Daily picks

Goffin over Tsonga in 4
Gasquet over Darcis in 4



London record: 9-5

Milan record: 12-3

Paris record: 24-22

Basel record: 22-9

Vienna record: 21-10

Stockholm record: 18-8

Moscow record: 11-15

Antwerp record: 15-11

Shanghai record: 38-14

Beijing record: 20-8

Tokyo record: 17-9

Shenzhen record: 8-3

Chengdu record: 4-5

Metz record: 13-9

St. Petersburg record: 11-11

U.S. Open record: 91-35

Winston-Salem record: 33-13

Cincinnati record: 36-16

Montreal record: 34-21

Washington, D.C. record: 23-11

Los Cabos record: 8-5

Kitzbuhel record: 5-6

Hamburg record: 17-13

Gstaad record: 16-11

Atlanta record: 19-7

Newport record: 14-12

Umag record: 12-14

Bastad record: 15-10

Wimbledon record: 94-30

Eastbourne record: 13-10

Antalya record: 15-10

Queen’s Club record: 21-8

Halle record: 22-6

Stuttgart record: 15-8

‘s-Hertogenbosch: 11-10

French Open record: 96-27

Lyon record: 17-8

Geneva record: 15-10

Rome record: 41-15

Madrid record: 42-11

Estoril record: 15-11

Munich record: 16-9

Istanbul record: 19-8

Barcelona record: 29-17

Budapest record: 13-11

Monte-Carlo record: 37-16

Houston record: 20-7

Marrakech record: 16-9

Miami record: 66-26

Indian Wells record: 57-35

Dubai record: 21-10

Acapulco record: 19-11

Sao Paulo record: 16-11

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-11

Delray Beach record: 22-5

Marseille record: 16-11

Buenos Aires: 16-11

Rotterdam record: 18-13

Memphis record: 13-13

Quito record: 13-3

Sofia record: 14-6

Montpellier record: 10-9

Australian Open record: 97-30

Auckland record: 18-7

Sydney record: 16-9

Doha record: 22-8

Brisbane record: 17-9

Chennai record: 15-12



London record: 11-4

Paris record: 37-9

Basel record: 21-9

Vienna record: 17-12

Stockholm record: 20-7

Antwerp record: 15-10

Moscow record: 12-12

Shanghai record: 34-20

Beijing record: 24-6

Tokyo record: 23-4

Shenzhen record: 17-9

Chengdu record: 13-14

St. Petersburg record: 19-8

Metz record: 17-9

U.S. Open record: 89-31

Winston-Salem record: 28-17

Cincinnati record: 29-20

Olympics record: 41-16

Los Cabos record: 17-9

Atlanta record: 15-11

Toronto record: 36-16

Washington record: 31-14

Gstaad record: 12-11

Kitzbuhel record: 12-15

Umag record: 17-10

Hamburg record: 19-12

Bastad record: 20-7

Newport record: 19-7

Wimbledon record: 98-27

Nottingham record: 35-14

Queen’s Club record: 19-11

Halle record: 21-8

Stuttgart record: 1710

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 17-10

French Open record: 93-30

Geneva record: 20-7

Nice record: 19-8

Rome record 41-13

Madrid record: 44-11

Munich record: 19-7

Estoril record: 20-7

Istanbul: 18-9

Barcelona record: 36-10

Bucharest record: 20-7

Monte-Carlo record: 40-15

Houston record: 14-11

Marrakech record: 18-8

Miami record: 60-30

Indian Wells record: 63-29

Sao Paulo record: 18-9

Dubai record: 19-10

Acapulco record: 17-13

Marseille record: 22-5

Rio de Janeiro record: 20-8

Delray Beach record: 18-12

Rotterdam record: 17-14

Memphis record: 15-11

Buenos Aires record: 16-11

Montpellier record: 15-10

Sofia record: 16-6

Quito record: 18-6

Australian Open record: 97-27

Auckland record: 14-11

Sydney record: 17-7

Doha record: 26-5

Chennai record: 20-7

Brisbane record: 20-7


World Tour Finals record: 11-4

Paris record: 28-18

Basel record: 24-6

Valencia record: 14-13

Vienna record: 21-9

Stockholm record: 21-5

Moscow record: 18-9

Shanghai record: 39-16

Beijing record: 22-9

Tokyo record: 16-14

Shenzhen record: 20-7

Kuala Lumpur record: 20-7

St. Petersburg record: 18-7

Metz record: 16-9

Winston-Salem record: 22-22

Cincinnati record: 36-18

Montreal record:

