Daily picks

Dimitrov over Goffin in 3
Kontinen/Peers over Kubot/Melo in 3

London record: 8-5


Milan record: 12-3

Paris record: 24-22

Basel record: 22-9

Vienna record: 21-10

Stockholm record: 18-8

Moscow record: 11-15

Antwerp record: 15-11

Shanghai record: 38-14

Beijing record: 20-8

Tokyo record: 17-9

Shenzhen record: 8-3

Chengdu record: 4-5

Metz record: 13-9

St. Petersburg record: 11-11

U.S. Open record: 91-35

Winston-Salem record: 33-13

Cincinnati record: 36-16

Montreal record: 34-21

Washington, D.C. record: 23-11

Los Cabos record: 8-5

Kitzbuhel record: 5-6

Hamburg record: 17-13

Gstaad record: 16-11

Atlanta record: 19-7

Newport record: 14-12

Umag record: 12-14

Bastad record: 15-10

Wimbledon record: 94-30

Eastbourne record: 13-10

Antalya record: 15-10

Queen’s Club record: 21-8

Halle record: 22-6

Stuttgart record: 15-8

‘s-Hertogenbosch: 11-10

French Open record: 96-27

Lyon record: 17-8

Geneva record: 15-10

Rome record: 41-15

Madrid record: 42-11

Estoril record: 15-11

Munich record: 16-9

Istanbul record: 19-8

Barcelona record: 29-17

Budapest record: 13-11

Monte-Carlo record: 37-16

Houston record: 20-7

Marrakech record: 16-9

Miami record: 66-26

Indian Wells record: 57-35

Dubai record: 21-10

Acapulco record: 19-11

Sao Paulo record: 16-11

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-11

Delray Beach record: 22-5

Marseille record: 16-11

Buenos Aires: 16-11

Rotterdam record: 18-13

Memphis record: 13-13

Quito record: 13-3

Sofia record: 14-6

Montpellier record: 10-9

Australian Open record: 97-30

Auckland record: 18-7

Sydney record: 16-9

Doha record: 22-8

Brisbane record: 17-9

Chennai record: 15-12



London record: 11-4

Paris record: 37-9

Basel record: 21-9

Vienna record: 17-12

Stockholm record: 20-7

Antwerp record: 15-10

Moscow record: 12-12

Shanghai record: 34-20

Beijing record: 24-6

Tokyo record: 23-4

Shenzhen record: 17-9

Chengdu record: 13-14

St. Petersburg record: 19-8

Metz record: 17-9

U.S. Open record: 89-31

Winston-Salem record: 28-17

Cincinnati record: 29-20

Olympics record: 41-16

Los Cabos record: 17-9

Atlanta record: 15-11

Toronto record: 36-16

Washington record: 31-14

Gstaad record: 12-11

Kitzbuhel record: 12-15

Umag record: 17-10

Hamburg record: 19-12

Bastad record: 20-7

Newport record: 19-7

Wimbledon record: 98-27

Nottingham record: 35-14

Queen’s Club record: 19-11

Halle record: 21-8

Stuttgart record: 1710

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 17-10

French Open record: 93-30

Geneva record: 20-7

Nice record: 19-8

Rome record 41-13

Madrid record: 44-11

Munich record: 19-7

Estoril record: 20-7

Istanbul: 18-9

Barcelona record: 36-10

Bucharest record: 20-7

Monte-Carlo record: 40-15

Houston record: 14-11

Marrakech record: 18-8

Miami record: 60-30

Indian Wells record: 63-29

Sao Paulo record: 18-9

Dubai record: 19-10

Acapulco record: 17-13

Marseille record: 22-5

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-8

Delray Beach record: 18-12

Rotterdam record: 17-14

Memphis record: 15-11

Buenos Aires record: 16-11

Montpellier record: 15-10

Sofia record: 16-6

Quito record: 18-6

Australian Open record: 97-27

Auckland record: 14-11

Sydney record: 17-7

Doha record: 26-5

Chennai record: 20-7

Brisbane record: 20-7


World Tour Finals record: 11-4

Paris record: 28-18

Basel record: 24-6

Valencia record: 14-13

Vienna record: 21-9

Stockholm record: 21-5

Moscow record: 18-9

Shanghai record: 39-16

Beijing record: 22-9

Tokyo record: 16-14

Shenzhen record: 20-7

Kuala Lumpur record: 20-7

St. Petersburg record: 18-7

Metz record: 16-9

Winston-Salem record: 22-22

Cincinnati record: 36-18

Montreal record:

Washington, D.C. record:

