Davis Cup previews and predictions: Goffin vs. Pouille, Darcis vs. Tsonga

The 2017 Davis Cup final between Belgium and France will begin on Friday with a pair of singles rubbers. Lucas Pouille and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will try to get the host nation off to a strong start against David Goffin and Steve Darcis, respectively.

(BEL) David Goffin vs. (FRA) Lucas Pouille

Goffin and Pouille will be going head-to-head for the fourth time in their careers when they contest the first rubber of the Davis Cup final in Lille, France on Friday afternoon. Pouille has won all three of their previous encounters, with all three having come in 2016. The 18th-ranked Frenchman prevailed 7-6(5), 4-6, 6-3 in Brisbane, 7-6(4), 2-6, 7-6(7) in Madrid, and 7-6(6), 6-1 in Metz.

There is a chance that this could be Goffin’s last match of what has been a stellar 2017 campaign. Despite missing the grass-court swing and being less than 100 percent for the hard-court summer, the eighth-ranked Belgian still qualified for the ATP Finals. And he made the most his opportunity there, too, upsetting Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer before losing the title match to Grigor Dimitrov. Pouille, who was still in distant London contention at the Paris Masters, is 35-21 this season with three titles. His third triumph of the year recently came in Vienna at the expense of Davis Cup teammate Tsonga. It would be understandable if Goffin is fatigued, so Pouille may have an edge if he can at least make it a competitive, prolonged battle.

Pick: Pouille in 5

(BEL) Steve Darcis vs. (FRA) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Darcis is ranked 61 spots behind Tsonga at No. 76 in the world, but rankings can always be thrown out the window whenever Darcis takes the court for Davis Cup duty. The 33-year-old Belgian is 22-9 lifetime in singles in the team competition, with 17 of his victories having come indoors. One of his biggest wins came in the decisive fifth rubber of the 2015 World Group semifinals, in which Darcis took down Argentina’s Federico Delbonis in a four-setter. He is an outstanding 4-1 this year, suffering his lone loss at he hands of Nick Kyrgios in five sets. Darcis upset both Philipp Kohlschreiber and Alexander Zverev in a surprise first-round victory over Germany and he thrashed Jordan Thompson in the fifth rubber of Belgium’s semifinal win over Australia.

Friday will mark the second career meeting between Darcis and Tsonga (first at the main-tour level). They last faced each other 15 years ago on the Futures circuit, where Tsonga won via retirement. Injuries were a problem for Darcis back then and nothing has ever changed; the story has been a similar one for Tsonga, although not quite to the same extent. The 32-year-old appears to be healthy at the moment, as a title in Antwerp followed by runner-up showing in Vienna put him in the London discussion going into Paris. But an opening loss to Julien Benneteau ended those hopes in a hurry. A relatively in-form and well-rested Tsonga should be able to prevent Darcis from orchestrating another Davis Cup masterpiece.

Pick: Tsonga in 4

78 Comments on Davis Cup previews and predictions: Goffin vs. Pouille, Darcis vs. Tsonga

  1. Leaning on Tsonga and Pouille in 5 (winning with their great French spirit & with 100% support from the fanatic french crowd!) In 4 can also happen as Goffin is tired and Darcis’s main weapon (= right arm is injured. He can retire mid-way also).

    Just going with the over in both.

    Who knows in what exact shape each is in after a grueling 2017 Tennis season.





    Belgium will be led by David Goffin and Steve Darcis, with Joris De Loore and Ruben Bemelmans down to play Saturday’s doubles. No Graff in the team! I am not talking about Steffi Graf here!lol

    The French Captain Yannick Noah (NOT famous for the Noah’s Ark!lol) named Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Lucas Pouille, Richard Gasquet and Pierre-Hugues Herbert for the 3-day event in Lille.

    I am really surprised that Doubles specialists Nicolas Mahut was omitted from the team after playing 5 times under Noah in the Davis Cup matches! I saw (Personally? NO! lol My spies did! Ha,ha,ha…) lifting heavy weights in preparation for this Davis Cup vs Belgium as if he was determined to make the weightlifting team of France in the upcoming Olympics!lol So, Noah probably send Mahut to the French Olympic Team! Or Did Mahut have a big fight with Noah? Man, you never go “Hammer and Tongs” with people in power unless you can take them out(your Captain or Goffin/Belgium) with the same “Hammer and Tongs”!ha,ha,ha…

    Richard Gasquet and Pierre HUGHes (needs to serve HUUUUGE and make Belgium remember Nicolas Mahut and make them pay for omitting Mahut from the French Team. Did Goffin do something mischievous and put Mahut in the Coffin?lol Need to send WWE’s Undertaker to fetch Mahut from the Coffin!lol) Herbert face Bemelmans and Loore in the doubles. This new French doubles team should still take care of Bemelmans and Loore in tomorrow’s doubles match and clinch the Davis Cup if Tsonga and Pouille can take care of business today! That way we can all sleep late on Sunday!

