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  1. Stanley…With all due respect..if u want to find the truth about Islam,i strongly suggest u go to the nearest Mosque and find an IMAM there..i can assure u he will answer all your questions,curiosity or doubt about Islam..u can debate,argue or u can give your opinion,thought whether bad or good about Islam or Al-Quran with him…An IMAM is the person who have a deep knowledge in Islam and he’s the perfect person for u to meet…

    I feel really sad because now we’re Muslim in the middle of having the Holy month of Ramadhan…i will be very grateful to u if u’re respect that stanley…in fact we have to respect other’s who have a different believe and faith than us without the need to degrade or demean them or their faith…Thank u..

    • Mira, I’m not sure what the proper and respectful way to say this is, but I hope that you and your family are happy and healthy this Ramadhan.

      • Mary…Thank u very much for your advice…and don’t worry i’m not going to respond to Stanley anymore…as a Muslim i have a responsibility towards my religion and to show stanley a right path if he ever wants to know the truth about islam…whether he wants to do it or’s up to him…but,no more words from me…and thank u once again Mary!!Really really appreciate your advice!…

        • From what I can tell from a tennis forum MA, you are a lovely human being and the world would be a much better place if there were more people like you.


          • She is the best.

            Mira Andi, not sure if I wished you and your family a happy, safe and healthy Ramadhan. Like Joe, I don’t know what the proper words are to wish you well on Ramadhan but you know I deeply respect you for your faith, intelligence and your kind, thoughtful, soul. I echo what Hawk says: the world needs more Mira Andi’s. I love you dearly MA. I’m happy the Rafa came through and won La Decima. Hope you are still smiling and feeling joy.

            • Hawks and rc!!!…Oh God,u guys!!..U make me cry with your beautiful words u know!!U guys are mean!!Hahaha…Oh God!I can’t believe it!!..THANK U,THANK U AND THANK U for your wonderful and precious words Hawks and rc!!…I love u more rc!and u too Hawks!!

              But,i don’t think i’m that ‘perfect’ guys…No!..Don’t put me too high guys..i’m only human being with an ugliness and flaws still scattered in my body…still learning how to be a better person everyday…and that’s it for life lesson for today pupils!hehehe…

              Oh rc!!…Thank u so much for the wishes!!…Urgh rc!!..if you’re near me,i will hug and kiss u till u passed out!!hahaha…

            • Nobody is perfect. You’ve admitted what you do to cows and your couch on occasion. hahaha

              But whatever you are doing — it’s helping you to remain going in the most loving direction. Please accept our love for you. And thanks…I got the hugs all the way here from Malaysia and back to you!

            • Ratcliff, MA, Hawkeye, Joe Smith, NNY,ed, Mary and who else contributed his/her opinion here … thanks. We might not be all on the same page all the time, but on the whole you guys discussed questions which are more important than the Goat debate.
              As to Stanley, well, it’s hard to shun someone. But there are indeed good reasons for that which go beyond the question if Trump should get impeached or not…

            • Littlefoot!…Welcome to non tennis!..sometimes it felt good to talk something other than tennis…sometimes we need to’get away’ from GOAT debate and as such…i wish we can talk about something light and full of joy here such as about food or football or Meryl Streep..but so far no one bring this subject up!hehehe..

  2. It’s far easier to condemn those who expose the EVIL/WICKED teachings of Islam as if the have a problem with muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different.

    After I graduated from the university I taught English, economics and biology to senior students who were seeking to enter the university for almost 2yrs even though I studied industrial chemistry.
    I was 22yrs old then and now am between 26-28yrs old, the reason why I give all this information is because more than 70% of my students were muslims and I loved them and I taught them everything I knew to make sure they excelled and some of them did, more than 80% of those students are in the university studying medicine, different kinds of engineering etc. I even provided finances for some of them when they needed help, even though am working in a different field now and the distance btw me & them is far, I try to stay in touch with them through social media.
    My point is this just as I taught this students they also taught me a lot about islam & sharia law and I tell you, what this students had to go through especially the women would make a grown man sob like a baby, it’s mind boggling whether it’s rape or honour killing etc no one should experience this EVIL.
    So when I read or hear people who know nothing about islam or who try to defend the wicked, disgusting actions of radical Islam it break’s my heart and all I can say is shame on those who call evil-good, and good-evil.

    It’s important to note that not all muslims murder innocent people, some of them are peaceful and are victims of terrorism by the hands of Isis and other terrorists group’s because the reject this EVIL/WICKED teachings.

    It’s also important to note that as a Christian if I reject the teachings of JESUS CHRIST am not a Christian.
    And if a muslim rejects the teachings of Muhammed they are not muslims.
    You can’t have it both ways you can’t condemn islamic terrorism without condemning the teachings/verses in the quran.

  3. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with GOD.
    If you want to find out the truth about any religion go to their book and if you have questions ask a muslim, buddhist, Hindu etc.
    But more importantly do your own research don’t take my word for it just do your own research diligently.
    If you want to know about Christianity read their Book the BIBLE and if you have questions ask a Christian but more importantly do your research diligently.

