U.S. Open final preview and prediction: Nadal vs. Anderson

Rafael Nadal and Kevin Anderson will be going head-to-head for the fifth time in their careers when they battle for the U.S. Open title on Sunday.

All four of their previous encounters have gone Nadal’s way, and he is 3-0 against Anderson on hard courts. The Spaniard is a commanding 9-1 in total sets, dropping only one in a 4-6, 7-6(6), 6-2 victory at the Paris Masters in 2015. Their only Grand Slam showdown came at the 2015 Australian Open, where Nadal cruised 7-5, 6-1, 6-4. A similarly straightforward affair was the result when the two veterans most recently collided on the red clay of Barcelona this spring, with the current world No. 1 getting the job done 6-3, 6-4.

Nadal and Anderson also faced each other way back at the 1998 Under 12 Junior Masters in Stuttgart, Germany. Prior to their Barcelona contest, Anderson’s wife posted this gem on Twitter.

Almost 20 years later, Nadal is still going strong at 31 years old. In fact, that is an understatement. He is turning in one of his best-ever seasons, with three major final appearances–including this one–and a 10th title at the French Open. Nadal is well on his way to the year-end No. 1 ranking especially if he triumphs on Sunday. Although the 15-time slam champion predictably cooled off after leaving Roland Garros, he is back on track this fortnight with mostly routine defeats of Dusan Lajovic, Taro Daniel, Leonardo Mayer, Alexandr Dolgopolov, Andrey Rublev, and Juan Martin Del Potro.

Anderson has also avoided any five-set drama while taking out J.C. Aragone, Ernests Gulbis, Borna Coric, Paolo Lorenzi, Sam Querrey, and Pablo Carreno Busta. The 32nd-ranked South African did not lose serve a single time through three rounds before getting broken twice by Lorenzi, once by Querrey, and twice by Carreno Busta. This is Anderson’s first-ever appearance in a major final and he had never previously advanced to a semifinal.

“He’s a huge player with an unbelievable serve,” Nadal said of his upcoming adversary. “He had some injuries, so he’s a big example for the kids and for the rest of the tour; he was able to be back and play his best tennis now. I’m happy for him, because I’ve known him since we were 12 years old. It’s great to see him in the final of one of the most important tournaments of the year.”

“Nadal is one of the greatest competitors in sports, period,” Anderson commented. “He’s an amazing fighter. He really controls the court well. I really need to be dominant and control proceedings as much as possible because if you let him do it, it’s very difficult.”

Nobody this fortnight has been able to produce a potent enough combination of offense and consistency to trouble Nadal for more than a set. Anderson has the kind of game that can do it, but he too has never been able to accomplish the feat. It is an especially difficult task, of course, in a Grand Slam championship match.

Nadal, who has been in this situation on 22 previous occasions, should have slam title No. 16 coming his way.

Pick: Nadal in 3

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  1. Of course, here it comes. There are no weak eras, Lucky, and making the SF at a major tournament, for a top player, doesn’t involve playing other top players, mostly also-rans. Federer has that consecutive SF record (which will probably never be broken) because he is the most consistent player ever.

    When you engage in weak-era talk, you open yourself up to those who would try to belittle Rafa’s achievement if he wins this slam, as should be obvious, because he has faced no players in the top 25. I would say, with VR and others: he has beaten the players in front of him (so far) and that’s all that matters.

      • Stan, congrats on your Slaone win.

        Keys just did not show up. All her shots were missing. Those shots worked the whole tournament but failed her in the finals especially her backhand? Lost on Keys ML but won on +3 sloan. I always bet the strong dogs with handicap points.

        Is sloane your baby now?

        You have been saying that karolina Pliskova is your baby?

        Now you have a 2nd baby now (legally or illegally)?lol

        How many more babies (grown ones) do you have?lol

        Just kidding stan.

        Congrats again stan. Have as many babies as you want!lol

        Is Kevin a strong dog? Can he upset Nadal in the finals?

        Is Nadal tired or something? Is anyone seeing something like that?

        Delpo lost because he was tired and he said the same in his QF win interview. i didn’t take it seriously.

        With the form that Delpo was in, if Nadal would have played Delpo in the 2nd or 3rd rd. without his viral sickness, he would have beaten Nadal. Delpo was tired in the SF and was so slow to move after winning the 1st set.

    • Joe, do read my posts (and not only one post in particular and then pick on that!) Clearly, you’re out to pick on me in particular. I happened to agree with fedexal’s subsequent post in response to mine.

