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  1. RT @Mike_Dickson: “Andy Murray says he’s pleased with post-op, plans to start tentatively hitting a few balls in practice next week.”

    Vamos Muzza!


    “It is just less than six weeks since the Wimbledon champion, three-times the runner-up in Melbourne, had surgery on his back and he has been focusing his rehabilitation in the pool and in the gym. To that end, Murray has been mingling with the millionaires at Chelsea, using their high-technology training facilities at their Cobham complex, and sharing stories with manager Jose Mourinho. “I’m doing a lot of stuff in the swimming pool, like the anti-gravity running,” Murray said. “Most of the stuff is just straight-line running in the pool. It’s basically like an underwater treadmill, which has been a massive help for me. It’s sped up the recovery a lot.”

    Muzza, why not just go to Mallorca and use one those anti-gravity treadmill contraptions which Rafa has got, or better still, buy one of your own, you can afford it!

  3. Andy’s description of the pool work brought back memories of my experience of the role played by exercising in a pool. I was left semi paralysed and in a wheel chair two years ago after sustaining multi fractures to the pelvis in a car accident. Luckily I fetched up in one of the best rehabilitation centres in France and in five months they had me up and walking. Now I am nearly as good as new!!!!

    A major part of the programme was the time spent with physios in the swimming pool every day even though I had to be lifted in and out of the pool on a hoist in the early stages.

    Andy’s goal is to get to the AO. Mine was not to spend the rest of my life needing a zimmer frame πŸ™

  4. ed, congratulations for coming back from an accident like that. We’re admiring athlets in their prime for their incredible prowess, but what you’ve done, even with some luck, is a slam or more as well. πŸ™‚

  5. ed,
    I read your account while on the public transit. That is quite an ordeal you went through and I am so glad you are almost entirely back to how you were before. Incredible. Good on you! I’m sure, as littlefoot is writing, that a lot of it depended on your own attitude, thoughts and efforts.

  6. I have given up riding, cycling,ice skating, and skiing and no foredeck work on the boat: probably would have done sooner or later anyway at my age πŸ™‚

    Littlefoot: a lot had to do with vanity. ha ha

  7. often vanity is very useful in getting the reptilian brain and our other brains to go along doing what is wise for other reasons …. e.g. keeping our bodies healthy (so they look good πŸ™‚ …

  8. It made my blood boil whenever people made snide comments accusing him of being a drama queen, using tactical MTOs and so on. I’m not talking about the venomous internet idiots but professional tennis players and ex-players who should know better. Hope they’re now feeling suitably remorseful.


  9. Muzans, here is something you can ask Santa to put in your Christmas stocking:

    Andy Murray: Seventy-Seven: My Road to Wimbledon Glory [Hardcover]

  10. @nadline
    Did you queue for 4 hours in the rain outside Waterstones on Wednesday, to get a wee chat and a signature?

    • No, I couldn’t even if I wanted to, as I am in Dubai atm, looking forward to queuing in the sunshine in Abu Dhabi for Rafa to sign his autobiography for me at the exho in December.

      I was within touching distance of Andy last year in AD but didn’t bother to get his autograph. Each to her own, as they say.

  11. Police arrest gang suspected of brandishing gun at Murray – only to discover they were autograph hunters with a tennis racquet.

    By Mike Dawes
    PUBLISHED: 00:19 GMT, 9 November 2013 | UPDATED: 01:02 GMT, 9 November 2013

    Armed police swooped on a gang suspected of brandishing a gun at Andy Murray – only to discover they were tennis fans who had asked the Scot to sign a tennis racquet.
    The mix up occurred in north London on Wednesday night when the Scot was in a car with his agent.

    It is understood that two men got out of another car and knocked on the window of Murray’s vehicle in an attempt to get him to sign a racquet, but the Wimbledon champion drove away.

    Read more:–discover-autograph-hunters-

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  12. RT @Mike_Dickson_DM: “Andy Murray’s plans to return to public tennis action at next week’s Dream Cup in Barbados scuppered as event has been cancelled. Not connected to any injury setback for Murray, was ready to play but local promoters hit problems and other players withdrew.”

  13. Andy Murray’s return to tournament action has been delayed after the Dream Cup in Barbados was cancelled.

    The exhibition event, which was due to start on 28 November, would have provided the Wimbledon champion with his first matches since he had back surgery in September. Issues reportedly to do with sponsorship and TV mean the tournament will no longer take place.

    Murray will instead continue to practise at his winter training base in Miami, where his return to full fitness is said to be on track.

    The 26-year-old’s first match will now come at another exhibition in Abu Dhabi at the end of December. He will then begin his ATP World Tour season at the Qatar Open in Doha before heading to Australia.

    Murray has not yet committed to playing in the Australian Open and said last month he would take part only if he felt in good enough shape to have a chance of winning the tournament.

    He elected to have surgery on a long-standing back problem after helping Great Britain reach the Davis Cup World Group with victory over Croatia in mid-September.

    The issue had been troubling him for around 18 months and he pulled out of the French Open in May before going unbeaten through the grass-court season, culminating in his historic Wimbledon triumph.

    The Guardian

  14. – “We should all be as good as Murray was in 2013 with a back so compromised that it required surgery” –

    So said Peter Bodo In his preview for the PoY award. He has put in words the thought I have had on several occasions ever since he announced he was going to have surgery on his back. Looking back one now realises how often he must have been hurting: it was particularly noticeable between points when often he seemed to walk awkwardly back to the service line.

    If he can win Wimbledon with a dodgy back, what is he capable of now he is pain free?

    • Well ed., ’tis the season to be jolly, so I think I’ll join you! Most appropriately, I believe yours is a Scotch.

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