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  1. rc and tommo…can i ask you about karen khachanov….? i am worried about tomorrow with it being so hot and his big serve skidding off the court…i have never seen him play…

    • Well, Khachanov will no doubt be excited and pumped up to play Rafa. Karen is a powerful beast — but so is Rafa and I’m not worried about Rafa. I suppose Karen could steal a tie break but I doubt it. Should be a good match for both with Rafa winning in 3 possibly 4 sets, but 3 sets with one tight one is what I most expect. you know how smart I am LOL….?‍♀️

      • well i hope you are right rc!!! i always worry about rafa’s matches beforehand regardless of who he is playing.
        angie has just broken back against flipkens. flipkens is tough on grass…

        • I know, I don’t want Rafa to lose to Khachanov ….he doesn’t have the skills or brains and experience yet. He’s not a natural on grass like his younger and greener compatriot, Andrey Rublev. Rublev and Medvedev are probably the best young Russians on grass.

          And yes Flipkens is a master on any surface but fingers crossed for Angie….I’m watching this kid Ruby, the Rublev trying his best vs ARV… πŸ˜€

          • ok thanks for the info rc..i trust your knowledge of the game which is way superior to mine!
            angie took the first set but she was pretty unconvincing and got lucky at key moments…

            • No, I’m not in any way superior! I’ve just been following Khachanov, Rublev, Medvedev and Bublik. Not sure about Bublik – but Khachanov I see as more dangerous on HC.
              Ruby has 2 sets to ARV’s 1 set. I can see this one going 5.

              There’s a lot of talent in Kontaveit — nice to see her winning again.

              I’ll post my WTA picks for tomorrow == it’s going to be good I think! good matches….

            • i really wish angie would get her mojo back rc!!!…she’s not the same player she was last year…no bite in her shots right now..

            • I don’t think Khachanov can be a problem for Rafa if he’s playing like all the times this year. And why wouldn’t he… πŸ™‚ But of course Khachanov is a great talent but I think nowhere near yet to a Rafa when he is in good form like now. And btw here in Wimbledon Khachanov wasn’t so convincing. Of course we always worried about Rafa if he is playing against a great talent but I think he can handle it now. πŸ™‚ I expect 3 sets.

            • Oh no. Rublev has more of a bad temper than Khachanov.
              the 19 year old needs to tale lessons about being cool and moving on from Lucas Pouille.

            • thanks tommo…good to hear your opinion…
              what’s rublev done rc!! these russians are crazy with their amateur dramatics..medvedev chucking coins at the umpire was really so damn ridiculous if kind of funny at the same time…

            • Bahhh

              My man Rublev doesn’t quite have the staying power of the Spaniard going the distance. I don’t think.

              But if he can compete, improve, and play this great tennis…I’ll get hooked on him. amy. Not hooked yet but I like the potential

            • ha don’t they all! they all look like they are auditioning for a bit part in an adaptation of war and peace…
              angie won…but she will have to get a lot more aggressive if she wants to do damage later on…

            • yep, he’s damaged an abdominal muscle or cramping…Rublev is. Hope he can build more muscle and endurance to go the distance in a match like this next year.

            • i think our posts just crossed there rc!
              will look out for rublev…i’m sure i’ve seen him play before just can’t bring him to mind right now…

            • hahaha yes, this one is straight out of War and Peace. The tragic romantic prince wounded in battle πŸ˜€

            • He has gas pain, seriously. He needs nourishment! His stomach is starting to digest itself.

              ohhhhh I want to take him home and feed him lol…

            • sorry amy!! his will live to fight another day sans gas, let’s hope.

              BeThanie Mattek-sands…way worse…lots worse. They are calling it a catastrophic knee injury.

            • that’s terrible about mattek sands.. i saw teh footage of her writhing in pain…
              really really awful…

            • hahahhaha his gas attack very unromantic for a war and peace prince.

              Dolgo won, amy. Decisively … but it was Troicki. He’s in shot-making mode though.

              Zhang is serving for the match — but Karolina suddenly is trying a little.