    I would encourage you to watch the videos of Brigitte Gabriel on YouTube she is a smart woman who understands Islam but more importantly read the quran.

    Here are some of her videos-
    (1) 1400 yrs of Islamic History in a few minutes

    (2)Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly

    If you have data and time it’s worth watching there are other videos of sharing the truth.

  4. Andi Mira i admit im not very knowledgeable when it comes to all things potical, i find it all too heavy for my understanding, but i agree with Joe Smith in hoping you and your family are all well and happy ….

    • Hey Al!…Yeah..actually i’m not interested to debate with anyone about this kind of thing either..for me,debating about religion is a very dangerous thing..very sensitive subject..maybe in our excitement to say what we have in mind,we hurt someone with our view…and i would rather hurt myself than hurt my dear rafans here whom i respect and adore so much…all we have to do is respect each other…what happened in this world atm is because the lack of respect and love in their heart..if they have even one tiny cell of that two factor’s in their body…trust me Al,we can solve many things…end of rant!hahaha…

      Oh,btw..thank u for your thoughts and kind words Al!It touched me deeply u guys!!Urgh!!…Don’t worry Al..we’re live in peaceful and happiness here..even though not as grand as u guys hahaha..but alhamdullillah..everything’s perfect!

      • ooppss!..want to add one tiny thing…i should say “My dear Rafans and nice poster’s here like Joe,Kevin,Eugene,Benny and other’s”…..

  5. I Always believe that people should be left alone to choose their own path, christian, muslim, hindu, Sheek, catholic whatever, im of pagan faith, which is very much misunderstood, like many of the religions are, people believing we sacrifice animals, children, drink chickens blood, when actually its nothing of the kind, we celebrate the changing of the seasons with rituals, and eat, drink and celebrate, and actually sing folk songs, and actually have alot of fun in doing so, i believe we should be left alone to live the way we want to, not be judged because it doesnt fit into everybodys ideal beliefs, race, colour, religion, we are all the same, end of rant ….

    • Paganism sounds right up my alley, Ali. But it does get a bad rap. I do my best imitation – it’s natural to celebrating the solstice’s and feel relief especially for me when the autumnal equinox gets close. When do you burn the wicker man? I want to do that and visit Stonehenge on a celebration someday 😀

    • That was very nice, Mira Andi. My parents had a collection on Goodwin albums, I think. He’s a prolific score writer for classic old movies.

      May I request one of those singing prayers? Male or female voice 🙂

      • Hey rc!!..u like it??Oh great!!..So,u used to listen to his songs?I’m not familiar with his other songs..except for this album..u know,when i 6,7,8 years old..when the sunset come and we’re about to break our late mom always turn on our battered radio and this song along with many Ron Goodwin’s from Music From An Arabian night would come out and played beautifully through the sunset…

        Now,my mom was long gone…everytime i listen to this song..all of a sudden i missed my mom very much rc!!

        Oh btw…one of those singing prayers?U mean like the one that i gave it to u on FB rc?

        • Yeah, I was looking on youtube for one — but you don’t have to post one here if you think it’s not right. I’ll be back on FB…someday…

          Yeah…Arabian Nights, my late mom had albums of his music from the movies. I used to dance around the living room to it – not even sure if I was in grade school yet. Goodwin did a wide variety of music. I grew up with mostly classical music playing but my mom loved musicals too. I didn’t like all of her music tho! She’d play Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore a lot. Here’s my version 😀

        • Hiya back rc!!…Hey!i just want to ask u,is it okay to post something very Islamic like that here?I mean maybe it will creates an uncomfortable feeling for some…but,u beat me to it!!hahaha…that’s okay rc!…when we’re be able to chat on FB again,i will give it to u k?

          rc..your mom play Gilbert and Sullivan’s a lot?Oh poor u!!hahaha…

          rc!…Do u still have both of them?

          • Actually, I like HMS pinafore now…it’s brilliant! the lyrics are spot on. I appreciate much that I did not about what my mom and dad were interested in and the music they played now. Both parents gone. You never know what you got until it’s gone, as they say.

            Hey the brackets are open 😀

            • Yeah rc!…we usually don’t appreciate much what we’ve got..until we lost them..[deep sigh]…

              Hey rc…u know Sascha lost right?He’s start to dip now..Let’s see how he’s doing at wimby…somehow i feel his form will lay low for a while…i’m not going to pick him to go deep at wimby….You’re already make your pick rc?

            • Hey rc!…The tune is not bad at all!…This is far more interesting than counting a sheep if i can’t sleep at nite!!Hahaha…

            • Didn’t really like how Sascha played today. Mueller is in exceptional for on grass but Sascha didn’t try — he didn’t come out fighting after he lost the first set TB.

              All I have done is watch tennis — play music — and my brackets are filled out! Except Mallorca, which I may not do. I recall now: the bracket was posted late and the there were too many changes. It was the first year for Mallorca last year – maybe it’s more organized this year but I’m having my doubts. If I was in Mallorca — well, I just be kicking it 🙂 Lots of distractions there.