    Even with this new Team, I favor France to win the 2017 Davis Cup more than the previous team.

    Ok, I am going to be fair with both the teams and wish that “May the team with the best French Spirit (of freedom to steal the huge salad cup sitting in their country. The Belgie’s can eat their salad’s in a plate and don’ have to lug the heavy salad cup to Brussels. After all Goffin likes to be skinny always that he doesn’t even eat anything at all! Why the heavy salad cup for the weakling Coffin?lol) win!

    • Another mistake by France. Might cost them doubles. Bemelmans and De Loore have looked so good this year when playing doubles for their team.

          • I’d say that Tsonga, especially with home-crowd, has an excellent chance against Goffin indoor. I know it wasn’t indoor, but after Tsonga’s crazy Toronto 2014 run, I feel like you never know when he can just have a random moment of excellence…

  3. Goffin plays like a Federer these days, rushes to net whenever he can. It seems like he, Shapo, Dimi and even Pouille play a game modeling after Fed’s, it’s just varying degree of similarities.

    Goffin looks the better of the two in this match, I think he’ll win this in three or at most four sets.

  4. Goffin looking scarily good these days, his serve is unbelievably good; he and Dimi, both looking very hard to beat these days.

    It’s like both of them needed the belief, and after the WTF, both are having the belief now. Goffin is 0-3 vs Pouille before this match, can’t belive that judging from how Goffin is playing now. Goffin can just change the direction and the pace of his shots so quickly, and he takes the ball so early, Pouille looks lost out there.

    I think Goffin, Dimi and Delpo will pose many problems to the returning big four plus Stan, and also to Fedal this coming season.

  5. Goffin is on another level right now. So much more aggressive. Absolute beatdown. Last point kinda summarizes the match as a whole lol.

  6. Honestly France made such a mistake hosting them on indoor hard courts. Why would you host Belgium on each of Belgium’s singles players’ best surfaces? Darcis’ game is built for this surface and we know how well he plays in Davis Cup. And Goffin just beat Fedal at the O2.

  7. Will be interesting to see who actually plays the doubles match, which is, as per usual, looking like a huuuuge point.

  8. Just saw the highlights and Goffin was simply untouchable, great quality tennis! He’s striking the ball so clean and beautifully, ripping winners from everywhere on the court, especially with his backhand.
    I always liked the french guys(Monfils,Tsonga,Gasquet and more recently Pouille)but I’m totally rooting for Goffin now, he deserves it so bad!

    • Goffin is playing like Fed, right? He’s not afraid to move to the net to hit some nice volleys and winners. His movement is so quick around the court, and I’m impressed with his serves! Since when he’s serving so well?

      He’s able to take the ball early, changes direction and pace so well too, a shade of Djoko (and Murray too), but I always like to compare him to Davydenko, my second fave player. I can’t imagine how well he can play now, when every aspect (including his mental strength) of his game falls into place.

      I like Dimi too, who’s also very willing to move forward to the net, when in the past, he tend to stay behind the baseline most of the times. The two of them have matured at the right time to take advantage of the absence of Djoko, Murray, Stan, Kei and Raonic. If they continue with this momentum, I think they can go far and winning big things in their respective careers.

      • Totally agree with you Lucky, that quick paced and agressive tennis combined with approaching the net when possible it’s absolutely Federer’s school.
        His serve has really been something lately,since when Goffin started hitting dozens of aces? And he’s also returning extremely well. I can see some shades of Davydenko on him right now, what a player he was, a shame he ended without a Major, had everything on his game.
        I believe that Goffin’s main problem was lack of belief. Reaching the final at WTF and particularly beating Fedal for the first time made his confidence peak and everything’s clicking on his game right now.
        He and Dimitrov really changed their tactical approaches, being more agressive and coming to the net whenever possible. In the end, with the way tennis is evolving, with everyone going for his shots, that’s the most meaningful approach to do.
        The entertaining grinding tennis is slowly disappearing, and I find it very sad.

        • Nah, it won’t disappear, with Chung and Coric around; they take after Djoko, the most successful defense/offense player on all surfaces (second on clay imo). If not for the two of them, I really think that we may never see Rafa/Djoko/Murray’s style of tennis anymore.

          After Chung and Coric, perhaps we’ll see the end of it; and we may be back to 1990s to early 2000s tennis all over again – shortening of points, sets and matches; no more challenges of line calls with Hawkeye used for line calling, players serving big and hitting hard with little to no point construction skills involved, etc and etc.

          • We can only hope that those guys preserve that style of play. I’m a huge fan of grinding from the baseline tennis, that’s why I always preferred Rafa vs Djoko matchups rather than Rafa vs Fed, the animalistic/thrilling rallies between them were the most pleasant thing my eyes have ever witnessed in any sport.

