Daily picks



Federer over Seppi in 2

Goffin over Dimitrov in 3

New York

Nishikori over Anderson in 3

Mannarino over Querrey in 2

Buenos Aires

Thiem over Monfils in 2

Bedene over Delbonis in 3

Rotterdam record: 19-7

New York record: 16-9

Buenos Aires record: 16-8




Montpellier record: 19-7

Sofia record: 16-10

Quito record: 15-11

Australian Open record: 84-42

Auckland record: 19-6

Sydney record: 15-10

Doha record: 18-11

Pune record: 17-10

Brisbane record: 15-10


London record: 9-5

Milan record: 12-3

Paris record: 24-22

Basel record: 22-9

Vienna record: 21-10

Stockholm record: 18-8

Moscow record: 11-15

Antwerp record: 15-11

Shanghai record: 38-14

Beijing record: 20-8

Tokyo record: 17-9

Shenzhen record: 8-3

Chengdu record: 4-5

Metz record: 13-9

St. Petersburg record: 11-11

U.S. Open record: 91-35

Winston-Salem record: 33-13

Cincinnati record: 36-16

Montreal record: 34-21

Washington, D.C. record: 23-11

Los Cabos record: 8-5

Kitzbuhel record: 5-6

Hamburg record: 17-13

Gstaad record: 16-11

Atlanta record: 19-7

Newport record: 14-12

Umag record: 12-14

Bastad record: 15-10

Wimbledon record: 94-30

Eastbourne record: 13-10

Antalya record: 15-10

Queen’s Club record: 21-8

Halle record: 22-6

Stuttgart record: 15-8

‘s-Hertogenbosch: 11-10

French Open record: 96-27

Lyon record: 17-8

Geneva record: 15-10

Rome record: 41-15

Madrid record: 42-11

Estoril record: 15-11

Munich record: 16-9

Istanbul record: 19-8

Barcelona record: 29-17

Budapest record: 13-11

Monte-Carlo record: 37-16

Houston record: 20-7

Marrakech record: 16-9

Miami record: 66-26

Indian Wells record: 57-35

Dubai record: 21-10

Acapulco record: 19-11

Sao Paulo record: 16-11

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-11

Delray Beach record: 22-5

Marseille record: 16-11

Buenos Aires: 16-11

Rotterdam record: 18-13

Memphis record: 13-13

Quito record: 13-3

Sofia record: 14-6

Montpellier record: 10-9

Australian Open record: 97-30

Auckland record: 18-7

Sydney record: 16-9

Doha record: 22-8

Brisbane record: 17-9

Chennai record: 15-12



London record: 11-4

Paris record: 37-9

Basel record: 21-9

Vienna record: 17-12

Stockholm record: 20-7

Antwerp record: 15-10

Moscow record: 12-12

Shanghai record: 34-20

Beijing record: 24-6

Tokyo record: 23-4

Shenzhen record: 17-9

Chengdu record: 13-14

St. Petersburg record: 19-8

Metz record: 17-9

U.S. Open record: 89-31

Winston-Salem record: 28-17

Cincinnati record: 29-20

Olympics record: 41-16

Los Cabos record: 17-9

Atlanta record: 15-11

Toronto record: 36-16

Washington record: 31-14

Gstaad record: 12-11

Kitzbuhel record: 12-15

Umag record: 17-10

Hamburg record: 19-12

Bastad record: 20-7

Newport record: 19-7

Wimbledon record: 98-27

Nottingham record: 35-14

Queen’s Club record: 19-11

Halle record: 21-8

Stuttgart record: 1710

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 17-10

French Open record: 93-30

Geneva record: 20-7

Nice record: 19-8

Rome record 41-13

Madrid record: 44-11

Munich record: 19-7

Estoril record: 20-7

Istanbul: 18-9

Barcelona record: 36-10

Bucharest record: 20-7

Monte-Carlo record: 40-15

Houston record: 14-11

Marrakech record: 18-8

Miami record: 60-30

Indian Wells record: 63-29

Sao Paulo record: 18-9

Dubai record: 19-10

Acapulco record: 17-13

Marseille record: 22-5

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-8

Delray Beach record: 18-12

Rotterdam record: 17-14

Memphis record: 15-11

Buenos Aires record: 16-11

Montpellier record: 15-10

Sofia record: 16-6

Quito record: 18-6

Australian Open record: 97-27