  2. rc I like Kontaveit too but I wasn’t happy about her win today. πŸ˜€ I like Dasha a little bit more. πŸ˜€ There are many young talents and good players thanks god in WTA. And in my opinion WTA without Serena, with this variety when there are plenty women who can win the tournaments is much better. And It’s not like the ATP’s great 4…nobody can imagine tennis without them even if there are a few good youngsters like Thiem or Zverev.
    In WTA…We can see the future stars. Likeable ones. I know it’s hard to say but I don’t miss Serena. πŸ˜› Hats off for her because she is the greatest champion in women’s tennis history but I enjoy the tour without her very much. πŸ™‚
    And a last thought in the end…I am so sad about Bethanie Mattek-Sands πŸ™ I hope her injury isn’t as bad as it seemed. She is a really nice person…a great entertainer…and one of the best doubles player. Team Bucie can’t do the can’t be the champion of all grand slams in a year now because of this injury :/ But I hope she can complete the carreer grand slam soon. Thatt means that she can recover of it.

    • ToMMo…..ah yes. You mean Kasatkina …yeah she’s a sweetheart. I love the openness of the WTA right now! No I don’t miss Serena and I wont be crying too hard when Federer retires, or even Rafa. No disrespect intended — I simply cheer for new talent (most of the time) — I meant it when I said I didn’t want to see Khachanov beat Rafa here in Wimbledon though !

      Ah. Didn’t know Mattek- Sands was injured. I love team Bucie!

      Sorry, I’m so engrossed watching Rublev. They are in the 5th set!!!

      • Yeah I meant Kasatkina. πŸ™‚
        I love the new talents too. Maybe that is why I prefer WTA these days over ATP. But it will be a sad day when we won’t see the great four compete against each other. They will leave a big space behind them.
        Anyway…I really like doubles too. Just saw Bellis and Voundrosova played. They were so happy and funny on court. It was good to see. πŸ™‚ Even they are not so good doubles players yet. But they could won easily. Fresh faces. πŸ˜€
        Doubles tournament will be tough too. Without team Bucie of course Chan/Hingis has really good chance. But there are some always dangerous doubles like Barty/Dellacqua, Makarova/Vesnina and even Babos/Hlavackova too. It will be a good one. πŸ™‚

  3. I was really surprised to see Pliskova lose. It’s the way she lost that was so concerning. Not a good effort from her. There is no way to do well in the women’s bracket challenge with how up and down the women are these days. I thought Kerber would crash out early, but she’s still in it. Mugu is looking good again.

    I think Kvitova wasn’t as much of a surprise. It was very hot and she doesn’t have her fitness back yet. She’s been through a lot and if’s going to take time for her to get back all the way. Now I regret picking her to go deep in my bracket. It’s just that none of the women can seem to play consistently well enough to win consecutive tournaments.

    As for Rafa playing Khachanov, it might be more of a challenge than he’s had so far. But Rafa come out playing better than I though he would with so little match play preparation. I think Rafa will be able to handle him.

    • I feel like I am talking to myself here, but I just wanted to say that they showed the video of Mattek-Sands injuring her knee. That was one of the more difficult things I have watched.

      Catastrophic knee injury doesn’t sound good. I truly hope that it’s not as serious as it seemed and that she will recover soon. You never want to see anything like that.

      • Yeah it was terrible…hope for the best for Bethanie.
        Btw you are right about Kvitova. It wasn’t so big surprise that she doesn’t have her fitness back yet. Anyway it was nice to see her plying in Wimbledon after all the things. πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, Nny,

        Had to go eat a sandwich after all that.

        I never mean to neglect you!! Rublev v Ramos had my full attention for all five sets! Ramos won, and rightfully so. Rublev will have hopefully discovered a few things he can do to train for 5 set battles.

        My WTA bracket is done and dusted. But there’s still a lot of tennis left and it’s not even clear who will last to win the title.

        Friday WTA
        Azarenka vs home favorite, Watson. Guessing this is going to be closer than the odds suggest. Vika is getting better and stronger by the match but Heather is playing inspired with the fans behind her.

        My pick is Vika. I underestimated her here – didn’t pick her at all.

        Konjuh over Cibulkova in 3. Konjuh’s huge serve and skills are well-suited to grass.

