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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. I think Fed has sold nadal a dummy. He pulled outlast minute in Paris Masters and thus revealed the suspense at the very last stage.

    Had he pulled out earlier, I guess Rafa too would have skipped Paris Masters as well as he would require to win only 1 match in London, which he would definitely be able to achieve.

    • Rafa could have skipped it yesterday too if he wanted to. Rafa did not enroll in Paris based on anything to do with Fed. He enrolled to get some match practice before world tour.

  2. Rafa just needs to reach R3 of Paris to seal the deal. I hope he can win the title as well in addition to securing YE no.1, and that’ll put his mind at ease and can then go all out to win WTF.

  3. Rafa looks more and more handsome by the days. His good looking features are more prominent now; during his younger days (esp his teenage days) he had chubby cheeks but now his nice sharp features sets in so nicely on his slimmed down face and cheek.

    I think Rafa will age well in future, ha, with or without hair!

    • MA,

      Oh that made me laugh so hard! How on earth could anyone not know Rafa? At least the guard let him in!

      Thanks for the laugh!

      • Hahahahaha….Yeah Nny!!…God!I can’t believe that guy works in Sport Center & didn’t KNOW our Rafa!!Hehehe….Very funny!!

        And u know what other thing that stand out Nny??…Rafa with all his honesty & humbleness just answered that guy with no fuss at all!..Other people will ask that guy back..”You don’t know me”?”I mean,seriously”?…But NOT our Rafa!!…Okay!If u don’t know me,i just give u my name!..No big deal!!..Duh!..Hahahaha..

        • MA,

          Yes, it’s how matter-of-fact Rafa was in dealing with it that was so amazing! Like he wasn’t insulted at all that the guy didn’t even recognize him. How many times would Rafa ever have anyone ask him who he was? But no problem for our Rafa!

          Love it!!

    • MA,

      Thanks for these links! I think Rafa’s doctor is letting everyone know that it is probably not realistic for him to play at WTF. His words were revealing. They will try to get him ready, but Rafa has had problems with this tendon in the past. The big picture is what’s important. It is disappointing that Rafa can’t play at the WTF, but it’s not worth risking a good start to 2018.

      We want Rafa to stay around and keep playing tennis! This knee injury is a reminder that there are limits to what he can do.

      • Hey Nny!!…How r u today Milady??Okay?Hope everything’s r excellent in your life Nny…

        Btw…You’re very much welcome Nny!Honestly,i don’t want to see unfit Rafa play at WTF…If he don’t have an issue with his knee..then,it’s worth the try..but,i think we all know the outcome if he still wanna play in London next week…there is no way he will beat a fresh Roger at WTF for the title..at the same time he will jeopardizing his knee…so..yeah…

        • MA,

          I am doing just fine! I just don’t want Rafa to risk 2018 in order to play at the WTF. In his last match at Paris he was having trouble pushing off on his right leg when he was serving.

          All I hope is that Rafa does what is best for his health. I am sure that he wants to play in London, but it’s all about the knee.

          • Nny!…Yayy!..It’s good to hear that everything’s clicking wonderfully in your life!…And we’re on the same thought bout Rafa too!!Double yaayyy!!…And very agree with everything u said Nny…

    • You’re most welcome Al!!…Yeah…as much as it pained us to not see him play in London…but,for the sake of his health,that’s okay Al…Maybe it’s a blessing..so he can rest & come back healthy for AO next year…Who knows maybe we can see him bite the 2nd Trophy on RLA??Insyaallah!!

  4. Reading between the lines it does sound rather as if he will skip WTF. It is disappointing because after his spectacular year a lot of us nursed the hope he could add this missing title to his his C.V. But being Rafa he would not willing take part knowing he cannot play his best and therefore have his chances to win. Also no Rafan would want to see him take risks that could jeopardise or even shorten his career.

    I’m with Alison – let’s swallow our disappointment

    • He should play, he must play, i want him to play, please play, we need U 2 play.

      His injury is not serious, he needs to play WTF.

      • There’ll be a time next year Rafa will solve Roger’s puzzle Stanleyley!…U just wait!!…U can bragging now…but,Roger will be 1 year older come next year..and Rafa will only just 32…figure it out yourself Stanleyley!!Urgh!!

          • Oh!…It’s STANLEY??I thought it’s Stanleyley!!…Urgh!!Silly me!!…Btw…Thank u mucho Stanleyley[oppss!…S.T.A.N.L.E.Y!urgh!!]…for saying i’m still young lady…awwww!..u know,i’ve just celebrate my 99.99th birthday last september..uhuk!uhuk!uhuk!<–[old grandma cough!]…You're right!..Age is just a number!!I peel yong!Hehehe…<—[toothless giddy laugh!]…

            • Very funny!
              99.9 or 18 you will always be young in my eyes, if weren’t M, I would have taken u to a lovely dinner but I can’t.

              Too bad, your lose, just kidding.

              I think Rafa might be scared of meeting RF again, especially in WTF, his knee is fine, R. Federer has his own problems but you don’t see him crying about it.

              Everyone at this stage of the tournament is struggling with something, R. Nadal should play, we want u 2 play.


  5. There’s a Rafa’s practice video being posted at another Rafa fan site; he was practicing for 75 mins. I don’t get why people are saying his knee is that bad that he’s going to skip WTF.

    His doctor didn’t say anything about Rafa not playing; people are just speculating and assuming this or that. Just wait patiently for Rafa to make a decision and then he’ll make an announcement whether he’s playing or not. It’s no point for us to guess and worry so much.

    • Luckystar, who is your favourite player in WTA?

      After tennis, which other sport or sports do you like?

      Without bias, who do you think will win Australian Open 2018?
      I know it’s a little far but tell me.

    • Right, Lucky. Rafa will tell us when HE knows. There are, of course, benefits to playing the WTF, even if he feels he can’t win it, as long as he thinks he can win some matches there. But it’s certainly not worth risking further damage.

  6. Rafa attended Cosentino’s event in London on Nov.8.
    Cosentino is a developer&manufacturer of architectural surfaces, which have been used for various facilities of Rafa’s academy in Mallorca and his restaurants TATEL & ZELA in Madrid, Miami and Ibiza.
    Dekton (a brand of Cosentino) is one of the main sponsors of Rafa’s academy. Rafa has been the global brand ambassador for Dekton by Cosentino since 2014.

    Cosentino released a video from the event in London:

  7. Carlos Moya held a tennis clinic for kids during the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan this week and was interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport‏.

    Rafa Nadal Academy‏: “Carlos Moyà & Joel Figueres [a coach at the academy] held a tennis clinic during the Next Gen ATP Finals. We [academy] have also talked about values at the Academy’s stand”

    Next Gen ATP Finals: “Welcome to Milan, the Rafa Nadal Academy! Carlos Moya leads a clinic with some talented Italian youngsters at the NextGenATP finals”

    (I continue in Reply)

    • Thanks for the article, nice and touching tribute from Toni Nadal. Glad that Rafa had won his tenth FO, the USO and became YE no.1 again all within this year, a befitting ending to a great long term partnership.

      • You’re much welcome Lucky!…Yeah..it is an amazing year not only for Rafa..but for us fans as well…What a gift to U.T from Rafa!….REALLY AWESOME!!

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