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Genie 7
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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. You’re welcome ToMMo!…Yeah,i’ve already finished both of it but MY GOD ToMMo!..I ended up by swallowing 2 paracetamol for my headache and my poor laptop lost a few button and a blackout because of it!!I’m glad my laptop don’t have a hands or feet,otherwise i’m pretty sure my poor head already experienced the deliciousness a few scissor kick on it Hehehe…It’s brutal i tell u!!

    • Good job, thanks Mira Andi! You are hired and in charge of all things bracket challenge! Ear to ear smiling πŸ˜€

      My laptop barely lets me type. I’m just lucky to be able to post and do a bracket. It keeps freezing and doesn’t allow me to browse…Zeus Virus is what it is. They try to steal all your bank info. Luckily I don’t bank online!

      Good luck….I stayed with Pliskova winning but I’m not sure…I think it’s just up in the air — too many questions about many in the draw. ATP is much less confounding. Cheers, lovely.

      • I changed my picks yesterday and went with Pliskova. I originally had Konta, but those links rc put up helped me to know where some of the women are right now. Halep and Konta are coming back from injury.

        That doesn’t mean I am confident! Upsets seem to occur all the time with the women. I have the toughest time with the early rounds because I am not as familiar with them.

        • Morning Nny!!Yeah,the longer we ponder about the Bracket,the more confused we got!Urgh!It’s a good thing that the time got only 3 hours left..

          • MA,

            It gave me a giant headache! I also made a change or two in my men’s bracket. But I am still not sure. It was hard to decide how far Rafa will go with his tough draw.

            I am just going to leave it at this point! If I am wrong, it’s no big deal!

      • rc!!good morning!!i’m glad i can make u smile this this early rc!!hehe…hey..u still didn’t send your laptop the ‘Doc’ sis?I’m surprised it can survive this long!!Try to clean it on your own…download free anti-malware/spyware from Filehippo for example..i know,it’s a risky but see,even u don’t download anything,the virus still can get in…also,maybe your laptop heavy with all the junk that we use everyday…

        Btw…hey i picked Pliskova to win as well rc!!But men’s side also make me see stars!Urgh!stress!!hehe…

          • Ooh, what a tease! Woz, Kerber….? Can’t wait to see.

            Bottom half…I didn’t know what to do. I don’t even remember who was there the last time I looked. Now it’s too late.

            Remained with Pliskova winning but seriously wanted to pick Svitolina.

            Tough not to pick Konta, too but I don’t know what kind of foot injury she has…if it was anything like my experience, it took a long time. Wrists can be bad too – Keys.

            • Nice tips. Wozniacki it is! πŸ˜€
              I really understand that it was hard to pick Svitolina or Pliskova against each other. I remember when 2 years ago they were rising stars. I had the obvious feeling that Svitolina will be the better one. But Pliskova improved faster. I think it can turn around soon.
              I am really interested how Keys will play in this tournament.
              Ahhh, many questions…Radwanska? Kerber? Halep? They can be all good on this slower court.
              Today I’ve bet on Bencic and Stosur/Zhang. πŸ™‚

            • Woz it is!

              Well, I’ll be sorry I switched back to Kerber. I was touting the reasons for picking Woz in Dubai…She was unhappy coming in second.

              Because I couldn’t decide between Woz or Kerber I put Pliskova back as the winner. Kerber runner-up. But I’d be happy if Woz got the win. The only thing I’d be happier about is if Aga or Simona get the win.

  2. rc,Nny,ToMMo…i can’t believe Mchale just got 1 game against Rodina!And to think her ranking is 44th and Rodina is 83th….What happened to her?A few times i choose her before but always disappointed…made me think twice to pick her next time….

  3. And Nny!….Congrats for topping our group today!!Wooohoooo!!!Vamos Nny!!And for others,good luck for tomorrow!!Me as well!hehe…

    • MA,

      You have got to be kidding! It won’t last long!

      Anyway, I will just enjoy it while it lasts.

