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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. YAY Simona, like Penko, but so happy seeing Halep get a win against the player that beat her at the FO, i think she will play Petra in the final, lovely to see Petra getting into a position to be contesting for titles again ….

  2. She did it again, Caroline Garcia is killing me with wins.
    This babe is rocking, her odd was at 3.02 to win and she won big time, in 2 sets.

    She won her previous tournament Wuhan and she will/might/will/definitely win lol!
    My baby might be exhausted but one more and we are done.

    Caroline Garcia will play M. Sharapova in Tianjin WTA and Caroline’s odd is at 2.50 odd while Shara is at 1.50, i like both players but if my baby is not fatigued she will defeat Shakira.

    Maria Sharapova is leading C. Garcia in the H2H 4-0 but S. Halep smashed Sharapova 6-2, 6-2 in Beijing when the H2H was 7-0 in favour of Sharapova and if Caroline G is fit my Shara will be in trouble.

    God bless USA.

  3. Simona Halep to win is at 1.40 odds.
    My baby to win is at 3.00 odds.

    My baby( Caroline Garcia) might be exhausted and she might loses but i will gladly lose with her that’s love, true love.

    Simona is on a mission “Operation steal Ratcliff’s TV, so that she misses the final”, S. Halep has played FANTASTICO in this tourney and is the fresher but love is blind and C. Garcia has blinded me with wins and money, how can i be unfaithful now after all she has done 4 me.

    Where she goes, i go.
    Where she dies, i live lol! I love my life Plzzz.

    Talk 2 U guy’s later, i gotta run.

    • Yeah finally Simona reached the world #1 sport. She really deserved it. πŸ™‚ She was so happy…It was such a relief for her. πŸ™‚ I’m glad about it.
      And CarGar is just amazing these weeks and the whole year. I really hope she will get that last spot in road to Singapore. πŸ™‚ Even if it can be Konta’s second consecutive year when she almost made it to Singapore but not. πŸ˜€ I prefer Garcia now. πŸ™‚
      And of course in the finals it can be anybody’s game…I lean to Halep a little bit but who knows… πŸ™‚

    • “Where she (Garcia) goes (bathroom?lol), i go.
      Where she dies, i live lol! I love my life Plzzz.”

      (From Stan above)

      You are one crazy man, Stano!lol

      Don’t let your other girlfriends read this post here….they might smash you to pulp….jointly!ha,ha,ha…

  4. Well, I’m happy for Caroline Garcia….what an Asian Swing she’s having.
    She has surpassed her ex-doubles partner and now rival Kiki Mladenovic for the French #1 spot — it’s a big deal in itself. But holy moses she has beaten my girl Petra and that did make me cry because I really feel for Petra — still feel bad to see her struggling, after her left hand/arm knife attack injury last year. She still has trouble with feeling and gripping the racquet.

    And now I fear the new beast CaroGar will smash my Simona!! I am much more protective of my WTA favorites than the ATP ones….excuse my weakness. I will not want to see Garcia win Beijing over Simona but I’m accepting that could happen.

    And anyway if Garcia does win Beijing, I believe that gives her the points to also jump over Konta and qualify for Singapore for the first time in Singles!! That’s an outstanding performance and a great leap for her. She has already played in the Singapore doubles final with Kiki Mladenovic. But this is going either make Kiki jealous or perhaps finally motivate her to not be qualifying and Caroline Garcia qualifying for Singapore.

    So while I’m not a great fan of Caroline Garcia — She has truly been impressive, I do love how she strikes a tennis ball and competes. It was just tough seeing Petra fall to her in the match this morning. Urgh.

    • RC, I too feel bad that Petra lost. But Sweet Caroline was the better player today and deserved to win.

      ToMMorrow, my analysis and gut says that Simona Halep will win due to a combination of many reasons as listed below.

      1) The Simona in this Tournament is a beast and not the weak willed, crying and complaining Simona of the past. This Simona is a cool collected killer!

      2) She seems to have a new coach or a new member of the coaching team…who is guiding and helping Simona realize her complete potential!

      3) This new Simona is the BEST RETURNER that too an aggressive one in WTA and in this tournament. Garcia has not met any player so far who is such an aggressive returner as Simona. Simona will hit the returns so deep and wide and make my French Goddess run a lot…until she can run no more and be out of breath. I was surprised that Petra being so clever in general was sending 75% of the returns straight to Garcia for Garcia to smash it away for winners. That is pure stupidity. Simona will just do the opposite….smash the balls to the farthest corners of this universe…ha,ha,ha…to the farthest corners of the court for winners!

