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Serena Williams (vs. Genie Bouchard)

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  1. The three best players are unfortunately in the bottom half: Serena, Konta, and Pliskova.

    #3 Karolina Pliskova will play #45 Mirjana Lucic-Baroni. Marjana Lucic-Baroni is my hero and her story, in case you missed it:

    The most anticipated quarterfinal is Serena vs Konta.

    But the match is not until Wednesday!
    #2 Serena Williams and #10 Johanna Konta have never played each other ?
    Jo Konta has posted the best YTD numbers in the WTA for 2017: http://live-tennis.eu/en/wta-race
    Also, it might be to Konta’s advantage that this is her first encounter with Serena — or not. I’m sure team Serena has studied Konta’s progress. Super-fit is how Serena described Konta. And that’s true. Best of five I’d pick Konta. As it is, I don’t like to pick against Serena! Serena wants this — she’s aiming for Margaret Court’s GS record and it’s not get easier to win one, or three.

    This is why I made three WTA brackets for tourneytopia! 1. Serena 2. Pliskova 3. Konta. Given more time…nah…I wouldn’t have picked Muguruza because I don’t trust her yet. But now watch her win lol…

  2. Ratcliff I picked Venus Williams & Anastasia pavlyuchenkova to end in 3 sets at 2.27 odd, if i was to pick a winner I would go with A. Pavlyuchenkova but I don’t want to underestimate v. Williams.
    I also picked coco vandeweghe to defeat G. Muguruza at 2.43, she is the hot underdog but I think she will win. V. Williams match has just started.

    • No, no, this is (relatively) rookie picking for WTA – going on three years only following WTA more than ATP – and it’s a hobby not a full-time endeavor. These two are lucky to get this far. I’m not sure how Svitolina lost to Pavs. Watching Vee v Pavs is painful. Whichever one wins, I’m hoping they’ll lose next match. Speaking of that, I don’t recommend gambling on Mugu v Coco! Because on the other hand, Garbine has had an easier draw, not dropped a set…

      I’m missing Petra Kvitova.

  3. Ricky Dimon ‏@Dimonator 14m14 minutes ago
    Muguruza hits backhand 17 feet out to lose set, CoCo gives her team that “I could cure cancer if I wanted to” look

    hahaha…that’s a good description. And I’m loving this Coco. Silly me for doubting her.

    • Hey rc…my bracket go down the drain when garbine lost..i picked her till semis!Btw..i sent u an email..will you please check it out for me,whether it safely arrived or make a detour to Melbourne!he he..

      • That match with Coco and Mugu was surprisingly one-sided. I was shocked to see Mugu go down so easily. I should have picked Coco.

        Women’s seeds dropping like flies. I did not see Venus and Pav.

        The one I really want to see is Serena/Konta. That should be a good one.

        I have given up on my brackets.

      • Hi AM

        No I didn’t receive any Email from you. But I’ll go back on FB…my email is hidden on FB. I have to give it to you personally in a message on FB. When I checked my email I had a zillion spam messages in my inbox. It’s very frustrating right now even trying to type a post. Even my phone is acting weird like it’s got a virus.

  4. Hey rc…do u watch Pliskova/Mirjana match now??is it upsets in the making??ho ho ho…if so,my bracket will turn to a bin basket soon!!ha ha ha..

    • yes….Hi MA! I’m watching it – 2nd set but I missed the first set.

      I’d be very happy for 34 year old MLB if she won…she’s had a tough time in life. Missed most of her best years and she’s a talented athlete.

      And Pliskova MIGHT be able to the second set! I don’t care which one wins. I know a lot of bracketeers picked Karolina. Karolina gets the 2nd set 6-3.

      May the fittest one win because they will likely be facing Serena next. Although, the odds are close for Serena v Konta.

  5. Wow!Mirjana is on fire!She’s not intimidated by Pliskova at all!Her return game is superb..multiple times Pliskova caught of guard by her deep return..But unfortunately she’s unable to capitalize her advantage twice now..Even though my bracket will evolve to bin basket but i don’t care..Go Mirjana!!

    • This AO WTA is a classic mess, AM.. Who knew enough to pick MLB to the quarters? I mean I’d have to go look – someone probably did.