            • I love to see Rafa vs any of the big three; vs Fed he’s counterpunching, playing thinking tennis, thinking a few steps ahead.

              Against Djoko it’s all so physical, whoever is more aggressive will usually win in the end. Against Murray, it’s more cat and mouse game, both are playing thinking tennis, trying to outsmart or out maneuver each other.

            • Yeah, every match between the Big Four is always exciting and very special, particularly when both guys play at stellar level, it’s unique stuff.
              However, one of my wishes for the 2018 season is a Grand Slam final between Rafa and Djoko. I feel that’s on Djoko’s racquet, at least at the FO.

            • Sorry, did you say the FO is on Djoko’s racket??

              You mean you think Djoko can play better than Rafa’s FO2017, that it’s on Djoko’s racket even when they’re playing at the FO? Incredible!

            • Rafa vs Fed at the slams for me, much better than Rafa vs Djoko’s attritional tennis. In fact I totally dislike Rafa vs Djoko at the slams, even though Rafa has the upper hand 9-4; they kill each other, resulting in Rafa getting injury later on during the season – AO2012, USO2011, FO2014.

            • It’s never been on Nole’s racquet vs Rafa on clay.

              That goes for any player for that matter.

              But Nole has been the biggest threat to an in form Rafa on clay by a long shot. No one else even close.

            • No, not at all! I was trying to express that it only depends on Novak to make the final of the FO, given that if Rafa is 100% healthy, for sure he’s gonna be there.

            • Seeing the things by that angle,for sure that the grueling tennis both display on their matches has taken his tool on both guys, especially on Rafa as you said. At least, when both guys are on fire, the spectacle is guaranteed and we can enjoy that at the fullest.

            • Completely agree with you Hawkeye, Murray vs Novak matches tend to be very monotonous, with only a few exceptions. I found their matches more interesting when they started meeting each other at the beginning of their careers.

  9. Pleased to see Goffin is in cracking form and I’m rooting for the them to lift the cup – even if this makes me unpopular with friends here in France. I was concerned he might be knackered after his efforts at the O2 or the bothersome knee would play up. It should also help erase the memory of his last DC final against GB when he unravelled in front of his home crowd.

    Am pissed off to be geo-blocked from watching the matches this weekend: will have to be content with highlights.

    • I have always preferred Rafa and Fed’s matches to Rafa and Novak’s. I like the contrast in styles and think it makes their matches more enjoyable to watch.

      Rafa and Novak matches are like a war of attrition. It’s a physical battle with lots of ups and downs and whoever can outlast the other.

      Novak and Murray matches don’t appeal to me that much. It’s a grinding battle.

      • I agree with hawkeye and lucky that on clay it’s always on Rafa’s racket. There is no question about that.

        • You just misunderstood me, sorry because I didn’t express myself with the right words.
          We all know that if Rafa’s fully fit, on clay the outcome it’s just on him. There’s no player who could beat peak Rafa on clay, imo.
          You could put both Federer and Djokovic on the other side of the net at the FO and peak Rafa would have a good shot on defeating them.

          • “You could put both Federer and Djokovic on the other side of the net at the FO and peak Rafa would have a good shot on defeating them.”

            A blinded R. Federer with no hands will defeat R. Nadal in straight sets on clay.

            On a serious note, the last person R. Nadal or rafans should want to meet is the G. O. A. T( R. Federer), this guy is on a mission and rafa can’t and will not be able to stop him.

            You think 2017 was awesome for Federer watch out 2018 will be smoking baby.

            • Stanley,with every post you make here in the Grandstand you keep showing your tennis knowledge, and, guess what, you’re proving me right all the time. You’re such a delusional fan. Maybe we should already give Federer the CYGS, no?
              You really never cease to amaze me.
              Don’t change 😉

            • That’s the most probable to happen Ramara. However, Fed said he intends to play the clay court season, which I found very strange. At 36, playing on clay would definitely tire him out and he would reach Wimbledon absolutely spent. I don’t really believe he’s jeopardizing his chances at Wimby playing on clay.

            • Thanks Gaviria! But you are a humorless hypocritical fan.

              Is it not delusional to think that Rafa can defeat R. Federer & N. Djokovic on the the same side of the net?
              When I read your comments I took it as a joke cuz it’s a joke, it’s funny.

              But to read your recent comment now, I don’t think you were joking, you actually believe it.
              If you are not joking, you are truly blinded by stupidity & unprofessional bias.

            • I wonder if you ever saw how Rafa dismantled both guys at 2008 FO.
              If I’m blinded and stupid, I don’t really have words to describe you as a fan(hard to call you as that),sorry.

            • Gaviria on a serious note I don’t have the time for silly arguments.

