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    • MA,

      Thank you for the good wishes! It’s making my recovery go faster!

      You will always be my angel! It’s when someone is there even in the bad times that really counts!


        • MA,

          I want to be at my best for MC and Rafa! I need to give Rafa all of my support! You and I will be live blogging as we watch him!

          I am feeling a lot better now than I was for Miami! I need to be sure to conserve my energy and try not to get involved in pointless discussions that go nowhere!

          I wish that I could find the words to truly let you know how much your encouragement and little messages mean to me! I have a lot to be thankful and grateful for now!

          Your precious words of caring and love and. concern have helped me more than you will ever know!


          • Hey back My Queen!!…If u keep take care of yourself properly and rest enough as required,there is no reason for u to not be at your best when Rafa starts his campaign in MC in a weeks time Nny…Insyaallah,i’ll be here for u Nny!!Can’t wait to get crazy with u soon!!!Wooohoooo!!

            Also,i’m really really glad to know that you’re feeling much better now…keep doing it okay?Oh!Rafa once again sent me a message via an old pigeon last nite…he said “Mira,keep Nny entertained by your never ending craziness…i want her to get better and better everyday,so she can enjoy watching me play at MC soon!..Remember!Doing what i told u or your backside will be at stake!I just polish my Nike footwear for just the occassion!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!…”There Nny!!..Man!I can’t believe Rafa was so scary at times!!!…Stupid jokes for the day Nny!!Hehehehe….

            • Oh,btw…don’t worry Nny…i already know how u feel…believe me i know..what u wrote all this time already makes my heart feel sooooo BIG…Honestly,what i’m doing is came from my heart…I’m not expcting some compliment or praise from u….i just want to make u happy and forget what u have been through…i know,it’s not much but to make u feel less stress and better even for a minute,it’s already worth the try for me Nny…So,VAMOS Nny!!

  1. Hey Ali…yeah,both songs were very good!I used to listen to it on radio when i still younger…Thanks for the vid sis…there’s no better way to remind myself that i’m wayyyyyy older than 15 years ago by listening to this songs Al!!..hahaha…

    • MA,

      Hi! Thanks for the daily greeting! Now you don’t have to miss me because I am here!

      I don’t know how you get all these beautiful messages and sayings. I am just glad that you post them!

      You are a sweet soul! I am lucky that you are here!

      • Hey Nny!!…Boy,how glad i am you’re here at last!Hehe…I’ve waited all day long just to say HI to u!!Anyway,how are u feeling today Nny?Hope much much better than yesterday!

        And thank u for liking my pictures Nny!…To tell the search and pick the right Good Morning or anything are my favourites activity everyday Nny…i am too very fascinated with all the beautiful pic and quotes and to choose the right one for u….urgh!’s enjoyable to do that….oh,u just wait the recovery quotes that i’ve already picked for u for tommorow Nny!…It’s awesome!!

        Oh,btw i am lucky too to have u here Nny!You’re one of the most friendly,loving,warm,nice and kind person i’ve ever met…and i’m really reallt glad that we have this chemistry betwween us Nny!Thank u for being my friend!…

        • MA,

          You will always have me as your friend! Always! You go out of your way to show kindness and that’s not something you see a lot of on these forums.

          You don’t need to even care about what happened to me, but you do! You are real and genuine and reach out to people. That is a gift!

          I will never forget how you reached out to me in my time of need. I have support in my life, but it’s a lovely surprise to see it here.

          I know what is important and what is not. You realize that you should notcket the little things get to you because there are much more important things in life.

          So if Rafa loses a final, then I am disappointed for a bit and then I realize – it was a tennis match! Not life and death!

          I am much stronger now and able to fo more things. I feel a great deal of appreciation for the little things that I used to take for granted.

          Life is precious and should be cherished,

          Your messages have warmed my heart!

          If I go on like this, then the tears may come.

          Just thank you!

          • Nny!…Awww,million thank u for your sweet and nice words up there!!It’s AWESOME!!…But,think nothing of it Nny…we’re friends and like i said before,u,rc,Ali and amy mean so much to me…so,what i did is’s natural to do that when it’s borne from the deep affection/love….