  6. RC LOL Up my alley, Ali, evidentally some have been known to dance naked, but i havent been brave enough, but on each of the sabbats we go to we do burn a wicker man, nobody and nothing is in it though, other than prayer ties with wishes and offerings for the coming season, we also have a labyrinth that we walk through, all symbolic about letting go of the old and bringing in the new, to cleanse yourself, some bang soiux drums, some play flutes, ive never been to Stonehenge but its on my bucket list to go at some point, although i did visit Avebury stones which was on a smaller scale, we also had our hand fasting around a stone circle in Oxfordshire ….

  7. Andi Mira your welcome, i really hate prejudice, both myself and my husband have mixed ancestories in our families, and mixed cultures, i nearly blew a gasket on TX when i saw Cilic having his picture taken with a neo nazi pop star, put me right of the guy when at one time i actually did like him, after that i lost all respect for him, i had the backing of most posters im pleased to say, only 1 or 2 that didnt agree with me ….

    • Yeah Al!…i remembered u got slammed by poster’s on TX because of that..but credit to u Al for still stay strong even when u got kick,punch and smack down by some…i gotta admit,i’m not that strong..nowadays feel really ‘scared’ when blogging there..

      • MA,

        I wanted to come here and say how truly sorry I am that you had to read those hateful things from Stanley. Prejudice and ignorance are indeed the bane of humanity. But I hope the loving words of those here can ease any pain or hurt you are feeling.

        You reached out to me during one of the most difficult times of my life recently. I will never forget your kindness and caring words. You lifted up my spirits when I was discouraged during my recovery. Your cheerful messages were something I looked forward to every day. I had good care, but your special wishes helped me more than you will ever know. I can never repay you for what you have given me.

        I hope that you are doing well in your observance of Ramadan. You are a true embodiment of what it means to be a Muslim and a human being with spirit and a warm and loving heart.

        I count my blessings for having been so fortunate to meet you in this forum in cyber space.


        • Nny!!…Oh my God!!…Thank u so so so much for your words!!…God!U make me cry too u know!!…What is it with u guys?..torture a women like this??Hahahaha….

          Nny…First of all i wanna say what i did to u when you’re in tough moment a while ago was borne from my own desire and need…when i learned that you’re sick,i want to go to your bedside sooo bad..but i can’,i was thinking..if i can’t go to her,what can i do to make her feel better in this tough moment?And that’s when the idea to send those beautiful and very meaningful messages blink brightly in my head…and u know what?I even told u in one of my messages that if u want to reach out to me on personal matter just ask Ricky for my email or ask rc…she knows my email too…at that time,i was thinking,been in tough moment like that,sometimes we need to unload what we feels on the inside..sometimes we can’t do that with our closest..but we can do it easily with strangers…and i’m here for u Nny..always..whenever u need me,just ask for me okay?I mean it Nny…

          About Stanley,thank u once again Nny for your support and words..u don’t know how much it mean to me…also,when i read his words…i don’t feel angry at all..none!..all i felt was that..what if my dear poster’s read them and they believe what he wrote?because it’s not true!…Islam is all about loving,respect and make nice to each other without thinking about the colours of our skin or races…and i just hope that God will shine a light in stanley’s heart one day…

          Oh btw…Nny..u have no idea how happy i am to meet u,rc,Hawks and other great poster’s here..u also have no idea to be able to chat with u everyday makes my life so so happy Nny!So,thank u so so much for giving me this happiness…when i said i love u..i really really mean it Nny!SWEAR!!..hahahaha…wooohoooo!!
          End of rant!hahahaha…

  8. Wow, non-tennis forum is such a peaceful place to read comments. It’s nice to discover also your non-tennis side guys.

        • Hi back Eugene!…I knew it!!Hahaha…You’re one of the most nicest poster’s here Eugene and i like u very much!It’s a shame u rarely came here cause i like interacting with u…Hope to see u more here Eugene!I mean it!..

          • You are so sweet MA. I deeply appreciate your kind words. Will definitely keep posting when time allows. I am happy to share the same opinion about you. Take care MA 🙂

            • Hahaha…Thank u so much for your wonderful words Eugene!…U take care too okay? matter in what u do…and i mean it Eugene!!

  9. Overhead on the Twitterverse:
    “Arguing with a Trump supporter is like playing checkers with a pigeon, no matter how good you are the bird shits on the board and struts around like it won anyway.”


    • Best thing would be to ban all religions. Religions are in fact civil and criminal law evolved to govern societies. To ensure people obeyed them, they were supposed to be laid down by God and the ruler was the representative of God. The ruler therefore wore jewels and spectacular clothes and maybe a mask too and made his public appearances amidst much pomp and grandeur to fill the people with awe and fear. Now that we have temporal laws and the ruling body derives its legitimacy from the will of the people, religions can safely be retired. But the religious leaders do not want to lose power.
      We can continue to have God to be a kind of catch all to field all the questions to which we do not have the answers. So if we don’t know something, we can say, “God knows.”

