigging I think is done for Nole. The draws have been easy for him from AO 2014. Maybe he figured out how Fed was doing it or ATP/ITF thought making Nole create history might be the way to go to get more revenue.
    Becker mentioned that Nole was getting demotivated last year because of the absence/slump of Fed/Rafa. Apparently he gets fired up when he faces them.
    A pity Rafa hasn’t figured out how to do this. Maybe Uncle T is against it.

    • Fed and Nole are #1 and 2 in getting sponsorship deals so I am not surprised that draws are rigged in their favor. Another inexplicable thing happening to them is the number of walkovers they receive. It was really unbelievable last year at USO. Two walkovers and one retirement for Nole when he was not in top physical condition( elbow?). Incredibly lucky???

    • MA,

      Another good read! So Fog bet against Rafa! Too bad! Never bet against Rafa!

      I am trying not to think about RG now. Just focus on Rome. It’s weeks away and I am not about to give Rafa the trophy now. But things are looking very good!

      • Hey hey hey Nny!!…hehe..finally!I knew you’re going to like both articles!!…About Rafa winning 10th FO…yeah me too don’t think too much about it..i mean,there’s a 1001 possibility that could happen before our Rafa lift that precious trophy 3 weeks from now….but,that doesn’t mean we can’t read other people’s pinion about it right?

        • MA,

          I wrote Mota instead of Moya because of stupid autocorrect!

          It’s good to read opinions! I know that Rafa doesn’t want to hear that he is the favorite now! But the way he is playing, it’s hard for people not to say it!

          • Yeah Nny!…With the way how amazing he perform atm,it’s normal for people to predict as they are..even though i don’t like one bit of what they say but,we can’t prevent them to give their honest opinion either …we should be grateful and proud because that means they pay an attention to rafa and his success..and they’re also believe in Rafa..u have no idea how moved i am to see these people start to give their unintentional support to Rafa to win back an FO after the dismal and painful 2 years slump of his career…it hurts so much to read pundits and tennis fans write off Rafa so easily when he’s in the dark moments…so,to read they’re back Rafa to win back an FO….hey,that was nothing Nny!

    • MA,

      Loved reading Uncle Toni’s video comments about Rafa beating Novak! A damned thorn out of our foot! Great description! I enjoyed reading his analysis of that match. I also like the way Uncle Toni talks with “we” when he is talking about Rafa!

      Thanks for the link!

    • MA,

      Rafa is so grounded! He knows what it’s all about! What he said about Fed not playing at RG made so much sense. Interesting that he thinks the decision was made a while back. He said that if Fed is not playing in any clay warmup tournaments that it makes sense for him not to play at RG.

      When I think of the crap we have had to read here from some Fed fans about how he was going to play and mayve even beat Rafa, it shows how deluded and out of touch they are.

      Rafa should know what it’s all about. It’s crazy to try to play in a slam without any warmup tournaments. Talk about risking injury!

      Rafa sounds so happy! Love what he said about #1. That’s not his priority. Of course he wants to move up in the rankings. Better draws.

      Rafa seems to be in a good place!

      • Hey back Nny!…Yeah,one of the many qualities that i admire about Rafa is that..he’s so grounded..every each words that came out from his mouth was well thought,no nonsense,very sensible…that’s why he rarely involves in controversy and as such..

        About Fedfans and their opinion…oh,that’s okay Milady!..relax and take a deep breath..First of all,we have to be calm about it..and then think very carefully…now,i think deep down everybody knows that Fed is not going to play at RG when he’s not even play one single warm up event before RG…logically,it is impossible to play a slam without warm up first right?So,it doesn’t matter what fedfans says..we’re already knew the reality…and therefore we don’t need to involve in unnecessary argument about this topic..IMO it’s no use to waste our energy on something that is so obvious..righ Nny?

        as for Fedfans..i understand their claim Nny..as unthinkable as it sounds..we just have to think that their statement was just a reflection of how badly they’re missing Fed and hope for another FO for Fed…that’s all..there’s no harm in their claim Nny.. that’s okay..as long as they’re not insult or bad mouthing Rafa,[which i know they wouldn’t,all fedfans or Nolefans or andy fans have a very good manners here]..then we just let them say whatever they want okay?Besides,like u said Nny..our Rafa is in good place and VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HOT ATM..so,who cares what fedfans or other’s says…IT’S RAFA TIME!!!!!!WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!YEAAAHHHH!!!!!!THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

  12. Former Spanish King Juan Carlos, his daugher and granddaughter had dinner with Rafa and Toni Nadal at Rafa’s restaurant TATEL on Sunday, after Rafa was crowned the Madrid Open champion for the fifth time.
    In the picture: Rafa and uncle Toni with the former King (farthest left) and members of his family who are waiting for a car to take them home from the restaurant after having dinner:


  13. Rafa is expanding his business.
    Rafa and his business partners (singer Enrique Inglesias & pro basketball player Pau Gasol among them) are going to open one more restaurant in Ibiza (one of the Balearic Islands). They opened restaurant TATEL in Ibiza in April. The new restaurant called Zela is a multifunctional restaurant that offers Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Zela is set to open its doors at the end of May.



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