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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. Mira,
    Overall, retired player’s are not allowed.
    Mira if I may suggest, whenever am not watching a tennis match, soccer or other sports live I use flashscore.com, I prefer their app than livescore especially tennis matches.
    I use ESPN app for NBA when am not watching it live.

    If you know any other app or website that is better pls let me know.

    About my previous comment am sincerely sorry for mistaking you for some___ else.

    • That’s alright stanley,as a human being we tend to make mistakes..all the time..so don’t worry okay?

      Yeah Stanley,i am too use Flashscore…i’m very satisfied with it…and so far i don’t know any other app or website that is better than FS…

  2. Karolina Pliskova was broken 4 times in the 1 set, am really disappointed.
    I hope she play’s better in the 2nd set or else am changing my top 5.

  3. MA,

    Finally Pliskova hits some great shots and Puig played a poor service game and Pliskova breaks again.

    30-30 on Pliskova’s serve now. 30-40


  4. Monica puig is a good player she impressed & shocked me in the Olympics, I hope she doesn’t win this time may tomorrow she can win.

    Mira do you play tennis or do just love watching it?

    • Stanley…no,i don’t play tennis…just love watching it…i just let other’s do the hard work and sweating it for me…hehe..

      What about u stanley?

  5. No I don’t play tennis.
    My favorite sport is actually soccer/football, I play soccer, basketball, table tennis/ping pong.
    I could have played professionally in soccer, I would share the reason why I didn’t when I get to know you better.
    Now I just play them for fun when am not working, this Saturday morning I plan on scoring a hat trick.


  6. Mira Andi,

    I’m sorry to say this but: This is NOT the social media page or the non-tennis forum. It’s the WTA forum Duh oh… Wonderful the two of you have struck up a friendship but take it to the place it belongs, okay? It’s forum rules — please respect them.

  7. It was an interesting night in WTA isn’t it?
    Tough matches for Karolina Pliskova, Svitolina, Strycova and Cibulkova too. Krystina Pliskova is really on fire now it was an excellent performance against Kasatkina. A really nice upset by Kayla Day. I like this girl. She’s gonna be superb. Muguruza and Konta seems like they are in good form.
    Can’t wait to see Kerber, Halep, Wozniacki and Aga today. This tournament is going to be great. πŸ™‚

    • How refreshing it is to read your WTA related posts ToMMo!

      It was nearly a nightmare for us: Karolina, Cibulkova, Strycova…
      What was up with Karolina? And Kristyna suddenly playing better than Karolina…it makes me wonder about stories of Twins and their powers of…Twin Power, lol.

      I’m going to go see if I can find highlights of Kristyna’s matches in IW. Dying to see her play!

      • And I just realized she is a funny person. She told that maybe she ask Karolina about Cibulkova because she has played against her. But there wasn’t much succes for Karolina even if she won their last meeting so Krystina told that she changed her mind and maybe she won’t ask her sister and just laughed. I like her. πŸ™‚ I hope she can play like this or even better in the future.

        • Yeah, lol…I heard that story, too. So far I really love their personalities ?

          Martina Navratilova is commentating! And she’s going on about Petko being the female version of Berdych…okay..

  8. Mira,
    I apologize, i fell asleep while i was following the indian wells & the NBA.
    The would be showing most of the replays today, any match the don’t show i would download the highlights on YOUTUBE, so i can understand some of the player’s i don’t know their style better.

  9. Mira,

    U asked me a question earlier, i think it would be wise if i answered your question in full in a different Forum or article i don’t want any trouble.
    But to give you a hint i support LIV______ and BARC______.

    We might be rivals in soccer but hopefully we might be friends 4 life.
    I like you mira and i look 4ward to knowing you better.
    About that hat-trick i told you about in less than an hour am going to the pitch.


