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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. This page is sure to garner the most comments ? ? ?

    Deucy will have company on the Andy page from time to time ?

    Djokovic is woefully short of supporters on this site ?

    Fedfans have gone strangely quiet ?

    • If Rafa really wins the darn thing, he has it wrapped up, no matter, what Djoker will do for the rest of the season. If Novak wins it, it would be good for Rafa to be in the final, even, if that means another loss to Novak. Novak should at least reach the final and face someone else than Rafa there in order to have a chance at all. The draw deities or whoever is responsible for that particular draw, decided to make it a real challenge for him. Let’s see, if he takes up the gauntlet, or if he decides to save himself for London and Belgrad.

      • I’m sure, someone can do better and can work out the exact scenarios and numbers. But don’t look at Rafa’s shirt, when you are doing it.

  2. I’ve seen a some hideous shirts as bad as this but not many. Reminds me of the poisonous snake green patterned shirt Djokovic wore for the 2008 USO. It’s made worse by the shiny, slimy looking fabric.

  3. Do you remember Lleyton Hewitt, after beating Hrbaty (think it was at the USO), saying “there was no way he was going to lose to someone wearing a shirt like that”.

    It was a bizarre affair in pink and black with cut-out holes in the back. During the match he got badly sunburnt because he hadn’t thought to use sun bloc on his back.

  4. LOL! Yes, I remember that!

    I hope Rafa doesn’t inspire a similar attitude in his opponents! 🙂

    They get charged up enough when they play him!

    Honestly, this has to be some kind of joke. Please!

  5. Yes, please do tell RITB. Is it just via Twitter, or are there other ways?

    I wanted to put the Hrbaty shirt up but couldn’t fathom out a way to do it.

  6. Ricky Dimon@October 27, 2013 at 7:44 pm
    —what is the No. 1 ranking scenario in Paris?—

    Rafa wasn’t penalized for not playing in Basel. So, he has to earn at least 666 points (Paris & WTF) to keep the No.1 spot after the Davis Cup final.

    Rafa will remain No.1 after the Paris Masters, because the points from the 2012 WTF will drop on Monday after the Paris Masters.

    • Djoko can earn points :
      ¤ Paris – 1000
      ¤ WTF – 1500
      TOTAL: 2500 points
      ¤ Davis Cup – 225 points (the final in the middle of November)
      GRANDTOTAL: 2725 points

      To keep the No.1 spot after the WTF, Rafa needs to earn enough points to cover 225 points Djoko can earn in the Davis Cup final.
      ¤ leads today (Oct.28) with 2060 points in the Race to London
      ¤ needs to earn 670 points (Paris & WTF)
      TOTAL: 2730 points

    • So, Sanju was right: Rafa did not get penalized for skipping Basel! I wonder, why not? The wording of the regulation seemed to be pretty clear and in favour of a penalty. So, the magic number is 666 in a snakeskin… hmm…

      • Ricky Dimon@October 28, 2013 at 8:56 am

        My calculation.
        The Race to London on Oct.28 (points):
        Rafa 11,670
        Djoko 9,610

        To clinch the year-end No.1 ranking in Paris, Rafa has to be 1,730 ahead of Djoko after the tournament.
        Rafa needs one of these scenarios:
        ¤ reaching SF (+360) & Djoko losing in F (+600) —-> Rafa 12,030 vs Djoko 10,210
        ¤ reaching R3 (+90) & Djoko losing in SF (+360) —-> Rafa 11,760 vs Djoko 9,970
        ¤ Djoko losing in QF (+180) —-> Rafa 11,670 vs Djoko 9,790
        ¤ Djoko losing before QF

      • Ricky Dimon@October 28, 2013 at 3:16 pm

        If Rafa reaches the final (+600) & Djoko wins the title (+1000) —->
        Rafa 12,270 vs Djoko 10,610;
        the difference 1,660 is not enough to clinch the YE No.1 ranking.