Kitzbuhel record: 18-7

Gstaad record: 21-6

Atlanta record: 21-6

Hamburg record: 19-11

Umag record: 19-8

Bogota record: 15-12

Bastad record: 13-14

Newport record: 22-7

Wimbledon record: 95-31

Nottingham record: 29-13

Queen’s Club record: 23-7

Halle record: 19-12

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 18-9

Stuttgart record: 15-12

French Open record: 92-32

Nice record: 20-6

Geneva record: 19-8

Rome record: 29-10

Madrid record: 37-18

Munich record: 14-7

Istanbul record:18-6

Estoril record: 13-10

Barcelona record: 30-16

Bucharest record: 17-10

Monte-Carlo record: 36-19

Houston record: 18-9

Casablanca record: 12-13

Miami record: 63-31

Davis Cup first round record: 11-5

Dubai record: 27-5

Acapulco record: 25-6

Buenos Aires record: 20-7

Marseille record: 19-8

Delray Beach record: 21-10

Rio de Janeiro record: 19-12

Rotterdam record: 21-10

Memphis record: 18-8

Sao Paulo record: 13-15

Montpellier record: 24-3

Zagreb record: 14-13

Quito record: 15-7

Australian Open record: 96-31

Doha record: 21-10

Brisbane record: 18-9

Chennai record: 17-9

Sydney record: 11-14

Auckland record: 10-11

OVERALL through Buenos Aires/Acapulco/Dubai: 420-193

62 Comments on Daily picks

    • I haven’t place a bet in this 3 Atp tournaments and Wta.

      I might place my 1st bet today in almost a week, i haven’t started research, i will start now and try to meet up b4 the matches start.

      There are some good matches today, i hope the are successful, i feel like a baby/novice because i haven’t been following this tournaments, they better not disappoint me.

      R. Federer has had an amazing season filled with success everywhere but another veteran that is playing well is David Ferrer.

      D. Ferrer does not have a lot of trophies to backup his performance this year but he is really playing well especially at his age, he has defeated many young talents & good player’s this year.
      This doesn’t mean he will automatically win his next match, i am just giving honour to whom honour is due.

      I wish everyone success!

      • J. Sock to win, over games possible.

        Jack is not in form but has done well in this tournament( Stockholm, Sweden) back to back finals.

        He reached the finals in 2015 & 2016 that’s impressive.
        Jack sock has the better record on indoors hard court overall 36 wins, 25 loses.
        F. Fognini 32 wins- 38 loses, but this year on I. Hard court Fognini has 5 wins- 1 lose, Jack 1 win, 1 lose.

        J. Sock to win, over 22.5 games is possible but the line is a little high.
        H2H 1-0 jack sock leads, he won that match on hard court not on indoors but his record in Sweden is good.

        I can’t post all picks because i am not done, i got rush b4 the matches start, if 2 matches start b4 i am through researching i won’t bet, i gotta go.

        • Thnx Stan for your picks inspite of the time crunch. Appreciate it.
          An out of form sock beating an out of form Chardy doesn’t give him much credit.

          Sock’s past performance in Sweden doesn’t give him much credit either. How a player is feeling and playing now or in the last 1 or 2 weeks is what determines form and wins 95% of the times.

          Going by the above, Fognini should win. He has the better record on IH. Home dogs always fight extra dog(whether high or low ranked). So, the win against Elias Ymer can’t be discredited. He was playing inspired with 100% help from the home crowd.

          I 2nd your possible result of over games here. Sock because of the above good feelings he has of Sweden can play with confidence and win a set and take it to the decider where anything can happen. If Sock has enjoyed a lot of KFC chicken’s BBQ’s, coke’s etc during his long summer vacation then he can gas out in the 2nd and/ 3rd rds giving Fogini a win! Liking the over here.

          Can Dudi Sela beat mannarino?

          Can Joao Sousa beat Ruben Bemelmans?

          Ruben played really well last rd.to beat the big serving Nick Kyrgios. That should give him a lot f confidence and power serve sousa out of the court an the tournament probably.

          But sousa has that fighting spirit putting all balls in just like a dog faithfully fetches all the balls that you throw!Ha,ha,ha…Can Ruben smash it away so that the dog(sousa but he is the fav here!lol) cannot find it?lol

          What do you experts think?

  1. E. Mertens to win( 100% sure, i have my reasons).

    D. Kasatkina to win.

    Juan Martin Del Potro to win( his odd is low, maybe over 21. 5 games but Delpo should win he is the defending champion).

    I might not post again, no time.

    Success to all!

