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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. Since he won’t be skipping the AO now, I feel he should just skip all the others after the AO, maybe just plays the DC ties, and starts to prepare for the clay season. He should play just 15 events and stops playing the LC.

  2. Yes. If he’s going to play AO, then rest after that until the clay season, imo. He may well hold on to his #1 ranking until then unless Fed plays as well as he did last year.

    • I think Rafa is only playing a practice match at Kooyong, not exactly playing to win the exho. His and Djoko’s entries were last minute and the event director was happy to accommodate them by rearranging the schedule to give them match time.

    • I always love that young Rafa with that orange sleeveless top and white Capri pants that he wore during the clay season of 2005 as a 18 yo. His same design but green top is another that I like a lot, the one he wore when he won his first FO. Rafa at that time was such a sweet boy, with long hair and very muscular body. In 2005, he had some very special looking outfits ( for tennis wear) but only he could carry that unique style very well as a teenager.

      He’s now a matured man with shorter hair, so he definitely won’t be wearing outfits similar to those of his teenage years. I think his sleeveless outfit will go with his very short shorts now; imagine how much muscles will be exposed (guns and thighs) for his fans viewing!

      Rafa looks more muscular now, compared to in 2017, maybe that plus the hot weather in Melbourne have made Nike come out with such an idea, going retro for Rafa.

      • Yeah Lucky!…I love to see the old Rafa with sleeveless shirt & capri pants and long hair….his fashion at that time really made him stand out from other’s…He’s got this rock star persona that make us want to look at him twice…Yeah..he he…

        • I also loved his early unconventional outfits. Especially the tight knee length pants, because it gave him a touch of a fencer. Whoever came up with that design was a fashion genius. It looked especially good all in white at Wimby. I’m less fond of his recent very short pants. He can carry them ok, but IMO they aren’t very elegant. Rafa has had worse outfits, though. Especially during his 2010 season he had some horribly checkered pyjama pants. Who came up with such a horrible design?? I had the theory back then that this was a secret experiment in optical warfare and that team Rafa was trying to confuse his opponents. it might’ve worked to a certain degree because Rafa was very successful in 2010.
          Let’s wait and see how a sleeveless shirt works for him nowadays. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t look good on a guy beyond thirty. Interesting tidbit: Tommy Haas was one of the pioneers of the sleeveless shirt. He sported one well before Rafa’s time at the USO. But for some puritan reason he was told by the officials to shelve it in favor of a shirt with proper sleeves.Ridiculous, since Haas looked great in a sleeveless shirt.
          Rafa’s old hair style is gone forever. No chance of a revival. But we have to be greatful that Rafa never resorted to wearing a wig like young Agassi, lol!

      • luckystar says AT 2:01 PM: “Rafa looks more muscular now, compared to in 2017, maybe that plus the hot weather in Melbourne have made Nike come out with such an idea, going retro for Rafa.”

        Rafa isn’t more muscular than he was in the middle of 2017. These pictures were taken in August 2017:



        And Moya said in his year-end-interview with the ATP Staff that Rafa recently decided to lose weight. (“…for several reasons. He decided to lose weight because he wants to try something a little different, something that he thinks will improve his game. That alone helps him mentally. On top of that, we believe that losing weight will lower the possibility of more injuries and improve his longevity.”)

        As for playing in a sleeveless shirt at the 2018 AO, Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca (Jan.8th) is the source of all the stories spread by multiple newspapers. But, so far, there has been no evidence that Nike has produced a sleeveless shirt for the 2018 AO.

        • Moya’s Interview I believe referred to Rafa of 2017, hence we saw a slimmed down version of Rafa in 2017. Rafa does look more filled up in his chest and arms, but his legs remain the same ( which are much slimmer than his ‘tree trunk’ looking legs when he was much younger during 2005-2008). He was very strong and powerful and was very quick around the court back in those days ( I always like referring to him as a top grade sports car, heavy and steady, yet quick and powerful!).

          He has obviously slimmed down through the years, esp after his knee injury in 2009. The 2017 version was one of his slimmest version, just behind his 2009 after injury version. I do believe that the slimmed down version was why Rafa didn’t suffer any knee injury throughout the 2017 season from AO to USO; it’s his heavy schedule thereafter (playing LC, followed closely by Beijing and Shanghai, all done within five weeks after USO) that’s the cause (I feel) of his knee injury late in the season.

          I think they may want to add a bit of power to his strokes in 2018; he’s still not that bulky and so I doubt he’s not as quick as before, and he’s not too heavy for his knees. I trust that they know what to do, except that Rafa’s stubbornness in insisting on playing tournament after tournament may never change.

  3. No one has that sleeveless top plus Capri pants combination of Rafa’s. Moya also used to wear sleeveless top but with normal tennis shorts. I think Rafa carries that sleeveless look the best.

    Rafa is wearing sleeveless tops during his practices; he looks good, more muscular than his 2017 self, though still not as bulky as his earlier years.

    I think he looks good in anything, though I’ve to agree that the 2010 checkered shorts worn during IW/Miami was simply an atrocious piece, the less we talk about that piece the better.