  10. Mira Andi and Stanley

    If I had the power to move or delete posts: your budding friendship posts and OFF TOPIC POSTS the NON-TENNIS PAGE. Mira Andy, you’ve been on that page before, please go there with Stanley to continue your off topic chat. Mira Andi I value your rapidly blossoming knowledge of WTA and your WTA support and posts here. But this is not Facebook or even the CHAOS of TENNIS-X. That would be another Idea. Go to the NON TENNIS Forum and trade information and the link to tennis-x with Stanley. Meanwhile here is a reminder from the Tennisgrand Forum Rules and Site Management page, in Ricky Dimon’s words:

    III. No spam.
    A. Non-stop posting of irrelevant pictures, especially when it is not on the appropriate page.
    B. Any comment or photo that has nothing to do with tennis, unless it is on the non-tennis page.
    C. This is not Twitter. This is not Instagram. This is a tennis website. If you want to post 10 photos per day, do it on social media. If you want to post a photo or two that has immediate relevance to what is happening in tennis, do it here.
    IV. Comments must be made on appropriate page.
    A. If it is related to a match, before a match, during a match, or after a match, it should be on the preview or recap of that match. If there is no preview and no recap, it should be on the page of the player involved. If there is no player page for said player, it should be on β€œThe rest.”

  11. Ratcliff,
    I just saw your comment in the previous page i didn’t notice them becos you replied to me and we are in a different page, am busy right now so i can’t respond to them, when am less busy i will.

    I hope we can have a cordial conversation and clear up some misunderstandings.

      • rc,

        I am sorry that you are having to post tgese reminders which all members of this tennis site should already know.

        I have complimented you for your efforts in creating this forum and Ricky was generous enough to provide us this forum to talk about women’s tennis. Ricky also provided us with a non-tennis forum so that we can socialize or talk politics or anything not related to tennis.

        I think we are in for some great matches with the women in this tournament. I look forward to lively and interesting discussions about their matches.

        • ah…Nny.
          Thanks, and I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. We are solid and on the same page. Ricky, indeed has been generous.

          Yes, there’s some great matches on today …ATP and WTA. So happy you are enjoying the Brackets. ??

          • rc,

            I was so nervous watching Pliskova/Puig last night. Puig came out on fire and Pliskova couldn’t seem to get going. Her formidable serve was anything but that.

            When Pliskova went down 3-0 in the third set I thought she was done. I saw my bracket blowing up and I changed the channel. Then I switched back and they were on serve. I was relieved that Pliskova got the win.

            Mugu seems to be in good form now. I saw her match, too. Then I saw some of Cibulkova. They didn’t show the whole match.

            Today should bring us entertaining matches. I look forward to it. I need to check my bracket to remember who I picked!

            • Nny

              Yeah, I kept switching the channel back and forth until I finally quit and fell asleep. I’m so happy she made it – I like her more than Puig. Both the Pliskova sisters seem really cool. Karolina appeared tired. Kristyna was incredible beating Kasatkina — but my bracket!! ouch.

              Have yet to check the Brackets and check up on things πŸ™‚

  12. Saturday Indian Wells picks:

    Who ya got?

    Wozniacki over Linette
    Kerber over Petkovic
    Putintseva over Parmentier (coin flip)
    Suarez-Navarro over Siniakova (or vice versa!)
    Keys over Duque-Marino (can’t wait to see how Madison’s wrist is working)
    Mladenovic over Beck
    Zhang over Osaka (not at all sure about it)
    Venus over Jankovic is my pick but… ??
    Konjuh and Peng (odds slightly favor Peng)
    Radwanska over Sorribes-Tormo (Go Aga!)
    Stosur over Goerges (odds favor Goerges but I picked Stosur for the IW conditions)
    Babos over Lepchenko
    Halep over Vekic
    Sevastova over Davis (another close one)
    Vesnina over Rogers

    • We are almost fully on the same page again. πŸ™‚
      My picks would be:

    • Yeah she just told that she doesn’t feel any pain. She is OK. And she played well even if she had some tough moments. She can go far if she’s keep improving match by match.

  13. OMG I am desperate to see my girl Wozniacki’s first match. Linette is not an easy first match but I hope there won’t be any problem. πŸ™‚

    And I am looking forward to see Halep and Aga too. And many good matches. It’s going to be a great saturday evening I tell you. πŸ˜€

    • straight up noon here πŸ™‚ But I might have only livescores for many of these matches. Wozniacki, Halep, and Aga are all popular in the USA…Woziacki, I should say, is the most well-known of the three.