Auckland record: 14-11

Sydney record: 17-7

Doha record: 26-5

Chennai record: 20-7

Brisbane record: 20-7


World Tour Finals record: 11-4

Paris record: 28-18

Basel record: 24-6

Valencia record: 14-13

Vienna record: 21-9

Stockholm record: 21-5

Moscow record: 18-9

Shanghai record: 39-16

Beijing record: 22-9

Tokyo record: 16-14

Shenzhen record: 20-7

Kuala Lumpur record: 20-7

St. Petersburg record: 18-7

Metz record: 16-9

Winston-Salem record: 22-22

Cincinnati record: 36-18

Montreal record:

Washington, D.C. record:

Kitzbuhel record: 18-7

Gstaad record: 21-6

Atlanta record: 21-6

Hamburg record: 19-11

Umag record: 19-8

Bogota record: 15-12

Bastad record: 13-14

Newport record: 22-7

Wimbledon record: 95-31

Nottingham record: 29-13

Queen’s Club record: 23-7

Halle record: 19-12

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 18-9

Stuttgart record: 15-12

French Open record: 92-32

Nice record: 20-6

Geneva record: 19-8

Rome record: 29-10

Madrid record: 37-18

Munich record: 14-7

Istanbul record:18-6

Estoril record: 13-10

Barcelona record: 30-16

Bucharest record: 17-10

Monte-Carlo record: 36-19

Houston record: 18-9

Casablanca record: 12-13

Miami record: 63-31

Davis Cup first round record: 11-5

Dubai record: 27-5

Acapulco record: 25-6

Buenos Aires record: 20-7

Marseille record: 19-8

Delray Beach record: 21-10

Rio de Janeiro record: 19-12

Rotterdam record: 21-10

Memphis record: 18-8

Sao Paulo record: 13-15

Montpellier record: 24-3

Zagreb record: 14-13

Quito record: 15-7

Australian Open record: 96-31

Doha record: 21-10

Brisbane record: 18-9

Chennai record: 17-9

Sydney record: 11-14

Auckland record: 10-11

OVERALL through Buenos Aires/Acapulco/Dubai: 420-193

62 Comments on Daily picks

  1. Andrej martin wins 1st set! +1.5 set martin hit$$$$$$$!

    Now only winning the 2nd set/match is left for Martin!

    Who said that the old man NOT Wow!rinka coming from a long Injury layoff is going to beat Basic? Basic is Basically the real winner, did you not know that! basic ML & +1.5 sets basic hits the jackpot!lol

    But Basic will Basically lose to my other FAV Copil tomorrow in the SOFTia finals! SOFTia is meant for hard hitters like Copil not SOFTies like basic!Ha,ha,ha…

  2. Huge +1.5 sets Moura (I am adog lover…having many dogs @Home!lol) and over wins. ARV can win the match now!

    Moura can also win the 3rd set and match now. Will root for both now…like playing chess/carroms from both sides and trying to win for both!lol

    Gaaaassssss (not quietly)…will gas all over pouille and win(nasty!lol)…mostly in 2 as Pouille is very tired (was a lucky winners in the singles vs Tsonga but was unlucky as he lost the doubles SF in the TB=very taxing & disappointing. Just appearing in the singles finals will be his only compensation!lol) from playing multiple singles & doubles matches.

  3. Pouille wins 1st set on tie break.

    Thought this was a bit of a dodgy one, as pouille had the better head to head!

    Did not get a chance to post, before now!

    The pistol!

    • Maaaan….is Pouille going to win the finals against all our expectations???

      1000’s of people have bet 1000’s of dollars (OK may be in pounds, Lira, roubles etc.also) on Gasssss…..quet. Gasssss…..quet, don’t gas on us now!lol Raise your level like you did against Goffin and win in the 2nd & 3rd set now.

      Did LB on Pouille in 1st set and already covered some lose. More LB in set 2. Everyone needs to do the same if they want to cover up their loss. But they have to be extremely careful in LB as match can turn on its head in seconds!

