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  1. Nny,

    Never mind me. My earlier wishy washiness is embarrassing! I’ve spent my day off studying what started off as confusing and conflicting information on too many fronts a week ago.

    I value your opinions, wisdom and advice on the matter of all things but in my mind after reading the transcripts in writing of the questions both Cohen and Steele ask be considered and their points of view – I feel clear. We are being lied to by the power players – same as usual. Follow the money. Look who benefits from the present propaganda. It’s a bi-partisan lie – there are still more progressives who are ready to face the truth but I doubt democrats in general are. Definitely Tillerson, right-wing Republicans, and the corporate class in power is the most heavily invested in perpetual war as usual. It’s why I was done with the Clintons and Obama. I’m done with the democrats other than those who can represent and speak the truth. Military technology — I’m sick of it. Was sick of hearing about drone attacks and atrocities during Obama’s admin. As if the hydrogen bombs haven’t been enough since 1950 to sink every land mass on the planet and render earth uninhabitable for tens of centuries to come.

    The thing is, I was just deciding which issue was most pressing a week ago — healthcare for all, single-payer, is the answer. There’s no other option. Then there’s Jeff Sessions and his agenda – I can’t/won’t start.

    This continual escalation, perpetuation of war and the profiteering of Raytheon and the other military/industrial players at the expense of humanity and the planet – it’s absurd that I was even considering falling for the same old lies. I’m solidly on the side of Lavrov and Putin when it comes specifically to the chemical attack in Syria (not that I support the Russian Oligarchy, bigots and nationalists). We are in another situation deja vu Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Latin America, South America, Africa, Palestine…the list is long. I can’t think about Puerto Rico or the Barrier Reef without getting sick. It all makes me sick…

    Rant over. Action is required. Sorry. I feel bad bringing my angst into tennisgrand.

    Vamos Rafa in MC. Hoping to glimpse his best clay tennis once again.

    • You can talk about injustices etc because you live in the US. You should try living in those countries you have admiration for and you will realize that compared to the wrongs they do, we are much better off. But you really have to live there to understand what I am saying. You take for granted all the good things you have here. It is only when you live in Russia or Saudi Arabia or say, Syria that you will you realize the value of the things you take for granted. This reminds me of a story of a man who had one cow. Everyday he used to pray to God to give him a second cow. One day his one cow went missing. Then he prayed to God to return his cow and promised to be grateful for having one cow.

      • I don’t admire Putin and his repressive dictatorship. Saudi Arabia ? HA! I wouldn’t last a day there lol…

        My fight here is for Democracy but not the direction it’s been going and currently is headed.

        • Well, I’d contend that it’s no longer a true democracy, and soon it may no longer even be that.

          rc, what do you think are the immediate goals of Russia and the US for military action in Syria?

          I think they are both supporting the Assad regime.

          • Hawkeye, I agree. They are both supporting Assad.

            Trump and his inner circle will lie about it spin it any way they can through Sinclair broadcasting, which is Fox News, only bigger. There has turned up in my satellite channel list a new news program called One America, which is a glimpse of what I would call Trump TV.

            Democracy Now and the Intercept is where I find daily reports of daily bombings and operations in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. In fact this morning’s Democracy Now was interviewing Jeremy Schiller and Glen Greenwald…

            We still have a democracy but it is under attack from outside (elements in Russia) and from within – the GOP.

            We have to fight for our freedoms and fight resist Trump who is dangerously in love with Authoritarian regimes like I’m Egypt, Phillipines, Saudia Arabia,…in fact Trump leaked the news of our submarines position to Duarte…and admires his war on drugs…read the Intercept. It’s completely crazy.

            Also the Trumpcare/tax cuts for the rich budget hopefully gets squashed in the Senate…23 million people will lose healthcare…and on and on…no more meals on wheels for the elderly…gosh I could go on…it’s unreal.

            • Jeremy Scahill. NOT Schiller
              Jeremy Scahill is fighting the fight to get the reports made public that anti democracy elements want squashed.

            • Yeah, I’m on top of most of what is going on since Trump took office. And it is incredible what is happening to social programs.

              With the electoral college continuing to be further abused, it is a questionable democracy and I think its 50/50 whether there will even be an election in 2018. Even if there is, I can see GOP getting in with even far less of the popular vote than 2016.

              I read that InfoWars received WH press credentials yesterday.

              Never thought I’d see this in my life time in North America. Naive thinking.

            • Not yet, Hawks, but i wa to! I”m pretty busy.
              Did you see what haopened to a Guardian reporter who was trying to ask a GOP congessman a question about the budget? Throttled and body-slammed it the ground in Bozeman, Montana.

