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  1. Hahaha…Yeah Big Al!…i take Rafa out to Muller and Anderson this time….last time i ‘betrayed’ him he won Monte Carlo!hehe….Doing Brackets is crazy!!..i mean there always someone underdog who steal the show everytime!….and the Superdog been beaten by nobody!!…Urgh!…Crazy!!…and u & rc will fight with each other for our own slam…Yay!!…Good luck guys!!

    • RC, yes I went very big on Option 1….and made good profits!

      I went small finally on 2(Over) = SLIP2 and LOST…as my gut strongly said that SWEETOlina will smash Woz just like she did to Venus Williams and Simona Halep!…And it happened!

    • Good picks Roger.Hoping the other Rog is as successful?
      I had Konta winning while it seems a silly pick now,I’ll give her another chance to go far in Cinci.
      But think I’ll go for a Pliskova win,because the courts are faster than Toronto.

      • Thanks Big Al for the wishes.

        You are smart and Clever! Ask Why?

        …because you have AI(I converted AL to AI in your Nick name!lol)!!!! AI = Artificial Intelligence.

        So, I am gonna call you Big Brain! Ha,ha,ha…I hope it is ok?lol

        Roger (me the ORIGINAL !lol) and the Fake Roger(Federer) definitely has a strong chance of winning the Rogers Cup.

        If the Fake Roger plays a flawless & error free aggressive game today, I think he can win in 2 easy sets. Slip 1,2,3 = Roger ML, -1,-2

        If both play flawlessly then we can expect the over and the 3rd set to hit like their last H2H match on hard! Slip 2 = Over

        Don’t miss watching this match, it’s gonna be great!

        Why not? When my NO.1 (Fed the GOAT) and my No.2 FAV Handsome Sascha are playing! Why not?

        Big Brain, How do you know that the courts in Cincinnati are faster than Toronto? Is there any website/company which compares the speed of the different types of courts?

        • Its not a simple thing .Someone posted a chart on here comparing the different Masters series courts. It varies from year to year, but in my memory ,Cinci was faster than Montreal and Toronto .
          Just remembered, theres an index they use to compare the speed of the courts.It takes into account everything , the court, balls, even atmospheric conditions.
          But today, I don’t think the speed was much to do with it .Zverev was really firing, and Roger was flat for some reason, maybe physical or just his first tournament after his huge Wimby win.
          Big Brain is OK, Ive been called worse things

  2. I’m heart-broken…Even If I like Svitolina too. And she played really well again. I think she was lucky in key moments in the first set but after that she was mentally strong and smashed Caro who was weak in the important points.
    Anyway 6 finals are really nice even If somebody lose all of them. It seems that it really hurts her now but maybe this leads to a great win. πŸ™‚ Her game improved in several points so I really believe that she will have a shot in US Open. In her two finals against Clijsters and Serena…I think it’s never a shame to lose against those two and nobody is near as good now as they were so “It’s easier to win the US Open now”. πŸ˜€
    Btw in TDC I’m doing like Caro nowadays…My last 3 brackets (Bastad, Nanchang, Toronto) are all 2nd places in the jalep wildguess group. πŸ˜€ I hope I won’t forget to fill the Cincy brackets tomorrow. πŸ˜€

    • Big congrats to Eugene for smashing another WTA bracket challenge and picking the correct final — Wozniacki vs Svitolina!

      Congrats to self for picking Sascha πŸ˜€

        • Thanks Eugene. Compliment accepted!

          The best first round match so far was Kvitova vs Kontaveit. And I was happy to see Vinci playing well ahead of US Open. The rest of the the matches so far, pretty meh. Mildly surprised to see Taylor Townsend beat Monica Puig. Seems Puig will never find her Olympic form again…

          BOL everybody with your bracket picks!
          Sorry for everyone that picked Federer.

        • Yeah Eugene!…Big big congrats to u!…You’re already declared yourself as a WTA titans with rc,ToMMo,kpuppy,manwerty and other’s!So glad to have u with us Eugene!!

          • Hey Mira, your WTA bracket with Madison Keys winning looks good. Go Maddie, beat Coco!!

            There’s still another WTA 280 warm-up tournament next week – I forget where.

