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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. Just woke to the shocking news that Delpo won! Last I saw,Thiem was serving 4-2 fourth set.Gutted for him,even though I like Delpo.
    Didn’t see Svitolina -Keys but it was always going to be hard to handle Keys ‘ power.She’s a female version of Delpo!
    At least I picked Coco over Lucie,but am much more of a Lucie fan !

    • Big Al and other WTA experts like RC, Mira Bai, ToMMo,etc.,

      Who do you think wins in the below 3 matches?

      Venus Williams vs Petra Kvitova
      Sloane Stephens vs Anastasia Sevastova


      Carreno Busta vs Schwartzmann

      Is Schwartzmann really injured? How badly? Will he get killed 3-0 today?

      What is your detailed analysis for the above 3 matches?

      You have made some really great winning picks when everyone in this board failed! You know which matches I am referring to!

    • Big Al, Ricky and other experts?

      What happened yesterday?

      Who hacked this web site?

      Besides that they popped 3 or 4 websites which was asking to download some file and I could not close them at all. Finally. I shut down the computer for good to solve the problem!lol Did any one of you face the same problem like me?

      Ricky should find the culprit and publicly execute them like it is done in the middle east, Russia, China etc.!Ha,ha,Ha…

  2. Dissapointed Petra lost, but if it had to be against someone it was great to do it against someone as gracious as Venus, whos having a fantastic year with two GS finals, and a third still on the cards, but im sure she would still love to bag GS number 8 ….

    • Am pretty upset petra lost even though I like Venus…but hell karolina better not lose to horrible old coco!! I just looked at the uso website and coco is up a break aargh!!! don’t watch rc!!

  3. Me???A special guest??Oho ho ho ho ho!!Sounds fun rc!!..I sure will drag my cow MJME too rc!…And u guys can spank her butt as much as u can!…How dare my cow always beat u guys in a bracket!!..Hahahahaha…

  4. Me???A special guest??Oho ho ho ho ho!!Sounds fun rc!!..I sure will drag my cow MJME too rc!…And u guys can spank her butt as much as u can!…How dare my cow always beat u guys in a bracket!!..Hahahahaha…woohoo!!

  5. Oh my God rc,amy,Big Al,ToMMo,Al!!…3 AMERICANS IN SEMIS SO FAR???OH MY GOD!!…But,i think we have to congratulate coco for her amazing,amazing perfomance today!…Put aside our dislike of her personality for a minute and just admire her tennis…I mean she’s part of the US tennis history today..when was the last time US have 3[so far] candidates in semis?…And i bet Maddy too can’t wait to get there…Imagine if Maddy completed the package later…Oh my God!….Just wow! for US and u too rc,Big Al and other Americans…

  6. Terrible loss for pliskova!! I couldn’t see the match.. did she fall apart like she did against rybarikova?? Ever since that loss her game seems to have gone downhill..
    I really can’t stand coco.. Please let her lose next round! I want Venus to win the whole thing now..

    • Amy!!…that’s okay!don’t be sorry!…Bout Karo,i don’t think she fell apart drastically…more like coco playing great tennis and not succumbed to the nerves & pressure..in fact from her body language she’s very motivated..maybe thinking Venus & Sloane already in semis..

      Also..i’ve already predicted even before the tourney began that Karo can’t handle the pressure of being No 1 and have to defend a bunch of point from her runner up last year…i took her out at this stage in my Bracket but not to coco but to Kuzzy!hahaha…I don’t mind Venus won amy..or Sloane or Keys or whoever…To me they’re all deserve it when they reach final coz they’re working very hard to get there…Good luck to all of them…

  7. Woooo!!….Venus & Sloane’s match was Awesome!!….Although feel very sad for Venus but can’t help from being happy for Sloane too…And she’s also so very cool with her win..not overreacted like other player’s even tho this is her 1st time final…Much respect for her because of that…

    Now..let’s go to the final too Maddy!!Wooohooo!!

    • Venus and Sloan was a terrific match! I really wanted to see Venus win this one and have another chance for a slam win.

      But I think that Sloane came up with the shots in the crucial moments late in the third set. She really stepped it up. Well done!

      It’s great to see all American women in the semis. The only one I don’t like is Coco. Way too cocky and abrasive for my liking.

      Go Maddy!

  8. Hey Nny!…How r u today?How’s Irma?I don’t have a chance to read the latest news bout ‘her’ yet…

    Btw….Woooo!!..Maddy playing awesome today!…Her groundstrokes r huge!..and struck the ball very cleanly and confidently ..I think Coco have trouble to deal with that tonight..i also think after her big win over the ex World No 1..she’s a little bit drained mentally and came out flat and that’s reflected with the 6 1 score in the 1st set…Hope Maddy can win this in straight sets…C’mon Maddy!!Woohoo!!