      They just said they are starting with Kerber v Petkovic on Tennis channel. Sometimes they are good about showing a split screen or going to the more interesting match…..

  14. This is a good first match for Angelique in IW — a familiar opponent. She takes the first set, 6-2. nice.

    Score looks fine in Wozzie’s match. If Angie, Aga, and Simona win I’ll be satified…sort of. Be nicer if Kiki Mlad would get a win to, since I picked her to the quarters!

    • Yeah so far Angie’s game looks fine. And Wozniacki’s too. There were some pretty long rallies with Linette who is in really good form but this level is too high for her.
      Yeah I hope that Aga and Simona can win too. I am little bit worried about Radwanska because Sorribes Tormo played pretty well.
      Mladenovic would be nice to win for me too. And for the bracket. πŸ˜€ But Putintseva and Suarez-Navarro seems to let me down on that already.

      • Are you happy now?!! Easy win for Woz and no tape on the thigh? Had a look at the live rankings eu. and it would be great if Woz can be inside the top ten after IW πŸ˜‰

        Yep Parmentier for Kerber next and looks like and Siniakova was too much for rusty Carla SN. I was being optimistic – I like to watch her strike her one handed backhand.

        • Yeah I am happy. πŸ™‚ It can be a really good tournament for Caroline. And after Miami the clay season…She missed the whole last year so many point there for her. She will be in top10 again soon I think. πŸ™‚
          Mladenovic and Keys looks fine too btw.

          • It’s good πŸ™‚
            Tennis Channel has been very good on the updates and showing replays and I think her backhand looks fine enough for this match v Duque-Marino. Only tracking the score now and then for Mladenovic…bah wish I could watch her! Score 2nd set has me wondering if Beck is reading Kiki’s serve better or Kiki’s level dropped – have not checked stats. I’m streaming Goffin v Khachanov (Goffin is a fave) and my TV has Fognini vs Tsonga. Sad I don’t have access to a stream for WTA. The tennis coverage in the US takes a back seat to every other sport.

            Oh..so the reason I didn’t pick Osaka over Zhang was I thought Osaka would be to outta shape (she had some injury; I can’t remember) But Osaka apparently is in form. Ha! so much for injury reports. Tomljanovic is still sadly struggling with her shoulder and CSN seem to be the ones still working on their comebacks.

            Fognini better not beat Tsonga.

            I checked the brackets to see who was brave and picked Osaka…looks like Kpuppy and manwerty. πŸ˜€

            We are still 29 and 30. But the highest score is 35 — still within catching up, maybe.


            • Yeah the bracket is getting better. πŸ™‚ But the problem is there are some serious loss for me like Kasatkina which will be a problem later in points. πŸ˜€
              Anyway it’s fun. Osaka surprised me a little bit. She is definetely OK.

            • Yeah….and I won’t be rising to the top. I chose Vinci over Kuznetsova, believing that Sveta was ailing with an abdominal injury still. In fact I think I picked Vinci over Konta (believing Konta was injured)

              They all seem fine, even dear little Halep! I picked her only one round because of her knee! She was good but that was versus Vekic πŸ˜€

  15. Mira,

    Before I say anything else I want to apologize to you, I am sorry for everything.
    If I could have seen the future this past few weeks, I won’t have commented on this forum or spoken to you not because I don’t want to speak to you, but because my moral/righteous stance on some issues has only made you a target, from the sincerest part of my heart I am really sorry, please forgive me.

    I have enjoyed and I will always cherish every moment we spoke, though the might have been brief I will treasure it for a long time.
    For someone I barley know I feel like I have known you a long time, I will never forget your name MIRA and I will never forget who you are funny, smart, kind and lovely.

    I hope you never change, I hope you remain the same, because you truly are AMAZING.

    Thank you for everything!

  16. Mira,

    I don’t want to come between you and your friends, judging by their past comments they sound like people that love you and I know you like them too.
    But as long as we are communicating things will only get worse not better and I don’t want to see that happen.

