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Video: Nadal cramps during Hamburg trophy ceremony

Recent quote: “Now the hard-court season is starting. It’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality and this (Hamburg) title helps to be a little bit more calm and add some points to my ranking to try to finish the year in the top 8 again.”

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  1. Rafa will be back to work on Monday.

    RT Pau Ferragut‏: “Nadal will make on Monday at 10:00 am his first grass practice on the Mallorca Open courts.”

  2. From Rafa’s interview in Majorca today:

    Rafael Plaza‏Verified account @Rafael_Plaza 1h1 hour ago
    Nadal: “El nivel al que estoy ahora no es suficiente para competir como quiero en Wimbledon”.

    Nadal: “the level to which I am now is not enough to compete as I want at Wimbledon”.


    • My experience with Rafa’s statements is that he means exactly what he says, he is not underestimating or overestimating his chances.

    • It sounds as though Rafa isn’t where he feels he needs to be to compete at Wimby.

      We don’t know if it’s his knees preventing him from bending low enough on grass. He hasn’t played on grass for a long time. He didn’t play at Wimby last year because of the wrist injury.

      Changing surfaces isn’t easy on the knees. Maybe Rafa is not comfortable yet on the surface. That’s why I adopted a wait and see attitude with Rafa for Wimby.

  3. Google translation (excerpts)
    ¤¤ The 15-time Grand Slam champion, who will travel to London on Monday, says he needs to play matches to get well prepared for the third GS tournament of the season.
    “I still have to work,” the Spaniard started. “The level I’m at now is not enough to compete like I want to at Wimbledon. I have a training in Mallorca, plus another seven days in London. That’s where I have to finish strutting. I want to play matches because here [in Mallorca] I have done more specific things,” continued the number two in the world. …”Now I’m going to play two exhibition matches and I hope they’ll serve me. I have not stepped on the grass for two years. Let’s see if during next training week I can reach an optimal level.”
    “I am aware that my knees have limited me a lot in grass in recent years,” said Nadal. “They have prevented me from competing at an optimal level… Here [in Mallorca] I have not forced [my knees] too much. The adaptation has been progressive and the demand will come next week when I start to play training sets with professionals,” he continued. “Then it will be when I have to force and I’ll really see how my knees will hold. I have the confidence that they can do it. Then the results always depend on many factors. I just hope I can train and compete freely,” said the 15-time Grand Slam champion, who nevertheless does not forget the knee problems he has had on the grass.
    “In 2014, I reached the fourth round [at Wimbledon] and it was my best year since 2011”, recalled Nadal. “Since then I had many problems with my knees. In 2012 and 2013 it was very bad. In 2015 I felt bad for many other reasons,” he added. “Last year, I unfortunately broke my wrist before Wimbledon. I have a series of years without competing well [at Wimbledon] and this is a handicap compared to those who do it well year after year,” he said. “For me, it is important to have a good preparation for the first match. It would be vital to be able to play the first two matches to make things more normal.” ¤¤


    • This statement from Rafa is more complete. He did say that he hasn’t competed on grass for two years, which is what I said in my previous comment. He addressed the knees. Then he talked about practicing and now needing actual match play. Which makes perfect sense to me.

      I feel better reading this longer statement from Rafa. He’s always honest and realistic about his progress and where he’s at. I actually feel better after reading this. Now it sounds like he is ready to test himself in actual mstches.

      I hope that it Rafa’s preparation goes well when he gets to London.

  4. A no Brainer i know, but if Nadal can navigate his way through the first week with a good draw, the grass courts tend to dry out and become like clay, and Rafa as we all know likes the dry hot conditions where the ball bounces high ….

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