        Muguruza over Cirstea
        Garcia over Brengle
        Kuznetsova over Hercog
        Kerber over Rogers
        Konta over Sakkari
        Martic over Diyas in 3
        Venus over Osaka in 3
        Ostapenko vs Giorgi (too close for me to call)
        Halep over Peng (could be a tough one)
        Bacsinszky over Radwanska (but hoping for Radwanska)
        Vandeweghe over Riske
        Tsurenko over Rybarikova in 3
        Witthoeft over Svitolina in 3 (Svitolina the odds fave) But I’m liking Carina on grass.

        • rc,

          It sounds like you were watching a good match. I didn’t see Rublev.

          I giving up on my bracket picks. I will just watch it all play out.

          I didn’t think Konya would be okay when she got hurt prior to Wimby. So I didn’t pick her to do much. I also underestimated Azarenka. It seems that the ones I expect to do well, never do. It’s going to be another wild ride.

          I liked reading your picks. Some good matches coming up!

  4. Tourneytopa bracket stats

    Competitor Name Times Picked
    P. Kvitova 10
    Ka. Pliskova 8
    S. Halep 2
    G. Muguruza 1
    V. Williams 1

    And the winner will be? Halep, Muguruza, Venus? or…
    …Konta, Kerber, Vandeweghe, Ostapenko, Azarenka, Wozniacki, Svitolina, Kontaveit, Radwanska, Rybarikova, Kuznetsova, Cibulkova, Bacsinszky, Garcia, Konjuh, Giorgi, Watson, Tsurenko, Osaka, Martic, Riske, Peng, Witthoeft, Brengle, Diyas, Cirstea, Rogers, Hercog, or why not, Sakkari ? That’s the order the oddsmakers have going.

    Everybody left has a shot at — the big one — WIMBLEDON

    Here’s my new A-list :
    Venus, Garbine, Angelique, Aga, Sveta, Vika, Caro,
    Simona, and Jo Konta for the home fans.

    B-list: Svitolina, Ostapenko, Watson, Kontaveit, Rybarikova, Konjuh, Giorgi, Osaka, Cibby, Tsurenko, Witthoeft, Coco.

    C and D-list: Bacsinszky, Sakkari, Garcia, Peng, Riske, Cirstea, Martic, Brengle, Diyas, Rogers, Hercog.

    Who is on you list? πŸ˜€

    • Konta has really good chance now. Maybe she is my favourite to win, and I never thought that I will say this. πŸ™‚
      Muguruza, Kuznetsova and Kerber will make a good fight up there. And for rc maybe Aga can get it together and make a good run. I didn’t seem like this but it can happen.
      If not Konta there’s Svitolina, Halep and maybe Venus too but I don’t think so.
      And even Wozniacki has really good chances here. I don’t know if Azarenka will be good enough. I hope she won’t (sorry). And if she lose…The my sweet Caroline has really good chance too. Of course there are plenty good players left but she can beat all of them on one match. And her game is improved. I never seen her hitting more winners than unforced errors. Maybe the love is good for her…She was number one while she was with McElroy, and she is getting better and better while she is with David Lee. πŸ˜€ Maybe that’s the key to a GS win. It’s wide open for her too now. πŸ™‚ I think only I could be a better impact for her hahahaha. But still I think she has a shot here too. πŸ™‚

    • So A-list:
      Konta, Kuznetsova, Halep

      Muguruza, Kerber, Svitolina

      Venus, Azarenka

      And my secret weapons are:
      Wozzie baby and Aga darling πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        • LOL Benny, Bosstapenko i has made it to the fourth round and will unfortunately face the even bossier, Bossysvitolina …it should be a great match!

          Wozzie made it past Anet Kontaveit. And my girl Aga got past Bacsinszky ?

          Manic Monday Fourth Round Wimbledon looks like this:

          Kerber vs Muguruza
          Radwanska vs Kuznetsova
          Rybarikova vs Martic
          Wozniacki vs another hard hitting Villain, Vandeweghe
          Konjuh vs Venus
          BossElina vs Bosstapenko!! ?
          Azarenka vs Halep

          the new A-list 8: Konta, Vika, Svitolina, Venus, Wozniacki, Rybarikova, Kuznetsova, Muguruza.

