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Genie 7
Ana 2

Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. And Aga!wow!…Take a look at the strong scores Mirjana made rc…she really schooled Aga like she’s an amateur and not the world no 8!What’s going on with Aga?Hope she will wake up from whatever she’s dipping into…i like her a lot…she’s one of the most nicest and good manner player in WTA…and,it’s not easy to be in top 10..as soon as you’re go out,don’t know when you’ll come back..unless you’re Serena that is!….C’Mon Aga!!

    • It made me sick. Aga losing to Lucic-Baroni…AGAIN. Aga is supposedly engaged to be married, Mira Andi. Maybe personal stuff is going on…I don’t know. This hasn’t been a good season so far for Aga’s tennis πŸ™

  2. Ah, finally I get to watch the 22 year old qualifier from Romania, Patricia Maria Tig — who took out Kiki Mladenovic, btw.

    She’s up against Venus Williams, is Tig.
    Oh my gosh… qualifier, Tig gets a break to go up 2-1 on Venus.

    Arruabarrena is holding her own versus Keys, at the moment.

    And Forza Fabio! Chardy is up a set but I cheer for the Italian.

  3. Well that break of Tig’s didn’t last long. Venus got it right back.

    The best match is Fognini vs Chardy! Fabio smashed his hand so hard on his racquet when he lost the first set that he needed a Medical time-out,lol and know FF has a chance to serve for the 2nd set…I don’t know how he’ll take it…if he doesn’t make it ?

    • Yay….I’m cheering for your ATP bracket Mira Andi….you picked Fogna and he won the 2nd set! Forzzzzaaaaaaaaa Fabio!!!

      • rc…dont cheering to much okay?i’m pretty sure it will go down the drain pretty soon…as my WTA proved it to yer!hehehe…keep on fightng sis!i will push u from behind!

  4. Lara Arruabarrena is holding her own vs Keys – even broke Keys to go up 6-5 first set but Keys has called for the trainer…

    And Tig started out well but she can’t keep up with Venus down a set and a break…

    Fabio has a break in the decider! whooooohoooo And he holds – 4-2

    • Don’t worry about it Alison!! It’s all tennis….and yay Fabio!!
      Nice to see you posting here …watching Fogna’s magic πŸ˜€

      Easy win for Venus, DUH…

    • Me Too….but I don’t usually pick him in a bracket more than one or two rounds….Mira Andi picked him three rounds – maybe she’s as big a Fabio Fan as we are? Did you see Fabio’s sister sitting there with his coach? Rarely see her unless it’s in Europe. Flavia stays home…waiting for the baby πŸ™‚

      • Me?A fabio fan rc??Oh,puuurrrrlleeezzeee!!I just picked him because i am a very kind and a generous women…when i see a handsome man,i can’t help but being generous!Duhh!

        • lol, that figures πŸ˜€ Hi MA – you have to at least thank Fabio for moving you two points ahead of me in the bracket! He’s a risky pick. Bold move on your part.

          Halep has to try and play the most dangerous qualifier, Anett Kontaveit. oh no… match is on next….. Kontaveit looks good.

    • My computer is still so slow it takes me forever to reply, sorry.

      Rafa’s match is starting…

      I like this petite Spanish player, Lara Arruabarrena (only time I’ve seen Lara). She’s keeping up with Madison Keys — good footwork– she’s probably good on clay, Lara is.

      • Lara Arruabarrena will try to serve for the match — she does have a cheering section there Lara, Lara…

        And it would be a huge win for her over Madison Keys…gotta say tho, Madison’s forehand isn’t quite up to speed yet. (wrist)

        • Well the wrist should have nothing to do with Madison’s forehand! Her surgery was on the left wrist…well, for whatever reason, she wasn’t up to speed. ? I’ll give credit to Lara Arruabarrena!

  5. Must be something in the water plenty of male tennis players becoming fathers, i think even Rafas getting broody, theres a picture of him on TX holding a friends little one, my computer running slow too, im typing faster than the words are appearing on the screen ….

  6. Shoot! I wanted to see the underdog win. But Madison was clutch and broke Lara. Now I see this one going three sets with Madison winning — would be surprising otherwise.

  7. Wow! Lara broke back and won the match! phew…glad I didn’t pick Keys too deep…I thought she needed more time, although she looked pretty good in IW.

    What’s going on with Rafa?!