    • One more thing, also runs like Tsonga, Berdych and Sod were able to beat Fed in the slam QFs, Fed’s peers just couldn’t do that!

      Players like Feli, Youzhny, Nieminen in particular were 0-15 or worse against Fed, Ferrer too; I mean Youzhny and Ferrer in particular, they were once top ten players, yet not even a single win against Fed!

      • Those players only won against post-prime Fed (i.e. after AO 2010). Roger’s prime ended a long time ago, and his current form (2014-present) is only due to the larger racquet, which he should have adopted at least 10 years ago.

        • Joe, Fed’s prime didn’t end at AO2010! He was only 28 then! Sod and Berdych had beaten Fed at FO and Wimbledon 2010 respectively, the same year when Fed won his AO title. How can Fed suddenly became off his prime so soon within the same year?

    • Please excuse me for butting in but just want to point out that a single tournament is not an era, apples and oranges really. This is not an argument about whether the weak era argument is valid or not, just pointing out that one tournament cannot be called an era.

      • No, the logic is basically the same. Rafa fans who wish to belittle Federer’s accomplishments say that 2004-07 was a weak era, i.e. one in which Federer was able to win non-clay slams without defeating a great player. That is precisely what some Nadal detractors (not me) will say about Nadal if he wins this USO.

        • @Joe Smith, no, there is no logic in saying one tournament is an era. It is not. Definitionally it is not correct, logic has nothing to do with it. You cannot mutilate a definition to suit your your conclusion. One event is not an era.

          Besides, when people say Fed played in a weak era they are not saying Fed played against lower ranked players during the period 2004-07 because this is not true. Fed was playing highly ranked players (rank in terms of the ATP player ranking) who were weak in terms of tennis talent compared to players he is facing now. During USOPEN 2017, Rafa has reached the final without playing anyone’s RANKED 25 and/or below. Does this mean the players he played were weak in terms of tennis talent? Debatable.

          Should Rafans stop analyzing the quality of Fed’s opponents for fear of Fedfans doing the same for Rafa’s opponents? No, count me out of that equation. I have absolutely no qualms accepting the FACT that Rafa has faced not one player ranked inside 25 in reaching the final. It is a fact. Does that diminish his accomplishment? No. If Fedfans are touchy about pointing out the FACT that Fed faced relatively weak competition during 2004-07, one cannot help it. Does that diminish his accomplishments? No.

          One tournament is not an era. Rafa has not faced a single player ranked 25 or below in reaching the final. Both statements are true. No harm in pointing them out.

          • RITB, well said.

            I don’t know why Joe is so quick to jump in each time Fed was mentioned. I mean the level of competition may vary from era to era, there’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody says Fed isn’t a great player, even legendary, so in whichever era he’s in, he’ll still excel but it’s just that the era 2004-2007, we haven’t seen competition as keen as say 2011-2014 perhaps.

            Who knows, if Fed and Djoko switch place, Djoko may also have 23 consecutive slam SFs or close to that number, during 2004-2007? I’m not saying that Djoko is > or = to Fed, it’s just that Djoko plays in a tougher era with two other ATGs being around.

            • @Luckystar, unfortunately, most Fedfans have elevated Fed to mythical status and take that peRFect marketing gimmick too literally and see malice in anything which does not praise him.

              Most tennis purists accept that Fed had the good fortune to play against a relatively weak era 2004-07. Does anyone really believe Fed would have enjoyed as much success during that period had a Nadal and/or a Djokovic been around then?

              As a Rafan, I can only imagine what Rafa’s Slam haul would be like if there had been no Fed and/or Djokovic during his era. It would be off the charts I dare say!

              We should not be afraid to analyze these things. That some people draw their own conclusions to what the analyses reveal is their business, doesn’t make the underlying analysis wrong.

            • I used to wonder the same about Djokovic Luckystar – maybe he’s arguably had it hardest. On the other hand, he has won most of his slams with Fed and Nadal being past their physical primes . As good as Roger and Rafa have been during Djokovic’s whole career, imo much of their *very* best tennis happened years ago, back when he had either 0 or 1 GS wins. But it’s really just one of those timing things. You can only beat who’s in front of you. One can make arguments against each big three player that have numerous ‘what-if’ scenarios about playing in other eras, playing against different competition, changing peaks and troughs of the field etc. Interesting to talk about, but a Pandora’s box of not-that-relevant hypotheticals.