      4) By chasing Simona’s wide and deep returns, Garcia’s leg injury can get aggravated and slow her down further besides tiring her more…zapping her energy! A tired body and mind will cause all kinds of unforced errors to creep up besides making you frustrated and wild. That is what made Jelena Ostapenko throw that match away in the SF’s!

      5) Garcia didn’t show much tiredness today unlike in the match against Svitolina, as the petra match lasted just 2 sets. But as you play more and more matches in a Tourney, the effects of tiredness will hit you suddenly(have 100’s of examples illustrating the same.). Simona and her new team will exploit Garcia’s tiredness by making her run 10x more than other opponents.

      6) Garcia is definitely tired. Though I call her the French Goddess, she definitely is human and has been hiding her tiredness. It will definitely show ToMMorrow(lol) when Simona makes her run for her life or run after the balls all over the court. Garcia can’t and will never match the speed and court coverage of Simona especially being INJURED and TIRED!

      7) Now that Simona is World No.1, she would be determined to win the 1st match and the 1st Tournament after becoming World No.1. So, she is going to game plan extra hard with her team (the current Simona can just roll of the bed without any Game plan and beat the current tired and injured Garcia) to win confidently tomorrow.

      7) Finally, Simona has a 2-0 H2H (both on hard surface) wins over Garcia. Simona recently beat Garcia at the Rogers Cup, Toronto (08/2017), 6-4,6-2. So, Simona knows Garcia’s style of play and knows how to beat Garcia (redirecting Garcia power serves and returns for winners etc.).

      As Garcia has given me good profits until today, I will root for both but my bet only for tomorrow may be on Simona. The over/3rd set can hit as Garcia will also fight hard as a lot is at stake for Garcia like the last place in the WTA Singapore Finals Plus the Trophy, prestige, WTA points(?) and big paycheck that comes with being the China Open Champion!

      What you think about my above analysis RC, Mira, Stan(my Caro luver!lol),ToMMo and other WTA experts?

      • I don’t fully believe in CaroGar’s leg injury — she should have gone out to Queen Elina, if that leg was truly injured. QE made her run, run, run and was reading and returning her serve like a monster. But by the third set, after a marathon first two sets, Queen E was the one who had lost her pop….If Garcia was injured she’d have not won that match!
        I think that tape is just covering for a skin rash or something minor. LOL

        Never trust her…she’s a sneaky one.

      • The new Simona’s coach is Andrei Pavel. Former ATP Romanian player. He is definitely a useful addition to her team. Quite in the same way Moya is for Rafa.

      • Hey Rog!!….Ermm…it’s hard to pick between Simona & Garcia…They both very very strong this week…Tho,i certainly leaning heavily towards Sim coz she’s one of my fav…but..my God!..Garcia is the Beast this week!!..She seems building her strength day by day..she looks so fresh still even she’s been playing 2 weeks straight!!…Unbelievable!!…I’m not surprised if Simona lost to her today Rog!…Garcia is on fire!!…

        But,let’s see how Simona will handle Garcia’s big serve & big groundstrokes today…Garcia will bombarded her weapon non stop for 2 or 3 hrs like she did with Elina & Petra…Which one of them who can handle their mental strength & great pressure for that duration of time…they win…And i’ll say….Garcia it is…Tho,if i’m wrong…feel free to ‘smackdown’ me later Rog!!…Woohohohohoho!!….Vamos!!

  5. Hi RC agree on Petra, shes almost there, but i still think she needs a bit more time to reach that top level again, im so happy for Simona i think she works so hard, and that was an amazing win against Penko, hope your well BTW πŸ˜‰

    • hello alison darling nice to see you posting here! Hope you are well, too.

      Yeah Petra isn’t there yet but now I can’t wait for her to get back to her DC winning level!!

  6. lil’ Halep No. 1.

    With that talent and great coaching from Cahill & Co., it was just a matter of time.

    Rafa could have overcome his mental demons quicker had he hired Cahill in 2014-15 when he had the chance.

    No matter. He’s GOAT already and will eventually pass Federer’s slam total.

    Vamos Halep and vamos Rafa!!!!



