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  1. Alison, it’s £500k.

    The Sun
    BANKRUPT Boris Becker is set to join I’m A Celebrity.

    The ex-Wimbledon champ hopes a £500,000 jungle pay day will help him to avoid financial ruin.

  2. When typing the fee BB would get I didn’t spot I’d dropped a nought 🙁
    £500.000 isn’t going to save him from financial ruin though !!

  3. Stanley, you say this:

    “Having questions is different than trampling and i have answered most of your questions that i think are sincere, some of your statements/comments are ridicules and are not worth the time because the are irrational and sometimes ungodly.”

    Let’s try to focus the discussion so that we can make some progress. Here are a few questions I invite you to answer, as concisely as you can.

    1. What does it mean to say that what I say is “ungodly”? (You already know I don’t ‘believe in God, so I assume you’re saying something more than that).

    2. Please provide one instance of where I have ridiculed God, Christ, your faith, or anything like that. Just one instance, directly quoting what I have said; that’s all I ask.

    3. Please provide one instance where I have said or asked something that you believe is insincere. Again, direct quotation, please.

    • Joe i just saw your comment/questions, to be honest with you, i don’t have time for this because i am busy and there is no motivation to answer it because even if i answer it, it will make no difference.

      The word of God( The Bible) say’s In the book of Psalm 14:1 “The fool has said in his/her heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none who does good.”
      i explained a little bit of what that verse means here-

      Your unbelieve doesn’t hinder the existence of God, in a way it kind of proves His existence.
      I will answer your 3 questions when i have the time not because the are worth answering because it is a waste of time, the fact that you are asking me this kind of questions is a little bit silly because i have already answered lots of your questions and i have also exposed the foolishness in some of them.

      You have asked me lots of questions and at one point i thought you were being sincere in your questions.
      I haven’t counted this but i think i have posted more than 50 comments answering your questions and providing resources to back them in other to help U, this comments are not short comments but long and the are carefully crafted because i want you to get all the informations you need, sometimes i have to study and search carefully so that i don’t mislead you or others.

      I have done my best 4 U Joe Smith and i am not sure i will do it again, the rest is up to you.
      I have my own questions but sometimes i don’t ask them because your questions and comments tell me what to expect.

      I don’t hate you, if i did i won’t have done or be doing what i am doing, it is Godly love for you and others that have motivated me to do what i have done, but there comes a time when it’s enough and i am almost there or there.

      My prayer is that one day you will know the truth and i know the truth will set you free.

      • Stanley, you are most welcome to ask me any question about this topic. Of course, you have to care enough about what I believe to do it. Please do not presume anything in this regard (other than what I have already said explicitly, of course).

    • Joe Smith, can you give me some good reasons why i should answer your questions.
      What’s the point?
      What do i get? Lol!

      I have answered tons of questions you have asked me and what has been the result?
      I have all the answers to all your questions but if i am going to give an honest, accurate answer, i need to read some of your previous comments and to me that’s a waste of time.

      Give me some good reasons to answer your questions and i will answer them when i have the time, i will be busy this week but if your reasons are good i will make time to respond.

      • Sorry, Stanley, in my previous comment I invited you to *ask* me any questions if you had them, rather than answer ones I had previously asked.

      • As to “what you get” by answering my questions, I guess that’s up to you.

        My view, which I hope others also have at least some of the time, is that respectful debate and disagreement is healthy and valuable in its own right. I like to know why others I disagree with think as they do, and I’d like to think they feel the same toward me.

  4. I’ll repeat just one question I have asked above, because I’m genuinely curious as to what your answer is:

    What does it mean to say that what I say is “ungodly”? (You already know I don’t ‘believe in God, so I assume you’re saying something more than that).

    • Joe smith, your reasons are not good enough but i will answer your questions when i have the time.
      After i have answered them this is it, i won’t answer any of your questions related to this topic because i have answered tons of questions you have asked but you are not seeking 4 answers.

      The word of God( The Bible) teaches that as merciful, gracious, longsuffering as GOD is, there comes a time when He gives up on Reprobate’s, FOOLS who have intentionally blinded themselves with deception, perversion, sin etc.