            Btw Nny,i’m really glad that you’re start to see the real thing about Rafa losses..That’s what i’m trying to pumped u up everytime Rafa’s not the end of the world…and what??IT’S JUST A TENNIS MATCH!!..That’s okay,if Rafa suffer another lost in the future..then we both will soothe each other okay?..

   usual wishes for u Nny!…

            And a tasty chicken soup for u..

            And a dessert Nny…

            And,after that don’t forget to take a medication okay?

          • Nny!…Actually i already replied to your post last nite,but got moderated by Ricky due to 4 pic that i gave it to u all at once haha…but i also not sure whether Ricky will release my post or not,so i give it 2 of my pic and quotes okay?


            And here’s get well chicken soup for your dinner tonight…

            Also Nny…Thank u thank u thank u for your precious words up’s AWESOME!!!…It’s irony actually,someone used to wrote on TX that she finds my over sweet/kind personality was very irritating!In other words,she don’t like me much because of the very personality that almost make u cry in your last post!…But that’s okay as long as i can make u happy…it’s enough for me Nny…Oh btw,,how u feel today?

            • MA,

              Oh I see what happened! I think you can only post so many links in one comment! But Ricky was so kind to approve it!

              It’s okay! I saw it twice! I could never find your posts irritating at all! They are a breath of fresh air! That’s why it’s so great that Ricky lets us have this non-tennis forum!

              That chicken soup looks so good! I have had a lot of help in the past few weeks. But I am doing so well that the nurse who has been coming to check on me twice a week will have her last visit this Thursday!

              I told you it was working! I will see the doctor in about a week. I am sorry about not going into details here, but it just wasn’t comfortable going into medical details.

              I told you that this has changed how I look at things. A tennis match is a tennis match! Not the end of the world! It’s important to appreciate the little pleasures in life. Don’t take life for granted!

            • Hey Nny!!..From your words,it seems that everything are very positive atm..and i hope the positivity keep coming to u in the coming weeks..millions YAY! for that..and thank God as well…

              And yeah,i agree some people including u start to look at things differently after having some unforgetful event in their lives…i have my share too Nny…when i was pregnant with my last child 10 years ago,i had to do an emergency c-sec when my child was 8 months old in my womb due to the high BP that shot up to 140 that fateful day…and my child almost drowned and when Doc get her out much later,she’s already blue and the Doc said,if we’re late just a few minutes,she could be dead…as for me,i’ve also walking on a thin rope after the surgery when my BP got crazy and shot to the highest no of 190…very scary Nny!…But thank God!..i’m still here today and still crazy!hahaha…

              And it’s okay for me if u not going into detail about your’s…honestly,i’m a little scared to hear your story,it’s better if u keep a secret about that okay?

  2. Ah…Love you guys!

    Thanks for the kiss, MA

    I don’t know what to say about Tennis-x, Alison πŸ˜€ …you are more brave than me! Haven’t read it over there but I’d think the Fed Fans should be dishing it left and right; Fed Fans have to take it too — plenty of anti-feds there, I should think.

  3. RC I Dont post so much on the tennis forums anymore, especially that one, much prefer blogging here when i do, havent been watching as much tennis lately, had my mind on other things, spent most of my time on FB lately chatting to friends πŸ˜‰ ….

  4. Okay…went over and had a look. Ali, he/she is just lashing out and you were available. Whoever that guy is …seems he’s probably going on on the wrong forum with all the “Orewellian” reference.

    Stay here — for tennis news. I love Ricky Dimon ❀

    • Wow.wwwwwow. Strange isn’t it?? Yesterday I heard Babylon on a radio station while in my car. Then last night I started listening to the whole album, White Ladder (what other one is there πŸ™‚ ?? )

      Of course I was catching up on tennis and when I do, my bracket and internet tennis friends come to mind. So…It must be ESP with us. That happened to me with amy here some time ago and a Margaret Atwood book.

      Golly, it’s all random, right? Or is it. What’s the chances of both of us tuning into a David Gray CD from 1999-2000? For me, all music is divided by pre- September 9/11 and post… post 9/11 music conjures up a happier, more innocent time in life, I think. Cheers, Alison my thoughts are with you!

