Daily picks

Dimitrov over Goffin in 3
Kontinen/Peers over Kubot/Melo in 3

London record: 8-5


Milan record: 12-3

Paris record: 24-22

Basel record: 22-9

Vienna record: 21-10

Stockholm record: 18-8

Moscow record: 11-15

Antwerp record: 15-11

Shanghai record: 38-14

Beijing record: 20-8

Tokyo record: 17-9

Shenzhen record: 8-3

Chengdu record: 4-5

Metz record: 13-9

St. Petersburg record: 11-11

U.S. Open record: 91-35

Winston-Salem record: 33-13

Cincinnati record: 36-16

Montreal record: 34-21

Washington, D.C. record: 23-11

Los Cabos record: 8-5

Kitzbuhel record: 5-6

Hamburg record: 17-13

Gstaad record: 16-11

Atlanta record: 19-7

Newport record: 14-12

Umag record: 12-14

Bastad record: 15-10

Wimbledon record: 94-30

Eastbourne record: 13-10

Antalya record: 15-10

Queen’s Club record: 21-8

Halle record: 22-6

Stuttgart record: 15-8

‘s-Hertogenbosch: 11-10

French Open record: 96-27

Lyon record: 17-8

Geneva record: 15-10

Rome record: 41-15

Madrid record: 42-11

Estoril record: 15-11

Munich record: 16-9

Istanbul record: 19-8

Barcelona record: 29-17

Budapest record: 13-11

Monte-Carlo record: 37-16

Houston record: 20-7

Marrakech record: 16-9

Miami record: 66-26

Indian Wells record: 57-35

Dubai record: 21-10

Acapulco record: 19-11

Sao Paulo record: 16-11

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-11

Delray Beach record: 22-5

Marseille record: 16-11

Buenos Aires: 16-11

Rotterdam record: 18-13

Memphis record: 13-13

Quito record: 13-3

Sofia record: 14-6

Montpellier record: 10-9

Australian Open record: 97-30

Auckland record: 18-7

Sydney record: 16-9

Doha record: 22-8

Brisbane record: 17-9

Chennai record: 15-12



London record: 11-4

Paris record: 37-9

Basel record: 21-9

Vienna record: 17-12

Stockholm record: 20-7

Antwerp record: 15-10

Moscow record: 12-12

Shanghai record: 34-20

Beijing record: 24-6

Tokyo record: 23-4

Shenzhen record: 17-9

Chengdu record: 13-14

St. Petersburg record: 19-8

Metz record: 17-9

U.S. Open record: 89-31

Winston-Salem record: 28-17

Cincinnati record: 29-20

Olympics record: 41-16

Los Cabos record: 17-9

Atlanta record: 15-11

Toronto record: 36-16

Washington record: 31-14

Gstaad record: 12-11

Kitzbuhel record: 12-15

Umag record: 17-10

Hamburg record: 19-12

Bastad record: 20-7

Newport record: 19-7

Wimbledon record: 98-27

Nottingham record: 35-14

Queen’s Club record: 19-11

Halle record: 21-8

Stuttgart record: 1710

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 17-10

French Open record: 93-30

Geneva record: 20-7

Nice record: 19-8

Rome record 41-13

Madrid record: 44-11

Munich record: 19-7

Estoril record: 20-7

Istanbul: 18-9

Barcelona record: 36-10

Bucharest record: 20-7

Monte-Carlo record: 40-15

Houston record: 14-11

Marrakech record: 18-8

Miami record: 60-30

Indian Wells record: 63-29

Sao Paulo record: 18-9

Dubai record: 19-10

Acapulco record: 17-13

Marseille record: 22-5

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-8

Delray Beach record: 18-12

Rotterdam record: 17-14

Memphis record: 15-11

Buenos Aires record: 16-11

Montpellier record: 15-10

Sofia record: 16-6

Quito record: 18-6

Australian Open record: 97-27

Auckland record: 14-11

Sydney record: 17-7

Doha record: 26-5

Chennai record: 20-7

Brisbane record: 20-7


World Tour Finals record: 11-4

Paris record: 28-18

Basel record: 24-6

Valencia record: 14-13

Vienna record: 21-9

Stockholm record: 21-5

Moscow record: 18-9

Shanghai record: 39-16

Beijing record: 22-9

Tokyo record: 16-14

Shenzhen record: 20-7

Kuala Lumpur record: 20-7

St. Petersburg record: 18-7

Metz record: 16-9

Winston-Salem record: 22-22

Cincinnati record: 36-18

Montreal record:

Washington, D.C. record:

Kitzbuhel record: 18-7

Gstaad record: 21-6

Atlanta record: 21-6

Hamburg record: 19-11

Umag record: 19-8

Bogota record: 15-12

Bastad record: 13-14

Newport record: 22-7

Wimbledon record: 95-31

Nottingham record: 29-13

Queen’s Club record: 23-7

Halle record: 19-12

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 18-9

Stuttgart record: 15-12

French Open record: 92-32

Nice record: 20-6

Geneva record: 19-8

Rome record: 29-10

Madrid record: 37-18

Munich record: 14-7

Istanbul record:18-6

Estoril record: 13-10

Barcelona record: 30-16

Bucharest record: 17-10

Monte-Carlo record: 36-19

Houston record: 18-9

Casablanca record: 12-13

Miami record: 63-31

Davis Cup first round record: 11-5

Dubai record: 27-5

Acapulco record: 25-6

Buenos Aires record: 20-7

Marseille record: 19-8

Delray Beach record: 21-10

Rio de Janeiro record: 19-12

Rotterdam record: 21-10

Memphis record: 18-8

Sao Paulo record: 13-15

Montpellier record: 24-3

Zagreb record: 14-13

Quito record: 15-7

Australian Open record: 96-31

Doha record: 21-10

Brisbane record: 18-9

Chennai record: 17-9

Sydney record: 11-14

Auckland record: 10-11

OVERALL through Buenos Aires/Acapulco/Dubai: 420-193

85 Comments on Daily picks

  1. Ricky

    It really is time for a separate thread so all you betting guys can talk amongst yourselves. It’s bad enough when you stick to tennis odds but talking baseball as well is a step too far 🙁

    # I thought Tenngrand was for tennis fans

      • Roger, I will send u an email soon.

        I am not betting 2day or in this Next Gen Finals in Milan(Italy) today.
        I am withdrawing some of my investments today, it will reflect in my account in a few days, hopefully b4 WTF.

        I did well in NFL( Monday night) & NBA but Atp challengers is not worth it.

        Talk later.

        • Grt. Enjoy your yesterday’s profits.

          Next Gen Finals is best of 5. But my stupid bookie has not given any props so far for any of the Next Gen Finals matches.

          BOOKMAKER.EU = is the WORST bookie in the world. They will never listen to your complaints and they will do just what they want(all kinds of cheatings). Absolute Idiots! Hope the concerned power can close down this stupid bookie. They are a joke!lol

          • Roger, I use 3 B. Sites, 2 out of 3 are amazing but the the one I use frequently is a joke, they cheat, I will give you an example.

            I use this particular B. Site frequently because it’s the only site I use that offer a combination on most tennis tournaments/matches, with this particular site, you can combine a winner with either over/under games to increase the odds and the odds are big but they other 2 B. Sites don’t offer this options on tennis but they offer it in NBA, MLB and I think NFL( not sure, I will check) as well.

            Yesterday I placed 3 slips, I won one betting slip and lost 2, I recovered my money with some profits because of the odds I aim.
            I would have won 2 slips but the B. site I use frequently cheated.

            I placed a bet on Golden state warriors & Miami Heat to go under 226.5, it was successful, final score: 97-80.

            I gave Atlanta hawks +8.5 points vs Boston Celtics, it was successful- result: 107-110, Atlanta lost by 3 points.

            I picked Detroit Lions to defeat Green Bay Packers because Green Bay’s QB( Aaron Rodgers was injured)- result: 30-17, Detroit won.

            Phoenix Suns vs Brooklyn Nets- under 119.5 points in the 1st half.
            First half result: 41-47.
            Full time: 92-98.