  7. Caroline Garcia is unlucky she is not where i am cos i will kiss her to paradise.
    My Baby won!

    I am busy right now, so i will celebrate properly later, this babe has made my account smile multiple times and i owe her an expensive dinner.

    Vamooooooooosssss Nick Kyrgios.

    • Stop boasting about sexual assault Stanley! It’s really really offensive to read this codswallop! These women are not your babies and have zero interest in you!

      • Amy,

        You have no sense of humor, please get your filthy, disgusting, mind out of the gutter you useless FOOL, what a REPROBATE.

        How can you read that comment and post that trash, stop being silly, some of that comment shouldn’t be taking literally.

        I was simply celebrating Caroline Garcia’s VICTORY, please stop being silly.

        • You use this excuse about humour all the time even when you have been trolling or serious. It’s completely obvious you have a big problem in your sexist attitude towards women. I am not the only person here who is sick of listening to it.
          Stop being so offensive!

    • Well, Alison,
      The commentators were saying that Garcia had a thigh problem, thus the heavy taping during the match vs Svitolina and she kept it taped through the final but really she was not at all movement impaired my whatever is going on!! Beating probably an underplayed Kvitova is one thing but beating Svitolina and Halep the best movers and returners out there is another. She should keep on winning through 280 point Tianjin!! lol

      But I’m going to continue to believe she’s human and giver her a rest break losing to Peng. Even though Peng and everyone else just looks weak compared to
      CarGar. She’s the #1 seed. Kvitova the #2 seed.

      My vote goes again to Petra. Go Petra!

      In the other two 280’s … Hong Kong and Linz:

      Hong Kong has the strongest and most interesting draw. I’m going with Wozniacki FTW but others are capable — Venus Williams will be there, Svitolina, S.Zhang, Pavlyuchenkova, Osaka, and Radwanska.

      Linz is hard to pick….there are so many that could win it. The top seed is Rybarikova, since Ostapenko dropped out, dang it. There’s a lot of good tennis players there like Strycova, Kontaveit, Siniakova, Flipkens, T. Maria, Niculescu, Witthoeft…..but it’s hard to see a clear winner!! LOL

      Considering skipping Linz, but no bracket I see can go unpicked…..I must pick. And It won’t be pretty, for sure πŸ˜€

  8. Weekly TDC bracket results

    Congrats to Kpuppy737 for winning the ATP Bracket in Beijing…. I think it was him and a high score too, but I’m a bit sleep deprived and my memory isn’t to be trusted. I think I won ATP Tokyo….no one score high; no one thought to pick Goffin vs Mannarino.

    Who won the TDC group WTA Beijing bracket? Help, did I really win it Mira Andi? I don’t remember…all I can remember is Caroline Garcia and her tapped right thigh drilling through the competition. She was Rafa-like.

    That chocolate boot you gave me is, in the light of day, both looking edible and not looking edible. But It’s such a nicely done boot! I just hope the filling is okay to eat. πŸ˜€ Uhrg!

  9. Hey rc,My WTA Queen!!….Hahahahaha….really glad u liked your gift rc!!…Since you’re found your mojo back…don’t kick me too hard with that boots k??MJME is a fragile cow!!Hahahaha….

    Oh btw!….Sure u won Beijing rc!!..77 points!!..Urgh!!!..i’m really really happy u won rc!…I’m sick & tired of kicking your backside every week rc!!It’s time u kick mine!!hehehehe….

    Oh!…this is for u rc & other WTA lover’s too!….


    • MA! you insist on calling me Queen…LOL as you wish, darling but I’m not a WTA picking Queen that’s for certain! I’m just average…you are more clever, smarty pants πŸ˜€

      The articles were short, easy to digest, and here’s my takeaway thoughts:

      Garcia will win Tianjin. LOOK at the Beijing Trophy picture! Did she play without the thigh taping in the final?! I was sleeping and couldn’t get fully awake. Dang, she’s going for a triple. My Petra has no chance. Also because she doesn’t appear to need a rest! And she needs the points to make sure she remains ahead of Konta — they are still very close at #8 and #9

      Konta’s last gasp will be Moscow now…Moscow is 470 points. If Konta is in top form and she wins Moscow, and Garcia doesn’t play Moscow…. Konta could pass Garcia but Konta would have to win Moscow and I’m thinking that Garcia is going to go to Moscow, one way or another, to settle it. It’s a tight race, just like last year when Kuznetsova was playing catch-up to make Singapore. But she lost in the final to Cibby. Oh well, Garcia is only 24, I believe she’ll do everything to make Singapore and not as #9 alternate.

