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    This is so cool. I have it adjusted to show the jet stream and winds aloft and what high pressure areas and low pressure areas might be directing the hurricanes – actually there’s three spots: one in the Gulf of Mexico (Katia), then, Irma, the big one — then Jose a smaller tropical depression or not well formed hurricane following Irma πŸ˜€

    The jet stream across the US is dipping so low into the gulf states that I can’t imagine Irma not being torn apart by the jet stream as it tries to go north west. Surely it will be broken up and floated on out to the Atlantic and mixed in with activity and blocked by high pressure in the North Atlantic

    lol, that’s my amateur forecast. I’ll check back on it later ?

    • God rc!!….U should be working as a weather women presenter somewhere with this knowledge!..All i know about weather is…Okay!no need to take a shower much today coz it’s already cold!lol!!..

      • Did you see it? You can play with the map to see …..and play with all the controls? I don’t know much about it. But I can fin the high pressure and low pressure areas and go up to where the jetstream is. And I have not idea but that little hurricane did huge damamge to Barbados and the British Virgin Islands but I think by the time it gets to Florida it won’t be that organized…..fingers crossed for Nny!

          • Right, Nny!

            I’m praying that Irma is going to weaken as it goes by Hispanola, Cuba, and will be in such disarray and downgraded by the time it gets to Maimi-land that what’s left of it is taken out and away from the East Coast.

          • Nny,

            Irma has been least slowed down to moving west at 9 miles an hour. It’s being hung up and having trouble organizing itself along the North coast of Cuba.


            The weather channel has been wrong about the Irma’s track ever since Irma got to N. Cuba. Really I don’t think they know when, how, or where it turns north. Irma is hanging on to features of N. Cuba and while it does, there will be eye-wall problems. Maneuvering off the N. Coast of Cuba is not something that Irma is in a hurry to do. I think it won’t make the turn North until weakening eye-wall (eye wall is not regrouping like it did after it left Hispanola) gets further West along the North coast, where it could be likely drawn into the warm, shallow gulf water. The outer bands are expanding outward in all directions but that doesn’t mean it’s a more powerful hurricane as far as wind speeds go. The outer bands are can be dangerous but nothing like the Catagory 5 Irma was when it hit Barbuda and St. Maartins. And the farther North and West Irma goes it will also meet with drier winds aloft –not good news for Irma.

            As long as Irma creeps West the less potent the hurricane will be. I don’t know how they think it will move East at all. There’s very warm, shallow waters in the Gulf of Mexico, that could energize as it goes North but hugging tight to West Florida’s coast?? I don’t see it right now.

            It might make landfall more near Tallahassee !!

            My amateur map is in agreement with winds speeds, low pressures, sea temperatures, wave heights, how much precipitable water, there is, ect.

            I’ve been keeping an eye on the pressure location of the EYE since yesterday…It has barely moved or changed. And that’s not what Irma was doing before it got to Cuba πŸ˜€


            I hope I’m right about Irma and the damaging part stays away from you.

            Also hope you are dry and comfortable for Rafa’s match tomorrow!

        • Yep!..i sa it rc!!…It’s very interesting!!…I want to show to my kids & let them explore…Thank u for sharing this with us rc!!

          • Oh good one! If they are interested in science and the forces of nature around the planet ….it’s good. I loved studying weather and earthquakes when I was a kid.

    • rc, thank you for this. Very useful. I am attracted to weather and climate since I was a child. Actually back then I was dreaming about becoming a meteorologist πŸ™‚

  2. Federer and Delpo are about to start playing

    Are you watching? Good Morning MA?

    Keys won! Key will next play and beat Coco. Keys to the final!!

  3. Nny I am feeling really quite worried about you with irma on the hoping it may miss you but sending you a big hug anyway xxxx

  4. @Joesmith,

    There are so many things wrong with your comment but i have corrected you so many times and i know it’s enough.