    • I meant to say E. Mertens to win but i am not 100% sure because both players are good and are not bad on indoors.

      If i had to pick, i will go with Elise Mertens to defeat M. Puig at 1.80 odd, please verify before you bet.

        • Guy’s i have decided not to bet 2day, time is not on my side and i don’t like rushing.

          There are too many stats & matches to process in a few minutes and i don’t want to make a mistake.
          Tomorrow i will kill lol! the bookies lol!

          I wise you all the best.

    • Stan, I like Mertens. But feel that Puig is getting back her top form which enabled her to win the 2016 Beijing Olympics Tennis Gold Medal. If Puig is in this Olympic form then Mertens cannot win. Puig has the power advantage also.

  2. Can anyone predict who wins in MU between the 2 talented Dudi Sela vs Adrian Mannarino?

    Does anyone anticipate a Dudi Sela upset like me? But like the over to hit. Both in good form so one set to each or 2 tight sets to anyone!

  3. I did not get my picks down but I know the picks I would’ve gotten these results wrong: Basic over Medvedev, Bemelmans over Sousa, Tsitsipas over Goffin, and Fognini over Sock.

  4. Schwartzman unsurprisingly tuning up Ferrer. Ferrer did well to get to the QF but Schwartzman just on another level at the moment.

  5. Saturday Semifinals –
    Mannarino over Berankis in 2 (Mannarino is in impeccable form and has a great shot at a maiden title here)
    Dzumhur over Basic in 2 (the better Bosnian should cruise)
    Dimitrov over Fognini in 2 (I give Dimitrov a considerable edge due to the surface, form, and shorter QF)
    Del Potro over Verdasco in 3 (match of the day and my only three setter of the day)
    Schwartzman over Tsitsipas in 2 (Schwartzman should be a nightmare for a young gun playing in their first tour level semifinal)
    Tsonga over Bemelmans in 2 (Bemelmans has had an awesome run but Tsonga should end the underdog’s run swiftly)

  6. Saturday (10-21-17)

    —QUICK PREDICTIONS (Not final yet. Research ongoing.)


    Del Potro over Verdasco in 3 – Like over here

    Dimitrov over Fognini in 2 – Over can hit if the real fired up fognini turns up. In On good form


    Dzumhur over Basic in 3 – Basic in good form. Dzum is tired. basic can upset.

    Mannarino over Berankis in 3 (Beran is playing very well)


    Schwartzman over Tsitsipas in 3 – Like over here – Tsit can uppset

    Tsonga over Bemelmans in 3 Bemel is in good form – – Like over here

    • Wta( Singapore) is starting tomorrow 😎, I didn’t know.

      ANSWER-Then do something(Research!)

      I am MISSing a lot.

      ANSWER-Then don’t be a MISS!LOL

      • True Alpha,

        Why did you pick “DelPotro wins in 2, Berankis wins in 2”?

        Do you see some major problems/weaknesses with Dimi and Dzumhur?

        I know that Dzumhur is tired and is playing with pure will power to win another title before year end especially here @Moscow.

        Tsonga/David goes 3 sets seems to be OK as both are playing well and have good form currently.

  7. Sunday Finals –
    Dzumhur over Berankis in 2 (Dzumhur won in straights last time they played and is in unbelievable form and should be a heavy favorite to win a second title of the season)
    Tsonga over Schwartzman in 3 (honestly this is such a tough call for me and I give Tsonga the slight edge as he hasn’t lost a final all year and while Schwartzman has the overall form advantage I feel that Tsonga can use that finals experience and his growing confidence here to snatch his fourth title of the year)
    Del Potro over Dimitrov in 3 (50/50 match where my head says Dimitrov and heart says Del Po)

    • 1) Juan Martin Del potro-to win at 1.96, over 22.5 at 1.70, delpo to win & over 22.5 at 3.40.

      I picked G. Dimitri to win in Beijing & over games it came through.
      In Cincinnati I am not sure who I picked but I went with over 22.5 games, Dimitrov won 6-3,7-5= 21 games.

      Grigor Dimitrov was losing the H2H
      5-0 then, now 2-5, he has tasted some victories(back to back wins), Delpo is the defending champion and he defeated Dimitrov in the SF at Stockholm(2016), so picking G. Dimitrov to revenge his loss is not a bad pick but he has already done enough revenge lol!

      This match is hard to predict because they are good players, Dimitrov has a little rest advantage but delpo has defeated G. Dimitrov thrice on indoors hard court.

      If you have G. Dimitrov as your pick it’s not a bad pick but if I were to pick a winner- Delpo baby😋, over games is not bad you stay neutral.