  7. Are those the shorts he will be wearing too? They are longer and baggier.

    I’ve been wondering how long it would be before Nike got round to designing shorts that fitted him. The current ‘one size fits all’ version does not accommodate the famous butt and are too tight across the thighs.

    • Ed:

      I don’t know what shorts he’s wearing for Paris, but I would guess it won’t be a pair of longer shorts. His WTF kit has already been announced and that kit will have the shorter shorts that he’s worn all year. Seems unlikely he’d wear longer shorts for one tournament. Personally, I’d be ok with him wearing the really short shorts that Borg and everyone else wore in the 80’s. Anyway, here’s the WTF kit, courtesy of the Vamos Rafael Nadal Facebook fan page.


      • ed,

        So I am not the only one who has noticed that Rafa’s shorts are too tight in certain areas. 🙂

        Yes, he definitely needs more room!

        For what it’s worth, I do not want to see the players wearing those short shorts from the 80’s. Can you imagine Rafa in them?

    • hawkeye, I warmed to the magic number 666. It’s easy to type, and makes a great combo with the snakeskin shirt.
      Yes, I’m humble, too, and sanju was right, but don’t ask me, why. If I were Novak,and those 150 points should make all the differenceat the end of the season, I’d hire a lawyer to look into this, and find out, why Rafa wasn’t penalized. 🙂

      • Sanju is right but I don’t think he or anyone else (including the ATP) could give a consistent explanation why. He had a 0-pter from Valencia that expired which then allowed Vina del Mar to count. Therefore, then why wouldn’t he get a 0-pter from Basel??? He didn’t even get a 0-pter from Basel because it doesn’t even show up in his points breakdown. So why did he get one from Valencia in the first place?? Makes no sense.

        But, as a Rafan, I’m gonna drop it.

      • hawkeye63@October 29, 2013 at 12:14 am
        —So why did he get one from Valencia in the first place?? —

        Last year Rafa got two penalties – ‘a zero point ranking penalty’ for each ATP-500 event less than four played. Valencia and Beijing were chosen by the ATP to impose a penalty because they are last tournaments of the season.
        This year, Rafa has played four ATP-500 events:
        ¤ Acapulco, Barcelona and Beijing ATP-500 tournaments;
        ¤ Monte Carlo Masters (that is a non-mandatory Masters tournament and is counted as one of four ATP-500 events a commitment player has to play).

    • Rafa himself says he doesn’t feels exhausted.
      — Rafa’s interview
      Published 28/10/13
      Question. Does the fact that you started this year later than usual mean you feel fresher than ever for the last two indoor tournaments in Paris and London?

      Rafa. I don’t feel exhausted like I have felt in the past. Previously I have arrived here feeling very tired, like I don’t have enough energy to compete well. This year the situation is different. I am relaxed and happy to be here. —

    • You’re right. I noticed how strained he looked in Asia. The break has clearly done him a lot of good. He will bust his guts in Paris and London but having made his point by leading the Race and getting back to No.1 he’s not going to fall apart if Djokovic pips him at the post. He makes that clear in his interview.

      I so want to see him do well at the WTF – like win it – to cement his legacy but that’s a tall order.


  8. ……….that’s very worrying Natashao. I had you marked down as a woman of good taste. And I am also alarmed for Jpa. The mind boggles at the thought of Rafa tugging and pulling at the short knickers of the Borg era that she would like to see make a comeback.
    For my part, I still mourn the passing of the pirate pants and sleeveless top.

  9. Google Translate.
    Question. What do you think your friends, your neighbors, people on the street in France on that domain of Nadal and the other Spanish players at the French Open?
    BENNETEAU. They think it is the greatest of all time on clay. People here like to. I adore. Off the track is a great person, a gentleman, and the track is the best.
    Question. Is there anger? Is there envy?
    BENNETEAU. No, no. Not at all.—

    It’s clear that these spectators who don’t like Rafa are Fedfans-hooligans, and a lot of them are foreigners.