      BOL my fella partners in crime!lol

  4. Because this is a FINALE and Roberto Carballes Baena (RCB) is in good form, the finals will not be a cake walk for the overwhelming FAV and highly ranked Albert Ramos Vinolas(ARV).

    This might be a 3 setter and over can hit. Over will be my bet here! Might try RCB +1.5 sets. But ARV should win. But Today is becoming a DAY OF UPSETS, so anything can happen. I won’t be surprised if RCB outgrinds the “king of grinding” ARV and win!lol

    Thank god, I LB heavily on Pouille in 1 st & set sets to end back in big profits. Prebet Gasquet=loss. As heavy money came in on Gaaaasquet, the bookies rigged this match (probably paid off Gaaaasquet big) to make all the millions of bettors of Gaaaasquet lose so that they can win at our expense! The heavy lickbacks made Gaaaasquet play a losing match. This is not how Gaaaasquet plays esp. in a finals! RIP bookies…one day!lol

  5. Maaaan….Basic is trying to upset Copil at Sofia…in the DAY OF UPSETS!LOL

    Basic is close to eating the 1st set!lol Basic seems to be very hungry. He said that he did not eat his morning Pizza and breakfast today so he gonna eat a couple of sets today!lol

    Who is joining Basic for breakfast(eats sets and winning this finale!lol)”

    I have already joined Basic in his breakfast(winning) by LBing basic in 1st set! Dare to follow!?

  6. Nope, Copil broke back at 4-5 down and levelled it. Now it gets exciting and bit easier for copil to win!lol

    …But I expect Copil to come out strong in the 2nd set and not allow any early break of serve and try to win the 2nd set in a TB! Let’s see if the tennis gods think differently than me!lol

  7. When we PRE-DECIDE the winner and then add logic to support our pick and not talk even 1 word or consider the opponent (that is what bookie supporters who love to make bookies into billionaires from millionaires do!lol), then this is what happens=UPSETS and HUGE LOSS!

    I put all my effort into mma (and made huge $$$$) YESTERDAY and did not find time to research into today’s tennis matchup’s (MU) else I would have figured out todays tennis winners or atleast the winning bets.

    After a late night going to bed…I am just now researching today’s MU’s (Men & Fed Cup) and posting only the men’s picks/analysis here.

    Common experts get your ass of your sofa/bed, stop copying bookies losing picks from the internet (that’s what lazy bum-asses do!lol)…and do your in-depth research and discuss the same here…else you will get big beatings (with broomsticks, pots and pans from the kitchen etc.) from your wife/girlfriend for losing or even be kicked out for a few nights!ha,ha,ha…

    Be careful Stan {pistol pete , Rellik, frank flake (But you Original or fake?lol), Tyler, Panamera, “Ninjas In Pyjamas”,phil & other experts.} , your beautiful babies can do the above to you…if you don’t do the hard work and bring profits home!Ha,ha,ha…

  8. Lol I can’t even watch the Basic vs. Copil match.
    I watched the first set,but my eyes and brain hurts already.
    The level of tennis is embarrassing,makes me puke.

  9. Disgusting tennis from both players.I have no idea how Basic beat Kohl,Waw.(Well,actually I know about Stan that he doesn’t care about 250 ATP tournaments,and he comes after the knee surgery,so this was more like a training tournament for him,but really…how the hell Kohl lost to this weak ass Basic.)
    And Copil….totally disgusts me in everyway, Kristina Mladenovic is a way better player then Copil,hahaha.LOL
    Porbably Ostapenko would destroy Copil 1v1.Lmao
    This is the weakest tennis match I ever seen,no more words…

  10. Basic defeats Copil to win the Sofia Open title! My gut was screaming BASIC WINNER, BASIC WINNER, BASIC WINNER on & on…but couldn’t find time to research & back it up yesterday or post it!

    Glad I researched deeper after/during the match and LB Basic ML & over heavily to make good profits to compensate for yesterdays small bet on Basic loss (without research but only based on others picks & general observation!)lol

    Anyone else LB basic?

  11. Roger you always win man..never heard you saying that you lost, how is that possible? share it with us, we all want to win like you.
    But tell us before the match,not after…after the match we can’t place anymore bets,u know??;)

    • Rellik,

      Looks like you don’t follow all the posts of mine here.