    • mira, just came on here to comment on the finsbury park mosque attack and say that that amazing imam did you and your faith proud.
      sadiq khan who is the mayor of london is also one of my favourite politicians and another who represents the best of your faith and the best of british tolerance.
      hope you’re well hon….
      love from me to you….

      • amy!!…Oh my God!’re here!!…Only yesterday i was thinking of u!!…I miss u so so much amy!!…How r u?Hope u r well and happy with your loved ones okay?

        And thank u thank u thank u for your wonderful words amy!…As a Muslim your words and understanding and deep respect and tolerance that you’ve got in u moved me tremendously amy!…And i was right,you’re a very beautiful human being inside out amy!

        About sadiq khan…Yeah,i heard a lot of good things about him amy….no wonder he was chosen by the people of London to be their Mayor..I guess,if you’re honest about what you’re doing,u will be love and like by many people no matter what their faith and believe..right amy?Anyway,thank u for coming here today amy!…I really really miss u!!….I love u much much more amy!!…

        • hey mira dear!!! sorry i meant to come here when rafa won and send you a massive hug and loads of kisses but i just couldn’t stand being around the troll when i was so happy.
          i was live blogging with a close and dear friend of mind from this site who hardly ever posts here called chloro. maybe one day i will get the chance to introduce you to each other!
          i really really admire and cherish sadiq khan who came from a poor background and fought his way up to represent the poor and disadvantaged. he is very popular in britain and i was actually hoping he would lead the labour party.
          that imam is a wonderful man and brought many to tears. i guess you know of jk rowling?? the one who wrote harry potter?she was in tears today talking about his amazing strengh and humanity.
          i would never ever judge anyone because of their faith mira. there are great people and bad people of every religion and creed…you, sadiq khan and that wonderful imam represent the best of islam….
          big hug and kiss mira…..xxxx

          • Oh My God amy!!…Thank u so so much for your amazing words!..although,i don’t think i can be put on the same level with Sadiq and that wonderful imam amy…i’m only a very plain and ordinary human being…nothing special about me!..while they’re both already proved that they’re in a different league than me…in every aspect amy…Btw…thank u once again for your words amy!…YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

            Oh JK rowling crying??Oh wow!!.I can’t believe it amy!!!…I have to find the news about it!!…I admire Jk a lot,because this is not the 1st time she showed how beautiful her soul’s are…she’s not afraid to let the world know how she feels about Trump too..

            About chloro…amy!i would love to get to know chloro!..Please introduce me to her/him amy!!…I’m sure she/he a great human being too!…and i understand you’re reluctant to come here often amy!…I just wish mary would not be so hard on u…I hope u be patient and strong when dealing with Mary okay?There’s so many here who adores u still amy…i will always waiting for your return amy!!…


            • Poor amy troll must have been miserable because her hated Rafa won and worse still UT whom she called selfish and evil got recognition. Must have been the saddest day for amytroll.
              What puzzles me is this troll insists on coming back here as amy after having been exposed. Totally shameless!

  10. Mary what is this bee you have in your bonnet about Amy and her being a Rafa hater, when actually shes a Rafa fan, no disrespect but it sounds ridiculous, and your now coming across as being a bully ….

    • That’s ok, Alison, if telling the truth makes me a bully I am fine with it. According to the fake profile amy projected she is a fan of Rafa with Djok being her second fave. She is supposed to hate Muzz and she never made a single post about Muzz until Muzz claimed players who played more than 5 hours must be doping. Everybody here thought he meant Djok and amy was seething. Ultimately unable to control herself she made a post asking who else has played 5+ hours and answered it herself.Rafa….. That’s when I realized that she had studiously avoided posting about Muzz till then. She has made fan like posts about Delpo but never about Rafa or Djok.
      I don’t have to convince you. It came as a big surprise to me I think a year after she started posting here when I realized with a shock that she was Margot. I always knew though that she was a fake because she claimed she had never been on the internet, not even followed any site till 2015. Why would a Rafa fan from London stay away from the internet during Rafa’s best years? Also why does she diligently follow tennis-x but not post there? Obviously because she is already there. So after I realized she was Margot, I verified her past posts and they bore out my suspicion. Also amy-deuce..Amadeuce… Mozart….genius….amy thought her trolling userid was sheer genius.
      Anyway I won’t waste further time in trying to convince you. People are not amenable to reason so nothing will convince you unless it strikes you.

      • So freaking what if Amy is Deuce or Margot. I don’t think so but both are posters are ones I love talking tennis with and interacting with and they are not a dang bully like you, Mary. I love reading all of them — very good writers. Brilliant if they are all one and the same and no less readable!

        How many sock puppets do you have, Mary? Should we honestly go there? I’m very certain you’ve been on Tennis-x and likely still are. Your characters are the most pesky Trolls I have ever read.

        You are an equal to Von and Truth, how many? I don’t really care to know.