          B-list 8: Garcia, Halep, Radwanska, Vandeweghe, Konjuh, Ostapenko, Kerber, and Martic.

          Congratulations ToMMo and Caro ?

  5. Aga was so much better in her match against Bacszinsky lol. I still find it hard to believe that you can play two first rounds on such a weak level and then go up against a more difficult opponent and actually play that well.

    Seriously, an inspired performance, her record against Svetlana is really weak but it’s not like she can’t win, the draw is tough as then in the quarters Muguruza/Kerber awaits … But I guess this is a tournament full of surprises and I would love to see a magic run by Aga!

    By the way, Rybarikova seems insanely good. I caught a glimpse of her in Nottingham against Konta and Ahn and I thought that she’s in a really good form and maybe with a good draw … Actually the draw was so bad for her, getting the main title favourite in round two. But she got through, I wanted to wait before she wins her next match to see whether she can back it up and oh yes she can. With Martic in the fourth round against her she is one leg in the quarters I guess. Worth noting that Martic saved six match points in her final qualifying round against Krunic lol.

    • manwerty,

      Rybarikova is unbelievable right now. I liked her on hc a couple years ago and then she faded to somewhere…not sure what was going on. I’m not familiar enough with Martic — hoping to see Rybarikova get to the QF.

      But as far as a winner goes…this will be another surprise. The only one I hope doesn’t win the title is Vandeweghe…uhg.

      It’s been a little sad for me to watch Aga lately because her mojo and magic is currently in short supply. But yes, her performance vs Timea was an improvement. I don’t have a lot of hope for her to beat Sveta right now. But I’ll be psyched if she does! Go Aga!

      Also worried for Simona vs Vika. And fingers crossed for Wozzie over Coco oh no. πŸ˜€ Monday will be interesting, to say the least.

      Tour de France is starting to heat up — mountain stage 8 was worth watching.

      • Can’t stand Vandeweghe either. She’s too cocky. Her reaction to beating Kerber in Melbourne just pissed me off. Why did Mattek Sands fall and not Coco? Just kidding I wouldn’t want anyone to have the fall mattek sands had. Still I do not like Vandeweghe even if she’s American.

  6. Rybarikova should cruise into the quarter final, as should Konta. The other matches I can all see going one way or another. I would never underestimate the fight of Radwanska, even against a very in form Kuznetsova. Kerber vs Muguruza and Azarenka vs Halep are both finals quality matches we are getting to see in the round of sixteen. I keep waiting for Ostapenko to have her run of major wins end, but she has proved me wrong again and again. Confidence can really carry a player a long way. Really want Wozniacki to find a way to get past the power of CoCo. As for Venus, I think Konjuh gets her this round. I have not been to impressed by her thus far, and still think the accident, even after it has been declared not her fault, has shaken her focus.

    • Interesting take – fsutomahawk. I also thought the accident would impact Venus’ mental focus and emotioinal strength – even if it wasn’t her fault. Being in a fatality accident and then going on to win Wimbledon sounds superhuman. But I’m not Venus — not a 3-time Wimbledon champ. Tennis. winning GS’s is her job. I’d take a week off and then be obligated to get back to my ordinary work/job. But the sights and sounds of a car accident would remain with me a long time. I’ve experienced that before – being in a bad car accident that wasn’t my fault. It’s a wonder to me how she’s carrying on. I think if anything, she must be getting stronger day by day. Losing or winning to Konjuh, I don’t know.

  7. Muguruza over Kerber
    Svitolina over BOSStapenko πŸ˜€
    Kuznetsova over Radwanska (sorry rc) :/
    Rybarikova over Martic
    Halep over Azarenka
    Wozniacki over Vandeweghe
    Venus over Konjuh
    Konta over Garcia

    Great matches today. πŸ™‚

    • Bosstapenko wins!! sorry, ToMMo, I really love the girl.
      Yes…I was already prepared for Sveta over Aga πŸ™
      Rybarikova made it, Venus won.

      And I’m now watching Andy v Paire because I don’t want to see COco beat Caro or Vika beat Simona….bah

      • Muguruza with a strong win over Kuznetsova. Garbine was impressive.