        • Nny…Awww!C’mon..don’t give up yet…maybe there’s a sunshine for us in the future?Besides we have to support our rc…

          • MA,

            I do try to join in just for fun, but it gets to me when I really blow the picks!

            I just want to see Serena and Konta!

            I am already getting my pre-match nerves for Rafa! I set it to record because I don’t see how I can make it to 3:30 am!

            Too many don’t think Rafa has a chance!

          • You are too sweet, AM. It’s more fun to have a winning bracket but more times than on picking WTA, even if you manage to do well in the end….the bracket will be painted red from all the upsets.

            No one likely picked Lucic-Baroni to the SF! I’ll have to go check that. I’m sure on one in our bracket picked her but – it’s interesting for me to look at the leaderboard and see ….Oh…I’m so happy for Mirjana!! Gosh, I hope she can make the final. What a fighter in life and in tennis.

            • RC..he will play at1:30 or 2:30 or 3:00 am your guys time[depends where u r of coz] but it’s 4:30 pm my time!he he..don’t be jealous gals!!

              RC…I can’t thank u enough for lured me to join the bracket challenge..it is so fun to wait for the result and anticipating their wins…And i will do it until u said “AM,i’m sick of your winning the bracket everytime..oh please go mend your cow now!”..

            • rc,

              I thought Pliskova would get through. I think I picked her in one of my brackets. But I did follow the story of Lucic-Baroni. So good for her!

              I want to know the person who picked her! LOL!

            • Thanks, Mira

              Yeah, better be sleeping by the time Rafa is playing. But Vamos Rafa! It’s not going to be easy but I feel like Rafa will prevail.

              😀 sama-sama, Mira, very happy you enjoy it. Especially with WTA these days…even if you pick a very thoughtful bracket and spend more time following WTA than ATP, more times than not it’s just unpredictable regardless how familiar you are witn the players!

            • Nny,

              Your Plikova bracket was doing better than your Serena one…but if Serena wins AO…you might fly right up to near the top 🙂

              Are you going to be awake for the Rafa match? It should be a cracker!

      • Yeah rc,who would have thought she could go this far..and i like her body language and confidence rc..she’s not afraid at all..and swing freely without care in the world..I will not surprise if she make an upsets today..

        • rc,

          I don’t know if I will be awake for Rafa’s match! I would like to get a few hours sleep at least. I set it to record, no matter what.

          I wish Rafa was the first men’s quarterfinal match, instead of Dimi and Goffin.

          I am very nervous!

          • Nny
            Take it easy 🙂
            …maybe Mira and others will be here posting and you can keep one eye open for hints about how it’s going. That’s what I do sometimes if possible. Or just make sure you sleep through it. arrrgh…I can feel the tension coming from Florida all the way here!

    • No — don’t be sorry. I’m Thrilled about Lucic-Baroni’s win!! Incredible feel good story. The only thing better would be her winning AO!

  6. Ratcliff I was disappointed with karolina pliskova, I trusted her and now she has broke my heart I won’t forgive her ever.
    Congrats to mirjana lucic-baroni or whatever her name is.

  7. Why are you following me everywhere are you a stalker? I just responded to your question in the other article go read it and respond am expecting your answers.

    • Nah, just calling out fascist BS.

      You didn’t answer the question I asked go read it and respond am not expecting your answer to my question.

  8. Ratcliff I didn’t know you wrote for tenngrand.com, why didn’t you tell me my darling. I thought we didn’t keep secrets, am not talking to you again until you apologize.

    • Hi Mira…
      That match was a disappointint dud. Serena is too good at putting pressure on. Maybe Mirjana will have her ‘go for broke’, attacking style on, serve well, and not be intimidated.

      selamat Malam…and Vamos Rafa!

      • Hey rc…Kind of disappointed with Jo,when she supposed to deliver,she can’t..just like last year..and yeah,i hope Mirjana will fare better with serena..sometimes maturity can gives you an advantage due your experienced an wise decision at the key moment and such..i certainly can’t wait to watch them both square with each other..Btw…Dah mahu tidur ke?It’s still early me thinks..

  9. Bah that was timid court positioning from Jo compared to Jo versus all the rest.
    Pffft…it will be Serena vs Lucic-Baroni. If MLB plays like she did today tho — she could trouble Serena a little more.