              I’m not surprised Alex Jones/Info Wars has WH press credentials.
              There are attacks on our Democracy nonstop since Trump took office, day one.

            • All Bannon orchestrated IMO.

              Yeah, I heard. Between NYT The Daily podcast and Twitter, I’m pretty up to speed as soon as anything happens. Talk about shock and awe – it’s never ending (by design).

  2. Nny!…Hey,how r u today?Hope it muuuuuuuucccchhhhhh better than we last chat…and’s my usual wishes 4 i sent 2 pic at once because i don’t know when i can send u internet was crashed in my area…and i want to wish u good luck for our Rafa as well..oh!btw..make sure u fill the Bracket okay?LOVE U FROM AFAR Nny!!!Woooohoooo!!VAMOS RAFA!!

  3. This loss hits me hard. I loved Michele Scarponi. Can’t imagine what it must be like for his wife and kids, close friends, and teammates. Everyone loved him. These tragedies happen in cycling but this man was someone you always looked for in a race because he makes the race more fun and interesting…he radiated joy and passion. Rest peacefully dear Scarpa. Gone too soon.

  4. Is there anyone else who is as pissed off as I am with the ITF live-streaming site? This is an expensive annual subscription but gave coverage of all DC matches for 12 months. In January I received an email to say they were upgrading the site plus the usual platitudes promising improvements and offering a free trial subscription when it is launched i.e. undoubtedly the precursor to a price hike 🙁

    Since then nothing. Have written to them twice asking for news – both emails have been ignored and so far the promised reimbursement of the unused subscription has not materialised.

    • Just available for Davis Cup though the Davis Cup web site, no?

      I’m not aware of any official streaming subscription for slam tennis, is there?

      • In short, no. When I go to their site there is no mention of how to subscribe. I lost all my history post the power surge which burnt out my computer (and yes I have now invested in a surge protector) so cant backtrack to my original ITF account details.

        re: the Slams. The ITF do not provide any coverage. I use Eurosport Player which gives total coverage of all courts with TV facilities.

  5. Prpgress report

    Have finally elicited a response from the ITF (after a very sharp message from me about their inefficiency and discourtesy) who tell me the new site is still under construction but cannot give a date when this will be. i guess the revised DC format has put a spanner in the works.

    • Oh Al!U got it bad!!Hehehe…that’s okay,go to work first and then when u come home,relax and think about it some more okay sis?

    • Okay Al!U take care of yourself when you’re at work k?Don’t nightdreamin’ bout certain someone u hear?It’s dangerous to do that at workplace!hahaha…be safe sis!Hugs and kisses from afar!!Wooo!

  6. Help needed. I managed to add a new photo for my avatar which appeared above once but only once. Have no idea how I got there and it has since disappeared. Can somebody tell me in baby language what I have to do!!!!!!!.

  7. Hey Ricky!From the words up there from elisabethiv3..i take it’s a porn something??Why u let those junk appeared in this forum?I know this is non tennis forum..but is it suitable for this site?I’m sure other poster’s will agree with me…

    • Yeah Al!…And i came here again,almost 2 hours after my last post…and that disgusting post still there…wake up Ricky!wake up!

  8. Message for Hawkeye:

    What happened to the great stats site you introduced me to years ago? It no longer seems to be working – at least I can’t access it these days.

    • Just saw this now ed. Not sure which site you are referring to but this one is my favourite and still very much active…

      • Thanks Hawkeye. Cant recall the name of the site either and as you know I lost all my data when my computer burnt out following a power surge. Will try tennis abstract.

  9. Not obvious how an attack in which the attacker is fully prepared to die is “cowardly”. Callous, terrorist, evil, to be morally condemned in no uncertain terms? Absolutely.

    What then should we say about the US-led attacks that have killed far more innocent civilians, and far more children, in recent months -in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and elsewhere? Many of those attacks really are cowardly, most obviously, those carried out by drones.

    What does it take for us Westerners to imagine what it must be like to be the parent of one of the hundreds of those Middle-Eastern children killed just in March by US and UK bombers?

    • @Joe….Thank u thank u thank u for your words and sympathy for those innocent victims in the middle east that was killed like their lives not worth a cent…U don’t know how much your words have moved me..and even more so because you’re a Westerner…Thank u for being a great human being Joe!

    • The attacks you reference in your link in March however, are horrific and shouldn’t have occurred IMO and I question their intent given the current regime and Trump’s prior positive comments on Assad.

      I don’t trust the Trump government motives there now. I believe he’s aligned with Russia which is supporting the Assad regime.