  8. Monday —
    Safarova vs Cibulkova is too close to call.
    Pliskova over Strycova
    Wozniacki over Muguruza (Woz is too consistent to not pick but Mugu can surprise)
    Lucic-Baroni should beat Mattek-Sands
    Kerber over the amazing qualifier Ozaki
    Konta over Arruabarrena
    Halep over Stosur (Simona finally looking good)
    Kuznetsova over Venus or…I feel guilty any time I pick someone over Vee.

  9. I think Venus definitely has a chance against Kerber, Angie has been far from her best in 2017 and Venus’s win over Sweta is super encouraging.

    Woz against Safarova is pretty tough but I picked Caroline to win the whole thing and I’ll stick with that. It’s good to see them playing so well again, though.

    Konta vs Halep is extremely exciting for me, but I think Jo should prevail. However, if Halep plays like she did against Kontaveit everything is possible.

    Pliskova should get revenge over the Croat, but the match Mirjana played against RadwaΕ„ska – 38 winners to 5 unforced errors lol

    • Venus is playing better than ever!

      Agree with you on all counts, manwerty:
      Venus vs Angie? I don’t know…
      Wozzie vs Luci?
      Jo over Simona….but it’s nice to see Simona winning
      Pliskova vs Lucic-Baroni?….Lucic Baroni is killing me!

    • Hey ToMMo buddy!…and here i thought you’re sulking coz u can’t participate in Bracket Challenge!Hehehawhaw!…Oh,hope you’re feeling muuucchhh better today ToMMo…Miss u this last couple of days..hehe..don’t tell your girlfriend okay?

        • Hey rc!…At last,u came!I want to know your condition so bad rc…please respond to me on non tennis forum,PLEASE MA’AM?

      • ‘It’s nice to be missed as you told it befor MA!’ πŸ˜€
        I missed the forum too btw. But everything is okay now. I could watch Caroline’s match at night and she was awesome. I haven’t ever seen her serving with so much confidence like nowadays. The Pliskova – Wozzie match will be EPIC. πŸ™‚

        • Hey ToMMo!!….So glad you’re okay now!You take care yourself more carefully after this okay?Hey btw…yeah,caro/Pliskova’s match gotta be awesome..unfortunately i won’t be able to watch it live…maybe just delayed telecast but i still can follow livescores!hehe…Oh,ToMMo..who do u think can win?Your new girlfriend Caro or your ex..Karo[sheeshh ToMMo!can’t u pick a girlfriend that’s got a different name from each other?hehe]…

          • Okay MA you got me… I just can’t control myself If I meet a Caroline/Karoline or Karolina/Carolina… πŸ˜€ And there’s still a Caroline…Garcia… πŸ™‚ But I also like the ‘Dashas’.
            And there’s a young hungarian hope too. Her name is not even close to the Carolines. Fanny Stollar…actually correctly she is StollΓ‘r Fanny. She’s just won her first top100 win over Kovinic at WTA Budapest. I hope she will be rise up soon on the list.

            • Hey back ToMMo!Oh,Thank God my name is not CaroMira…if not!…btw ToMMo,since you’re so obsessed with a CARO,please Sir,with an open arms i invite u to go to non tennis forum…i have a surprise for u….

            • Consider it a ‘Get well from flu gift’ ToMMo!But hey buddy,please don’t get sick too often k?i’m almost broke just to make u happy!hehehawhaw!!

  10. Btw..so sad my Angie is lost again..hope she will find her carefree self like last year when she played without fear and amazing,but then that’s what pressure would do to u…and credit to Venus for her amazing form of late..she really deserved to win..

    • I saw the match with Angie and Venus. Great tennis from Venus! She’s still got it! I thought that Angie would win, but Venus played well and deserved this win!

      • Hey Nny!Hope you’re feeling much better,more healthy and more happy today!…Err,yeah..God,Venus really put herself as one of the player that new generation should be wary of nowadays!I’m amazed by her spirit and determination…after all the injuries woes,she still capable to put herself to challenge for important titles!!Just like our Rafa and Rog Nny…They’re ALL AMAZING ATHLETES!!

        • MA,

          Yes, it’s inspiring to see Venus winning at this point in her career. Defeating the no. 1 player in straight sets!

          • Nny…Yeah!And take a look at the men’s side as well..Roger,Rafa,Stan and a few other’s still dominating like they’re all in their 20’s….AMAZING!!

            Btw Nny…I’ve got my usual wishes for u on Non tennis forum..and some of them were there for a few days now…i don’t think u see them yet..

