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  1. Hi RC well i made contact with my two nephews and my niece in Yorkshire on FB that i havent seen in years, also Rafa sent me a friend request which i accepted, but i sent him a message purely about tennis, so far no reply though, but thats not all of it i said i enjoyed a certain British pop stars music on FB, and he sent me a friend request and we had a long chat, he also sent me an e.mail, i kid you not πŸ˜‰ ….

    • Wow…Incredible! Rafa…that’s better than Hugh Jackman isn’t it!!! πŸ˜€ Happy for you❀ Nice to hear such good news. What I’d wish for you now is for him to send you tickets to see him play…sit in his player box next to Xixsca… you and Mr. Willow invited out on the Beethoven Yacht for relaxing…during Monte Carlo!

  2. RC HA HA not yet, but he has replied to a few things ive posted about him though, but im also a huge fan of the guy that did friend me for a while, although he aint everyones cup of tea, i dont know if you ever remember me saying on TX that Nole reminded me of a certain British male solo artist, not in looks but in manerisms πŸ˜‰

    • Very good lyrics and sound; voice, soul, style ?

      I have nothing to new to share in return at the moment. Maybe I should be listening more, yep.

    • What in the world does that mean? …getting way more than I bargained for. πŸ˜€

      That’s okay leave it to my imagination πŸ˜‰

    • MA,

      Thank you my angel! Your messages mean so much to me!

      You are helping me heal and get better every day!

      • Awww Nny!!…My heart and my head got 10th times bigger to hear u said that!!hahaha…But,that’s my main goal…to cheer u up and automatically lift your spirit up as well…YAY!!…Oopss!Of coz to see rafa play today only add up to that,yes?

  3. Thanks Al!hehe…How r u sis?Based from your words,i think you’re walking on the moon at the mo!Hehe…and i don’t blame u!Very happy to see you’re happy sis!

  4. RC i said i liked his music, and he friended me on FB, we had a private conversation, he asked me for my e.mail address and sent a lovely message to me, be still my beating heart πŸ˜‰

  5. Meet the new boss. Worse than the old boss.

    U.S. Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians

    Another Iraqi special forces officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject, said that there had been a noticeable relaxing of the coalition’s rules of engagement since President Trump took office.

    If confirmed, the series of airstrikes would rank among the highest civilian death tolls in an American air mission since the United States went to war in Iraq in 2003. And the reports of civilian deaths in Mosul came immediately after two recent incidents in Syria, where the coalition is also battling the Islamic State from the air, in which activists and local residents said dozens of civilians had been killed.

    Taken together, the surge of reported civilian deaths raised questions about whether once-strict rules of engagement meant to minimize civilian casualties were being relaxed under the Trump administration, which has vowed to fight the Islamic State more aggressively.

      • Mira Andi, Nny, Alison, Hawks — all Tenngrand friends:

        Had to make a decision, a big one and there was no doubt which was the right one. There’s too many breath-taking issues going on daily and it didn’t slow. It’s impossible for me to keep up with tennis while working with the local political action team – it an all-consuming effort. Anti-war, health care, and the environment are life-long top priorities and I’ve never felt more compelled.

        I love you all and Vamos Rafa too – there’s never been a more generous and humble example in sports, imo! I’ll check in now and then, please take care of yourselves – miss you — but I’ll be back.

        Meanwhile, I highly recommend reading anything by Annie Jacobsen, particularly the first few chapters of The Pentagon’s Brain, and Noam Chomsky’s latest book, Requiem for the American Dream: The Ten Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power (or any of his writings).

        These are inspiring times, cheers, love, and peaceful resistance, Elizabeth.

    • MA,

      Thanks for the good morning message! I know that you are someone who comes here with no agenda.

      I am doing well! I know what’s important in this life. I also know what is not important.

      Again thanks for your kindness and decency!


      • Nny My Queen!!…Hahahaha!…Swear!no agenda except to see u smile and happy even just for 2 sec!…And you’re you’re you’re welcomeeeeee Nny!!…and thank u for your genuine affection,your precious and generous gratitude[and makes me ‘fall in love’ with u more and more!!hahaha…

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