      What happened with Mchale? She has really gone down in the rankings.

      • Hehehe…no Nny!..i’m not kidding!And who knows what tomorrow would bring Nny…It’s AWESOME to be on top and just flick your eyebrows at the mere person at the bottom right?Hahaha…before u smack my head,NOW,i’m kidding!..hehe…

        Oh btw….yeah,i would never ever pick McHale again!She’s a disappointment too many times….

        • That’s true MA! McHale is unexpectable. She can play pretty well sometimes but mostly she dissapoints everybody. That performance was really bad. For me Rodina is a quite bad player and lose against someone like her…like this way that is unacceptable. In front of the home crowd… I never bet on her.
          Congratulations to all of you for the first day of the bracket. Nice starts. Mine was pretty bad but I expected something like this. πŸ˜€ I bet on the girls day by day and haven’t ever predicted a full bracket before. So It’s a new challenge for me. Bad start but maybe it will be better later. Anyway it’s really fun. πŸ™‚

          • Yeah ToMMo!…I picked her a few times before and everytime she lost!…and what i can’t believe was that she’s only got 1 game!to a player who’s ranked 83rd??…

            Oh well…oh,about your bracket..don’t feel so bad okay?Things change pretty quickly with some players will play tomorrow…who knows maybe it’s me who’s going to take your place tomorrow??hahaha…But,you’re right….IT IS FUN!!!Btw…hey,u never blogging on TG before?So,WELCOME ToMMo!!It’s great to have u here!!

            • Thanks! πŸ™‚
              Yeah I was really happy to found this WTA section here. I read the ATP blogs here of course but didn’t realize there’s a forum of WTA too. And I love to chat about tennis of course. πŸ˜€
              In Hungary I write WTA betting tips on a website.
              There aren’t a lot of good sites where you can talk about WTA with people who are good in women’s tennis so I am happy that finally I found this forum. And I like moo’s tennis blog too ofc. πŸ™‚

            • ToMMo…in that case u came to the right place!And ratcliff is the Goddess of WTA here…u can chat anything about WTA with her ToMMo…she knows everything!!..and i mean EVEYTHING!

            • Good grief, MA! that is such Hype ??

              Please, I know you love me but I know very little about it compared to WTA experts; but my enthusiasm is huge.

      • Nny and Mira Andy

        Well done WTA picking you guys!

        Loved the Kayla Day win! Didn’t expect that. Ah and too bad for Cici Bellis but Flipkens is a crafty, experienced player. I didn’t think Cici came out as confident or aggressive as she did vs Aga in Dubai, though.

        • rc!…yeah i love u sooo much sis but u’re underestimate yourself!Okay?What you’re already know is enough to make u an expert,that’s my honest opinion!..what’s more,u got magic..u made me interested in WTA little by little..and start to pay attention more to WTA …Isn’t it somethin’?Yeah!!It is rc!!

  4. There are too many upsets in WTA, it like walking in a field filled with landmines, be careful were you touch, oops were you walk.
    It’s good for the sport because it shows competition, but if you want to make money in WTA is quite hard.

    I asked you ladies a question a few comments ago this is the question:
    Do you get a reward if you get your brackets correct?
    And this WTA page should be easily accessible I can only find it if someone comments like MIRA did or if I save the page on my phone.
    If you can get to this page easily plzzzz walk me through it.

    Thanks in advance Mira Andi you are one of few people who is always willing to help and your funny too.

    Take care sweetie.

  5. Stanley…I helped u?When?Btw…thanks for compliment Stanley!..BUT AMAZING?….Nah!…Funny?….Yeah!!!hehehe…Oh!about get a reward if our bracket is correct….hmm…i don’t know Stanley…but,it’s sure will give us a motivation to keep participate for the hundred years to come!hehe…besides i need a new sofa…God knows,my sofa didn’t look like a sofa anymore due to the rafa loss last week,…to think of it…it’s more like a mama elephant who take a wrong diet pill!Urgh!stress!!