        Hope Rybarikova beats the socks off Coco!
        Best of luck to Simona vs Konta.
        And would love Ostapenko to beat Venus but …score doesn’t look good and I’m out the door to work.

  8. Even though feel very sad for Simona but to me she’s the real Champion when she take her loss very admiringly…It takes a lot of brave heart not only to accept the loss but the manner of the loss as well…not many players will take that loss in a good way…but Simona did!…Full full credit to her!

    But,i think she should change her coach in order to win a slam or other titles…her game imo is lacks of bite…her groundstrokes not as big and dangerous like other player’s…she needs to cover that with her aggressive play…but she’s unable to do that…she’s good on defense but she’s a little bit small and not very fast,so it’s hard for her to cover the ground and at the same time change the defensive tennis to offensive..take a look at Kei…Kei is one of the smallest guy on tour but his game are feared by some of the big player’s…very very affective..i think Simona should apply the same tactics as Kei.. i really really hope she will win something someday…i like her very very much…but it’s time for her to do something about it…Fast!

    • You think, Benny? I’m not sure so sure… Not gonna lie- I DESPERATELY want Venus to win her 6th Wimbledon, but I think she could really have her hands full. I get the feeling that the match is totally in Muguruza’s racquet. If she plays really well, I’m not sure Venus will have the answers. Boy do I hope I’m wrong, though!

    • I’m here MA! how are u? How am I… I’m slightly wounded a very black and blue banged up right arm — it was a floating accident, I’ll be fine — I can type. my right hand was not injured.

      • rc!!….U okay??I told u just float with Mr rc in the bath tub!!..It’s not that dangerous!!…How’s the arm?No need to get cut??Hehe..i’m just kidding!…Hope u will take it easy with the arm okay?So,u got leave from work?

  9. Hi RC sorry for not catching up sooner, my bracket picking was an absolute disaster in the end, picked Petra to win the title, but i think it was more out of hope rather than expectation, probably too early after coming back from the stabbing to her hand, so wishful thinking on my part, had a lovely break, hope your well by the way πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Alison, I injured my right arm, seriously, it’s not broken but it hurts and it’s bruised. I fell out of a float and hit rocks yesterday. OUCH.

      my brackets were all terrible… after 3rd rounds, as usual. hehehe

      Nice to see you.

  10. It was a nice tournament again. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations to the tourneytopia group winner. Nice Muguruza pick was great in the end.
    And in tennisdrawchallenge WTA brackets it’s 2 GS’s baby!! πŸ˜€
    It was fun again. πŸ™‚
    Waiting for the next one!

    • Hello ToMMo and everyone,

      The tourneytopia results are here:

      Thanks to everyone for playing!

      The winner is Squirrel (a poster from Tennis-x) Squirrel picked Garbine!!
      Runner up was Mridul (another poster I think from tennis-x) Mridul7 picked Venus!

      Then of course ToMMo was 3rd and Our Farah Diba was 4th!

      Tennis Draw challenge ATP group winner: Our Manwerty! Congrats Manwerty and big congrats to the group WTA winner: Our ToMMo!

      And in case you have not filled them out already TDC brackets for ATP and WTA are open for Bstad, Gstaad, Umag, Bucharest and Newport…woooohooooo!!

      • Oh and BIG congrats to Garbine Muguruza! I hope this is a springboard for her confidence and performances to come!

        Venus says she’ll be back next year πŸ˜‰

  11. Ive just entered this weeks brackets on TDC, no rest for the wicked!
    I love Newport as a Wimby wind-down . I still haven’t picked my winner , but think Mannarino has a good chance .

  12. rc!!…i have a good news for u!!…Hey,i hope u don’t mind,i invited our WTA Champion Squirrel to join our group..and he’s already filled out the Brackets..he’s one of the most nicest poster’s on TX rc!Hey,i see Big Al,eugene and Sonal Aga just joined our group!!Yay!!…and with Squirrel also IN!Oh my God!!…our Brackets sure will be much more exciting from now on!!Woohoo!!….Although i’m still waiting for Kevin to join us..he said he want to join us…

    • MA – you are in charge, baby! Here and on Tennis-x. All inviting and congratulations…there’s nobody sweeter than you. Please help me! I don’t often get to tennis-x. I left Squirrel a congrats message on his/her bracket but please properly congrats and embarrass (lol, kidding) all tennis-x winners, like runner up who picked Venus, Mridul7…I think that poster is a Novak fan from a long time ago.