          • Oh dear MA, same sweet Mira, thank you:) I’m just doing it quickly, probably being lucky, although I thought Wozniacki would have a great tournament and she almost won it.
            Rc, it’s alright. It would be nice however to be able and change the pick. I can’t wait for the US Open!

          • Those cookies are just too yummy MA πŸ™‚
            RC, I didn’t do Cincy WTA because at the time I was ready to do it, there were still too many Qualifiers question marks. I decided to do it later. And then it was too late :))

            • That’s a really appealing chocolate cake!! My favorite. thanks MA. Now to eat my bran flakes and yogurt lol…maybe some coffee with the thought of that cake πŸ˜€

            • Hey rc!!…Morning to u babe!!…Ready to kick some a@# in ATP and WTA today Boss??Hahahaha….It’s awesome to discuss tennis with u last nite rc!!…Full of flavour!!hehehe…We do it again tonight??

            • Hey ma! I’m now readyT! Are we going to remain here or go to facebook? If I start talking gossip and nonsense maybe we go to FB. Yes that was fun! and yes we’ll can do it again this week. Then I have obligations Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But I won’t be completely gone or out of touch, I promise.

            • I’m a bit out of it – fuzzy in the head. Woke up at 4 am and turned on the news, got all fired up, posted on the non-tennis forum and fell back to sleep.

              WTA matches on right now: Vekic/Vikhlyantseva, Cibby/Konjuh, and less interesting maybe Lepchenko/Barty.

            • rc!!…here is okay too…then we can gossiping about my cow MissJanMiraElizabeth got a new BF on FB…hehehe..

              Hey babe!!…your Daveed got smacked by Bratty Nick atm…

            • Not sure what you mean, Big Al. Or..they could NOT start the main draw until the qualies are placed and then if a top seed pulls out have a rule to replace the top seed with another top seed and put the likes of Fabbiano elsewhere…Ah but the there was also Kei and Monfils pulling out, neither of which I picked far like I did my chosen first round, Paire…taking him to the SF LOL

            • RC,I meant the TDC organisers should start the competition in round 2,not the tennis tournament organisers?Nice if they would think of us,can’t see it though!

      • I’m not a fan Benny and Al! She’s…well one who supports racism, bigotry and white nationalism, apparently. I’d love to be wrong about that or think she is young and impressionable; she can change. But it’s what I’ve heard her say in an interview.

          • It was back right after the election — I read her words celebrating Trump’s win – very outspoken about it too. Maybe she’s changed her mind. I should look into it…try to confirm what turned me off about her. I don’t want to be judging her wrongly.

          • The second thing doesn’t show the trump thing but I’m just bringing it up as one of the other things I dislike about her.

    • This year’s WTA is just really exciting. πŸ™‚ Nice article btw.
      And MA! You are leading the WTA bracket challenge. Well done. Good luck! This is your week. πŸ˜‰

      • Hey ToMMo,my Bro!!…How r u today?Hope you’re happy and healthy…especially so when Caro is still in tourney…i feel for her last week for losing to Elina…i wish so much that she can win Toronto..but,it was not meant to be….but,i’m still hoping she can win Cincy ToMMo…

        Btw…thank u so much for your wonderful words..but,the thing is…i usually leading everyone at the beginning and then all of a sudden everyone were leading me next!…hehehe..we’ll see how it will pan out this week k?But thank u once again for your words ToMMo!

        • I’m really fine nowadays thanks MA! πŸ™‚ I’m a positive person so I took the good things about Caro’s performance. She has a great year and her game is improving. I mean 6 finals…and not only on WTA international level…masters, premier, etc… 6 finals are great for anybody even when she lost.
          And btw… you deserve every kind words m8… When I found this forum I was like a depressed person because of the people. I had so much negativity because of hostile people… Then suddenly I started to read your and ratclif’s comments with so much positive thinking…then my faith in human being just got back. πŸ˜€ So I thank YOU. πŸ™‚ It’s great to be here in this community.