  5. ESP might be more known as “remote viewing” now? Some people have been shown to be quite good at it. Obviously not me, tho!!! I’d be a whole lot better at predicting if I was good at it!!
    Okay…one more from White Ladder – Babylon. Pre 9/11. To an easier time.
    let go in our hearts, let go in our heads… or maybe I’ve got the lyrics wrong again πŸ˜€

  6. “This is a low-flying panic attack”….gosh I’m such a Radioheadie — 2.5 decades later — I still go back to something from Thom Yorke at the end of the day ?

  7. Alison,
    Way back in 2003, happily for me, Radiohead came out with Hail to the Thief.
    What Wiki says about it:
    The album was self-produced by the band and…. Songwriter Thom Yorke wrote many of the album’s lyrics in response to the War on Terror and the resurgence of right-wing politics in the Western part of the world at the turn of the millennium, and said that the album expresses “frustration and powerlessness and anger, and the huge gap between the people that put themselves in control and the people that allegedly voted for them”, alluding to the controversy surrounding the 2000 United States presidential election.
    At 23:36 Thom says, “That’s how they get you. When people stop participating in democracy, that’s when fascism occurs; and that’s when idiots get in charge.” ο»Ώ

    Deja vu, 2017. The country is still at it! But Thom and Johnny make angst sound ethereal in this unplugged in Paris 2003 version ?
    I know, I’m OTT posting the entire performance πŸ˜€ just skip to No Surprises. It’s so killer at 27:58 minutes in.

    • Ratcliff-
      Hail to the Thief is one of my favorite Radiohead albums, and I think is often overlooked with their prolific body of work! πŸ™‚

      • Hi Kevin πŸ™‚

        Hail to the Thief has been cued up in my car for the commute to work since January. Agree with you about Hail to the Thief often overlooked and underrated. Over time maybe that will change. It feels like the most enduring of his work lately.

        Moon-shaped pool only had two tracks that I revisit: Burn the Witch always makes me smile, then there’s Daydreamer, which hits eerily deep and still scares me a little when I listen and watch the video. Probably it’s starting to grow on me – that’s how it works. He’s on the same page as I am politically and possibly as freaked-out. The impact on coral reefs and so on…ice caps melting…

    • Hey Alison ?

      Creep was the first I’d heard of them. And back then there wasn’t youtube – so… I didn’t purchase my own CD until Kid A came out and by that time it had taken a boyfriend having them on day and night, listening to them over and over, until discovering the addiction was mine πŸ˜€ In 1993-4…I was into a lot of music that was NOT Radiohead – it was rarely at steady at a good running and work-out tempo. When Hail to the Thief (2003) came out it grew on me fast – every track. As mentioned, the bond was about a mutual political perception at the time. I had to track back and realize how much I loved much of their earlier music too. The 2007 CD, In Rainbows, had too many teenie-bop tracks, however… enough of my favorites are mixed in that I keep it around: Weird Fishes Arpeggio, Faust Arp, Jigsaw Falling (posted that one to you a couple years ago on tennis-x) and Reckoner. I have to skip the bits connected to the soundtrack of Twilight, lol.

      I’m mesmerized by this Weird Fishes piano cover. It’s a nice meditation piece – very Jungian.

  8. I must be a teenie bopper then.

    Absolutely love pretty much everything from Radiohead and Tom yorke but in rainbows is probably my fav right up there with OK Computer.

    • “I really like it because of the mix in songs, some pull you in right away and others pull you in over time.” says Hawkstradamus.

      Exactly. A year ago I heard Daydreaming…it was too creepy. Now I can’t get enough of it lol…

  9. Poor Shawn Spicer and his latest press conference ? Spicy might not be around much longer…I’ll miss him when he goes – for his foot in mouth clangers he’s ended up being the only bright spot in the Trump adm.

    • I think he should stay because he represents the party accurately.

      I also think he will stay. As will Bannon.

      Media are being played.

    • This time I think Spicey really stepped in it. You can’t mess with the Holocaust. My father could have told Spicey about how the smell of burning flesh became stronger as he and the other American soldiers got closer to the concentration camp. He had to take pictures of the atrocities for the Nuremberg trials.