    • augusta, Rafa practiced with Sasha Zverev, not with M. Zverev, who would be Misha Zverev, Sasha’s less touted brother. Although considering that so far Misha was far more successful at slams than his younger brother, Misha would’ve been a good choice,too.

  4. Rafa played Tiebreak Tens at the Margaret Court Arena and reached the final. He defeated Pouille and Hewitt,reaching the final and losing to Berdych,who played really well in all his matches. Overall, Rafa’s level of play was very good and he was moving great,very good signs heading to the AO!
    The forehand on the run was simply on fire 🔥🔥🔥


    Djokovic reaction was just priceless,says it all,unbelievable stuff from our champion!

    Vamos Rafa 💪👑🎾

    • Exactly, Rafa was hitting and running fine; what we’re worried about was insufficient match play. Hope that he can get info groove pretty soon when the AO starts.

      • Yeah, true. I watched the Delpo/Ferrer Auckland SF; Delpo hit some outstanding FHs, and a particularly well played FH on the run. I know the big four plus Delpo and Stan all can hit some fabulous FH on the run, or some impossible gets to hit their shots to go round the net post, but, none of these players could hit something like this that Rafa hit in this TB ten match.

        I also remembers that USO match vs Harrison one year, when Rafa hit that unbelievable FH DTL Winner. He was running from one corner to the next to retrieve the ball and yet had the power and quickness to hit a high FH DTL Winner! Harrison was at the net thinking of intercepting the ball expecting it to be a short ball going CC and he was stunned by what Rafa could do with the ball!

        Robbie Koenig was comparing Delpo’s FH to that of Rafa’s while commentating the Delpo/Ferrer match. He said something like Delpo’s was a better FH where penetration through the court was concerned (if I got that correctly) as its hit flatter. While I don’t disagree with that, I don’t think Delpo’s would be greater than Rafa’s when it’s played on clay, as Rafa’s is hit with power and topspin, it’s a killer shot when it’s both penetrating and heavy; and especially when Rafa was in his heydays.

  5. littlefoot AT 2:09 PM,

    The MAIN thing for me is that Rafa is practicig. I have seen lots of doom and gloom comments here after his Kooyong exho match.
    A Fedfan rushed into Rafa’s thread to arrange Rafa’s schedule…

    • Thanks for the video of those shots! That’s our Rafa!

      It’s great to see him moving well and pain free. That is so good to see. I hope that he can get enough match play to be competitive at the AO.

    • Hey Augusta, how can fedfans arrange Rafa’s schedule, lol?
      But, yes, it’s great to see him in a good mood, and this point against Hewitt was just great.
      Novak is right btw: Hewitt, who is as old as Fed btw. is in fine form. He gave Rafa a decidedly good test.

      • littlefoot AT 5:46 AM,

        Of course Fedfans can’t arrange Rafa’s schedule. They poke their nose in where it’s not needed.

  6. Rafa tried to go unnnoticed:



    Rafa & his team went to watch Jaume Munar’s qualifying match on Wednesday. J.Munar (20 years old) is an ‘adult student’ at Rafa’s academy. His coach is Tomeu Salva, who has been Rafa’s friend since childhood & his doubles partner and currently works as a coach at the academy.
    RP (a Spanish journalist): “Nadal, who walked through the heart of Melbourne Park with a towel covering his head, trying to go unnoticed, had no problem taking pictures with all the fans who waited patiently at each break of the match…” (Via Google translate)

    • The idea of playing a practice match under real tournament conditions came from the Rafa team and they were able to arrange it thanks to their good relationship with the Australian tennis federation (Tennis Australia).


      They have had a good relationship for a long time. Rafa’s academy and Tennis Australia, the governing body for tennis in Australia, signed a partnership agreement a year ago, on January 27, 2017.
      Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley is the Australian Open Tournament Director.



      • An excerpt from the article in the EL Espanol, translated from Spanish by GSS:
        ¤¤ RAFA: “It’s been a practice more similar to an actual match, which was the goal. The fact of having umpire, line-persons, ball-boys or the coaches off-court has made conditions be more similar to those we have when we’re competing. I’ve been training well, with good players.
        Today it was an important test against one of the best and I’ve passed it, but I’ve passed it because I’ve been at a high level, playing at a pace similar to that of competition. It’s been another good test after the day off on Thursday. I’m happy to have kept the good feelings.
        The beginning of the tournament is coming and I feel that I’m more and more ready.”

        MOYA: “Today’s was a simulation of an actual match & it’s been very positive against a very good rival. He’s having the expected progression, clearly going from less to more & we have to be optimistic. He’s going to be ready, in a way we’d have signed when we landed in Melbourne” ¤¤

        • Rafa’s interview for Eurosport (Spanish-language version) after his practice match vs. D.Thiem on Jan 12, 2018:


          ¤¤ Rafa talks about how positive his match with Thiem was and explains how it was set up. Due to rain, there were 2 options: playing an exhibition match at Kooyong or a practice match at Margaret Court Arena (MCA). He says Kooyong’s conditions were very different and he didn’t have good feelings there the other day [on Tuesday]. So, he choosed MCA. ¤¤ (Translated from Spanish by GSS)

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