          • Hey back ToMMo!…oh wow!!…really ToMMo?Am i inspired u that much??Oh wow!!…I can’t believe it!!!..ohohoohohoho my God!!…Thank u once again ToMMo!..Ermm…i’m glad i can inspired u like that…i have no idea whatsoever that i can give u something good when i’m bogging here…

            I am too feel very grateful to meet amazing people here ToMMo…u,rc,Alison,Nny,amy and many other’s..u guys gave me happiness everytime i came here…but,it’s a shame we can’t chatting much here due to our obligations in our personal lives…

            Oh btw bro!…look who’s leading our group in WTA ToMMo!…Yeah!!…our usual TITAN!!hahaha….I’m very happy no matter who’s on top in our group…so,best of luck for the rest of the week ToMMo!…If u win,u just wait for your usual present from me okay??

  3. And who’s leading at the top on ATP???YAYYYYY!!!!….RC!!!!WOOOOHOOO!!…Miss Smarty Pants sure will kick my backside very hard this week!…Ohohohohohoho!!..Run for cover!!

  4. Oh no! my Simona got plenty of times to finish the match early!…but,she choked at the key moment!!..Urgh!!…I wish she insert a little aggressiveness in her game…Konta move her around,side to side and make her spent an energy that she couldn’t afford to spent….C’mon Sim!!…

    • Mira! That was such a great match from Simon!!! And I don’t even care that everyone passed me — I had made good with my Stephens pick but I didn’t pick Simona to beat Konta. So Happy! She really fought and remained aggressive and positive. She’ll have a tough match v powerful Sloane but I do think Simon can beat her YAY!!

      • RC babe!!…You were right about Sloane!!!…Yay!!!…i told u,you’re a very smart Miss Smarty Pants!!hehehe…And M too picked Sloane…

        Yeah!…I’m happy Simona won but she needs to be more aggressive against Sloane…needs to creates more creative angle for a winner…in Konta’s game,we can see Konta dictated her from side to side…even tho,she’s excellent on defense…but,it will tire her out sooner or later…

        • Mira Andi and everyone…hello!

          Those of us addicted to it will be happy to see the picking window is OPEN — for NEW HAVEN WTA and Winston-Salem ATP


          It’s something maybe just enough to keep us sane on the lead-up to The Last Big One – US Open πŸ˜€

          New Haven has a surprisingly interesting draw with Petra Kvitova, Aga Radwanska, Dominika Cibulkova, Carla Suarez-Navarro, Daria Kasatkina, Sloane Stephens, Kiki Mladenovic, and more…

          Winston-Salem looks interesting. There’s no certainty that the qualifiers will placed — there’s a day for it — probably depends on the weather. There’s storms running around on the Eastern US seaboard.

          welshwitch is freaking going to win Cincinnati…Maybe. But almost anything can happen because all but MA’s cow account has a chance
          LOL hahahahahaha

        • Well only maybe right…we’ll see but I’m getting a bit more accepting for your nickname for me “smarty pants” You are officially the Boss, you know. so I answer to you. πŸ˜€

          • We’ll know soon! The great Cincy SF between Muguruza and Pliksova is coming up soon — like any minute.

            Sloane vs Simona will be about 4 hours later. It’s a win-win match for me because Simona is my favorite but I picked Sloane and like how she’s striking the ball.

          • Oh no no no no rc!!…You’re still the Boss!..i’m just your mere slave!..A very happy slave that is!!hehehehehawhaw…Btw..Mugu is 2 0 now babe!..what’sup with karo??

            • What’s up with Mugu? She’s got wrapping on her thigh again.

              Well I’ve been watching them both and Muguruza has been sharper. Pliskova is just getting warmed up.

              How are you today MA?

            • Mugu’s been strapping her thigh since yesterday..maybe a muscle strain…she seems okay when she’s running tho…and yeah..she’s a better mover than Karo..

              Btw,i’m okay today babe!…U??I’ve been meaning to ask about your arm since this morning but got distracted by your news about virus..so,how’s your arm babe???Still in cast or already off with it?

  5. Yay!!!….Simona won!!…Hope she will win against Sloane next…C’mon Sim!!

    ToMMo!….Sorry Caro lost again!…but,i’m sure she will go deep at USO…I certainly will pick her at least to Rn 16,QF or SF…let’s see..