      Anyway, Mr. Rat is gone, finally and my arm is in pain. It’s badly bruised and swollen – so I can’t work this week. Ha! maybe time for me to try to get on FB again. I don’t remember my sign in but I’ll figure it out. Then I can post you a picture of my grizzly arm. πŸ˜€ I love you and I’m so happy when you post!

      You do great work everywhere you go…keep it up, okay.

      • Both of you are fabulous. πŸ™‚ That’s why this forum is great. πŸ˜‰
        I missed the bracket challenge this week but I’m glad there are plenty of new ones. It’s getting better and better. πŸ™‚
        I forgot to fill the brackets because I am so excited. I’ve just got my tickets to a live Liverpool FC match in MΓΌnich on the 2nd of October. One of my dreams came true in february when I could go to a WTA Tournament in Budapest, and now another dream comes true. πŸ™‚ In the next few years I hope I can go to a GS too…Biggest chance to Wimbledon because some of my friends live in London. But that’s the future…now I can’t wait to go to the Allianz Arena to watch my favourite football (soccer) team’s match. πŸ™‚

        • ToMMo!!…U know,i’m almost send a congrats here before i went back to my hometown because i thought you’re going to be a winner!…Hahaha…But that’s okay…3rd place is not bad ToMMo!!…U R A GENIUS as usual!!…rc too actually!!…only this time she slipped!..So,many congrats to u for a 3rd place okay?

          Btw,thank u so much for your nice words ToMMo!…U know,things start heating up when U joined us here…Your love for WTA matching with rc pretty well!!…and i have a nickname for u ToMMo!…The King Of WTA!…How’s that??rc already got a Queen of WTA…It’s so fun when u guys both r here talking about WTA…and it felt so hollow when u guys not here on some days…

          • Of course 3rd place is okay. πŸ™‚ They were clever with Muguruza and took me down but that is what it is about. Make a correct pick so well deserved there. πŸ˜€
            And in Tennisdrawchallenge I won so it’s 2/2 there. But there will be more and more competition which makes the whole thing better. πŸ™‚ I’m watching everyone’s pick because of betting and for example manwerty often goes on to the underdogs. And when I feel the same in the tournament sometimes I take that pick and bet on that. I won a few times with serious odds with that. πŸ™‚
            Thanks for the kind words. πŸ™‚ Maybe everybody is going to chat a little bit more and it will be the greatest forum ever. πŸ™‚ So many people loves the tennis and have good opinions here. It’s easy to love this section here with this good community. πŸ™‚

            • Hehehe..yeah ToMMo!…I can’t wait for the NA HC swings…wanna see who’s going to surge and take reins…Rafa or Roger or in Women side…how Pliskova respond to her new title of World No 1[sorry to all her fans especially rc and u ToMMo but i think she’s not going to stay long up there,other candidate will surge forward and take that away from her..whether it Aza,Maria,Simona?..but very interesting to follow]…

              Also,Angie..can she let loose now and play without pressure after been released of world No 1?[Oh!i hope so!very very much!!]..

        • Thanks for your kind words, ToMMo!
          I do have a work schedule — part-time and other volunteer commitments but WTA/ to a lesser degree, ATP, is my passion.

      • rc!!…i left u a millions of thank u’s on TX,along with RZ for your hardwork on the Brackets..i really really appreciate it rc!…i wish i could do something as a thank u gift for your hardwork on Brackets rc…but,yeah…

        Hey,do u know M beat me on a TB to take the title champion on TX?God!…She’s sooo spot on on aces..she predicted Roger will serve it out with 8 aces..and i predicted 12 aces…and she’s right!!!!…Oh my God!!…Hehehehe..i can’t believe it!!..But i’m so happy for her!!!..She desrves it!Hehehe..Btw..sorry rc!…your campaign on Brackets this time around not so positive…we’ll try again at USO Brackets k?