    Serena vs Mirjana
    Venus vs Coco

    I didn go check the top 10 main WTA bracket and found none picking Lucic-Baroni. Many did pick a Serena vs Coco final. And the problem with your Serena bracket is that you picked Angie to win lol…dang it.

    • rc,

      Yes I know that I picked Serena and also Kerber! So many top seeds out.

      I am surprised that many did pick Coco and Serena in the final. That may well happen!

      I agree that Serena/Konta was a dud!

  10. At the recent posts in the forum, after the topics it’s say’s by ratcliff.
    Do you play tennis? Or do you just love watching others?
    I could teach you how to serve like ivo karlovic, how to dunk like lebron James, how to dribble like Lionel messi or how to be cool like Stanley, just pick one & your wish is my command.

  11. It just seems that every Serena match just depends on which Serena shows up. She rarely is one hundred percent but when she is no a single woman in the tour can win against her. Playing Serena you basically have to pray that she has a bad Day. Konta was probably the best Player not counting Serena right now and she just got crushed.

  12. Better late than never ?

    Congrats to Serena Williams, winning AO and retaking WTA #1 ?

    Congrats to Kiki Mladenovic winning St. Petersburg (470) and to Elina Svitolina winning Kaohsiung (280)

    This week is a lead-up to a big Fed Cup Weekend! (no WTA tournaments)

  13. Fed Cup is going on but I have no way of watching the matches from Europe 🙁

    TC will broadcast Germany vs USA from Maui later today. Kerber, Serena and Vee not playing.

  14. It’s next to impossible to guess who will go for Doha and who will prefer to hold out for Dubai next week. Last year Errani won Dubai and Carla Suarez-Navarro won Doha; which makes me wonder about the whole thing. Indian Wells is coming up AND Miami. But there’s no Serena to worry about in Doha or Dubai. Venus will be in Dubai, if I recall.

    Anyway I picked the hot and popular Pliskova to win Doha and not at all sure about it. Kerber and Radwanksa should make hay while Serena’s away but you never know. Radwanska has a tricky draw – but she’s got the most consistent record in Doha of anyone (at least 4 or 5 times in the SF).

  15. Poor Jelena Jankovic – if only she wasn’t so out of breath after the long rallies. If she’s serving it’s not near enough time for her to catch her breath. She could have won this match in two sets…now I don’t know…Pironkova is more fit but her problem is something else. She has to recognize that JJ is easily winded and all she needs to do is move her around.

  16. Rain interrupted main draw matches Monday:

    Sam Stosur leads Anastasjia Sevastova 7-5 4-3 ..on serve 2nd set. Also the Shuai Zhang vs Timea Babos match was pushed back. I was hoping they’d finish but…it’s probably too late there by now. One thing I really admire about Sam Stosur is that she always shows up super fit – I think she’ll be able to win vs Sevastova. I picked Shuai Zhang over Timea Babos. Timea Babos is off to a slow start this season with a 0-4 record. At least Shuai has won a couple matches but this one could go either way. H2H 1-1.

    Three of the four qualifiers are Ameicans: Brengle, Mchale, and Lauren Davis. Well done!

    Tuesday Oop Doha
    (Q) Jelena Jankova vs Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova
    31 year old Jelena was having trouble catching her breath when forced to run but she still managed to beat Tsveta Pironkova in 3 sets. I pick Pavs.

    (Q) Lauren Davis vs Roberta Vinci
    They have never met and tho Lauren as won more matches, I stayed with Vinci in this one. She needs to get a win.

    Irina Camelia-Begu vs Daria Kasatkina
    Not too sure about this one but picked Daria based on YTD W/L

    Caroline Wozniacki vs Kiki Bertens
    Feels like Caroline should win this one in straight sets.

    (Q) Madison Brengle vs Caroline Garcia
    This could be an opportunity for Madison to pick up a nice win. Caroline is coming back from an injury. But I picked the higher ranked Caroline.

    (Q) Christina Mchale vs Elena Vesnina #6
    My pick is Vesnina but this could be a good chance for a tuned up Christina – she played very well breezing past Jabeur, Bondarenko, and Larsson in qualifying.