    • Yeah Mugu does. That match vs Kuznetsova and a tough one. Garbine was really tested. Pliskova is just behind the curve. Her first hc was in Toronto and Garbine has been competing since Stanford. Garbine — looks like the winner here. And perhaps of the tournament, imo. Smarty pants as I am lol

      • Obviously it was a real battle with Kuznetsova — Mugu has bandages and tape holding her left thigh together.

        I’ve got Kuznetsova in my mind to go deep at US Open.

        • And I love you with all my heart. Thanks for being patient with me. I Will get myself back on FB.

          Pliskova should NOT be tired. But Mugu needs to win this in 2 sets if she has any chance in the final. Seriously Sveta beat her up and nearly won yesterday.

    • I’m so happy Georges and Makarova lost yesterday! They were going strong since battling each other in WA. DC.
      Konta looked unsure of herself at times. Simona looked the best but I am biased.

      • rc!!…I picked makarova over Sloane!!…and because of your happiness i lost my top spot to Welshwitch!!..Urgh!!..,but..anything for your happiness babe!..I don’t mind losing to the Witch from wales!!hehe

        • Thank u. But I think I said something about Sloane being on the rise , or…did I? Yeah the Welchwitch is in good picking form.

          • Yeah!..u did say Sloane is in good form atm..and boy!…how right u r Miss Smarty pants!!…I would never doubt u again!!

            • Me, smarty pants.

              So does that holiday schedule leave you time to pick US Open brackets?

              Pliskova has not found her timing — And Mugs breaks — you win baby cakes! Ouch.

            • Yeah babe!..I have time to make a pick for USO before i leave town…and yeah!..Mugu win…But as a respect to my dear rc who i love so very much i don’t want to celebrate. too much…

            • Oh but I understand now why Garbine was so anxious and eager to beat Karolina: Garbine had lost 6 straight to her. This is a huge confidence boost for Mugs.

              But I do hope Simona can win Cincy ?

  6. Yayyyy!!..I can’t wait to do a live blogging with u again rc!…especially at USO…it’s sooooo fun!!…tho for the first 4,5 days i’m unable to do that babe!…i have to go home once again to celebrate Eidul Adha…But after that….game on baby!!

  7. Feels like this set is going to go Pliskova’s way, maybe. Mugu is in a big rush to get it done and dusted tho. Smart idea. 3 sets not good for Mugs today.

    Kristyina Pliskova is playing New Haven!

    • Yeah rc!..But i don’t think she will go far since this is her 1st tourney after she injured her fingers right?But then me & my cow could be wrong lol!!hehe..

        • Kristina!…U remember when she played in Nanchang and she wants to adjust the courtside fan and injured her fingers at the same time?….

          • Oh No….ouch on a courtside fan, poor thing. I don’t read as much on tennis as you = you the REAL smart one!

            Pliskova, Karolina, is trying to hold off the inevitable Mugs win.

            Mugs has had a lot of mp’s. There is is Mugu into the final.

            Congrats Farah Diba! πŸ˜€

            • Ermm…Thanks rc!..Sorry karo lost okay?I like her very much…in fact this is the 1st time i didn’t pick her in my Bracket as a winner…

  8. Oh rc!…Even tho i want Mugu to win since i picked her..but i hate to see Karo lost coz i like her a lot!!…Urgh!..it’s not fair!

      • But Mugu seems on fire atm rc!…and her game more powerful than Simona…i think Welshwitch got a high potential to be a winner and that’s okay for me too since i love Welshwitch…

          • RC!…She’s just whooped with joy on TX a while ago when she’s on top…and she deserve it!…It’s a shame she can’t blogging here right?It’s must be awesome to chatting with her here…

            • Don’t know, MA. I don’t read there enough. I could only find one post and it didn’t sound any bells or whistles πŸ˜€

              Are you going to watch Isner and Dimi? Or go get some sleep. Or maybe Isner and Dimi will put you to sleep..

            • Hey back babe!!…I think u have to sing a Thom Yorke song to attract Hawks to respond to u rc!!..Skeezer in one of his postcalled t4t Hawkeye…and my post also didn’t succeed in attracting any response from Hawks..but i miss him too…

              Ermm..i don’t think i will watch Dimi/Isner rc…and Simona/Sloane will play at 4am..and we’re also can’t connect via FB..so,i think it’s bed for me okay?..Please enjoy the Simona/Sloane match for me k babe??Love u rc!!