        Oh,i will thanked and congratulate him on TX on your behalf k?Mridul too…But,is it okay i do that,i mean did not look weird??

      • Oh!i actually already talking about your arm on non tennis but,still feel the need to address it here…How’s itfeel tonite?Still hurt?Don’t forget to take a pain med if it’s too much k?Love u mucho rc!!…Please take care of yourself properly….I can’t stop worry bout u…

    • Wow, nice pictures – thanks again for posting augusta! I didn’t realize Aga was getting married so soon. Really hope that now she can focus and have a stellar 2nd half of the season.

  13. Congrats to Eugene for Smashing the competition (entire TDC) in Bucharest; Are you maybe from Romania, Eugene?

    Congrats to Irina Begu on winning Bucharest and to Kiki Bertens winning Gstaad

    The action is in Nanchang and Bastaad for the WTA! Please join me — it makes it more fun. I want to learn from all of you. I don’t know the draw very well in Nanchang! πŸ˜€ Should be interesting.

    • ratcliff, I am from Moldova, which is a neighbour of Romania. We speak same language and have lots of traditions in common. We even were one country at some point in history, but got separated by… someone. Don’t wanna get into history. it’s too complicated.
      Yeah, I predicted Ana Bogdan will go far. I’ve following her in the last period of time. It comes as no surprise that my best predictions came in Bucharest, because I am following very closely the Romanian sports, not only tennis. Big fan of the football national team. BUT, I was not expecting to have this amazing result. Just filled in the brackets very quickly and looked what happened.
      I have to mention that I have same average tennis skills as most people on this site. This could probably be my first and last no.1 in this bracket competition. But I am happy it happened in Bucharest πŸ™‚ Cheers guys and thank you. Special greetings to rc and mira who believed in me lol

      • Heyhey Eugene!…Much Congrats to u for be a much deserved Champion for Bucharest Bracket!!….Woohoo!!….Amazing!!….

        Hey,treat us to dinner eugene!..i heard the prize money for Bucharest Bracket was raised to 500 Mil this year…Oh,you’re a rich man eugene!!..Hehehehe…

          • Hehe..Yeah me too eugene!!….But it’s fun isn’t it?Thank u mucho rc for persuade me to join TDC a while ago!!….Really really grateful u did that!!!…Love u rc!!

            • Oh yeah!…Wish u all the best for the next week Bracket eugene!..Hope u once again will have a very positive week!!…Cheers eugene!!

      • Moldova, wow. That’s not too far from where ancestors on my father’s side of the family immigrated from: Odessa. Or am I wrong?! My geography skills are suspect as a typical American. I’ve been to Greece — that’s the closest I got to the Black Sea, which I’d still like to visit/bucket list.

  14. Hehehe..Thanks eugene!!….let’s find out next week k?Can’t wait!..Hey…you’re not sleeping?It’s what? 3,4 am at your place now?

    • Sometimes I have this habit of not sleeping at night:) I’ve been living in London for the last 3 years. It’s 3:40 am. But I’m off tomorrow when almost everyone is working πŸ™‚

      • Oh!..Sorry to hear that eugene!…But,welcome to our world that includes a vampire,an owl and other nocturnal species!!Hehehe…I’m also like u eugene…always have trouble to sleep at nite…but enjoy your nap soon k?

  15. Okay this week is going to be interesting…both tournaments could be anybody’s. πŸ˜€
    I filled the brackets but maybe this is the first time when there are so many question marks in my head. πŸ™‚
    Anyway it would be funny if Caro could take her first trophy of the year on clay…after 4 lost finals. πŸ˜€ There’s a chance for this. πŸ˜‰

    • ToMMo, RC and other WTA experts,

      What are your final picks for Ericksson Open, Bastad and Jiangzi Open,Nanchang FOR today?

      My picks are (on 1st glance):-


      Sevastova,Siniakova. Sara Errani over. Sara is very flakey. Becoming old, slow and sloppy by everyday.Can’t trust Errani!


      SW Hsieh,S Zheng,F Liu,Q Wang,S Peng On wall with Nao Hibino and X.Han

      What you got?