              Fed’s weak era, well, I agree it exists to some extent, but naturally being a Federer fan, I’m a bit more skeptical of its weight than some. Clearly the average level or quality of tennis at the top of the men’s game was lower than in subsequent periods. That being said, I think in the long-term, it’s basically always on an upward trend. Plus some of those ‘weak era’ players arguably weren’t as ordinary as prime 06-07 Fed made them look, and now and then they still beat him. Also, Nadal himself was actually there for most of that time. As Rafa fans will recall, he made the 4th round of the 05 AO, and was only beaten in 5 sets by Hewitt, on his home ground, who would go on to contest the final. Won his maiden FO not long after.

              He was ‘there’ during Fed’s peak in 06-07, the ‘weak era’ is really more of two year period from ’04 to ’05. Sure, Fed had wins against Philippoussis in ’03 and Baghdatis in ’06, for example. But of Fed’s GS wins only 4 of 19 have come against players who never won slams, and the other two of those guys, Soderling & Gonzo, both happened to beat Nadal en route. Weaker, yeah, but it can be overstated. For what it’s worth (probably not much), Rafa has 4 out of his 15 slam wins against non-GS winners (well, soon to be 5 of 16).

              Would Djokovic have won this or that if his time was swapped with Fed’s? Too many variables for me to confidently say. However, without the legendary Rafa & Fed there to chase, he might never have taken his game to such a high level.

        • The Nadal detractors who say Rafa’s Slam will be diminished because he would have won without facing a single top 25 player will actually be insulting Fed as well by saying this. The crux of their argument will be that Rafa won because he was the best amongst mediocres. Well, guess who one of those “mediocres” was then……….Fed. Rafa would have played Fed, a top 25 player if he had been good enough and made it to the semis. Fed was in the draw, together with other top 25 players like Cilic, the Zverev brothers, Thiem Kyrgios etc, etc. The fact that they did not make it to the semis and/or final to play Rafa is an indication of their inadequacy during the tournament, not Rafa’s.

          2004-07 there was only one strong player in the draws, Fed. That is the point of the weak era argument. 2017 USOPEN, there were lots of top 25 players who fell by the wayside. So the two arguments are totally without parallel.

          • ‘The Nadal detractors who say Rafa’s Slam will be diminished because he would have won without facing a single top 25 player’

            RIBT 3.0, all i say to these ppl is, all that salt could certainly kill you!!

  2. This is a confirmed affair, no doubt 16 slams.
    Match should end within not longer than 2 hours.

    I foresee Nadal would repeat this next year and have 18 slams by end of 2018, very close to record 19.

      • R. Federer will win 3 or 4 Grand slams before he retires, with other good tropies.

        R. Nadal will win 3 more slams b4 he retires with others as well.

        I don’t think anyone will surpass Roger’s record, they might tie it but won’t pass it.

    • The only way I’d be confident in betting on Rafa to repeat this season next year is if he isn’t challenged at the majors by fellow Big 4 members. The way things have gone, it could very well happen. However, if Federer is able to return to the form he was in earlier just month and a half ago, I don’t see how Rafa winning this US Open just guarantees that he would suddenly start beating Federer again at the majors. I have no doubt that Rafa can and will beat Fed again at a hardcourt major, but let’s not pretend that it’s just written in stone that Fed is no longer a concern for Rafa because he won the US Open… Lifting that trophy will certainly give Rafa a big boost in confidence. But how could anyone say that one great match against Del Po equals invincibility? Again, I’m not in any way saying that that could very well happen, but I need to see it against more than just Del Po before I make an assumption like that!