    I did not start this conversation with you to argue or to debate and i made that clear in my initial comments.
    God/Truth is undisputable/undebatable because Truth does not change and can’t be refuted, debating or arguing about what is true/right is absurd and i have made that clear before.

    Truth does not change because of unbelieve, Truth can’t be refuted with irrefutable facts, it can be denied, it can be rejected but when it’s rejected/denied it’s not done with factual reasons.

    I don’t owe anything and i started this conversation with you out of Godly love and what you do with it is your Prerogative, your life, your decision not mine.

    There is time to plant and time to harvest and at the end we all reap what we have sowed, but remember this, the choices we make in this life whether we trust in Jesus or reject Him as lord & Saviour have eternal results.
    The word of God puts it this way “For the wages of sin is death(this is not a physical death or the nonexistence of the unbeliever) but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ(Romans 6:23).
    What that means is that you can be forgiven of all your sins & you can have eternal life when you put your trust in Christ, the opposite of this is also true because this is a gift it’s not by force we all have a choice.

    When we stand before THE HOLY and MERCIFUL GOD there is no excuse(Romans 1:19) and there is no factual evidence that can refute the Truth today.

    In John 14:6 Jesus said ” I am The Way, The Truth and The life. No one comes to the father except through me”.
    No one can receive eternal life or have their sins forgiven except through Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is the Truth!

  5. Nny!….Hope everything is okay with u & your loved ones over there…If u have an opportunity,please let us know how’re u doing atm k?We’re all worried sick bout u!…Millions of thoughts with u from a far away land Nny!

    • Yeah Mira,

      I’m very worried about Nny. I think I remember her saying she wasn’t too far from where they have the Delray tournament. Gosh…even though the hurricane’s eye-wall path was on the West coast of Florida, opposite Delray, there literally is no where to escape some kind of danger and damages — wow thankfully it’s not the Catagory 5 it was for several days — Irma’s trek across N. Cuba damaged it to the point it couldn’t recover it’s double eye-wall, still it was a Cat 4 when it hit the Florida Keys but the monster Irma is so big, even as it unwinds down to a Cat 3, it covers a larger and larger area and the hazards are even more numerous.

      As it moves north drier air and wind sheer will degrade it but it’s taking too much time for it to clear away.

      Yeah, I’d really like to hear she’s okay about now!! Nny!

      • Oh God rc!!….This Irma is really HUGE!!….I’m shaken just to think of it consequences!…Want to know about Nny so bad!!….Really really wish she & her family r okay!!…

  6. “Do not give what is HOLY to dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces(Matthew 7:6).

    This is a figurative statement but a true statement made by Jesus Christ, Jesus is not saying that dogs or pigs are evil.
    Jesus is using dogs and pigs as representative of those who would ridicule, reject, and blaspheme the gospel once it is presented to them.

    David said in Psalms 23:1-6
    “The Lord is my Shepherd; i shall not want.
    He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.
    He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
    Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil; for you are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
    You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anointed my head with oil; my cup overflows.
    Surely God’s Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and i will dwell in the house of The Lord forever.
    Glory to God!

    David or others are not saying that they are a sheep, it is a figurative statement that contains precious jewels that is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    • It’s not wise to expose the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have no other purpose than to trample it and return to their own ungodly ways/beliefs.
      Repeatedly sharing the gospel with someone who continues to scoff at the word of God with foolish comments, ridicules Jesus Christ is like casting pearls before swine.

      Throw a pearl to a swine and he will resent it, as if you threw a stone at him, Truth will be called a lie, God’s word & Godly wisdom will be treated just like swines treat precious things.

      Jesus is not saying that we(christians) shouldn’t share the wonderful works of God or the gospel of everlasting life.
      Jesus was in the midst of sinners, He loved them, ate with them, laughed with them but more importantly He loved them enough to share the Truth with them, died for their sins & the sin of the world.