        Also you have given me many laughs because what you come up with is unbelievable. Definitely a tortured genius, yourself; but not a nice one or a fair one. Get over yourself.

        Many of us change our poster id’s. So what is your problem with it?
        Your argument accusing Amy, just sounds hypocritical and silly.

        I know you are very intelligent but that doesn’t mean your internet characters are loveable — they are not meant to be. Go away and comeback as a nicer character is my suggestion.

        • I have no problem with amy being Margot, I have a problem with her pretending to be a Rafa fan when Margot is actually a Rafa hater. amy bashed Rafa and attacked Rafa fans.
          I am not von or Truth. But these accusations fit your propensity to attack viciously based on just your Assumptions.
          You are free to like amy but you have no right to challenge my assertion that amy is Margot and call me names without doing your research on amy’s posts from 2015.
          Do that and come back rc-troll. Otherwise shut up.

          • I’ll do nothing of the sort. There’s no time in my day for your kind of ‘research’.

            Get a life Mary-troll. And you shutting would be great. 😀

            • Well I wasn’t following tx but as deuce on tennistalk she asserted that she hated Rafa. What gives you the right to keep on attacking me? How is this your business? Why do you keep poking your nose into things you know nothing about and calling me names?
              As for me sounding similar to von or truth, can you produce evidence of the “sameness” other than your opinion ? Please produce similarities between them and Mary. Finding their similarities with any other poster would not be acceptable as you will then have to prove the other poster’s similarity with Mary. Simply saying x, y or z is me without any basis is typical opf you, rc-troll

            • Move past your torment, Mary. No one cares or is making a stink about the topic but you. and there’s no way I will give you any respect…you keep harassing me and attacking me. Since I have been posting here 90 percent of my experience reading you has been attacking someone. So you calling anyone a troll is an irony of all ironies…who can take you seriously? you have no clue what you sound like.

              You are such a hypocrite, Mary-troll.

    • amy profile is supposed to dislike Muzz so you have obviously got hold of the wrong of the stick. You think I am accusing her of not being a Rafa fan becaise she is a fan of Muzz? You couldn’t be more wrong.
      I myself am a fan of Rafa first and Muzz second so you don’t have to enlighten me about the possibility of being a fan of more than one player. Most of the Rafa fans are fans of Muzz also.

    • Since you are a hippie, I presume you value justice and truth. So here are two thoughts for you to ponder over. Have you wondered about the coincidence that amy instantly made friends with Margot’s friends from tx when they came over and also she instantly made friends with deucey’s friends from this site when she first came here?. They are also her only friends.
      Second thought. Don’t you think you should research amy’s posts from 2015 before having the right to dispute my assertion? If you do not have the patience to do that, go ahead and like her but do not attack me and call me names as you do not even know what amy had done based on which I have cocluded amy is Margot. In other words steer clear of this till you do your research.
      I want to make it clear I do not have any problems with people using different user names or having multiple heroes/idols.I have a problem with amy because she pretended to be a Rafa fan and attacked and hounded loyal Rafans and split this site. She also spent all her time bashing Rafa.

      • You not only attack Amy but you attack me as well. So I’m not going to steer clear of you until you cease your complaining about her and me. Nor am I going to do the research that you hold so dearly and strongly … like an old and sour grudge.

        • You sound persecuted and at the same time like a prosecutor hahah…you called me a hippie – I don’t think that was a compliment coming from you lol

        • rc, I did not call you a hippie. The post was meant for Alison.I don’t think you value truth or justice. You operate on ASSUMPTIONS.
          You wouldn’t know the difference between fact and fiction as all that matters is your ASSUMPTION.

        • Well at least you admitted you have no use for research and intend to attack me without any basis. You were the one who first poked her nose into the Amy affair and called me names. So that’s how you got involved but it was your initiative. I did not involve you or Alison. Both of you are poking your noses into something you know nothing about and yet you call me names. You shamelessly assert your right to harass me without doing any research. What a pathetic and vicious person you are. And actually reveling in your ignorance!
          #rcTroll-Is Proud of her contempt for facts.

          • No I didn’t admit that I have no use for research…LOL

            I have no use for the research you suggest/ order me to do!!

            Hypocrite Mary

            • So how do you know amy is not margot or that i am similar to von or truth? No rresearch. Pathetic!
              I suppose that makes you eligible to be chief troll but I do think you might have competition from amy whose specialty is viciousness. So it all boils down to what the trolls value most, Ignorance or viciousness. Though on second thoughts I think you will be the winner because you are vicious as well!
              #Good luck on Election Day!

            • You are famous for telling stories and putting words in posters mouths that they never said….

              You assume so much…and don’t see the irony of how silly you sound!!!

            • You already make clear what you value most and that is holding on to an old useless SOUR grudge like it will be your last breath.

            • I think you will win the prize for Ms Silly Universe. Not only do you sound silly, you are silly and proud of it!
              I know I do not sound silly because all I did was to request you and Alison to stay away and that if you wanted to participate, you should do your research. No sane person will call that silly. However your insistence on attacking me based only on your ignorance and flaunting your contempt for data, that my dear PROVES you are silly and pathetic.

