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Djokovic warming up for his match

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  1. Yes..this is shocking! of luck for Nole this year and forward….A great champion will find a way in the end…

  2. Really shocking! I don’t see his need of firing the whole team, a bit too drastic. I think it will take Djoko a long time to rebuild everything – his fitness and health, his mental toughness, the winning mentality, and also I feel he needs to add varieties to his game.

    Does he still have the heart to want to do well and reaches the top again? Maybe yes, or maybe no. We see….

  3. According to SKY, Djokovic has sacked his team and is going for ECT therapy. I’m speechless.

    “Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock therapy, and often referred to as shock treatment, is a psychiatric treatment in which seizures are electrically induced in patients to provide relief from mental disorders”

      • I hope Djoko doesn’t go for ECT. All he needs is to take a break , look at mountains and oceans, trees, stars for about 3 months and then come back. Maybe a bit of whatever Fed took to get his stamina and speed back.

        • Yeah, he should just take a six months break like Fed; gets his elbow treated, rest and relax, and then starts working on his fitness and his game. His body badly needs a break, a reasonably long one to recover from all those six years of relentless pounding, trying to overtake Fedal.

        • Oh, I doubt Djokovic is having ECT. In the article he referred to “shock therapy” but I think he meant the “shock” of getting rid of his entire support staff. Some writer misunderstood.

          I have read that coaching relationships have a limited life span of effectiveness.

    • nadline10 (AT 1:38 PM),

      I’m afraid that “going for ECT therapy” is misinterpretation of Djoko’s statement Djoko says that the firing of his team (3 members) is “shock therapy” for him.

      • Agree with augusta…i’ve read at least 4 or 5 articles already and all of them has the same phrase and meaning…

        • I came on here to read the news and it seems that Novak’s words were taken too literally. I thought it didn’t make sense for him to do actual shock therapy.

          I actually don’t agre about Novak taking time off. He won’t come back. Borg walked away and never came back. Rafa and Fed took time off due to lingering injuries. That is different. Novak’s elbow is not the main problem. It’s mental, losing his mojo, his edge, that competitive fire.

          I can see why maybe Rafa fans may get want him to take time off, but I think that would be a big mistake.

          I also don’t know that getting rid of his team will work either. The problem is with him and changing his team will not fix that.

            • First, nobody here is an expert and should presume to know how to deal with this. Leaving due to injury is s whole different thing. How is stopping playing going to help Novak? Should he get therapy? Aground he seems sports psychologist? Should he do hypnosis? When you stop playing, that can bring its own costs. Novak will drop in the rankings. It’s not that easy to get back to
              where you were. The gene does not stop for any player.

              I am sure that Novak has people around him who can advise him as to the best course of action. This kind of mental burnout is not easy to resolve. There is no guarantee that taking time off will fix the problem. Sometimes you need to try to work through problems.

              I don’t pretend to know what is the exact right course for Novak. But I think leaving the game may not be the answer.

    • Wow, I worded that very poorly… Does anyone know if the Madrid draw has been done yet? If not, when is it being done? 🙂

          • It is an axiom that the draw is rigged in Fed’s favor. As Fed is not in the draw, the ATP guys are in a quandary. Should we rig it against Rafa so that he doesn’t get ranking points to overtake Fed or at least gets so exhausted that Fed can just waltz into a rigged RG draw to achieve his double career slam? or should we rig it in favor of our local guy Rafa? No doubt the reps of the two schools of thought are fighting it out. Hence the delay.

    • Too many autocorrect typos in my previous post to fix. I hope the gist of what I was trying to say got across.

  4. Just ignore the mistake augusta..he’s just a normal human being after all…and it’s okay to read any article..just take it as a knowledge for today…don’t have to believe in it,okay?

  5. Yeah, Bodo made at least two mistakes – 1) Djoko has 12 slams, not 14; 2) Djoko won one title in 2017, not 2016. In 2016 he won 7 titles, including the AO and the FO!

  6. Murray and Nole have tough draws….

    For Murray:

    Nole could meet Goffin in 4th round and then Thiem in QF before a potential clash with Rafa.

    This will be a good test of my belief that Nole is back and will not lose to anyone other than Rafa. Thiem and Goffin are no slouches on clay. Nole will not have to play in three matches (or even two!) in just over 24 hours this time.

    No big hitters until Raonic in QF for Rafa. No real threats at all for that matter.