      They can’t even see the truth that is b4 their eyes on a daily basis, GOD is patient and doesn’t give up on people easily, man/woman might be impatient but God is kind and faithful to the end, we see the outward appearances but GOD sees the heart.

      It is far easier to pull someone down that to pull someone up.

      If someone doesn’t believe in gravity on earth and they jump 4rm a building or from a high place, will there unbelieve help or protect them?

      I will answer your questions when i have the time but it is depressing to go back pages ago and read some of the nonsense posted there,

  5. Personally i believe the world would be a better place, if we just all left each other alone, let each other choose their own religious beliefs, and their own sexual preferances, without passing judgement, we all came into the world with nothing, and we will all leave with nothing, its why i became a Pagan, we respect each other, and dont pass judgement, while also treading lightly on the earth, not taking any more than we need, my posts are very basic, and im not the most knowledgeable i will admit, but just thought id throw this out there, as long as you dont hurt each other, or bother anyone else, whats it matter what religion, or sexual preferance you have, PEACE XX 😉

    • Alison,

      There is right and there is wrong.
      There is good and there is evil.

      God gave us….

      Something came up, i will complete this comment later.

      Mira i don’t hate you, i love U with a Godly love and if you misunderstand my comments or heart, then i am disappointed.

      There is right & there is wrong.

      I am a little busy, later.

  6. Especially to Stanley…

    First of all Stanley,i want to say how sad & disappointed i am because clearly you’re a very smart man…but at the same time lack of respect towards other’s and their religion or belief…In this respect,i believe we have a very different views from each other Stanley…I don’t have a problem loving other people’s who have different religion & faith like Nny or RC or Hawks or Alison…I’m not as judgmental as u Stanley..

    Many moons ago,i already asked u to go find an Imam or Muslim Scholar if u want to know or debate about Islam…coz from your words it seems there’s so many things that u still didn’t know about Islam…Even tho i am a Muslim but i think i am not that arrogant to claim i have enough knowledge to debate with u about Islam..especially here..a tennis site?The only person who can assuage your hunger about Islam is an Imam or Muslim Scholar..These guys studied Islam & Al Quran all their lives Stanley! They’re the only one who can answer all your questions,believe me!…I’m not smart enough to answer a very wise guy like u Stanley…I’m no match for u…So,please go find them okay?

    About your insults towards Prophet much as i am saddened & disappointed by your lack of respect towards him, Muslims & Islam in general… i’m not going to get mad at u or hurl an angry words towards u either Stanley…we’re Muslims already used to this kind of thing…U’re just one of the ‘Salman Rushdie’ or ‘Charlie Hebdo’ who let their unfair judgement clouded their wise mind…Hey!guess what Stanley??There’s plenty of the famous Non Muslim out there who still respect Prophet Muhammad for his Faith in Allah,In Islam,his low profile attitude,his love towards his follower’s and many other things that u can find in Mahatma Gandhi’s Biography about prophet Muhammad…

    Other Non Muslims who write with deep respect about Him also Anne Marie Schimmel,Karen Amstrong,Deepak Chopra and the most phenomenal write up is from Michael H Hart who described Prophet Muhammad is THE MOST INFLUENTIAL SINGLE FIGURE IN HUMAN HISTORY….So…with those famous people’s with their amazing words about Prophet Muhammad…i don’t think i care much about your words here Stanley…I wish u a very happiness in the world Stanley…Have a very healthy physical & mind too…Have a good day okay??

  7. Mira Andi great post, just wanted to add, i have friends of all cultures and religious beliefs, we have Muslims next door whom are great mates of our, i have catholic friends, Atheist friends, Jeahovas witness friends, mormon friends, gay friends, etc etc, but we all get on with each other and respect each other ….

    • Hey Al!…Thank u very much for your understanding sis!…Bu then, u are one of the great people that i am very fortunate to have met in this life…Thank u also for your friendship Al!…It means so much to me….

      And yeah…i am like u too Al…have many friends with different religions & belief…and the key is…none other than respect what they did..respect their belief and respect their opinion…The result??Amazing! & superb friendship!!…That’s all that matter’s…

    • Alison,

      No there Isn’t, especially on moral issues.