    • You have to remember that demonstrating is in the DNA of the French. Put a few Frenchmen together at a sporting event and even otherwise respectable middle-aged men start behaving like hooligans if something displeases them.

      They always cheer disproportionately for their own countrymen but as was seen this evening they will also turn on a Frenchman if they are displeased. They were not happy with Paire who started off playing sloppy tennis, then had a racquet tantrum and followed that up by blatantly tanking the match. Understandably they felt they were not getting their moneys worth.

  10. he’s an EIGHT-time champion of the event, for crying out loud. Any champion of any event EIGHT time should revered at almost God-like level.

    Rafa merely gets golf-clap applause when he wins. He is respected. He certainly isn’t loved.

    • Agreed for many years he was not shown the respect he deserves but a lot of that has to do with the sycophantic attitude towards Federer, starting with preferential treatment by tournament organisers. As Nadline points out, much of the negativity was shaped by derogatory remarks from influential commentators many of whom have only just gotten around to revising their opinion of Rafa.

      However lack of respect is not the same thing as active dislike. And lack of respect is by no means confined to Roland Garros. Wimbledon were also guilty of that when precedence was given to Federer to open the tournament in spite of the fact Rafa was reigning champion and No.1.

      • ed, when did that happen? The only time, when Rafa was reigning champion (and No1), was 2011. And I clearly remember, that he played the first Center Court match, since he stated in an interview, how great that felt. Wimby has strict rules about that. 2010, he was No1, but he was not the the reigning champion That was Fed alright’

  11. Of course many Parisians and other French people love Nadal. And many don’t. Many have been good spectators over all the RGs, of course. But many others have been out of proportion overtly against him and not only in the match against Rosol if that was not bad enough, they have been so since pretty much the start. When he beat, was it Gasquet?, en route to then horrors of all horrors beating Fed in the semi in 2005. The rest is history. At least for those among them that have been rather nasty all along. If he were only a Spaniard and not beating repeatedly who he shouldn’t they would have been ok. But as it is the fact that he is also from Spain adds to the (perceived) insult. My view, at any rate.

    • I’ve often thought that Rafa’s being from Spain has been a strike against him at the French Open. I still remember Guy Forget’s 2005 comment about Rafa’s attire: “we don’t need construction workers arms in tennis.” That comment was about a lot more than just Rafa’s attire. Rafa’s been referred to as “the gardener,” “the help,” “the bricklayer,” and other assorted insults over the years (those terms are only insults, of course, from an elitist point of view). His early non-fluency in English also contributed to a mind-set among some that he was a simpleton and nothing more than a tennis savant. Add in his on court “tics” and the whole package provides fodder for his detractors.

    • Chloro: I was there for both those 2005 matches you mention. It was Grosjean he beat in the 4R. It was on the way to that win when the crowd rioted and play was stopped for nearly 10 minutes. But that was not directed at Rafa himself. It was outrage when the umpire refused to overturn a linesman’s call they thought was good. During the SF the crowd were in shock but gave Rafa his due with (to coin Ricky’s lovely phrase) Golf-Clap applause but there was absolutely animosity. That was the day I fell in love 😉

      Jpa: Sorry I was thinking it was Nadline who made the point about the pundits making insulting comments about Rafa. Certainly Roger’s fluent French allows the French to regard him almost as one of them. Note they now cheer Rafa when he uses a few French phrases. Unfortunately being Spanish also does little to help Rafa’s cause. They are pretty touchy about the Spanish Tennis Armada in the absence of a home grown RG champion for 30 years. Unlike the British who were inured to watching every other nationality lift the trophy until Andy broke the 77yr drought.

      • Littlefoot: Maybe I’m confusing at which major it was. But there was an incidence when protocol was ignored and Federer played the opening match.

        Nadline: Can you help out? Your memory is better than mine.

  12. Ricky Dimon@October 29, 2013 at 1:21 am
    —PHH was wearing a Rafa shirt after he beat Paire—

    He was wearing a Rafa shirt during the whole match! Look carefully at his right sleeve, you can see Rafa’s logo.

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