  6. You keep making my point you are really funny, i liked the part were you said mama elephant.
    Plsease mira plzzzzzzz don’t hurt that couch or i will call the couch police to arrest u for abuse and blaming it on R. Nadal won’t help, i know a good lawyer that would overturn it.

    About you helping me i didn’t say u helped me, what i meant was that based on some of your commets you write like someone who is willing to help others, i hope i didn’t misread you?

    • ToMMo…hehehe..now u know what i meant!..Btw..are u done with your Bracket?I can’t wait for men to start their match…and Novak/DelPo sure promised a very very tantalizing encounter!

      • Yeah! I’ve just finished my bracket. Yep that match would be very mesmerising. πŸ˜€ And I think this time… “The Empire strikes back” πŸ™‚

  7. Stanley….Oh!Understood now!Sorry!English is just my 2nd language!Hehe…About the sofa,i think it’s too late now stanley..my prediction…after Miami i have to make a loving speech under the title..”R.I.P My Beloved Sofa”..

  8. Very funny! I LIKE YOU!
    But u are going to get me fired, am busy right now and i am addicted to ur funny comments, i can’t concentrate right now.
    One more funny comment and am going to sue you for making laugh, would that hold up in any court?

    I hope i am invited to your sofa funeral, what style and color should i wear?
    I have never been to a sofa funeral be4, i am not even sure it’s legal, plz don’t get me arrested i don’t have money 4 bail.

    Talk 2 to u later sweetie.

    • MA,

      You were right! I checked the bracket and saw that I was in the top position! Unbelievable! But I know that things change every day. At least I will have that memory no matter how it all turns out!

      A lot more tennis to be played!

      • Nny!!!First of all..GOOD MORNING TO U!!..and 2nd,i told u!!Hope today once again it will bring a good luck to u Nny!!…Yeah!A lot more tennis to beplayed!!And men’s too Nny!!..C’Mon bring it on!!

        • rc,

          That’s high praise from you! Our resident women’s tennis expert! I didn’t overthink it too much. I did go back once to make one or two changes, but that was it.

          It was tough to pick a winner and even runner up. I went with Pliskova in the end rather than Konta when I read that she is coming back from injury. Same with Halep. You just never know. There are a handful who could possibly win it.

          I tried to take the pressure off myself and not psych myself out. Also, you posted one or two links which had some good info on the women! Thanks!

          I know that one day you can be up and then the next day you can be down!

          • Oh Lordy, NNy and MA.

            Okay I accept and appreciate you kind words and support of me – I really do. It’s very nice – love you two. But I’m certainly no Goddess, MA! And I’m not an expert. And I’m very happy to post where to find information about players and matches. Thanks, very glad if I’ve helped.

            Everyone has heard about Cici Bellis but Kayla Day, the same age as Cici, 17, is maybe has as bright a future — maybe more. She’s taller, has the same steady temperament and is a lefty, like her idol, Rafa!!

            Day won her first round match v the higher ranked, 25 yr old, Karumi Nara. No doubt Nara knew less about her opponent, Kayla Day did than Kirsten Flipkens knew about Cici!!

            Congrats to Kayla Day and best of luck in her 2nd round match v Mirjana Lucic-Baroni…

            I tried to find highlights of the Day v Nara match but no luck.

            • rc,

              It’s not meant to embarrass you! Credit to you for getting a WTA forum! You asked Ricky and he did it! So kudos to you!

              I read your posts about women players with whom I am not familiar and I learn something. If you don’t feel comfortable with being called an expert, then so be it. But you were the force behind creating a space for the women’s game.

              Your links were helpful! My problem is the spotty coverage of the women on the tennis channel. At least in this tournament we will see the women!

