Site rules and maintenance

A forum for comments, concerns, suggestions, questions about the site or how to do things on the site, etc.


I. No personal insults.
A. It is up to the moderator’s discretion as to what is or is not an insult. If you think it might be an insult, it is.
II. No personal attacks.
A. Insensitive comments about someone’s family.
B. Constant harassment (saying they are are an idiotic tennis fan, etc.)
III. No spam.
A. Non-stop posting of irrelevant pictures, especially when it is not on the appropriate page.
B. Any comment or photo that has nothing to do with tennis, unless it is on the non-tennis page.
C. This is not Twitter. This is not Instagram. This is a tennis website. If you want to post 10 photos per day, do it on social media. If you want to post a photo or two that has immediate relevance to what is happening in tennis, do it here.

IV. Comments must be made on appropriate page.
A. If it is related to a match, before a match, during a match, or after a match, it should be on the preview or recap of that match. If there is no preview and no recap, it should be on the page of the player involved. If there is no player page for said player, it should be on “The rest.”
V. No duplicate accounts.
A. Do not intentionally post under more than one username.
B. Anyone in moderation who posts under a new username or IP address will have both accounts moderated for one month.
VI. No profanity.
A. The only profanity that is acceptable is an exclamation or reaction during a match or to breaking news (for example, Nadal winning a match with a tweener passing shot; or Federer announcing that he is retiring from tennis.

Punishments are up to the discretion of the moderator. Violations of commenting on incorrect pages will not be punished, unless it is bordering on spam. Those comments may, however, be moved or deleted. Violations of all other rules will incur a punishment, the first strike being moderation for one day. Strike two is moderation for a week. Strike three is moderation for one month.  All remaining strikes are moderation for one month plus a one-week ban.

66 Comments on Site rules and maintenance

  1. Are other people having trouble on The Rest thread getting their replies to appear linked to the relevant comment?

    Their are several conversations which are out of date or time sequence.

      • Your reply is in the right place (ie. under my question) but I posted the question as a new subject at the foot of the page but it has jumped up to here? It seems as if they are being kept in date sequence rather than grouped by subject matter which is the cause of the disjointed conversations.

    • This post should appear under ed’s as it is a reply. I will also start a new subject in another post ( testing). Let us see where it appears.

  2. I have just left a comment on the Rafa thread because I cannot find my way to the Rafa 2015 thread. It is not offered in the menu when I go to the Social section and click on Player Pages. What am I not doing, or doing wrong?

  3. Help needed. Often when I type a reply in the box offered when you are notified of responses to a comment, it fails to appear on the thread. I know there is a time lag because all such replies go into moderation but some 50% of the time they simply disappear even though I can see from the ‘spinning symbol’ they were being processed.

    Any suggestions/help will be most welcome.

  4. Sorry to be a pain but Help needed. Augusta gave me a link for how to disactivate auto correct. It is not on this thread, can anybody remember when and where it was posted. I successfully got rid of it but afer emptying my caches auto correct has re-appeared. I am tired of seeing what look like bad spelling in my comments!! Am pants at tracing back old comments.

  5. Come to think of it, I believe Hawkeye explained how to track old comments. Needless to say I dont know how to do it so cant find his comment.

  6. Ricky,

    Why can’t I post from my computer? I post under the old nick natashao2013 but none of my comments go through. If I try to repost it says duplicate comment detected but the comment never shows up in the thread. Can you fix it PLEASE!

    • Hawkeye,

      Thanks for saying this. I just saw this on the Rafa fan page. I am quite appalled that this person continues to blatantly violate site rules with her petty, personal attacks.

      I merely thanked you for posting info that Rafa was going to start training again and this person brought up the nonsense about you being my shadow. All I did was thank you for the update. Any time I say something to you, she jumps in with a nasty, instigating comment.

      The Rafa fan page is already littered with out of context, older comments that are reposted incessantly. It disrupts the discussion.

      The very person who presumes to lecture others about sticking to site rules, has no problem breaking those rules with her rude and insulting cheap shots.

      It needs to stop.

  7. Ricky, your new tennis Forum is enticing me to post on it but …dang it, it’s not letting me log in to it and reply. OH my…I’ll try again. It takes my old password and username Ratcliff but I can’t post. Maybe I have to use a different username, password, and email like I had to for WordPress. ???

  8. Your new post forum seems to be broken.

    I just get a perpetual spinning wheel when I click on reply and no one other than yourself has had a post in three days.

    • she’s probably referring to mary’s endless harassment of me as being her hawks. she told me on rc’s uso wta bracket site that she had seen the attacks and had written repeatedly to ricky. she told me she thought that it was bullying and ought to be stopped.

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