      Truth is absolute & universal, people can call good-evil and evil-good but at the end they will reap what the have sowed.

      I will continue this later, i am doing something important.

      • I also have friends who believe differently but there is right & wrong.
        There are things that are ungodly & wicked and there things that are Godly & good.

        There absolutes and without them we can’t live, there are laws of logic, science etc that govern the universe and without them this universe can’t function.

        This laws didn’t just appear from nowhere, a Creator established them and if study a little, you will appreciate the wonderful works of God, even though we are not living in a perfect world, there is so much to be thankful for.

        God is Holy & Just
        and His moral laws are good and profitable to all.

        I have so much to say but my work is piling up, i need to go, i will respond to any reasonable comment when i have the time.

  8. Hey Mira Andi—

    A couple changes: the computer cord to my new computer caught fire, so I will not be on Facebook until I get back from Portland. Yes, flying to Portland for the next few days and won’t be back until late Sunday.

    The good news. I can use my phone for picking brackets but I can’t use my phone for FB.

    Spending the next 4 days at Mr Ratcliff’s. Love you and miss you. ..will get back to you later from my computer on FB next week when I have a new electrical cord! Xxxooo

  9. Stanley, this is what I’ve been trying to engage you on, but all you do is quote scripture to me. Instead, I want you to use your brain, to think for yourself, to provide reasons for what you believe. To Alison, you say:

    “There [are] absolutes and without them we can’t live, there are laws of logic, science etc that govern the universe and without them this universe can’t function.

    This laws didn’t just appear from nowhere, a Creator established them and if study a little, you will appreciate the wonderful works of God, even though we are not living in a perfect world, there is so much to be thankful for.”

    I think there are moral absolutes as well; they are out there to be discovered, just like the laws of nature. But I don’t believe a Creator established any laws, scientific or moral, because I don’t believe in a Creator, in God. Can you understand that? Can you understand that it is possible to believe in moral absolutes without God? I can assure you that it is possible.

    Here is the most important point, Stanley, and it applies to most of the non-tennis things you say on this site:

    A claim isn’t made true or right by the fact that *you* say it is. It isn’t made true or right by the fact that the *Bible* says it is, either. (Claims aren’t made true or right by the fact that the Koran, or the Torah, or any holy book says so, either).

    Truths that are important and not trivial are to be *discovered* not *proclaimed* by you or anyone else. And the only way to discover anything, to learn anything, is to use our reason. It is something we do together; that is how science has progressed. You don’t get to tell me (or anyone) what is morally right, and I don’t get to tell you (or anyone). If we can discover anything interesting, it is something we do together, through rational discussion.

    Let’s take a concrete example. You think that homosexuality is morally wrong. I totally disagree, along, it seems, with many people on this site. Here’s one reason why I think the way I do (there are others): In general, consenting adults should be free to do what they want as long as it doesn’t harm others. It follows that consenting adults should be able to have any kind of sex with each other that they want as long as it doesn’t harm others.

    Note what happens if you deny the general point. You open yourself up to those who would criticize things you like to do that harm no one (except perhaps yourself). Take your gambling as an example. Suppose someone says to you: “Stanley, gambling is a vice. It shows a weakness of character, wastes money that could be better spent elsewhere, and in general is a waste of your talents. Therefore, it’s wrong for you to gamble.”

    I think you are well within your rights to say, in effect: eff-off! It’s no one else’s business what you do with your own hard-earned money, as long as you aren’t harming others, neglecting your children, etc. And that response follows from the general principle above, which also allows consenting adults to have sex with each other.

    Ok, I’ve said more than enough. But I hope you can begin to get the point.

    • Joe, you are blind and you can’t see the truth that is before your eyes.

      How do you know a Creator didn’t establish the laws that govern the universe?

      Who established them?

      Who created this world?

      How did life begin?

      Morality is not relative, you are crazy to compare someone investing in sports and Homosexuality that is just stupid, the more i discuss with you, the more foolish your comments are.

      Homosexuality is unnatural & ungodly.
      And it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or disbelief it doesn’t change a thing.

      I have had a hectic day, i have been busy working all day and i am not done.