  9. Hey!Where’s the WTA Queen??Yoohooo rc!!….Where r u??I know ToMMo is sleepin’ but don’t tell me you’re going to sleep already!…Urgh!…It’s not fun without u here rc!!

  10. Yes Maddy!! I am so happy that she is into her first major final. She has been through so much, physically. Also, not gonna lie- it felt SO good to see her wipe the floor with CoCo. Always feels good deep down to see a hardcore Trump supporter get their ass kicked. 🙂

    • Is she a vocal trump supporter ?

      Final advantage to Madison . I think Lindsay will pull her through like conchita did with garbine at wimby.

  11. Sad Venus lost, but really happy seeing CV get taken to the woodshed by Maddie who was awesome, really hope she wins the title now, nice girl with an exciting game to watch, go Maddie ….

    • I agree on both counts. I was sad to see Venus lose. But I really loved seeing Maddy kick Coco’s arrogant butt! Well deserved!

      Go Maddy!

  12. I was soo lost this week. The brackets are gone insane. I s***ed at WTA this time. 😀 And the funny thing is that I have a good chance to win the ATP bracket ahhahaha… That’s insane. Mee?!! Pfff… Great tournaments btw. I hope Rafa can make us happy with a GS win. 🙂 And the Keys – Stephens final will be great. No pressure at all. But great players in great form. I expect a really good final. I think Keys will be the champion. 🙂

    • ToMMo, why do you think that Keys will be the Champion?

      I am strongly leaning on Keys to win.

      What advantages do you see in Keys when you compare the skills of Keys to that of Sloane to win the 2017 Edition of USO?

      RC, Mira and other WTA experts, you can also pitch in with your expert opinions!

      • It’s really hard to say because they are so close…
        Sloane moves better but Keys is more powerful. I think Stephens has to be more tored after her last 2 matches while Keys can be more fit.
        The firepower could be a factor because you should never let Keys to control the match but probably she will. And we could see in this USA tour that If you let her in control she is going to win. She only lost 1 match in the USA against a great Muguruza in 3rd set tiebreak. It’s going to be a tough match but control is the key. And I think Keys will control the match agressively.
        And I don’t know…I just have the feeling that this is going to be Keys’ big moment. 🙂

  13. Yeah!I agree with ToMMo’s assessment Roger…Me too picked Maddy to win…even tho her so called thigh injury might hindered her a little bit…but i think she will use her powerful serve & groundstrokes effectively again today.One of the commentators said the other day,her groundstrokes not only look huge on TV but much more so on court…so,i think Sloane will find herself a little bit smothered by that…At least in the 1st set..but,that’s the point..when Sloane start to find an answer,she might be too late to do anything…Maddy’s mental strength also very very impressive in this tournament…Sloane will have her hands full….

    But of course that’s only prediction Roger…who knows,things might not happen like we wish??Hehehe…Anyway,good luck to both ladies!!….But i lurrrvvveee if Maddy win…C’mon Maddy!!Bring it on!!

    • Mira, thanks for your expert opinion. Luv your straight shooting always!

      I observed that Maddi (Keys) was moving well before and after the thigh taping. Is there any updates on that? has she recovered from it?

      Keys is just too big, strong, powerful with more Tennis skills and IQ than Sloane. Keys should win either quickly or sweat it out in 3 if sloane fights hard. She loses only if she makes a lot of errors like Venus did, which I doubt as Keys is a a very solid player now (don’t compare with the old or injured Keys) under the expert coaching of Lindsay Davenport the former No. 1 and the winner of 3 Grand Slam singles titles!(copied and modifies someone else’s post from somehwere. Found it logical!)

      Yes you are right, inspite of the best analysis anything can happen. That is life! That is Tennis life!

      Where is RC? I wonder what is her expert opinion? Is she also a Maddi fan?

      • Hey Roger!…Looks like u,me & toMMo were wrong about Maddy!…hohohoho!…i didn’t see the match but from the scores,it looks like the situations were reversed between them!hahahaha!….Although i’m very disappointed Maddy didn’t win but Sloane deserves it!….So,much congrats to her…Hope Anderson don’t make an upsets too tomorrow!!

        • Mira, Madison just didn’t show up.

          Our deep analysis is correct but if a strong,picked player who has the power to blow people out of the court don’t show up or come to win, what can we bettors do? It happens in Tennis a lot!

