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      • Awesome. I think if Berdych doesn’t withdraw I’ll still go with Del Po for upset cuz his forehand is still there and he’s del Po and all plus Berdych won’t be at a high level if he plays considering how bad he played at DC with those errors and the injury. VAMOS DEL PO!!

  1. does anyone think delpo has a realistic shot at winning a slam next year providing he stays healthy? this year was too soon after such a long time out of the game but surely next year he has a chance. he beat all of rafa, nole and andy this year and if he keeps improving regarding stamina, fitness and increased match play then he must be in with a shout now that competition is so scarce. would love to see him win a slam. shout out for rg maybe?

    • RG? No way! He’s better on quicker courts, I don’t think that Delpo is so good on clay that he can win the FO when he can’t even win a Masters on clay or at least reaches the final in a clay Masters.

      His forte is always the HCs and he’s definitely better on the quicker ones. I still think his best bet is the USO but Cilic is also very good there too.

      I hope for Rafa to win them all even though it’s not likely, so my bet is for Rafa to win the FO (better still if he can win the AO). AO should be hotly contested by Djoko/Murray/Stan (and hopefully Rafa). FO – very likely by a fit Rafa; if Rafa is off form then Stan, followed by Djoko. Wimbledon – Murray/Djoko/Raonic/Cilic; USO – Delpo/Cilic/Djoko/Murray.

      • delpo can play really well on clay! ie really stretching rafa at the dc final, pushing fed to the limit at rg….i too hope for rafa to win rg. don’t hold out any hope for ao as first major tourney back after injury. delpo beat rafa nole and pushed murray on a slow hard court at the olympics so don’t see why he shouldn’t have a shot at the ao. if he isn’t seeded and meets nole or murray early he could take either one of them out thus going a long way towards determining the eventual winner.

        • Olympics is not a slow court; Delpo also ran out of gas in the final, and that’s BO3 matches until the final (which is BO5). Delpo always had this fitness and stamina issue at the slams when he’s being stretched to go the distance, the recent USO was an example.

          The DC final in 2011 – Rafa wasn’t at his best form after the year he had; as for Fed at the FO, well Fed was struggling throughout the tournament in 2009; in 2012 no doubt both Fed and Delpo were in good form so their matches were always close that year regardless of surfaces.

          Unless Djoko really falls off the cliff, I really doubt that he’s going to lose to Delpo at the AO when AO is Djoko’s favorite slam. Murray has been reaching the AO final every year from 2010 (with 2012 and 2014 being the only exceptions), and he’s in the best form of his life, he’s not going to lose early there and to Delpo. AO is the slam where Djoko and Murray could grind their way to a win in their matches, Delpo is not going to outlast them.

          • I don’t know that Delpo can win a slam in the upcoming tennis year. He had a great result at the Rio Olympics, but as lucky said that was B03 matches with the exception of the final. Delpo’s backhand is not what it was, given his wrist surgeries. He has that formidable forehand. He has shown encouraging signs of a resurgence in the matter half of this year, but winning a slam is a whole other thing entirely.

            I don’t see Novak and Murray going anywhere. They should both be in contention at the 2017 AO. I don’t know if Rafa will be ready to make a serious run at the AO. I think RG may be more realistic.

            I still would love for Rafa to win the AO and get the double career slam.

            Delpo can be dangerous when he’s on his game, but I don’t think he’s as physically fit as
            Novak and Murray.

      • So a healthy Rafa can win RG, but a fit Roger is not even among the favourites to win Wimbledon.

        And what about Muzz at RG? He has really improved his clay court game .

        My list of favorites for next year GS (considering all are fit and on game)
        AO- Nole/Muzz/Stan
        FO- Nole/Rafa/Muzz
        Wimby- Nole/Fed/Muzz
        USO- no particular sequence of favourites. I guess it is the most unpredictable slam for now.

        • Fed imo is not fav at Wimbledon as I see Raonic, Cilic,Djoko even Murray beating him there. Fed had his narrow escape against Cilic due to Cilic choking big time but Cilic is getting better at the big events when he could hold it together to beat Murray at Cincy and Djoko at Paris.

          • If Cilic choked the in QF, so did Fed in SF ( though I wouldn’t really call it Cilic choking. He had already beaten Fed at a slam before).
            I only see Djokovic as real threat to Fed at Wimby
            Rest of them, Fed can manage as long as he is healthy.

            • If Cilic wasn’t choking then I don’t know what is! Losing from a winning position because of one’s own nerve is choking, esp when you have MP.

        • You also forget that Murray struggled his way to the FO final in 2016, it’s not like he’s beating his rivals comfortably; on clay Rafa, Djoko and Stan are all ahead of him. He may be the fourth fav after them, at the FO.

          • I agree about Cilic choking in that match. That was a match that he should have won. Hopefully, he is working on his mental strength and focus in these types of matches. He has the game, the shots. Now he needs that other piece of the puzzle.

            Fed got lucky in that match. As far as his prospects at Wimbledon in 2017, that remains to be seen. He needs to work on getting his ranking up. That would be the goal.

            I think it’s hard to make these kinds of predictions before the new year is even upon us. It can be a harmless exercise, fun at times, but there are some things that cannot be foreseen.

