Daily picks

Goffin over Tsonga in 4
Gasquet over Darcis in 4



London record: 9-5

Milan record: 12-3

Paris record: 24-22

Basel record: 22-9

Vienna record: 21-10

Stockholm record: 18-8

Moscow record: 11-15

Antwerp record: 15-11

Shanghai record: 38-14

Beijing record: 20-8

Tokyo record: 17-9

Shenzhen record: 8-3

Chengdu record: 4-5

Metz record: 13-9

St. Petersburg record: 11-11

U.S. Open record: 91-35

Winston-Salem record: 33-13

Cincinnati record: 36-16

Montreal record: 34-21

Washington, D.C. record: 23-11

Los Cabos record: 8-5

Kitzbuhel record: 5-6

Hamburg record: 17-13

Gstaad record: 16-11

Atlanta record: 19-7

Newport record: 14-12

Umag record: 12-14

Bastad record: 15-10

Wimbledon record: 94-30

Eastbourne record: 13-10

Antalya record: 15-10

Queen’s Club record: 21-8

Halle record: 22-6

Stuttgart record: 15-8

‘s-Hertogenbosch: 11-10

French Open record: 96-27

Lyon record: 17-8

Geneva record: 15-10

Rome record: 41-15

Madrid record: 42-11

Estoril record: 15-11

Munich record: 16-9

Istanbul record: 19-8

Barcelona record: 29-17

Budapest record: 13-11

Monte-Carlo record: 37-16

Houston record: 20-7

Marrakech record: 16-9

Miami record: 66-26

Indian Wells record: 57-35

Dubai record: 21-10

Acapulco record: 19-11

Sao Paulo record: 16-11

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-11

Delray Beach record: 22-5

Marseille record: 16-11

Buenos Aires: 16-11

Rotterdam record: 18-13

Memphis record: 13-13

Quito record: 13-3

Sofia record: 14-6

Montpellier record: 10-9

Australian Open record: 97-30

Auckland record: 18-7

Sydney record: 16-9

Doha record: 22-8

Brisbane record: 17-9

Chennai record: 15-12



London record: 11-4

Paris record: 37-9

Basel record: 21-9

Vienna record: 17-12

Stockholm record: 20-7

Antwerp record: 15-10

Moscow record: 12-12

Shanghai record: 34-20

Beijing record: 24-6

Tokyo record: 23-4

Shenzhen record: 17-9

Chengdu record: 13-14

St. Petersburg record: 19-8

Metz record: 17-9

U.S. Open record: 89-31

Winston-Salem record: 28-17

Cincinnati record: 29-20

Olympics record: 41-16

Los Cabos record: 17-9

Atlanta record: 15-11

Toronto record: 36-16

Washington record: 31-14

Gstaad record: 12-11

Kitzbuhel record: 12-15

Umag record: 17-10

Hamburg record: 19-12

Bastad record: 20-7

Newport record: 19-7

Wimbledon record: 98-27

Nottingham record: 35-14

Queen’s Club record: 19-11

Halle record: 21-8

Stuttgart record: 1710

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 17-10

French Open record: 93-30

Geneva record: 20-7

Nice record: 19-8

Rome record 41-13

Madrid record: 44-11

Munich record: 19-7

Estoril record: 20-7

Istanbul: 18-9

Barcelona record: 36-10

Bucharest record: 20-7

Monte-Carlo record: 40-15

Houston record: 14-11

Marrakech record: 18-8

Miami record: 60-30

Indian Wells record: 63-29

Sao Paulo record: 18-9

Dubai record: 19-10

Acapulco record: 17-13

Marseille record: 22-5

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-8

Delray Beach record: 18-12

Rotterdam record: 17-14

Memphis record: 15-11

Buenos Aires record: 16-11

Montpellier record: 15-10

Sofia record: 16-6

Quito record: 18-6

Australian Open record: 97-27

Auckland record: 14-11

Sydney record: 17-7

Doha record: 26-5

Chennai record: 20-7

Brisbane record: 20-7


World Tour Finals record: 11-4

Paris record: 28-18

Basel record: 24-6

Valencia record: 14-13

Vienna record: 21-9

Stockholm record: 21-5

Moscow record: 18-9

Shanghai record: 39-16

Beijing record: 22-9

Tokyo record: 16-14

Shenzhen record: 20-7

Kuala Lumpur record: 20-7

St. Petersburg record: 18-7

Metz record: 16-9

Winston-Salem record: 22-22

Cincinnati record: 36-18

Montreal record:

Washington, D.C. record:

Kitzbuhel record: 18-7

Gstaad record: 21-6

Atlanta record: 21-6

Hamburg record: 19-11

Umag record: 19-8

Bogota record: 15-12

Bastad record: 13-14

Newport record: 22-7

Wimbledon record: 95-31

Nottingham record: 29-13

Queen’s Club record: 23-7

Halle record: 19-12

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 18-9

Stuttgart record: 15-12

French Open record: 92-32

Nice record: 20-6

Geneva record: 19-8

Rome record: 29-10

Madrid record: 37-18

Munich record: 14-7

Istanbul record:18-6

Estoril record: 13-10

Barcelona record: 30-16

Bucharest record: 17-10

Monte-Carlo record: 36-19

Houston record: 18-9

Casablanca record: 12-13

Miami record: 63-31

Davis Cup first round record: 11-5

Dubai record: 27-5

Acapulco record: 25-6

Buenos Aires record: 20-7

Marseille record: 19-8

Delray Beach record: 21-10

Rio de Janeiro record: 19-12

Rotterdam record: 21-10

Memphis record: 18-8

Sao Paulo record: 13-15

Montpellier record: 24-3

Zagreb record: 14-13

Quito record: 15-7

Australian Open record: 96-31

Doha record: 21-10

Brisbane record: 18-9

Chennai record: 17-9

Sydney record: 11-14

Auckland record: 10-11

OVERALL through Buenos Aires/Acapulco/Dubai: 420-193

46 Comments on Daily picks

    • GuestO, why you always WONDER man?

      Is it because there are WONDERFUL ATP & WTA experts on 10grand.com?lol

      Goffin has WONDERful skills which he did not show against Dimi during the round Robin stage MU due to NADAL’S CURSE (which lasts for only 1 match. Reasons given in my past posts here.)! Once that curse was lifted (by NADAL after I personally called Nadal to lift it on Goffin (as he is very weak and not eaten for many days!Look how weak & frail Goffin looks!lol)}, Goffin was back to his smashing form, beating up Dominic THIEM (whose ONLY THEME is the LOSING Theme on hard & IH!lol). The homeless looking Goffin even beat up the VERY OLD GOAT(Fed)!lol That is no mean achievement!

      When you beat WORLD NO.1 (NADAL) & 2(GOAT)…whatever be the reasons…Injury (knee of Nadal) or old age (weak & tired bones, creaking joints, hollow cheeks etc. of Federer!lol)…it just don’t matter! It means that Goffin is back in top form! You can stop WONDERing if Goffin will win. Goffin has good winning chances,today. Simply, Goffin has to play like Goffin (Serve & return AGGRESSIVELY & with CONFIDENCE…like he did against the GOAT) and go, that’s it and he can win as he has the better form on IH in 2017 to back up his aggressive play! Check out my past posts here about stats for Goffin on IH!

      BUT, the 2 BIG questions about Goffin is:-

      1) Can Goffin bring the same HIGH LEVEL of GAME & AGGRESSIVENESS that he took to “Fed the GOAT”?

      2) Can he match the exceptional COURT MOVEMENT, VARIED RETURNS and HIGH ENERGY LEVEL of Dimi that too for 2 to 3 hours or 3 long sets?

      If you answer YES to both the above questions then Dimi wins! It is as simple as that. No WONDERing needed!lol

  1. Ricky can you explain with a short analysis (like I do always!lol) why….

    Kontinen/Peers will win over Kubot/Melo in 3?

    Is it because they are the:-

    1) Defending Champs here?

    2) Have a 3:1 H2H Adv?

    But they maybe the wrong reasons to pick Kontinen/Peers to win over Kubot/Melo today?

    I think Kubot/Melo will win today because:-

    1) They have the better current form on all surfaces in 2017! Hence Kubot/Melo are the WORLD’s NO.1 Ranked Doubles team in 2017!

    2) VERY IMPORTANT:- Kubot/Melo have far better form on IH currently.

    The Doubles FINAL of NITTO ATP FINALS is being played on IH, so we have to check who has the superior performance on IH. Right?

    Kontinen/Peers have won ONLY 50% of their matches on IH. Won 3 of 6 matches played on IH recently.

    Kubot/Melo have won 80% (won 8 of 10 played recently) of their matches on IH besides playing more matches on IH.