      • Yeah I almost never trust in Errani. Sevastova should win this, but it won’t be easy. I wouldn’t bet on her.

        In Nanchang all of these what you wrote should be okay I think.

        • I’ve picked Sara so many times and lost this season that I made a protest pick for Korpatsch. Errani will finally win,lol.

          Made it through the first round of Nanching keeping up. However I wasn’t worried about the first round too much. It’s the rest of the bracket! We all picked very similar in Nanching.


          But I changed two picks to copy Ricky’s first round picks in Hamburg, dang it – had picked the Germans Stebe and Mayer. wrong. I need to stay with my original picks it turns out again and again πŸ˜‰

          • RC, Nanching is a lottery for me. So many unknown names, just had to pick up someone πŸ™‚ Just in case, if I get good results there, it would be pure inspiration or should we call it art ? :))

  16. Hey rc!!….I didn’t know that u liked RED so much in Bastad Bracket!….It turned out that i like RED too!!….Oho ho ho ho ho ho!!

    • Hey back to you MA πŸ˜€
      hahahahha…..like I said, I’ll be lucky to get to doublr digits for Bastaad at this rate – only 3 points so far. That would be a new low indeed.

      But somebody has to be the BEST and somebody has to be the cr@piest. Maybe not being at my own home was too distracting. Or maybe I’m just **** this week. No excuses!!

        • It’s not a good enough excuse, MA. Brackets come first. Anyway we argue too much about politics these days — he doesn’t like it when I’m right. LOL….

          • Seriously rc!….I think you’re wayyyyy too distracted by your arm injury and changing places…Really!..sometimes when we went somewhere,we cannot focus…too involve in a moment or other things etc etc…i’ve experienced the same things rc!…Can u imagine,i didn’t even notice John Isner’s name in Atlanta’s Bracket?….and i picked Fratangelo over Isner!!…can u believe it??Stupid me!!…

            So,don’t feel too bad k?Go home and be ready for the next week’s Bracket okay?i’m sure your golden touch will come back as soon as you’re back cocooned in your lovely house rc!!…

            • No…I make no excuses. But it is nice to be back in my own cave!

              Did you check out Hamburg bracket? They’ve left Cuevas in, though he lost to Kuznetsov first round. And I think your Kohschrieber pick could hold. Florian Mayer is doing well. I didn’t know he was any good on clay (or I just think of him on grass)

              This is messed up. Someone has been asleep at the TDC wheel, so to speak:

            • Yeah rc!!…I’ve been meaning to ask u about this!..i think after they’re woke up from sleep…there’ll be a big changes to the Bracket…many of us picked Cuevas to go deep..except Big Al who didn’t pick him at all…Smart move from Big Al!!hehe…

              As for me,i still not feel very confident bout my pick rc…and i’m going to lose many points when i picked verdasco to go tothe final..i should have known better not to pick Verdasco that deep!..He’s sooooo unreliable!!

  17. There are some pretty good brackets I am really excited who will take the win in Bastad and Nanchang. πŸ™‚

    I’ve put some money on Sevastova and Garcia. I’m sorry rc but I don’t feel that Errani has a chance against the french. She’s my runner-up in Bastad btw. πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed…It seems good now 5-0. πŸ™‚

    • I went for Sevastova but feel I’ve messed up by not having Wozniacki going far.Forgot how well she’s been on clay lately.
      Didn’t help that they rearranged the draw after someone withdrew.

      • Oh that must be it — rearranging after someone withdrew. Anyway my picking isn’t good for this week. I didn’t get to see who the qualies were and where they went (that sometimes helps).

        • It’s always a good excuse. Eg I’d never have picked Golubic to beat Woz.Must printout my original picks in future so I can see the changes.

        • And TDC still hasn’t updated the Hamburg bracket to show Cuevas lost to Kuznetsov first round lol……that will hurt a lot of brackets.

          Maybe I was just not thinking. My winner and finalist in Nanchang lost today too. That’s how it goes. Thanks to everyone in the group anyway for being game enough to try Nanchang.

          Peng is still in but Shuai Zhang and Qiang Wong are OUT. ouch!

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