  2. As always, Cilic’s form can fluctuate so much and so often within a match; I’m glad he came through in the end, if it, Croatia will have a hard time ahead as I doubt Ivo is going to beat Delpo.

  3. So gutsy from Dr.Ivo! the forehand he hit at 6-4 down in the T.B was SICK and now S&V on second serve. 6-6 it is! Respect!

    OMG ivo out-lasted delpo in a long rally! the crowd’s going mad!

    I love Delpo but Karlovic deserves to win this tie break

  4. Honestly it was like Sampras out there (with a bigger serve of course) after falling down 0-3 in the TB. Delpo will win this one but could may well go to 5.

    Karlovic is 37 now and he is very agile at the net. The guy is fighting hard here.

  5. I see Milos, Federer, Cilic and Delpo going deep in slams next year but if Nole, Andy and Stan are on top form (or close to it), one of these 3 will win. Rafa? Need to see which Rafa returns.

    • We also need to see which Fed returns too! Not forgetting he’s returning as no.16 or 17 so may be meeting the top guys a bit earlier than the QFs or SFs.

      • I agree about Fed. We have to see how he does being outside the top ten. This is a very different situation for him.

        I hope to see him back healthy again. That is the most important thing. Both he and Rafa will have to deal with tougher draws. There are young players who have stepped up and will continue to do well.

        I do think Murray will come into 2017 and continue his winning ways. We have to see how Novak looks, but I would not write him off.

        I hope for quality tennis and strong competition!

      • Not really sure Fed being no.16 or 17 spells trouble for him or other top players.
        I’m sure the other top players will not be happy to see Fed (or Delpo) as early as R16 or R32.

  6. Sky Sports, Dec. 21, 2016: ¤¤ Juan Martin del Potro set to miss Australian Open.
    Juan Martin del Potro is unlikely to be fit to play in the 2017 Australian Open, in January.
    The former US Open champion also cast doubt on whether he would play in the Davis Cup first-round tie at home to Italy in February when Argentina begin the defence of their title.
    “What I need is to have someone get me physically fit enough to last the whole year,” he said.
    “There’s a fortnight to the Australia Open and I’m unlikely to make that objective.
    “We’re looking at what the priority is. If tennis waited for me for two years, Australia can wait for me for one more.” ¤¤
    Read more:

  7. Well, he doesn’t say anything specific about an injury or repeat problem with a wrist. What he says (about needing to be fit enough to last the whole year) makes me think he really did leave it all on the court in Croatia; also imagining he went full-on couch potato and binged on chips and pizza the entire month off. If so, it’s better to admit it and get help, and also smart because he knows falling off his elite level fitness is no way start the year without risking more injury problems. He doesn’t have so much points to defend in the beginning 2017 but he better get back soon! Vamos Delpo and good luck!

    I hope he focuses on more ATP GS titles than Davis Cup – just my opinion.

    • I wonder if Delpo just has to get fitter after not playing much for a while. He hasn’t been able to play a whole tennis year for a while.

      I also wonder if he is going to be selective about what tournaments he plays, maybe while he works on his fitness. I also am not sure if his wrists can hold up for a whole year of tennis. He isn’t able to hit his backhand the way he used to before the surgeries.

      I just think it’s a blessing that he can play at all. In earlier times this would have been career ending. I hope that he can participate as fully as possible this year. I hope he will be ready for RG.

  8. delpo has officially withdrawn from the ao. really really bummed about this. he shouldn’t be spending time playing dc if he is going to end up missing slams! bet the other players are glad he’s out as he could have taken out some top seeds early on.
    come on delpo get a fitness coach!!!
    ps he’s not withdrawing because of injury in case anyone was worried…

    • this ao is looking unbelievably uncompetitive with rafa and roger just back from injury and nole continuing in his strange state of mental fallout. all the more reason delpo is needed in the mix.

  9. I doubt Delpo is going to win the AO so not playing doesn’t hurt him as he can then focus on the other slams later on. Delpo not known to have great stamina, choosing the D.C. over others last year was a wise choice imo as Argentina won their first ever D.C. title so it’s all worth it.

    I see Murray, Stan, Djoko, Raonic and Cilic being the favs for AO2017.

    • I think that I agree about Delpo skipping the AO. I also think that DC was very important to him. For ArgentIna to win their first DC was a big deal.

      Delpo does have to make choices. He doesn’t have the best physical fitness and also has to do what is best for wrists. I think it’s a miracle that he is even able to play after all those surgeries, it’s a testament to his doctors and his own perseverance.

      There will still be plenty of tennis to play. Delpo has to be ready and it doesn’t pay to push himself.

  10. With the withdrawal of Raonic, Del Potro will be seeded in IW which is good news for other seeded players (particularly like Rafa who is just 4-5 career vs Delpo on HC)!!!

  11. RT @jorgeviale: .@delpotrojuan .@delpotrojuan is on his way to Argentina after his grandfather passed away today. He wants to stay with his family in this tough moment.

  12. Stuart Fraser ‏(journalist) 10 minutes ago: ¤¤ Juan Martin del Potro withdraws from Laver Cup: “I am not completely healthy after my US Open semifinal run.” Replaced by Frances Tiafoe ¤¤

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