    So, you will bet the team with MORE experience and WINS or the team with LESS of EVERYTHING?LOL

    3) Kontinen/Peers have won on HARD & GRASS over Kubot/Melo in H2H matches in 2017 but NONE on IH. Playing on IH is a different beat than playing on Hard or Grass.

    Moreover, H2H gets thrown out when your opponent Kubot/Melo has better form on the CURRENT surface which is IH.

    Ricky (and other ATP experts here), if my analysis is WRONG please correct me (here and also in all my analysis for any match in future) quickly as I want to place a bet on team which will win 200%(based on SOLID LOGIC & advantages ONLY) the ATP Doubles final now.

    • in 2018 I’m gonna start doing daily picks with analysis

      for this one, i’m just going on the eye test. from what i have seen at the O2 this week, Kontinen/Peers have looked the best. (i’m not taking into account Kubot/Melo’s loss to Murray/Soares, as that was an obvious tank.

      • Ricky, thnx for your quick reply. I really appreciate it.

        …that is a fair answer (EYE TEST).

        …and I believe in “SEEING IS BELIEVING”. I didn’t watch their matches for more than a few minutes. I know that is not enough.

        Kubot/Melo’s lost to Murray/Soares in the QF’s purposefully as they wanted to conserve their energy for the SF’s where they won HANDSOMEly (because of their conserved energy) (6-1,6-4) versus Ryan Harrison & planet Venus!lol

        Aren’t Kubot & H20 Mellon HANDSOME? I feel like eating the HANDSOME water mello(n) especially now!lol

        Ricky, I will eagerly look forward to your “daily picks with analysis”. I hope you won’t charge any money for it! WORRIED & FEARFUL FACE! 😱

  2. Not sure how you can’t back Goffin here plus money with the way he’s been playing. If Dimi is serving for the match, he’s gonna choke. He almost did vs Sock yesterday. That BH was on point for Dimi, the only thing that worries me today.

  3. Ricky, congrats for the correct pick of H. Kontinen and J. Peers. Made some profits as sweet as PEARS (J. Peers.)!lol

    I watched that match. L. Kubot and M. Melo were not the guys I saw win against Ivan Dodig & Marcel Granola bar at paris Open and here @NITTO. Looked like some imposters were playing for L. Kubot and M. Melo.

    H. Kontinen and J. Peers even tho were small played as if they were high on a concoction of all the powerful drugs in the world! Peers was flying across the court like a superman!Wow! H. Kontinen and J. Peers served and returned really well and worked as a well oiled machine.

      • Stan, you simpleton, you just cannot even understand simple things in life but hide simple things like betslips and misdirecting us to go to X, go to Y or go to Z etc. instead of just posting the betslip and going your way!lol If we ask you for food, then you will say go to Bill Gates and beg for food as I have given the money for your food!ha,ha,ha…

        My analysis pointed to an advantage for Kubot & Melo. After Ricky told that H. Kontinen and J. Peers passed his “EYE TEST”, I just bet big on H. Kontinen and J. Peers and won biggie!lol

        Ricky has 20/20 vision and when a team passes Ricky’s “EYE TEST”, then it passes my BANK TEST also (and money gets released from my bank to the bookies for the bet!lol)!ha,ha,ha…

        I post my analysis (NOT FINAL TO BET) here to get critical feedback from the many experts here. Based on the response here Plus with my own further research with TRUSTED FRIENDS etc., I make a FINAL BET just before the door closes. I explained this point a 1000 times here. I think Stan you don’t trust other people, don’t read read others posts FULLY and understand them FULLY. Hence, I see you arguing with tons of experts on this website.

        I am sorry Stan friend, I have to be strong with you (and shoot everything straight after 8 months of holding back…hoping that you will change to become a good person. I think I failed at it.) to make you change and become a good, sincere and trustful person. That is what good god fearing people (like me) do to help other people in this world!

        08:48 AM [ # 342586396 ] PARLAY (2 TEAMS) ( Risking: 1500.00 – To Win: 2448.00 ) WIN
        11/19/2017 @ 01:15 PM MU [8029] G Dimitrov -260 (G Dimitrov vrs D Goffin) Score: G Dimitrov(2) – D Goffin(1) WIN
        11/19/2017 @ 10:40 AM MU [40129] Kontinen H. / Peers J. -111 (Kontinen H. / Peers J. vrs Kubot L. / Melo M.) Score: Kontinen H. / Peers J.(2) – Kubot L. / Melo M.(0) WIN

        Here is the proof Sta.

        Now go steal my money if you can?