    As hard as this is for me, I think it’s best that we stop and I think it’s wise that I stop communicating in this forum.
    My disagreements with some of them has nothing to do with me discussing soccer or other sports here which I rarely do, it’s deeper than that it’s a moral issue and it’s been going on for a while.

    Thank you for being a friend.

    Goodbye my dear friend, I will truly miss you.

    • How dare you turn this thread into a soap opera drama……You know where this bleeding heart , cry me a river, drivel goes…NOT HERE!!!

      As far as I am concerned you are not welcome here!!

      Good Riddance for good, I hope.

      • rc,

        If you get emotional and respond to Stanley’s manipulation, then you are just playing into his hands. Don’t get sucked in!

        Maybe it would be best if you contacted Ricky via email and discussed it with him.

        As for Mira Andi, I haven’t seen her comment on this topic thread all day. I am somewhat concerned about her not being here posting tgecway she usually does.

        I don’t think you will accomplish anything by getting into it with Stanley.

        Just a friendly heads up!

        • Nny
          Mira Andi posted on the non-tennis forum. You can leave a message there for her.

          And yes. I will contact Ricky if this keeps up instead of allowing it to make me furious!

  17. Mira Andi, I’m asking you please respect the WTA thread and do not reply to these personal topics on this thread. Thanks!

  18. That was a nice day in the bracketchallenge. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately Kasatkina will do serious damages for me in the future but it’s ok. πŸ˜€
    And how big upsets in the ATP :O
    Today there’s gonna be several tough matches in the WTA Tournament. I can’t wait to see Kayla again and the Cibulkova – Krystina Pliskova match. For my bracket it would be nice if Krystina could win this one because everybody prefered Cibulkova (I was with Kasatkina). And I think she has a chance here. But many good matches today. πŸ™‚

    • Great news waking up to see Safarova won! Lucie Safarova ❀
      Now if Roberta Vinci can win today πŸ˜€ It’s unlikely since Kuznetsova and Konta appear to be fine.

      I’m all for Kristyna beating Cibby and taking Cibby’s spot all the way to the SF, ToMMo! It would be an interesting SF.

      Who we got on Sunday?

      Bacsinsky over Bertens (or the other way around – Bertens is certainly capable)
      Konta over Garcia
      Svitolina over Gavrilova (should be a good battle for it ?)
      Kuznetsova over Vinci
      Muguruza over Day
      Strycova over Pavlyuchenkova
      Karolina P over Begu
      Cibulkova over Kristyna

      WTA Bracket group: Kpuppy is on top and has taken a 5 point lead over Farah Diba and ToMMo who are tied. Manwerty is on the bottom but he picked the other Caroline Wozniacki winner bracket…so anything is possible.
      It’s only fitting that I end up on the bottom this week…


    • I really love Lucie. πŸ™‚ In doubles she is fenomenal but in singles she is pretty good too. And she is such a lovely person. And she is adorable in real life too. I was on the WTA Budapest tournament the whole week. I let her in advance at the doors. (I don’t know if it’s correct in English or at least understandable) πŸ˜€ Love her smile.

      • You worked for the Budapest Tournament? Fun! I’m happy to hear you like her…my impression is that she’s lovely inside and out πŸ™‚

        Did you get to see Konta vs Garcia? I’m wondering what happened. If Konta was below her last match level or Garcia is getting better in singles. Apparently Caroline Garcia and Kiki Mladenovic have parted ways – no more doubles together – so they can focus on their singles careers. Again, I’m unable to watch…sort of a work day. I’ll be able to watch the late matches.

        • No I didn’t work for the tournament. I was in the crowd. πŸ™‚ But the players walked on the same hallway. Sometimes they sat almost next to the people to watch a potential opponnent’s match. (Dodin was a few seats next to me when she watched Babos and Sasnovich was practicly next to me while she was waiting for her coach after she lost to Safarova)
          I saw Konta vs Garcia. Konta served well but she wasn’t aggressive on the returns and the key points in the deciding set. Garcia got better and better from game to game and in the end she was the real deal.
          Bacsinszky fought well as she always. But it was Kiki who let this one out of her hands. If Karolina Pliskova wins tonight I don’t see thath Bacsinszky would has a chance against her in the next round.
          Vinci vs Kuznetsova match was fun to watch. There were everything what the tennis is about.
          Svitolina could raise her game since the last round. She is really good again.
          And will be a Kayla upset again. This girl is really talented.
          Unfortunately I’ll be sleeping when Krystina Pliskova will play against Cibulkova.