    “Djokovic was also the guy who crashed the Federer-Nadal rivalry and soon usurped both of them, and I suspect that a lot of fans have never stopped seeing him as the interloper. Whatever the explanation, he just can’t seem to get the affection that he craves. No matter how much he achieves; no matter how graciously he conducts himself (and no one in men’s tennis is more gracious in defeat or magnanimous in victory); no matter how approachable and engaging he is (I watched him hit with a young kid following one of his practice sessions at Indian Wells this year, and he couldn’t have been nicer to the kid or more playful with the crowd)—it just doesn’t seem to make a difference, and I have to think that this bothers him. A lot. The hostility of the crowd when he played Federer in the US Open final two years ago must have stung. Ditto the way spectators turned on him when he played Stan Wawrinka in last year’s Open final. Is this the sole cause of his downward spiral? Maybe not, but if the problem is motivation, it is entirely possible that it is rooted in unrequited love.

    So how does Agassi fit into this? Like Djokovic, Agassi struggled for many years to win over the crowd. He was a showman, but fans didn’t find him particularly endearing. A lot of people thought that he was a phony (some have leveled the same charge against Djokovic). It was really only in the latter stages of his career—starting after he unexpectedly won the French in 1999 to complete his own career slam—that Agassi became the adored figure that we know him as now. ”


  8. Djokovic clearly regards it as a feather in his cap having persuaded AA to come on board, albeit on a consultancy basis. He seems a lot calmer in himself although he is still prone to sloppy mistakes. Also he looks more healthy and to my eyes has gained some weight – perhaps AA has advised him to eat properly. It will be interesting to see what happens when he faces stiffer opposition and he does not have Agassi sitting in his box: I understand he cannot stay for the duration of RG.

    • Ed, I read in the Serbian press that Nole started eating meat again.,. It’s not Agassi’s influence he did it month ago on his own…and I agree, it was smart thing to do!

  9. Djokovic considers rare Wimbledon warm-up at Eastbourne
    Stuart Fraser, Tennis Writer

    June 16 2017, 12:01am, The Times

    Djokovic does not normally compete in a grass-court tournament before WimbledonGRAHAM HUGHES FOR THE TIMES
    Novak Djokovic is considering playing at the Aegon International in Eastbourne as part of his preparations for Wimbledon.…are-wimbledon-warm-up-at-eastbourne-t38jff92l

  10. With Djoker winning Eastbourne his game is slowly coming back together………….he will be a contender at Wimby.

  11. A Djoko fan wrote on another website on July 22:

    “Djokovic has arrived in Belgrade, conference next week.

    Novak Djokovic has arrived in Belgrade from Toronto, where [Belgrad] he will continue his recovering from the injury.
    The best Serbian player spent the last couple of days in Canada, where he underwent therapies on the injured arm.
    Novak was forced to retire in the Wimbledon quarterfinal due to the problem with his shoulder, which has been bugging him for a long time.
    Djokovic will hold a press conference in the Serbian capital next week, where he will speak in details about the injury and the plans for the rest of the season.
    After elimination in London he announced a break but didn’t precisely say how long will it last, so it’s doubtful if he is going to participate at the Rogers Cup in Montreal that starts on 7th of August.
    Djokovic is automatically registered for the US Open which starts at the beginning of September, but him skipping the last Grand Slam of the season is not impossible.”

  12. Congrats to Djoko and his family. So sweet to have a little girl added to the family; may this new addition bring even closer bonding in the family.

  13. Definitely happy for Novak and Jelena. Die-hard Djokovic fans should be especially happy because the birth of his second child could give him needed motivation and purpose. I’m pretty sure that the birth of his first child coincided with the start of his brilliant 2014 through mid-2016 run!

      • Not sure about that; he’ll take time to recover and get back on track when he returns, by then the next gen guys will be another year wiser and more experienced. Fedal if they stay fit and healthy and motivated, are not going away.

        Fedal after coming back from injury are playing better tennis than before, with Rafa moving away from grinding tennis. I’m not sure about Djoko, will he start winning right away, or will he move away from grinding tennis? We’ll wait and see…..

        • When Novak recovers(returns to his normal state), everyone will be in trouble.

          Yes he will start winning right away when he fully recovers.

          Can’t wait!

        • You’re right Lucky- It definitely isn’t written in stone that a healthy Novak automatically equals 2015 Novak. We’ve seen him dominate for a period, such as in 2011, only to have Fed and Rafa turn the tables on him and getting to #1 in 2012 and 2013. I believe that it usually just works out that those guys end up taking turns between one or two of them playing better than the other one or two. You’re right that we shall see!

      • I would believe that if I really believed that Djoko is injured. I think he’s just jaded and lost his form. He needs to get his mojo back.

  14. Djokovic pulled out of Abu Dhabi this morning.. He says he is not fully recovered. Murray will play a one set exhibition match against Bautista-Agut who is straight through to the final.

    • While I’ve sometimes thought that the Djoker can’t tell his head from his behind, he probably can tell his wrist from his elbow, although referred pain can be tricky.

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