        You or no one can. So just POST-N-GO (your Original betslip). Don’t give people the run around, OK?Ha,ha,ha…

        ALL the experts here want to see whether you, sparky and many fakes are really making money or just bluffing and giving flimsy reasons (one reason of your yours given above. Others are 2nd flimsy reason = For Obvious reasons. No further explanations given 3rd flimsy Reason = I will send you an e-mail right now but I have trust Issues!Ho,ho,ho…People on 10grand.com DON’T TRUST you for your double standards and double-talks etc.!lol)

        • Stan, in the above betslip you saw me betting on Dimi as I gave him 55% chance of winning in my analysis posted somewhere above today morning. Check it out!

          I bet on 2 more slips in the Dimi vs Coffin match.

          2nd big betslip = +3.5 Coffin

          I expected Coffin to fight hard and take it to the decider or the push the over in 2 tight sets.

          Hence the 3rd big betslip = Over games

          Did many more bets especially putting the over. +3.5 Coffin, over and Dimi ML in many other Combo-bets also. All hit for huge profits. Thank God for everything you do for me and other good people in this world!

          If anyone especially you Stan doubt me, I can dig the betslip and splash it on your face (I mean here on 10grand.com)!lol Ask Sparky to post his losing bet on Coffin. he won’t like you!lol I won’t give ANY EXCUSES or FLIMSY REASONS and NOT post the betslip. I will just POST-N-GO and work on making more profits to take care of my cancer stricken relative etc.

          I won’t give (say and not give to Ricky) my betslip to Ricky and trouble him. I wont trouble Ricky to copy my betslips and e-mail it to the 1000’s of experts here on 10grand.com. You won’t send your ORIGINAL BETSLIP even to Ricky, I know. It is just a trick to fool people on this website (like some squids & octopuses which squirts dark ink in your face and escapes!lol) avoid posting your betslips (I am sure you are LOSING far more than winning or don’t bet at all, just boasting here!lol)

          Ricky can use his valuable time to take care of his business, family etc. instead of wasting it on you(and acting like your servant to take your betslips and e-mail it to all the experts here! Wow! What you think of Ricky or anyone!lol). I won’t take even ONE VALUABLE SECOND of Ricky! Ricky is working on upgrading this website to provide Valuable betting advice and picks in 2018! I intend to HELP Ricky in any way possible but not burden him in any way (especially make him part of your plan to trick/fool people).

          I lost big on Federer yesterday (vs Coffin) -1.5 sets Fed and -4 Fed. Both lost. I am not blaming anyone for it, eventho 99% of people here picked Fed to win in 2 sets! Just sucking the loss up like a man!lol

          Never expected FED THE GOAT to cheat all of us and lose that way!lol Looks like FED was missing his shots purposefully after taking millions of dollars under the table from the bookies!lol Fed is doing this trick (taking kickbacks & losing big and blaming on some make belief injury) in high profile matches like in the Montreal Open Finals {to boost his (impending) retirement Income}. Lost big then also on FED. I am no God. I Don’t win 100% of my bets (just around 80% or so)!

            • Roger I will try not to call you what I really think you are out of appreciation of the past.

              I always knew you felt this way and in a way I am glad it came to light, you need to fix something cos it’s bad.
              I won’t say that I am disappointed/surprised because I saw this b4 you said it.

              There are so many liars and false accusations in your comments but that’s ok, I understand and i know were the stem from.

    • I picked Kubot Melo to win the tournament before it started, but picked Kontinen/Peers for the final , after seeing how well they were serving. They own the H2H on fast hard court . I did think it would be closer though.

    • no WTA other than a page to talk about it on. I sometimes preview the biggest slam matches. Maybe that will change in the future, but i would definitely need help in order to do so. Don’t have time or the knowledge to pretend that I’m a WTA expert.

  4. Anyone betting on the 2015 Davis Cup winners?

    If Goffin can won both his singles matches then the doubles decider will decide the winner of this huge (huge enough for the complete Davis cup teams to eat simultaneously) salad Bowl (Davis Cup), I think!lol

    Else France will win easily.

    Goffin is a very good player (higher rated than all here) and should win both his matches but Tsonga and Pouille are well rested and playing at home with 100% crowd support can upset Goffin who might be tired from a long season and from his latest Nitto ATP Finals exploits.

    Darcis right serving arm is suspect and has been in cast/tape for some time. He might remove the tapes for the match to not to give extra motivation to his opponents but his right arm is injured and cannot withstand two long 5-setters! I expect Darcis to lose both his singles matches. Do you too.