      I hadn’t realized that you were referring to recent months so your point is taken.

  10. I my view it is wrong to compare unlawful acts by terrorists with atrocities committed while fighting under the engagement of war.

    • Wrong how? Most of the western attacks are clearly unlawful as well (e.g. Trump’s recent missile attack). There is no legal basis for the US involved in Syria, either directly or by proxy. Being engaged in an unlawful and unjust war does not morally excuse killing thousands of innocent people, to put it mildly.

      My point is simply this. Those hundreds of children killed by US/UK bombs in March in the middle east are no less innocent than that 8 year old killed in Manchester. Yet, while the latter death merits headlines around the world, cause for reflection, and so forth; the former, much more numerous deaths pass us by, their number increasing each day, their lives, as Mira puts it, not worth a cent.

      • What about Isis and other terrorist groups who use civilians and deliberately put them in harms way? Is that just fine and dandy with you?

        No one is saying that the lives of some children are led important or less valuable. But civilians have been used by corrupt regimes and terrorist groups and put in places where they become casualties.

        Please save your moral outrage because in armed conflict civilians have been tragically killed throughout history.

        You want moral outrage? Think about what happened in WWII! There are too many examples of atrocities against innocent civilians to even list. Then there were the concentration camps!

        War is hell! No one ever said it wasn’t!
        But if you can’t make the distinction between the arbitrary targeting of civilians just for the sake of it, anywhere, any time, then you are not gettIng it at all.

        • Sorry, NNY, but although some civilian casualties may be due to people deliberately being put in harms way, the vast majority are not. It’s convenient to believe from a western point of view, but it’s not true, not even close.

          Hawk, I made no claim to moral equivalence. Plenty of acts short of terrorism are morally wrong and worthy of condemnation, particularly when we are the perpetrators.

          In Oct. 2015 the US air force bombed a MSF (Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Kunduz, killing more innocent people than were killed in Manchester. They knew the coordinates of the hospital, which was lit up. MSF called immediately to tell the US military that they were bombing the hospital; the bombing continued for over an hour.

          You can draw your own conclusions about how ‘accidental’ the attack was. There are many other cases.

          • So what is your point, Joe? The only point you seem to be making is that the terrorist strikes are a just return for the atrocities committed by the US/UK. Also you seem to think Islamic terrorism is courageous and US strikes are cowardly. In the US, you can talk of human rights and criticize US. You should stay in a Middle East country. Let us know thereafter what are your thoughts about US.

            • Don’t get me wrong Joe – I disagree with a lot of what the US has done in the past, especially Iraq War for example.


              You equated Manchester bombing directly targeted on civilian children to “MOST of the Western attacks” including US involvement in Syria, which are not directed at civilians.

              That is a false equivalency and a gross over simplification.

            • Mary, my initial point was simply that as we think about the victims of the Manchester attack, we spare a thought for the many more innocent victims of US led attacks in recent months.

              I said nothing about the relationship between the Manchester attack and US-led bombing in the middle east. But since you bring it up, I do think, with many others, that there is a relationship. To be absolutely clear, I think we need to carefully distinguish *explanation* -why these attacks are happening- from *justification*. To give a possible explanation for why a terrorist attack occurred is in no way to justify it, and I explicitly condemned the Manchester attack in no uncertain terms, as I do all terrorist attacks on innocent people.

              At least since 9/11 the concept of “blowback” has been fairly mainstream in the west. US actions in the middle east have killed a lot of innocents and made a lot of others very angry; and they continue to do so. It is not a stretch to say that those US-led actions are a significant part (obviously not the whole part) of the explanation for some terrorist attacks on westerners.

            • As I said in one of my earlier posts, the sympathizers like you are taking for granted the good things that US gives them and looking at the bad things and siding with the terrorists. You really should live in the Middle East to have a proper perspective.
              US is not perfect because obviously it is run by humans who have faults. But it has a system based on great principles and slowly but surely many injustices have been addressed and will continue to be addressed. What is the system that the Middle East or the terrorists have which is tending to a better world. They practice medieval beliefs and use modern tools and weapons.
              Though a war is bad, it cannot be equated with terrorism. Many idealists are attracted by the cause of the terrorists but wherever the terrorists have succeeeded in seizing power, they have proved to be even more venal and corrrupt than the establishment they had overturned.

            • You said continue. You must have meant 4-8 years from now which would mean that you have a broader definition of ‘continue’ than I do. My mistake.

              What’s you opinion on Trump Mary? Any positives? Negatives?

