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A forum for comments, concerns, suggestions, questions about the site or how to do things on the site, etc.


I. No personal insults.
A. It is up to the moderator’s discretion as to what is or is not an insult. If you think it might be an insult, it is.
II. No personal attacks.
A. Insensitive comments about someone’s family.
B. Constant harassment (saying they are are an idiotic tennis fan, etc.)
III. No spam.
A. Non-stop posting of irrelevant pictures, especially when it is not on the appropriate page.
B. Any comment or photo that has nothing to do with tennis, unless it is on the non-tennis page.
C. This is not Twitter. This is not Instagram. This is a tennis website. If you want to post 10 photos per day, do it on social media. If you want to post a photo or two that has immediate relevance to what is happening in tennis, do it here.

IV. Comments must be made on appropriate page.
A. If it is related to a match, before a match, during a match, or after a match, it should be on the preview or recap of that match. If there is no preview and no recap, it should be on the page of the player involved. If there is no player page for said player, it should be on “The rest.”
V. No duplicate accounts.
A. Do not intentionally post under more than one username.
B. Anyone in moderation who posts under a new username or IP address will have both accounts moderated for one month.
VI. No profanity.
A. The only profanity that is acceptable is an exclamation or reaction during a match or to breaking news (for example, Nadal winning a match with a tweener passing shot; or Federer announcing that he is retiring from tennis.

Punishments are up to the discretion of the moderator. Violations of commenting on incorrect pages will not be punished, unless it is bordering on spam. Those comments may, however, be moved or deleted. Violations of all other rules will incur a punishment, the first strike being moderation for one day. Strike two is moderation for a week. Strike three is moderation for one month.  All remaining strikes are moderation for one month plus a one-week ban.

138 Comments on Site rules and maintenance

  1. Hawkeye can be acerbic but he is not malicious or spiteful. I can understand not everyone appreciates his particular sense of humour particularly if you are the butt of one of his mickey taking campaigns.

    I vote for leaving Ricky and the moderators to decide if Hawkeye has overstepped the mark.


  2. what is all this about?? what has hawkeye done??
    i don’t think he should be moderated or banned – he’s a big asset here from my point of view and also am sure from others such as chloro, vr and so on….

  3. Why am I being moderated with no warning nor reason?

    If any of my posts were offensive, why were none of them removed???

    Ricky Dimon says:
    October 8, 2015 at 1:21 pm
    i will respond to this if you put it where it belongs, on site maintenance

    thank you

  4. With all respect, ricky, I don’t think you should have posted this poll.

    Reason 1
    You have written on and moderated tennis talk for many years and now grandstand for I believe two years, so you surely you can make your own decisions re this particular poster (I don’t want this post to be moderated to so I’ll just write: h). See reason 3.

    Reason 2
    Another thing about polls, esp. with no more than a few dozen votes, is that they are indicative of very little. And even the majority, regardless which way it votes, can be off… just look at the history of anything: sports, consumer goods, work, government, wars, etc.

    Reason 3
    But the strongest reason is no one should be singled out this way with such questions. If this poll is not a form of (at least mild) bullying then it seems to say I don’t know bullying when I see it.

    Reason 4
    H posts with a certain sense of humour (in my view) and kind-of ‘trolls’ for a specific reason he has mentioned often. He may have gone too far at times… and he himself apologized and scaled right down.

    In contrast, there have been posters here with far worse behaviour. Thankfully most leave after a while,,, or perhaps you banned them. There too there was no need for a publicly shaming poll.

    The two triangles and recommendation
    For those interested, search online for “triangle of respect” and then on some of the found pages look also at the “triangle of disrespect”. They go by other names too. To take this situation back to the triangle of respect, I would suggest removing this poll.

    Thank you for considering my response.

      • I wouldn’t be proud of that, ricky

        I am only providing feedback about your choice because it I feel outrage at this poll.

        There is a poster here who repeatedly writes personal attacks about a particular other person with many lies and half-lies embedded. The person’s handle does not start with @a or @h by the way. Here too a poll even for entertainment would be a sensitive thing to do. But I’ve felt for a very long time that many of those posts should have been moderated to encourage the behaviour to stop. FAIR is FAIR, no?

      • @ricky 3:04
        you’re kidding, right? after I just wrote what I think of these kinds of polls?

        I am SURE you have had a number of your own thoughts about the situation I wrote about above (3:02PM). For some reason you decided to not address it. Perhaps it’s about increasing traffic…. I don’t know whether that is what you thought or something else… perhaps you lean towards liking certain people more for some reason (horses for courses)… but in my opinion the more ad hominem attacks are not allowed on your site the more traffic and posts you will get… minus the mean kind.

      • Thanks chloro.

        Still don’t know what I did (other than being hilarious) that is so different from others who haven’t been singled out.

        Was it the capybara comparison?