      I lose like 15% of the times/matches. I am really human and not an alien or god!Ha,ha,ha…

      Before i used to lose a lot like 75% when I started betting. Now reduced the loses to 15 to 20% max. because of 1) Doing 100% scientific research (I can lose even if I do only 90% research). Betting needs 100 % research & double checking when u have a cool calm mind 2) Using many SAFETY techniques and COMPENSATION techniques (learnt some my good friend Stan and others). 3) Pray hard to God everyday for success and virtually every second. Without God I am nobody!

      I am still a baby in the betting business and trying to learn everyday from anyone with good knowledge!

      Here is one of my losses….

      …compensate for yesterdays small bet on Basic loss (without research but only based on others picks & general observation!)lol

      Lost many more. Check the above posts.

      BOL Rellik my friend

  12. Even tho Basic won (was my guts choice), I wanted Copil to win (my hearts choice). Played well this whole tournament but struggled against a very clever and tricky opponent (Basic). Copil is a nice, soft-n-sweet guy inside different than the rough, tough, angry mafia image on the outside!

  13. RCB Wins 1st set and +1.5 sets RCB wins as predicted above…

    …but appended below also {for lazy people like Rellik (who is basically a bookie masquerading as a bettor here!lol)! who won’t read people’s posts and blindly accuses people. Like Relik did to me. Read his stupid post here and tell me why Rellik is stupid and you will also get a reward! http://tenngrand.com/daily-picks-2018-1/comment-page-160/#comment-293899. There are a couple more of stupid people here who do the same thing. Do you know who these miscreants are? Name them correctly and you will get a reward!}

    These accusing bookies/miscreants/pests/(Guys add to the list!lol) etc.!ha,ha,ha…

    1) Are lazy

    2) Can’t read simple English

    3) Can’t Understand simple English!

    4) And pick up fights all the time esp. with successful people as they are jealous and are not willing to do the hard work!

    “Roger FEBRUARY 11, 2018 AT 3:25 PM
    Because this is a FINALE and Roberto Carballes Baena (RCB) is in good form, the finals will not be a cake walk for the overwhelming FAV and highly ranked Albert Ramos Vinolas(ARV).

    This might be a 3 setter and over can hit. Over will be my bet here! Might try RCB +1.5 sets. But ARV should win. But Today is becoming a DAY OF UPSETS, so anything can happen. I won’t be surprised if RCB outgrinds the “king of grinding” ARV and wins!lol”

    • Roger, Rellik is not a bookie/stupid lol!, you are going too far with your comments, calm down.

      Remember you did the same thing with me, just take it easy and enjoy the matches, whether you win or lose it’s no one’s business just calm down and do your best.

      • Stan, i am perfectly cool & calm (else I cannot win) that is why I am doing my best and winning 80 to 90% of my bets consistently.

        But Stupids like Rellik (…if you continue to trouble me you can add yourself to the “stupid/mental list”!lol You are unfortunately one of the people who doesn’t read the posts, understand 1000000…% and pick up fights like a low level uneducated house wives!lol…like you are slowly trying now again…when you you are not supposed to drop like a piece of shit from above. I did not commit any crime, kill any body etc. I am just trying to help some needy people…not losers(pick up fights/quareels/squabbles etc. all the time) who will never learn! So calm it, shut it, tight and don’t pick up a fight with a God’s Soldier=me!), are NOT CALM, JEALOUS, BOILING WITH ANGER DUE TO LOSS or ANGRY because bettors (like Rellik etc.) are figuring out the bookies and betting big!

    • Wow! Roberto Carballes Baena (RCB) wins as feared above and posted above. I bet RCB huge in LB and NOT in pre-bet as I did not have time to research yesterday as I was busy with taking care of a sick relative(more than 50%) of time goes to that besides researching for mma matches.

      +1.5 sets Roberto Carballes Baena (RCB) and OVE also hit$$$$$$$! Thank God for everything you give us!

      Yesterday, as i did not have time to research, based on the official picks here and based on what few minutes of the past matches I bet on ARV and Copil and LOST. But I over-COMPENSATED the loss with huge bets in LB on RCB and Mirza!

      “Roger FEBRUARY 11, 2018 AT 3:25 PM
      Because this is a FINALE and Roberto Carballes Baena (RCB) is in good form, the finals will not be a cake walk for the overwhelming FAV and highly ranked Albert Ramos Vinolas(ARV).