          Probably, Madison still has wrist Injury problems. On top of that she injured her thigh restricting her movement…which is a NO,NO against a great mover and attacker like Slaone. I didn’t think from this angle and fade Madison. I should have faded Madison for this reason alone.

          Mira, and other WTA experts, what are your picks for the Japan Open for today?

  14. The fact is that Madison couldn’t handle the pressure and he made so many unforced errors. Stephens played well…defensively mostly but it was well enough for the win. I don’t blame her as a Wozniacki fan for playing defensively. She really deserved it and she is a really nice person. And like Kvitova she is a great charachter too. 🙂 Congratulations to her!

  15. Mira, Madison just didn’t show up.

    Our deep analysis is correct but if a strong,picked player who has the power to blow people out of the court don’t show up or come to win, what can we bettors do? It happens in Tennis a lot!

    Probably, Madison still has wrist Injury problems. On top of that she injured her thigh restricting her movement…which is a NO,NO against a great mover and attacker like Slaone. I didn’t think from this angle and fade Madison. I should have faded Madison for this reason alone.

    Mira, and other WTA experts, what are your picks for the Japan Open for today?

  16. Sloane won because she was the better player, she defeated M. Keys in Miami(2015) and was playing awesome in this tournament, both were playing amazing both Sloane Stephens was and is the better player.

    M. Keys won her SF & QF matches in an impressive fashion and she deceived a lot people but not me cos i am the King of WTA and i know a fake favourite when i see one.

    Sloane was & is Amazing!
    My baby won!
    Yes my babe won and when she wins i….

    • ohohohohohoho!!….Funny Miss Smarty Pants!!…hehehe…Thank u for the ‘loving’ congratz rc!!…Oh God!I feel very embbarrassed actually….My Bracket is not that impressive but…thank u anyway rc!!

        • Ermm..i heard they increased the prize money this year Stanley…The winner got 500 millions!….So,i planned to give rc,ToMMo & other picker’s some of it..Maybe they can buy an island somewhere!…hehehe…Sorry Stanley..just jokin!…Nope!No prize money…just our pride on the line!hahaha…It’s all just for fun!!..U should join too next time Stanley…

            • Ermm Stanley…To be honest,i like TDC more than Tourneytopia…but,both r okay… TDC is a weekly Challenge..while we can join TT only when Slam is around…that’s the different between them..

      • hehe..Thank u once again rc!!..and once again..it’s just pure good luck babe!…nothing more,nothing less rc!…

        And i’m also want to take this opportunity to give millions of Congrats to ToMMo for his outstanding perfomance on ATP this time….

        • More thankful to you, MA! And appreciate ToMMo and all weekly troopers in the TDC bracket pool!

          Did you forget the two WTA brackets for the coming week??

          Quebec City

          My mind might be consumed with worry about Hurricane Irma and what it’s doing to Florida, the Bahamas, Virgin Gorda, Cuba and many may be still celebrating the US Open title winners but the weekly brackets must go on lol…..

          But true and faithful don’t forget their weekly TDC brackets 😀

          Obviously Lucie Safarova will win Quebec City, right??
          And who you got for Tokyo?
          The Other Pliskova?
          Shuai Zhang?
          Naomi Osaka?

  17. Well done Tommo and Fara Diba !

    I didn’t do so well, esp in the ATP, but Id hardly pick Nadal to win unless it was clay.
    And yeah RC,I did do the Tokyo one , though I could do with a long break from it all!

  18. Experts what are your picks for the japan and Quebec Open for today?

    I have sasnovich, Wang, Pliskova sr., Riske,Mertens and Han for japan Open.

    Can Rodionova upset sasnovich?

    You got the same or different?

    What is your analysis?

    • Thank u Big Al for the congrats!…I intend to share my prize money[500 mil..pheww!!that’s a lot of money!!hohoho!] with u guys…so,be prepared with a bowl at home k?Hehe…

      Hey,Good luck for this week Challenge k Big Al?

    • Hey Roger!…Rodionova Upsets Sasnovich?…In my Bracket it’s Jana Cepelova and not Rodionova….I will pick Rodionova if it;s true…but since in my bracket it’s written Cepelova,so i picked sasnovich instead…

      Other’s.. mine are the same as u Rog!

      • Sorry Mira, I jumbled up the names while typing it in a hurry as the matches are going to start soon.

        Cepelova has the 2-0 H2H adv, but I like sasnovich’s form so leaning on her to win.

        There is another close match. It is SW Hsieh vrs Q Wang.

        Wang has the 2-1 H2H Adv. But SW Hsieh has the better current form on hard, so leaning slightly on SW Hsieh to win. But Wang is the higher rated player.