      It would have been awesome to see Fedal at US Open this year, maybe even more so than other years in the past. Until this year, Fedal matches at the majors had gotten very predictable because of the stranglehold Rafa had over that match-up. We finally had a Federer who was playing Rafa the way he should have years ago, and we ended up getting an awesome match (at least awesome 5th set) at the AO. Obviously Federer has had an amazing season this year, but it really was a bummer what happened with him in the NA Hardcourt swing, in terms of competition. Fedal was what we all were looking forward to. If Federer wants to be competitive with guys like Rafa, or apparently even Del Po, he needs to accept that a 36 year old has to pick and choose their schedule like a 36 year old… Shit, he took the whole clay season off and STILL had back issues. For example, I personally think it would be foolish of him to try to play Shanghai, Basel, Paris, AND WTF. If I’m not mistaken, those last 3 tournies are all back-to-back-to-back, three straight weeks. There is no way he will last through that! If I were him, I would skip Paris and try to be fresh for WTF. The only reason I can see why he would want to play all four of those tournies is if he really wanted to gun for #1. Personally, I think he should just forget about #1. For his sake, and the sake of tennis fans who want good competition at the majors, he should strictly focus on doing everything possible to peak at the majors. If he tries to go all out and play all four of the tournies at the end of this season, he’s only going to end up hurting himself and just screwing his chances of winning big ones next year. The is a reason why 36 year olds- hell, even 34 years olds- have never even sniffed at #1! And I feel like Fed’s summer has been proof of that. Personally, what I am dreaming about right now, already, is a rematch of the AO final in February! I want that so badly… And I really believe we won’t get that if Fed plays like 20 matches in 5 weeks at the end of the season. While all the other non-Fedal top players are out injured, our only legitimate option for realistically competitive big matches is Fedal. And while Rafa fans may love getting a Rafa-Anderson final, and Fed fans may be happy to have a Fed-injured Cilic final, I personally am tired of that already haha. I want some damn Goats locking horns again!!

      Anyway, assuming Rafa destroys Anderson tomorrow, I really can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this US Open title than Rafa. He’s world #1 for good reason. I know how important it was for him to show that he is the #1 ranked player, and he has certainly (I hope) done that!

  3. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are undoubtedly all-time greats. Its very hard to separate these 3. At their peak they all had a slight edge on each other.

    Murray and Wawrinka are a few notches below but are still quite exceptional by anyone’s standards.

    Nadal is the greatest competitor I’ve ever seen. Federer’s probably the most talented but that’s debatable, Nadal has pretty rare talent too.

  4. I think Anderson could get a set. But that’s as much as he would get. Nadal will ultimately wear him down.
    Unless something bizarre happens, I see Rafa getting #16

  5. One last thing about tomorrow before I go to bed. I wish Kevin Anderson all the luck in the world because he’s going to need it, but……. Vamos Rafa! 🙂

  6. I think Nadal wins in 3

    4 sets possible.

    Is Kevin a strong dog? Can he upset Nadal in the finals?

    Is Nadal tired or something? Is anyone seeing something like that?

    Delpo lost because he was tired and he said the same in his QF win interview. i didn’t take it seriously.

    With the form that Delpo was in, if Nadal would have played Delpo in the 2nd or 3rd rd. without his viral sickness, he would have beaten Nadal. Delpo was tired in the SF and was so slow to move after winning the 1st set.

    • Er… Delpo wasn’t playing all that well in R2 or R3, how was he going to beat Rafa should they meet? Just because he was able to beat Fed didn’t mean he’s able to beat Rafa; Rafa is/was playing better tennis than Fed in this USO, not difficult to see that!

  7. I think Anderson has the game, at its best, to seriously trouble Nadal. But to succeed he will need to get Rafa worried, which could dent his confidence and cause his level to drop. I think the fact that Rafa has won so many matches at this tournament after losing the first set makes it very unlikely that he will get too worried/nervous. Maybe if he loses the first two sets, but not if he loses the first. And he’s playing so well that losing any set is unlikely. Nadal in 3.

  8. Kevin…the chance of fedal at ao 18 is very minimal almost less than 5 percent. They will be seeded 1 and 2 which means can meet only in the final. Players like Murray Djokovic Stan nishikori etc would all be ranked and seeded outside 10 which means they will be facing rafa or Fed as early as round 4. The chance of one of them or even both to get upset before a final is very high. Also if they play strong players from early on , they will play 4 to 5 setters from 4th round itself and fatigue will start setting in. Additionally there is always chance of a nick kyrgios or delpo as early as 3rd round.

    • I understand why you would think that about AO 2018, Sanju, but I have to thoroughly disagree. I think that they young guns have proven that, as long as Fedal are fully healthy, they realistically don’t have a shot at beating Fedal on the major. I know that Fed managed to win AO without playing any competitive tournies for 6 months, but I really don’t see that happening with Novak, Andy, Stan, or Kei. Those guys all grind much harder than Fed. Fed came out playing very aggressively and ending points quicker at AO. I just think it was a very rare thing for someone to win a major so immediately after injury, I wouldn’t count on it happening again the following year. Since it will be those guys first tourny back, who will realistically beat Fedal if they are healthy? Especially if the court is just as fast as last year? Plus, VR is definitely right that the chances of them meeting at AO 2018 woukd have to be waaay higher than what the chances were of them meeting at AO 2017, since they hadn’t played anything really leading into it. You could very well be right, Sanju, but it’s hard for me to see anyone taking out healthy Fedal at the AO, especially if it plays like this year’s…

  9. Roger, if betting is legal where you live, I would bet Nadal in 3. If you are getting really good odds then you can do Nadal in 4.