Washington, D.C. record:

Kitzbuhel record: 18-7

Gstaad record: 21-6

Atlanta record: 21-6

Hamburg record: 19-11

Umag record: 19-8

Bogota record: 15-12

Bastad record: 13-14

Newport record: 22-7

Wimbledon record: 95-31

Nottingham record: 29-13

Queen’s Club record: 23-7

Halle record: 19-12

‘s-Hertogenbosch record: 18-9

Stuttgart record: 15-12

French Open record: 92-32

Nice record: 20-6

Geneva record: 19-8

Rome record: 29-10

Madrid record: 37-18

Munich record: 14-7

Istanbul record:18-6

Estoril record: 13-10

Barcelona record: 30-16

Bucharest record: 17-10

Monte-Carlo record: 36-19

Houston record: 18-9

Casablanca record: 12-13

Miami record: 63-31

Davis Cup first round record: 11-5

Dubai record: 27-5

Acapulco record: 25-6

Buenos Aires record: 20-7

Marseille record: 19-8

Delray Beach record: 21-10

Rio de Janeiro record: 19-12

Rotterdam record: 21-10

Memphis record: 18-8

Sao Paulo record: 13-15

Montpellier record: 24-3

Zagreb record: 14-13

Quito record: 15-7

Australian Open record: 96-31

Doha record: 21-10

Brisbane record: 18-9

Chennai record: 17-9

Sydney record: 11-14

Auckland record: 10-11

OVERALL through Buenos Aires/Acapulco/Dubai: 420-193

54 Comments on Daily picks

  1. @Loulou,

    You asked me a question in the previous page about multiple slips and i explained it to a different person prior to your question on page 126 on August 29th, 2017 at 10:01 Am, just click on the previous pages or click here-

    I also posted a comment here-
    Date & time- September 8, 2017 at 11:10 Pm.

    If the explanations are not satisfying let me know i will explain it again.
    By the way you have a nice name “Loulou” i hope it’s not a nickname cos it’s cool.

    • Hello
      Thks for your answer. Sorry for my english i’m french.
      I understood that you were making multiple bets. But i didn’t understand how you make the association.
      How do you distribut the bet please?
      Thk you

      • in your prior exemple, you had : for anderson/Carreno
        1) o 3.5 sets : 1.54 odds
        2) o40.5 games : 1.98 odds
        3) carreno +2.5sets : 1.39
        4) carreno wins : 3.00
        5) anderson wins : 1.43

        how do you distribute the bets please ?
        thk a lot

        • @loulou

          What do mean by how do i distribute the bet?

          Example- if i am aiming for 10 odds, i might play 4 different slips using the same amount on each slip lets say 1,000 that will be a total of 4,000.

          Each slip might be made up of 4 or 5 matches it depends on the odds of the player’s/teams, your last slip(4th slip) might be 2 or 3 matches because you are contradicting an original pick that you are having doubts on(it might be 1 match or 2 matches) or you are giving an underdog a chance to win the match or win a set.

          In your 2nd and 3rd slip there should be no opposites or contradictions that affect your 1st slip just minor adjustments.
          Out of the 4,5 or 6 matches that gives you your desired odd(e.g 10 odds or more), you might choose to change the options of 1 or 2 matches that you believe might be successful.

          Your 4 slips might not have identical odds or equal matches e.g:

          1st Slip- 10.50 odds, 6 matches.
          2nd Slip- 12.00 odds, 5 matches.
          3rd Slip- 9. 80 odds, 5 matches.
          4th Slip- 11.50 odds, 3 matches.

          Sometimes more than one slip will be successful but all you need is just 1 slip to be successful in order to make a profit because 1 success covers your total investments plus profits.
          With this strategy all your slips can’t be successful but that’s the point you play it both ways, this doesn’t mean you will win all the time but the risks are low and the success are high.

          I came up with this strategy a few years ago and it’s done well, i have other strategies that i use but i will share it later.
          When you become a millionaire don’t 4get Stanley Ok lol!

          If there are some misunderstandings or you have a question feel free to ask them but i might not respond on time or have the answer cos i am busy.

          Take care!

    • Bet on Istomin to beat the flakey Gasquet! Gasquet is full of gasssssssssss…….I mentioned this here so many times…and this website is smelling bad now because of Gasquet’s gasssssss….lol

      Didn’t someone predict that Gasquet will win the whole tournament?lol

      Experts Stan, Ben,Todd, Julius,Rellikkk,GillesMullerFan,fsutomahawk,Big AL,M, Chico, Adrian Lopez, and all the FAKE(Rogers etc.) & ORIGINAL guys!lol etc. what are your picks for today?