          • Joe,

            You argument is disturbing in a few ways. You casually dismiss the well known practice of putting innocent civilians in places that have berm targeted for bombing. Like – no biggie! Are you kidding with that? I. Sn’t take you seriously when you are blind to selective atrocities, yet can condemn civilian killings in war. It’s the ultimate cowardice and absence of morality to ignore the practice of deliberately putting civilians in harm’s way.

            You had nothing to say about WWII. Are you just ignoring the deaths of so many innocent civilians? Concentration camps? No biggie to you either?

            You are making a very simplistic argument and ignoring the very real differences between acts of war and random acts of terror and violence perpetrated on innocent civilians.

            What about 9/11? Was that okay because we have made mistakes asa country? Just take some planes and crash them into the twin towers and kill 3000 innocent people? Are you outraged Bout that? Or did they deserve to die in your simplistic morality?

            • You miss the point Joe. In the minds of the terrorists obviously they think it is payback for the wickedness of the West. What is disturbing is that you seem to agree with them and actually have admiration for their courage in blowing themselves up rather than using a drone which you apparently think is cowardly.

            • NNY, it’s an empirical question how many western caused civilian deaths (“collateral damage”) are due to innocent people being put in harms way. I claim that it is comparatively rare, which is the view of the major human rights organizations such as Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, and others. Even the US does not generally claim that the civilians it kills have deliberately been put in harms way, although of course it does happen sometimes.

              I have been very careful not to justify any terrorist attacks, including 9/11. I condemn all such attacks.

              Not sure why you bring up WWII. Nothing I said depends on anything that happened in that war.

            • Mary, I said nothing about terrorist attacks being courageous and don’t believe them to be. But if either type of attack is cowardly, yes, I would think it would be the one conducted from a safe distance rather than the one carried out by a person prepared to die for his cause.

              Again, if “payback” is understood as part of an explanation, not a justification, then I -along with many others, including analysts who work for the US government, think that western actions in the Mideast have some role to play in explaining why terrorists target westerners.

      • Children and adolescents were directly and intentionally targeted in Manchester.

        Innocent people were targeted in Manchester.


  11. There have been successful movements like the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Reformation…against unjust orders but they were led by leaders with a vision of greater power for the people. What is the world order these religious terrorists want to bring to replace the “evil” systems of the “wicked” west?

    • I said nothing about grand visions. Obviously, I don’t support medieval minded leaders such as ISIS, but it is naïve in the extreme to think that that is why the US and its allies are fighting.

      • Again you are confusing terrorism with war. The point is, there is no justification whatever for terrorism which targets innocent people. The us and its allies are fighting a war for the same reason wars have been fought down the ages. For power and money. As a side benefit, wars have resulted in great improvement in technology including computers. War is a systematic and organized effort where the forces of one or more countries fight against another group. There is strategy, there is negotiation, there is a method. But in case of terrorism, it is just an act of evil. I strongly recommend rc and you go and stay in one of those countries you admire and then I would like to hear your views about how disillusioned you are with what is happening in the US.

        • Once you concede that wars are fought for power and money (a realistic assumption), you have nothing left to defend US-led actions. Innocent people in those middle east countries are not there to be used as means to profit, greed, or technological advances. Each of them has a life like you and I do, and it is evil to take it from them for purposes of power and money.

          Even if there is a moral difference between war and terrorism, wars kill a lot more innocent people than do acts of terrorism.

          Not sure why you keep telling me to go and live in the Mideast. Not everyone who lives there shares your views, even in pro-western countries such as Israel:

  12. Did I say anything about admiring them? NO!

    But neither do I admire normalizing perpetual war. War for greed and profit is not something I support!!!

  13. The thing is, war is normal. War is always for power and money. If the Middle East were more powerful, they would be bombing us. So we should be happy we are more powerful. You should study history and economics to understand why wars are inevitable. Do you know why the great civilizations of the past collapsed and others rose?
    When Karl Marx proposed his new order, it was perfect but in practice, any system which does not account for human greed and venality is not perfect.

    • Oh please. As if I’m naive to history. You like to get personal and you assume much. That’s why I won’t discuss this with you.

      • Who got personal and assumed much? It is you. Shall I give you an example? You got personal with me and called me a troll and attacked me. You had no business to do it as you did not know about amy’s history and you were not involved. Secondly you claimed her situation on tenngrand was like yours on tennis-x. you knew you were not lakie. Did you know amy was not margot? You assumed much, my dear. But I refrained from responding to you. Now you have gone too far attacking me again. You are obviously ignorant of history. I won’t call you naive. Just ignorant.

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