      All i can do is share the Truth with you and i have done that countlessly, i am not responsible for the choices you make when you hear it.
      Pigs don’t appreciate pearls and some people don’t appreciate what Jesus Christ has done for them.

      What do you lose? Nothing.
      What do you gain? Everything.
      God’s Beauty for your ashes.
      God’s Righteousness for your unrighteousness.
      God’s Grace & Mercy for your sins.

      There’s no sense in preaching/sharing/explaining the value of pearls to swine.
      “As a dog returns to it’s own vomit, so a FOOL repeats his folly”(Proverbs 26:11).
      Again & again, round & round, over & over gain constantly repeating false/foolish statements.

      God’s word & Godly counsel are Holy and a pearl that must not be cast before swine, they are ordinance of God, they are precious, a precious jewel as an earring of Gold and an ornament of fine gold, so is the wise reprover(Proverbs 25:12) and a wise reproof is like an excellent oil(Psalm 141:5) it is a tree of life(Proverbs 3:18) it’s living waters that spring up into everlasting life(John 4:13-14), and once it is sincerely received/thirsted all other thirsts are quenched, no more garbage, no more false/stupid/foolish/wicked ideologies and practice, just Godly Truths.

      This might be my last comment to you concerning this subject for obvious reasons & reasons mentioned here, it breaks my heart because in a way you remind me of who i used to be and i have shared a lot with you, answered many of your questions & others as well out of Godly love.

      I still have so much more to share but all i can do now is pray for you & others and hopefully sooner you will not only know but receive, experience & share the mercy, grace & wonderful works of God with others just like you or different from you because God is no respecter of persons, no matter who they are, what they have done(Glory to God), male or female, black or white, rich or poor, old or young, no matter how deep in sin they are, Jesus can reach them where they are, all it takes is humble repentance & sincerely trusting in Jesus Christ as your Lord & saviour.

      Glory be to God.

  7. We don’t have hurricanes in Idaho! Some winters we get blizzards and the forest fires have made the air very smokey this summer. We could use some rain.

  8. RC sorry my friend, i did reply to that post of yours on the Nadal /Anderson match, but i dont think i actually hit the submit button lol, anyway did watch the match, and im super happy, cheers me dears, wasnt ignoring you πŸ™‚

  9. rc!…I heard about 4 mil houses were destroyed in it true?Oh my God!….I wish we could reach Nny..and know what her condition atm…

    • Mira hon try not to worry too much!! I am pretty sure that nny lives in the palm beach area which is on the east coast.. The really serious damage occurred where the hurricane hit on the west coast…
      How are you mira?!

      • amy!!…You’re here!!…describe your happiness from 1-10 now Rafa won his sweet 16th amy!…How r u btw amy?I cannot pretend that i am not worried about Nny amy…i know Irma mostly destroyed the west coast first but with ‘her’ magnitude,i think the east coast also received a fair share of it…

        RC said the same thing amy…If not,why Nny was so quiet before,while & after Rafa’s match??She never did that before..she always blogging while Rafa is playing…I know maybe the power was out & maybe she can’t charge her phone…I don’t know…I just hope she’s safe & unhurt…that’s all amy!!

        • I am ecstatic about Rafa’s win mira!!please try not to worry about nny too much.. There are power shortages all over florida including in palm beach and that is probably why she wasn’t here
          She told me where she lived in a private email while we were discussing the election! I think she said palm beach or in that area and I looked it up online and the damage there isn’t severe.
          Please try not to worry mira!! Am sure nny will be back with us soon!!

          • Mira I am concerned that you are worrying too much and so not being able to fully enjoy Rafa’s win!! Please let that go for the moment and be reassured by what I have said! Also I know you weren’t feeling great not that long ago so please take care of yourself and get loads of sleep and so on!!
            Official orders from amy!! Ok??!

          • amy!…I’m so sorry..i didn’t mean to dampened your mood about Rafa’s win…sorry to fellow Rafans as well..i didn’t think!..sorry guys!!