          • I only got to see some highlights of the early men’s matches. I picked Konta to beat Garcia and was wrong on that one.

            I saw the end of Kuznetsova and Vinci. I did pick Kuznetsova and she is still in there fighting.

            I want to see Pliskova and Cibulkova later on.

            Right now I am watching Mugu/Day. This has been more competitive than I thought, with Day winning the first set. Now the second set has been tightly contested. It’s 6-5 Mugu.

            Svitolina just won her match easily.

            • Sorry, I made a few mistakes in my previous comment. I meant to say that i saw some of the women’s matches. I did see Rafa’s match and he came through pretty easily.

              I meant to say that Kuznetsova won and it’s good to see the veteran still in the fight,

              While I am typing this, Mugu breaks Day to win the second set 7-5. Good for her! She seems to have settled down in this set and listened to her coach who told her not to rush her shots and make Day earn the points.

              I would like to see Mugu win this.

              There are men’s matches goIng on and they update the scores. Still a lot of tennis to be played.

  19. Today’s picks for me:

    Goerges over Davis (Both of them have pretty good year but don’t know why I think Goerges can win this)
    Kerber over Parmentier
    Babos over Vesnina (I just can say anything else as a hungarian πŸ™‚ Even if in my bracket I took Vesnina. 50-50 btw.)
    Halep over Mladenovic (but it’s going to be a tough match)
    Safarova over Williams (In the bracket I took Williams but she hasn’t played well and she has injuries too. Lucie is just too solid now to go against her)
    Radwanska over Peng (I have to go with Aga but it can be a really tough one)
    Wozniacki over Siniakova
    Keys over Osaka (But I wouldn’t bet on this 50-50 almost and Osaka played more since her injury than Keys)

    • I stayed up to see Pliskova/Cibulkova last night. It was worth it! That was quite the battle. Both Pliskova sisters don’t show much emotion. They both have big serves.

      The difference was Cibulkova’s physical fitness and mental toughness. She just refused to lose! Great come from behind win for her. She showed why she is the #5 player.

      Pliskova needs to work on her fitness. She was looking gassed out there as the match wore on. Her sister seems to have progressed more with her game. I guess that’s why she is #3 now. This Pliskova sister has some work to do, but she put up a great fight. Very enjoyable to watch!

      • Yeah Krystina still has much to do with her game and fittness but finally she is on the right way like her sister. She could win this match btw but Cibulkova was mentally stronger. This match was great to watch.

      • Got to watch Cibby v Kristyna this morning. What a match! Karolina has a losing record to Cibby as well, lol… it’s Cibby over the Pliskova twins!

        • rc,

          It’s not hard when there are such talented young women! It’s really nice to see the caliber of tennis in the women’s game now!

          Svitolina, the Pliskova twins, Cibulcova, Konta, Aga, Woz, Halep, Kerber! I could go on and on!

          Love it!

    • Monday Picks

      Davis over Goerges. (I didn’t pick either this far in my bracket …just going with maybe Lauren the home crowd favorite. Certainly Goerges can win). They met 3 times back in 2014 – head to head favors Davis 2-1. H2h isn’t much to go on and I think maybe Julia wasn’t playing as much singles back then.

      Kerber over Parmentier in 2.

      Babos over Vesnina. My bracket pick is Babos and I’ll stay with that. This is their first meeting.

      Mladenovic over Halep. Although Simona is a favorite player I picked Kiki because of her better record this year. Simona has been cold. I’ll be happy whichever one win….prefer Halep to get going but also support Kiki. πŸ™‚ Love both of them!