      2) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to win, better indoors record overall & currently, over games(22.5) is possible but Tsonga should win.

      3) D. Dzumhur Vs R. Berankis- I will avoid this match cos I am going with some NFL & WTA( Singapore), my baby won( Karolina Pliskova) I don’t think she would win the title, Elina Svitolina & Caroline Garcia might win it but this tournament will be tough.

      D. Dzumhur is the favourite to win and might win but R. Berankis is something else and is leading the H2H 3-1.
      There meetings have not required an extra set but this might go over games without an extra or with an extra set.

      R. Berankis & D. Dzumhur will meet again in the next tournament( Vienna), whoever wins this one might/will lose the other.

      • Jo-Wilfried Tsonga could win & under 22.5 games at 3.10, tsonga should win but the over/under is difficult to pick, I like the over because D. Shortman is in good form but this might go under games or Tsonga to win 1st set & match.

        Jo-wilfried Tsonga should win at the end.

        • D. Schwartzman reached the finals in Antwerp( Belgium) but he lost to R. Gasquet(French).

          I don’t like betting against a runners🏃up, this is not good.
          This match won’t be easy for Tsonga, If Schwartzman loses this match, this match will go over games.

          If you play multiple slips like me, aiming for odds that cover your total stake with profits, don’t hesitate to pick Diego Shortman to win or win a set in a different slip with other matches to juice up the odd.

      • Good analysis MMlicious Stan!

        Took over on all the matches as all the 3 matches will be very, very competitive between players in good form. What else can you expect?lol

        Berankis is winning the 2nd set. So over should hit here.

        Per my post on WTA page yesterday, Pliskova Giraffe baby bet won big.

        The match between Mugurza and Ostapenko should be a roller coaster as both are highly inconsistent.

        BOL to you and all the other experts.

  8. Experts, what is your opinion about the below troublesome matchups?

    Can Mikhail Kukushkin upset Roberto Bautista Agut. Kukushkin has 2 good wins @Basel and already made basel his home. RBA might not be in form having lost the last match to a lowly Hyeon Chung in the Shanghai Open. Before that lost to Dimi.

    Can RBA on a 2 match loss streak be trusted as a FAV?

    1) Lorenzi over Chung in 3 Wow!

    I think Chung can upset Lorenzi who is not playing well. Lost in both singles & doubles in last tournament quickly. Looks like the old man Lorenzi has lost his endurance and is getting tired as year end approaches. Right?

    2) Simon over Gulbis in 2

    Simon is just getting into form. So, I don’t think he will win in 2 sets. Gulbis being a tough opponent can take it to the decider, right?

    3) Kohlschreiber over Isner in 3

    Kohl is also not in good form. He lost badly to Andreas Seppi in the last tournament when he was the big fav and many expected him to win in 2.

    So, beating Isner in 3 may be tough because Kohl is getting older like Lorenzi. He gassed in the 2nd set though he was winning and lost it badly in the 3rd set as he had nothing(energy) left to fight Seppi.

    Isner being the younger gun with more power and endurance can win in 3(maybe 2 sets also)!

    4) Herbert over Tomic in 2

    Possible. But an inspired Tomic can also beat Herbert in 2!

    Have a feeling that Tomic will fight (being rested for so long) and take it to the decider.

    Experts Ben, Stan, Todd, Flash, Big Al’s, All Original and FAKE experts(lol) etc. what you think of the above troublesome picks/MU’s? What are your final ATP and WTA bets?

    • RBA also lost to Fognini before losing to Dimi and Chung.

      Is RBA injured? Is he tired from playing too many matches in 2017?

      I sense an upset by Kukushkin.

      Kukushkin has a better record (more experience) on I.hard. W/L of 11/5 vs 6/2 for RBA for 2017. RBA’s game more suited to clay courts with his defensive style. People with attacking style and a power game(like Chung, Kukushkin…esp. when RBA is NOT in form!) can beat RBA.

      RBA should win if he brings his “A” game and if he is in form. No Doubt!

      Anyone else feels the same?

  9. How will Lorenzi beat Chung in 3?

    Chung in 2 or 3 seems to be Ok!

    Below is analysis I copied word-2-word from the internet! Didn’t want to re-invent the wheel!

    Lorenzi (ranked 40) has lost 6 in a row and 7 of his last 10. He’s 0-2 indoors and 9-14 on hard courts this year and in Chung (ranked 54) he faces a player who is 16-12 on hard and 1-1 indoors (that 1 loss LTO to US Open finalist, Anderson) and 6-4 in his last 10.