            • Yeah rc…i remember at that time,i read your comments here how u want to set up a WTA forum here..and like Nny said u did it!!And not only that,u spread your passion and love for WTA to all of us….i admit,i rarely follow WTA before except for a few chosen players that i like…example Marion Bartoli,Sabine Lisicki[it’s a shame,she’s not get to her full potential..but my God!that serve!]…and a few others…

              And full,full credit to u rc for everything that u have done here….I told u…YOU’RE AWESOME!!!Wooohoooo!!VAMOS RC!!!
              And f

            • Nny

              Thanks for your encouragement. I love posting about WTA, as you can tell. And I’ll admit I know the players better than last year! But as far as picking a winner, I’m not that great.

              You really are sprinting ahead really nailing the first round! And not just in our group look at this:

            • MA!

              I didn’t see your post before I posted to Nny. Thanks for your encouragement as well.

              My laptop never got dropped off…there was too much traffic. It’s still acting like it’s ready to die.

  9. This ladies are amazing tennis players shuai peng & lesia tsurenko, but who do you ladies think would win?
    I still haven’t forgotton what tsurenko did to kiki.
    Pls i need an answer soon.

    • rc,

      I am blown away by the standings! I know it can’t last, but it’s fun to at least be at the top at all! I thought my biggest problem is always with the earliest rounds, so it must have been luck!

      • WOOOOO Nny!!…You’re 4th in overall standings!!AWESOME Nny!!

        And rc!..You’re very much welcome sis!I have much to thank u…it’s because of u that i came here more often and in dire need to escape from other site..and connected beautifully not only with u but Nny,amy[although very rare,but appreciate it very much!Love u amy!] and other posters as well…so,thank u,thank u,thank u rc!!

        • I’m glad you are here, MA. But I miss Margot, the welshwitch πŸ™‚ She skipped another WTA bracket…she’d be down at the bottom with me LOL….hope she reads this πŸ˜€

            • And rc…u,me and Nny picked makarova..and she’s on the verge of going out atm!Argh!!!…stress!!hehe..

            • MA

              Just had a closer look at your picks. It’s very clean picking, meaning: only one of your wrong picks in the first round (so far) you picked to the second round too.

              And I feel bad about Tomljanovic losing. She’s a favorite but she had shoulder surgery and has been out for over a year. She one one match in Acapulco last week and I was thrilled! But then she had to retire in her next match, citing her shoulder was sore. So I didn’t pick her. I hope she can fully recover. Having shoulder surgery is a long rehab.

            • rc…last week when Ajla made her name after beating Bouchard,i thought she’s on the right path…i didn’t know that’s she still got a problem with her shoulder..and i picked her this week!hehe…silly me!

          • So Margot is welchwitch? Ah! She skipped again? Doesn’t she know that this is the only way I can chat with her?

            She needs to get back with us asap!

      • Nny,

        Me too, blown away. I’ve rarely ever gotten that good of a start in a 1000 – maybe in an ATP 1000 when I knew the players better but not WTA 1000.

        It’s too bad there’s no WTA coverage on TC today. But I think tomorrow they’ll go back to WTA matches because tomorrow is another day of ATP first rounds — unspectacular matches. I’m just happy I recorded yesterday and caught the replays of Cici Bellis and Kayla Day – American teenagers with bright futures. Both are worth following. Cici gets the media attention – Chris Evert is her mentor. Kayla not so much but I watched her yesterday and was impressed with her lefty serve.

        Glad I only picked Tiafoe and Opelka for one round!! I see they both lost

        • rc,

          I did pick Tiafoe for one round I think. I also think I picked Opelka for one round!

          I really want to see the women’s matches. Thanks so much for the info about the two young American women! That is where you are so valuable! You let me know about up and coming young players. I didn’t realize that Chris Evert was working with one of them. I know she has a tennis academy.

          She lives in Boca Raton which is the town just south of me.

          • Nny

            Is that where her tennis academy is? I thought I heard a TC commentator saying something about Cici moving to the Orlando area. But definitely heard them gushing about how Chrissy being her mentor — lucky girl. Cici is from San Fransisco originally but moved to Florida when she hooked up with CE.

            TC is showing Riske v Vekic! Looks like Donna might win a match.