        I also like Mertens to win over rodionova as she has the better recent form on hard.

        So, what is your pick, Mira?

        What are your picks for Quebec Open?

        I will tell you what I have. I have Osaka, Krunic and Stosur. U got the same?

        I am not so sure of the below 2 matches.

        R Ozaki vs M Linette- This might be a 3 setter. Like the over here.
        But any clear cut winner?

        Y Putintseva vs Y Y Duan
        I like Ying to win. Putintseva is on my NO BET list.
        Who do u think wins for sure?

        Thnx. Mira for your quick replies and analysis.

        • Mira, I leaning on Naomi Broady to beat Destanee Aiava.

          Broady has the better current form on hard.

          Who do you like?

          I have throw a lot of Q’s in my last post to you. Hope they are not tough.

        • Hey back Rog!…Bout Hsieh vs Q Wang…I picked Q Wang..my reason..Hsieh didn’t even make it the main draw at USO but Wang did,but lost in the 1st round to kasatkina…

          Mertens over Rodina..tho she lost to Keys in 1st round at USO..and Rodina won over Bouchard in 1st round..

          Risa Ozaki might win coz she’s playing in front of her home crowd..but Linnette more calibre player me thinks than R.Ozaki..so,hard to say..both could win..

          YY Duan over Y.Putintseva…Duan rarely lost in the 1st round..And Putntseva is not consistent atm…

          About Quebec pick…i still don’t have time to look at it Rog..later okay?

          • Good picks Mira. Correct analysis.

            Bet on all above discussed picks and won.

            R Ozaki vs M Linette is tough to pick a winner as Ozaki is a fighter and @home she will be dangerous as you correctly said. I think this will be a 3 setter. Bet the over here.

            In Marina Erakovic vs Alla Kudryavtseva, I am leaning towards Alla (as she is in better current form) eventho Erakovic has a 3-1 h2H adv but they are old. Erakovic seems to be injured. She retired twice in July. She has no matches to boot in September. All won 3 matches on hard the last 2 mths besides more hard court match experience.

            Nice time for Alla to payback for the 3 latest loses.

            Is the japanese hard Courts fast or slow compared to the faster US & Australian hard courts? Any experts here have any idea about this?

            What do you think Mira?

            Mira, can you quickly Post your picks after you check the Quebec Open matches.

            For Quebec Open I have bet Osaka, Krunic and Stosur so far.


            • Roger..i think u’re wrong…Osaka,Stosur,Krunic play in Tokyo and not in Quebec..

              I also choose Alla over marina Roger…

  19. Mira, you are right. I mixed up the players and tournament.lol I am few hours short of sleep.

    For Quebec I got…

    Lucie Safarova to smash Anna Tatishvili

    leaning on Andrea Hlavackova for current form (but Lucie Hradecka can win by H2H adv and experience also),

    Asia Muhammad to lose fighting hard to the abundant talent of Francoise Abanda(has better hard form and more consistent) with Home crowd support

    The lefty and the powerful Viktorija Golubic to lose fighting hard to Barbora Krejcikova due to countless unforced errors. Liking the over here. Both not in good form. Barbara just a little better form.

    Alison Van Uytvanck (will be a tough fight against Carol Zhao who is in form against low level players and having the home crowd adv,) Alison to win by greater experience and physical advantage,Mira you feel the same. I am NOT confident here,

    Sachia Vickery to beat Taylor Townsend in 2 tight sets or 3 sets. Like the over here

    Sofia Kenin(better form) to win vs Tereza Martincova

    Fanny Stollar (error prone & inconsistent) to lose to the greater experience of Tatjana Maria. Fanny STOLlar will allow maria to STEAL the win!

    Bianca Vanessa Andreescu to lose to Jennifer Brady (stronger current form) in a close fight. Over wins Andreescu may win also as not much difference between them besides Andreescu will have full home crowd support! Brady might need a motivational speech from Trump to win!

    Aleksandra Wozniak [WC] to lose to Varvara Lepchenko [5] in a tight game. Lepchenko 2 win due to greater experience against top players inspite of Wozniak’s 2-1 H2H which is old!

    Gabriela Dabrowski to lose to Oceane Dodin (greater experience) although Dabrowski won 2 good matches in the qualies. Dabrowski should stay in doubles like Niculescu etc.!lol But it can be a tight game as Dodin has many losses recently but against top players. Over may hit as Dodin has power but flakey like Keys!lol

    Timea Babos [3] to win over Jamie Loeb by greater experience & power everything!lol

    Jessica Pegula to lose gracefully to Grace Min

    Charlotte Robillard-Millette to lose to Caroline Dolehide

    Marina Erakovic to lose to Alla Kudryavtseva(better current form) inspite of the 3:1 H2H adv of Erakovic. Erakovic seems to be injured having retired twice from matches in July.

