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  1. “How a sportsmanship lesson helped shape Federer’s new fashion line”


    Federer says this first move into off-court looks provided a real learning opportunity for him—the competitor inside the 17-time Grand Slam champion knows fashion presents another area to conquer.

    Still, Federer doesn’t have much competition in the contemporary tennis world—he says fashion doesn’t come easy to the men on tour. ”

    I’ve been pushing the envelope a little bit and this collection brings all of that out.”

    “I hope I have elevated the fashion sense in the tennis world a little bit,” he says.

  2. “Roger Federer’s dad played a vital role in making Federer the tennis player he is today”

    There’s his grace on court and the way he never seems to raise a sweat or be out of breath, even in the dying stages of a fifth set. There’s his soft hands at the net, and of course that one-handed backhand.
    But above all, Federer’s won fans the world over for carving out a niche as the sport’s nice guy.

    He recently came in fifth in ESPN’s World Fame 100 — a list that ranks athletes according to salary and endorsements, social media following and Google search popularity. (Rafa was 10th.)

    He personifies calmness. Cucumbers probably wish other vegetables would compliment them for being as cool as Roger.

  3. Roger Federer: ‘I need the fire, the excitement, the whole rollercoaster’


    Roger Federer slowly, lovingly, takes the wrapping off his new racket, like a little boy with a giant lollipop. “It’s my Wimbledon racket,” he says. He runs his fingers along the frame, bounces a hand against its head.

    He passes the racket to me – it is light and not highly strung, which could also be said of the man. We are in a vast warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland, and I’m swinging away with the racket and imaginary balls. He looks lean, tanned, glowing, in the way only an elite athlete can. He’s using the opportunity to launch a new clothes line – smart, spare, the kind of thing you’d imagine Federer wears in his down time.

    Since winning his first major tournament, he has been known for his calm. He doesn’t shout at himself or his coaching team; he smiles rather than snarls on court; and he rarely questions decisions.

    Federer’s grand slam total makes him the greatest male tennis player ever.

    It’s not simply his record that makes Federer the greatest, it’s the way he plays. Only once in a blue moon does somebody come along who transcends their sport, elevating it into a thing of beauty: Lionel Messi in football, Muhammad Ali in boxing, Ronnie O’Sullivan in snooker, and Federer. There’s the spirit with which he plays, and the elegance – the single-handed backhand, the driving forehand (his shirt rising to reveal his washboard stomach). Federer can match today’s baseline bullies, but he can also mix it up with the serve and volley that used to dominate the men’s game. His appearance is every bit as stylish.

    For all the achievements of Nadal, Djokovic and Murray, no player is loved quite like Federer. I have never had such a swooning reaction from friends and colleagues when I’ve told them who I’m meeting – young and old, men and women, Federer crushes know no bounds.

    There is one thing he thinks has changed for the worse – the grunting. There is a good reason why he doesn’t grunt: it puts him off. “Back in the day, people didn’t grunt so much,” he says, “but now everyone does. I always thought, if I do that, my mind is with the grunting rather than the shot. I’m OK with it to a certain level, but I don’t like it if it’s too loud or it’s used in key moments. That becomes unsportsmanlike.”

    Tics seem more pronounced in tennis than any other sport. Does he have any? “Not really.” Which of his rivals’ are the worst? “Rafa’s are somewhat obvious,” he says. Before every serve, Nadal pulls an imaginary wedgie out of his bottom. “I think it’s worse on TV than actually playing him. When he’s about to serve, you’re focused on yourself, not what he’s doing with his hand.” Does he get annoyed when players’ tics slow the game down? “I get frustrated with umpires allowing them to go over the time limit. I don’t want us to lose viewers because we’re playing two points every two minutes, or you hit a let call and go through the whole routine again. There’s a danger of that.”

    In his New York Times essay, David Foster Wallace wrote that Federer was “both flesh and not”. In a New Yorker profile, Nick Paumgarten developed the theme: “The point is that to root for Federer is to root for a Platonic ideal,” he wrote. “It is like rooting for truth.”

    Read more…

  4. Roger Federer Remains the (Fan) Favorite at Wimbledon

    ” He’s the unqualified GOAT, the player who brought fluidity and versatility back to the men’s game after years of grunting serve-and-volley dullness, the Swiss maestro with more perfectly tailored smoking jackets than most men own t-shirts, the best friend of Anna Wintour who looked so clean and elegant on his way to piling up more major championships than anyone in history. Rafael Nadal, his best rival, had the power but not the range. Novak Djokovic, his next rival, might have the titles, but not the affection.”

    • So glad we decided not to go this year.

      You roll the dice when you invest in buying tickets weeks/months in advance to tennis tournaments.