            I’ve been streaming Krazy Klizan v Montiero because I have the monthly tennistv subscription. Dolgopolov v Troicki is on…I got to see a lot of Dolgopolov in Indian Wells when I was there (2011). He and that Belgian with a ponytail, Matisse? won the Doubles trophy – beat the Bryan Bro. and Federer/Wawrinka. I’ll never forget it — loved watching the Dog!

            • Xavier Malisse. X man was Dog’s dubs partner that year.
              He just won the first set by blowing out Victor T. 6-1.

            • rc,

              Maybe Chris Evert’s academy is in Orlando. I just remember hearing that she lived in Boca Raton. Orlando is much further north.

              I saw that Riske/Vecic was on, but couldn’t get into it. So you tried the tennis tv subscription? Is it worth the money?

              I picked Dolgo to beat Troicki.

            • Nny

              For me it is worth it. 15$ per month I think it was. It’s ATP only but especially for the tournament that are not well covered by TC: Rios, Marseille…ones that are under 1000 that I want to watch. It was great being able to watch live streaming from Sao Paulo, Rio, and BA. Tennistv has multiple streams so you can take your pick; with no commercials and more court coverage — like on changeovers.

              I’m just disappointed with the lack of WTA coverage. TC really puts WTA on the back burner and so does my one available Direct tv Bein Sport channel.

              Dolgo likes the conditions in IW. Suits his spins and junk ball game.

            • What are you doing MA? It’s Friday where you are – mid-afternoon πŸ˜€

              Can’t believe I’m still awake – here cheering for Dzumhur – Harrison has never been a favorite. I picked Harrison but I love how speedy Dzumhur is – and he hardly has a serve weapon but he almost makes up for it will all his other skills. Have to admit, Harrison has come along way to improve himself and keep his temper under control. This match will never end!

              Thanks for offering to help but there’s nothing you can do, MA. I’m destined to be on the bottom of the WTA bracket…have you seen my picks? I took Roberta Vinci deep for no other reason than I love her tennis and it’s time for her to stop losing and start winning πŸ˜€

              It’s a personal bias. I wouldn’t bet on her!! lol…

            • rc!!I can’t believe u’re still awake!!You’re usually long gone by now!!zzzzzzz!…Btw…cheer up sis!You’re not too far from me whether in corrects pick,incorrects or points…but your ATP is awesome!!![as of now]..

            • Yeah rc…Damir is hot atm…and i don’t meant like rafa’s ‘HOT’..nope!..but his perfomance is on fire…his game is really interesting to follow…but like u i also picked Harrison…hope he will win tonight..

  10. Cici came out strong and won the 1st set. But Flipkens adjusted her game and outfoxed Cici in the end. Cici performed well. Go Cici…next time, okay.

    • She is so talented. But the pressure is very big on her because of the media. She is so young and she has much to learn. I really like her game btw. I hope she can improve fast. πŸ™‚

  11. Nny….Hey,i just woke up and check the bracket and WOW!!You’re still strong up there Nny!!Now,stay there..don’t u dare go anywhere,okay?Hehehehe…Btw…Good evening to u..!!

    • MA,

      Aagghh! I don’t believe it! This must be a joke! I know it can’t last! But at least I can say that I was at the top for two whole days! I expect to come crashing down any day now.

      It would be funny if I blow it with the men’s bracket!

      Thanks for letting me know!

      • Nny!!hehehehe…Yep!believe it Nny!!It’s true and certainly not a rumours from Page six!!hehe..and you’re also made an 18 correct picks so far,3 more than Kpuppy who’s made 15..so,i think u will stay up there a little longer…and i certainly will check it from time to time…

  12. I avoided the match between shuai peng & lesia tsurenko am not comfortable picking either of them, they are both good players so let they best woman win.
    If I was to pick a winner I would go with lesia tsurenko, after she defeated Kristina mladenovic(kiki) my respect for her increased.