      I will try to post a comment or link when i am less busy tomorrow, next or whenever i can, i believe it would be helpful.

      There are so much you don’t understand and i have tried to help you, i have answered lots of questions and posted uncountable comments but you are not seeking for truth, when i answer one question, you ignore the answer and ask another, i can answer all questions but no matter the answer it won’t be enough, it is exhausting to take your time and answer many questions but the same stupidity is repeated over & over again.

      I am wasting my time with you and i will encourage you to go back and read some of my answers to your questions.

      I answered many questions, posted many links & videos, did you watch them?

    • Now we are getting somewhere, Stanley. You ask:

      “How do you know a Creator didn’t establish the laws that govern the universe?”

      Answer: I don’t know that a Creator didn’t establish such laws. Nor do I know whether anyone created the world, or how life began, or why there is something rather than nothing.

      And guess what? Neither do you, and neither does anyone else. You may think you know such things, but you’re just making stuff up, like everyone else who claims to know such things.

      There is a lot we would all like to know but don’t. In my opinion, humility is the proper attitude to take with respect to a lot of these questions -humility in the recognition of how little we understand about ourselves and our place in the universe.

      As I said before, all we have is our rational capacities, our reason. We do the best we can to discover and understand the truth, but without any guarantees that we will succeed.

      You say: homosexuality is unnatural and ungodly. I”ve already said I don’t know what “ungodly” means, so let’s stick with “unnatural.” Can we give some meaning to it, which will do the work you want it to do? Perhaps it means something like: not in accord with the proper function of sex, namely, procreation. Or: statistically very unusual or improbable. And things like that are morally wrong.

      The problem is, neither of those meanings of “unnatural” is likely to help you. There are all kinds of sexual activity, including heterosexual activity, which doesn’t lead to procreation. Is it all unnatural and therefore immoral?

      Likewise with the statistical definition. You’re an African-American, tennis-loving, Trump supporter. You can’t get much more unnatural than that -if we’re talking unnatural in the statistical sense.

      Perhaps you have another sense of “unnatural” in mind. What, exactly, is it about the unnaturalness of homosexuality that makes it wrong? Give me a reason to agree with you, not a bit of scripture.

      • Joe, i don’t hate you but you are a morally depraved person, your comments are filthy with perversions.

        You say, you don’t know who established the laws that govern the universe or whether there is a creator etc.

        How can you say you know nothing and still claim to KNOW that i & others don’t know anything.
        Your comments are self-contradictory.

        This is some of the reasons why i stopped answering some of your questions because you don’t care about what is true, you are just wasting my time with baseless comments.

        You say you don’t know what ungodly & unnatural is lol! Yes you do but you twist the meaning so that it can fit your perversion.

        You came to me and i initially thought you were sincere about your questions so i did my best for you and i tried to point you towards the right path.

        The word of God( The Bible) say’s In the book of Psalm 14:1 & other verses “The fool has said in his/her heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none who does good.”

        it is foolish to think that nothing made everything, that there is no creator, life is unique & precious and it is impossible for anything other than God to produce life.

        Creation is a testimony that there is a creator and i believe in God because of his mercy, love etc that i received and still receiving through trusting in Jesus Christ.

        One of my eye is closed and the other open, i am not saying all that i need to say because i am exhausted.

        Joe, i know that God exist and i know that Jesus is the creator, he has done so much for me that i cannot explain through speech.
        You can know this saviour if you want to, you can have your sins forgiven, you can receive mercy & grace through Jesus Christ.

        I don’t think i can continue this conversation again, i might add 2 or 3 comments because i need to tell you something.

        Joe, you will find answers to your questions if you search 4 it sincerely & carefully but not this way.

        • stanley’s intelligence excels only when he’s too busy to reply while he plays with his…. while he plays alone.

          As Andy says….

    • What is intelligent about those comments, he is contradicting himself over & over again.

      Seeking for answers but Ignoring the truth, twisting Morality 4 perversion.

