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  1. Ricky, what’s wrong with Dolgo these days? I’m a huge, though at the moment very frustrated Dog fan. After imploding in the tie break of the first set, he played utter crap, like he did much of the year. Especially his serve has become a huge liability. He has always been an up and down kind of player, but this year he went mostly down, mostly due to a very negative oncourt attitude. Surprisingly, Mahut might end up before him in the year end rankings. He had his best results in years. Since I have huge sympathies for him, ever since he lost that fateful match against Izzy, and felt, Nike (the victory goddess) really owed him a favour or two. And she really came up with the goods in the second half of the year. So, I don’t begrudge him this win today at all. He might well go on and win his next match, too. But talentwise the Dog has really no business to be ranked behind Mahut (and others).

    • he’s uninterested much of the time.

      also you never know when his Gilbert’s Syndrome will affect him. So he is a questionable proposition just about e every time he takes the court.

      • I know about his precarious health. When it affects him, he lacks the patience for point construction. But why is he uninterested? He mostly seems to lose courage at the most inopportune moments. It already started last year. He lost many sets (like today) and then matches, he had on his racquet. He needs a skilled coach, who can motivate him again. Jack Reader ended their quite successful stint, because he thought, he couldn’t reach him anymore.

  2. What are people’s views on the young PPH? He has played with extraordinary confidence so far and stood up well to the meeting with Djokovic. Likeable personality too.

    • I’m all for humility and all that but seriously, why do these rich tennis players insist on traveling pleb? You travel like a pleb you will be treated like one! Especially if you stand out in the crowd…………pun fully intended.

      • Horrible thing to happen to happen to Delpo on his way to London.

        I’m amazed though, travelling as much as he does, that he is not more savvy than to keep documents and valuables in a bag he is likely to put down while going through airports and major train stations.

    • One would have imagined, Delpo being so close to Buenos Aires and all that, he would be pretty street smart. Clearly not. All the big cities and european holiday areas are over-run with Eastern European Roma working in gangs to relieve the unwary of their belongings.

    • I always have to remind myself of the differences in scoring, too. No advantage/deuce, etc, and the super tie-breaker 3rd set, if needed.

      • It takes a lot for anybody other than Rafa to choke me up. But the presentation and speeches from Marrero and Nando had me wiping tears away.

        What an effort and what a win for the Spanish team.

  3. The speeches that both David and Nando gave were really quite moving. I loved how Nando said he told David’s mother that he would try his best to win it for David’s grandfather. Nando is such a touchy feely guy…it was heartwarming to see him continually touch David on the top of the head.

  4. That’s the WTF for you. It does throw up freaky results from time to time, no?

    I have always found all the ballyhoo and hype about it being the the best players in the world fighting it out, blah, blah, blah very trying. The ATP site went completely over the top this year. It is a fun climax to the year and is an excellent vehicle for pulling in spectators and viewership and raising the profile of tennis. But I have never been able to take it that seriously.

    And that’s not just sour grapes because Rafa has never won it!!!!!

    • ^^Totally agree with you, ed251137. WTF is a fun tournament but personally I would not rate it higher than a Masters 1000 or a Slam even if it has more points than a Masters.

  5. I was blasted out of the water by the Fedaddicts when I once described it as a glorified exhibition tournament. I know a few other people share the same view. At least this year most of the players arrived in better shape. Having said that I enjoyed this one more than I have in the past even though I did not care for the final denouement 🙁

  6. RT @carole_bouchard: “So dpa confirms Del Potro joining Godsick, who is Federer’s agent ? Leaving Colombini 100% with Murray ? Some interesting moves all around..”

  7. Here’s a quote from Grigor Dimitrov that was in Tennis Earth. In the article, he explains how his relationship with Maria Sharapova has improved his game. The quote that struck me was this: “This year has been very successful; I managed to find the right direction to follow. Rivals now feel pressed to follow me closely and look up to me.” I’m hoping that it’s a bad translation from his native language and not what he actually said. Otherwise, I guess we really can call him Baby Fed.

    • I really think this is bad form by Delpo, whatever gripe he may have against his tennis Federation. Playing Davis Cup is playing for your country, not the Federation. Sorry, but Delpo is coming across as selfish, mean and un-patriotic. No wonder he is joining Fed’s management team.

      He is the top ranked Argentine, surely this gives him the muscle to influence what the Federation does. Instead, all he does is publicly moan about how badly they treat him, like a spoilt baby. Look at Rafa and Novak, they use their start power to get what they want from their Federations, for better or for worse, why can’t Delpo do the same?

      One may not like Novak or Stepanek but how can you not be moved, positively, by their commitment to their respective countries? The Serb cause was doomed the day Troicki acted the fool with the Drug testing authorities. Novak could have said, hey, why bother, especially after such a gruelling Fall, especially after Tipsy withdrew as well. He did not. He did right by his country.

      And then you read about Delpo’s whining……………


      • rafaisthebest@November 18, 2013 at 11:07 am

        Rafa is playing Davis Cup, but he is criticizing the scheduling of Davis Cup events.
        — Wednesday, September 11, 2013. Rafael Nadal claims Davis Cup not ideal preparation for Asian swing
        “Given the fatigue I am feeling, what I would like to do is rest and recuperate well physically and mentally for the Asian tour,” Nadal said in an interview published in Spanish sports daily Marca on Wednesday.
        “It`s the final sprint of the year and I am fighting for something as special as finishing as number one,” added the 27-year-old.
        “The Davis Cup won`t help me in that goal because to be prepared for what I have left it`s not good to change surfaces.
        “But I said I would go already a few months ago, I committed myself and I will be in Madrid.
        “I feel duty bound to go to Madrid and I feel duty bound to help the team so we stay in the World Group.”—

  8. I totally sympathise with the top players who choose not to play DC. The schedule is punishing enough as it is and when DC matches entail flying long distances and a change of surface this puts a huge strain on players who regularly go deep in ATP tournaments. They miss out on the few days precious days between tournaments only to find themselves face to face with a close rival who is well rested. For the teams that make it to the DC autumn SFs it is an even greater burden. I think it is grossly unfair when players are criticised for being unpatriotic and not doing their duty for their country.

