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A forum for comments, concerns, suggestions, questions about the site or how to do things on the site, etc.


I. No personal insults.
A. It is up to the moderator’s discretion as to what is or is not an insult. If you think it might be an insult, it is.
II. No personal attacks.
A. Insensitive comments about someone’s family.
B. Constant harassment (saying they are are an idiotic tennis fan, etc.)
III. No spam.
A. Non-stop posting of irrelevant pictures, especially when it is not on the appropriate page.
B. Any comment or photo that has nothing to do with tennis, unless it is on the non-tennis page.
C. This is not Twitter. This is not Instagram. This is a tennis website. If you want to post 10 photos per day, do it on social media. If you want to post a photo or two that has immediate relevance to what is happening in tennis, do it here.

IV. Comments must be made on appropriate page.
A. If it is related to a match, before a match, during a match, or after a match, it should be on the preview or recap of that match. If there is no preview and no recap, it should be on the page of the player involved. If there is no player page for said player, it should be on “The rest.”
V. No duplicate accounts.
A. Do not intentionally post under more than one username.
B. Anyone in moderation who posts under a new username or IP address will have both accounts moderated for one month.
VI. No profanity.
A. The only profanity that is acceptable is an exclamation or reaction during a match or to breaking news (for example, Nadal winning a match with a tweener passing shot; or Federer announcing that he is retiring from tennis.

Punishments are up to the discretion of the moderator. Violations of commenting on incorrect pages will not be punished, unless it is bordering on spam. Those comments may, however, be moved or deleted. Violations of all other rules will incur a punishment, the first strike being moderation for one day. Strike two is moderation for a week. Strike three is moderation for one month.  All remaining strikes are moderation for one month plus a one-week ban.

67 Comments on Site rules and maintenance

    • Margot and amy are two completely different people. 🙁

      I have at least three accounts on WordPress and I can’t seem to consolidate them. What a mess! I can’t remember which one is for what or go back to being just plain ratcliff.

      I’d appreciate advise on where to post WTA news — anyone care? I don’t know ?

      • rc,

        I don’t know how many times we have to clarify that Margot and Amy are two different people! They have both been quite clear about that!

        It is getting to be repetitive and quite boring. There should be more interesting things that someone might do with their life than in engage in this kind of nonsense!

        • Nny,

          I’m not sure what the history of why that all got started: The Margot is amy thing but I wish it would end.

          Hey also…if you kindly would let me know if the new forum is or isn’t a good place to post WTA. You’ve given me feedback and said you appreciate my posting …and I’ll go back to the other WTA forum – the old one. I did like the edit option on the new forum but by now you should be used to my mistakes 😉 thanks.

            • Actually Truth is hawkeye. On tennis talk there was a similar babbler called hawkeye and the then conspirator who is our current hawkeye, confessed he was the gibberish spouter hawkeye and renamed himself hawkeye here on tenngrand.

          • rc,

            I don’t like to get into this nonsense about Margot and Amy because it feeds into the agenda of someone who is herself guilty of posting under more than username. I just wanted to get it on the record and now I fine with even going there. As you can see, it’s an attempt to disrupt this site yet again.

            As far as the WTA, I appreciate your recaps and info about upcoming events and results. I thought there was one WTA forum. So I am confused.

        • Native, you are wrong. hawkeye as elina has admitted on tennis-x that Margot is amy. Margot herself admitted she is amy though in slightly vague terms but hawkeye posted the link and from his post it is clear he is referring to amy.

          • Holdserve, you should keep your moniker as Truth on TX and change your name here (yet again) to Lies here on TG or better yet stop posting altogether here like you promised a few months ago.

            My two cents.

            • Anyway hawkeye cannot deny he admitted Margot was amy. It maybe pointed out that I had already deduced she was Margot from the obvious lie that she was never on any internet site earlier ( what? was she living in a cave?) Her obvious familiarity with tennis-x, her careful avoidance of Muzz talk, her habit of clicking on posters’ monikers to see their post etc etc Margot posting something for native on tennis-x ( poor thing, even a genius like Margot can get confused), Margot complaining she won’t be back on tenngrand because Ricky is not stopping the nonsense, ha ha….

            • How many names do you have hawkeye? As Elina is under moderation, you have now started posting as Truth who posts exactly like hawkeye of tennistalk. I do not remember all your monikers. You have posted under at least 5 on tennis-x. Hats off to you for creating different personalities especially elina, a girl. But even you had to admit Margot is your master when she created amy.

            • I can’t call you by your TX moniker because you speak no Truth here Mary/holdserve (especially the promise not to post here anymore lol).