    Ratcliff you mentioned Kayla day, I picked mirjana baroni-lucic I think she is going to win, I know she is older than most WTA players but she’s playing well.

  13. Hawkstradamus,
    If I have said something factually incorrect, false or wrong please dispute it with facts that can’t be refuted.
    I don’t think I have misled anyone on this site or produced or backed up my claims with false sources.
    If I have, which i have not I would apologize for it because that’s who I am, am honest & sincere.
    There is a saying a good name is better than gold, because some that’s not truthful can’t be trusted.
    Pls if you have nothing reasonable to say pls SHUT UP and stop interrupting me when am having funny and cordial conversations with reasonable people.
    It doesn’t matter which article I comment on you’re there sowing seed’s of discord, trying to create a rift between me and responsible people.
    You told me you are gay in different article and I told you I like women, actually said I love women, plzzzzzzz stop being obsessed with me I don’t like it.

    Most of my comments on this site to you is either am advising you to make the right decision or am refuting some of your sick, immoral and wicked views etc.
    Right now am tired of it, am exhausted, I have done the best that I can, I have sowed the seed of truth in your heart my prayer is that someone else would water it and hopefully when you open your heart to the truth GOD would give the increase.

    I wish you the best that life can offer but am not your guy.

    • I don’t know why you are upset stanley.

      I just provided a link to your own words.

      I leave it to others to decide what’s true or false as your words speak for themselves.

  14. It looks like Genie once again on the verge of going out early…same with the Acapulco last week..i should have known about this before i picked her!I have a sense not to pick Tomic but not Genie?Urgh!!

    • For me she is in the same category as McHale. Unpredictable.
      Nice start in the ATP bracket. Many of us with 9 correct picks. πŸ˜€
      This night was good for me in the WTA bracket too. Getting closer. πŸ™‚

      • ToMMo…Before Harrison lost to Zhumhur,you’re the leader..all of us picked Harrison,only welshwitch picked Dzumhur[lucky her!hehe]…Good luck to u and other’s for tomorrow!

  15. I am so curious how will Kasatkina do tonight. Krystina was pretty good in the first round. But I really like the russian. I hope she can win. πŸ™‚

    • I struggled with Dzumzer or Harrison. I went with Harrison and was watching their match which went late fir me on eastern time. I feel asleep before the end of the third set.

      That’s how it goes.

    • I’m going to copy Ricky’s style and post my Daily Picks.

      Who you got?
      Kasatkina in 3 (first time meeting – should be good, ToMMo!)
      Konta over Watson
      Svitolina over Wang
      Vinci vs Brengle. (odds are 50/50 either way tho)
      Gavrilova over Wickmayer in 3
      Lucic-Baroni over Day
      Bacsinszky over Niculescu (another close call if Timea isn’t full speed)
      Garcia over Rodina
      Bencic over Bertens (very much like Bacsinsky’s match tho…depends)
      Strycova over Errani (h2h favors Sara 7-2 tho)
      Muguruza over Flipkens
      Kuznetsova over Larsson
      Cibulkova over Ostapenko
      Pavlychenova over Kontaveit (h2h 1-0 to Kontaveit – should be close)

      • oops. Forgot a couple…

        Karolina Pliskova over Puig (h2h 3-0 Pliskova it’s a popcorn match…Monica is looking good)
        Begu over Chirico.

          • OMG, Kayla Day took the first set off Lucic-Baroni!! 6-4
            Following scores only. And Elina Svitolina is in trouble ? vs Qiang Wang…whom I do like but…my bracket! It’s down to a third set TB.

            • I am so dissapointed about Elina…I liked her very much. As I told here since she was a rising star with Karolina Pliskova. But this behaviour…it was ridicoulus. She deserved loss. I really liked her but this wasn’t a likeable performance. Her play wasn’t the best but was ok. But she was arrogant…I just can not tell it in words how dissapointed I am about her… At last she won but it isn’t about this. She was a nice girl. But now on court she was really arrogant, and looked like she really believe that she is much better. That is not good.