    France should win the Doubles match easily I think even with Pierre-Hugues Herbert injured (back issues) and with the new team of Julian Benneteau and Nicolas Mahut as Benne has good Doubles experience and he is not tired like at the Paris Open! This new pair still should have too much skill and firepower for the new Belgium Doubles team of Ruben Bemelmans and Arthur De Greef.

    I am giving the edge to France to win if Goffin loses atleast 1 singles match. Expecting Pouille to upset Goffin. Even Tsonga can upset Goffin but he has to be accurate and has to manhandle the weak but accurate returning Goffin with his power game!@lol Then France wins 4-1.

    If Goffin wins both his matches then France wins 3-2.

    Experts what are your BETS, analysis for the 2017 Davis cup winning country and for the individual matches?

    NOTE:- These analysis are not FINAL. Doing further research and my final bet can be slightly different. People should not complain of loses (will they thankyou if they win? NO!lol) if they bet blindly without putting extra 100% research on top of what they see above/here.

    • Correction:-

      Ha,ha,ha…Who wants to go back 3 years!lol

      Anyone betting on the 2017 (not 15) Davis Cup winners?

      But anyone can still predict & analyze the 2015 Davis Cup winners!lol

      You EXTRA credit for that!lol

      • I almost picked Matthew Ebden to win with other matches, I was planning on betting half of my entire profits this year.

        M. Ebden lost the 1st set, he also lost his serve in the 2nd set but he has broken back, I am lucky I didn’t pick him to win, he might still win in the 3rd set but my young and strong heart might not have made it 💪😎😂!

        This would have been the biggest bet I have placed in my life, I am crazy lol!
        I take too much risk, most times it comes through but sometimes it fails, I want to aim for 5 odds but odds are low today, you would have to take some risks to reach it, I might aim for 3 odds instead, we will see.

        If I win one more huge bet(5 odds) or 2 more, it would be wise to retire or start betting very low amount but aim for high odds.

        There is a lot to be thankful for this year, there are ups and downs in life and even if it feels/seems like there is nothing to be thankful for, life is a gift from GOD and when we trust Him, He will direct our path.
        I am thankful to Jesus Christ for his sacrifice, amazing grace,love, mercy and so much more.

        Glory be to GOD!

  5. Can Shuai Zhang win this match?

    I think she can but I am not 100% certain.
    I can write a lot on this match but no time.
    S. Zhang( China) lost to Vitalia Diatchenko( Russia) in 2010( clay court), Honolulu is hard court and Shuai baby loves hard court, she reached the finals of this tournament last year but lost to Catherine Bellis.

    I think S. Zhang can win this match and tournament but if I find better options in NBA, NFL, English premier league/soccer I will avoid this match( Shuai baby).

    What do you think?

    • Stan, Shuai should win based on her ranking and better form on hard.

      But the problem is she is looking very tired, probably from the long 2017 season for her where she has been super busy playing a lot of matches.

      Last rd both won with difficulty in 3 sets(Shuai vs Hozumi & Diatchenko vs Cako) when both were expected to win in 2 sets. Shows both are tired year end. Diatchenko seems have taken a MTO during the match. As a close up was not shown we do not know the exact nature of Diatchenko’s MTO. It could be her right knee acting up again on which she had a surgery few years ago.

      Since, both not looking like their rankings, I think they will slug it out in 3 sets and either can win with slight edge to Zhang for her greater experience on hard. Like the over to hit here.

  6. Experts, which website gives detailed tennis stats for completed matches? The Tennis stats are shown after each match on TV. They must be stored somewhere on the website,right? Why is it hidden? When it is available for other sports online and openly then why not for Tennis?

    I use tennislive.net. But currently their website is having some problem (happens a lot in fact) and I am not able to see any of the 2017 Hawaii Open matches or stats.

    There is a 2017 Hawaii Open Final (between Shuai Zhang & Su Jeong Jang) coming up at 4 PM EST today and they show that there is no matches today. Not showing any past matches also. Is tennislive.net crazy?

    I checked tennisexplorer.com but can’e see the detailed tennis stats of any match like 1st serve points won, break points won, number of winners, Total return points won, Total points won etc.

    Experts, which website do you use to check the stats?

    Even wtatennis.com doesn’t have any detailed match stats (shown after each match on TV. They must be stored somewhere on the website,right? Why is it hidden? When it is available for other sports online and openly then why not for Tennis?) like the http://www.atptour.com also. But they show a lot of unwanted crap/general stuff!lol

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