            • Well hawks was playing games if he did join in that ruse. I mean it is funny — I was accused of being lakie on Tennis-x. That might have been funny but the Nole clan there truly wanted it to be true and were trying to bully and humiliate me. I would consider it a compliment if I could be lakie…and jalep at the same time. Honestly lakie is a far better writer than I am by a long shot. The differences are absurdly funny. Cheers lakie if you are reading.

              The Margot is amy and vice versa has gone too far. I’ve known Margot as a poster since 2009. We had a bumpy start…I had to learn a lot. And still am learning. But I’d bet my house and car on Margot and amy being two completely different people!

              Heck, they finally met and talked to each other for the first time in the chat of one of my WTA Tournytopia GS brackets last year! Nny was witness….And I have their emails and information as bracket administrator.

        • Sorry ratcliff, did you know Margot was deuce on tennis talk and deucy on tenngrand? deuce was a 100% troll and completely dufferent from Margot. Also don’t you find it odd amy avoids commenting on Muzz? Before the fake heart to heart between the two amy and Margot, amy used to post a bit about Muzz but pretend to be angry with him. The anger was so obviously fake that it is what made me realize who she was. Before that I just knew she was a fake Rafa fan.

          • Mary
            The first time I read the pages of Tenngrand was in 2015. But I didn’t read the comment sections much. I got a feel for what Ricky was doing here and it’s appealing to me for his detail to matches and players and there’s more successful separation of non tennis talk from the serious tennis talk. I’m a supporter of keeping the personal out and using a site maintenance page, non-forum page, player pages. Although I’ve violated rules I don’t do it intentionally like having several ratcliff accounts —-that’s just me losing track of email, passwords, ect. Anyway I like the organization here better than tennis-x as a forum/blog.

            But I do miss tennis chatting with Margot.So I go venture over there. Yes, I knew her other moniker was deuce on Tennistalk. I don’t see the problem with having a couple monikers….lol, how many I have had. Anyway…I realize people can have numerous accounts but I really don’t agree that Margot and amy are one in the same…in fact I consider it every bit as outrageous a claim as me being lakie.

            If Ricky could help solve this and put it to bed, it would be nice…Ricky. I’m done on the topic for now.

            • rc,

              Margot never meant to hide who she was by having one username on tennis-x and another one as deuce on Tennis Talk. There was a lot of crossing over between tennis-x and Tennis Talk. Some people kept the same username and others had different ones.

              Margot/Deuce was always a Murray fan. We all knew her very well for some time. Amy has always been a Rafa fan who also likes Novak. There is nothing wrong with liking more than one player or having two favorites. I have only gotten to know Amy very recently. I chatted with Margot/Deuce on both Tennis-x some years ago when I used to post there and also on Tennis Talk.

              There is one person who used to go after people on some crusade on Tennis Talk. This person would attack certain people as not being real Rafa fans, saying that they were really Murray fans. Now it is happening again with Amy being absurdly accused of being a closet Murray fan. Reading her posts indicates who her favorite players are.

              I have no idea why anyone would spend their time attacking anyone and/or presuming to know who anyone is really a fan of or not. Only people themselves can say who they are a fan of or not. I cannot imagine any reasonable or logical reason why anyone would bother to hide who they like or pretend to be a fan of a player. That makes no sense.

              This is much ado about nothing. It’s really an attempt to disrupt any discussions about tennis and robin some way bully or harass other people by positing this phony argument about pretending to like a player.

              It’s unfortunate and I know that Margot has requested that Ricky put a stop to it. That would be welcome.

            • Wrong again native. deuce denied she was Margot till tennis talk was sinking. Just before leaving she admitted she was Margot.
              Wrong again about her being a Rafa fan. For a long time I did not know who amy was but I knew that she was not a Rafa fan. Her theme was that Rafa is playing as well as he had ever been but others had learnt how to neutralize his weapons. He needed to learn new tricks, get rid of Uncle T but Uncle T was selfish and evil and wouldn’t let Rafa get a new coach. .
              She claimed she hadn’t been on the internet . An obvious lie which meant she had been posting on tennistalk/tenngrand. But who was she? It was when I observed her posts feigning anger at Muzz that I was puzzled. Why was she pretending she hated Muzz? Then the penny dropped. Once I knew what to look for, I found umpteen evidence of amy being deuce.
              More proof: Recently she gushed over Delpo and hoped he would win RG. All Rafa fans know Rafa has set his heart on winning RG. Considering clay is not Delpo’s strongest surface, it was an odd wish or expectation. Obvious conclusion: she is not a Rafa fan.

  1. was testing a different email trying to find the one for my original account.
    That didn’t work… my original email is still in moderation.

    • Ny WordPress and gravatar accounts have been a mess….sorry alison…
      It took all afternoon but at last I believe the problem is solved…until next year … ??