  10. Stanley i dont really care, theres nothing in my posts that ive said that i dont stand by, i will say what ive always said, Sheeks, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, COE, Mormons, Muslims, Pagans, straight, gay, Jew, Black, whatever, we all came into the world with nothing, and we will all leave the world with nothing, so why cant we all just be happy and let each other be happy, and let us all live our lives, the way we choose, and im sure the world would be a better place, rather than spreading hatred and judging each other about whats considered right and wrong ?

    • Being black or white is not a moral issue, sin is against God’s nature & commandments.

      They one who created us, created us for a reason/purpose and that’s not to live our lives in sin & immorality.
      The wages of sin is eternal death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

      Alison, God gave us a free will and true liberty should lead to responsibility not perversion.

      If we all decided what is right & wrong then everything is permissible, all form of wickedness & evil can be justified.
      There is right & wrong, good & evil, there is a right way & wrong way and Jesus is THE RIGHT WAY.

      Alison you are one of the people i like in this site, i like everyone, if you want to live your life your way and not according to God’s plan & purpose for you, guess what “You can” but at the end you must be ready to receive the fruits of your labor.

      God’s will for you is good & you can know His plan & purpose for you by trusting in Jesus Christ, you can also reject His will for you, it is your choice, i hope & pray u make the right choice.

      The decisions we make for or against God’s will for us has eternal consequences, heaven or hell, eternal life or eternal separation from God in hell.

      Everyone that is in hell is not there because God put them there, they are there because the put themselves there, they rejected God’s way, His gift of salvation which is Jesus Christ.

      I will talk to you later and i will be praying for you.

  11. I Dont believe in heaven or hell, i believe we just go on to the next level is all, however i will find out for sure when it happens, if i go to hell at least ill be where its warm, as my flat and the British weather means its im always frozen, regarding hell we are already in hell now, how much worse could it be ?

  12. I Always do take care, i actually lead an amazing life, with a great group of friends, that i have all over the place, where nobody judges each other, or apologizes for anything, and we are all happy with ouselves, and our lives ….

  13. Nearly forty years on It still brings a lump to the throat when I hear Lennon singing that song.

    As Leonard Cohen said ‘music forms the emotional background to our lives’.

  14. Well, Stanley, mixed in with your gratuitous and slightly hilarious insults, you have asked a genuinely interesting questions. Your words:

    “You say, you don’t know who established the laws that govern the universe or whether there is a creator etc.

    How can you say you know nothing and still claim to KNOW that i & others don’t know anything.
    Your comments are self-contradictory.”

    That is a very good question. Although it rests on a false presupposition (I never claimed to *know* that you and others don’t know anything about whether God exists, etc.), I can see how you might have thought I claimed that, and why you think what I said is self-contradictory.

    Let’s distinguish *knowing* some claim from *having good evidence for* that claim. Then I can say both

    1. I don’t *know* that God doesn’t exist; and yet
    2. There is no good evidence that God exists, so it is rational to believe that there is no God.

    Remember my comparison between God and purple elephants in my living room. In both cases (I claim), it’s rational to believe there isn’t one, because there is no good evidence that there is one. It’s possible I’m wrong, but it’s always possible that I (or anyone) could be wrong about anything.

    Now, you will presumably say that there *is* good evidence that God exists; furthermore, that you have seen such evidence. Ok, go ahead, show it to me. Again, don’t quote scripture; give me a reason that I can see and understand.

    You say: Joe Smith refuses to see the truth that is right in front of him. I say: if it was that easy, I would have seen it a long time ago. I’m no dummy. You seem to think I actively resist believing in God, but you’re wrong. There have been many times in my life that I wished I believed in God (I know many atheists who say the same thing). The reason I don’t believe isn’t because I don’t *want* to believe; it’s because I don’t think there is good *evidence* to believe. Can you understand that?

    You say:

    “Joe, i know that God exist and i know that Jesus is the creator, he has done so much for me that i cannot explain through speech.”

    I don’t doubt the effect that a belief in JC as your personal savior has had on your life. But that doesn’t show that God exists. You can read and hear testimony from lots of people, of all different religions, about how their beliefs/relationships with God, whatever, have had a positive effect on their life. Listen to movie stars like Tom Cruise or John Travolta talk about what Scientology has done for them. It proves nothing. I’m sure if the average straight guy could convince himself that he looks like George Clooney, he would do better with the ladies. That doesn’t show that he looks like George Clooney.