      Safarova over Venus. Their history goes back to 2006! Venus won the first 4 meetings and Lucie has won the last two both on hard courts in Cincinnati and Dubai in 2014 and 2015 respectively. My bracket pick is Venus but I just think Lucie’s impressive win over Coco has me high on Lucie’s singles play and winning another match πŸ˜‰

      Radwanska over Peng (but I’m not real confident about it) Aga leads the h2h 3-2 but all their meetings except one have been close three setters. It’s going to be hot, very hot on court today.

      Wozniacki over Siniakova in 2.

      Osaka over Keys in 3. They have met once. Last US Open Madison knocked out the talented Japanese teen in the first round of the US Open and I think Naomi can get her back this time. Keys backhand looked fine versus Duque-Marino but Naomi hits a heavy ball and this could be a test for Madison’s left wrist. I may be erring on the side of caution, hoping Madison doesn’t push it.

      • rc,

        I like your picks. I think Safarova will beat Venus who looks to be kind of banged up right now. She gutted her way through the last match, but I think Safarova is too good right now.

        Kerber and Parmentier are now in a third set.

        I like Woz to win her match.

        I think Madison may not beat Naomi. She’s just coming back from wrist surgery and struggled to close out her first match.

        I will stick with Aga.

        • Thanks Nny! I need a do-over on my bracket tho. It’s looking bad and I’m missing our Mira Andi. Hope she’s okay. Her WTA bracket is doing well again.

          Right now I’m tracking the score for Kiki vs Simona, Yikes…..Simona just lost πŸ™ Oh, sometimes I don’t like being right.

          Hope Simona is okay — Kiki Mladenovic continues to be hot — ever since she won the trophy in St. Petersburg. There might be some competition going on between Kiki and Caroline Garcia for the top spot #1 WTA French. But their double split was amicable, even if a little surprising, since they won FO last year and they’ve been so successful in double. Speaking of French, Pauline Parmentier will now be on my radar after nearly knocking out Angie!

  20. Lucie so far playing terrible and losing the first set vs Venus. Maybe the very idea of playing Venus just makes players a bit weaked-kneed – the ones that know her well like Jankovic and Safarova.

      • Yes, Lucy didn’t play well at all. I thought that Venus was not going to be able to pull out another match, but Lucy did not bring her best. Wrong about that one!

    • That was a terrible performance from Lucie. So many unforced errors. I am dissapointed.
      Mladenovic is some kind of nemesis for Halep. She could beat her when Halep was in good form too. And Kiki just getting stronger mentally now. Many break points saved. Simona still need some time to get into it.
      Angie wasn’t good but she could manage the stressfull ending.
      The Vesnina – Babos match just was terrible. Neither of the girls played well.
      I don’t know which one was the worse match today… Safarova – Williams or Vesnina – Babos…This isn’t the best day of Indian Wells for sure. But maybe Aga and Peng put some nice game on the court. Maybe Keys and Osaka too…and of course Woz. πŸ™‚

      • Nny and ToMMo

        I’m very worried about Aga! She needs a win. And I don’t feel good about this match.

        But right now the ATP is very entertaining…Nishioka v poor Berdych. Nishioka is doing his best to slay another giant. Tennis Channel probably won’t show Aga v Peng. I won’t get to see Aga Live until who knows when dang it.

  21. I believe that Pliskova and Svitolina should win fairly easily today. They’re both in great form and their rivals pretty much are not πŸ™‚

    Cibby already beaten Pavlyuchenkova this year but it was far from being easy. I guess Domi pulls through in 3, she showed against Kristyna Pliskova that mentally she’s absolutely insane.

    Not that confident about Svetlana though, Garcia really surprised me with her win over Jo Konta and I wouldn’t count her out here. In fact, I’m gonna say Caroline in 3.

    As for the whole tourney, I’m sticking with the pick I made at the beginning and say that Wozniacki is the favorite.

  22. Also, just noticed that all r4 matches are played today. So, Angie wins easily over Vesnina, I guess after a super tough one there comes something easier.

    Kiki vs Davis should be almost 50-50, Mladenovic in 3 as she has to be flying high on confidence now.

    Venus will probably come through in tight three sets and the most interesting thing today is Woz against Keys and I think consistency will triumph over firepower.

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