  5. Ricky: This may be a teething problem but so far I have not been able to get to this thread via Social Pages. It is listed in the banner headline but nothing happens when I click on Site Maintenance. I’m thinking of people new to the site who will not know there is a FAQ section. How about a mention on the Home Page which will always be visible.

  6. Count me as one who doesn’t always get that kind of humor. However, I did appreciate that I got a public apology on the site. That rarely happens on any site. So I have to give credit for that.

    • yeah…@HE, i think you have a pretty sense good of humor but because sometimes , because you want to be humorous almost always, it can go in a way that is not a 100% pleasant! and that can annoy people when they are already not feeling good about something. NNY is a fantastic poster here and I am glad you two were able to sort (whatever went wrong) out.

      And, I think the ‘club of 4 ‘ or whatever we were once called, did fight off some evil from here, hahaha!

      @HE, if people are demanding , I think some adjustments could be made. I would definitely want you to stay here but my advice is to avoid a couple of things that unnecessarily lead to these situations 🙂

  7. It’s a myth that this site is Rafacentric. amy, hawkeye are Djokovic fans, Benny G is not a Rafan, ed is both a Murray fan and a Rafa fan, alex ia a Murray fan.

    • Nadline. I’d like to set the record straight.
      I am a fully paid up died in the wool Rafan. I am an honoury member only of the Murray fan club. i.e. he is my favourite to win EXCEPT when he he is playing Rafa.

  8. This site is not Rafacentric at all. hawkeye and amy are Djokovic fans, Benny G is not a Rafan, ed is both a Murray fan and a Rafa fan. From time to time we have comments from non Rafa fans.

  9. I think that amy and hawkeye can speak for themselves, but from what I have read from them I think it’s clear that they are both Rafa fans. I know that amy also likes Novak. Nothing wrong with that.

    I think this site is Rafacentric. On TT we had fans of other players, even though Rafa fans were in the majority. On tennis-x the majority are Fed fans. But there is a greater representation of fans of other players.

    For the record, I do think that Rafa’s fan page should be all about him. Pictures of other players such as Novak and Fed, should be posted on their respective fan pages.

    • It’s true that you see mostly comments about Rafa on here whether they are negative or positive. Not all ppl on here are Rafa fans but I think that many are and there’s nothing wrong with that cuz Rafa is pretty awesome but yeah the other fan pages should be used more.

      • Benny,

        For what it’s worth, I have enjoyed reading your comments. You bring a different perspective. I can see that you like more than a few players. You always make your predictions for every round. You seem to love this sport. So do I!

        I would love to see fans of other players participate on this site. The more opinions, thoughts and discussion, the better. I think it would be great to post pictures and other info about Fed, Novak and Murray on their respective fan pages. But Rafa fans should certainly be able to enjoy posting all things Rafa on his fan page.

  10. Most tennis sites end up being about Rafa; even though a few sites are definitely anti Rafa somehow he ends up being the topic of conversation for good or bad. On TW, the Nadal News thread got so big that they had to start another one whilst posters hardly ever post on the Federer or Djoko thread. This happens even when Rafa is sidelined with injury. New threads are started about Rafa daily on one subject or another because they know they will get a lot of hits. The threads are kept strictly on subject so if people don’t want to talk about any subject they can stay away. If a poster tries to derail a thread to cause an argument, they are banned.

  11. I haven’t posted here in a while, but would like to say that one of the things I like about this site is that it appears to be very fairly balanced with different player fans. Particularly when Ricky posts the match predictions, fans of those players will post here, and for the most part, the conversation is civil. The only time I saw something completely uncalled for, was when the KYR-WAW crisis imploded (it was a shaming post). But like I said, I don’t come here very often during the off-slams, so have no clue if it’s gotten bad lately. I like and respect all the commentators, and hope nothing changes.

    We also have the scroll button, don’t like something? keep scrolling. my two [American] cents…

  12. i haven’t voted in a poll for a while. Perhaps someone can remind me how many votes total we get here on polls that many would want to vote on, e.g. a slam final prediction. Is it really close to 110? If not perhaps there was some double or triple etc voting happening. Just a thought that occurred to me just now.

    • I thiink it was possible to vote more than once on TT but not here on Grandstand – unless you’re an IT geek who knows how to circumnavigate the system. The screening system on this site seems to have got the measure of the worst of the trolls. By that I mean the people who wrecked TT and made life a misery. The occasional spats here have nothing on the warfare that raged in the last couple of years at TT.