  2. No RC sorry the WTF comment was not at you me dear, although im glad youve got it all sorted, what im confused about is the whole Amy / Margot / Duece /Hawkeye / Mary saga ( Still am, scratches head ) :-/ ….

    Ive also been personally attacked again by WB on TX, but i gave him as good as i got, he sent a link having a dig, and i sent a couple back, dont know what is wrong with that man sometimes ….

      • There’s a bug on threads with a lot of posts. It takes you to the previous page.

        It’s the first comment on page 11 (latest page). Specifically,

        Stanley FEBRUARY 7, 2017 AT 1:10 AM:
        “As EVIL, WICKED, SATANIC as Adolf Hitler was he is a saint compared to you”
        “if I ever meet you believe me there is no doctor that can help you.”

        • I think things are getting out of control on the topic thread about Kyrgios and the Trump t-shirt.

          Whitelight has already used deeply offensive language such as referring to me as a ” Nazi pussy”.

          We can disagree without resorting to misogynistic insults.

  3. Ricky please review and delete the following post on page 11 on the Kyrgios tshirt thread.

    FEBRUARY 7, 2017 AT 11:37 PM

  4. Hey Ricky,

    Is there a way to have more than three posts appear in the ‘Popular Recent Posts’?

    That would be convenient.


  5. A couple of times when I click on a tenngrand link from a google search, I get redirected to a malware page. Either on my end but I suspect it’s something to do with Ricky’s site being hacked with a redirect.

    But if it’s just me, I might have malware. Anyone else have this happen occasionally?

  6. Hawks

    Yesterday I left a reply to your question at 4.45pm which appeared but has now vanished. Did you see it?

    Head scratch

      • I suggested you switch to an AppleMac computer which are immune to viruses – you don’t even need to run an anti virus protection programme.

        I escape every year to spend two months with my sister who lives on the Costa del Sol to avoid the dreary winter in Northern France. Thanks for the welcome back.

    • For Ricky…this is what is happening to me occasionally and suggests that your wordpress site may be compromised…

      “When a site has been flagged by Google it is all too common for site owners to see this message in the malware section of their Webmaster Tools Account, “When Google last tested this page, no content was returned from your server. Instead, the browser was redirected to a malicious web page. It is likely that your server configuration has been modified.” However, when the site owner navigates to the site/page (from a bookmark or by entering the URL in the browser address bar) the page displays normally.

      Once hackers have succeeded in getting malware or spammy links on to the pages of a site they would like to keep the malware active or the spammy links in place as long as possible. Hackers employ a variety of techniques to hide or cloak the hack from the site owner and from Google. The most common techniques utilized by hackers is the conditional hack, the redirect to a malicious site only occurs under specific conditions and “random redirects”.”

  7. A couple of days ago my sign-in details disappeared.from from this site but when I filled in the info panelI I inadvertently gave my full name instead of my screen name. It took a while to fathom out why my full name had suddenly appeared. I’m now returning to the screen name which I have always used i.e. ed251137

  8. This is the section I was talking about Kevin. If you scroll back you can see the rules and also on this page a clear demonstration of Mary’s trolling and posters asking Ricky to do something about it to no avail. She is attacking me here but the whole thing started with her obsessive trolling of nny when she started posting here.

  9. Yeah, Amy, I see that there are pretty specific rules. It’s interesting that there seem to be no permentant bans on here, only one-week bans. Judging by these rules, Stanley would surely be way beyond 3 strikes, and would probably be getting lots of one week bans. Maybe he has been banned for a week at a time? I don’t know. To be honest, I see many of these rules constantly broken, by many different users. 😛 I can’t accuse Ricky of not enforcing the rules, though, because there is no way to know if/when someone receives a punishment, unless they inform everyone in a comment. I would like to see some sort of rule where if you use hate speech, the first strike is a one-week ban, so the offender gets a chance to recognize where they were wrong (even though they would likely not recognize it, maybe they would). Then if they do it again, there should be a permenant ban. I know that I have no say in what the rules should be, but that’s my opinion- that strike two equals permenant ban.

    • Well it’s largely a question of degree isn’t it Kevin? There is no way it’s possible or even desirable to police small transgressions but as I said there are 2 clear examples in Stanley and Mary who have trolled harassed and transgressed on a continual basis. Moreover these 2 have been complained about on site by a lot of people. So yes I agree with you that persistent breaking of site rules should result in people being banned. Stanley and Mary should really already have been banned imo. You haven’t actually seen a lot of Mary’s trolling – it’s been very bad going on for years.

      • Maybe 2 strikes and you’re out is a bit hasty..but certainly it shouldn’t be allowed beyond a small number of times.. Otherwise we can’t actually have proper conversations!
        And surely you agree with me that vicious personal harassment is the equivalent of hate speech as in homophobia and so on??

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