            • ToMMo, Thanks for the information, as I said, I’m unable to watch. But I’ve seen her act like that before – and there’s been more times that I like her. However, I know what you are saying. The worst one for me in Coco Vandeweghe – she is too often embarrassingly childish and arrogant.

              Well, Elina nearly lost. I was ready to be happy for Qiang Wang. What do you think of Wang?

            • Earlier, I was able to catch most of the Konta v Watson match. I’m impressed with both players. And Konta looked very cool in hot desert sun – no problem with the foot, apparently either. I regret not picking her deeper! ah, you never know…

              The temperature has gone up significantly since Wednesday in IW — and it’s supposed to stay very hot through the weekend. Evening matches will have it easier than the midday and afternoon ones.

            • I liked Wang’s game very much. And she was cool. Even if she couldn’t serve out the match. I hope we will see her more in the future against the bests. πŸ™‚

  16. Kayla day is a good tennis player, I didn’t know much about her, she is playing well against a veteran( mirjana baroni-lucic) and she’s young too.
    I picked mirjana baroni-lucic to win yesterday but that slip has failed, today I decided to avoid the match and go with another, so may they better player WIN.
    I picked they zverev brother’s to win, they just won I hope they go far.

    • I was out and missed Konta/Watson. I wanted to see that one. I originally had Konta going to the final. I think I initially picked her to win, but after reading that she was just back from injury, I picked Pliskova to win.

      It’s nice to know that she seems to have come back from her injury in good form.

  17. If I may ask a question to you ladies and some gentlemen, who are your top 5 player’s in WTA?
    Please start from an ascending to a to descending order, my top 3 are:
    (1) Karolina Pliskova,
    (2) Victoria Azarenka,
    (3) Shuai Zhang.
    I have not yet decided on 4 &5 there are so many good player’s that I LIKE!
    Karolina pliskova is a future #1 in WTA.

  18. Am changing my #3 & #4:
    (3) Agnieszka Radwanska,
    (4) Shuai Zhang,
    (5) Serena Williams ( what a woman, superwoman).
    Guy’s did you know that I didn’t know that karolina pliskova had an identical twin sister Kristyna Pliskova and I call myself her fan what a shame, i should be kicked out.
    What do you think? HAWKSTRAMORON plzzzzzzz am not asking you.

    You don’t know what racism means.
    Intolerance very funny, know one should tolerate or support what is immoral, evil, unnatural or ungodly.

    Am sorry for you, there is a saying it is easy to pull someone down than it is to pull them up, am trying to pull you up but if you don’t want to come up am going to let go.

    I don’t want to be dragged down in your D_____, F_______ , R________ views.

    My offer still stands I posted a comment in the other article go read it and let me know what you think, okay.

    • Stanley

      I am in full support of Hawkeye, also I support and celebrate diversity in all communities. I love all my LBGT friends and family; and I’m a feminist and pro-choice and I’m pro-science. When you condemn him you condemn me. It’s YOU imo, that came here initially to preach on the F*** Donald Trump t-shirt thread and that was fine on that thread. But you don’t stop and right from the beginning when you were here you also posted and spammed you opinion in the Daily Picks thread and now the WTA thread. I consider YOU to be the one bringing your disruption here. Please leave Hawkeye and me alone!

      • Thanks rc.

        His views are racist, misogynist, homophobic, hypocritical, hateful and intolerant.

        They should not be normalized.

  20. What a cute baby!
    You have no right to post the picture of a baby, you support the murdering of this innocent children, one day you would answer for it and receive a just judgment, if you don’t REPENT.

    I hope you do because GOD is rich in mercy, would forgive anyone who is sincerely remorseful of their sins.

  21. Mira andi I apologize I didn’t read the author of the comment, I taught it was Hawkeye.

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz forgive me, am sorry!

    • Stanley…that’s alright..i understand..and my post was refered to your own words that u should kick yourself…and i sent u a baby pic that was meant,u should smack your head instead and said “Duh!”..

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