            • That’s delusional but unsurprising coming from you.

              You claim proof…there is no proof only your assumption.

            • No all you do is attack and troll, that’s all. And sometimes think about Rafa. But here you are famous for meanness and vicious attacking under some stupid, phony, hypocritical pretext.

            • Guys!…It sadden me to no end to see u guys fighting like this…i love all of u..even Mary who always brutal towards amy and now rc…Can’t we just put aside our difference in opinion and start respect each other?we live in a world full of hatred…just take a look at our surrounding…there’s killing everywhere..and it’s start with something like this…u attack me and i’m attack u back…back and forth,back and forth..and then what?Somehow,somewhere,someone got to stop this….C’mon!let’s show to the people out there that we’re much different and much better from them…Mary,i’m asking u please…just let it go this amy thing…it’s just a small matter compared to other things that happen in the world atm…the loss of humanity,poverty,poor kids in the 3rd world who fight for a mouthful of foods…and here we are fighting with each other because we don’t have enough respect towards the other…It doesn’t matter whether amy is Margot or vice versa…both r great great human being and i love both of them…if we’re eager to find a negative in people..then we only can see that…but if we want to look at the positive things in people,then all we can see is the beauty and good things about them…Respect,tolerance are very very important…if we have that,then we can live happily no matter what our differences are….

  11. hahahaha , as if that’s the last word. Really? You will NEVER stop being mean. It’s bred in the bone for a Queen of MEAN – Mary.

  12. All I know in this ‘sffair’ is that I can’t allow you to blacken Amy or Margot. And any attempts that I read here to do do will be not go without a response in kind.

    You have shown me how petty you are.

  13. Mary i am a Hippy you got that right, its about the only thing you did though, BTW this is an open forum, there is no staying away posters are free to come and go as they please adding to any discussion ….

  14. For goodness sake you lot Ricky has already said ‘that’s enough’. Go back to TX if you want to continue with your futile bickering.

    • good god! i left a message for mira to do iwth the finsbury park mosque and came back today to find this!
      the only person initiating this and trolling people constantly is mary. if anyone should go it’s her. when i came here yesterday i read some of the wta thread and she was attacking and harassing rc for absolutely no reason.
      rc, alison and mira are all class and never attack anyone.
      i do know margot from talking wiht her on tourneytopia and i find the insults levelled about her from when hse was a regular poster here by mary utterly grotesque.
      mira i came to leave you another message but i’ll come back another time to talk….take care…

      • amy!…Sorry,i’m late to arrive and give a reply to u….Yeah,since things got out of control,we better talk next time k?But,thank u thank u thank u for thinking of me and come here amy..even though u knew Mary will find a reason to insult u once again…I wish we can talk via email or,it can save a lot of things…U take care of yourself too whatever u do okay?I mean it!…Much love from a far away land amy!…

  15. There was a man who mistakenly fell into a pool he couldn’t swim so he was drowning, a woman saw him struggling for his life so she jumped into the pool to save his life, she wasn’t wearing a bikini or any swim wear she was fully clothed she wasn’t even planing to swim that day.
    When she rescued the man out of the pool, she called for the medic and after he had received medical attention and was stable she asked him why he entered the swimming pool when he couldn’t swim, he told her that he mistakenly fell into the pool.
    After he had thanked her with all of his heart for saving his life, he stood up and was about leave and she stopped him and asked him whether he wanted to learn how to swim, he said yes enthusiastically!

    After weeks of training the man got better at swimming, he wasn’t a pro or a master yet but he wasn’t going to drown any day soon.
    Swimming became one of this man’s favorite activities, so every weekend when his less busy he tries to swim for some few hours.

    On a Sunday afternoon as he was swimming he remembered that N. Djokovic would be playing R. Nadal in the finals at Wimbledon and he wanted to see how Novak was going to destroy nadal, so he got out of the pool dried himself & wore his clothes, as he was about to leave he noticed something strange in the second pool as he got closer he saw a young woman drowning, so he jumped into the water and saved her life.

    If you were there that day would you say that this man is an ignorant & a hateful person? Or would you say he is a loving person?
    Would you consider his actions to be foolish or brave?

  16. The difference between what that man did & what am doing is that what am doing is far more important.
    The word of GOD(The bible) tells us that- we should not be deceived, God can’t be mocked, for whatsoever a man/woman sows that he/she would also reap it(Galatians 6:7).
    A farmer reaps the same as he has sown, if he plants wheat, wheat comes up. If he plants apple seeds, during harvest time he would harvest apple fruits not a different fruit or plant.

    When we believe in a lie or in a false teaching it would lead us to a bad place & destroy our lives.
    But when we believe in the TRUTH it would leads us to the right path & bless our lives.

