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Djokovic warming up for his match

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  1. Stuart Fraser (Sports journalist for MailOnline): “Novak Djokovic pulls out of Beijing next week with an elbow injury. No mention of Shanghai at moment.”

  2. Posted a comment on this thread about an hour ago. Don’t know if it is lost in cyberspace or came under moderation. If so can’t understand why unless one is not allowed to be ‘sceptical’.

  3. I’m not worried about him right now. Probably not even as curious as most as to what the personal issue was that needed working out. I can’t imagine being married…ever. 😀

    The he’s a bit out of practice – maybe lost a little of his conditioning. It takes time. If he does all the right things – he knows what and how to put it all back together again. Maybe by Shanghai, maybe not. Would love to hear ed’s skeptical thoughts.

    • Also, I don’t miss him yet. He was starting to wear on me as Federer and Nadal both have at times. Then when they comeback, I’m happy to have them back and appreciate them more. But I prefer a variety of competition — lots of it!!

  4. For Real Nole fans and Real Tennis fans everywhere…

    “I feel very grateful for what I have right now but I feel like as I go along with my life, with the success that I have, that I have more opportunities to explore, and first of all grow myself and my family in a human perspective, not just financially, also in light of making a positive difference to the society. This is the biggest motivation I have,” he says.


  5. Hawkeye
    Nole does not have a significant lead. It is the year end numbers that are now significant. Nole’s lead is slighty over 2,000 versus Andy Murray. If Murray wins Beijing Nole’s lead will drop to slightly over 1,000. (Because Nole will drop 500 points & Murray gain 500 -if he wins it). Looks like Nole should play Shanghai to ensure the end-of-year No.1 ranking.

  6. State of Zen…

    You’re trying to reach that balance between being concentrated but at the same time being kind of calm and relaxed and enjoying the moment,” said Djokovic, who hummed a tune while waiting to return Zverev’s serve in the latter stages of the match. “I was always trying to keep that optimal state of mind. Instead of the occasional tantrum that I used to have, I [switched] that vibration and transformed it in a tune.
    “It wasn’t any mantra. It was a famous song, actually. I was using it to just forget about my previous mistake. And it worked.”
    Djokovic’s trick worked wonders in a match where he needed to be patient in order to find a way out. The World No. 1 had not met Zverev at tour-level since 2009, and looked troubled by the left-hander’s variety. Staying on an even keel bought the Serbian enough time to find his range and move into the semi-finals, where he will face Roberto Bautista Agut.
    “It was the most entertaining match of the tournament for me. I had to dig myself out of the hole,” Djokovic said. “He was the better player for most of the first part of the match. He played well tactically. He slowed down the pace. I knew his game, but I haven’t played him in many, many years.
    “I wasn’t striking the ball very well from the beginning of the match, to be honest. I was quite flat with my feet. After that I started coming to the net more, just being more constructive with the point. I played solid at the end of the second and third sets.”

    • Thanks Hawkstradamus.
      Whatever works for him. I watched parts of the match with one eye open. Zverev Major was entertaining. I hadn’t watched him for a long time and didn’t remember his style or him playing that well. Novak looked a bit crazy humming and smiling to himself but I’ll take that over his full blown stressed out temper tantrums of last spring. Wishing him well. Good job Nole.

    • H’mmm. Djokovic looked decidedly less than zen vs RBA. Classic racket smash at end of first set. My take fwiw (not much): he’s a little rusty and probably not feeling particularly motivated right now.

  7. Djokovic drops Becker hint, Kyrgios fined for Shanghai meltdown
    By AFP
    PUBLISHED: 15:42, 13 October 2016 | UPDATED: 15:43, 13 October 2016
    Top-ranked Novak Djokovic dropped a hint that he may split with coach Boris Becker on Thursday, as Nick Kyrgios was hit with a big fine for his Shanghai Masters meltdown.

    Djokovic, who says he is taking a fresh mental approach after struggling in recent months, revealed that he had made no plans about retaining Becker in his team next year.

    “We are still working (together), yeah… for now the plan is the rest of the season, what’s left, indoor tournaments,” said Djokovic, after reaching the Shanghai quarter-finals.

  8. Boris wasn’t happy with biased commies on Saturday…

    Boris Becker ‏@TheBorisBecker Oct 15
    Great performance from @BautistaAgut ! He deserved to win!