  11. Now I am really sad about I didn’t participate in the bracket challenges on my own fault.
    I picked, Wozniacki, Pliskova, Kerber, Keys to the final four and 3 of them is there…My only mistake is that I picked the wrong american.
    But next time I won’t forget the bracket challenge at work and it will be fun again. πŸ™‚

    • Hey ToMMo…How r u today?Better and better?At least i hope so!!…Yeah ToMMo,i missed your unique name in Bracket this time…i’m doing poorly and shown lack of judgement in my pick this time…very poor..it’s a shame you’re not there ToMMo because u missed to kick my backside!…it’s there for u to kick as much as your heart desire!!Heheheh…And don’t worry,next time i will nag at u every single minutes of the day about it so u won’t forget okay?

      • Okay for sure. Monterrey and Charleston next week. πŸ˜‰
        I can’t wait Wozniacki – Pliskova battle today. I hope it will be a great match and in the end Carobabe is going to the final.

        • Hey ToMMo!Yeah..Caro/Karo must be awesome encounter..whoever wins that’s okay for me..i like both of them very much..although i hope for Karo to win just for the sake of my bracket,and i will feel very sad if Caro lose because i want her to win as well…
          Hey, u want to participate in Monterrey and Charleston Bracket next week ToMMo?

  12. Yess Caro yess! That’s how it goes. The 1st set totally killed Pliskova than she couldn’t handle this phisically, and mentally neither. Wozniacki was awesome btw and so fit.
    Here’s some facts why this isn’t true, that she has no weapons. Maybe in the past it was true but not now. Her server is much better than it was. She took the risk sometimes on the 2nd serve too what wasn’t her style ever. She changed a lot. More aggressive now and the most important thing is: Her forehand improved a lot. Her forehand was very bad in her entire career. Of course it’s not one of the bests now, but much much better than it was a year ago, or it was in the US Open where she was good again.
    I recommend to watch the Singapore 2014 semifinals Wozie vs Serena highlights:

    Nobody could beat her on that tournament, only the legend. The best player ever in women’s tennis. And this Wozniacki now is better, she has more quality. And another important thing is that she was at her young 20’s when she was #1… now she is in the best age for sports (26). She has plenty of time to still win a GS. She’s getting better.
    By the way I am really happy now, and I hope she can win Miami after her two finals loss in Dubai and Doha… Love is in the air. πŸ˜€
    Mira Andi actually I need that key which Caro is wearing as a necklace on matches. πŸ˜€

    • Hey ToMMo!..Good to read your analysis on Caro/karo match…even though my Bracket totally ruined now when Karo lost but i’m happy Caro be able to beat the top player…Now,i’m also wish that she can win her 1st big title in a long long time…C’Mon Caro!!

      Oh yeah buddy…please go to non tennis forum for your so called ‘Love Key’…but sorry T,it’s not what u expected…

  13. Hey ToMMo!…Are u ready to rumble today???Good luck to u and Caro ToMMo!I think she will win today..but if Jo win,that’s okay as well..i like Jo as well…C’mon!Bring it on gals!!Wooohooo!!

  14. rc…I know u read this…somehow,it feel not right when u as our WTA Boss is not here giving your thoughts everyday and especially today …I hope your internet crisis will be over soon…Love u and miss u so much!!

  15. Okay, let’s be honest. Konta Johanna was better today (she has hungarian parents so this is how we write it) πŸ™‚ Wozzie was nowhere near to her form against Safarova or Pliskova. And in the last few games she had some issues too. But congratulations to Konta she played better today.
    I hope that these many losses in the finals leads to a Grand Slam win in the end. πŸ˜€

  16. @ToMMo…sorry caro lost but I think as long as she don’t manage her mental barrier in crucial moment,we have to wait to see her lift a trophy atm…

    • There is no mental barrier. I just joined here when I read this conversation between you and maybe ratcliff. There is no mental barrier there. Who can be #1 for more than 60 weeks… 49 actually straight. No problems there. She just didn’t play well yesterday that’s all. It happens. And she had an injury too when she had the momentum, after then she didn’t had the footwork which is weird when we’re talking about Wozniacki. Shit happens.
      By the way she always has to play extra against big hitters. Phisically they can hit stronger, etc. She always has to find out something against the good attackers. It’s not so easy. She can not play at her best every game. It’s just difficult.
      So I am not affraid about any mental problems. πŸ™‚
      But I am glad there is Sascha Bajin with her now, not just her father…He can help a lot to improve. Her forehand is getting better and better since he is there.

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