      • ed, many people know how to delete a cookie, is all it takes

        just saying, I have no interest to skew polls, but it just shows once more how little polls can mean

        yes spats were worse on TT, moderation was sparse esp I believe when Cheryl and Ricky were no longer being paid for their work.

        at the same time,,,, the particular childish and vicious posts of a particular person here against another one I wrote about (once more; not @a or @h) was already in swing on TT

        ricky does not seem to care or realise how much he encourages certain ongoing bullying

        I suppose that bullying is not serious, You know, sticks and bones.

        young, so young

      • you’re welcome@h
        amy says she is supporting you to, similar views, and I think she is being moderated too
        my two cents: you’ve made your decision about moderating @h

      • I’ll say it again: no worries, @h,
        and BTW the second half of my post above at 9:05pm automagically disappeared I mean got censured. No bad words. No bad jokes. No reference to anyone but @r

  13. In a funny way, I miss the drama of Sienna’s famous meltdowns. They were good for a laugh when she completely lost the plot. ?

    • What??????? Sienna was downright offensive and made a load of obscene claims about Rafa and his sister. How could that be good for a laugh?

      • Nadline: You know full well when I said she was good for a laugh I was not referring to her obscene language and repellant scandal mongering in the dying weeks of TT. Prior to that she had been plain spiteful and vicious – with a particular hatred for me and NNY. What riled her most was when I refused to take the bait and engage with her. I simply countered the attacks by ridiculing her at every opportunity which had the effect of making her incandescent with rage – which I did find amusing..

    • I understand what you’re trying to say , Ed. And I can relate to this as well. Not so much in Sienna’s case but in general…haha

      • ed,

        Oh yes, I well remember sienna! You and I seemed to get the worst of it. Do you remember when she and fleur were speaking in Dutch? As I told everyone here a while ago, Cheryl did privately reveal to me that when she checked the ip address, fleur turned out to be none other than maltheser aka maxie! She was banned and then managed to come back on under other user names. Both sienna and maxie aka madmax still post on tennis-x.

        I understand where nadline is coming from with the horrible things she said about Rafa and his sister, but I know that is not what you were referencing.

      • Why was it brought up that amy is being moderated? Since when? From what I know, if we use the name of the moderated person, then our posts automatically go into moderation. But that does not mean that any of us are actually being moderated.

  14. I agree she was vile and quite the worse culprit on TT. Deuce and I had a lot of fun though winding her and her crony/alter ego Fleur up until she exploded. We called Fleur ‘Poison Ivy’ and threatened to use weedkiller on them when they were particularly obnoxious. But the priceless one was the night she claimed she knew more about tennis than anybody on the site. A whole bunch of us then sent her up something rotten – even Ricky joined in and Chloro posted his famous ‘weather report’.

    • on grandstand we have calmer weather, the occasional downpour, but… we have this pernicious rotten smell oozing into our area all too frequently… hard to predict as onset not related to weather factors … hard on the weatherperson.

  15. I am glad to know this is not a serious poll. But if there was to be a ban on h, I strongly feel that the other two should be banned as well. I really hope h would stop fighting with them, and most importantly, stop posting photos of the other players on the Rafa thread, I understand he was messing with those 2, but please spare a thought for us who just want to read about Rafa on his thread.

    Or alternatively, perhaps Ricky should create a thread for them so that they can do their fights there.

  16. ed251137 says:
    October 9, 2015 at 9:54 pm
    Nadline: You know full well when I said she was good for a laugh I was not referring to her obscene language and repellant scandal mongering in the dying weeks of TT.

    How could I possibly know that?

  17. I voted for our Canadian fellow not to be moderated and nothing to be done about him…I love him being here and I enjoy his posts…I do not enjoy Novak’s pictures though but I just decide to skip those or I simply laugh at it…

    Hawkeye, please do not go away! We need you here…this year has been tough for all of us and we are all rather sensitive and offensive but that does not mean that anyone should get banned for life…c’mon this is just a forum and people should not be so picky…once Rafa starts wining these little fights will disappear…

    I myself recall arguing with attackingtennisrules but TBH I loved it! 🙂 different opinions matter…and this year the humor is what we desperately needed… so please do not get upset with occasional provocations of our Canadian genius…some patience and forgiveness will do….

  18. I am definitely not one of the voters who want hawheye banned; similarly, I don’t think one poster should be able to derail a fan page by bombarding it with things relating to players who have their own fan page.

    After ed told augusta to stop posting too many GIFs of Rafa, augusta complied. Now hawkeye posts more GIFs of Djokovic and Federer on Rafa’s fan page than GIFs posted of Rafa. That’s disruptive.

  19. Thanks for defending me last week chloro, amy, vamosrafa, nny, nats, ed, liz, Jeu Nadal and anyone who voted for me in the polls (even though I voted against) and anyone else I may have forgotten.

    Thanks too to Ricky for lifting moderation.

  20. Ricky Most of the threads here are bombarded with posts about Rafa Nadal. Threads about matches not involving Rafa Nadal are filled with unnecessary stuff related to Rafa Nadal, this very annoying. You should ask the Ra Fans to post all things related to Rafa Nadal on his thread, or threads about his matches.

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