            And amy…thank u for your words k?I really appreciate it…Oh!i forgot u & Nny connected by emails before!!…That means she’s okay??Oh Thank God!!I can’t wait to hear from Nny herself…

            Sanju!…I really hope you are right!Hope she’s coming here soon,so we can know that she’s okay…

            • Mira there’s nothing to apologise for! I am just a bit worried about you that’s all! I haven’t emailed nny or heard from her in the last few days but I really do think she is ok!I was thinking of emailing her yesterday but I doubt there is any power still..
              TBH mira I also noticed that in the couple of days before she went offline both me and you had left her posts to do with the hurricane which she hadn’t replied to even though she had been posting on those threads which made me think that maybe she didn’t want to talk about it for some reason and I didn’t want to invade her privacy!!
              I looked up the area she lives in online and it’s not badly damaged so she should be back with us soon..

            • amy!…Don’t worry about me okay?I’m totally O.K.A.Y!…But thank u thank u thank u for your concern amy!!…It’s really touching deep inside my heart knowing someone cares that much about me!!hehe…

              Bout Nny…Yeah!…u maybe right about invaded her privacy amy!…and i also noticed that she didn’t respond to our question about her latest condition at that time…that’s okay…she maybe didn’t noticed our comments and she used to say that she rarely came to Non tennis…and what’s more…i had to do everything i could to reach her here since i don’t have her email…i will feel very unsettled if i didn;t do what i did..u know..tried to reach her here repeatedly even tho that’ll look like i’m some kind of maniac..coz caring about someone whom i barely knew..just connecting here on virtual world…but,like i said amy..i had to do it…now,i feel relieved after i did my responsibility as a friend even tho still worried bout her but relief…yes!definitely amy!!

              And…it’s not just me amy!…RC is worried like crazy too!!hahaha…so,i’m not the only one!!…we’re both pathetic!!hehehe…But thank u for your thoughts amy!!..really really appreciate it!!….LOVE U!!!!

            • Mira you do what you want! Go with your heart! But I did feel that she didn’t want to talk about things in the last couple of days or so before going offline..she didn’t answer a post from me while she was on site at the same time as me and I noticed she didn’t answer a similar post from you on the wta page even though she answered one only a couple of posts down so she must have seen it! So I started to think she didn’t want to talk about the whole thing which is fair enough!
              I do worry about her mira.. that’s normal.. but I don’t want you to get things out of perspective.. I know you have had problems and I want you to sleep well and take good care of yourself!! Sometimes you have to put yourself first you know..
              Love you and rc and nny…!!

            • Hey amy!!…i totally understand what you’re saying amy!…and i really really respect & appreciate your input on this matter…don’t worry,i won’t say anything regarding Nny i said up there..i’ve done my job as a friend..and that’s more burden on my shoulder about this matter…thank u once again amy!!…

              Hey…rc got your email…can i have your permission to ask from her your email?I want to ask u about something amy…But if u reluctant to connect with me on personal level…that’s okay,i understand …Once again thank u for your advice amy!!…I definitely will listen to u on this…

      • I just saw the news that Miami is relatively not affected. I think she lives in Miami. She is not posting as there is no power in Florida. Also supposedly millions have been evacuated from Florida, so I am sure she is okay.

        The impact on Cuba, Carribean is far more grave.

    • Today the United States of America remembers the innocent lives who lost their precious lives on 9/11 and the brave men & women who risked their lives in order to save innocent lives.

      May God bless this brave Heroes!
      May God bless the United States Of America!

      USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

    • If NNY gets a scratch on her body, i am going to deal with her, i mean it.
      You better be fine my friend, i miss U! You might not believe it but i do miss U.

      Comeback so that we can fight lol!!!

  10. Rafans need to stop hacking this site, just because R. Federer is the best doesn’t mean you have the right to hack this website, delete Lovely articles & comments about Roger Federer or claim that R. Nadal won the 2017 US OPEN.