    • Rafa will play at Beijing and Shanghai, he’s not going to miss the Asian swing, that’s a huge market and for his sponsors sake, he will play there.

      He’s going to play at Basel (I think he has a contract with them) and so it’s the Paris Masters that he’s most likely to skip should he be too tired to play, conserving energy for WTF.

  10. Hey guys!…What about the weather for today?I’m so worried if it’s rain & the roof will be closed…Can anyone tell me about it,please?

  11. I am so nervous..I think I will skip the match and peep in after 2 hours of match start..by then hopefully players will be loose 🙂

    The match starts anyway at 1:30 AM India time..really horrible time..

    Rafa..please get this..please..keep your nerves home..dont goof this one please..

  12. Rafa will need to be very focused. Anderson will surely be dangerous but I am expecting a very high intensity performance from Rafa throughout the match.

    • not sure VR why I am so nervous…well I always am for Rafa..nothing new but even though it is not a very high quality opponent , I am still very nervous.

      • Sanju, I’m always nervous when one of my favorites plays and prefer to look at canned versions. An eternal question: why do we even care so much? It’s just a sports event after all and we don’t know the players personally. And whether they win or lose – as mere spectators we had no part in it. And yet – we feel happy or sad, depending on the outcome. Rooting must be some deep seeded atavistic but ultimately normal behavior since so many engage in it 🙂

  13. Don’t worry about the weather. It’s a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine. Much better than the last few days:)

    • Yeah Atul!…Sanju just told me about the weather…and God!it’s a blessing!…Hope it will bring luck too to our Rafa!….

      • The final match will soon start!
        Why are Rafans not generous?
        R. Nadal has 15.
        K. Anderson has 0.

        Please have mercy on Kevin OK, 15 is greater than 0 by a lot, but if you don’t want to that’s okay.
        I like R. Federer because sometimes he is generous, kind and he is an Incredible tennis player, the best player this year and…

        Kevin has played well in this tournament and you guys need to show him some love OK, he is not getting any younger and i don’t think he will make it to another Grand Slam final again.

        This might be the last 4 him so please, please, pretty Plzzz show him a little compassion.
        I am sure R. Nadal will win 1 or more Slam(not more than 2) next year, maybe Wimbledon, Australian open or the french open, who knows it’s possible he wins them all including the US OPEN(4 Slams in year, my goodness) R. Nadal is really playing well and the future is bright for this player.

        Just allow K. Anderson to win just 1, 1 trophy is not a big deal and both of them are friends and friends don’t beat each other 4-0, you punch him in the stomach let him punch too, don’t disgrace him especially in public.

        I think R. Nadal might be gracious to K. Anderson in a few hours cos Rafito is nice and will do what’s right.

        What do you guys think?
        Is Rafito a nice guy?
        Or will he defeat his friend the 5th time(that’s bad if does)?

        I will talk to you guys later(less than 2 hours).

        I wish Rafito the best next year(2 Slams) if he does what is right, i know he will.

          • @fedexal

            No fed wasn’t generous to Marin Cilic in Wimbledon but that’s because he was generous to Cilic in the 2014 US OPEN SF.

            i like people who do their research before posting, instead of posting trash.
            I also people who have a good sense of humor.

            On a different topic, if R. Nadal doesn’t win in 3 sets this match is a 5 setter and anyone can win it.

            I will talk to you guys again in less than 45 minutes, i am taking care of some stuff.

            Between 3 & 5 sets, which set is likely to be the decider?
            Please just have fun and pick a set OK.

  14. It’s beautiful day here in NY! Rafa’s photos and info about the finals make the biggest news ( apart from the hurricane Irma hitting Florida right now-hopefully won’t be as disastrous as predicted)…

    I am so excited about watching Rafa play his GS final match LIVE. I am heading to Ashe in two hours!
    I hope Rafa plays his game as in the match with Delpo from set 2 onwards! He was simply amazing out there! I hope Rafa wins confidently and comfortably!

    Vamos Rafa!