      When Murray pulled out I was wondering if he already knows Nole’s plans to do the same.

      Also, Rafa is far from a lock to play Toronto.

      Could be missing the Big 4.

      What a bust.

  5. Federer has pulled the plug on his 2016 season! This is bad news.

    However, I pity those hater fed fans who were crafting their ridiculous stories about Rafa serving a ‘silent’ ban in 2012. Well, this is 100 eggs on their faces!
    Also, so much for their stupid theories regarding ‘Rafa looking fine against Rosol/Soderling’ before pulling out for months !!! Yeah, Federer really was limping against Raonic!

    A lesson for for all those fed fans. Do not disrespect these great athletes who have given their 100% all their life.

    I wish Federer a speedy recovery.

    For the first time I feel his retirement is not for away now.

    • vr,

      You really spoke for me with this comment. Just recently, we were going at it with the likes of Fedfan. I am sick to death of the truly I insulting conspiracy theories that have been thrown around by rabid Fed fans to discredit Rafa in some way.

      I remember reading on tennis-x that Rafa took 7 months off in 2012, not for the knee but to work on his hardcourt game. It would be funny if it wasn’t so insulting and stupid.

      Ben Pronin put forth this insane theory as to why Rafa came back in 2013 and had so much success. This is the kind of specious garbage that haters have spewed out so carelessly.

      However, I do not intend to follow their example and do the same thing to Fed. I do not stoop that low.

      I do not want to be in the same company as some fed fans who are only too quick to take cheap shots at Rafa.

  6. Fed’s coach Severin Lüthi says in his interview that Fed’s knee problem has nothing to do with the fall in the 5th set of the Wimbledon SF against Raonic:

    (I don’t read MensTennisForums, I saw the link to it on another site.)
    The situation Fed is in, should silence those Fedlovers who have attacked Rafa when he has faced similar situations.

    • Further credibility added to my post above.

      So Federer pulls out for 6 months when he ‘appeared to be moving fine’ against Raonic? I hope loser fans can cut this crap and respect the athletes.

      • It’s always been upsetting to see Fed fans indulding in theirs stupid theories whenever Rafa’s been forced to take time off.

        Hope Fed plays solid for a couple more years and we get more Fedal matches.

  7. No Federer, but the tournament is apparently still on


    The last U.S. Open without Roger Federer took place during the Bill Clinton administration. With another Clinton aiming to win the White House, Federer will sit out this year’s Open because of lingering knee issues.

    Victoria Azarenka and Tomas Berdych are also skipping the tournament due to pregnancy and appendicitis, respectively. But Federer’s absence in particular stings. His incredible popularity with U.S. Open fans sometimes makes him feel like the “home team” of the tournament. The crowd is always behind him, even against American opponents, and his trademark “RF” Nike hats are ubiquitous on the tournament grounds. It’s also a reminder that the current “Golden Era” of men’s tennis won’t last forever. So he’ll be missed.

    We’ll get through this together, everyone. I promise.


  8. Roger Federer has been named the top athlete brand in the Forbes Fab 40, the world’s most valuable sports brands.
    The Swiss superstar has a brand value of $37 million a year, the amount by which endorsement income exceeds the average endorsement income earned by the Top 10 earning athletes in the same sport during the past year.
    Federer’s brand value is greater than NBA basketball player LeBron James ($34 million), golfer Phil Mickelson ($28 million), sprinter Usain Bolt ($25 million), golfer Tiger Woods ($23 million) and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ($19 million).

    Last month, the 35-year-old Federer was ranked No. 4 with $67.8 million in the The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2016 list compiled by Forbes. The Basel native’s commercial partners include Nike, Wilson, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Credit Suisse and Moët & Chandon.
    Federer will return to the ATP World Tour at the start of the 2017 season.

    • I add to my post AT 2:56 PM…

      The Swiss Maestro has a value of $37 million a year. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
      It’s hard to imagine Roger Federer not being at the top of anything (though his ranking has begun to slip, sitting this week at No. 7). The Swiss has been named the top athlete brand in Forbes Fab 40, a list of the world’s most valuable sports brands.

      Federer has a brand value of $37 million a year, which is the amount by which endorsement income goes above the average endorsement income earned by the Top 10 earning athletes in the same sport within the past year. In simpler terms, brand value is how much the name of each athlete—completely by itself—contributes to earnings.

      The 34-year-old is valued higher than LeBron James ($34 million), Tiger Woods ($23 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($19 million).

      Back in September, the 17-time Grand Slam champion was also ranked No. 4 in Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2016 list with $67.8 million (and he was the highest paid tennis player overall). So essentially, despite injuries and a shortened season, the sky is still very much blue in Switzerland.