      This might be a 3 setter and over can hit. Over will be my bet here! Might try RCB +1.5 sets. But ARV should win. But Today is becoming a DAY OF UPSETS, so anything can happen. I won’t be surprised if RCB outgrinds the “king of grinding” ARV and wins!lol”

      I could research some of the tennis matches only today morning and posted it to for those who really need help and not to losers (like Rellik & his followers/supporters!lol…One is supporting him already above!lol) who won’t learn and will just pick up fights,squabbles,quarrels etc. like uneducated,low level house wives or rural people do!lol

      UNDERSTAND stupid people (like Rellik & his followers/supporters!lol…One is supporting him already above!lol)

      A pick or analysis can be utilized in 2 ways.

      1) In PRE-BETS

      2) In LIVE BETS(LB)

      If you see mine or any other picks/analysis AFTER the match has started (I am always running against time as I have stated due to my multiple responsibilities in life! caretaker of a sick patient, my old parents with lots of health problems, our family business etc.), then SIMPLY UTILIZE THE INFO.(pick/analysis) in LIVE BETS…WHICH IS ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE MONEY besides a great way TO COMPENSATE FOR PRE-BET LOSSES!

      So, stupid people(Rellik and his followers…who support his stupid arguing…without understanding or reading any posts in simple english. May be a mental patient also!lol), like Rellik make the below comments….

      “But tell us before the match,not after…after the match we can’t place anymore bets,u know??;)”

      I know stupid Rellik very, very well. I explained it in clear English above how to utilize the info. whenever it comes in from me, Ben or Todd or Ricky BEFORE and/or AFTER the match starts. Many people are busy(unlike you and your followers/supporters) and can post ONLY 1) When they have some FREE TIME 2) ONLY if they are CONFIDENT of the info. after thorough research and double checking…and that takes time!lol

      And you guys CANNOT ask anybody ANYTHING as you have to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH..ALL THE TIME..and make your own bets …which you have to OWN IT and NOT BLAME your wife or girlfriend, Ricky or me or Ben or Todd of even God for that matter! Get your LAZY ASS off your couch/sofa and research hard and make money and make your family happy. Don’t do the opposite and blame anybody here(esp me/ricky/ben/todd/Big Al etc.). GOT IT!

      Also, as I am still a BABY learning the betting trade everyday,,,I have 10 to 20% losses and I post my loses here.

      I AM VERY PROUD OF MY LOSSES unlike many liars who won’t accept it. Read the past posts where I took some liars to class. I follow the teachings of my parents, teachers etc. They have told me that…

      FAILURES ARE THE STEPPING STONE FOR ONES SUCCESS. And ONE SHOULD STUDY ONE’S FAILURES AND LEARN FROM THEIR FAILURES & MISTAKES. That is what I do. So, I am PROUD OF MY FAILURES/LOSSES (have a separate notebook to make note of them and analyzed how to avoid them). That is what I do and post it here.

      I have learnt to convert my FAILURES into SUCCESS not only in betting, but in my family business, my sports competitions and in life.

      You stupid people(Rellik band your followers and supporters…one of them already started supporting you above…read it!lol) should learn the same and STOP fighting, arguing, quarelling like stupid, mental people…and STOP wasting my valuable time and the time of others on this website. During this time i could have researched couple of matches and helped somebody or could have done some 10’s of pending works at home and in my family business. TIME IS MONEY 4 me but not for you guys probably.

    • You said above….

      “Roger,I bet you dont even bet,lol”

      Wat Stupid, Rellik?

      That is why i have already posted many of my bet slips.

      Your above statements show that you are TRULY MENTAL, RETARDED etc. Don’t communicate and waste my valuable time. Off you go.

      Here is one of my losses(due to GASQUET & COPIL)…placed bet yesterday without 100% Research on tennis…and I paid for it with a LOSS! I am PROUD of my LOSSES.as I learn from it and become STRONGER and RICHER…and not be like you lossers!