    IMO The whole concept of the Davis Cup sits uncomfortably in modern day tennis.

    • I know what you mean about the Davis Cup ed. and I don’t like rampant nationalism either, but it has two things going for it 1) gives the opportunity for players to be part of a team. Tennis is such a lonely sport, I feel that’s good. Look what winning a gold medal did for Andy as part of Team GB
      and 2) can be very inspirational to young kids taking up the game.
      In fact I’ve read somewhere that Andy wants participation to be made compulsory.

      • deucy@November 18, 2013 at 1:09 pm
        —Andy wants participation to be made compulsory—

        His participation in the Davis Cup is already partially mandatory. If Andy wants to qualify for the 2016 Olympics, he has to play three more times at the Davis Cup before the Olympics.

      • Deucy: Totally agree Davis Cup experience is invaluable for good younger players. Said as much yesterday vis a vis Lajovic. Pospisil and Dan Evans are two more players who have had the chance to play way out of their normal league because of Davis Cup matches.

    • Andy has come in for his fair share of criticism in the past (skipping the meeting with Argentinia in ’08). The following spring he played DC in spite of an existing wrist injury but then had to miss the next six weeks of the tour to allow the wrist to heal.

      • Why would a country even consider voluntarily excluding their best player(s) for not participating in Davis Cup? That would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

        This is the ITF holding a gun to the heads of top players to force them to play DC. Bigger names equals bigger TV revenues.


  9. Since today is the DC final, it seemed an appropriate time to post this article about the match that some consider to be the greatest tennis match ever played, even greater than the 2008 Wimbledon final. It’s the 1937 Davis Cup match between Don Budge and Baron Gottfried von Cramm, which Budge ultimately won. The phrase “he played like his life depended on it” was never closer to the literal truth than it was for von Cramm, who received a call from Hitler just before he was to go on court. Here’s one of many stories about that match…fascinating reading.

    • Jpacnw,

      This was such an interesting article. Of course, this was way before my time, long before I was born. But when I very young watching tennis, I do remember Don Budge being talked about as the greatest player ever at that point.

      Thanks for the link!

  10. augusta08 says: November 18, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Yes, Rafa is rightly critical of the DC scheduling and the conflicts it presents re the individual tournament schedules. I think everybody agrees with Rafa’s sentiments there.

    My problem with Delpo is, this is not what he is saying! He is criticizing the Argentinian Tennis Federation sayign they bad mouth him blah, blah, blah. He does not point the finger at the ITF. I actually feel he is prioritizing his own individual schedule (a la Fed) but he does not want to clearly come out and say this. Instead, he wants to make his Federation look like the bad guys, that they are doing him wrong. This is not nice. He needs to be honest and just say DC is way below his priority list. Trouble is, like all selfish people, he wants his cake and eat it too: maintain the individual playing schedule he wants and blame other people for his not playing DC.

    Bad form……………………………….

  11. So what should be the Olympics eligibility/qualy criteria, Ricky? All other Olympic sports have qualifying events leading up to Olympics qualification/eligibility, even the lowly tennisWTF has an eligibility/qualification threshold!

      • The ITF has increased Davis Cup requirements for Olympic participation for Rio de Janeiro!

        —MAY 02, 2012. Olympic qualifying more demanding in 2016.
        The ITF has decided to change its qualification rules for the 2016 Olympics. After the 2012 Games, a player must make himself or herself available to play Davis Cup or Fed Cup FOUR times in an Olympic cycle. Currently, players only have to make themselves available for TWO ties in the two prior years to the Olympics. /…/
        “The Olympics has become a very important part of the tennis calendar with most players looking at an Olympic medal as an honor close to a Grand Slam title,” ITF spokesperson Barbara Travers told. “But the Olympics is not a regular tournament; it takes more than ranking to participate. In order to compete in the Olympics, every athlete must be in good standing with their national governing body. The mechanism to demonstrate the willingness to represent your country in tennis is by making yourself available to play Davis Cup by BNP Paribas or Fed Cup by BNP Paribas, something we acknowledge that most players have embraced. The reward is playing in the Olympics, which we feel should be a privilege reserved for those players who clearly demonstrate that playing for their countries is a priority.” —

  12. “In order to compete in the Olympics, every athlete must be in good standing with their national governing body. The mechanism to demonstrate the willingness to represent your country in tennis is by making yourself available to play Davis Cup by BNP Paribas or Fed Cup by BNP Paribas, something we acknowledge that most players have embraced. The reward is playing in the Olympics, which we feel should be a privilege reserved for those players who clearly demonstrate that playing for their countries is a priority.””

    I second this! Over to you, Delpo……………..

    This applies to all other Olympic disciplines, why should tennis be exempt? If you want to prioritise your own individual schedule, that’s fine. Just do not expect your country to turn to you when you have been giving it your back all those years……………..

  13. ^^^^^I doubt there is a set figure. It would be paid by the governing tennis body for each country presumably. Some are richer than others.

    I think I’m right in saying that prior to 2009 players didn’t even get ATP ranking points for Davis Cup matches. Even now it is only the World Group and World Group playoff ties that earn them points.

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