      Federer will return to the court at the beginning of the 2017 season.”

    • So that’s where Fed is now. It was to be expected, given that he had to stop playing when he did this year.

      It’s going to be interesting to see how Fed handles coming back with his lowest ranking since he was on top in this sport.

      Hopefully, the knee issue will be resolved and he will at least be healthy again.

    • I add to MY post AT 4:59 PM.

      I agree with Edberg. The field has never been weaker since 2007. I rewatched most of last year’s semi between Nole and Roger. Nole was in God mode and beat fed 1 and 2 in the first two sets. Fed won the third set and kept it tight in the fourth. Fed would have beaten today’s version of Nole.

      It all depends on how long it takes Fed to shake off the rust but if history is any indication, there won’t be a lot to shake off.

      He’s definitely the best 35 year old to play tennis in the open era IMO.

      • I think Tommy Haas at age 35 has a better ranking than Fed. Haas may not have done better at the slams than Fed at age 35, but he was stopped twice at the slams by Djoko the then no.1 player in 2013. Haas at age 35 had won two 250 titles.

        Career wise of course Fed is better than Haas by a country mile, but Haas despite all his injuries was still able to play well at age 35 and even beat Djoko the no.1 player at Miami that year. I think Haas has a better season at age 35 than Fed, who’s plagued with injuries at age 35.

        • A better ranking at 35?


          Roger was still No. 3 on his 35th birthday (having sat out a full month before that).

          Technically speaking, any player that’s earned a single rankings point is better than Fed at 35 because he has zero.

          Roger hasn’t even played at 35 to be fair but look at his results at 34 and they are way better than any year from Haas.

          At 34 Roger had a slam final, two slam semis, WTF final, a 500 series title and wins over both Rafa and Nole.

          We will have to wait and see about 35 but my money is on Fed (compared to Haas).

  9. Congratulations Roger!!!

    He’s won the award sponsored by his sponsor!!!!

    Federer has been selected by fellow players as winner of the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award for a 12th time and by fans as the Fans’ Favourite presented by Moët & Chandon for a 14th straight year. Since 2003, Federer has won a record total of 33 ATP World Tour Awards.

  10. Roger Federer was recently named the MOST VALUABLE ATHLETE IN THE WORLD FOR @)!^ (ACROSS ALL SPORTS)!!!!!

    Federer among highest-paid athletes of all-time

    Roger Federer is the fifteenth highest-earning athlete of all-time, according to a recent study by Forbes magazine. The Swiss star, who was recently named the most valuable athlete in the world for 2016 (across all sports), has amassed $600 million since he first turned pro in 1998.

    • Huh? Only $600million? I expected more. I guess in the past this honor would go to Tiger Woods. I thought Tiger was the most famous sportsman in the world for quite some times in the past, more well known than even some famous footballer, even David Beckham.

        • Last year, you mean 2015? Anyway, Fed didn’t top the list all along. I thought one year two boxing guys top the list, one had 300mil and the other 150mil just from one boxing match.

          The highest paid sportsman is still Tiger Woods, career wise and overall. I’m just surprised that Fed made only $600 million after so many years, should be close to $800 mil (and Rafa more like close to $600mil and Djoko close to $300-400 mil imo). Don’t forget these guys get appearance fees and expos paid them really well ( Fed got paid $12 mil during his 2 weeks SA exhos whilst Rafa got $10 mil for a week’s exho I heard).

          Djoko benefitted the most from the recent prize money increases as he’s winning so much lately; just compare how much the slams are paying the winners these days to what the winners got in the past!

        • I think Tiger Woods top the list for many years and there’s one year the two boxing guys were the top two after being the winner and loser of a boxing match where the winner got $300 mil and loser got $150 mil.

          Anyway, I thought Fed should have more than $600mil, more like $800 mil; whilst Rafa about $500-$550 mil and Djoko about $400 mil. I mean Fed has about $60mil per year for the past few years from endorsements, of course he got lesser earlier on; add to that his almost $100 mil prize money, exhos and appearance fees…

          Rafa too with average $30 mil endorsements per year for past nine? years; another $30 maybe from 2003-2007? Add in his prize money of $78 mil, exhos plus appearance fees (which he has plenty as he has many exhos each year and plays many 250/500 events each year.

          Djoko benefited from the increased prize money st the slams and Masters recently which he won so much. Also his endorsements have jumped to $34 mil per year these past few years.

  11. RT @rogerfederer: Are you excited for today’s LIVE broadcast of my practice followed by #AskRF? Tune in on Periscope @ 2pm Dubai time (10am GMT)! ??

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