      Don’t tell me that you became old and retired and stopped picking and betting!

      If we don’t analyze and discuss and then correct our initial picks, we cannot make money. On the contrary we will only lose money!

      Yesterday 50% of the official picks lost! This could have been reduced if 1) we had lots of discussion, discussing every angle of the match in-depth…ad posting the same 2) Spent more time in in-depth research instead of “cursory glance” research or copying others picks or by going just with some famous names like Richard gasquet and losing and making 1000’s of people who follow the picks lose!

      Are we here to make the rich bookies richer and destroy the world as rich people just enjoy the riches themselves selfishly and don’t care about the people, our mother earth and the long term survival of our human race and our planet earth…earth, the only planet that support’s (human) life!? lol

  2. i’m starting to give my advice. Please don’t judge me. My english is not very good. I live in Normandy (North of France).

    Metz :

    Mahut b. Brown 2/1 : 50/50
    Herbert b. Zverev 2/1 : 50/50
    Laaksonen b. Mathieu 2/1 : 60/40
    Gojo b. Simon 2/1 : 50/50

    St Petersburg :

    Dzumhur b. Baghdatis 2/1 : 60/40
    Pella b. Lajovic 2/1 : 50/50
    Vesely b. Dutra Silva 2/1 : 50/50
    Struff b. Coric 2/1 : 60/40
    Medvedev b. Fabbiano 2/0 : 80/20
    Sousa b. Donskoy 2/1 : 50/50
    Broady b. Mannarino 2/1 : 50/50

    So, has you see, for me it’s a difficult do for betting. I think i’ll bet on the o 22.5 games on the mahut brown match at 1.80.
    betting on Laaksonen is risky because of the advantage home court.
    Betting on Dzumhur is risky because of his weak mind.
    I think that Struff can beat Coric.
    So the only pick i only advice is Medvedev at 1.33

    Thank you

    • Thnx Loulou for posting your picks.

      I know that you are a serious tennis fan and bettor.

      You are right. Many matches are close and many upsets can happen just like yesterday. Over can hit in many matches not only in the mahut match.

    • Stan, I am working late and trying to catch up on the WTA bets.

      Still not completed my ATP research. Just started. Will post something soon.

      What are your picks/bets for today stan?

      I am liking vesely, mannarino, medvedev, coric and Dzumhur to win.

      Many matches will hit the overs and there will be some upsets.

      Brown doesn’t have good form on hard but he a natural fast court player and can always play well and upset mahut…who is focusing on the doubles…hence may not fight super hard if it goes to 3 right sets. Over here for me.

  3. If you are not confident about your picks you don’t have to post them, but if you decide to post them, you can let others know that you are not certain or confident about them.

    If someone judges you or your picks the wrong way don’t worry about it, they are not worth the time but if they disagree with your picks the right way or post a different pick from yours that’s normal.

    You don’t have to change your picks because someone posted differently, if you are sure & confident go with yours not with theirs.
    If you are not sure about your pick and the analysis or pick of a different poster makes sense you can try theirs but be careful and do your own research cos good analysis fail sometimes and sure bets disappoint once in a while.

  4. Joao Sousa vs Evgeny Donskoy match should also go over.

    Donkey(eat the “S”!lol) with greater hard experience currently can win if he plays an error free game(which Sousa will not allow by returning 100% of the balls back at tight length forcing mistakes).

    End result will be a tight game which the wily and solid Sousa can win! But not betting on it, Just the over here.

    PS=Do your own FINAL Research before betting and own it. My research is generally around 80%+ correct not 100%. Never claiming perfection or expertise! I will be a student of the game always! Just a student!lol

  5. Just by looking at the fixtures i agree with Ricky’s picks.
    I might avoid- (1) M. Zverev vs Herbert.
    2) Paul-Henri Mathiei vs H. Laaksonen.

    Ricky’s picks are Ok but i don’t trust this guy’s/players.
    An in-form Gilles Simon should defeat Peter Gojowczyk but I don’t trust G. Simon even though he is the favourite to win.

    There are other matches in ATP, WTA and other sports that are better in my opinion and you don’t have to avoid or change your picks if you agree with ricky’s pick on this matches.