    Everyone knows that Rafito didn’t win the 2017 US OPEN, so please stop hacking our site.


    • Stanley, have you lost your mind – or do I actually detect a considerable amount of subtle irony and self-mockery in your comnent about hackers? πŸ˜‰
      That said, Ricky’s site has indeed been targeted by hackers lately who managed to substitute the homepage of “The Grandstand” with manga style figures who voiced some vaguely political comments on the Near East situation. Very annoying. But they didn’t strike me as Federer haters.

      • I am not even going to dignify that comment with a counter cos that statement is preposterous.

        You have no sense of humor!
        R. Nadal won the 2017 US OPEN, no article or comment was deleted(i am not completely sure), i was simply joking.
        You don’t have to laugh or reply just mind your own….

  11. Stanley, how is my comment preposterous?? I definitely considered the possibility that you were joking, and I’m glad you did in this instance.
    But after reading a lot your comments I have to say that it’s often very hard to say whether you’re serious or joking and said so expressively. But my irony detector which is in general working just fine, doesn’t work well as far as your comments are concerned.
    Maybe, you should joke more often πŸ˜‰

    • Sorry! And Thanks!

      Are you a Rafan?
      Cos i love R. Nadal too, it’s just that….lol!

      Congrats! He is really balling and someone needs to stop him b4 he sets the house on fire.

      I am sorry about b4 OK.

      • Peace πŸ™‚ It’s okay, and I’m sorry that I even considered you might be serious.
        That said, “The Grandstand” has actually been hacked a couple of days ago, but not by Roger haters.

        • Lol!

          I know it was hacked a few days ago but i was struggling to access this site a few hours ago, i think it was hacked again or maybe my network.
          I don’t think it’s my network cos i was doing some work online and had no problem.

          • Yes, I also have problems to access this site. A few hours ago I tried three different browsers without getting a connection. I also have a lot of trouble with my comments. Half of them get lost, and I can’t initiate an original comment. I can only post by using the “reply” button.
            This site is definitely experiencing some difficulties atm.

  12. Amy, Mira Andi, rc and all others who expressed their concern –

    I am fine! I read your comments and was so frustrated that I could not respond! I was very touched by your support. It meant a lot.

    You should all know that only the biggest hurricane ever could keep me away from live blogging with you during the USO final! The power went out about fifteen minutes before Rafa’s match. I was broken hearted not to see it. But I followed the score online as I tried to conserve my cell phone battery. My happiness was tempered by the ferocity of Hurricane Irma. Power was out until early Tuesday morning. It was pretty awful with the heat and humidity. We also had problems with loss of cell phone service. But when the power came in, the cable and internet did not.

    I finally called my sister in New York abs asked her to email Ricky and let him know that I was okay.

    Today the cable and internet came back on and I am finally able to post. I know that it was bad, but that the west coast took the worst of it. Also the Keys and Caribbean countries.

    I just wanted to express my thanks to you for thinking of me. I am over the moon about Rafa’s great victory! So happy for humans so proud. I hope to see some YouTube video of the match if I can.

    Congratulations Rafa on your 16th slam win! You deserve it!

    I feel privileged to be a part of this tennis community.

    Love to you all!

    • Nny, I apologize for taking your email from the Tourneytopia page and emailing you without permission but I was so worried about you last Sunday — I was following ALL kinds of reports, not just the hurricane but what time the power might have gone out for you, ect. And just before USO Rafa match I was afraid you were in the dark!! Afraid you’d be suffering all kinds of horrors too. So relieved to hear from you!

      • NNY,

        So glad you didn’t get the hurricane ocean surge and ferocity of that the keys got! I fell bad especially for the US and Virgin Islands, Barbuda…Cuba, Puerto Rico.

        But Vamos Rafa is the good news, right?!