    JESUS said I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to the father except through me.( John 14:6)

    The word of GOD would say- “For the wages of sin is death(eternal death), but the gift of God is eternal life through JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

  17. Millions of Christians & innocent people who seek peace have lost their lives because the love JESUS CHRIST & because the have rejected the EVIL teachings of Islam. This evil Islamic terrorists are inspired to kill, behead, cut off body parts because muhammed & allah has encouraged them to do it.( quran 8:12, quran 9:5, quran 9:38-39 etc)

    Some of you have said that I am ignorant, hateful & spouting nonsense.
    Please I beg you to be specific, point out the ignorant, hateful & nonsense thing that I have said.

    Exposing the truth about the EVIL teaching’s of islam is not an attack on a person or a hateful thing but a revelation on the danger’s & motivation of islam and it’s devout follower’s(terrorists).
    When allah & muhammed commands that Christians, jews, atheist & other faiths be beheaded is that Stanley’s words or muhammed’s words?
    When allah tells his follower’s to kill those who are not muslims or else he would punish them is that Stanley’s words or allah’s.(muslims who don’t practice such teaching’s are also in danger)

    Have I become your enemy because I choose to tell you the truth.
    I believe this website would be a blessing to anyone searching for the truth.

  18. I learnt an important lesson in my first year in the university.
    Before we conducted an experiment in the lab my professor would show us how it’s done and also show us the result he arrived at.

    One day he asked us to experiment a particular substance, he gave us the materials and instruments to do this research, he also showed us the result he arrived at but what we didn’t know was that the result he gave us was false.
    Some didn’t do the experiment (they were waiting for other peoples results to copy), some didn’t know how to do it.
    Some of us did the experiment but came to a different conclusion, so we did the research again but still came to a result different from what we were given.

    Some didn’t want to fail so the changed their results to match the professor’s, others were afraid to correct the professor you have to understand this was our first year & he(they professor) had decades of experience when it came to this topic, so they adjusted their findings to match his, everyone then submitted their experiments.

    A few days later he summoned the whole class and failed everyone except for one person, I won’t tell you who he is.
    Everyone was devastated, so those who got the result right the first time went to his office to submit their previous experiment but he rejected it, he told them & everyone that we should be confident in our results provided that we have extensively & carefully don’t our research.

  19. Truth should not just be consumed it needs to be carefully reviewed and that’s why I have encouraged everyone here to do their own research, check out the things that I have said carefully and see whether the are true or false.

    A WISE person hungers for the truth and checks it out because they don’t want to but deceived but a FOOL rejects the truth without even considering it and remains deceived forever.

    When you love someone your faithful, kind and honest with them, you also make time for them.
    I have showed you guys nothing but true love, I have tried to be honest, kind and despite my busy schedules I make time for you because I truly love you.
    I have a wonderful life and I believe you have an amazing life as well.
    I don’t have to do what am doing, in fact if I said nothing or if I said the opposite of what I have said some of you would appalled & thank me, but that would be dishonest and that won’t be love but hate.

  20. Terrorism can be politically motivated, religiously motivated etc and all forms of terrorism should be condemned strongly and exposed.

    It’s important to note that not all muslims murder innocent people, some of them are peaceful and are victims of terrorism by the hands of Isis and other terrorists group’s because the intentionally or unintentionally reject this EVIL/WICKED teachings of Islam.

    It’s also important to note that as a Christian if I reject the teachings of JESUS CHRIST am not a Christian.
    And if a muslim rejects the teachings of Muhammed they are not muslims.
    You can’t have it both ways you can’t condemn islamic terrorism without condemning the teachings/verses in the quran that promote it.
    A devout muslim is someone who obeys all the teachings of islam instructed by allah & muhammad and hundreds of this verses/teachings promote EVIL & TERRORISM.

    As someone who has read the quran and studied teachings of islam I know without a doubt that islamic terrorism is inspired by the teachings of muhammad which you would find in the quran( muslims holy book).

    This links would be helpful- (1).

    I just want to say that I love you guys, I truly do but I love you enough to share the truth with you.
    I have a lot to say but I would stop here, this might be my last comment addressing this particular topic, as the old saying goes- A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE!
    Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear, I have done the best that I can, hopefully you would come to the knowledge of the TRUTH.

  21. stanley, there are several muslims on this site who pay particular attention to their faith right now as it is their holy month of ramadhan. out of sheer courtesy, if nothing else, it really would be great if you put a lid on all this. your ranting on here is, in any case, entirely inappropriate and unnecessary.

    • big wave to mira!! how are you today hon? please just ignore stanley mira. don’t even bother to read his posts – life is too short!!

      • amy!!…you’re my hero!!…Thank u for your sweet/kind words amy!!…Really really appreciate it…i’m fine amy,thank u for asking…but,feels like something unsettle today and i’m not happy when i’m thinking of rc,hurting somewhere…i don’t like when someone i cared hurting and in anger….same with what u have been through a while ago…but,i also understand rc need to be alone atm…i wish i could reach her via FB or email..but,she’s unavailable on both count..

