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  1. Not quite sure which thread I should be on to discuss the upcoming Davis Cup.

    I read somewhere that delPotro may play. Bearing in mind the bad blood that has existed for so many years I was surprised that he agreed (if he has) when he has played so few matches since he came back from surgery and the heavy load of a DC weekend against the Serbians could so easily undo all the hardwork he had put in to get back to form. A battle with Djokovic is the last thing he needs.

    The weekend promises to be a corker and the encounter between France and Australia will be fascinating – no love lost between that lot; hope Hewitt can keep his charges under control 😹

  2. Gussie: Should have asked you the question in the first place. Thanks for clarifying 🙂

    My brain is totally befuddled trying to keep track of the past few week’s tournaments – not helped by following on livescores and loss of sleep when I could watch live action. Davis Cup action requires a wet towel round the head.

  3. Nick Kyrgios rants at umpire: tennis is ‘biased’ and ‘ruined’

    Kyrgios was incensed when Mourier gave him a code violation for hitting into the stands a ball that had been thrown to him by a ballperson during the first set. At the next change of ends, Kyrgios disputed the umpire’s judgement and claimed the official would not have acted in the same way had it been a player of the status of Rafael Nadal involved.

    “Anyone else, like Rafa did that, you would keep it cool,” Kyrgios said. “This game is biased as anything. You all know it as well. It’s biased as shit, this game. What else has it got to hide? It’s ruined. Absolutely ruined.”

    http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/m … and-ruined

  4. Rafael Plaza (a Spanish Journalist) 7 minutes ago: “Rafael Nadal NO jugará más esta temporada. Dice adiós a Basilea, París-Bercy y Londres.”/
    “Rafael Nadal will NOT play more this season. He says goodbye to Basel, Paris and London.”

  5. Watched Djokovic doubles match yesterday. He appeared relaxed and free from the various injuries that troubled him in recent months. Doubles has never been his cup of tea, but from the way he played, I assume he only entered to have some match practice before his opening singles and had no intention of advancing beyond the first round. If I am wrong, and that was not the case, he will have trouble staving off some highly motivated competition at Bercy this week.

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