    Boris Becker ‏@TheBorisBecker Oct 15
    Good to hear @Annabel_Croft and @MilesMaclagan @SkySportsTennis

    Boris Becker ‏@TheBorisBecker Oct 15
    Mr.Fleming …can’t hear you ?!? @SkySportsTennis

    Boris Becker ‏@TheBorisBecker Oct 15
    Mr.Fleming can NOT compliment @DjokerNole whatsoever …lol

    Boris Becker ‏@TheBorisBecker Oct 15
    It’s funny whenever @DjokerNole wins a point Mr.Fleming is quite and #Barry talks …

    Boris Becker ‏@TheBorisBecker Oct 15
    Watching @SkySportsTennis

  9. What’s behind the Djokovic decision to play Paris Masters without any of his team present? Surely they couldn’t haven’t ALL have mutinied.

    • Maybe he’s giving them a break to target 2017 fresh. I can’t imagine being on the road all the time. We know what Vajda’s issues are, and as for Becker, time away from.each other might be needed. I imagine its hard to stay motivated when goals have been reached.

      • Hawkeye,

        That’s an interesting thought. What makes you think that Becker is out? I thought it was working out well for them. Things seem to have changed quite a bit with Novak since he managed to win the career slam and four in a row.

        I have no problem with a player going what he feels will help him in whatever way possible. The mental pressure at the top of this sport is incredible and players are not machines. They are human.

        If Novak thinks this guru will help him, then he should take full advantage of it.

        • I’d been wondering who was responsible for the mystical, grandiose statements ND has been making. Now we know. Thanks Gussie. It also explains why all the members of his entourage are absent from his box.

          The following is a comment posted earlier but on the wrong thread:

          **Watched Djokovic doubles match yesterday. He appeared relaxed and free from the various injuries that troubled him in recent months. Doubles has never been his cup of tea, but from the way he played, I assume he only entered to have some match practice before his opening singles and had no intention of advancing beyond the first round. If I am wrong, and that was not the case, he will have trouble staving off some highly motivated competition at Bercy this week.**

          ND certainly remained calm yesterday but he will need to shed the trance-like state if he wants to win the difficult matches.

  10. One more article, guys:

    Sky Sports analyst Annabel Croft said: “I’m just shocked at what he just did. He slammed a ball right towards Boris Becker and Marian Vajda.
    “The ball just skimmed past them and into the crowd. That just tells you the bubbling anger inside him. Novak is absolutely steaming right now.”

        • I think this was kind of expected. Novak has been off the boil for the second half of the tennis year. I guess he felt that Becker was not helping him anymore.

        • Until Toni’s methods caught up with Rafa and backfired.

          Toni was great and Rafa would not be who he is without him but Rafa (like all great players) needed a change a long time ago to evolve and adapt.

          He plays scared now for years.

          • Rafa was scared because of his multiple injuries taking their toll on his mind. However, the never say die mentality shone through each time when he kept making comebacks.

            His 2015 relatively unsuccessful comeback was due to a combination of factors imo – fear of injuring himself again that played on his mind leading to self doubt; the unfortunate decision of changing racket (or string) and at the wrong timing leading to the mess he had during the clay season.

            Despite all that happened in 2015, he still finished the year at no.5, not bad at all considering the fact that Fed finished as no.6 in his off form year in 2013, and Murray as no.8 in 2014 when he came back from back surgery.

            He was getting better during the 2016 clay season before injury strike him again. I do feel Rafa is good enough with or without Toni these days. What he needs is to play more freely, and more aggressively to shorten points i.e. hit more winners.

            The way he played vs Raonic at Abu Dhabi exho last year end gave me confidence that had he continued playing that way, wins and titles will come his way. I watched him played and won the set against Stan in the AO2014 final after injuring his back; he was serving without the need to think so hard, hitting his FH to anywhere at will, playing one two punch tennis with precision that got Stan all rattled. IOWs, he was playing freely and instinctively, he didn’t even need to think before he served, and served so quickly that caught Stan by surprise and Stan just couldn’t guess where Rafa was serving to.

            Rafa’s game was already so good that he could just play instinctively and still hit all the right shots and with precision to win the points. I hope he learns to play this way all the time, not only when he feels he’s not going to win and so plays freely.

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