    Garbine Muguruza #5 vs (WC) Cagla Buyukakcay
    By all accounts this should be a straight forward win for Garbine.

    Yulia Putintseva vs Timea Bacsinszky #7
    Yulia made the final in St. Petersburg but I picked the higher Ranked Swiss Fed Cup Star Bacsinszky. H2H 2-0 Bacsinszky.

    Barbora Strycova #8 vs (WC) Fatma Al Nabhani
    Styrcova ftw.

    Laura Siegemund vs Monica Puig
    Take your pick – not much separates them. H2H 1-0 to Puig is all. Neither have been lighting it up in a long time.

    BEIN Sports is covering Doha in detail ….at for tomorrow.

  17. The wind and rain has been a problem in the desert. Back to back frantic match scheduling has been going on all week…and of course it’s the same in Dubai but I looked up the forecast and the rain is supposed to be over by Sunday.

    Doha was supposed to be done Saturday and they are trying hard to make the deadline. But right now Wozniacki and Davis, yes, Lauren Davis, are playing each other for a spot in the SF. The other SF was set hours ago: Cibulkova vs Pliskova, so their half of the draw has had a little advantage.

    The wind is making it tricky on serve. Lauren Davis had a break and she was serving for the first set but couldn’t serve it out. And I see Caro took the set 7-5. The winner of this slogging match, Caro v Lauren, will play a rested Monica Puig.

    Guessing Pliskova and Wozniacki make it through to the final. But Cibby has had the better luck with the rain schedule. If Karolina can keep the points short, serve well, and finish Dominika off in 2 sets lol…I can’t count out a Cibby vs Puig Final at this point.

    These final efforts in Doha might help out some seeds waiting in Dubai — like Kerber, Radwanska, Muguruza, Konta, Svitolina, and Vandeweghe: looking at the list of entrants.

    But I see some are headed for Acapulco and Kuala Lumpur and some are waiting for Indian Wells:

  18. Lauren Davis folded rather easily after losing her chance for the first set and Caro powered on through to the SF but there’s no telling if that match will go on later tonight or tomorrow.

    Caroline was trying not to complain after the QF match but she did admit it’s been a tough week and Monica will be more rested.

    Meanwhile, Dominika has no idea what it is to be disheartened or intimidated. Losing the first set didn’t phase her at all — in fact I’d say it fired her up. She came out – got the break and powered through the 2nd set. I know they both must be tired but Cibby looks like a bundle of energy – she’s bouncing around as ever. Gotta love her fight.

    3rd set and time for Karolina to get serious about keeping the points short if she’s going to win this – she’s was only able to serve 4 aces that 2nd set; compared to 9 aces in the first set. Very enjoyable match actually with the contrast in styles and personalities 😀

  19. hahaha 20 aces in the match so far and 7 of those in the 3rd set far for Karolina – what a performance from both! Karolina is serving ahead and the pressure is on Dominika. Karolina is solid and serene.

    And Dominika blinked first – lost her serve and majestic Karolina will serve for the final. Ah…and Bein Sports switches to Juventis vs Palermo! S***!

    • Wozniacki had to play Puig practically right after her Davis QF match but she blitzed Monica Puig, no problem. She said she was tired but I can’t see it and she’s in amazing shape.

      Doha final:
      Pliskova vs Wozniacki
      Pliskova is my pick and she’s still the odds favorite to win Doha but not by as much as earlier in the week.
      Pliskova did serve 21 aces in her three set win over Cibulkova (her first win over Cibby). She’s been impressive, but Caroline Wozniacki has been equally impressive, though playing down her chances in Doha, and leads with a 3-0 h2h. Pliskova already has one title in 2017 and leads the YTD W/L record, 11-1 over Woz’s 6-3 W/L record and zero title.
      Pliskova vs Cibulkova:

    • Oh Dear Mira Andi ?…Sorry I have not been on FB. I’ll come see you there …I promise, okay.

      Didn’t get to watch the matches this morning but so happy Tsonga won his match and Karolina Pliskova won Doha!

      The WTA bracket picking is nuts as ever…come join me for Dubai, if you can 😀 it’s exciting (usually in a bad way,lol). I picked Kerber to win AGAIN…

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