    Destanee Aiava [WC] is destined to lose to Naomi Broady. Broady to win by greater hard court experience against top ranked players. May be a close match.


    1) Many top players are not in top shape or form and need to use their experience to win. (0% of them will win with their greater experience but 10% of the top players may be upset. Top of them may be:-

    Kristina Mladenovic to lose to Jana Fett. If Mladenovic has ant french prestige, she will fight and win in a tight game. Mladenovic is out of form and may be recovering from some injury!

    2) Many Canadian dogs may win with strong home crowd support. This COUPE BANQUE NATIONALE – QUEBEC CITY OPEN has many Canadian dogs in every corner (in every match!). Need to walk carefully, else these dogs may bite!lol

    Mira, are my picks OK? Will all of them win?

    Awaiting your quick, deep, expert analysis and that of other WTA experts!

    • Dang, I should have bet on my picks! Got all 6 right for Tokyo. hahaha, that’s never a good sign for me. Getting the first round picks right, it only can go downhill from here. The remainder first round matches were more confusing.
      Winner picks for Tokyo Tuesday:

      McHale, Linette, Doi (although Doi hasn’t done much; neither has her opponent, Diyas) Putintseva (unsure about vs Duan), Hibino, Osaka, Zhang, Stosur, Krunic, Mladenovic.

      Last year Christina McHale beat Katerina Siniakova in the final. I picked a Zhang v Osaka final

      Quebec, I went with a Lucie Safarova over Dodin final; ( Dodin = last years’ champ over Davis)

      • Roger, your first round Quebec City picks sound good.
        I picked Erakovic and Townsend to win their first round matches – otherwise, same I think. I picked Mladenovic to win 2 matches — she needs to start winning somewhere!

      • RC, thnx for replying to my post with your picks and analysis.

        Congrats on getting 6 picks correct today. And you will more today,tomorrow and in the future as you are becoming experienced and have a group of friends here @tenngrand.com.

        When you have time, can you post more detailed analysis for all your picks. This will help us discuss in-depth and pick the correct winners!

        You are right there are many confusing matchup’s as the players are flakey and unpredictable like Putintseva, Mladenovic, Townsend, Mchale, Doi etc. We do not know what to expect from them on a consistent basis.

        I will be fading them from my pre-bets and LBing them instead…watching how they play!

        Thnx again to you and Mira for responding to my WTA post with picks and analysis.

    • hahaha…Roger!..U asked me like i have a crystal ball or something!!hahaha….I just woken up u know…Hey!RC is WAYYYYYYYYYY better than me….her knowledge in WTA r way superior than me…

      Oh!from the scores,we were wrong on Marina Rog!!…She won!hahaha….easy win that is…also Andreescu might surprise us,especially play in front of her home crowd..

  20. Hey rc!!…How r u today??I peeked in TDC and wooooooo!!!..who’s on TOP??YAYYYY!!…Our Queen RC!!…and who’s at the bottom??….MJME & FD!!ohohohohohoho!!…

    • Oh MA, you know how I suck at this! LOL- me the Queen, realy urgh! lots of times I can pick the right ones in the first round of a 250. But from there on…..who knows. You definitely read more than I do. I try to watch and have that 9 dollar / mo. subscription to WTA TV. But they do not carry the Grand Slams, which I rarely get right because I’m too biased. There are just certain ones I like too much not to pick – even tho destined to lose.

      Thanks for your reply, Roger. I’ll try harder to find reasonable arguments for my picks 😀 But truly many times I have no good reason — only a strong bias and attachment to certain players — like Lucie Safarova. I tend not to do well picking GS tournaments for WTA. ATP is easier for me. WTA is more fun.

      • Thnx RC for explaining the +’ivs and -ive’s of your picking/predictions and accepting your drawbacks. You are so humble and straight forward/open…which is the reason why people like you.

        Eventho I post my analysis/picks in ATP and WTA, I don’t prebet all of them as I keep thinking and analyzing them. If I am not comfortable with picking a straight winner. I usually watch and LB them. So, I put maria Erakovic and other flakey players as listed above in the fade/flake department and LBing them if possible.

        Keep posting all your picks and analysis.You get a lot of them correct. And it is fun knowing the players from all over the globe. Just by analyzing the players and matchup deep we increase out Tennis and general knowledge (if you are a lover of new knowledge like me) also!

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