            I tried to rebet a few hours later with just one change, instead of Atlanta hawks+8.5 points, I picked Boston Celtics to win( money line) and they won by 3pts but my crazy B. Site stopped offering the under 226.5 games between Golden State warriors vs Miami Heat, so I went with Miami Heat plus 16.5 points, Miami lost by 17 points, so I won just one slip instead of 2.


            They other B. Sites I use don’t do this, they always offer an option, they may reduce the odds but they don’t remove the option.

    • Crazy rules.
      Well done on D. Medvedev, I didn’t bet 2day.

      A few hours ago I withdrew more than half of my investments, I wanted to withdraw 100% of all my profits this year but if I lose, I will be disappointed in himself big time, but now if I lose I can make a silly excuse.
      “I didn’t lose everything lol!”😂😄😅😁😀🤣

      I hope I win big, I have big dreams and sometimes money hold me back.


      • This is just a joke!lol

        Stan, you should not say “Ed the MAN, what’s up?”

        Instead you should say Ed the MONKEY(chimpanzee), what’s up?LOL. Ed’s photo is in his avatar, don’t you know it?lol

        After all there is no difference between a MAN and a MONKEY(chimpanzee), except for the tail, right? In fact, chimpanzees(monkey) have been shown to be cleverer than man in many experiments. I know many stupid men in this world and many on10grand.com (Hint:- Check my past posts for those stupid monkeys) who are more stupid than a Chimpanzee, by doing monkey business (meddling in others affairs and picking up fights, demanding 100% correct picks from you all the time. If one pick fails, they trash you. You become a bad person then. You become an enemy then!lol This is what monkeys do!)!lol

        This is just a joke!Ha,ha,ha…

        • Very funny!

          Ed is my man.
          And there is a huge difference between man and monkey/chimpanzee.

          I know u were joking, I am calling ed/eddy/teddy/ed my man because he/she has a man attached to his/her name “Ed251137man” my man.

        • Roger…I like u…and we talk before how u’re a very responsible son to your family…and i know you’re a good person Rog…We chat many times on WTA..and i think we have a very good relationship here on TG..But,tonight when i read your post,for the 1st time i feel sooo disappointed with u…

          Do u know that ed is a woman?A very respectable woman & poster’s & very likable by many here Rog?If she put a monkey on her Avatar that doesn’t mean u can make a joke about that Rog…My Avatar is Rafa coz i love Rafa…And maybe ed loves chimpanzee & maybe chimpanze has a meaning in ed’s life..we don’t know that…But,we have to respect people’s Rog…just like u respect me,RC & your mom,dad…When i read your post,i feel hurt in my chest coz i love older people no matter who they are..and ed is older that us Rog..it hurts me to read your post to ed…I’m sorry Rog if my post make u hurt or embarrassed…but,i gotta say it…Sorry once again!

          • Mira, I NEVER knew that Ed is a woman. Really!

            I never joked about Ed as a man or woman as I respect both. I also respect animals having supported the rehabilitation of endangered or dying animals (besides the poor people) in several rural drought prone districts of a developing country. A little sense of humor is needed to understand my jokes/comedy which plays with words, pictures, situation etc.

            I have very clearly posted that IT WAS A JOKE. Not once but TWICE(please check that fact). So, so NO ONE should feel bad except those monkeys here who do monkey business demanding 100% correct picks all the time else we feel their wrath. They won’t help anyone with their analysis etc. but will jump in just to criticize when someone’s pick goes wrong not thinking that their CONTRIBUTION/HELP is ZERO,ZILCH,NADA etc.!

            As I said before, i am a standup comedian doing shows for hospitals, armed forces etc. I look at life through a complete set of glasses than the masses. Some of my jokes come thru good and some may not (still most like and few don’t like. can”t make all happy, right?) This joke came up spontaneously and Stan etc. liked it but NEVER meant to disrespect any person. It is just a JOKE which I mentioned in BOLD TWICE.