              Individually( one on one) Rafa always has a shot, but it is crazy and foolish to say that Rafa can defeat both phenomenal guys on the same side of the net.

              I really thought you were joking and it was really funny but you are serious, it’s pitiful and I feel sorry, why will you think like that, it’s not reasonable, please wake up OK.

          • Gaviria, even tho I am a big fan of Rafa, after his bad knee injury in 2017 (playing too much on all surfaces with greed to win a lot of money!lol), I don’t think Rafa will be the same man again.

            I don’t think he will win AO or FO or any XO in 2018 until & unless his knee is fully healed. Else he will show up in all the slams and quit midway.

            I think even Roger’s time has gone. RIP Roger(but not me)!

            Younger players like Dimi, handsome Zverev and Goffin will step up in 2018 and may win some slams!

            The times of RaFED has passed I think! Let’s hope they prove everyone wrong in 2018! Smelling some young,fresh blood rising up…and feasting on the old (RaFED, Wawrinka, Djokovic etc.)!lol

            Vamos Rafa & Federer! Heal your knees and aching backs quickly…else the young, hungry hyenas (Dimi, Goffin etc.) will eat you in 2018 and beyond!lol

            • Gaviria,

              Stanley loves to provoke Rafa fans by making outrageous statements and just generally trying to instigate.

              It’s unfortunate but most of the time I ignore him. You have caught on to him pretty quickly.

            • Native,

              You are a sad person, I am not happy that I am saying this but you are a sadist.

              I don’t like provoking anyone, sometimes I am joking, sometimes I am serious and if you read my comments carefully you will notice the difference.

              You are not angry with me because of tennis, it’s much deeper than tennis, it’s moral, but I am done trying to tell/show you the truth.
              Whatever we sow, we will reap it in the end.
              I have done my best, I leave everything in God’s hands.

              I won’t ignore you because that’s not how I roll( maybe 4 a short period of time) but if you want to play this game which I think is childish/silly, I will ball but you might regret it( I ain’t joking).

              A true friend will always tell you the truth, try to make u laugh sometimes, faithful, kind etc( no time) and I am a friend that’s more precious than gold 😂😂😂( I am not joking).

              I am busy, so…
              Maybe I shouldn’t say that you are a sad person but you act that way and you shouldn’t.


            • You’re incredible,really. Always spreading the hate here and being rude to everyone who sees things in a diferent way than you. If only you had half the class and respect that Nny has for everyone,you could call yourself an exceptional fan. You should also look up to your fellow Fed fans, most of them have manners, respect the other fanbases and are really nice guys.
              I doubt you have mirrors at home,it’s a pity.

            • Please don’t get involved in things you are not aware of or fully understand.

              She stands and defends some evil practices that are ungodly and wicked.
              Telling someone the truth is not hate but love.

              You shouldn’t be hypocritical because I disagree with your foolish views on Rafa vs R. Federer & N. Djokovic.

              I really don’t have the time for this, so take care.

            • Ricky’s right, that’s enough for this discussion,I’m actually getting sick of it.
              That’s the last time I’ll ever reply to you,just because I can’t really extract anything good debating with you, either it’s tennis related or whatsoever.

            • Imagine how I felt knowing you weren’t joking.

              You shouldn’t say this is the last time you will chat/reply to me, don’t take things too personal ok.

              This is the first time I am talking to you, you can disagree with someone without taking it too far, who knows you and I could be best friends😂, I am serious, you never can tell.

              I just disagreed with your view( Rafa vs Novak & roger) which I know is wrong and many would disagree with that view because it’s wrong, plz don’t act childish, we are fans.

              Roger Federer will defeat R. Nadal, A. Murray, G. Dimitrov, N. Djokovic on the same side of the net in straight sets with one eye closed😂😁🤣😄😂, I will even include Karolina Pliskova & G. Muguruza.

              Chill OK!

          • Gaviria,

            Even if Roger plays some of the clay season this year what are the odds that he and Rafa play each other? Both must get to the finals for that to happen. Maybe if they put Madrid on blue ice again?

            • Not gonna be easy for sure. If Roger’s playing on clay, maybe he will play one warm up tournament before the FO, and yeah, most probably it will be Madrid, the conditions suit him better there than in Monte Carlo or Rome. If he’s rested and healthy, he can very well reach the finals, but of course it doesn’t depend exclusively on him.

  10. Belgium almost won the 3rd set( Doubles) but they choked when they were serving for the 3rd set 😠 and now they lost the tiebreak of the 3rd set.

    I am rooting 4 the underdog but if France wins the doubles match it is over, it won’t be easy even if D. Goffin defeats Tsonga.

    • If it goes to a final match, I’m guessing we get Darcis vs Gasquet. After Gasquet won in doubles with Herbert and Pouille got roped in singles, I’m guessing France will go with the experience of Gasquet over Pouille.

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