    • Oh Nats!…You’re in NY??Ohohohoho!lucky u!!…hey,don’t forget to give us LIVE updates okay??…Oh Nats!…If Rafa win today,it’s going to be THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT in your life!…That’s for sure!!….Enjoy the moment to fullest nats!!Wooohooo!!

      • Nats needs to be very careful when he send updates of the game as US OPEN is cracking down on “Courtsiders”! They should not think that Natashao is a “Courtsider”.lol

        Natashao, look around and check if somebody (big brother Uncle Sam or his puppets @ US Open!lol) is monitoring/eyeing you suspiciously!ha,ha,ha…

        Natashao, take some huge pictures/posters of Nadal with motivational talk written on it and flash it whenever Nadal needs some boost! Ok? Wear Nadal’s tight fitting T-shirts and shorts (showing your muscles) to show your love for Nadal. But don’t keep tugging your shorts from the back like Nadal does (maybe do it when no one is watching and when only when Nadal is watching you)!Ha,ha,ha…My stomach is aching from laughing too much…Ha,ha,ha

        Natashao…enjoy the match on our behalf also!lol

      • Thanks guys! I am here! I just watched Kevin’s warm up! No sign of Rafa though! Gosh it’s all great here! Super Sunday! Its warm and sunny! Love it!

        Good luck, Rafa! ?

    • Experts, are you betting on your predictions or just doing a random pick.

      Because it is very easy to make a random prediction (picking one of the two…even a baby can do!) if your money is not on the line…as “Stan the man” has correctly said here multiple times!

      Don’t get me wrong…as wrong predictions not backed by solid logic/analysis can poison the minds of the bettors and make them lose money(and many are betting with their rent money or water bill/current money etc. Just read the posts of other members)!

      If you are really betting on your predictions, it will inspire me and all the bettors here on tenngrand.com.

      I think Nadal will win but Anderson will fight big and steal a set may be or make many sets tight with his big power serve and ground strokes. Anderson has good movement to top it.

      Finally Anderson is MORE motivated to win as he wants to win this Finals to win his FIRST GRAND SLAM. Nadal just wants to win and is not anything special I think for him as he has already won 15 or something Grand Slams before. So, winning the 2017 US Open is NOT special to Nadal (but Nadal being the fighter that he is…wants to win all matches and all Tournament or Slams he takes part in) but is SUPER SPECIAL for the “Big, Gentle African Bird” Kevin Anderson!

      Nadal can win 3-0 also. But he has been losing the 1st set against lower ranked players and Anderson is far better than all the guys Nadal has beaten so far. Nadal win in 4 or 5 sets will be the most logical thing. Let’s see what the Tennis Gods have in store for us!lol

      I am betting on a Nadal ML win, -6.5 (whatever happens win or lose) and -1,-2,-3,-4 etc in LB . A little on the OVER as Anderson can win a lot of games a steal a set maybe! I am not picking for the sake of picking as many here. I am picking for the sake of winning…with my money on the line! BOL Experts!

  15. tennis.com has put a whole article on all the big upsets that have happened at all 4 slams till date …freaky to put such an article today (:-

    • Sanju, don’t worry about the upset article. They out it out because an upset is theoretically possible. If Rafa would play against Fed or another top guy an upset isn’t possible no matter who wins 🙂

    • I picked K. Anderson to win, over games, over 3.5 sets, 5 sets in different slips with a few games.

      I also picked R. Nadal to win & over games(there is no profit in this particular bet, so i added some WNBA & MLB).
      If Rafito wins & over games i recover all my money with small profits but if the match goes over sets, over games, 5 sets or an upset i go crazy with cash, cool cash.

      If R. Nadal wins & under games, i lose all my bets except a couple of slips, were i avoided this match.
      Picking R. Nadal to win directly is low so i didn’t pick money line.

      Wish me luck.

      let the games begin, let’s see who is boss.

    • Hey Hawks!!….Now Rafa will be more motivated to win this title since you’re here!!hahahaha!!…Yay!!…Please don’t go away again Hawks!…Stay okay?

      • May the better player win.
        Over games, over sets should hit, i placed more money in those options.

        This match will end in 3 sets or 5 sets, if it ends in 5, my oh my, all bets are off.

        Vamos the best player!

          • Kevin Anderson is the better server but he is not holding his serve well, 3rd deuce.

            If he is not careful, R. Nadal will blow him away in 3 easy sets and that is not good 4 a Grand Slam finals or for Stanley.


  16. Rafa’s hell-bent on losing the first set. He has come out passive and trying to get errors. He will start going for more gradually and start making more balls as well.

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