  2. Yup stan, Ricky’s pick of “Medvedev over Khachanov in 5” got chunged(stunged). MADvedev won in 4.

    I picked the over to win. But went with the ML MADvedev finally as my stupid bookie(bookmaker.eu) refused to give props(inspite of virtually begging them many times!What a cruel and horrible bookie, bookmaker.eu is!lol) for any of the ATP NEXTGEN matches!lol

  3. Some very good picks so far by Ricky! Very tricky with these new pathetic rules! Definitely the value is on Donaldson. But not a match I am confident with. As Ricky has done so well, I will follow him.

    • BOL with that Pistol Pete! Is your pistol sharp brain firing well today?lol Do you bet on WTA?

      NOTE:- DonaldSON is just Donald’s SON!lol If he was Donald’s FATHER (Fathers have great form, you know that,right?), then he has some wining chances today!lol

  4. This YoungGen tournament will sort out the men from the boys. Not many of them are accustomed to playing 5-setters on the trot on a regular basis.

    Pistol Pete
    Why do you think the new rules are pathetic?

  5. Ed, I am old school. Either do best of 3 or best of 5 sets. You lose a break of serve very difficult to recover when first to 4 games. Just my view.
    Roger, I do follow WTA, but not as much as ATP.

  6. Hey, the father (Coric with better form) won and the son of Donald, DonaldSON (with poor form) lost. The other reason why Coric was an easy pick is because DonaldSON cannot handle Coric’s ower serve and returns.

    Congrats to all CoriCANS (meaning Coric’s fans!lol)!

    I don’t like the 3 games per set format as it favors the stronger players with big serves. Weaker players generally having more endurance used to come back in the 2nd half of the set when the strong guys tire out. Nadal might like the new rules because of the above but will not like the SHOTCLOCK because he tales a 1 or so to wipe the sweat of his ears,nose and forehead and then pull his shorts from the back. then repeat the whole set of actions again(sometimes)! Now, it might take 2 minutes (1 to 2 minutes) as he has added a new routine of pulling his short from the front also!lol So, Nadal will say NO,NO to the new rules!lol BOL for the WTF, London Rafa! Fix your knee issue fast! Vamos Rafa!

    Pete, WTA can provide a alternate source of income, when we don’t do well in ATP. But it needs DOUBLING your investment of time as there are lot more factors to consider as women are more complex than men!lol

    I am 3 on 3 in ATP today! Yeeee…E!lol 1 more to go for a great day!

      • Thnx Stan M&Mlicious!

        You are also funny many times,bro! Keep it up else life becomes boring!

        This is one thing that differentiates humans and animals! The sense of Humor!lol Have you seen any animal make jokes or comedy? Hell NO!lol

  7. I am probably more interested in the challenger events than the next gen, my only fear with challenger is, are the players up for the challege?

    • Pistol pete, looks like your brain is firing now!lol

      “….my only fear with challenger is, are the players up for the challege?”!lol

      That is a good simple joke!

      Those who are not up for the challenge get weeded out to more lower events.

      This is where you make money when you see some mis-matches ie.,

      When players “up for challenge” players “NOT up for challenge”!

  8. Yeeee…Y, Rublev wins! My pick of over also wins (but did not bet THE OVER as my bookie did not give this or any other Props for the NEXGEN ATP FINALS.).

    I am 4-on-4 baby today in ATP and 100% minus 2 bets (loss) in WTA today!

    The greatest thing that I like about the NEW RULES is the concept of COACHING! All the players seem to like it too.

    I want ATP to change the WIRELESS COACHING to ON-COURT coaching just like the WTA do it! This way the whole stadium and the world (thru the live telecast) can see the direct-interaction between the Coach and the their student/player! They can see all the emotions, actions, gestures etc. which is more exciting than showing the coach do some monotonous lecture from some corner of the stadium!

    They can also see the negative reception, negative arguments some players have with their coaches like Halep, Pavlyuchenkova etc. and also see how some players are so receptive, positive etc. to their coaches advice like Pliskova, Wozniacki etc.!

    This FACE-32-FACE ON-COURT COACHING is useful in 2 ways:-

    1) The drama on the court (between player and coach) makes it enjoyable to the audience and gives value to their money!