        Oh!….don’t worry amy!i won’t respond/read stanley’s post…it’s too ‘heavy’ and ‘colourful’ for me…Btw r u today?Okay?I’m really really glad u decide want to come here more often..even for rc’s sake…oh!…check this out amy!..

        • i’m fine thanks mira. just very tired as we are in the middle of a heatwave here. hottest temperatures in june in 40 years! and we brits are hopeless with the heat as we never see any sun! so i don’t sleep at night…
          yeah i feel bad about rc mira and that’s why i’m here today but i think she probably just wants to be alone and of course i respect that.
          oh btw mira, mary doesn’t have the power to cause me pain!!! if you don’t like or respect someone they don’t have any power over you…i just get sick with the toxicity she carries around her. i’ve actually probably got far more upset and angry about other people being bullied here. but the only person mary embarrasses and humiliates with her lies and trolling is herself. a child could see through her…
          talk soon hon…..xxxx

          • Hey amy!!….sorry,a little bit late to reply..went to bed early last nite…yeah amy…heatwave are everywhere!I guess the earth are getting older and older and this is how they showed to us that they’re maybe in a late stage…although i hope,i manage to see my grandchildren grow up one day!hahaha…Byw..u don’t sleep at nite amy?..Oh!..i’m so sorry to hear that…it must be tough to endure this heat because u guys not used to it right?I hope,u will be patient with this condition amy…it’snot going to last…oh,and drink a lot of water amy!..i don’t want u to dehydrate in this condition k?

            About Mary…that’s alright amy…i hope you’re stay strong with everything that she may throw at u okay?It’s going to be hard…but remember…hate cannot defeat love and kindness…They’re only make us stronger…C’mon amy & rc!!…U can do it!!

            • We are good. Thanks amy and Mira Andi. I let it go already. It was amazingly easy, thanks to you!

              But it’s hard for me to stay out of it once an attack starts. I’ll try harder.

              I’ve got my alarm set early to get up and watch Thursday matches. I work on Friday and have a busy day Saturday but Sunday will for picking Eastbourne brackets and whatever else there is. Halep and Novak will be playing in Eastbourne! Yay.

            • rc!!….YAYYYYY!!!…Oh.i’m very very happy you’re here again rc!!…And i’m also fully understand your burst of rage rc…believe me,i understand…but,if i am allowed to give u just one tiny words for inspiration?…

              Just keep it cool…Acting like me…because once u gave away your control,it’s hard to get it back..don’t let other’s control us rc…don’t give them the power…keep it cool,that doesn’t mean we’re afraid rc..No!’s also a method to fight..but in a cool way..and certainly not with hurtful words…In the past,Mary also took a dig at me,but i took it with a laugh and just sent her a picture of a women blow her a kiss…I believe,fire if we fight with’s going to be a monster fireball…but,if we fight it with a cold water,it will turn to ash immediately rc…But of coz it’s your choice to pick which one rc….You’re a warrior…and i’m not..hehe..u may see things diffrently..other way,i will always with u rc!…No matter what the circumstances r…Love u rc!!!Wooohooo!!

            • Oh rc!…Can u check your email?I wrote one or 2 things there…U don’t have to reply if u don’t want to…Just read it okay?

            • how are you today mira?? am utterly exhausted today with lack of sleep but very happy to see rc back here…
              it’s hard for me to be here because i have commitments elsewhere but i would like it if you could leave me a message on non tennis forum if mary comes back and starts hating on rc. just let me know mira please what thread it’s on and what day and that way i can see straightaway and go over and sat something….
              take care mira dear….xx

            • amy!!…I’m fine amy!!Thank u for asking!!…U can’t sleep amy?Because of a heat?I’m sorry to hear that but amy,i read that heatwave is going to end,u can sleep much better after this k?

              About rc and Mary….U got it Boss!!…I’ll try my best to be rc’s bodyguard…

              Btw…so happy you’re here amy!!..even for a while!Hehehe….Hugs and kisses from me amy!!..Try to sleep better tonite okay?

  22. Mira,

    I would like to ask you a question, please be honest with me, when you get this.
    Do you think that I hate you?

    • Hey Stanley…to answer your question…ermm…no!…i don’t think u hate me…and i don’t hate u either…HATE is an alien word in my life stanley…in fact i don’t have an ability to hate anyone…i don’t know how…but,i do think that you’re misunderstood about Islam…and i mean it when i ask u to find an Imam,to answer any question about Islam…He’s the right person for u to meet Stanley…

      And i’m not going to discuss anything about Islam or any religion here Stanley…even though this is a forum that we’re free to talk about anything other than tennis,but as i said before…every each one of us should respect the other’s believe and faith…tolerance,respect,understanding and a little bit love in our heart are very very important Stanley…especially when the world that we live in atm are slowly dying…suffocating by the lack of humanity and those ingredients that i already stated up there…

      Oh!btw Stanley…all Muslims in the world is going to celebrate Eidul Fitr Al Mubarak in 3 days time..and even though u don’t celebrate it,i just want to wish u every happiness in the world,always healthy and always success in everything u do okay?

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