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The Grandstand is also looking for anyone interested in writing match previews during the Australian summer, especially during the Australian Open. Or anyone attending a tournament who can provide pictures, pre-match, in-match, and/or post-match reports, and any other first-hand accounts.



  1. Where do I find the FB Chats that you mentioned on “This Week in Tennis”?

  2. you can find all 5 (plus some other items) here –

  3. C’mon Dimon! (or should I say Sean).

    Fix the over moderation almost anytime a comment contains an embedded tweet. What did you do?

    I STILL have several day old posts under moderation.


  4. Ricky, just a suggestion but you should cut the max. number of posts on a page (before they go to Older Comments) by at least half. Some pages take forever to load and sometimes even crash mobile devices.

  5. It’s not a big deal just looks weird. It says ” AO 2 weeks away” right next to The Grandstand.

  6. Lovro Međimorec says:

    I love this site, it is amazing. Can you please tell me when can I see picks for Paris?

    Lovro Međimorec

  7. Lovro Međimorec says:

    Hello again,
    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Lovro Međimorec

  8. I just want to express how much I enjoy Grandstand and it’s insightfull and witty
    analysis !

    Happy Holidays !
    AL from Chicago

    BTW: We don’t “all” walk around with violin cases and cigars ! ;)

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