    2) The player remembers more of the advice when he looks his coach in the eyes and remembers their advice thru their words and actions better!

    • Totem, I was busy with some important work today. So did not research or do any bets today. I might do some limited research/bets tomorrow, time permitting.

      For Wednesday below are my leans:-

      Donaldson over Khachanov in 5 – Like the over
      Coric over Medvedev in 5 – Like the over
      Chung over Rublev in 5 – Like the over
      Shapovalov over Quinzi in 5 – Like the over

      In above matches, 5 sets can end in 4 sets also and vice-versa as everyone has kinda played 2 matches on this new surface and are kinds familiar with it. So, I expect all matches to be close (4 or 5 sets). So, just going with the over.

      Like the ML on Coric, Chung and Shapo. But not 100% sure until i do more research. 80% sure on the overs.

      WARNING- Please do your own in-depth research (all posts/picks here are tentative) and you are responsible for your own final bets (win or lose)!

  9. I was surprise with the level shown by the Italian guy. Despite serving at a low speed and not hitting the ball so hard, he was playing with lots of consistency. If he were playing more often against top100 I think he could start getting that pace and strenght needed at this level.
    I know as a junior is a different story, but he was world N1 and won Wimbledon in 2013 beating Edmund and Chung

    What was weird is that after only a few games he was telling his coach: “Physically, I’m dead..” And he clearly wasn’t.

    And I don’t know if Rublev felt the pressure of being seeded N1 on this tournament, but he was making a whole bunch of unforced errors.

    My picks for today:
    Khachanov over Donaldson in 4
    Coric over Medvedev in 4
    Chung over Rublev in 4
    Shapovalov over Quinzi in 4

  10. Thursday’s leans

    Shapovalov over Rublev in 5 – Like the over
    Medvedev over Donaldson in 4 (or 3 also)
    Chung over Quinzi in 4 (or 3 also)
    Coric over Khachanov in 5 – Like the over

    Donaldson and Quinzi are the weak links. They can lose in 3 or 4 sets.

    Liking ML on Shapo, MADvedeV,Stung and House Chores(Choric)!lol

    Wednesday leans TYPO

    For Wednesday below are my leans:-

    Khachanov OVER Donaldson in 4 – Khachanov ML as Donaldson is the weak links he is not in full form(maybe 60 to 70%) as hinted in the Thursday leans.

    Just hit my computer for today (wed) and did not check how my fav’s won in WTA or ATP (part of my combo bet for 2 days ago!lol) etc.

    • Is anyone experiencing this problem?

      For the past few days( maybe 3 or 4) whenever I post a comment I get this all the time “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

      « Back”.

      I get it on all the comments I post, are Rafans trying to hack this site again?

      • Stan, I get this message sometimes.

        It is probably because some mouses(not the real mouse!lol) double-click automatically as they are very sensitive or if they are of the old type.

  11. The Pistol’s picks today
    Chung 3 – Quinzi – 0 . Quinzi looked to be a bit injured yesterday.
    Medvedev 3 – Donaldson 1
    Rublev 3- Shopovalov – 1 – Could be reverse, both not consistent, Shopovalov was poor yesterday, one of the few matches I watched yesterday.
    Coric 3 – Khachanov 1

    • I haven’t been following this Next Gen Finals in Milan( Italy), Ricky picked Rublev to defeat Shaporista, can Rublev win?

      According to odds Rublev is the underdog and SHAPO is not a bad player, I back underdogs when I know the have a chance at winning the match or a set.

      I don’t think I will place a bet today, maybe I will but Shapovalov can win this match, I might avoid this match and go with some NBA, NFL and maybe crazy Atp challengers.


    Who wins in below MU’s? And Why?

    Handsome Zverev vs Chhhhilic!lol

    Thiem vs Dimitrov

    I currently have Handsome Zverev(in 4 or 5 sets)

    and Dimi in 4

    …pending in-depth research.