    Nikoloz Basilaslvili is playing Gilles Muller 2morrow and i have a feeling that Nikoloz will show up.
    G. Muller is leading the H2H 2-0 he defeated N. Basilaslvili in Queen’s 2-1(6-4, 6(17)-7, 6-4) and he also eliminated Nikoloz in Metz at this current stage(Round of 16) last year(2016) result: 6-4, 6-2.

    N. Basilaslvili has played well in indoors and has defeated many good players on indoors, 8 wins-2 loses on indoors this year, Overall record 52-39.

    Gilles Muller’s record on indoors this year 3-2, Overall 135-98 Nice!
    I like G. Muller and he is the automatic pick and might win but i play different slips so i can give the underdog a chance.

    Gilles Muller to win is at 1.30 odd but i am not betting on Gilles to win.

    1st ticket- Nikoloz Basilaslvili to win a set or Plus 1.5 sets is at 1.95 odd, if Nikoloz loses in 3 sets or wins the match your bet is successful but if he loses in straight sets(2-0) like he did last year the bet will fail.

    2nd ticket- N. Basilaslvili to win at 3.40 odd, i am placing this bets as a single bet and later i will add 1 or 2 matches to juice up the odds.

    I am playing more than 5 slips today & tomorrow so i will avoid this match in other slips just in case.
    I normally will contradict this pick by going with G. Muller to win but i will rather replace/avoid this match in other slips than to contradict it.

    You don’t have to go with this pick cos i am not backing it on all my slips.


    i play different slips with small adjustments on each slip but i try to be specific on my original pick, if you play different options try to specific on which pick is the best.

  6. Nikoloz Basilaslvili won in 2 sets and i picked him to win at 3.40 odd, i have killed the bookies again lol!
    I also picked him to win a set at 1.95 odd.

    This was my best pick and i predicted it yesterday.
    Well done Nikoloz Basilaslvili!

    I was having trouble accessing this site a few minutes ago was anyone having the same problem?

  7. Do goff and pouille win? Neeeeed input from some experts im trying to place a bet but goffins line is HUGE and I don’t know if it’s worth the risk lol

  8. @Phil

    You decide whether it’s worth the risk, it’s your money.
    I think Lucas Pouille & David Goffin will win.

    Lucas is the defending champion and should win but he is playing a player(M. Copil) that has a good record on indoors.
    Lucas Pouille should win but you decide whether his odd or Goffin’s odd is worth the risk.

    Don’t bet on this cos it’s dicey, Lucas Pouille match with Marius Copil can over 22.5 games but over is high.

    I think D. Goffin can win in 2 sets or straight sets but picking him to win directly is safer than straight sets.

    At the end you decide.

  9. Finally site is back up. At least for me I couldn’t get on for the last week or so. Anyways I got that Zhang over Lorenzi pick I just couldn’t post it. That guy is awesome and just hasn’t played enough events. He could beat Laaksonen next round but Henri typically gets matches done that he should. Had a feeling Zhang would beat Lorenzi though. Also congrats to the two first time ATP titlists Gojowyczk and Dzumhur!! Dzumhur is the first Bosnian to win an ATP title 👏🏼 👏🏼

  10. First daily picks for me since the US Open (was busy during Metz and St. Petersburg and the site was down for me this week so far) –
    Lu over Rublev in 3 (Lu has home support and I suspect Rublev might suffer a post-breakthrough slump after his US Open run)
    Gojowczyk over Baghdatis in 3 (the German is on fire and showed no signs of fatigue in his first round match)
    Fritz over Basilashvili in 3 (THF has been seemingly improving his form lately and Basilashvili can blow hot and cold)
    Pella over Thiem in 3 (neither guy would prefer this surface but Pella has a couple of matches under his belt since New York unlike the slow court guru that is Thiem)
    Dolgopolov over Stakhovsky in 3 (the battle of good friends should go to the guy who made the second week in NYC)
    M. Zverev over Sela in 2 (MZ should thrive during this part of the season as he did in 2016)
    A. Zverev over Darcis in 2 (in Davis Cup I’d probably pick Darcis lol)
    Dzumhur over Lacko in 3 (Lacko could sneak away with a win since Dzumhur has played a lot of tennis lately but I still gotta go with the red hot Bosnian)

  11. I dunno how Darcis lost that match to Zverev. He was up 3-0 in the third then up 5-3 in tiebreak and had random other chances he blew throughout the match. And the last three points were as quick as lightning. Hate to say it but Mr. Davis sorta choked. Especially when he had an easy open court forehand at 5-3 in the breaker and hit an inside out drop shot in the net like an idiot.