  9. Watching Simona vs Sloane. You were the smartest, Mira Andi. You picked Simona to the final. Wow did she look dicey that one match in Cincy where she had Cahill ready to break up with her. But Simona last match and this match vs Sloane is showing her super fitness – Sloane is not ready to make the final in a 1000. Simona is ready! Should be an awesome Final tomorrow. Garbine vs Simona.

    Sloane is in the draw for New Haven – I think she won’t make it far there. She needs more matches -yes; more fitness – yes. Maybe a round or two.

    Congrats Simona: 62 61
    After watching both semi’s today – I’ll pick Simona. But I’m not sure – Mugs may push it, even though she’s beat up badly from her Kuznetsova match. Or, Garbine might win or have to settle for breaking her losing streak to Pliskova.

    Hai Simona!

    • Hey back rc!!…I just woke up and see the scores…and WOW!!…The first thing that stunned me is..the scores!!…Oh wow!!…and you’re right rc!…judging from the scores,our Sim really really great in fitness…and i think Sloane just have nothing left after had to play twice a day yesterday…in fact,i’m very surprised because she won in 3 sets against makarova but still managed to win in straight against Goerges…But…yay!!…Simona to another final!!!…

      I hope she can win this rc!!…She deserves another trophy and titles after the disappointment at RG…and what a way to celebrate her new No 1 if she can bagged a title here rc!!….I love Simona rc!!….Woohoo!!

        • RC!!What???Ohohohohohho!!….My God!!…and the final will determine who’s No 1 & No 2 right?…Ohohohohoho!…It’s the same with me and the Witch from Welsh rc!…Hehehe…interesting!!

          Btw…U’re done with picks rc??I want to do when the qualies r in the Bracket…It’s more safer and satisying that way….Miss u so much rc!!

          • Cincinnati is a biggie! Lots on the line for these two.

            My picks are done. There’s no chance of the qualies being place in time.
            I picked Anderson in Winston Salem and Kvitova in New Haven. These will likely be very dodgy picks, considering it’s so close to US Open that you never know how into it they are or who is going for it. Total crap shoot but I did it anyway.

            Miss you too!

  10. RC!! This is the day!!! πŸ˜€
    We must send as much positive energy as possible to Simona. πŸ™‚ She has to reach #1. I want it really for her. Not for a long time because Caro is coming. πŸ˜€ But still. πŸ™‚
    Btw MA! I saw that Wozzie’s loss is coming…3 finals in a row would be insane. πŸ˜€ She had to take a rest. πŸ˜€

    • Yeah ToMMo!..i’m really glad she had a sense to skip NH his week…she needs to recharge her battery to full turbo mode for USO…She’s already has a longggg mileage in her lovely legs!!..

    • Big Al, Anderson is still there and 20 minutes are left. I just picked Gulbis to beat Anderson…. There’s really not many picks I can trust at all in either bracket.

      Picked a PCB v Sugita final. sheesh I should change that!

      • The draw was reshuffled after Anderson withdrew.Not reflected in the TDC bracket, and qualies not placed. Sousa was to play Verdasco originally , but in the new version I had CB beating Verdasco and Sousa going to the QF. Screwed up, in other words!
        I ended up with Isner winning over Johnson , a toss-up between him and CB in the final .
        Glad someone else had Sugita going far, I couldn’t decide between him and Dolgo!
        Also had Vesely going a few rounds, but he has a losing H2H against Baggy .
        Isner winning seemed a no-brainer – home favourite and in great form, but that’s probably a good recipe for him going out early!!

        In the WTA I had Kvitova beating Radwanska in the final, put Stephens out to Radwanska as she’s bound to be tired.

  11. RC, MA, ToMMo and other WTA experts,

    Why is Simona Halep the FAV in the Finale match VS Mugurza?

    With a billion dollars on hand(Just imagine that you have), who will you bet and will win today in the Connecticut Finals?

    On paper it looks to be close and can be close. can go to the 3rd set.

    But if Mugurza is in a demolition mode(like she was against the World No.1, Karolina Pliskova), she can win in 2 sets also.

    Who you got WTA experts winning today?

    Match starts in 10 minutes from now.