      • rc,

        I thought it was Amy who emailed me! Because she had my email. Under the circumstances, it’s fine! It was very frightening. I have never been in a hurricane. I knew from watching tv that the west coast would get the worst of it. But i also knew that it was so big that we would still get hit. I thought the world was coming to an end.

        It was the longest day and a half of my life. By Monday afternoon one of my neighbors wanted me to go to the hospital because she was worried about me dealing with the heat. I also have asthma. But we opened up all the windows and there was a breeze.

        I woke up early Tuesday morning because I was cold and then I woke wide up and realized the power was on! I started yelling and ran over to the neighbor and they helped me close the windows. It must have been on for a few hours because it had gotten cooler. That was the best moment! But no cable or internet. There was a big service outage.

        I thought maybe Ricky might post and let you all know I was okay. As bad as it was, we were lucky. I finally got to see the damage on the west coast. I feel for them. But I also feel like I aged five years.

        I want to see pictures of Rafa winning the USO. I couldn’t really celebrate. I saw everyone’s comments. I also read you guys trying to figure out where I live in Florida. Amy got it right. Palm Beach County. Lots of downed trees and damaged and twisted signs, debris everywhere and massive power outages. No traffic lights. Stores running on generators.

        But for us the worst is over!

        Thanks for caring !

        • Nny

          I’m just relieved that you survived it. There were tornadoes all over the east coast that Sunday night and Monday. I’m not as expressive as AM but I love you too! Don’t want anything bad to happen to you. And that was a close call! If Irma had not busted up going along the Cuban coast, the eye-wall was predicted to hit Miami and the East Coast. Phew…thank God. I can’t imagine riding out a Cat 3 or 4 hurricane, let alone a Cat 5 like hit US Virgin Islands.

          • rc,

            The tornado watches scared the day lights out of me. I was watching the local ABC channel and they showed the towns and streets where the tornado could hit. It was like 5 or 10 minutes from where I live! I think I couldn’t breathe until the tornado watches passed.

            No one could totally escape this hurricane. I knew the east coast caughtva break as the path of the hurricane shifted to the west. But I would not wish that on anyone.

            I think we all feel lucky and grateful in this part of Florida. We were very fortunate.

            Oh and you are eloquent in your own way! I feel exhausted and kind of drained, but happy that life is getting back to normal. Others are not so fortunate.

    • Nny!!….YAYYY!!!…I’m so glad you’re okay!!…YES!! RAFA WIN!!!WOOOHOOO!!…And all the sweeter coz now i know you’re fine Nny!!…I even felt really guilty for woohoo’ed & overjoyed the other day knowing that you’re in trouble over there Nny….But YAYYY once again for EVERYTHING….Welcome back Nny!!

      • MA,

        My sweetie! Yes I am okay! I made it! Still here! Belated celebrating if Rafa’s win! Just so happy for him! It’s wonderful! What a year!

        I missed being with all of you! But I was here in spirit. It is a great feeling!


        Love you!

        • Nny!!….YAYYYY!!It’s so grrrreeeaaattttt to hear from u again!!….hahahaha…Thank God!!…Yeah!!I missed chatting with u too Nny!!..and i got TONS of articles for u to read!!hehehe….I miss u Nny!!

          Hey,when we could not reach u here & we’re so worried about u,i asked rc to sent u an email coz she have your email..and i dont..and she so afraid to send u one just in case u will get mad at her and i said..that’s okay rc!..Nny will not get mad at u[she didn’t know that u will kick her a@# & not mine if you’re get mad!hehe..don’t tell her k?]…this is urgent & we just wanna know her situation that’s all!…and thank u for not get angry with rc Nny!….Even if you’re angry,i’m willing to get some of it coz we did it out of concern & love Nny…that’s all…Hope this is the first & last time u got through that horrible experience Nny!….LOVE U TOO Nny!!Wooohooo!!….RAFA’S 16th?????Ohohohohohohoho!!….This is a present aka a cure pill for all your pain & uncomfortable situations that u have to endure Nny!!…VAMOS RAFA!!…Woohooo!!