      Karolina Pliskova sounds sick of tennis. But I doubt any of the top 7, even stubborn Karolina, are going to drop out.

      Then there’s Belinda Bencic making a comeback in Linz ….. woooohooooo! I miss BB! Not sure how many rounds she can win in Linz but I see they have her high on the list of outright winners. Not sure I’ll fall for that until I see her playing but if she’s got herself in shape, she could win in that field.

      Many thanks for your help and input, Mira Andi!

  10. Mira Andy,are you alias Farah Diba ? ?
    I sat up to 1am Uk time to get all my brackets in .I read somewhere that Cargar had requested a wild card for Moscow,so assumed she was pulling out of Tiajin.
    Went for some bold (for me )picks in my Shanghai bracket

    • Hey Big Al!…Ermm yeah!…I am Farah Diba @ MissJanMiraElizabeth too in the Brackets…hehe..
      Bout CarGar..yeah..i gave the article to rc & WTA lover’s up there about it…unfortunately for me[alias not very smart!hehe]…i picked her to win again in Tianjin…while rc already warned me that she may pull out if she won Beijing…and our Queen was right!!…Urgh!!I should listen to her!
      Btw…to me,your picks is not bold Big Al…upsets always happen in tennis..like RBA was ousted by Hyeon Chung yesterday?I’m pretty sure,it’s going to happen in WTA too this week….And next thing we knew..the underdogs go to the final and sometimes win it!!…And best of luck to u Big Al & other fellow Bracketeers too for this week k??

      • Yeah,well its still bold to have Dimitrov beating Nadal,but even he must run out of steam sometime.Exciting to go for these big upsets sometimes!
        I tend to go for conservative picks.

        • Big Al!!…’Exciting to go for these big upsets’??Tell it to our Queen of WTA Big Al!!…When i was picking a Bracket with her..she picked Kumkhum and i picked Vesnina…and i said to her..r u sure rc??That’s really bold!..And she said..’i’m 100% sure!!….And..OUCH!!…i should never doubted a QUEEN!!…Kumkhum beat the No 5 seeds in straight sets!!..Arghhh!!…Serves me right!!…hahahaha!…Woohoo!!

  11. WTA experts RC, Mira, ToMMo, Big Al etc. what are your bets/picks for WTA today with deep analysis?

    There may be many close matches (and a few upsets) like-

    Lauren Davis vs Yulia Putintseva

    Alison Riske vs Yafan Wang

    Christina McHale vs Nao Hibino

    Sara Sorribes Tormo vs Arina Rodionova

    Who you got experts in Hongkong Open, Tianjin Open & Upper Austria Ladies Linz Open?

    • Hey Rog!…Ermm..My pick:

      Putintseva Over Davies…Reason?..I like Putintseva’s chance more compared to Davies..tho,Putintseva has lost in the 1st Rd in the last couple of tourneys…and Davies won in the 1st Rd in Wuhan for the 1st time in many many months…Both could win today..

      A.Riske vs Y.Wang…I picked Wang…Based on her play in front of her home crowd…Chinese always dangerous when they play at home in the 1st Rd..especially against unseeded player..

      McHale vs N.Hibino…I picked N.Hibino…She’s more consistent player than McHale…Reliable..especially play here in Asia

      S.S.Tormo vs A.Rodionova…I picked Tormo…I think this is the 1st time Rodionova play in Asia,if i not mistaken..while Tormo already played in a couple of tourney so far..so,i think Tormo has a big chance to win…

      That’s it Rog!!

      • Thnx Mira for your analysis.

        I am leaning on Riske, McHale and Putintseva as they have better form currently besides being the higher rated and higher skilled players. But the problem is they are all flakey. Never play consistently.

        Mira you have strong leans on any other WTA matches.

        Other WTA experts what you got?

          • Thnx Big Al for your picks.

            I have the same but not still not confident of the 1st three girls!

            I hope Sorribes doesn’t play HORRIBles!Ha,ha,ha…I put down some money on HORRIBles…considering that she is the more skilled player and should win if she plays normally (with the spitting(Phlegm) scream/shout with every serve and return!Ha,ha,ha…).