    • Roger, no. I can’t imagine having a billion dollars on hand nor can I say that I would bet on this match. Simona is one of my favorite, so I’m biased but this she came out and was not confident. And so…the odds were close, too close. And being a set down now to Mugu, I don’t think will cut it.

      I hoped it would be a 3 set match with Simona winning. But she needs a miracle, Garbine appears in demolition mode right outta the gate! 2 sets more likely but I have to watch!!! and hope!!

  12. Bah…terribly one-sided. Muguruza is just better — those bandages are not hampering her in any way.

    Congrat Garbine Muguruza! Congrats Margot/welshwitch!

    oh dear Simona.

  13. Congrats Mugurza on your smashing win and winning the Connecticut Open!!!

    Knew strongly knew that it would be one sided affair seeing Mugurza destroy the World No.1 karolina Pliskova and beat the super-powerful Madison keys. fter this win…no one should have backed or bet on Halep!

    I think that Woz and Halep are cursed to never become No.1. Ask me I will tell what they need to do to become World No.1! I have the answer!lol

    Mugurza thanks for the winning multiple huge bets on you. Mugs ML,-2.5,3.5,4.5,5.5,6.5,7.5,8.5,9.5 and 10.5 besides under 9.5,8.5,7.5

    One of my biggest wins of 2017 got today! Thanks Mugs. Mugs I just luv you for everything!

      • Thankyou Rc and sorry for being a little extra excited and over confident.

        I want to prove that I am the best(and help take care of the expenses of cancer treatment of a family member) and shut the mouth of trollers,doubters {like Chico,pico,tico, Phil Aka Roger(fake)} etc. in my Tennis betting skills. I luv tennis to death and win 80 to 90% of the bets (I never claim that I win 100% of all bets. I am a student of the game who started like 6 months ago and I am still learning everyday from both wins and losses and from many experts here like You, Ben, Todd, Mira etc.). I am humble in that) as I am one of the best and a real tennis lover unlike Chico,pico,tico, Phil Aka Roger(fake).

        Just won on Mirjana Lucic Baroni, 1st set, unders (thru LB) etc. But Kontaveit may win the game, being the superior skilled player if she picks up in the 2nd set!

    • It was disappointing to see Simona get blown out in this final. I like both players, but hoped it would be s more competitive match. Mugu is really getting back to her best now. Simona just doesn’t seem to have the answers in these big matches. She had the chance to be #1 here. Lost RG to Ostapenko and now this final. She csn’t get it done with a title on the line.

  14. RC,ToMMo!!….New Haven Bracket start to going crazy!!….I picked this ‘Bogdan'[who’s this girl anyway???] to win and i didn’t even pick her in the first place!!…Hahahaha!…Oh my God!!

    • Yeah that’s funny MA! πŸ˜€ I picked her too. πŸ˜€ Because when we filled the brackets there was Stephens… πŸ˜€ But it changed to Bogdan in the end. πŸ˜€ Crazy brackets. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah ToMMo!…Like last week..i picked Fed and it ended with this Fabbiano dude!…and one of my Bracket totally ruined!!…Hehehe…but,you’re still alive with Aga’s pick ToMMo!….Good luck with that okay ToMMo?…

        Btw..can’t wait to see the draw!…I certainly will pick Mugu in one Bracket….

        • Yeah I am also really excited about the US Open brackets. πŸ™‚ Hehe that’s why I prefer the TDC against tourneytopia because there’s only one shot. πŸ˜€ HARDCORE level! πŸ˜€ But of course I will participate in both and there’s gonna be a Caro bracket for me definetely. πŸ˜€
          In my opinion Mugu will fail these higher expectations. She will be good but won’t win 2 Grand Slams in a row. She definetely improved since last year when she made bad performances after the RG win but I think she is still not there to dominate the WTA scene. πŸ™‚ There’s going to be a new winner again I think and I hope. πŸ˜€

    • Big Al!…Sorry for that…i hope USO Bracket will be as normal as possible!…This craziness make me crazy like never before!..Argh!!

    • Hey, MA….
      Tennisworld is one of many sites I don’t click on because it’s loads slow and has all kinds of adware on it. Can you tell me a summary of what it said about Putinseva and her coach?

      Can’t wait for the US Open Draw!!

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