  12. Friday –
    Lajovic over Sugita in 3 (toss up for me)
    Istomin over Donaldson in 3 (Istomin seems to be rounding into form and his game and is well suited for this surface)
    Fritz over Pella in 3 (Fritz has a better hard court game than Pella imo)
    Lu over Baghdatis in 2 (Lu has had a far easier path to get here and has home court advantage)
    Laaksonen over Zhang in 3 (I’ve actually known about Zhizhen Zhang for a while now and he is way better than his ranking and hasn’t actually surprised me with his run this week but it still might be too much to ask for him to make the semis over a guy who has found ways to take advantage of open draws at smaller events throughout the season)
    Dolgopolov over Sela in 2 (this part of the season should be good for Dolgopolov’s game with the quicker conditions and he is showing that this week)
    Goffin over Young in 2 (Goffin plays a better version of Young’s consistency-focused game)
    Dzumhur over A. Zverev in 3 (Dzumhur is on a hot streak and hasn’t seemed to lose any steam yet while Zverev shouldn’t have made it out of the last round)

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  14. Saturday

    Leaning on Istomin over Sugita in 3
    But liking the over here.

    Why will Sugita win and not Istomin?


    Goffin over Laaksonen in 2
    Dzumhur over Dolgopolov in 3

    Dzum can win in 2 also if he is not tired.

    Who you got ATP experts? Why is this forum like a ghost house?

    Ben, Stan, Todd etc. where are you guys?

    • Sugita will be fresher after a quick last round while Istomin had to barely get past Donaldson. Also Sugita is simply better this season. Istomin’s only highlight is the Aussie Open win over Djokovic and Sugita has meanwhile won an ATP title, consistently won matches at slams and masters 1000s, made the Cincinnati quarters, and is the more consistent and reliable player. He also will have more support than Istomin playing in Asia.

      • Ben, what you said is all true but we have to see the current form and forget everything else(past achievements etc. wins @Slams etc. won’t help today!lol).

        I think Istomin has the better form and has beaten the stronger players(Donaldso, Khachanov, Struff) unlike Sugita(beat an useless monteriro, i player retired etc.).

        Besides being in better form, Istomin is the bigger, stronger player with more power in serves and returns.

        If my analysis is right, Istomin should win. Sugita can push the total as he also has some form but 25% less currently!lol

  15. Saturday –
    Sugita over Istomin in 3 (I shouldn’t have doubted Sugita last round and I won’t make the same mistake again)
    Baghdatis over Pella in 3 (honestly as 50/50 as it gets for me and a match I would never bet on ever)
    Goffin over Laaksonen in 2 (great week for Laaksonen but I think Goffin is too much for the Swiss in the underdog’s first semifinal)
    Dzumhur over Dolgopolov in 3 (it feels foolish to pick against Dzumhur in any winnable match at this point)

    • Ben, can we tell with 100% guarantee that Dzum will not tire out in the finals today?

      Ostapenko was strong in the QF’s when she beat World No.1 Mugurza but tired out against Barty in the SF’s yesterday?

      I very well know that this comparision is not accurate as Ospenko has some mental issues and gives up when she is not winning unlike Dzum who is headstrong and will try to win until the last breath in his body! Man, I luv Dzum just for that. Hope Dzum becomes world No.1 in 1 year! Why not? he has all the weapons and tools to be a worthy World No.1(needs to win a few slams & Masters 1000 tho!lol)!

      Dzum win today(hook or crook) and I will pay for your party and get you drunk in the strongest Bosnian Beer!lol

      • Nope. Dolgopolov can beat almost anyone let’s be honest. But he has to be playing well. Dzumhur is a lot less likely to suck than Dolgopolov is basically what I’m saying.

        • Dolgopolov got the dub. Not surprising and I won’t be surprised if he beats Goffin in the final. Please keep up this form Dolgopolov. That guy is so entertaining to watch when he’s playing well.

          • Yup, that is right Ben.

            Dolgo is a genius and when he is in full form, he is a pleasure to watch. Has lightning quick reflexes and thinking!

            Tomorrow’s match with Goffin might be a tight one. Dolgo can win the Shenzhen Open trophy.

    • Ricky SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 AT 7:29 PM
      Sunday CHE and SHE posted

      Who is HE and SHE (above)?Ha,ha,ha…

      Baghdatis over Istomin in 3

      Dolgopolov over Goffin in 3

      Just going with the over

      …and a little something on both the dogs (max + points)


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