            I hope you can pen down some analysis for tomorrow’s MU’s. ToMMO is going to post some analysis for tomorrow’s matches. I will be doing my best analyzing matches in bits and pieces. lol

  12. Okay I almost wrote a novel and my computer just chrashed…arrghghrr. So I took my time to write it again. πŸ™‚
    In Tianjin I expect a ‘comeback final’ with Sharapova vs Kvitova…that would be great. And Maria can take her first title since she’s back.
    In Hong Kong I think there’s gonna be another great final with two good friends: Wozniacki vs Radwanska. The court fits their game but it can be touh against Svitolina or maybe Venus on the other side.
    Linz is the hardest…but I have that feeling about Rybarikova and Strycova can be in the final. Both can win..but I lean to Rybarikova.

    • ToMMo , if Strycova can maintain her form then she should beat Rybarikova.

      Suspecting that may get zapped out as she is playing singles and doubles for quite some time now. Doing double-duty(singles+doubles) will make her tired and prone to injury and retiring for a long time.

      Yup, Linxz is the hardest to predict as there are many low level girls whose form we are not sure.

    • ToMMo, your novel must be heavy, so your computer could not withstand its weight and crashed! Ha,ha,ha…

      I have seen that if laptop’s are run for a long time without rest, then can get heated and crash!

      If you run any Microsoft OS in your computer then it is bound to crash one day and the dreaded Blue screen error will appear. Will also crash if your hardware is old.

  13. Picks for today (Central European Time) πŸ˜€
    I don’t like the first rounds so I won’t bet on these but I tell my thoughts.

    The rest of Hong Kong today:
    Pavs over Babos
    Brady over Eguchi
    Svitolina over Diyas
    Wozzie over Genie

    Maria over Jabeur
    Kontaveit over Buzarnescu
    Tomova over Broady
    Puig over Tomljanovic
    Kuzmova over Friedsam
    Fett over Allertova
    Rybarikova over Hogenkamp
    Lepchenko over Bertens

    And I try to come with some deepere analysis about Tianjin’s and Hong Kong’s tomorrow matches. πŸ™‚ (here tomorrow dawn) πŸ˜€

    • Good picks ToMMo,

      I got the same picks as yours.

      Only 2 matchup’s I did not check and Lost.

      I lost on Monica Pig! We shouldn’t have picked her. She has power and all strokes but is so inconsistent and error prone.

      I didn’t checkout Fett MU. But I think it will go over as I saw Allertova beat Fett in Tashkent in 3 sets. Same can happen today. The problem with Fett is that she is fat and carries a lot of fat on that 6 foot frame….hampering her movement. For being such a big girl she should have knockout power but she doesn’t. She just pushes the ball back maybe with some placement but that won’t win her big matches. hence a tiny pygmy girl like Miyu Kato was able to beat a 6′ girl Fett.

      I avoided Kontaveit as she is in bad form losing many matches in the last 2 months. She promptluy lost to a low lvl but talented and upcoming player Mihaela Buzarnescu. I call her BIZZAREnescu!lol

      I checked the 3 flakey players Putinseva, Riske and McHale a 1000 times but still not confident about them. But they can win because they are highly ranked and have skills but their current form is shaky. These 3 ladies need to be banned from tennis as they troubled me a lot in their analysis. Took hours for these 3 flaky girls…but still can’t bet them confidently!lol Something is wrong with these 3 girls. We can include Ostapenko and a couple more girls here!lol

      TOMMO, I will look forward to tomorrow for your deep analysis.

      • You were right about Kontaveit and Puig…Of course I didn’t believe in them so much so I didn’t bet on them. πŸ™‚ I only made a low bet on Honcova (ITF Cherbourg), Rybarikova, and Victoria Rodriguez (ITF Sumter). I like to bet on ITF btw. πŸ™‚

        • ToMMO, you bet on ITF? You must be following Tennis for many, many years now. !0 years?

          I read that bettors enter thru WTA, stay there for a couple of years and then slowly get into ITF. You did the same?

          I don’t know 90% of the girls in ITF leave alone knowing their current forms, injury etc.