      11:04 PM [ # 351821837 ] PARLAY (5 TEAMS) ( Risking: 390.00 – To Win: 2742.00 ) LOSE
      02/11/2018 @ 07:45 AM MU [8361] R Gasquet -145 (R Gasquet vrs L Pouille) Score: R Gasquet(0) – L Pouille(2) LOSE
      02/11/2018 @ 09:12 AM MU [8462] M Copil -156 (M Basic vrs M Copil) Score: M Basic(2) – M Copil(1) LOSE
      02/11/2018 @ 05:10 AM MU (Fed Cup)[31028] Kvitova P. (Cze) -249 (Bencic B. (Sui) vrs Kvitova P. (Cze)) Score: Bencic B. (Sui)(0) – Kvitova P. (Cze)(2) WIN
      02/11/2018 @ 09:15 AM MU (Doubles – Fed Cup – MU Canceled)[31046] Mladenovic K./Parmentier P. -210 (Bonaventure Y./Van Uytvanck A. vrs Mladenovic K./Parmenti Score: Bonaventure Y./Van Uytvanck A.() – Mladenovic K./Parmentier P.() PEND
      02/10/2018 @ 11:05 PM MU [24325] TOTAL o1.5 -250 (Luke Rockhold vrs Yoel Romero) Score: Luke Rockhold(0) – Yoel Romero(3) WIN

      Here is one of my BIG WINS on RCB…..have many more…NO TIME to post!

      12:26 PM [ # 351884958] CARBALLES BAENA, R vs. RAMOS VINOLAS, A ( Risking: 3000.00 – To Win: 1190.00 ) WIN
      02/11/2018 @ 12:26 PM RBL Player to win the Match?CARBALLES B , R Score: () – () WIN

  14. Does anyone with basketball knowledge throw some light on the below problem?

    I know that Stan is a basketball bettor & fan but is probably angry with me and may not respond even though he calls me his best friend!

    I know that Ricky is a basketball expert writing for many websites!

    Anyone else?

    Why are the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Pacific Division leaders, struggling to score and win even though the whole team is nearly healthy?

    I am working on it and will definitely figure it out…as always!lol But a little quick help will be appreciated.

    By answering these questions, you can make big money in NBA. Solved 100’s of similar questions and made lot of money. Just today, i have already crossed $600 in profit. KNOWLEDGE IS MONEY. I am building myself into a treasure house of knowledge in multiple sports and converting it into money and can share/discuss with ONLY positive minded people, who work hard and who will also help me grow in knowledge & money.

    • Roger why will I be angry with you?
      I don’t let nonsense affect me, I just recognize it for what it is.

      You talk carelessly sometimes and if you were joking I might understand but it’s disappointing.

      • Stan,

        What is the answer to the above question?

        Why are the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Pacific Division leaders, struggling to score and win even though the whole team is nearly healthy?

        By answering this question we could have bet against Minnesota Timberwolves and made $$$ when they played the lowly Chicago Bulls this past Friday!

    • NUmber 1 reason because they play ZERO defense. Until they fix that, they ll remain a bunch of losers even though the offence is good. But its hard to win games when you score 110 but allow 120.

      • Thnx Kiddo,

        I knew that they are playing bad defense.

        but why a team playing good defense and winning a number of games to become division leader suddenly is playing bad defense. This is the exact reason I wanted. Are some of the key starters injured or recovering from injury (which they may be hiding) or tired as the season is coming to an end? I am suspecting this is the main reason.

        KiddPokerr, thnx for your quick reply. Your answer is correct. The same is with Atlanta Hawks, LA Lakers, Cavaliers (who are surprisingly playing well mainly offense and winning after the trade!lol Whatever, won on Cavs vs Celtics today! Big Lebron fan also.) etc.

        • They barely got a win today (last minute basically) vs THE WORST team in the league(Kings), so yeah until they fix their D, they are DOOMED.

        • Cavs traded and looked so good today, so watched out foe them, they gonna win a bunch of games now. Every single player played D since start till finish, that was awesome.

  15. Ricky or any of you tennis experts have any takes on the WTA circuit? More specifically I’m looking at this Cibulkova/Pavlyuchenkova match. Do you guys have a take on this match?

    • Skyler, Boiler, Tyler!lol,

      How are you man?