      It’s mind boggling that Spicey or anyone for that matter, could say something that ignorant and stupid. The whole point with Hitler and the Nazis was to find a way to kill the Jews more efficiently. That’s how they came up with Zyklon B gas and the ovens. They created a way to kill people on a mass scale. The world has never seen anything like it before or since.

      Sometimes I wonder what goes through the mind of someone who makes such an idiotic comment.

      • Hope you are feeling well, Nny!

        It’s not getting any easier to stomach reality and making the adjustment is a full-time struggle. I’m going to a town hall meeting tonight with like-minded Idahoans vs right-wing con men. That’s all I can do. Keep trying.

        The march in support of Science is coming up soon too, I think…that’s an important one around here! Geez…

        • rc,

          Yes, I am feeling much better and am recovering well. Thanks for asking!

          I don’t think that Spicey is the worst of the Trump administration. He just put his big foot in his mouth and made an incredibly insensitive comment about the Holocaust. At least he has apologized for it, which is more than can be said for Trump and his endless hateful, misogynistic comments. You have to be a decent human being to apologize and he doesn’t qualify.

          It never gets easier watching this all play out. Now we are supposed to believe that Trump grew a conscience when he saw pictures of those dead babies gassed by Assad. So he sends some missiles and thinks he’s done something. He has no core beliefs or principles. He just does what he thinks will make him look strong or be more popular.

          The worst of the Trump administration is Steve Bannon. That man is toxic with a truly hateful and bigoted agenda. He is dangerous. I would like to see him out, but I don’t think Trump will do it. The other cancer in the Trump presidency is Kushner, Trump’s moron of a son-in law. This guy is not qualified to be in the position that Trump has put him in. No experience on the world stage dealing with foreign countries and international relations. He knows how to make money, honestly or dishonestly. I don’t recall anyone voting for Kushner or Ivanka. But they are greedy and corrupt, just like Trump.

          Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight! We must take back our country! People need to get out in record numbers for the midterm elections in 2018!

          • Nny,

            Thanks, you too — hang in there. I watched Trump’s press conference…he really is all over the map – there’s no telling which way he flips on any given day. And yet, even though I realize that fact about him, it was still remarkable to hear him announce that the United Nations is no longer obsolete. Because he’s in the mood and says so… LOL…remember what he said about the UN before he was elected and had so many Trump supporters (Bannon types) super excited about promising to put an end to the UN hahahaha
            But his complete flip on the UN does nothing to calm my fears about him being in charge of the H-bombs and carrying around the nuclear code brief case. It is nice for the moment that he’s declared his support for our allies.
            But…at the same time he makes a point of saying the Pacific Fleet is heading toward North Korea for gods sake.
            He’s so shallow…we all know he is! This is a big reality TV show starring himself – his ratings are what matter the most.

            Okay…I’m outta here for now!

            My chrome browser is down and infected with the Zeus virus so this post will need to be approved πŸ˜€

  10. Nny,

    First I hope you are continuing to feel better and stronger! And if you are, I’m asking for your opinion (I think you are more moderate than myself). Certainly I respect your knowledge and opinion and I think we are close to being on the same page and I appreciate your viewpoints and history.

    It’s this morning’s episode of Democracy Now which featured in part, Stephen Cohen, New York University; and Jonathan Steele, former Moscow correspondent for the Guardian. Have you heard this side of the Syrian chemical weapons story and if you have, what do you think and feel about this? Frankly, it terrifies me — not knowing where the truth falls on all sides — and feeling acutely aware of what is at stake. To me all parties are in part lying and also telling some truth. And I tend to in part believe the Russians at this point, having been mislead too many times by my own government! Back in 2003, I came to have no doubt in my mind that the Bush Administration was lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the need to go to war was a gross mistake on every level. But I am naturally Anti-War…in fact, any time our administration insists on regime changes around the world I have to think it’s a disaster in the making and join a march in protest. (especially since the Idaho Republicans cancelled the town hall at the last minute last night – they can’t even be bothered – ****!)

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