          • That’s the way. First WTA then slowly you can check ITF too…not always…just when you have time. Usually I check ITF when I don’t like the WTA matches for betting on a day.
            I bet on tennis since 2014 maybe so just for a couple of years. But for example I saw Kasatkina when she rised in ITF and Bellis too. And there are some older ones who were injured or had a baby…this year Zvonareva and Hercog for example. They had to and still have to build up again. πŸ™‚
            If somebody is in a really good form in ITF you can go with her until a big matchup…If she can win that maybe you can go with her again…but the key is you have to know how to quit on her. πŸ˜€ Because sooner or later everybody will lose. πŸ™‚

  14. And let’s check tomorrow…I have 3 favourites. πŸ™‚
    I’m going to bet on Radwanska, Strycova, and Venus.

    Radwanska is getting better and better I think and Stosur hasn’t got the firepower anymore to make her uncomfortable. Aga is the skilled one and she can win this.
    Strycova is a crazy person somewhere…or gently we can say that she isn’t so stable mentally. πŸ™‚ But she has very good technique. She hasn’t been bad in Asia yet. Brengle is a big fighter who can make surprises but when we are closing to the end of the season I think she hasn’t got the energy to overcome on Strycova. If the czech can stay calm she can win this.
    And Venus…she has a really good year. When she’s going on a tournament in 2017 she plays well. She builded up herself again and she has insane routine. Osaka is a dangerous young talent but she hasn’t got the confidence now because of the lost matches and I think she is still struggling with some injuries. And 2017 is the year when the old pros teaching the lessons to the young ones that they are still here and own the tennis world…like Rafa and Roger. And of course Venus too. πŸ™‚

  15. In Tianjin I’m just waiting for the first round to end. I want to see some matches before I say anything. πŸ˜€

    About the other matches I didn’t mention…
    Withoeft can beat Haas
    Pavs over Cako

    And there are some interesting matches…
    Gavrilova vs Rogers can be a great fight and I just hope that Dasha can make a win again.
    Golubic vs Siniakova is an interesting match-up…I prefer Siniakova.
    Van Uytvanck – Cirstea is another one…After last week I have to say Cirstea. Van Uytvanck can make so many mistakes what is enough. πŸ˜€

    • Hi MA, I hope you’re well. Thanks for that. What a nice, genuine picture right? Novak looks a bit short next to Karolina πŸ™‚

      • Hey Eugene!!…Long time no chat!…How r u Eugene?As for me…alhamdulillah!..very okay Eugene!..thank u so much for wishing me well k?

        Btw…U didn’t join TDC this week Eugene!…We miss u in there!!hahaha…Don’t forget to join Moscow next week k?

        Bout Novak..yeah Eugene!..It really a nice picture Karo & Novak..Hope Jelena didn’t get jealous at home!!hahaha….

        • I’m glad you’re well Mira. You guys are putting some really hard work on wta page here. Well done. I| was quite busy lately, but I’ll join Moscow definitely. Best wishes to all here πŸ˜‰

  16. Samantha Stosur won, she defeated A. Radwanska, my oh my.
    I didn’t bet today but if i did, i would have picked Agnieszka to win even though she was losing the H2H 3-2 now 4-2 because S. Stosur is not in form but it seems she has Radwanska’s number cos their matches always end in 3 sets or over games except 4 one.
    i also would have likely favoured the over games & sets, instead of picking a winner but i didn’t look into this match.

    V. Williams lost and i am not too surprised, her last tournament was at the US OPEN and she said that loss was painful, she still needs time to heal.

    I can’t believe the tournaments are almost over, i am going to miss you guys a lot, i am crying right now but no tears, my heart is broken knowing that the end is nearing, my goodness this is painful.

    Those who bet, you better start winning and when U win please win BIG.
    I will spend a lot in singapore, this talented ladies better not disappoint, if i win, watch out Mark Zuckerberg, Stanley is coming and if i lose, it will hurt till christmas next year(2018) lol!

    Boy this is dangerous, i might bet small i don’t trust this ladies, they might end me, maybe small in the 1st matches just to see what’s up then BIG.

    Take care! My heart is already beating hard, i am scared of this ladies.

    • Elina Mykhaylivna Svitolina was the last player to close out one of my big wins last week, she defeated Ashleigh Barty 6-4, 6-2 in Beijing, China.

      Elina withdrew from Hong Kong because of injury, i hope she recovers fully.
      If E. Svitolina continues to play like this, #1 and a GS is just a matter of time, she is just amazing, i love watching her play.

      C. Wozniacki also withdrew.

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