    …early birds welcome (Quick replies)?lol

    …permanent late comers & laggards are also welcome!lol

  13. Stan, what you think about the WTF Final MU’s of opening 2 days?

    Didn’t add Roger vs Dirty Sock (becoming cleaner by the day!lol) to above post as….

    Nadal VS Goffin

    …as we know the result.

    But Goffin is dangerous and can upset Nadal if Nadal is hobbling around the court with knee issues. In that case, Goffin can upset Nadal with his superior court movement and return game.

    What you think Stan and other ATP Experts?

  14. Can Andrej Martin win a set or match?

    I think he can win at least one set +1.5 sets.
    His playing a good player K. Majchrazak who hasn’t lost a match on indoors 8-0 but A. Martin is leading in the H2H 3-0 and is from Slovakia, he can win a set can’t he?

    It’s been a few days since I bet, I haven’t been following any tournament except for NBA & NFL.

    • Andrej Martin won a set, he won the 1st set 6-4, lost the 2nd set 3-6 and he is about to lose the 3rd set( score 4-1).

      I am glad I picked him to win just a set at 1.33 odd.
      1 in, 3 to go, I aimed for 3.82 odds with a lot of money.

      1st slip- 3.82 odds in total.
      2nd slip- 3.27 odds in total( I didn’t add A. Martin in my 2nd slip).

      • A. Rublev vs D. Shapovalov is a tough match, I am glad I avoided this match.

        They are in the 5th set, it’s going to a tiebreak.

            • Yes baby!
              He did it, wooooooohooooo!

              2 sets down and he won in the 5th set, wow! Double WOW! WOW! WOW!😁.
              So happy 4 the guy.

              My betting site is crazy, when B. Coric was down by 1 & 2 sets they removed “cashout” but when he won 2 sets they brought it back and I said “No baby!” this boy can do it and he did it.
              2 in 2 to go.
              Borna Coric at 1.60 odds.


  15. Experts here is some sick comedy material. If you don’t like to read it then just close your ears, nose and mouth (but not your eyes)!Ha,ha,ha…and scream for some wastage (money $$$)!lol

    Stanley NOVEMBER 9, 2017 AT 11:03 PM
    Yes baby!
    He did it, wooooooohooooo!

    Ok, Cal down my son. What did your baby do? Peed/pooped on the floor and cried wooooooohooooo! wooooooohooooo! wooooooohooooo!ectc.lol

    My baby (House Chores Choric), did more nasty things than you!

    He pooped all over the floor with lots of stinky material (winning dollars)!
    Now, I have to do all the difficult house chores of Choric by mopping the floor of all the stinky dollars and throw it in the bank! What a “pain in the xxx” house chore, choric has dumped on me man!lol

    Choric, next time you do these kind of nasty things (pooping my house with winning dollars), I have to report you to the Reserve Bank and open a bigger account say a business account and dump all your wastage (winning dollars) there!Ha,ha,ha…

    Stan, I am going to lend my baby to you for a day, can you clean up his mess (nasty dollars!lol). I just can’t handle so much wastage! lol

    Today, all the other babies in my neighborhood seem to have partied and dirtied my house with all their waste (dollars)! I will now tell you the story of what each baby did in my house, today!lol

    Baby DIETchenko (VITALia) stopped dieting and eat like a pig spilling all the VITAL food (dollars) in the house. Baby Peeing Peeing (Ying Ying) Duan dutifully made huge puddles (of money) on my bed! Baby ScumScum(KumKum) Luksikum was a scoundrel and scum. She hid all the melting biscuits, sweets (dollars) etc. in the corners of the sofa, bed etc. and spoilt them. Baby (Antoni) Lottery (Lottner) (dumped all the lottery winnings on the floor). Even the brave King (Ekatarina) Alexander(ova) was brave enough to pee my bed (with hot liquid dollars). Baby Pauline Parmesan (Parmentier) cheese, eat and smeared all the furnitures with the stinking, sticky cheese (dollars). The naughty baby (Anna) Blink(ova) was blinking and wondering how come so much wastage(dollars) accumulated in one house!lol The most nastiest of all the babies was baby CAN-U-PEE(KanEpi). She peed (tons of dollars) in a can! One way it is a good thing as I can now take CAN-PEE and dump it easily into the bank, without having to mop the floor! The worst problem was created by the sick baby SICK-KI(D)(LiSICKi). She vomited all over my house seeing the huge mess in my house and was saying…”It was not my fault. I couldn’t stand the mess created by the other babies and I also contributed some vomit (dollars)”!lol. The only baby who did NOT dirty my house is baby PERIL (PERRin, Conny). Baby peril said, daddy, I am the only good kid in the house. I did not mess the floor or house at all. I in fact stole some wastage (money) created by all the other babies and lost it outside while playing (lost in bet)! I said baby peril (perrin), you are the only good baby here. As a reward, I will send you temporarily outside (no bet on you) like in the “Babies Day Out” movie!ha,ha,ha…
    My house is a huge stinky mess today! Can someone come and clean my house of all these wastages (won dollars!lol)???Ha,ha,ha…