        • Oh dear NNY, I’m glad that you’re safe and sound! We’re all worried about you! I’m sure Rafa’s sweet sixteenth slam would at least bring some happiness to you amidst all the unfortunate natural disasters. Take care!

          • Lucky,

            Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s great to be back here posting! The worst is over and things are getting back to normal. There were some scary moments, but I survived my first hurricane!

            Even though I couldn’t see the final, knowing that Rafa did it brought some happiness and joy at the very worst time of the hurricane.

            Thanks again for the support!

    • Lucky,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s great to be back here posting! The worst is over and things are getting back to normal. There were some scary moments, but I survived my first hurricane!

      Even though I couldn’t see the final, knowing that Rafa did it brought some happiness and joy at the very worst time of the hurricane.

      Thanks again for the support!

    • NNY,

      I am glad you are back and safe!
      I was the first person to read your 1st comment yesterday and i had so much to say, there were words of joy in mind & on my lips but my hands were paralyzed when i saw the word “Others” lol! I am a jealous guy and i know i will regret posting this comment in a few minutes but that’s OK, i can change my name if i can’t withstand the shame lol!

      I have never experienced a hurricane b4 but i thought i experienced one while reading your comments, it was so vivid i started imagining things, you are a good writer and you make stories come alive in this case a real experience not just a story.

      You went through a lot and i am overjoyed you are safe & healthy, don’t worry about the material things that were or might have been lost or damaged your life and healthy is more precious.

      I am glad you are back and i wish you good health and prosperity!

      Q1: i hope you didn’t get a scratch on your body?

      Q2: Are you ready to rumble lol!?

      Take care,
      Others lol!

      • Hey back Nny!!…How r u today??Still tired?That’s okay!…take a rest as much as u can…or watch Rafa win USO or any other tournament…I know only Rafa can bring u joy & happiness and forget all the things that just happened k?I can’t do much from a thousands miles away Nny..just a good thought for u and hoping that you will get up from this stronger than ever!!

          • Hey back Nny!!….Yeah!…we don’t know whether we are strong or not until we’ve been tested by nature,right?And this is the 2nd time that u’ve been tested in a span of months….Big big applaud to u for being a very very amazing,brave & strong human being after u passed that test brilliantly Nny!!…Yes!!…Vamos Nny!!

  13. Praying for the Earthquake victims in Mexico City and for those displaced, homeless, and in need in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

  14. I thought it was just me but I guess the website crashed for everyone lol. Btw Ricky since this is non tennis page and u cover other sports, what are your thoughts on the Melo trade? This has gotta be one of the craziest, if not the craziest, NBA offseasons of all time.

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!……YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!…..TG IS BAAAACCCKKKK!!!!Take that Ricky!!….Hope you’re going deaf a little bit for made us suffered all week long!!….I never thought i’m this happy to see u Ricky!!….Ooppss!…..I mean TG!!..hehehe….Now,the suffering is over….Back to tennis!!….Wooooooohooooo!!….Btw..miss all the poster’s here & read your comments guys!!….And especially BIG BIG MISS to rc,Nny & amy!…..Hope u guys r okay…especially Nny….HELLO THERE NNY!!!…..MISS U!!

    • MA,

      I missed the site and chatting with everyone!

      But I especially missed your little messages with all the wonderful words and positivity!


      The gang is back! Great to see you and everyone else!

      • YAAAYYYY NNy!!….So so glad to be able to chat with u again!!Wooooohooooo!!….I’m also very very happy i could ‘pump’ u up with my little messages Nny….I don’t know any other way how to help u in your time of distress like this except with words…i think beautiful words and it’s meaning in that messages can describe my feelings much better than my own words…I’m glad u liked it Nny!!…

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