    Let me repeat: your saying that God exists doesn’t make it so. The Bible saying what it says (some of which is wise, some of which is stupid) doesn’t make it so. All of these claims are up for dispute. If you want to convince others that you are correct, you have to give *rational* arguments. Your efforts thus far leave much to be desired.

  15. Thanks Joe Smith, its pretty simple for me Stanley, i just think people should be left alone, to lead their lives the way they choose, as long as they are not hurting anyone, thats all ….

    • I think that’s a very good and easy-to-live-by way of putting it, Alison. If everyone did that it would be a much better world.

      • Joe this is your comment-

        Answer: I don’t know that a Creator didn’t establish such laws. Nor do I know whether anyone created the world, or how life began, or why there is something rather than nothing.

        And guess what? Neither do you, and neither does anyone else. You may think you know such things, but you’re just making stuff up, like everyone else who claims to know such things.

        • I have answered dozens of your questions with answers that can’t be refuted with facts, I will encourage you to go read them again there are important messages in all of them.

          I once said this- it is not wise to answer a question on quantum physics, if they one asking the question does not believe 1+1=2.

          I have helped you and by the grace of God I have pointed 👉 u in the right direction, whichever way you go is your prerogative.
          Jesus Christ died for the sin of the world and we receive God’s free gift of salvation by trusting in Jesus Christ.

          Without God’s grace & mercy no one can make it, His amazing grace is available for you and for all if you sincerely repent & trust in Him.

          God is long-suffering toward us, not willing that ANY should perish but that ALL should come to repentance(2 Peter 3:9).
          God will not force any to believe or trust in Him and neither will I, He gave us a freewill and true faith in Jesus Christ is not forced but freely given, we don’t lose anything( except for our sins, our blindness, unrighteous ways etc) by trusting in Jesus we again everything.

          In Matthew 16:26 Jesus asked a rhetorical question, He said “What will it profit a man/woman if he/she gains the whole world and loses his/her own soul?
          Or what will a man/woman give in exchange for his/her soul?”

          Jesus preached more about hell than heaven and there is a reason why He did that, love is the reason, when you love someone, you will tell them the truth and warn them of any danger ahead, doing the opposite is pure hatred.

          We will either spend eternity in heaven or hell and God has made a way for you, me & all, it is a free gift, it costs nothing.

          This is it for me, i have spent a lot of time answering your questions, providing resources that will help you, I have done more than a enough.

          I give God the glory and I thank Him for the opportunity He has given me.

        • A scientist told some children that there is no God because science has proved that anything you can’t see or touch does not exist. One of the children asked him how he knows God doesn’t exist and the scientist said he’s used his common sense pointing to his head.

          Child: Can you see your sense?

          Scientist: No

          Child: Can you touch your sense?

          Scientist: No

          Child: Science has proved that anything you cannot see or touch does not exist, so you have no sense.

          The scientist was lost for words.

          • Nadline: I take your point, and science hasn’t proved any such thing, of course.

            But notice what happens when we abandon evidence, when we abandon reason, as a standard for what one should believe, for what is true. Then, it seems, anyone is permitted to believe anything.

            In one sense that’s no problem, of course. But what if (as we hardly need to imagine), some people believe that women are inferior to men; blacks to whites; gays to straight people, and so forth. And they try to act on these beliefs, to make society to conform to them. When you ask them why, they reply: because that’s what my God teaches.

            You ask them: where is your God? What reasons does He have for teaching these things, which seem wrong, which are so offensive to common sense? They say: “We just know they are true, and if you can’t see it, that’s your problem, you’re not trying hard enough. We know that women should be barefoot and pregnant; blacks should be slaves; and gay people should be killed. That’s what God teaches.”

            I don’t know about you, but the only way I know how to answer such people and such claims is by using my common sense, my reason, which is basically the method of science.

            Again, science can’t answer everything, nor can it illuminate many questions that interest us (think of how much more one learns about human nature from great literature, music, or film as compared to a psychology textbook). But we need its methods as a way to rationally criticize bigotry, prejudice, and hatred of all kinds.

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