      You posed a ladies question that should technically come under the WTA page!lol I am a big WTA fan so will handle you here!lol

      I am leaning to Cibulkova upsetting the higher ranked and bookie favored Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova because:-

      1) The Dominatrix Dominika is in a better form currently. Won 3 matches in 2018 vs 1 match for the big harmless Russian teddy bear. Nastia seems to have injured herself at the Hong Kong Open in 2017. Ever since Oct,2017, Nastia is struggling.

      2) The Dominatrix Dominika has won 4 of the last 5 H2H matches, showing her domination over “the big harmless Russian teddy” bear since 2016 on surfaces of all colors.

      3) “the big harmless Russian teddy” is very erratic and does tons of UE’s and double faults. The Dominatrix Dominika is far more reliable and should win.

      WARNING – Close your ears with an ear muff as both these girls scream so loudly while playing tennis that you will think something bad is going on….lol Don’t want to complete the joke here!

      Since hard is the FAV surface of “the big harmless Russian teddy”, she will fight but in the end, she bear will be put down by the hungry hyena the Dominatrix Dominika!lol

      Dominatrix Dominika ML should win.

      Do your own FINAL RESEARCH and own your bets like a man without blaming anybody for your loses as you won’t give your profits to me or anybody who gives you great professional advice…just like your brother!lol

      Tyler what are your bets in WTA and ATP for today?

      Where are from man? I think I asked you before and did not get a reply!

      • Roger- Thank you for the reply. I am stateside, located in Minneapolis, Minneswnota. Land of the cold where we constantly get let down by our skolful vikings lol.

        I apologize for not asking this question under the WTA thread, i just figured this page gets a lot more traction so it’d be appropriate to getting a quicker response. Cibulkova is favored in the match:

        Cibulkova -130
        Pavlyuchenkova +110 at my book.

        I think Blinkova looks pretty tasty as a dog at +130, i know she’s playing a higher ranked opponent in Vesnina, but she’s been on a roll to start the year..just my 2 cents…

        As far as the mens side, there are a few that stand out to me:

        I love Sela vs Basilashvili & I love the underdog odds he’s getting

        I also like Donaldson vs Karlovic more so based on the fatigue factor that Karlovic just endured playing a lot of games (3 setters)

        Tough to gauge the 1st round of any tournament, but I do notice more times then not underdogs seem to win more then less.

        Where are you located Roger?

        • Tyler,

          I am in all your hearts as I am a “God’s soldier”!lol I am located in the heart of the greatest country in the world!

          Tyler, didn’t we discuss some NFL betting in the Championship Round where Minnesota Vikings lost to Philadelphia Eagles? Did you mention that your home team Minnesota Vikings lost to the eagles at home and you were very sad. I also offered my condolences for the premature departure of your beloved Minnesota Vikings. Was that you?

          Anna Blinkova is tasty? Wat? Are you a cannibal to eat a beautiful human being that too a girl?ha,ha,ha…Now I know why Stan likes beautiful babies…and many babies have been reported missing lately! call 911!lol

          Anna Blinkova has ony 40% chance of winning appx. because she has 2 wins (basically 1 win as Alexandrova Retd.) at Doha. Blinkova’s many wins seem illusionary as they were recorded against low level opponents. But her win over Antonia Lottner 5-7, 6-4, 7-5 is really credit worthy as Lottner is a very good player.

          Elena Vesnina has 60% chance of winning as she is very experienced and ranks nearly 140 places higher! Again Vesnina’s many losses is misleading many to feel that she is out of form. the fact is that she has lost only to the top opponents shows that she still has the form but is finding it tough to win against the top players. vesnina might just have some loss of confidence, that’s all in singles. Ves is playing at a high level in the doubles. Now she will transfer that skill & form to the singles just like Mladenovic did, who was also in a deep spiral losing like 15 matches in a row b4 striking top form at the St. Petersburg Open! Same should happen with Vesnina today!

          Vesnina should be able to win over a game Blinkova. Blinkova is a young talent from Russia. Looks like Russia is producing talented young Russian players (like Daria Kasatkina, Elizaveta Kulichkova, Muscovite Margarita Gasparyan, Anastasia Pivovarova, Sofya Zhuk, Anna Blinkova, Anastasia Potapova etc. etc.) like puppies in a puppy mill.