    • Spot on brother on this one Bookies knows this already that’s why they paying 1.25 for Chung.
      Whats your thoughts on Lopez vs Gasquet?

      • Thanks Flake for your confirmation.

        Lopez vs Gasquet will be a close one I think. But Gasquet should win it because he is in better form. He is the better returner and better in rallies.

  10. Is anyone betting that Marco Chiudinelli will upset Robin Haase?

    Haase is definitely the more famous guy and 90% of the people will bet on Haase just by his name, right? Even, I was going to do until I checked their stats.

    Chiudinelli has nearly the same WL rec as that of Haase. 4/5 for Chiudi vs 4/4 for Haase.

    The biggest factor in favor of Chiudi is that he has 100% home crowd support. So, Chuidi will play inspired like all other home dogs and try to upset Haase.

    When I say upset I don’t prefer a ML on the dog but max handicap points on the dog as the fav will always fight to keep it close.

    Like took the max handicap points on Berankis (+4) yesterday against Dzumhur and won!Didn’t check the bets yet but saw lots of profits in my account.

  11. Thiem is a big FAV against Rublev eventho he does not have a very good form.

    But Thiem has better current form than Rublev. Thiem has 9 of 16 matches and Rublev has 7 of 15 matches after clay season.

    But Rublev has the better I.Hard record of 9/5 (W/L) vs 3/2 of Thiem.

    This may be a 3-setter with different advantages for both.

    Is anyone seeing an upset of Thiem by Rublev?

    Gas(quet)ssssss…..did not gassssss……today and my big bet on Gasssss….won as recommended to Flake above!

    I have been criticizing gas for his stereotype game and losing. Looks like he read my posts and changed his game. He is playing better nowadays and winning a lot. Keep it up Gasssss….keep winning without gasssssssing!lol

  12. Impressive for Harrison. Pumped for him!! I thought he would grind out Dolgo in three but he just wrecked him. On other hand I’m pretty surprised about the result of Mayer over Zverev. I did not expect that at all. Especially on this surface.

    • Ben where were you buddy?

      Did not see you or your picks for today? Are you OK?

      Seeing your picks everyday along with Ricky’s has become so habitual like seeing the morning newspaper at our doorstep everyday!lol

      That’s is right. Never expected Zverev to lose to mayer. probably he is tired from playing lot of games. I think same is the case of Anderson who lost in 2 sets to GGL of all the people. GGL is not even in top form and the Big Bird loses to an out-of-form guy? Don’t we have any smart experts who caught these upsets and told everybody here? I think we have no smart expert here except you Ben!lol

  13. So Basel In Swiss Coric vs Laaksonen I feel like homeboy Laaksonen has a very good chance of winning and also he won against Coric a few weeks ago at Shanghai Masters. also, seem like Coric’s in a bit of slump even lost to Sela in two sets easy

    • Matt,

      By the above post are you suggesting us to bet the above bets or you are betting on it and want us to bet on your picks?


      By the Bye your “Anderson in 2” yesterdays pick lost! Anderson did not win in 2 or even in 3 sets. he lost in 2!lol I know many people are betting by just betting blindly (and losing blindly) with the BIG NAMES like the Big Bird (Kevin Anderson)! It is not your fault!lol

      Dzumhur may be tired. He played a lot of singles and doubles matches. Berankis can upset Dzumhur.

      Over is a very safe bet to win in the Dzumhur match. Berankis can UPSET. And Berankis is UPSET that he lost a winning game and for having lost the opportunity to drink wine (or Beer etc.) from the Kremlin Cup!ha,ha,ha… He will have revenge on his mind after the Kremlin Cup Finals loss (and loss of big money and title). Over 22 games (BEST option) & +3 may be better options to bet than Dzumhur. I am fading Dzumhur!lol

      Jack Sock is a dirty sock or dirty case. He is out of form and struggled to beat an out-of-form Pospisil even in 3 sets. He was very tired at the end of that match.

      Haase is very fresh after the 2 set win.

      Infact BOTH are so out of form (and so bad that they are competing to be the worst ATP players! Competing for having the most loses!lol) that it is like struggling to buy a spoiling Tomato or a Rotten Tomato!Ha,ha,ha…Both are 3 (wins) out of the last 10 matches!

      So Matt, you wanna buy (bet) spoiling Tomatoes (Haase) or Dirty or Rotten Tomatoes (Sock).

      Over (as this may be a 3-setter) may be the best bet here and NOT sock (who may edge it out after you get 100’s of heart attacks!lol). Haase +2 can be tried. But Over should win unless something crazy happens!

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