    I curse all of you to have a nasty, stinky day with lots of wastage (dollars) like I have many days!lol You can take my dirty, naughty babies (above), improperly clean them up (of all their money/profits), diaper them and give them back to me, with lots of wastage, food,poop,pee(money) etc. still sticking to them (money)! I don’t want to do these nasty works (mopping all the $$$ and carrying & dumping in the bank!lol) myself! I believe in team work people!Ha,ha,ha…Help me out experts!lol

    • Anyone else sick of reading this smirking tittering lavatorial garbage? Ricky don’t you think this playground material really ought to be deleted? Roger has already seriously offended Rafa fans with his immensely distasteful posts. There really is something wrong with him.

  16. My Friday Predictions

    Chung will sting Medvedev in 4 – Like the over here & ML sting

    Handling Coric will be a “pain in the xxx” household chore for Rublev!lol
    Coric in 4 – Like the over here & ML household chore(ic)!lol

    BOL CoriCANS (Coric’s fans) and get stung (get profits=that is the pain you will get)(by Chung)!lol

    • I think Hyeon Chung will win the Next Gen Finals in Milan( Italy), i like the guy he is a good player.

      B. Coric did well to comeback from 2 sets down but I am not sure I can back him again, especially after his previous match which he almost lost.

      A. Rublev is not a bad player and if he gets the opportunity that K. Khachanov got but lost, he will take it.

      I will make my final decision 2morrow, I will avoid this match( B. Coric vs A. Rublev) if I find a better one.

    • I won a huge bet today my 2 betting slips came through, I aimed for 3 odds in both slips with a lot of money, this is the biggest amount I have staked in a day.

      1st slip total odds- 3.82.
      2nd slip total odds- 3.27.

      1st Slip

      1) Andrej Martin to win a set at 1.33 odds, vs Kamil Majchrzak, A. Martin lost in 3 sets.

      2) Borna Coric to win at 1.60 odds, vs Karen Khachanov, B. Coric won in 5 sets he lost the 1st and 2nd set.

      3) Houston Rockets to win at 1.38 odds vs Cleveland Cavaliers, final score 117-113( NBA).

      4) Kwon Soon Woo to win just a set at 1.30 odds, vs Yosuke Watanuki, this match was in the 3rd set when I started writing.

      Total odds- 3.82.

      2nd Slip

      1) Houston Rockets to win at 1.38 odds.

      2) Denver Nuggets plus 1.5 points at 1.82 odds, this was a handicap which means if Denver Nuggets wins or loses by 1 point I win but if they lose by 2 points or more I lose.
      Denver Nuggets defeated Oklahoma City Thunder Result- 102-94( NBA).

      3) Kwon Soon Woo to win a set at 1.30 odd, Kwon Soon Woo won in the 3rd set.

      Total odds- 3.27.

      I want to bet 80% of this wins today or in WTF targeting 5 odds, 2 slips 40% each aiming between 3-5 odds.

      Honestly I have got cold feet, I am not a novice but this is a lot of money and if I win just one slip i will be “Mr. Awesome” for a very long time but if I lose, it would be extremely devastating.

      Mr. Awesome or Mr. Cold Feet, who you got?

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