          If Blinkova blinks for even a second in any game, Vesnina will take over with her experience and win. Blinkova +1.5 sets or over may be better bets than Blinkova ML.Such ladies matches are highly unpredictable and best be avoided.

          In the Dudi Sela vs Nikoloz Basilashvili match, NikHOLES can win. I don’t trust Dudi eventho he won 2 matches against very low ranked opponents.

          Nikoloz is the higher rated player with more skills. He has has more power in everything. Nikoloz has the experience of playing high ranked opponents which he will use to win against an unreliable/erratic player Dudi.

          “I also like Donaldson vs Karlovic more so based on the fatigue factor that Karlovic just endured playing a lot of games (3 setters)”.

          That is true. fatigue and long flight will affect the 38 yrs old man Dr Ivo! If Donaldson doesn’t have good form then he may not win. Donaldson lacks power & variety that Moutet possesses to beat Dr. Ivo.

          “Tough to gauge the 1st round of any tournament, but I do notice more times then not underdogs seem to win more then less.”

          Lot of upsets happen especially as many top players are playing for the 1st time after a long time and may be upset by the lower ranked in-form players! We need to be very careful.

  16. Sousa over Seppi in 3

    Like Sousa to grind out a win here. 60% chance.

    Seppi can upset Sousa because:-

    1) Sepps has more experience on IH in 20117 and over his career also!

    2) Sepps has played 2 matches and won 1 at Rotterdam already. So, he is more used to the surface here and can surprise the clay and defense minded pusher sousa.

    3) Sepps has fantastic performance at AO and Canberra Challenger. He will carry that good form into today’s match.

    But my bet will be OVER games as Sepps being in good form (slightly better than Sousa), so Sousa cannot take him out easily. With long drawn rallies, lot of points will be won by both pushing the over. Seppi being the stronger server will win a lot of his service games and push the over.

    I think a bet on the OVER is safer than a bet on sousa as Sepp’s can upset sousa. If not, don’t come back to me!lol

  17. Lajovic over Bagnis in 3 Wat?

    Bagnis will defeat the out of form Lajovic in 3 Over can hit as lajo will fight.

    Bagnis has both micro and macro form advantage besides home crowd advantage.

    Like Bagnis ML and over


    Old man Bellucci over Cachin in 2 wat?

    Bellucci over Cachin in 3 possible but…

    8 years younger & stronger Cachin can upset the Bellucci.

    Cachin has far better performance on clay in 2017.

    Cachin will have 100% crowd support being an Argentinian handsome young boy!

    +1.5 sets Cachin and over can hit.

    If any smarty pants has any other solid analysis…they can shoot now and not after the match!lol

    • Nobody confirmed the above hunch (all post are for further discussions and not final as said a 1000 times b4) hence checked LB and went with old man Bellucci & Lajovic in LB, as didn’t watch cachin or bagnia play before. Both played bad today.

      Experience trumped youth and inexperience. Also happens most of the time. Didn’t happen with Vesnina (experienced veteran) who lost to the young, upcoming talent from Russia, Anna Blinkova. Went with +1.5 sets Blinkova as stated somewhere above.

      Old man Bellucci was lucky that he got a low skilled and a raw, young opponent in 1st rd.

      Old man Bellucci’s time may end in next round.

      • BIG Al, what are your BIG bets for tomorrow?lol

        Lot of BIG boys are playing tomorrow.

        BOL to you and all our brotha’s & sis’s. Any of our sis’s bet here?

    • Congrats Rellik on your wins €$$£™ from the bottom of my heart! Always happy when your brothers win inspite of all the differences.

      I am also doing well $$$$. Great day today & yesterday!

      Keep it up!

    • Rellik, nope, Kicker didn’t blow the last bet of the day instead he blew himself up in the 3rd set in the end!lol

      Did you not bet Ryan Harrison? He is the last bet of the day.

      Pella you are a helluwa fighter…but you make us fight off our heart attacks with your up and down play!lol

    • Kiddo,

      Both are losers as both are out of form.

      Stosur is old and highly predictable besides being out of form. But as dog she will fight hard…and lose gracefully!lol

      Besides Peng is injured and has mobility issues. With Peng being stationary more or less Mladenovic will kill Peng virtually with her drop shots and lobs and win easily.

      Kiddo, what are your other bets for tomorrow?

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